Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Economics, Social Science, Arts, Education and Management Engineering

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Discussion About Teaching On Interior Space Design

Jiangyong Li
Interior design is the essence of the interior space design, including physical space design and psychological space design two levels. Interior design style is an important issue for interior designers and owners. Through analysis and Research on the relationships between design and interior design...
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Research On The Interior Teaching Of Higher Vocational Education

Jianwei Ban
According to the interior design we get the deepening course which named interior furnishings design .In the process of environment art of teaching practice, based on the traditional teaching mode, put indoor display design for the new direction, making the students transform learning of knowledge in...
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The Application Of Traditional Culture In Interior Design

Yu Zhang
How to deal with the relationship between interior design and traditional culture, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and other main ideas in traditional culture and its application in interior design are worthy of our thinking. This paper discusses how to link the traditional culture with the modern art...
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Dividends, Share Repurchases, and Substitution Hypothesis among UK Companies

Xing Xie
This paper uses the UK companies as initial sample to investigate the payout policy and the substitution hypothesis between dividends and share repurchases in the UK. We find the payout choice of a firm is determined by its characteristics. A Lintner's model is used to prove the absence of substitution...
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Resolution on the E-commerce Domain Name Dispute on the Next Generation Internet

Ying Zhou, PanCheng Li
Domain name system is a new kind of network addressing technology which produces when Internet technology develops on a certain historical stage ,while the domain name will no longer be a pure technical symbols when people have some benefit through the domain name .Disputes become emerging endlessly...
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Research Review on the Influence of Financing Constraints on Enterprises' Investment Efficiency

Yu Bai
Investment activity is the most important financial activity of an enterprise, the investment efficiency of an enterprise even affects its survival, enterprise's financing capability brings dynamic source for its investment. However, because of the existence of agency problems and information asymmetry,...
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Opportunities and Challenges Faced by Xinjiang Enterprises in the Marketing Under the Strategy Background of One Belt One Road

Jia Lei
The Xinjiang region is the core strategy of the new Silk Road, as the country continues to advance "One belt One road" strategy, the Xinjiang regional advantages, resources and local policies are also increasingly prominent. In this paper, Xinjiang agricultural enterprises marketing structure of its...
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Discussion on Strengthening Enterprise Financial Management

Hairong Li
Financial management plays an important role in enterprise content management, and financial management activities should not be limited to internal corporate finance departments, and financial management should be thinking penetrated into all aspects of everyday business management activities. The market...
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Exploration on Low-Carbon Development Incentive System of Hainan Hotel Industry

Huali Li
Hotel industry as a pillar industry in Hainan tourism profession in recent years the pace of development is also relatively fast. However, in Hainan to strengthen the process of building an ecological province, low-carbon development of the hotel industry, there are still some problems, the management...
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Discussion on Opportunities, Challenges and Countermeasures Faced by China's Development of Low-carbon Economy

Xudong Li, Jin Xie
Today, global warming has become necessary to human survival and development issues, in the face of worsening global warming, reduce carbon emissions substances, the development of low-carbon economy, has become the general trend of economic development of countries. For its part, the international situation...
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The Role of Foreign Trade in China's Economic Growth--An Empirical Study Based on EVA Model

YiChen Li
Based on the SITC, Chinese foreign trade products are divided three categories of products as resources and labor-intensive, capital-intensive and technology-intensive products, use Extreme Value Analysis Boundary (EBA) to conduct empirical study to identify the "robustness" factor for impacting China's...
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Problem and Problem-solving Route Search on Current Chinese Wushu Industry

Zhihong Li, Zhongqiu Hu
Chinese Wushu has enjoyed a reputation in the international community, through the progressive development in recent years, it has formed a Wushu events and Wushu tourism-based industry model. In the market economy environment, the benefits become the guidance tools of people's ideas and activities,...
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Analysis on Project Performance Management of Calling Center

Qiaoman Liu
As economic development level improves continually, calling center gains rapid development and progress. As technology becomes mature and the industry improves continuously, calling center operates more smoothly. Performance management is a very important content and also the emphasis of performance...
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Analysis of Internet Marketing Development and Innovative Path

Wei Liu
As the era of data comes, economic trading communication mode cannot be limited to face-to-face transaction. Internet marketing structure starts to be established. In actual project operation process, relevant operation personnel can achieve transformation of whole project marketing structure and really...
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Research on Herbal Fumigation Treatment of Psoriasis

Yanfeng Lou
Objective: To investigate the nursing method and effect of herbal fumigation treatment of psoriasis. Method: choose 100 cases of psoriasis patients in our hospital from January 2012 to December 2015, as the object of the study, take computer random selection method to divide these 100 patients into control...
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Exploration on Evolutional Process of Management Accounting from the Perspective of Value Chain Development

Nan Nan
This paper organizes the development and change of the significance of enterprise value chain from the perspective of value chain development, explores the horizontal and longitudinal development process of value chain and then extends to the analysis on social value chain. It combines the evolutional...
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Study on Standard Time of Garment Sewing Based on GSD

Lihui Ren
With the constant development and application of computer technology and advanced manufacturing technology, scientific and digital management has been generally accepted in clothing industry. Advantages of GSD in time normalization, method consistency and data controllability can effectively help clothing...
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Research on the Brand Management Innovation of Middle and Small-sized Enterprises

Hongxia Sun
Brand management is the important content of enterprises marketing management, also an important part of enterprise culture, the soul of enterprises' operation development, strengthening enterprises brand management is an important way to improve enterprise competitiveness. This paper studies the brand...
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Permeation of Computer Technology in Enterprise Management

Huijun Sun
In the era of informational Internet technology, permeation of computer technology into enterprise management is an inexorable trend. See from the current development, new generation information technology has been listed as one of the seven major emerging industrial strategies, therefore, enterprises...
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Enterprise Financial Management Problems and Countermeasures

Chao Wang
With the increasing development and improvement of modern enterprise system, enterprise financial management problems are increasing day by day. How enterprises face these problems in development is the difficulty placed in front of entrepreneurs and related employees. By analyzing the development trend...
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Observation of the Effectiveness of Comprehensive Therapy for Cervical Disposition with Health Exercise for Cervical Spine in Coordination with Medical Massage

Liangbing Yang, Haikuan Wang, Ying Shao
Purpose: to analysis the effectiveness of health exercise for cervical spine in coordination with medical massage. Method: observing approach, 90 cases with cervical disposition are chosen as research subjects, and randomly divided into two group of 45 to 45; comparison are made between the control group...
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Research Review on The Relationship Between Corporate Governance and Accounting Information Disclosure

LeiLei Zhang
Accounting information disclosure has been a hot issue in the field of accounting and corporate governance all the time. The author has consulted related literatures, and pays attention to the latest foreign literature particularly, so as to sort out the research status of corporate governance and accounting...
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Tentative Analysis on Application of Combination of Photogrammetry and GIS in Engineering Measurement

Hongxia Zhu
The new field of engineering measurement can be carried out by combining GIS and photogrammetry. The combination of the two can sufficiently allocate existing engineering resources and provides necessary references for follow-up analyses. Besides, the mutual combination of GIS and photogrammetry offers...
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Brief Analysis on Treatment of Apoplectic Hemiplegia through Combination of Massage and Modern Rehabilitation

Haikuan Wang, Liangbing Yang, Jihong Wang
The acroparalysis left after stroke is the main factor affecting patients' activities of daily living, so limb rehabilitation training is particularly important for stroke patients. The modern western medical rehabilitation is dominated by active movement and patients are easy to have fatigue and inimical...
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Research on The Rapid Development of The Use and Maintenance of Earth Auger

Ming Su
At the time of the mechanization and returning farmland to forest in China , in order to plant trees as effectively as possible , earth auger as a kind of important mechanical equipment , its function will directly affect the quality and speed of afforestation in our country. Therefore, strengthening...
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Development and Application of Biomathematics

Shuya Guo
At present, mathematics has been widely used in biology, and biomathematics, the combination of biology and mathematics, has become an entirely separate discipline, but also gotten good development and application. Biomathematics is widely applied, has various branches, and the new branch is still appearing...
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Discussion on the Application of Cloud Accounting in Enterprise Accounting Informatization

Nana Huang
Cloud accounting provides accounting, management and decision-making services provide accounting, management and decision-making services for the relevant units, including enterprises on the basis of Internet technology. Comparing with other accounting services, accounting cloud has a significant competitive...
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The Use of Chiropractic Massage Techniques in Health Care for Children

Liangbing Yang, Ying Shao, Haikuan Wang
Purpose Analyze the effect of the use of chiropractic massage technique in health care for children. Method Take 90 cases of neonates born in our hospital as the research object, which are divided into A and B groups with 45 cases in each group. Touching group B, and carrying on chiropractic massage...
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The Research of School Archives Information Resources Servicing College Education in Big Data Bases Era

Liying Cui, Li Zhang, Qun Li
Today's society has entered the era of big data, with the computerized management of information technology to accelerate the pace of construction of infrastructure archives imperative. Combined School archival information resources management practices set forth archival information resources and services...
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The Content Study of Chinese College Sports Quality Education

Liane Duan
Quality education has become the dominant idea of all kinds of education at all levels. How to full implementation of quality education in physical education teaching, become the primary task of the physical education teaching in colleges and universities as they are the basic qualities of modern talent...
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The Interpretation of Chinese Traditional Culture by Lin Dan badminton Aesthetics

Yang Lu
Lin Dan's badminton is full of art, he will be turned into a more in line with the badminton movement Chinese understanding. Through literature, the Internet in the analysis of Lin Dan's reports and case found that Lin Dan's style of traditional culture Chinese badminton permeated with the shadow, the...
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The College English Writing Teaching Reform in the big Data Bases Era

Xia Wang
With the rapid development of science and technology in China, all kinds of mobile terminals and the fusion of computer technology are using. People exclaim "era of big data" brings. At this stage, no matter what kind of activities carried out is inseparable data, teaching college English writing is...
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Construction of English Teaching Mode for Students in Art Colleges--A Study in Perspective of Memetics

Ying Wu, Qiao Zhang
Due to the special structure of the students in art colleges, proper English teaching methods are expected. In addition, the higher demand of applying English requires more efficient learning. Memetics helps the teachers to establish and improve the teaching mode and to improve the students' learning....
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Research on the Exploitation of Sports Tourism Resources in National Nature Reserves

Jian Xiong, Haizhou Xiong
This study adopts the research methods of literature review and field research. By taking ten national nature reserves of Hainan Province as the research objects, this paper systematically analyzes the exploitation conditions and the present exploitation status of sports tourism resources in these nature...
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The Investigation of Translator Subjectivity in Publicity Translation Based on Teleological View

Jun Zhao
The translator of the original composition is audience, but it is also a reproduction of the original creative person. The language cultural differences between original language and target language, image propaganda language, language vivid, translators provide a broad creative space for translator....
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The Direction Development Research of Computer Education Technology

Lan Zhou
The wide application of computer is social development and technological progress. The wide application of computer has brought great changes to the society; it is convenient for the social life of human being. With the development of social economy, the improvement of the computer technology is continuous....
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Research on the Relationship between Theoretical Economics and Applied Economics

Mingshan Cheng
With the rapid development of China's current market economy, for more and more widespread use of economics, applied economics more and more experts and business managers attention. Most of the heavy presence of economic research practices, the problem of light theory, the upper surface of the favorable...
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Research on the College Students' Network Political Culture in the National Social Governance Modernization Perspective

Jiang Wu
The rising of modern management theory promotes the academic study of multidimensional governance modernization, and political culture plays an important role in different countries in the governance process, contemporary political culture through rational enlightenment, the influence of the rule of...
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Factor Analysis Model on Impact Index for Logistics Center Location

Kuang Wang
Reasonable logistics center location has important role in optimizing the transport route, reducing the logistics cost, improving the operational efficiency and promoting the regional development. According to the current situation, the impact index of the logistics center location is more, this paper...
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Research on Intensive Storage Technology Application Situation and Development Trend

Yinbo Ma, Hongjian Liu
Intensive storage technology can obtain a higher density of goods store and warehouse space utilization, through the adoption of specific equipment, technologies and solutions. Based on the traditional intensive storage system and the status quo of the application, this article respectively discusses...
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Research on Countermeasure of Blending Culture in Garment Industry

Jun Zhao
Compared with purely artistic products such as music, fine art and drama, garment possesses not only cultural connotation but also practical function, which makes it closely related to our daily life. The integration of cultural elements and garment products will elevate the branding position of the...
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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures for the Development of Chinese Apparel Industry

Jun Yin
In recent years, the rapid development of Chinese apparel industry has made China the world's largest producer, consumer and exporter of clothing, but it is still a large manufacturer country and a small country of brand which lacks its own international brands. Therefore, besides keeping the amount...
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Research of the Development Status of Brand Agricultural Products

Xue Li
The evaluation of the current situation of Chinese brand agricultural products. According to value assessment reports of regional brands and enterprise brands, it analyzes key elements that play decisive roles in brand agricultural products strategy. According to the research data of Chinese agricultural...
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Research on Agricultural Products Mobile Internet Marketing Strategies

Xue Li
On the basis of Chinese agricultural products brand strategies, it aims at characteristics of mobile Internet, constructs marketing strategy researches of brand agricultural products mobile Internet, promotes development road of brand agricultural products and improves competitiveness of agricultural...
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Discussion on strengthening laboratory management and improve laboratory efficiency

Yining Liu
Laboratory is the main component of the national science and technology innovation system, and it plays a more and more important role in the discipline, teaching, scientific research and personnel training in universities. Based on the analysis of the connotation and system of laboratory management,...
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Research into development of the psychological capital structure of the enterprise technological innovation team

Yueping Du, Jiangyue Qu
Achievements of the enterprise technological innovation team can reflect the team's psychological capital. Thus, this paper introduces the team's psychological capital and its formation, and analyzes constituents and content of the psychological capital structure of the enterprise technological innovation...
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Influence of Rural Financial Development on the Agricultural Science and Technology Development

Tian Wu
he rural financial development and agricultural science and technology development as the two engines of rural economic development play an important role in promoting the farmers' income growth. To continue to increase farmers' income, to help farmers get rid of poverty and to become rich, we must pay...
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Color design in the outdoor sports leisure clothing

Funan Cai
Outdoor sports tourism and sports together in a new sports leisure way. In recent years, outdoor sports apparel industry is booming up stage of development, more and more fashion designers into sports leisure clothing design. This paper focuses on the color design of outdoor sports leisure clothing must...
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Digital movie clothing with film clothing visual art representation

Yugang Chen
Visual art appearance also is the reality of things or events actually left by the image in the people on the brain. The application of digital technology in film production, for the development of the film is a revolutionary change. Film costume design digital movie or film, must closely around the...
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The value of theory of color in modern menswear design

Ting Song
Early after a study found that men's design for the use of color is less, it is hard to find in the men's fashion colour design material, most is the basis of the black and white and gray color. In recent years, the development trend of men's clothing design is diverse, the designer's creative thinking...