Proceedings of the UNNES International Conference on English Language Teaching, Literature, and Translation (ELTLT 2018)

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Multimodality in English-Indonesian Intersemiotic Translation

Januarius Mujiyanto
Translation has been a part of applied linguistics which commonly focuses on verbal rendering. Language elements are explored to produce a number of concepts about equivalence, non-equivalence, and untranslatability. The text turns out not only in the form of verbal language but also non-verbal images...
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Students’ Response on Collaborative Translation Model

Rudi Hartono
Translation is a complicated activity for students to do individually. They face many linguistic and cultural problems alone, so their products of translation are poor grammatically, lexically, and mechanically. Through this research I surveyed their response and described how their opinions on the application...
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Local-content English Expression for Homestay Host

Alief Noor Farida, Rini Susanti Wulandari
Becoming homestay hosts for foreigners is not easy as they have to have English skill to communicate with the guests. They need to master, at least, the English expressions to serve the guests at their house. In addition, they also need to understand their local culture to be shown to the guests. To...
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English in Subscene’s Indonesian Subtitle of Superhero Movie: How does It Affect the Audience?

Bayu Budiharjo
Movies as one of many forms of entertainment have experienced fast development from time to time. With the globalization allowing movies from a country to be enjoyed in other countries, movie subtitles undergo development as well. Subtitles of many popular movies today are not only produced by certified...
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Improving Students’ Speaking Ability through Vlogging

Eka Wulandari
The potential use of social media-supported learning in educational context, especially in English learning, is very great due to the massive number of social media users among the youth. Young people now tend to become very active users of social media and spend much of their time using social media....
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Self-Efficacy of Indonesian Non-English Lecturers in Writing English Academic Papers for International Publication

Mr Hartono, Ruseno Arjanggi, Destary Praptawati
As the ability to publish academic papers in international journals is getting more and more demanding for Indonesian lecturers today, investigating self-efficacy of Indonesian lecturers in writing English academic papers is urgent. This study involved 66 randomly selected non-English lecturers of various...
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Designing a Model of Translating Culture-Bound Texts in Translation Classroom: Strategies and Procedures

I Gusti Agung Sri Rwa Jayantini, I Wayan Juniartha
This study attempts to identify strategies and procedures of translating culture-bound texts in translation classroom. The study is conducted in the English department, College of Foreign Languages (STIBA) Saraswati Denpasar in Bali, particularly in the translation class that is offered with four credits...
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Challenges and Opportunities in Using Local Online Materials for Education 3.0 Localized EFL Practices

Kamaludin Yusra
This paper explores online local cultural materials written in English that local teachers and students can use for Education 3.0 EFL learning. This paper firstly discusses the internet sources that local English teachers can use as resources for English learning materials. These materials can be in...
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Problems in Listening Comprehension of International Standardized Test: A Study at Islamic State High school in West Lombok

Kurniawan Apgrianto, Sribagus, L Nurtaat, Husnul Lail
In recent years, standardized testing has become the most efficient tool adopted by institutions to measure one’s ability in English Proficiency. All master students in university have to get a certain score of their English proficiency test as the requirement before their graduation. To develop teachers’...
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Questioning Rejection of Becoming American As Cultural Differentiation Represented in Toni Morrison’s Novel Beloved

Mohamad Ikhwan Rosyidi, Amir Sisbiyanto
Discrimination occurred in the basis on skin color. Racial groups express preferences for individuals with lighter skins. Racism itself can be defined as a set of institutional conditions of group inequality and an ideology of racial discrimination. Morrison in her novels depicts the behaviors as one...
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Examining Task-Supported Language Teaching on Student Empowerment: A Case from Indonesian Context

Mr Misdi, Abdul Rozak, Ratna Andhika Mahaputri, Diana Rahmawati Rozak
This research was an attempt to reveal the impacts of TSLT implementation on the student empowerment. Through a descriptive study, questionnaires and interview were used to collect the data involving 289 students. Frymier, Shulman, & Houser's (1996) psychological empowerment measurement scale was utilized...
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Short Stories on Comparison Literature

Muhammad Arief Budiman, Mei Fita Asri Untari
Each short story has its own story line different from each other. The purpose of this research is to know the plots of the stories portrayed in the short stories published in monthly magazine “Nurul Hayat” and online sources. This research is qualitative descriptive. The subject of research is 10 short...
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Speech Production of a Child with Down Syndrome in Taman Abeka Bhakti Luhur Foundation Malang

Theresia Febianna, Muhammad Rozin
This research aims to explicate the characteristics of speech production of a child with Down Syndrome in Taman ABEKA Bhakti Luhur Foundation Malang. The data were elicited through casual conversation (unstructured interview) with the subject and prompting pictures specifically prepared to prompt the...
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Internationalizing Localities in The Translation of Social Science Texts

Ninuk Sholikhah Akhiroh
Whereas academic texts need to be conveyed in a universal language, they contains alot of localities central for the message. This may cause a failure to publish article in an internationally reputable journal for non-native English writers. That is why it is important to know cultural elements commonly...
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On the Foreignization of the English Translation of Expressions discriminating Gender and Social Class in Pramoedya’s ‘Gadis Pantai’ and Its Impact on the Issue of Gender and Social Class Inequality

Nunun Tri Widarwati
Apart from the propositional meaning, translation is supposed to transfer the hidden ideology carried in the source text. The challenge for translators all this time has been whether or not they can unfold the message of particular ideology in the source text and afterwards whether or not they can bring...
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Challenge towards War as Grand-Narration Represented in Studio Ghibli’s Film Graves Of The Fireflies

Nursyamsi Aji Pamungkas, Dwiky Juniarta, Mohammad Ikhwan Rosyidi
During World War II, the world is in a blink of chaos with the rise of AXIS power where Japan created propaganda that justified their attack to implement their Ideology as form of international fascism. This study aims to explain Graves of the Fireflies idea as a challenge towards war as a grand-narration...
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Integrating Online Blogging into EFL Writing Instruction: Exploring Students’ Perceptions

Rahmah Fithriani, Tien Rafida, Amiruddin Siahaan
Increasing numbers of EFL teachers have integrated blogging as their classroom practices. Research has also shown that blogging is an effective tool for students to improve English writing skills. However, the use of online blogs in EFL writing classes in Indonesia seems still relatively few and students’...
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Translating the Unique Folklore of Giant Lopis Feast And Giant Cone Megono In Pekalongan Syawalan Traditions

Ratna Asmarani
Oral tradition is one of the forms of folklore which belongs to oral literature. This paper focusses on the folklore in the form of oral tradition, especially Syawalan traditions in Pekalongan. There are two Syawalan traditions that are observed; namely, the Giant Lopis Feast and the Giant Cone Megono....
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Encouraging Students to Create their ESP Course Design Using Project-Based Instruction

Rida Wahyuningrum
This paper presents some steps of teaching EFL students to create an ESP course design in their ESP class by applying a project-based instruction (PBI). This study was conducted due to the background of the students’ low achievement in understanding ESP subject. The purpose was that by using PBI students...
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Ideology and the American Marxist Novels

Mrs. Siyaswati
In ideology, the problem is something the subject does, than what they (do not) know; post-ideology. In literature, authors criticize social problems, especially foremost ideology, but unable evading from the symbolical realms ideologically. yet, it is so rigid with anti-capitalism, the authors must...
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Using Edmodo-Supported E-Portfolio as Authentic Assessment in EFL Writing Course

Wahyu Kyestiati Sumarno, Mrs Tatik
Dissatisfaction issues rise for the usage of only one piece of writing as a basis for assessing writing skills make many teachers look for alternative assessment type, like portfolio assessment. A high interest given to the usage of portfolio coincides with the rapid development of technology integration...
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The Leeuweun and The Mills On Stronger Tides: “Radicalization” Tells Of “Lies”

Wais Qarni, Pangesti Wiedarti
The dress code which shows the identity of any believes today becomes interesting issue to debate in many countries. As in Indonesia, this country is known as the biggest “Muslim” country in the world which calculates as much as 87 percent of the total population. Nevertheless, this number does not show...
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Using Accent Reduction Software to Improve English Beginners’ Pronunciation

Zana Chobita Aratusa
This paper discusses to use of accent reduction software to improve English beginners’ pronunciation. The majority of research in computer assisted learning highlighted the use of a computer application in English pronunciation teaching or training. However, most of the studies focus on improving English...
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English as a Lingua Franca: Perspectives for English language teaching and for teacher education

Zulfa Sakhiyya
This paper argues the significance for adopting English as a Lingua Franca in the teaching of English and proposes three points for its adoption. To translate this big idea into practice, the three components to take are linguistics researches, English teacher education, and English language teaching...
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Online Radio: A R & D Project in higher education

Arif Suryo Priyatmojo, Rudi Hartono, Galuh Kirana Dwi Areni, Mrs Manikowati
The purpose of this paper was to report the findings of research conducted at the English Language and Literature Department of Universitas Negeri Semarang. This is a multi-year study funded by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education as an effort to improve students’ speaking skills...
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Assessment Literacy Analysis on Designing Classroom Language Test

Novia Trisanti
Assessment has been widely discussed by many researchers. There were some researches had found that practices of assessment are different among language teachers. One of it was conducted by Lopez and Bernal (2009) which showed that administration of assessment depended on the knowledge and information...
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Improving the Teaching of "Approaches and Methods in TESOL" through Reflective Papers

Mr. Rohani
The present study was aimed at understanding how students perceive their microteaching performance as a basis for the improvement of the subject of Approaches and Methods in TESOL in the English Department of Universitas Negeri Semarang. Ninety students took part in this study. They wrote a lesson...
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The Impact of Metacognitive Instruction on EFL Students’ Listening Comprehension and Metacognitive Awareness in Lubuk Linggau

Ani Fiani, Didi Suherdi, Bachrudin Musthofa
Metacognitive instruction is a relatively current trend in ESL/EFL listening comprehension pedagogy, particularly in Indonesia. Thus, under this pedagogical framework, this present paper reports on an intervention study that investigated the impact of the instruction on listening comprehension and metacognitive...
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Text-based learning in EFL classrooms: Problems and strategies viewed from the sociocultural approach

Debora Tri Ragawanti
Text-based Learning (TBL) has been extensively employed in EFL classrooms in Indonesia. The 2013 curriculum requires teachers to exploit the structure of various texts for communicative purposes. Similarly, in tertiary level, lecturers do the same thing for teaching reading, speaking, writing, and even...
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Providing Vocabulary Incidental Learning through Reading

Dwi Wulandari
This article looks at how reading in second language learning is beneficial for the learners, saying precisely on the opportunities to learn vocabulary along the reading. As the building block of the sentence, vocabulary plays central position in helping learners learn the new language. Therefore, it...
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Student Teacher Supervision in Digital Era: Identifying the Supervisors’ Roles in Chat Group Communication Using Social Media

Iyen Nurlaelawati, Muhammad Handi Gunawan
Supervision is an important part in the implementation of teaching practicum held by initial teacher education. However, such constraints as time, place, and content of supervision become major problems in the implementation of supervision. Thus, this study aims to investigate the use of social media...
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The Effect of Song as a Medium to Teach Recount Text for Listening Skills (Experimental Study of SMP Islam Terpadu PAPB Semarang in the Academic Year of 2018/2019)

Jonathan Ivan Utomo
The Learning in this era is more interested with a medium which is made the students interested with learning English, in addition could increase the students' understanding concerning material English material. The english learning can be conducted with creative way by using songs as medium to teach...
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Language Teaching in Vocational Higher Education Based on Industry Needs

Nurul Hamida, Sri Wahyuningsih Sulaiman, Mr Pandiya
The globalization era and also the implementation of Asian Free Trade, make Indonesia face the influx of goods & services frorm Asian countries, and also from other countries as well. Moreover, foreign human resources working in Indonesia will be incrasing. This will cause the competition of getting...
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Problems and Solution of Translating Unique Banking Terms from English into Indonesian

Sugeng Hariyanto
Very few studies have been conducted on the banking agreement translation involving two languages of two different legal families. As a matter of fact, the translation of such agreements is getting more and more important in this globalized business world. This paper reports a study conducted to investigate...
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The Influence of Using Flipbook Media (Printed Vs. Displayed) to Students Reading Comprehension Achievement At Stit.M Berau

Yuli Puji Astutik
This study aims at investigating students’ reading achievements before and after given treatment by using Flipbook media (printed vs. displayed). This is an experimental research which covers three steps namely pre-test, treatment, post-test. The samples of this study are two classes of second semester...
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Local Cultural Practices in Teacher Agentic Responses to English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Curriculum: A Lesson Learned from Indonesia

Yuni Budi Lestari
The new 2013 curriculum has enforced English teachers in Indonesia to use the scientific approach teaching steps (i.e. observing, questioning, experimenting, associating, and communicating) to help students attain the national goals of English language learning. This prescribed teaching procedure has...
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Applying Conversational Implicature Upon Libyan Non-Standard Arabic Speakers

Abdurahman Ahmed Ali Milad
When speaking, we suppose to understand each other, as the words and utterances we make are simply met with our expectations. If we cannot understand each other as the speaker utters something which may either directly or indirectly mean something else; it means in somehow we floated the characteristics...
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Engagement Resources Used by Novice and Professional Marketers in Persuasive Presentations

Ni Putu Era Marsakawati, Januarius Mujiyanto, Helena I.R Agustien, Puji Astuti
Numerous studies have investigated the use of evaluative language in texts. Few studies, however, have addressed the use of Engagement resources in spoken persuasive texts. This paper attempts to fill this gap by reporting part of a larger study aiming to investigate how novice and professional marketers...
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Ecological Literacy to Build Harmony: A Critical Study on Enviromental Poems

Mrs. Christinawati
The recent development of the cities has grown rapidly, followed by digital technological advances. Buildings, roads, housing, business centers, industries, and other public facilities are built to meet human needs and to foster the development of the city's economy. All of them are equipped with advanced...
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Improving English foreign language learners’ speaking skill using picture series and story telling techniques

Nur Amalia Hildaini, Mr. Sugirin
The goal of this research was to improve English Foreign Language (EFL) learners’ speaking skill using picture series and story-telling techniques. This research employed Classroom Action research (CAR) at the second grade students of a Private Junior High School in East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia....
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Developing Conservation-based English Proficiency Test as Implementation of Strengthening Universitas Negeri Semarang’s Vision

Amir Sisbiyanto, Mohamad Ikhwan Rosyidi, Lukman Hardi
The aim of this research is to investigate the validity and reliability of English proficiency test items as a measure of students’ English achievement for requirement to have final examination and to explain conservation context of test items as manifestation of UNNES vision. This research applied research...
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Local Culture in English for Tour Guide

Pasca Kalisa
This paper describes the local culture embedded in English for tour guide. The effort for the internationalization in Kandri Tourism Village has been a milestone to explore and to promote Kota Semarang as a tourism destination in Central Java. Kandri tourism village has been appointed by the local Government...
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Picture Taking Tradition after Undergraduate Thesis Examination: A Sociosemiotic Ethnography Study

Fredy Nugroho Setiawan, Fariska Pujiyanti
Taking picture/photos with a mobile phone can be perceived as a cultural event. The event selected as object of this study was photo-taking tradition after the students of Faculty of Cultural Studies Universitas Brawijaya passed the undergraduate thesis examination. By employing qualitative research,...
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A Preliminary Research: the Unique Javanese-Chinese Dialect Spoken by Chinese Descendants in Malang

Yasmin Farani, Maria Dwi Winarni
Malang, as the 2nd biggest city in East Java–after Surabaya, the capital of the province  Surabaya, , is a quite diverse city in terms of languages. As it is City of Education, Industry and Tourism (Tri Bina Cita), it opens and welcomes new comers from many different parts of Indonesia to come for studying,...
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Conflict on The “Home”-ness In VS Naipaul’s The Enigma of Arrival

Gabriel Fajar Sasmita Aji
VS Naipaul, the Nobel Prize Winner on Literature, in 2009, appears to present his Caribbean’s voice. However, his status also stimulates a conflict with his ancestry people, especially about the concept of postcolonial home. This phenomenon seems applicable to almost all VS Naipaul’s works, since those...
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Creating Stories to Improve Students’ Writing Ability in Narrative Text for Junior High School Students

Maria Johana Ari Widayanti, Rinta Aryani
Writing skill is an important part in communication. Good writing allows us to communicate or deliver our messages to audiences clearly. But, most people think that writing is difficult. They don’t understand how to compile ideas and elaborate them. It also happened among junior high school students....
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Politeness In Students’ Speeches When Speaking Japanese With Native Speakers

Rina Supriatnaningsih, Rustono Mr., Tatang Hariri, Edi Astini
Obedience and infraction to politeness principles were studied in students’ speeches when they were communicating with native speakers. These students were enrolled in Japanese Language programs in 4 universities in Central Java and Yogyakarta Special Region. Politeness is badly needed in communication...
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Translation as The Combination of Linguistics And Culture Skills: One Method of Teaching Tenses

Agoes Farida
Tense is the concept of time which functions to frame a sentence. Mastering tenses well will help EFL learners understand English grammar. English grammar which is composed of tenses is an important part of language and it forms the bone of the body, language. For the reason that simple present is the...
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The Emotional Maturity of Jesse Aaron in Bridge to Therabithia by Katherine Paterson

Lu’luin Nihaayah, Ianatul Khoiriyah, Adam Anshori
The existence of children literature cannot be separated with character education. One way to promote children’s character is by using literature. Bridge to Terabithia is an appropriate children literature that may provide good character education. This study is an attempt to discuss the personality...
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The Effect of Online Peer Review Activities on Students’ Academic Writing Performance

Emilia Ninik Aydawati, Dwi Rukmini, Dwi Anggani Linggar Bharati, Sri Wuli Fitriati
Peer review activities have been conducted in writing classes and have shown good impacts on the students’ writing skills. The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of online peer review activities on students’ academic writing performance. The participants were 50 students of academic writing...
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Analyzing The Needs of Students and Teachers on Short Story Writing Models Based on The Child's Own Personal Experience of Humanism And Morality

Agus Nuryatin, Retno Purnama Irawati
The advancement of the publishing and printing industry has affected the number of printed reading books for children. The existence of reading translations of foreign children who dominate the publishing of literary works of children in Indonesia can be very profitable and worrying. Children do not...
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Teachers’ Code Switching Used by Indonesian Lecturers in EFL Classrooms

Bambang Purwanto, Siti Aimah
The aim of this study is to know the types and the functions of code switching employed by the lecturers in EFL classrooms. Two English lecturers of Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang, Indonesia, took part in this study while one lecturer from Universitas Negeri Semarang as its supervisor. The participants...
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The Universality and Uniqueness of Proverb and Its Impact on Translation

Syahron Lubis
As a linguistic resource, proverb functions to show facts, human socio-cultural experiences and to give advice to human beings about life. It is very common that a proverb used in one culture is also used in other cultures with similar meaning but generally in different linguistic form (structure and...
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Examining Washback of National Examination: EFL Teachers and Students’ Perceptions

Khilma Nahdia, Novia Trisanti
This study aims at examining washback of 2017 English school national exam in Semarang, Indonesia, viewed from perceptions of EFL teachers and students. The participants of this study were 2 ninth-grade teachers and 16 ninth-graders of a junior high school in Semarang. Questionnaire and interview guide...
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Translation Techniques in Indonesian Subtitle of “Spongebob The Movie I”

Andra Sukmalahi Sarasmara, Issy Yuliasri
This research was intended to describe the translation techniques used in subtitling Spongebob the Movie I into Indonesian. The purposes of the study were to analyze the translation techniques used in the movie and analyze in what cases the most prominent technique was used by the subtitlist.This qualitative...
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The Effect of Songs as A Medium to Teach Recount Text for Listening Skills (Experimental Study of SMP Islam Terpadu PAPB Semarang in The Academic Year of 2018/2019)

Jonathan Ivan Utomo
The Learning in this era is more interested with a medium which is made the students interested with learning English, in addition could increase the students' understanding concerning material English material. The english learning can be conducted with creative way by using songs as medium to teach...
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Appraisal and Newspaper in EFL Critical Reading Class

Ribut Surjowati
This research attempts to present the collaboration of appraisal theory and newspaper, to practice the students to read the text critically and to find out the students’ mastery in critical reading after appraisal theory and newspaper were inplemented in their class. There were 19 students as the subjects...
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Some Pronunciation Practices In English For Logistics in Speaking Class of Port and Shipping Department of PIP Semarang

Mrs. Fatimah, Irma Shinta Dewi
As one of the language system, good pronunciation is really needed to improve in mastering English. A competent employee needs English to communicate in a variety of situations with colleagues, clients, and business partners, moreover for those who work in logistics industry such as a shipping agent,...
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Performing Ancient Relics as An Evocation of Spiritual and Ecological Awareness in Allen Ginsberg’s “Plutonian Ode” and Gary Snyder’s “Logging 12” & “Logging 14”

Henrikus Joko Yulianto
the Beat Generation stands as a “subterranean” group of writers in the United States in the postwar era who engaged themselves with a spiritual vision countering against individual’s material engrossment. They express their “underground” literary activism through jazz and Buddhist poetics that signify...
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Literary Appreciation: Media Implanted Character Values to High School Students

Prayudias Margawati
Some of learning literature objectives are to widen insight, to refine characters, and to improve knowledge and language skills, to appreciate and proud literary works as cultural treasures and Indonesian Intellect. In line with that, this study covers literary studies including understanding to literature...
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Lexical Bundles in Whatsapp Conversation between Native and Non-Native Speakers of English

Sri Wuli Fitriati, Sri Wahyuni
The paper draws on an investigation on the use of lexical bundles and their functions in WhatsApp conversations between a native and a non-native speaker of English. The aim of this study is to explore the lexical bundles used by the two speakers in order to explain how these bundles contribute to the...
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Hot Issues in the Discourse on Citizen Journalism

Djoko Sutopo
With camera-equipped cellphones found everywhere today, nearly anyone is possible to collect, report, analyze and disseminate news stories and information in the process of citizen journalism. Democratic societies are demanding independent and relevant information in a wide range of quantity. The present...
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A Preliminary Study of Developing Discovery-Based Writing Assessments to Stimulate Students’ Critical Thinking and Creativity

Dwi Anggani Linggar Bharati
Composing and developing assessments that are suitable to the existing curriculum are the tasks for English teachers. However, most of them still did not develop the assessments that were appropriate to the 2013 curriculum. This study aimed to explain the existing writing assessments and the need for...
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Examining Teachers’ Innovation in EFL Classrooms in Promoting Students’ Autonomous Learning

Sri Wahyuni, Januarius Mujiyanto, Dwi Rukmini, Sri Wuli Fitriati
The 21st century is in high demand of information, media and technology skills. In classroom context, teachers are the front liners who have to possess technological pedagogical and content knowledge (TPACK) which can support the success of the 21st century education. In line with this, in the language...
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Evaluating English for Children's Program by Applying Project Approach conducted at English Department, Teacher Training and Education Faculty, University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa, Banten

Jumbuh Prabowo, Wieka Barathayomi
The program of English for children should be evaluated. It is done in order to get an ideal program. This study applied Project Approach to evaluate teacher’s way in teaching, students’ activities, and content of the book. The participants of this study were the students of English department and the...
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The Preliminary Research of Developing HOT Project-Based-Speaking Assessment to Stimulate the Students’ Critical Thinking and Creativity

Anjar Setiawan, Dwi Anggani Linggar Bharati
2013 curriculum encourages the senior high teachers to successful develop Higher Order Thinking (HOT) assessment in the teaching and learning process. Therefore, this study is conducted to investigate the preliminary research of developing project-based-speaking assessment to stimulate the students’...
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Politeness Realization and Social Identity in Friends TV Sitcom

Mrs. Indrawati, Sri Samiati Tarjana, Joko Nurkamto
This study explores politeness strategies in regards to different settings and purposes to recognize different identities. Many scholars discuss the relationship between discourse analysis and pragmatics. Discourse analysis focuses on the form of language use above the level of sentence in its cohesion,...
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The Representation of Domestic Violence in Itsfiyawn’s The Coldest Boyfriend

L. Dyah Purwita Wardani SWW
this research discusses about the representation of domestic violence in the novel entitled The Coldest Boyfriend as the material object. This study endeavors the emergence of domestic violence seen through the experience of the characters. This is important because high school teenagers are still in...
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Translation Process and Product of Google Translate in Translating Health Articles from English into Indonesian

Dian Zelina Fitriyani
Google Translate is the most popular machine translation used by most people in the world. It, then, makes the translation quality of Google Translate very important. This study is a qualitative research which aims to describe the translation errors found in the translation process of Google Translate...
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The Literature Review in The Dissertation: The Language Education of Universitas Negeri Semarang

Dwi Rukmini
This research aims at explaining how the literature reviews (LR) are written by the post graduates of Universitas Negeri Semarang. It is a textual discourse study focusing on explaining the structural developments of the LRs and their quality. This is done since based on the preliminary study it was...
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Reasons for Social Media Users’ Code Switch Indonesian Teenagers Perspective

Johan Kristanto, Priska Meilasari
Indonesian teenagers of the world today (jaman now) are a generation with a high awareness on the importance of learning English as foreign language. This awareness leads to a phenomenon widely spread amongst them known as code switching. Code switching is described by Hymes as a common term for alternatively...
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English Dialogue Produced by Indonesian Monocultural Class Students from Teenagers' Perspective of Intercultural Communication Competence (ICC)

Girindra Putri Dewi Saraswati, Galuh Kirana Dwi Areni, C. Murni Wahyanti
This study aims at finding the pattern of intercultural communication reflected from the English students’ dialogues from the perspective of Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC). In addition to the general aim of the study, research was conducted in the 2nd year speaking class of English Department...
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Politeness Strategies and Norms in Waiter-Consumer Communication at Student Cafes: A Sociopragmatic Analysis

Budi Purnomo
This research is intended to investigate the use of politeness strategies and norms in waiter-consumer communication at student cafes. This descriptive and qualitative study is presented within the framework of sociopragmatics which can be broadly defined as the study of speech acts and the contexts...