Proceedings of the International Conference on Communication and Electronic Information Engineering (CEIE 2016)

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Perfection of the Programming Design for Medical College Internship Files with the Utilization of Android Mobile Phone Client

Xiaomeng Liu, Changguo Xu, Ju Wang, Xiaolin Hu, Seng Li
This paper describes the design of the medical intern students' file program, which utilizes the universal application of Android mobile clients to solve the hard problems from the collection of the students' files after they enter the internship places, mainly including the three aspects: the program...
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Data Mining Techniques For Customer Relationship Management

Feng Guo
Data mining has made customer relationship management (CRM) a new area where firms can gain a competitive advantage, and it plays a key role in the firms' management decision. In this paper, we first analyze the value and application fields of data mining techniques for CRM, and further explore how data...
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Decision Analysis of the Weather Log By Hadoop

Hao Wu
The data mining ability on Hadoop is much more rapider than that of traditional method, and coding is much simpler. It is mainly to quickly analyze the weather log using the parallel processing on Hadoop. The system realizes the analysis and processing of the weather log, utilizing the Hadoop core technology...
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Defense Mechanisms for Internal Dos Attack in a Cloud

Nina Shu, Huaixi Wang, Tingting Li, Chen Wang, Fang Fang
In CSA report entitled "The Notorious Nine: Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2013", DoS attack is ranked fifth. In the practical cloud computing environment, DoS attack is always the most effective and destructive threat, bringing a great impact on the cloud. We focus on VMware vSphere which is one of...
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Falling-Action Analysis Algorithm Based on Convolutional Neural Network

Wei Liu, Jie Guo, Zheng Huang, Weidong Qiu
This paper proposes a deep learning method - convolutional neural network to analyze human falling-action in video surveillance, so that we can recognize the falling-action of human body accurately in the shortest time. Firstly, vibe algorithm is used to extract the foreground and some methods of image...
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A Fast Prediction Algorithm for Sina Weibo Users with Time Correlation Cognition

Xixu He, Leiting Chen, Min Zhang
Social network is the most important way of information exchange and communication at present, which is a key step to study users' behavior in social network. Current methods for users 'behavior classification are more diverse, but it is difficult to assess the impact of specific events in different...
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Research for Motion Prediction System of Multi-Axis Motion Controller

He Yin, Quangang Wen, Zhigang Hao
In this paper, the problems of multi-axis motion controller were analyzed, and then a predictive control method of controlling stepper motor speed for execute G code file was proposed, the principle of the method being analyzed and deduced. The method was emulated in Matlab, being analyzed and compared...
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The Integrated Safety Supervision and Emergency Platform of Urban Rail Transit Construction

Ming Zhang
The paper proposes a framework for safety monitoring and emergency platform by means of analyzing the demand for sharing information on control and management as well as the measures taken in safety guarantee system from the perspective of importance of safety in constructing urban rail transit. It analyzes...
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New Decision Making Models of Processes Synchronization in Distributed Systems

D. L. la Red Mart¡nez, J. C. Acosta, S. M. Gerzel, A. R. Rambo
In the groups of processes of distributed systems, it is necessary to make decisions based on agreements; these processes may operate in distributed teams; processes may require the use of shared resources in the form of mutual exclusion. The following question arises: what kind of decision models will...
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Chaotic Sequences Generated by Chaotic Quantification under Finite Precision

Jian Zhang, Yinxia Zhu, Hongpeng Zhu, Jian Cheng
Finite precision is the first problem to be solved when chaos is applied to practical communication systems. In this paper, the influence of calculation precision on the properties of chaotic sequences is studied, and some valuable results are given. And a new method of chaotic quantification aiming...
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The Numerical Solution of an Inverse Two-Phase Stefan Problem

Tingting Li, He Yin, Quangang Wen
In this paper, the author studies an inverse two-phase Stefan problem obtained from a one-dimensional model of ice melting. This problem can be reduced to solve two hot-conduction equations. One is posed, so we can use the difference approximation method to solve it. The other is ill-posed. We first...
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To Establish File System in Industrial Storage Management

Huizhong Liu
Aiming at the Nand flash which is widely used in industrial storage management, the embedded file system named "jkffs" is established. In "jkffs", a direct addressing algorithm is described; tnode-tree, variable-tnodelength are used to address most kinds of nand flash; the method of chunk group is mentioned...
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Hole Repair Algorithm in Hybrid Sensor Networks

Jian Liu, Bohao Qu, Hongyan Xu, Xiaowei Hu, Zhiqi Zhao, Yong Feng
In Wireless sensor network, node error, energy depletion and other factors will lead to the appearance of hole which will cause network failure. In order to make the network more efficient, repair method based on the hybrid network model is proposed, namely activating a number of non-active nodes and...
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A Class of Trees Having Strongly Super Total Graceful Labellings

Xiyang Zhao, Junqian Shao, Bing Yao, Xiaomin Wang
Total graceful labelling is a new graph labelling of graph theory. We define strongly the total graceful labelling and determine the existence of a class of trees having perfect matchings and strongly total graceful labellings. Our methods can be easily transferred into efficient algorithms.
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Parameter Identification of Underwater Glider Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Liming Wang
An accurate model for an underwater glider is important for the design of a high-performance underwater glider control system. The performance of such control systems is influenced by the parameter variation of underwater glider under real operation conditions. In this paper, the mass parameters of an...
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Applying Of F2 (0.004) Forecasting the Number of Tourists in Sanya

Xuebin Huang, Hongxu Wang, Zhen Chen, Xi Zhang
The prediction formula of F2 (0.004) relies on inverse fuzzy numbers, the difference of historical data and the differential-difference of the historical data. F2 (0.004) is a fuzzy time-series forecasting model. This paper reports the application of F2 (0.004) on forecasting research about the historical...
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A Reversible Data Hiding Scheme Using Image Interpolation

Xiangguang Xiong
Reversible data hiding scheme can completely recover the original cover image after the embedded secret data have been correctly extracted, which has become a hot topic of data hiding. However, the embedding capacities of these existing reversible data hiding schemes are usually rather limited. In this...
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A Novel Solving Ambiguity Algorithm for Uniform Circular Phase Interferometer

Kaiqiang Ren, Zhengbo Sun
The direction finding accuracy of phase interferometer is severely impaired in the presence of phase ambiguity. In this paper, a novel solving ambiguity algorithm is proposed to solve this problem, which is suitable for uniform circular array with arbitrary number of sensors without the need of unambiguous...
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Robust Speaker Recognition Algorithm

Wenchao Hao, Yi Chen, Lei Wang, Chunguang Li, Yueqin Feng, Qingyun Wang
The accuracy of speaker recognition algorithm would be decreased greatly due to the noise issues. According to noisy environment, a new robust speaker recognition algorithm is proposed in this paper. After Mel-frequency Cepstral Coefficient (MFCC) feature extraction, the features are calibrated with...
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The Construction of International Corporate Social Responsibility Database of Developing Countries

U. N. Zhantore, Xiaohu Zh.
Corporate Social Responsibility materials and information documents are the results of researched and developed technologies. CSR database is a protecting system of investors and international enterprises' rights for their technologies in a government of developing countries. The developing countries...
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A Novel Initialization Method for Symmetric Nonnegative Matrix Factorization

Jianqiang Wu, Haoxia Huang
Symmetric nonnegative matrix factorization(SNMF) has widely employed in many areas of applications. Authors proposed a novel Lanczos tridiagonalization-based initialization method for SNMF, which can be combined with existing SNMF algorithms and achieve higher efficiency. Experiments show that the SNMF...
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An Improved SIFT Algorithm Based on Canny Operator and Hillbert - Huang Transform

Dengshan Huang, Xiaonan Wang, Qi Qin
Latent attribute prediction problem in social network provides a set of conditions for the construction of text classification models. The general framework of current latent attribute prediction problems is mapping the text in social network to vector space, along with a classification model to classify...
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Estimation of Highway Section Traffic Flow Based on Toll Data

Junfeng Zhang, Yunpeng Wang, Haiyang Yu
With the rapid development of high-speed signal processing devices, the algorithm with large amounts of data can be implemented in real-time. This paper proposes a kind of signal processing system based on five pieces of multi-core DSP. Firstly, the interface circuit and program between FPGA and DSP,...
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Consensus Problem of Markov Jump Multi-Agent Systems with Time-Varying Delay under Sampled-Data

Shili Shao, He Zhang, Changqing Liu
A lot of uncertain information is usually involved in the process of software system maintenance, and such information is difficult to perform quantitative analysis normally. In order to effectively solve the problem, this paper puts forward a measurement model of the software maintainability based on...
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Reversible Data Hiding Based on Histogram Modification Using S-Type And Hilbert Curve Scanning

Ruisong Ye, Jin Chen, Xing Zhang
Standard bat algorithm is easy to fall into local optimum to handle complex functions with high- dimension. This paper proposes a hybrid chaotic mutation bat algorithm handling local convergence. The chaotic variables and mutation operator are introduced to bat algorithm to enhance its global search...
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The Construction of Repository for Livestock Breeding Based on Mobile

Xiaobin Qiu, Hongqian Chen, Jun Qiao, Nan Zhou
For compressed sensing technology used in the field of information hiding, the traditional algorithm is to measure the entire carrier ( large redundancy - the entire carrier of the measured value) to hide. The calculation time is long and the stego image imperceptibility can be further improved. In this...
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Porcupine Recognition Algorithm Based on Gaussian Mixture Background Modeling

Shouhua Yu, Liyi Xian, Wei Yang, Tao Zou, Lingfeng Yuan, Zhenguo Zhu, Qingsong Yang
Porcupine identification is a key part of porcupine intelligent monitoring system. This paper proposes a porcupine recognition algorithm based on Gaussian Mixture background modeling. The algorithm completes identification and feature extraction of the porcupine based on the calculation and withdrawal...
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Age Prediction in Social Networks Based on Word Embedding and Tensor Learning

Ziyi Lin, Yan Wang
Latent attribute prediction problem in social network provides a set of conditions for the construction of text classification models. The general framework of current latent attribute prediction problems is mapping the text in social network to vector space, along with a classification model to classify...
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A Kind of Millimeter Wave Signal Processing System Based on The Multi-DSP Architecture

Kaibo Cui, Xi Chen, Naichang Yuan
With the rapid development of high-speed signal processing devices, the algorithm with large amounts of data can be implemented in real-time. This paper proposes a kind of signal processing system based on five pieces of multi-core DSP. Firstly, the interface circuit and program between FPGA and DSP,...
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Measurement Model of The Software Maintainability Based on Comentropy

Jia Wang, Yinchun Gao, Yijie Liao, Rong Jiang
A lot of uncertain information is usually involved in the process of software system maintenance, and such information is difficult to perform quantitative analysis normally. In order to effectively solve the problem, this paper puts forward a measurement model of the software maintainability based on...
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A Novel Hybrid Bat Algorithm Based on Tent Map and Mutation Operator

Kairong Zhang, Xueqin Tang, Yaohui Zhang, Jian Gu
Standard bat algorithm is easy to fall into local optimum to handle complex functions with high- dimension. This paper proposes a hybrid chaotic mutation bat algorithm handling local convergence. The chaotic variables and mutation operator are introduced to bat algorithm to enhance its global search...
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CS Technology Information Hiding Algorithm Based on Capacity Of Image Block

Pengyi Tian, Dinggen Xu
For compressed sensing technology used in the field of information hiding, the traditional algorithm is to measure the entire carrier ( large redundancy - the entire carrier of the measured value) to hide. The calculation time is long and the stego image imperceptibility can be further improved. In this...
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A Special Class of Constacyclic Codes over a Non-Chain Ring

Liqin Qian, Minjia Shi, Lin Sok, Jingshui Ping, Solé Patrick
Let R= Fp [u,v]/, where u2=1, v3=v and p are odd primes. In this paper, we study (1-2v2)-constacyclic codes over R. Firstly, a new Gray map from Rn to (Fp+uFp)2n is given. Then we investigate some properties of (1-2v2)-constacyclic codes over R. Finally, we present an example of (1-2v2)-constacyclic...
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The Creative Application of Computer Technology in Chinese Traditional Music Culture

Lanlan Lyu
Emotion is the soul of music. The main goal of music is to convey human affection. Using computer to analyze music emotion is very important. Furthermore, it is helpful in music understanding, music retrieval and some other interesting music related application. Guqin, as the symbol of Chinese music,...
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Cryptanalysis and Countermeasures on Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Regenerating-Code-Based Cloud Storage

Meiping Liu, Rui Jiang, Huafeng Kong
As an on-demand of computational resource, cloud computing appears to be part of a larger upward trend. Data owners can store outsourced data in the cloud and enjoy the high quality service. However, it brings new challenges, including the potential risks of the integrity of data, confidentiality of...
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A Fast Method to Prevent Traffic Blockage by Signal Control Based on Reinforcement Learning

Mengjia Shen
In this paper, we present an efficient and fast way to prevent traffic blockage by controlling traffic signal. A new model is adopted to out program which is fused and developed by probabilistic model and cellular automatic model (CA model). Based on this model, we used wavelet neural network (WNN) for...
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Research of Hybrid Database Middleware Architecture

Huiru Zhang, Xiaopeng Ji, Yongquan Yang
With the rapid development of techniques, more and more enterprise applications need to integrate the different information from diverse database sources. In order to resolve the problem of data sharing and collaboration among heterogeneous databases in the enterprise network, we propose hybrid database...
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A Pragmatic Approach of Data Imputation Using Fuzzy-Based Swarm for Heart Disease Classification

Mohd Najib Mohd Salleh, Nurul Ashikin Samat, Kashif Hussain, Abdul Mutalib Leman
In this study, we investigate the classification problem of heart disease with incomplete datasets. Our pragmatic approach is to exploit the potential of complete data for selecting relevant features in incomplete datasets. We define our approach by implementing fuzzy-based particle swarm optimization...
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Design and Realization of A Data Recorder

Jing Zhao
USB interface technology is more and more popular. It is applied into hardware design profiting from its advantages. It has high speed and convenience. This article introduces the design and implementation methods of a kind of airborne data recorder. It emphasizes the application of USB interface technology...
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Design and Test of An EMCCD CCD201 Sensor Driving Circuit

Qiang Wu, Zhaohui Feng, Xuwen Li
In order to improve the imaging quality in extremely low illumination situation, a driving circuit of high resolution and sensitivity camera was developed to use back illumination. Frame transfer electron multiplying gains (EMCCD) with 1024ž1024 pixels named CCD201 from UK E2V technologies. The circuit...
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Realization of Substation Equipment Condensation Control Method Based on Temperature and Humidity Control

Dajiang Ren
Based on the substation temperature and humidity data monitoring, substation equipment to achieve condensing surface generates conduct real-time monitoring of substation equipment and thus controsl the generation of condensation surface. The substation of the dew real-time monitoring data acquisition...
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Two-Stage Near-Field Source Localization Using Acoustic Vector Sensor

Dawei Xiao, Jinfang Cheng, Chaoran Zhang
To avoid 2-D search, a two-stage algorithm for passively estimating the azimuth and range of a near-field source using an acoustic vector sensor is proposed. This algorithm utilizes two particle velocity channels to estimate the azimuth, and then combines the pressure channel to estimate the range. The...
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Analysis of Spectral Characteristics for Forest Fire Images Based on Fourier Transform

Zhijian Yin, Qiang Luo, Tiantian Tang, Zhaopan Wu
With the continuous development of the national economy, people pay more and more attention to the monitoring and early warning of forest fire. Due to the particularity of the forest area and geographical conditions, if the forest fire happens, it will be a bursty and destruction of natural disaster....
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Comparative Evaluation of The Traffic Flow Volatility Forecasting Models

Jiawei Lu, Hongjun Xue, Guangjiao Chen, You Zhou, Jingxin Xia
Accurate and reliable short-term traffic flow forecasting is essential for advanced traveler information systems and proactive traffic signal control systems. However, the majority of current studies mainly concentrate on short-term traffic flow level forecasting. To improve the forecasting reliability...
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Design of Fingerprint Identification System Based on DES

Congjiu Zhong
The fingerprint verification technology is of better feasibility and utility, due to the uniqueness and invariability of fingerprints. So the automated identification based on fingerprints is becoming an attractive alternative to the traditional methods of identification. This system uses DSP chip, the...
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Discussion and Research on Comprehensive Evaluation of Power Supply Reliability

Wenbo Wang, Ziya Xing
Power supply reliability evaluation is an important link in the closed loop management of power supply reliability. It is of great significance to improve the professional management and the reliability of power supply reliability. Power supply reliability evaluation of power grid sustained supply capacity,...
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Cooperative Stochastic Differential Games with Information Adaptation

David Yeung, Ovanes Petrosyan
This paper develops a new class of stochastic differential games in which the state dynamics and the players' payoff structures in the future are unknown. Information about the future will be revealed stage by stage. Adapting to the new environment players revise their strategies accordingly. A new technique...
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Research and Realization of An Improved Auto-Correlation Method for Frequency Measuring

Wang Liu, Haiqi Zhang, Minghao Zhong
Frequency measuring is an important part of modern radar systems. Based on the traditional principle of auto-correlation algorithm, we put forward an improved method of frequency measurement, simulating and analyzing the implementation process with MATLAB, finally testing on FPGA platforms. The results...
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The Airfield Lights Addressing and Controlling System Design Based on PON Communication Technology

Ning He, Xianlong Yang, Jun Peng
Traditional airfield lights addressing and controlling system is realized through power carrier communication technology, and is characterized by low transmission efficiency, inaccurate testing and poor unsatisfying reliability. This paper introduces an airfield lights addressing and controlling system...
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Optimization Algorithm and Implementation of 8PSK Modulation

Changying Li, Huahai Qiu
Modulation technology is very important in the field of communication. A good modulation technology not only can save spectrum resources but also can provide a good channel performance. This paper is based on TCM+8PSK modulation demodulation principle of waveform research and analysis, which aims at...
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The Design of Reliability-Optimized Structure of Communication System Based on Optical Fiber Ring Network Structure

Jianhong Yang, Ning He, Hao Yang, Jun Peng
When optical fiber is employed as a medium to transmit data in ring network typology structure communication system, several mal-functional work nodes in the communication system will result in malfunction in communication and loss of data, and will eventually affect performance efficiency. This paper...
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An Adaptive Speech Separation Method Based on Spherical-Regular-Tetrahedral-Microphone Array

Yu Pang, Pei Li, Jiayu Lin
For speech separation method, getting the accurate weight vector is very important for the performance of method. Aiming at how to reduce the signal cancellation, this paper focuses on obtaining the weight vector in the speech separation process accurately, and it designs an adaptive speech separation...
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The Remote and High Precision Current Control System of Multiple High Power LEDS

Yihuang Lin, Juan Liu, Lingling Sun, Xi Chen, Cunkai Qiu, Gaofeng Zheng
For the remote control of multi-channel high power LEDS, a high-precision LED current control system is proposed. A microcontroller system based on STM32F217ZET containing a four-channel high power LED driver circuit based on LT3755-1 was designed. The high-precision current control compensation algorithm...
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Development of Remote Meter Reading System Based on GSM MODEM

Yinjing Guo, Xiaoli Yi, Lu Zhang, Changyou Ji, Zhenzhen Liu, Shipeng Zhang
In this paper, we develop electricity meters auto-transcription system by using C# and GSM MODEM based on C/S model. Compared with the original meter reading system, the performance of this system has been greatly improved. Under the premise of remote data transmission functions such as residential account...
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Development of A Fault Diagnosis Algorithm for Solar Panel

Hye rin Hwang, Berm soo Kim, Rui Xu, In Soo Lee
In this paper, we developed a fault diagnosis algorithm of solar panel for solar street light. It measures from solar panel's open voltage to load voltage at the cut-in and saves that voltages characteristic curve in memory. By comparing the steady state curve with saved curve, the solar panel's fault...
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Research of SLAM for Static Environment Based on Kinect

Hongyan Chen, Yajun Zhang
Intelligent mobile robots require autonomous navigation and localization in the environment. In order to realize the function of localization and navigation, the robot often needs to obtain the 3D map of the environment. The basic and key technology to achieve the intelligence is Simultaneous Localization...
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System Design of the Temperature Measurement and Control in Furnace for Steel Mill and Its Data Fitting and Analysis

Yuhang Huang, Xingfang Jiang
For the problems of the temperature measurement and control system in steel mill, a temperature measurement and control system based on single chip microcomputer has been designed. The problems are defects in low precision of temperature measurement and large drift of temperature controlling. The designed...
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Algorithm of Power Supply Disturbance Filtering for Coal Mine Based on FRFT

Likun Xing, Xiuling Niu, Xin Li
The environment of electricity for coal mine is very special, if there is something wrong with the power quality, it will cause great harm. The traditional Fourier transform algorithm makes the signal and noise overlap in the frequency domain and it has poor filtering performance when filtering in transient...
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An Ultra-Fast Miniaturized Instantaneous Frequency Measurement System

Qingzhan Shi, Tao Xie, Chao Wang, Xiaofa Zhang, Naichang Yuan
In this paper, an ultra-fast and miniaturized digital instantaneous frequency measurement (DIFM) system is proposed. Based on the high speed clocked comparator and high performance Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), the system is constructed. High speed clocked comparator with only 120 ps propagation...
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State of Charge Estimation for Electric Vehicle Battery Based on Amended Ah Metrology

Qiang Zhao, Chengjun Shao, Yinghua Ha
The battery is the power source of electric vehicles and its performance has a direct influence on the power performance and the trip range. The state of charge (SOC) of the battery is one of the most important parameters in the use process of a battery. At the same time, the estimation accuracy of SOC...
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Experimental Research of Free Space Optical Communication Based on Cat'S Eye Modulating Retro-Reflector Using Gaas/Algaas Multiple Quantum Well

Huayan Sun, Laixian Zhang, Jianying Ren, Congmiao Shan
Cat's eye modulating retro-reflector makes fast ATP, very high speed, small, light and low power consumption free space optical communication link possible. This paper analyzes the principle of free space optical communication based on cat's eye modulating retro-reflector using a multiple quantum well...
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An Intrusion Defense Approach for Vehicle Electronic Control System

Zhou Qin, Fei Li
Aiming at the information security issues of modern smart car while communicating with outside, we analyze the security flaws of vehicle's electronic control system and investigate numerous common attacks. Applying Intrusion Detection mechanism, we propose a network anomaly Intrusion Defense Approach...
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The Empirical Study of Market Share and Marketing Strategy Based on Markov Chain Model

Tianyi Zhang, Yilan Shen, Wenlong Feng, Zhigang Wang
The emphasis on this paper is mainly on the empirical study of market share and marketing strategy based on Markov chain model. Firstly, we review basic theory of Markov chain model. Secondly, two examples are cited to analyze the market share and marketing strategy, and MATLAB 7.0 is used to calculate...
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Photovoltaic Modules Based on Automatic Biochemical Analyzer Colorimetric System Optimization Design

Zhigang Hu, Zhe Du, Hu Wang, Zhendong Shang
In this paper, 8-channel photovoltaic modules was made up of the spectral device, monochromator and amplifier circuit. Combining with the spectroscopic techniques, an automatic biochemical analyzer colorimetric system was designed. The 12V halogen lamp which adds stabilizer and a cooling fan was used...
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Modulation Performance of Blue Ingan Light-Emitting Diodes with P-Type Electron-Blocking Layer and N-Type Hole-Blocking Layer

Guichu Chen, Zhaoxiong Zhao
We have fabricated two blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) samples with p-type electron-blocking Layer and n-type hole-blocking Layer for the modulation speed measurement. The experimental results show HBL can improve the modulation speed better for blue LED. The energy bands and recombination rates of...
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A Visualized Exploration in Urban Sensing of Air Quality with Vehicular Sensors

Rita T. Tse, Philip Iat Seng Lei, Chon Tou Lam, Giovanni Pau
Worldwide deterioration of air quality has raised people's concerns on what they inhale on a daily basis. This work exploits inexpensive pollution sensors deployed in the Macao Polytechnic Institute service fleet as a mean to monitor air quality at city scale. We propose web-based geo-spatial exploration...
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Study of Multi Physical Parameter Monitoring Device Based on FBG Sensors Demodulation System

Qi Li, Lihui Feng, Aiying Yang
For cross-sensitivity problem between strain and temperature in Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG), A FBG signal demodulation system is designed in this paper; signals are acquired and processed by Labview. The experiment of strain sensing with real-time temperature compensation has been studied based on FBG...
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The Analysis of the DPSK Transmission Carrier Frequency of Time-Varying Channel Model of XCTD Profiler

Yu Zheng, Guomin Song, Yingsheng Shang, Xiangyu Jin, Xiaorui Wang, Lei Tian, Junwei Liu
The distortion of transmission signal ,when passed through the channel of the Expendable Conductivity-Temperature-Depth (XCTD) profiler under the influence of the probing depth, transmission frequency, random noise and other factors, will be more serious. And it will affect the stability and accuracy...
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Analysis of Signal Error Rate of Time-Varying Channel Effects on ASK Band Transmission of Deep-Sea Abandoned Profiler Measuring Instrument

Qinwen Li, Yu Zheng, Lei Tian, Guomin Song, Yingsheng Shang, Xiangyu Jin, Xiaorui Wang
Amplitude of digital signal attenuates seriously with the increase of probing depth, transmission rate and random noise, because channel impedance parameters of deep-sea abandoned profiler measuring instrument is time-varying in the process of transmission and it will seriously affect the stability of...
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A Low Power True Random Number Generator in 0.18 M CMOS

Zhiwen Huang, Ming Li, Peiyuan Wan
This paper presents the design and implementation of a true random number generator (TRNG) for smart card application. Based on the effect of the oscillator phase noise and meta-stable state of the trigger, the random number is generated. An efficient calibration method can correct the uniformity of...
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The Construction of Support Vector Machine Classifier Using the Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Multi-Classifications of Ultrasonic Supraspinatus Images

Minghuwi Horng
The setting of parameters in the support vector machines (SVM) is very important with regard to its accuracy and efficiency. In this paper, we employ the firefly algorithm to train all parameters of the SVM simultaneously, including the penalty parameter, smoothness parameter and Lagrangian multiplier....
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The Priori SNR Estimation Based on the Post Frame Information and Self-Adaptive Averaging Factor

Xiaoqun Yi, Ruwei Li, Shuang Zhang
In view of the estimation problem of the priori signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) estimation in single-channel speech enhancement algorithm, a novel method based on the further information is proposed. In this paper, the information from the post frame is considered in obtaining priori SNR of the current frame....
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A Smooth Tracking Algorithm for Capacitive Touch Panels

Zucheng Zhang, Jupeng Li, Moyu Li
Capacitive touch panels (CTPs) have been more popular owing to its excellent interactive performance. However, electronic magnetic interference, display noise and process variation negatively influence the accuracy of predictions of touch positions. A smooth tracking algorithm for capacitance touch panels...
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What Should the Consumer Care about 3G Value-Added Services?

Huiying Du
As the market competition becomes increasingly intensive, and the profit from traditional voice services margins gradually declines. 3G telecom operators must provide various value-added services and enhance the ARPU (average revenue per user) depending on the consumer behavioral intentions. Therefore,...
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Research on Access Control Progress for Online Social Networks

Jian Wang, Kuoyuan Qiao, Zhiyong Zhang
Online social networks (OSNs) have become the most important platform for people to make friends and show themselves in nowadays, and unauthorized access and usage on people's privacy gains great social attention at the same time. Access control is a general and important way to protect user data from...
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Wideband DOA Estimation Algorithm Based on Signal Subspace Rebuilding

Zhiqiang Liu, Hongguang Ma, Jian Yang
A new direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation algorithm based on signal subspace rebuilding (SSR) is proposed for wideband sources. In the proposed algorithm, the signal subspaces are filtered by SSR to reduce the effect of the direction vectors of non-supposed directions. The signal subspaces of each...
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Survey of Software Defined Network and Mutable Network

Huaixi Wang, Nina Shu, Yongjie Wang, Chen Wang
Software defined network and mutable network are two main networking forms in these years. Traditional networking cannot meet the requirements of the renewal in information technology applications. We discuss mutable network and software defined network in this survey. We contrast two networking in motivations,...
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Formal Analysis of a Model For Electronic Payment Systems

Chen Wang, Nina Shu, Huaixi Wang
A model that generalizes credit-card-based electronic payment systems is analyzed by BAN logic and Kailar logic. This paper extends Kailar logic to process the analysis of ciphertext. This paper provides a new method to analyze ciphertext.
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Design of Dual-Band Microstrip Filter Using Sir

Yinxia Zhu, Jian Zhang, Jian Cheng, Hongpeng Zhu
Two novel dual-band microstrip filters using g/2 Stepped-Impedance-Resonator(SIR) resonators are proposed in this paper. The prominent feature of the SIR filter is that the spurious response can be controlled by the impedance ratio Rz and the length ratio of the resonator. Simulated results show that...
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Research on Wireless Sensor Networks Tissue Repair Method for Live Detecting of Substation Equipment

Hai Yu, Lin Peng, He Wang, Hui Deng, Changfu Xu
For wireless sensor network in substation equipment charged detection, repair, such as communication failure causes changes in node network error of high power consumption during faults, putting forward the working cycle of the adaptive tissue repair method and low power network by dynamically adjusting...
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Research on Wireless Sensor Network Middleware Technology for Live Detecting of Substation Equipment

Hai Yu, Lin Peng, He Wang, Hui Deng, Changfu Xu
In substation equipment charged detection wireless sensor network level, fault prevention and fault occur in the repair system, in all stages of the life cycle of the network, including testing, deployment and maintenance, the need for a lot of human-computer interactive operation. Different operation...
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A Novel Host Address Auto-Allocation Based on Moose MAC Address

Yubing Mao, Zhengyou Xia
The introduction of virtualization and the expansion of scale in data center result in sharp consumption of MAC address, ich also expose some weakness in MAC address such as inefficient allocation scheme, and one-dimensional address structure, among others. Varieties of solutions are proposed by researchers...
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A Feature Analysis Approach to Network Traffic in Communication Networks

Honghao Zhao, Hongyu Dong, Xiaohui Zhang, Qing Ye, Fanbo Meng, Xinyu Sun, Ying Cao
Network traffic holds the highlighting dynamic features. How to accurately characterize the hidden properties of network traffic has an important impact on network activities, such as anomaly detection and performance analysis. This paper proposes a feature analysis approach to describe network traffic....
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The Scale-Free of Random SA-Mixed Network Models

Jing Su, Fei Ma, Bing Yao, Ming Yao
We constructed the random SA-mixed models based on Sierpinski and 2-dimension Apollonian networks, which having scale-free properties. In this paper, we prove the scale-free of random SA-mixed network model by two of methods including statistical parameter and partial differential equation. We get the...
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Research on Web Character Information Extraction Based on Semantic Similarity

Baocheng Wang, Wei Huang, Zhongren Li, Ke Xiao
As for the loss of the comprehensiveness from the large amount of data when extracting information, this paper proposes a method of character information extraction based on semantic similarity algorithm to improve the comprehensiveness of the character information extraction of massive data in the network....
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Reachable Set Estimation for Fuzzy Cellular Neural Networks with Bounded Disturbances

Shili Shao, He Zhang, Changqing Liu
This paper is concerned with the problem of reachable set estimation for fuzzy cellular neural network with unit-peak bounded. Based on the Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional approach, delay -dependent conditions for estimating the reachable set of the considered system are derived. Moreover, an example...
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The Simulation of Band-Notched UWB Antennas Based on CST

Ke Zhang, Tianpeng Xia, Jinghang Zou, Gaochong Lv, Weiwei Wen
The Ultra Wide band (UWB) antennas play an important role in UWB system. As a crucial component of the UWB system, the UWB antennas affect performance of the system significantly and have advantages of low profile, low power consumption and integration easily, so they are widely used in communication...
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Adaptive Image Enhancement Based on Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

Jia Chen, Chuyi Li, Weiyu Yu
In this paper, image enhancement is realized by using the Incomplete Beta Function (IBF) as the gray transformation curve. The main idea is to employ Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm (ABCA) to select the optimal parameters of IBF, which corresponds to the best curve of grayscale transformation. Designing...
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Adaptive Weighted Morphology Tree Classifier for Aircraft Type Recognition

Zhigang Liu, Yanying Guo
Aircraft type recognition is a problem and key factor of safe docking of aircraft in airport auto-docking guide system. Based on adaptive weighted morphology tree classifier algorithm, it is approved for aircraft type recognition to solve the key issues to docking guide, useing image analysis and recognition...
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Research on Frequency Correction Method of Broadband AC RMS Converter

Wu Zhu, Bingyao Liu, Jiamin Zhang
In order to reduce the nonlinear error, a new method of nonlinear error correction in a wide frequency range is presented. In this method, firstly, the frequency of the measurement signal is divided into three bands. In each frequency band, linear fitting is used to pretreat the difference between the...
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A New Method for Reducing the Input Impedance of the Archimedean Spiral Antenna

Yang Zhou, Jingjian Huang, Weiwei Wu, Naichang Yuan
This paper presents an Archimedean spiral antenna (ASA) and explores the radiation characteristics of the ASA. We proposes a parallel Archimedean spiral antenna (PASA). The proposed antenna can maintain the radiation characters with a half input impedance compared with the ordinary ASA. The characteristics...
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The PCSS Communication System Based on the Method of Successive Contrast

Beiming Li, Shu-Heng Qi, Junwei Qi, Chengquan An
Parallel Combinatory Spread Spectrum (PC/SS) communication system has higher data transmission capability and bandwidth efficiency than conventional Spread Spectrum (SS) communication system. Meanwhile, PC/SS system must correctly select all maximal PN sequences from PN correlations, otherwise it will...
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Study on Anti-Jamming Communication Technology Based on Transform Domain

Caifeng Wu, Jia Yang, Yufan Cheng
Based on transform domain, this paper presents the research about anti-jamming communication technology. Firstly, it demonstrates the basic principle of transform domain communication system (TDCS), in which message is modulated depending on a kind of basic noise-like function to improve its concealment....
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An Admission Control Model Considering Handover Cost for LTE Networks

Bin Zeng, Lu Yao
An approach is presented to manage and support a LTE wireless communication networks. The achievements are expressed in terms of formulation and performance. In terms of formulation, a mathematical expression is modeled to describe the Admission Control and handover in LTE networks problem. The outcome...
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The Analysis of BER and SNR Based on High Altitude Platform Station in Wireless Communication Network

Xiaoyang Liu, Wanping Liu, Chao Liu, Xiaoping Zeng
The High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) wireless communication channel performance of space near network is investigated. The probability density function is derived. The HAPS commutation system model is built. Then, mathematical model under different conditions is evaluated through numerical simulations...
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Implement Of Network User Virtual Identity Merging Based on Spark

Gang He, Sha Chen
With the rapid development of Internet, people show growing dependence on network communications. Each user has a lot of network virtual identities because of the explosive increase of network applications. Compared with previous work, our study proposes an algorithm to find virtual identities which...
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Dual-Mode Dual-Band Microstrip Bandpass Filter Based on Stepped Impedance Resonator (SIR) for Wireless Communication Applications

Hongshu Lu, Jingjian Huang, Xiaofa Zhang, Naichang Yuan, Zisu Huang
In this letter, a dual-mode dual-band microstrip bandpass filter (BPF) based on stepped impedance resonator (SIR) for wireless communication applications is introduced. By choosing a proper impedance ratio, a BPF operating at 2.4/5.2 GHz is designed and analyzed. By adjusting the perturbation size, two...
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An Analysis of Energy Consumption Equilibrium in MIMO Wireless Sensor Networks

Donglai Hao, Donghong Xie, Lin Zhou
Based on analyzing the total energy consumption of cooperative transmission and the proportion of energy consumption of each node, this paper presents a method for calculating equilibrium degree of the node energy consumption and its balance scheme. Comparing with the traditional cooperative MISO scheme...
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Study on Combat Network Self-Recovery Mechanism Based on Load Distribution

Mingxing Zhang, Guangquan Cheng, Shuifa Mei, Yanghe Feng
Under the combat-targeted network layer description, the paper establishes layered network model for combat-targeted networks so as to facilitate the study on its self-recovery mechanism. Furthermore, it puts forward the optimal self-recovery strategy of the early warning network layer based on the load...