Proceedings of the 2nd Annual International Seminar on Transformative Education and Educational Leadership (AISTEEL 2017)

223 authors
Syafari, Syafari
The Differences of Student Learning Result by Using Cooperative Learning Model of Team Games Tournament Type and Conventional Learning Model
Syahputra, Edi
The Use of Rewards in Improving Self-Efficacy
Syahputra, Edi
The Difference of Students' Ability on Mathematics Communication Through Numbered Heads Together Combined with Inductive Deductive Approach and Expository Method
Syahputra, Edi
Development of Learning Devices Oriented Problem Based Learning to Increase Student's Combinatorial Thinking in Mathematical Problem Solving Ability
Syahputra, Edi
Model-Eliciting Activities Approach as a Tool to Improve Creative Thinking Skills and Self-Confidence
Syarifah, Tengku
Motivation And Entrepreneurs Training For Tinggi Raja Society Of Asahan Regency
Tambunan, Hamonangan
Design and Development of Model National Character Building Through Manners Education Based on Regional Culture of North Sumatera
Tanjung, Samsidar
Develop Character-Based Learning Model With Multicultural Scientific Approach to Increase Learning Quality in History Education
Tarigan, Ratelit
Analysis of Critical Thinking with Problem Based Learning in Physics Class
Tarigan, Simson
Analysis of Motivation and Learning Outcomes Through Learning Model Using Guided Inquiry and Exe Learning On Redox Reactions in Senior High School Grade X
Taufik Azhar, Tengku
The Efforts in Improving Students' Mathematics Learning Outcomes Through Problem Based Learning (PBL) in Grade XII of SMK Tritech Informatika Medan
Ubudiyah Siregar, Sakinah
The Implementation of Quality Assurance System as an Effort to Improve Quality of Education High School Teacher Education Labuhanbatu
Utama, Indra
The Effect of Lecturer Competence on Work Productivity of Private Higher Education Lecturer in Aceh
Wacner Simamora, Ebeneser
The Effect of Student Team Achievement Division Cooperative Learning on The Concept Understanding Ability of Mathematic
Wahyuni, Sri
Implementation of Problem Based Learning Model on Geography Subjects in Motivating Student Learning
Wau, Yasaratodo
Effectiveness of Character Education Model in Unimed to Improve Students Creativity
Widiastuti, Uyuni
The Influence of Learning Strategy (Contextual and Expository) and Musical Intelligence in Melodi on Learning Result of Harmoni I
Widyaningtyas, Ayu
Students' Error in Lexical Meaning in Communication through Conversation in the Classroom
Yoshinaga, Keiichiro
Comparisons of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Reform
Yulia Adha, Andyka
Students' Error in Lexical Meaning in Communication through Conversation in the Classroom
Yus, Anita
Models of Portfolio-Based Teaching as a Early Childhood Social Emotional Skills Development Strategy
Yusaini, Yusaini
The Effect of Organizational Culture on Lecturer Performance at State Islamic Religious College (PTKIN) in Aceh Province
Zakia, Siti
Improving The Ability of State Vocational High School Teachers in Creating Digital StoryTelling Media (DST) Using Sway Microsoft Tool Through Academic Supervision of Demonstration Technique