Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2014

1. Editor's Introduction

Chongfu Huang, Junxiang Zhang
Pages: 1 - 1
Case Study

2. Risk Mitigation in Managing a Mega Project - a Case Study of Gomal Zam Dam Construction Weight and Cloud Model

George Wang, Wei Hu, Colin Duffield
Pages: 2 - 9
Global contractors operate in an environment that has a variety of alternatives and uncertain circumstances that requires constant circumvention and adjustment. It is not uncommon that a contractor conducting an international project does not comprehensively evaluate the local environments and identify...
Research Article

3. Average Life Expectancy as a Criterion for Regional Risk Management Weight and Cloud Model

Sviatoslav Timashev
Pages: 10 - 19
The paper considers an important and complex interdisciplinary integration problem – providing, supporting and managing safety of interdependent critical infrastructures (ICIs) of a municipal area or region, embedded in the context and realities of modern society of risk. The problem is solved using...
Research Article

4. On Risk and Disability – Investigating the Influence of Disability and Social Capital on the Perception and Digital Communication of risk

Jörgen Sparf, Susanna Öhman
Pages: 20 - 33
Does living as a disabled person affect how risks are perceived? Studies of various population groups show that not only macro level structures but also micro social contexts and individual conditions influence risk perception. This knowledge is important for formulating, designing, and communicating...
Research Article

5. New England Compounding Center Meningitis Outbreak: A Compounding Public Health Crisis

Bolanle A. Olaniran, Juliann C. Scholl
Pages: 34 - 42
The New England Compounding Center’s (i.e., NECC) meningitis outbreak represents a major public health crisis of 2012 that led to over 40 deaths, along with infection of several hundred individuals. The outbreak necessitates the need for how such a crisis could be prevented.. The research focuses on...
Research Article

6. A Cooperative Game Theoretical Approach to Risk Analysis, Using Network Structure

Jun-ichi Takeshita, Hiroaki Mohri
Pages: 43 - 48
The principal aim of this paper is to introduce the framework for a cooperative game theoretical approach to risk analysis using network structure. Probabilistic risk analysis (PRA) is a common methodology for evaluating risks associated with real-world network structure. Although there are numerous...
Review Article

7. Review of the Strengths and Weaknesses of Risk Matrices

Mustafa Elmontsri
Pages: 49 - 57
Risk assessment and risk matrices are powered tools used in risk management and help guide in the process of decision-making in organisations. Nevertheless, risk matrices have their own weaknesses and strengths. This paper provides a critical overview of the development and use of risk matrices in different...