International Journal of Networked and Distributed Computing

Volume 9, Issue 1, January 2021
Research Article

1. The Firm Life Cycle Forecasting Model Using Machine Learning Based on News Articles

Si Young Lee, Sae Yong Oh, Sangwook Lee, Gwang Yong Gim
Pages: 1 - 9
The determination of the firm life cycle has been carried out in relation to the establishment of corporate strategy in the field of accounting or management. The life cycle prediction based on financial information is long because it is determined based on the financial performance of the entity over...
Research Article

2. The Performance Evaluation of Continuous Speech Recognition Based on Korean Phonological Rules of Cloud-Based Speech Recognition Open API

Hyun Jae Yoo, Sungwoong Seo, Sun Woo Im, Gwang Yong Gim
Pages: 10 - 18
This study compared and analyzed the speech recognition performance of Korean phonological rules for cloud-based Open APIs, and analyzed the speech recognition characteristics of Korean phonological rules. As a result of the experiment, Kakao and MS showed good performance in speech recognition. By phonological...
Research Article

3. The Prediction of COVID-19 Using LSTM Algorithms

Myung Hwa Kim, Ju Hyung Kim, Kyoungjin Lee, Gwang-Yong Gim
Pages: 19 - 24
As COVID-19 enters the pandemic stage, the resulting infections, deaths and economic shocks are emerging. To minimize anxiety and uncertainty about socio-economic damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is necessary to reasonably predict the economic impact of future disease trends by scientific means....
Research Article

4. Featured Hybrid Recommendation System Using Stochastic Gradient Descent

Si Thin Nguyen, Hyun Young Kwak, Si Young Lee, Gwang Yong Gim
Pages: 25 - 32
Beside cold-start and sparsity, developing incremental algorithms emerge as interesting research to recommendation system in real-data environment. While hybrid system research is insufficient due to the complexity in combining various source of each single such as content-based or collaboration filtering,...
Research Article

5. CHEAP: An Efficient Localized Area Coverage Maintenance Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Gokou Hervé Fabrice Diédié, Boko Aka, Michel Babri
Pages: 33 - 51
Over the course of operation, a wireless sensor network can experience failures that are detrimental to the underlying application’s objectives. In this paper, we address the problem of restoring coverage ratio of a damaged area (hole) using only the neighboring nodes. Most existing solutions fail to...
Research Article

6. An Empirical Study on Darknet Visualization Based on Topological Data Analysis

Masaki Narita
Pages: 52 - 58
We are experiencing the true dawn of an Internet of Things society, in which all things are connected to the Internet. While this enables us to receive a wide variety of useful services via the Internet, we cannot ignore the fact that this means the number of devices targeted for Internet attacks has...
Research Article

7. Scheduling Algorithms in Fog Computing: A Survey

Khaled Matrouk, Kholoud Alatoun
Pages: 59 - 74
Over the last recent years, applications related to the internet of things have become the most important techniques in the world that facilitate interactions among humans and things to enhance the quality of life. So, the number of devices used in these applications will increase, leading to the creation...