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Micro-Facial Expression Recognition Based on Deep-Rooted Learning Algorithm

S. D. Lalitha, K. K. Thyagharajan
Pages: 903 - 913
Facial expressions are important cues to observe human emotions. Facial expression recognition has attracted many researchers for years, but it is still a challenging topic since expression features vary greatly with the head poses, environments, and variations in the different persons involved. In this...

Distributed Synthetic Minority Oversampling Technique

Sakshi Hooda, Suman Mann
Pages: 929 - 936
Real world problems for prediction usually try to predict rare occurrences. Application of standard classification algorithm is biased toward against these rare events, due to this data imbalance. Typical approaches to solve this data imbalance involve oversampling these “rare events” or under sampling...

Reduce Cost Smart Power Management System by Utilize Single Board Computer Artificial Neural Networks for Smart Systems

Sudad J. Ashaj, Ergun Erçelebi
Pages: 1113 - 1120
The plan and usage of a smart power management system for household and buildings that control numerous electrical appliances in real time have been reported in this work. The system is based on using artificial intelligence with low-cost single board computer in order to design a smart power management...

Fuzzy-Based Energy Management System With Decision Tree Algorithm for Power Security System

K. Ramya, Yuvaraja Teekaraman, K. A. Ramesh Kumar
Pages: 1173 - 1178
Energy security (ES) has great impact on power grids. Therefore it is important to have power security service (PSS). The PSS should be designed to handle interference and interruption attack in the grid. The interference and interruption attack in the grid is handled by incursion-detection system (IDS)....

Hybrid Dragonfly Optimization-Based Artificial Neural Network for the Recognition of Epilepsy

K. G. Parthiban, S. Vijayachitra, R. Dhanapal
Pages: 1261 - 1269
Epilepsy can well be stated as a disorder of the central nervous systems (CNS) that brought about recurring seizures owing to chronic abnormal blasts of electrical discharge on the brain. Knowing if an individual is having a seizure and diagnosing the seizure type or epilepsy syndrome could be hard....

Artificial Neural Network to Model Managerial Timing Decision: Non-linear Evidence of Deviation from Target Leverage

Hafezali Iqbal Hussain, Fakarudin Kamarudin, Hassanudin Mohd Thas Thaker, Milad Abdelnabi Salem
Pages: 1282 - 1294
The current study highlights the utilization of a non-linear model to analyze an important decision-making process in the study of corporate finance where managers are deciding on the capital structure of a firm. This study compares the results from based on the unbalanced panel data multiple regression...

Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence: New Look for the Macroeconomic Assessment in Asia-Pacific Region

Muhammad Haseeb, Sasmoko, Leonardus W. W. Mihardjo, Abid Rashid Gill, Kittisak Jermsittiparsert
Pages: 1295 - 1310
Objective To determine the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the selected economies in the Asia-Pacific region. Methods This secondary research collected data from macroeconomic and AI-specific data sets. The sources of data from which insights were gained included digital technology sectors...

Optimized Intelligent Design for Smart Systems Hybrid Beamforming and Power Adaptation Algorithms for Sensor Networks Decision-Making Approach

Ali Kamil Khiarullah, Ufuk Tureli, Didem Kivanc
Pages: 1436 - 1445
During last two decades, power adaptation and beamforming solutions have been proposed for multiple input multiple output (MIMO) Ad Hoc networks. Game theory based methods such as cooperative and non-cooperative joint beamforming and power control for the MIMO ad hoc systems consider the interference...

Energy Analysis on Localization Free Routing Protocols in UWSNs

Yuvaraja Teekaraman, Pranesh Sthapit, Miheung Choe, Kiseon Kim
Pages: 1526 - 1536
The challenges faced in underwater communication systems are limited bandwidth, Energy consumption rate, larger propagation delay time, End-End Delay (E-ED), 3D topology, media access control, routing, resource utilization and power constraints. These issues and challenges are solved by means of deploying...

Building an Artificial Neural Network with Backpropagation Algorithm to Determine Teacher Engagement Based on the Indonesian Teacher Engagement Index and Presenting the Data in a Web-Based GIS

Sasmoko Buddhtha, Christina Natasha, Edy Irwansyah, Widodo Budiharto
Pages: 1575 - 1584
Teacher engagement is a newly-emerged concept in the field of Indonesian teacher education. To support this concept, we designed an artificial neural network (ANN) using backpropagation, stochastic learning, and steepest gradient descent algorithms to determine teacher engagement based on the Indonesian...

Strategic Management of Organizational Knowledge and Employee's Awareness About Artificial Intelligence With Mediating Effect of Learning Climate

Mohammed Majdy M. Baslom, Shu Tong
Pages: 1585 - 1591
This study has aimed to examine the empirically relationship between strategic management of organizational knowledge and awareness about artificial intelligence (AI) through mediating effect of learning climate in service sector of Saudi Arabia. For better understanding, a structural questionnaire was...

Evolutionary Feature Optimization for Plant Leaf Disease Detection by Deep Neural Networks

Jalal Sadoon Hameed Al-bayati, Burak Berk Üstündağ
Pages: 12 - 23
Apple leaf disease is the foremost factor that restricts apple yield and quality. Usually, much time is taken for disease detection with the existing diagnostic techniques; therefore, farmers frequently miss the best time for preventing and treating diseases. The detection of apple leaf diseases is a...

Light Weight Proactive Padding Based Crypto Security System in Distributed Cloud Environment

N. Indira, S. Rukmanidevi, A.V. Kalpana
Pages: 36 - 43
The organization maintains various information in cloud which is a loosely coupled environment. However, the nature of cloud encourages the threats in different level. Among them the data security has been a keen issue being identified and challenges the service provider. To improve the data security...

Examining the Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Assisted Social Media Marketing on the Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises: Toward Effective Business Management in the Saudi Arabian Context

Wael Basri
Pages: 142 - 152
Purpose: To examine the impact of artificial intelligence-assisted social media marketing (AISMM)on the performance of start-up businesses of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Saudi Arabia. Design/methodology/approach: A survey technique was employed whereby primary and secondary data was collected,...

Hierarchical Bayesian Choice of Laplacian ARMA Models Based on Reversible Jump MCMC Computation

Pages: 310 - 317
An autoregressive moving average (ARMA) is a time series model that is applied in everyday life for pattern recognition and forecasting. The ARMA model contains a noise which is assumed to have a specific distribution. The noise is often considered to have a Gaussian distribution. However in applications,...