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On the Ideological and Political Education of Dragon Boat Culture in Colleges and Universities

Zhi-quan An, Meng Li, Pei-wen Guan, Kai Wang
The dragon boat culture is an innovative university culture that is newly developing as an ancient tradition,it is the embodiment of the national spirit,sports competitions and festival celebrations,it also has injected new vitality to the extracurricular games,campus activities an athletic competitions,etc...It...

Studies on Interaction between Materials Manufacturing and Graduate Education --Illustrated by Hubei Province

Wei Sun, Yu Xu
In this knowledge economy age, postgraduate education is closely related with regional materials manufacturing industry development, both of which interact with each other. As a big province of education and materials manufacturing, Hubei is of great theoretical and practical significance for the systematic...

Study on the Risk Prevention and Management Countermeasures of Convention and Exhibition

Zhiming Mo
With the continuous development of the socialist market economy, a variety of economic activities have become more frequent, exhibition industry also will be developed. In the process of exhibition industry development, it will change with the socio-economic activities of the corresponding changes in...

The Research on Cultivation Mode of Engineering Innovative Talents of "Internet plus Education"

Xiao-Dan Zhang, Yan-Ming Cheng, Yu-Xiang Hao
The cultivation of engineering innovative talents of "Internet plus education" is proposed with the development of economic globalization and multi-polarization of the world. It is a necessary demand for national development. The setting of cultivation target and type is the preliminary basis for cultivation...

A Professionalization Framework in Understanding Migrant labors' Adaptation to China's Industrial Restructuring

Xiuli Yang
Migrant labors' professionalization can satisfy the urgent need for China's industrial restructuring, which also helps to fulfill the dream about citizenship of this group in weak position. Through analysis, migrant labors' lack of employment ability accounts for this awkward situation. Migrant labors'...

Research on the Construction of Information Sharing Space of University Library Aiming for the Construction of Key Disciplines

Qingsong Zhang
Through the analysis of the background and current situation of the information sharing space and the subject service, it is proposed that the construction of the library information sharing space based on the construction of key disciplines is an important transformation and service innovation of the...

Research on Architecture for B2B E-commerce Platform

Lijun Wang, Linchuang Zhang
B2B refers to Business to Business, that is, between enterprises and enterprises through the Internet for products, services and information exchange, but also for the strategic cooperation between enterprises to provide a basis. In order to improve the efficiency and quality of B2B e-commerce platform...

Research on Evaluation Index System of Rotating Classroom Teaching Model for College English

Xueqin Li
Rotating classroom teaching mode is to re-adjust the time inside and outside the classroom, transferred the decision of learning from teachers to students, teachers through assistance and communication to help students learn. This paper aims to promote the reform of college English teaching model. According...

"Teach Knowledge" and "Teach Thinking" in Elementary School Fine Arts Education on the Background of Innovative Education

Hui Liu
Innovative education is based on the cultivation of people's innovative spirit and innovation ability as the basic value orientation education. Modern society needs to give full play to each person's subjectivity and creativity, art curriculum should pay special attention to the students personality...

Application of Inquiry Teaching Methods in Primary School Mathematics Curriculum

Ying Dai
The purpose of mathematics education is to cultivate students 'mathematical thinking ability, to realize the application value of mathematics and to promote students' all-round development. The introduction of inquiry teaching in the primary school stage can help students to establish awareness of inquiry...

Employability Promoting Ways of Middle Vocational Undergraduate Students based on Career Planning

Bing Yang, Anqi Gao
Old educational concept and incomplete education system, lack of awareness of the role of career planning and idea, restricting the development of career planning, leading middle vocational career planning education difficult to effectively implement. Based on the classical theory of career planning,...

Reform Strategies on Universities Physical Education in the Background of Quality Education

Fengcheng Tang
According to the status quo of higher education and the requirement of quality education, this paper analyzes the status and function of physical education in quality education, points out the serious consequences of neglecting the quality of physical education in universities, and puts forward the reform...

Cultivating on Autonomous Learning Ability in English Teaching

Xiuhui Hao
As the teacher-centric to impart knowledge and skill of teaching ideas, convert to the student-centric study not only impart knowledge of the language, pay more attention to the teaching of ideological transformation training of language application ability and learning ability, is the aim of College...

Construction on Practical Teaching System for Marketing Specialty

Shijie Zhang
Practical teaching is an effective way to consolidate theoretical knowledge and deepen theoretical understanding. In view of the current practice teaching of marketing specialty in schools and teachers is not paying enough attention, the professional teachers generally lack the practical experience and...

Problems and Countermeasures of English Teaching among the "Major+English" Compound Personnel Cultivation Mode

Yingjun Li
Most college teaching activities are concentrated in the classroom, once some students are not interested in the class and do not listen carefully, the surrounding students will also be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the students who have insufficient learning motivation,...

Image Dehazing Method Based on Multi-scale Feature Fusion

Minghai Yao, Qi Miao, Qiaohong Hao
In recent years, image dehazing has become an active topic in computer vision. This paper presents a novel dehazing method based on adaptive clustering and image fusion for restoring a single image degraded by fog or haze. Firstly, the coarse-scale transmission map is addressed based on adaptive clustering...

Influence and Strategies of Liaoning Dialect on English Teaching

Jie Fu
Dialect and culture have inseparable close contact, dialect format and also form culture at the same time in this area. On the one hand, the cultivation of English language is slow and requires the process of finishing the "three-language interaction conversion". On the other hand, the localization of...

Study on the Brand Construction of Agricultural Products Geographical Indications

Haiyan Liu
To make the agricultural products competitive in the market, the construction of branding is a must. However, at present our country geographical indications of agricultural products brand construction still exist many problems, such as overlapping management department, brand consciousness is weak,...

Sports Psychological Measurement And Statistical Method from the Perspective of Sports Public Service

Xiaopeng Liu
In this paper, the literature and data induction method is used to study the rural square dance from the perspective of the supply mechanism of sports public service. The study found that problems such as single supply subject, limited scope of supply and inadequate supply power still existed in the...

A realization method of multi-protocol label switching traffic engineering based on logical hierarchy

Jia Ren
Aiming at the shortcomings of traditional single-level methods and existing multi-level network traffic engineering (TE), a realization method of multi-protocol label switching traffic engineering (MPLS TE) based on logical hierarchy is put forward. By using TE to achieve the equilibrium distribution...

Teenagers' Reading Interest in an Extensive Reading Program

Mu He
This paper aims to investigate the teenagers' interest in a wide range of reading materials. Extensive reading has been gaining its popularity globally. One major requirement for the success of extensive reading is the availability of a large amount of reading materials. The academic circle makes every...

Development status, problems and policy suggestion of 5G

Xiumin Ye
5G has the advantages of high reliability, low ductility, high speed ,etc. 5G not only can greatly enhance the experience of internet users, but also detonate the transformation and development of traditional industries such as industrial internet, artificial intelligence, mobile medical and other fields....

Study on Air Pollution Control in China from the Perspective of Public Health

Long Yin
Since the reform and opening up, China's economic development has made remarkable achievements, but environmental pollution problems have become increasingly serious, which are caused by the extensive economic development. At present, China's regulatory strength is weak, the market mechanism is not perfect,...

Exploration and Practice of Deep Integration of Virtual Simulation Technology and Innovative Entrepreneurship Education

Li Zhang, Long Yin, Liucheng Zhang, Li Zhao
With the rapid development of information technology in our country, the application of information technology in the field of education and teaching is deepening. The application of virtual simulation technology in experiment teaching conforms to the development trend of information technology in education.Students...

College Students' Social Problem Analysis and Countermeasures Research

Long Yin, Shuai Ma, Jian Song
The contemporary college students in the Internet developed information society, Internet communication has become one of the college students' main social way, face-to-face communication is less and less, even most of the same class are very strange. Many college students have a disgust on interpersonal,...

Research and analysis of social obstacles in college students

Long Yin, Datao Wu, Yue Fu
Social disorder characterized by social disorder with people (especially in public occasions), involuntarily feel nervous, afraid, and so unprepared, incoherent, serious and even afraid to see people, often called social phobia, social phobia, is a kind of to feel intense fear or any social or public...

The influence of XBRL to audit and countermeasure research

Yuanqing Mao, Liucheng Zhang
The extensible business reporting language (XBRL) to the advent of audit work to bring convenient at the same time, also brought unprecedented problems and challenges to the audit work. This article first to the XBRL application in audit work situation briefly, and then XBRL influence on all aspects...

The feasibility of XBRL application in the enterprise financial management advice and security research

Liucheng Zhang, Yuanqing Mao
The XBRL report is to establish the beginning of the standardization of accounting informationization in our country. XBRL report is in the accounting standards for enterprises under the premise of information disclosure of financial report. This paper attempts at standardization of accounting information...

The Challenge of "Internet Plus" to the Teachers of the University

Zhaoying Li
The "Internet +" era has prompted education to move from closed to open, forcing institutions of higher learning to change the traditional way of education and transform the education into innovative education. Meanwhile, the age of "Internet plus" has brought new challenges to college teachers. This...

The Application Research on the Teaching Mode of Flipped Classroom under the Background of "Internet Plus"

Yi Liu
In the era of "Internet plus", with the significant changes have taken place in education field, a lot of new teaching methods and teaching models have been proposed. These changes are verifying the intimate connection between the vocational education and network, it is restructuring all kinds of teaching...

Construction of Cost and Schedule Equilibrium Control Model for Communication Base Stations Project

Guoqing Dang
With the increasing number of project construction, the shortening of engineering period and the continuous improvement of quality requirements have promoted the advanced experience of project management in the construction of network. The construction quality of base station and the construction period...

The Teaching Innovation and Research of Object-Oriented Program Design based on C++

Bigeng Zheng, Heng Wang, Quanxin Zheng
Nowadays,"Emphasis on practice rather than theory"is a common phenomenon in higher engineering college, so the urging for double-qualified teacher in higher engineering college is put forward. On the premise of clearing the connotation of "double-qualified", putting forward the training ways and measures...

Research and practice on teaching reform in course design of analog electronic technology

Heng Wang, Quanxin Zheng
Analog electronic technology course design is the important practical link of "analog electronic technology" course. It plays the irreplaceable role in the realization of professional training goal for automation, mechanical and electrical integration. Through the implementation of the course design,...

The Influence Mechanism of Relationship Governance on Coordination Capability and Performance of Port Coal Supply Chain

Beibei Sha, Bin Yang
This paper takes 63 port coal transportation enterprises in the Pearl-Xijiang River Basin as the research object, and tries to establish the structural equation Model (SEM) of the relationship between the inter-firm relationship management and the supply chain performance of the coal supply chain coordination...

Research on adding print file layout and layout rule

Jiangchun Li
In the process of adding printed and altered documents, the margins, line spacing, word spacing, and parallelism of printed documents are usually the main points of inspection. However, how to change the layout features during the process of adding and modifying needs further discussion. This article...

Case study of STEM education in the family

Mei Yan
To vigorously promote the STEM education in the background of international science education, the STEM education in the family education to promote the application process of several representative cases, using the basic theory and methods of science education, learning content and learning process...

Ager's theory of alienated consumption and Its Realistic Enlightenment

Guobao Jiang
In recent years, the ecological Marx doctrine represented by Ben Ager has gradually emerged, and has gradually become one of the most influential Western schools of Marx. Ager lobbied for the capitalist consumption point of view, criticizing the ecological damage, and the "alienation of consumption"...
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[WITHDRAWN]Network Intrusion Detection System and Its Cognitive Ability based on Artificial Immune Model

Xuepeng Huang, Jianhui Lin
With the rapid development of science and information technology, computer and network technology have made jumping progress, which not only speeds up the global information, but also brings more serious information security issues. Information network security has become a new term, which is related...
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Research on Mechanical properties of Micro-aro Oxidation Ceramic Coatings on Magnesium

Cheng Gao, Yiqun Zhou, Jianmin Hao, Jinyong Xu
The paper, to explore mechanical properties of magnesium alloy and ceramic coatings by micro-arc oxidation, through measurement of tensile modulus of elasticity of magnesium alloy matrix, three-point bending method to measure the elastic modulus of the ceramic coatings. The results show that: can get...
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Study on the giant magnetostrictive actuator control strategy based on genetic algorithm setting the PID parameter

Dengyuan Mo, Qidou Zhou, Shaochun Ding, Zhiyong Xie
In This paper, the relevant research is carried out about seabed sound reflection . It has influences on the test results of the real-boat test based on the acoustic holographic technology. The effects of seabed reflection on underwater acoustic test is analyzed, through simulating sound field of free...
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The Research of Welding Robot off-line Programming System

Jing Li, Jun Li, Wei Dong Hao
In the applied process of robot off-line programming technology, it is necessary for the model to solve the correction problem which is between the practical working and off-line simulational environment. Robot coordinate system calibration method is proposed by measuring workpiece coordinate system...
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ESP Network Curriculum Design Based on Constructivism

Ming Wang, Dachao Yuan
Computer and Internet technology have been widely applied in the elementary stage of English study in Chinese universities. However, how to exploit the advantages to promote ESP course teaching reform remains to be discussed. This paper aims at the major issues existing in ESP curriculum teaching and...
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Industrial network integration development and upgrading model based on industry 4.0

Demiao Tang
The new round of industrial revolution featured with industry 4.0 is the important opportunity of industrial development. Under the new normal state, driven from the factors and investment to the intensive development under the driving of innovation, combining with the new trend of new industrial revolution...
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Research on Establishing System of Integrity for National and State Examination

Daibin Zheng
In recent years, there is a public concern over integrity of state examinations in China. In fact, the efficient operation of examinations is built on faith and integrity. Nowadays, the main reason for anomie of national examinations is the alienation of the main purpose of the examination, lack of severe...
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Adopting Open Innovation Strategy to Empower SMEs in Developing Countries

Hailekiros Sibhato Gebremichael, Renyong Hou, Qian Sun
Recently open innovation practice in SMEs has received an extensive attention in the scientific research, management and government. Nonetheless, most previous studies were contextualized to firm's capabilities and quality of the external knowledge infrastructures from the advanced countries. Studies...
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Object Model Research Based on Data-Driven

GuoFei Zhang, Xiang Du, Lu Wang
The paper presents a kind of OOA/OOD method about management information system (MIS). The object model includes information model,function model and status model, named IFS model in this paper. These models are controlled by some data. Model Driven Development(MDD) is a kind of model driven, which is...
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Research on the Integrated Construction Technology of Granite Ground Crystallization

Shan Zhu, Xiaoxu Meng, Haiping Wang, Lengjing Liu
Granite ground construction quality is directly related to the quality and the grade of the building, which also has great impact on the building. This paper aiming at the quality problems easily occurred in the granite floor construction, putting forward 4 essential integrated technology, namely CAD...
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Study about the Effect of Sericin Finishing on the Performance of Sportswear

Xinyu Zhang
The influence of sericin finishing on the air permeability, antistatic, uvioresistant, and hygroscopic and sweat releasing of the sportswear sold in the market after sericin finishing. The conclusion drawn from the research is that the antistatic property, uvioresistant property and hygroscopic and sweat...
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A Research on Kyphoplasty Instrument of Memory Alloy Wire Netting Ball

Xinyu Zhang
Purpose of research: developing a kyphoplasty instrument of memory alloy wire netting ball and discussing the possible treatment of osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture. Method: The application of Ni-Ti alloy hyperelastic wire netting ball, the application of the equipment which can stretch and...
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Rain-Wind-Induced Vibration of Cable Computed by Ansys

Ling Lv, Lei Zhao, Fang Zhu, Longfan Peng
Stay cable is one of the main components of cable stayed bridge to bear loads. Due to its large flexibility, small quality and small damping, various of harmful vibrations could happen easily under the external excitations. Rain-wind-induced vibration is the strongest form of vibrations. Under the joint...