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Study on the Absurd Beauty of Marc Chagall’s “Lovers Under the Eiffel Tower”

Lei Zhou
The artistic creation of modern painting artist Marc Chagall is full of absurdity and his strong artistic emotion is displayed in his works with unique aesthetic characteristics. On the basis of a comprehensive understanding of Chagall’s art, this article takes his representative work “Lovers Under the...

The Impact of Labor resources on the Economic Development of the Regions of the Volga Federal District

Nadezhda Ananyeva, Maria Rybkina
There are various strategies developed by scientists to form criteria that contribute to stabilising the Russian economy and its growth. A strategy aimed at socio-economic transformation is used to increase the economy’s growth rate. Despite this, there is a differentiation of the industrial sector and...
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Critical Review of Wireless Electromagnetic Power Transmission Methods

Ekaterina Frolova, Nikita Dobroskok, Anton Morozov
The paper presents a comparative analysis of energy transmission methods based on electromagnetism: non-radiative alternating electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. The examples of practical realization of the presented technologies are considered. The multi-criteria approach for analyzing the...

Implementation of Learning Management System (LMS) in the Self-Development of Productive Teachers of Vocational Schools

Setia Aji, Yadi Mulyadi, Iwan Kustiawan
The development of information technology and computers has an impact on the development of e-learning. Learning Management System (LMS) as one of the software used to manage e-learning in the last decade has been widely used in schools. The implementation of LMS in vocational schools has consequences...

Physiological Metaphor as a Means of the Metaphorical Modeling of Brexit in Russian Media Texts

Linda Krajcovicova
This article deals with the analysis of the physiological metaphor as a means of the metaphorical modeling of the discourse event Brexit in the Russian media discourse and political discourse. A special emphasis is put on its potential conflictogenic effects and the intentions of its use. The analysis...

Exploration and Practice of Situational Experience in Urban Environment Teaching

Zhihui Tian
Based on the needs of education in the new era, this paper takes the course of urban environmental science as an example, introduces the situational experiential teaching model, reforms the previous teaching mode which was passively accepted by teachers as the leading students, and explores the application...

Rules Versus Discretion

Lessons from Earthquake and Liquefaction in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Kasman Lassa, Syamsul Bachri, Farida Patittingi, Marwati Riza
Natural disasters are situations beyond human control. An earthquake hit Donggala County, Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, on 28 September 2018, triggering a tsunami and liquefaction in Palu City, Sigi, and Donggala. Geologically, liquefaction occurs when the soil loses shear strength due to increased...

Functions of Spontaneous Yawning: A Review

Duruo Jin
Yawning is an important prehistorical physiological mechanism that exist in animals across a variety of species. In the past 50 years, investigation of spontaneous yawning and contagious yawning has been ongoing. Several hypotheses were introduced to this field, such as the circadian hypothesis, brain-cooling...

Development and Application of Quantum Communication Technology from Economic Perspective

Rundian Zhang
From the earliest research and study of quantum communication to application and achievement. In recent years, with the continuous development of quantum communication, quantum secure direct communication became an important branch of quantum communication. Quantum secure direct communication uses distinct...

Coronateaching in a Palestinian University: Changes, Challenges, and New Conceptions

Hidayat Abu Elhawa
This longitudinal qualitative case study comprised an investigation of the experiences, perceptions, and beliefs of five ELT teachers at a Palestinian University where government-mandated COVID-19 emergency closure forced an institution-wide implementation of emergency remote teaching. It is among the...

The Existence of Marriage Agreement and the Status of Illegitimate Children Among Moslem Community

Sumriyah, Dewi Muti’ah
Marriage agreement is one of the preparations in building a household before marriage. This kind of agreement usually arranges everything about marital property, either jointly acquired property or personally owned by one of the spouses. By doing marriage agreement, they can get legal certainty to use...

Improving Students’ Motivation and English Language Skills via NEO Learning Management System

Liann Camille Perez, Anita Triastuti
This paper aims to answer the questions of whether NEO learning management system passes the international quality standards for management systems through comparing it with Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Standards. Moreover, whether if it is capable of enhancing students’ motivation and English...

Phenomenon of Christian Art Through the Prism of Ancient Russian Art

Marina Moiseenko
The article deals with the specifics of the Christian art, which is based on the spiritual and moral values, through the prism of the features of the ancient art, the object of the national pride of the modern Russia. The author addresses the question of differences of the Christian art in general from...
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The Realization of Serial Communication Between Kingview 6.55 and MCU Based on Modbus-RTU Protocol

Haolin Peng, Yong Zheng, Guanda Lu, Long Luo
This paper introduces Modbus-RTU Communication Protocol. Then, based on the analysis of the principle of communication and combining with an instance, the paper gives out a specific method to realize the serial port communication between computer and MCU C8051F020 in Kingview 6.55.

Research on safety management system of university laboratory

Wenbi Zhu, Haixue Liu, Tao Jin, Liang Huang, Jia Liu, Xi Sun
Laboratory is an important part in colleges and universities teaching and scientific research. It`s necessary to strengthen management to smooth the experimental teaching activities, and ensure the safety of teachers and students. This article discussed the respects of laboratory safety management responsibility...
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Quality Assurance Matrix as the advanced generation of quality control

Belu Nadia, Misztal Agnieszka, Ionescu Laurentiu Mihai
Presently, in the automotive industry, continuous improvement of product and process quality is always challenging and creative task. Many quality techniques were adopted in this field and advantages were also gained. The intention of this paper is to present the possibilities that offers the use of...

Discussion on Clothing Marketing Mode in Network Environment

Jinling Guo
With the arrival of information age, networks are playing an important role in people's lives. As the relation between network and economy is growing closer and closer, marketing is facing a new era called internet marketing. Clothing internet marketing as an important part of internet marketing, is...
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Research on the Power Line Three-stage Over-current Protection Simulation

Yujie Yang, Liancheng Zhu, Fuyun Li, Zhitao Wu, Changyou Cai
Power line over-current relay protection is an important part of power system, it is an important technical measure to assure the safety and reliable operation of electric power system and electric power line. In this paper, on the basis of the features of the relay protection in the power line, thorough...
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An Efficient Engine for Orthogonal SE

Gongtao Wang, Karimi Ali, Jianming Xu
Orthogonal transformation has been used for State Estimation, since it is hard to solve by normal WLS method when weights of some measurements differ much from others. Though the numerical stability of orthogonal transformation has been generally accepted, it is reported that the efficiency might be...
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Challenges to performance testing of the cloud application developing

Yue Zhou, Wenchuang Qin, Nafei Zhu
When we perform a Cloud Application performance testing, traditional performance testing tool and method is limited by many characteristics which are different between Cloud Computing and traditional application. This article descripts the limitation and weak point of traditional tool and method for...
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The Sport Quality Indicator Weight Research of Taekwondo Athletes Based On Principal Component Analysis

Zhiming Qin, Yuhong Cui, Huahei Jiang
This paper filters out the sport quality evaluation indicators of taekwondo athletes’ special physical stamina through the questionnaire and mathematical statistics method and finally determines the specific evaluation indicator to measure Taekwondo special physical stamina through the process of mathematical...
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Research on Features of Return in Chinese Stock Market Based on GARCH Model

Xinyi Dang, Qiang Zhang
The main purpose of the research is to test some features in Chinese market with GARCH family. GARCH can capture volatility clustering in stock market. GARCH-M is applied here to verify that stocks with high risk tend to pay high return. TGARCH and EGARCH illustrate the existence of asymmetries. These...
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Study on new gray transformation of infrared image based on visual property

Dai Shaosheng, Li Xingfu, Du Zhihui, Zhang Bin, Huang Xinlin
Since the infrared image has disadvantages such as narrow gray distribution, low contrast and blurred vision effects, a new method of gray transformation of infrared image based on human visual property is proposed. The method aims to transform the gray distribution of infrared object to the sensitive...
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Finite Element Analysis of Tsunami Propagation

Hashentuya, Masaji Watanabe, Kazuhiro Yamamoto
A tsunami generated in the North Pacific is simulated numerically. A system of partial differential equations derived from equations of a fluid dynamics were solved numerically by a finite element method. Depth data originally given in terms of longitude and latitude are transformed to projected coordinates...
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An Autonomous Aesthetics-driven Photographing Instructor with Personality Prediction

Chin-Shyurng Fahn, Meng-Luen Wu
In this paper, an autonomous aesthetics-driven photographing instructor system is proposed, which gives instructions to help camera users to take good images. There are two kinds of instructions: image composition and personality feature enhancement. As for composition, a salient region is used to match...
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Research on E&P Efficiency Metrics to support SKMIGAS Mission utilizing CRISP-DM Methodology

Bobby Suryajaya, Frieda Putri Aryani, Uma Bala Devarakonda, Alva Erwin
SKK Migas has mission to supervise and control activities of upstream Oil & Gas. It is believed that by knowing efficiency level of each PSC Contractor, improvement programs can be more effective and directly hit the objective. This paper discusses research proposal on efficiency metrics using data mining...
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Research on Force-directed Algorithm Optimization Methods

Lingling Wang, Xianshui Wang, Qiuquan Wang, Mei Xu
In view of the fundamental Forces-directed iteration the shortcoming of the slow speed, In this paper, using the method of Hyper node and Multilayer method to improve the algorithm and applied to the large-scale graphics drawing automatically, Hyper node Method is the distance of the vertex as a Hyper...

The Education Status and Countermeasures Study of the Culture Quality Education in Higher Vocational Colleges

Zhaogang Xie, Junqing Hui
It is widely accepted that the higher vocational colleges should carry out the cultural quality education. How to improve the students’ cultural quality, which helps the students become fully developed interdisciplinary talents, is becoming an important subject concerning the education reform in higher...
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Spiral QAM Modulated CO-OFDM System with Increased Tolerance toward Laser Phase Noise

Li Chong, Chen Lin
To mitigate the phase noise, we propose Spiral QAM in CO-OFDM. Simulation results, based on 40-GS/s CO-OFDM systems, show that 16 Spiral QAM can increase the phase noise tolerance, as compared to square 16 QAM.

Thoughts on the Teaching Mode Reform of Prepress Processing Principle and Technology

Bo Gao
The prepress processing principle and technology is the core course of printing engineering. In recent years, the objects of the prepress processing get more fields, and it turns from the traditional book binding to a broader field of packaging development, also the processing quality requirements gets...
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The research on Chinese college curriculum reform based on post-modern curriculum theories

Taifu Lv
With the development of economy and society, the Chinese university education becomes increasingly popular and also faces many difficulties in which the curriculum reform is the core for modern university reform. The post-modern curriculum theories by Dole affect the university curriculum reform greatly....

A Comparative Research in Medical Image Visual Searching of Novice, Proficient and Expert Radiologists: Evidence from Eye Movement

Meixiang Chen, Shaoyin Duan, Xuejun Bai
This article is to discuss the radiologist' fixation characteristics and processing strategies in medical image searching, and to find out the expert advantages and characteristics, in order to provide theoretical basis for improving the ability of novice and proficient radiologist. SMI250 eye tracker...
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Research on High Temperature Stress- Strain Behavior of Power Transmission and Transformation Copper Conductor by Gleeble Thermal Simulation

Haoyang Du, Dongyun Shi, Shuangnan Zhang, Xin Wang, Linghui Zhuang, Shu Tian
Gleeble thermal-mechanical simulation can accurately control the parameters such as thermal, force and displacement of certain working conditions, which has been widely applied in the HAZ simulation and other metallurgy behaviors. In this paper, Gleeble thermal simulation technique has been used to study...

Research on the Application of MOOC in University

Yong Luo, Jianping Li, Zheng Xie, Guochang Zhou
MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) is a large-scale online course platform. The global learners are able to learn college courses in it. At the same time, the universities are trying to apply it to make a great significance for the level of university education. This paper researches on the application...

The Development of Kayuh Baimbai Cooperative Learning Model for Elementary School Students

Akhmad Humaidi, Yudha Adrian
This research was conducted to develop Kayuh Baimbai cooperative learning model based on local wisdom of Banjarese community. This cooperative learning model was applied on Bahasa Indonesia subject in fourth grade students. Kayuh Baimbai cooperative learning model emphasized on togetherness or collaboration...

Research on the Application of WeChat Public Platform in College Party Construction

Ying Gao
Under the background of the rapid development of new media, and based on the current situation of college party construction work, carrying out innovative college party construction work via the WeChat public platform, in order to clear the blind area, occupy the highest point of public opinion, and...

Research and Exploration on the Training System of Applied Talents Based on Engineering Education Accreditation

Xiaobo Wang, Yi Zhang, Liuqing Zhang
Engineering education accreditation is a major reform of higher education projects. With the continuous reform of engineering education and the sustainable development of society, the idea of engineering education accreditation has been fully applied in all kinds of skilled personnel training system....
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Study on the Impact of Shield Tunneling Side-crossing on Adjacent High-rise Building with Podium

Yao Lu, Junyan Liu, Yan Liu
Shield tunnel construction will disturb the surrounding strata and cause stress release and adjustment, resulting in uneven settlement of adjacent buildings and even collapse. According to the geological conditions of Ji'nan Railway Line 2, a three-dimensional numerical model is established. The analysis...
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Apply out-side mold decoration technique to Cosmetic Package Design

Shih-Wen Hsiao, Chih-Huang Yen, Chu-Hsuan Lee
To conform to fashion tendency and market requirements, cosmetics always pursue for fashion and innovation, thus package design is confronted with problems of limited design elasticity, complex follow-up job sequences, environmental pollution caused by technology and cost of high reject ratio. The essay...
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Modeling and Control of wind magnetic Suspension Yaw Motor

Dengpeng Guo, Xiaoguang Chu, Bin Cai, Ying Kong, Naizhe Wang, Xuetao Yi
The magnetic levitation technique is introduced into the wind yaw system to reduce the yaw power. Permanent magnet in the nacelle and stator winding in tower are designed to suspend the nacelle. And the wind yaw structure including the disc motor rotor and variable speed gear is proposed to drive suspension...
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Effect of strong acid on the self-oscillating behavior for the polymer chain with the Fe(bpy)

Tomoka Nakazumi, Yusuke Hara
In this study, a self-oscillating polymer chain with Fe(bpy)₃ as the catalyst of the Belouzov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction was synthesized to examine the influence of strong acid (due to its oxidizing power) on the self-oscillating behavior. The polymer chain with Fe(bpy)₃ underwent a soluble-insoluble...
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Efficient Query for Historical Data in Evolutionary Algorithm

Jie TIAN, Pan YAN, Huiwen HUANG
For the time-consuming problem in calculating the fitness value, this paper proposes a hash bucket with precision mechanism for a quick query of the data in the neighborhood of a particle. In order to establish a balance between the calculation accuracy and utility, it uses the hash tables with precision...
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Study on the Application of Large Tuned Mass Ratio in Damping System

Yeda Lian, Qiang Ma, Yuqiang Zhang, R.M. Ali Washakh, Yuanliang Zhang
To solve the problem of insufficient bandwidth in damping frequency, it is the key to advance the application of tuned mass damping method in architectural design. This paper presents the idea that the tuned mass ratio increases the bandwidth of damping frequency. Based on deterministic excitation, the...

Clusters in the Industrial Policy and Spatial Development of Russia

Robert O. Voskerichyan
This paper is about the role of clusters in industrial policy of Russia. The experience of foreign countries is presented and the main directions of development of the national industry are also considered. Besides, the relationship between the development of technological clusters and the growing competitiveness...

Regrouping of Schools within One Complex and Teacher Redistribution to Attain Equitable Management and Distribution of Teachers

Teguh Teguh Triwiyanto
This research aimed to describe and explore the regrouping of schools within one complex and teacher redistribution to attain equitable management and distribution of teachers. The research located in Ngawi Regency, East Java. The data collection was performed through in-depth interview, observation,...
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Influence of Preparation Conditions of MIL-88A on Catalytic Degradation of Orange G and Dibutyl Phthalate

Jiu-Mei Wang, Jin-Quan Wan, Yong-Wen Ma, Yan Wang, Ze-Yu Guan
In this paper, the effect of preparation conditions of the catalyst MIL-88A were investigated. The results shows that MIL-88A with the raw materials proportion of n (Fumaric acid/ Fecl3?6H2O)=1:1, the synthesis temperature of 85? and crystallization time of 2h, activation temperature of 100? and drying...
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Research on Vegetation Cover Change Detection of the North-South Mountains in Lanzhou City

Quanfu Niu, Yingxue Zhang, Junmei Kang, Xiuxia Zhang
Based on three periods(year 2000, 2008 and 2013) Landsat images and basic geographic data of the region, the vegetation cover change detection of the north-south mountains in Lanzhou city was quantitatively analyzed and dynamically monitored with calculating of the normalized difference vegetation index...
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Overview of Experimental Studies on Strength Problem of Rubber Material

Xuanli Zhang, Guoying Zhao
The mechanical properties of rubber materials are complex, and the strength problem is getting more and more attention. This paper summarizes the research status of mechanics experiment of rubber materials under dynamic and static load, commented recent years domestic and foreign the progress on the...
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Point Bar Numerical Simulation and Results Analysis in the Daqing Oilfield D Block

Peng Huang, Sharong Li, Qi Wang
point bar reservoir is the key development object in the late development of Daqing Oilfield, in this paper, the numerical simulation based on the construction of the point bar is carried out on the basis of the modeling of the point bar. Through dynamic data generating simulated well history and acquiring...
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Relevant Discussion about the Application of Molecular Imprinting Technology in Environmental Science

Weidong Fu
In recent years, molecular imprinting technology rises gradually along with the development of science and opens a new perspective for the study of environmental science. In this chapter, the author introduces the principle of molecular imprinting technology briefly and explores the application of molecular...