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The Influence of Management Knowledge on Principal Performance and School Performance Quality in Senior High Schools West Sumatra

Hibban, Mukhaiyar, Rusdinal
This research is a quantitative study, describing how much management knowledge has influenced the performance of school principals and the quality of school performance in SMA Negeri Sumatra Barat. The research method was a survey with a quantitative approach. The data were analysed by using path analysis....

The Urgency of Government Regulations in Substitute of Law About the Drone Usage Regulation

Yuwono Prianto, Paksi Yudha Sasmita, Agata A. Mourin
The development of drones, makes it very easy to obtain and important because it can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from positive to negative things. However, Indonesia constitution are not sufficient to overcome the problems that is caused by drone. Seeing the numerous problems that have...

Secular or Religious State and the Impact on the Acceptance and Resistance of Sharia Perda in Indonesia

Akhmad Khalimy
This paper wants to know the various views among Indonesian and foreign scholars on the existence of sharia perda in Indonesia. Their various views traced from their works on books, dissertations/thesis, or papers written on the topic of sharia perda from 2000-2020. The following studies will compare...

Factors Affecting Reading Interest of Elementary School Students

Ali Mustadi, Faisal Amri
The purpose of this research is to determine factors affecting reading interest of fifth graders. The study applied a qualitative survey research. The data were analyzed using factor analysis. The research population was 590 students. The research sample was 238 students. The results show internal factors...

Impact of Firm-Created Content and User-Generated Content on Consumer Perception in Grab-and-Go Coffee Brands

Adhityo Negoro, M. Gunawan Alif
Social media platforms nowadays are numerous and have many different features to aid the communication conducted by individuals or groups. At the same time, it has an implication on how marketing communications are conducted and how consumers perceive brands, thus determining purchase intentions. The...

Archive and Bureaucratic Reform: The Abandoned Public Service

Swani Sona Saragih
As a record of information of all organizational activities, archive functions as a center of memory, decision-making aid, and evidence of the organization’s existence, as well as serves other organizational interests. Without archive to record organizational activities, an organization will encounter...
Proceedings Article

Classical Enterotoxin Genes of Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from the Raw Milk of Cows and Goats in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Desy Cahya Widianingrum, Sarasati Windria, Fatkhanuddin Aziz, Siti Isrina Oktavia Salasia
Milk is a highly nutritious food containing several essential nutrients. Consequently, it can be contaminated by pathogenic bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus. This study aimed to analyze the genes encoding nine classical enterotoxins of S. aureus isolated from cow and goat raw milk. A total of...

Android Based English Learning Media and Quiz Using Augmented Reality

Dias Agata, Heny Yuniarti, Ahmelia Ayu Pratiwi Adison
The pandemic hits the world today has made educators and parents moved to develop attractive English learning media for young learners to keep them excited while learning from home. Android smartphone devices are currently popularly used for interaction media between young learners and teachers during...

Virtual Tourists’ Motivation During COVID-19 Pandemic

Muhamad Muhamad
The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic affects greatly all aspects of life, including the tourism sector. The pandemic affects traveler’s motivation in planning their canceled trip on a chosen destination. This paper aims to give alternatives in tourism using a virtual-based tourist destination in Indonesia....

Indonesian New Normal Mathematics Education - Seeking Certainty in Uncertain Times

Allan Leslie White
Humanity has dealt with pandemics or plagues throughout history. History also demonstrates that in periods of uncertainty there are always guides that remain certain. In response to Covid-19, the Indonesian government’s ‘New Normal’ provided a list of challenges for all educators, who must then adapt...

Analysis on the Causes and Solutions of Teenagers’ Excessive and Impulse Consumption

Ruohan Qin
Impulse consumption refers to the unplanned and unconscious purchase behavior of customers under the impetus of external factors. At the same time, it will also cause excessive consumption to a certain extent, which is not compatible with national conditions and the level of economic development. Thus,...

Enhancing Vocational Teachers’ Professionalism in Teaching Government Accounting

Vita Fitria Sari, Dewi Pebriyani, Mayar Afriyenti
The implementation of the 2013 curriculum in Vocational High Schools has introduced the field of government accounting in the vocational curriculum with the subject “accounting practicum for government institutions / agencies”. The 2013 curriculum introduces the terms remedial and enrichment in the learning...

A Model for Enhancing the Competitiveness of MSMEs Through E-Commerce

Study at MSMEs in Garut Region

Abdul Rahman, Ervina
In theory, the competitiveness of a business unit is influenced by, among other things, the use of e- commerce in marketing activities. This study was conducted to determine the competitiveness of MSMEs and how E- Commerce affects this competitiveness. Based on Akhmedova’s theory, the study was carried...

The Greatly Affect of Leadership, Encouragement and Discipline in Teacher Success

Madyahya, Happy Fitria, Syaiful Eddy
The objective of this analysis was to evaluate the impact of the Headmaster Leadership Style, Teacher Work Motivation and Teacher Discipline on Teacher Success in partial and simultaneous tests. The total population of teachers in the Babat Supat District of Musi Banyuasin Regency is 294 teachers. Removing...

Factors Influencing Decision-Making Process in Relation to Public Service Delivery (PSD) in Malaysia

Rozaina Ali, Ahmad Shaharudin Abdul Latiff, Sazali Abdul Wahab
Efficient public service delivery is a main objective for every government. An important aspect of public service delivery is ensuring services provided fulfil the changing needs of the citizens and benefiting the public. However, the challenge on how best the government can serve the public continues...

Sharia Stock Performance Behavior in the Covid-19 Situation

Arfeni Nabila, Pitri Yandri
The Covid-19 condition with various government policies that focus on rules for limiting the scope of human activity also impacts the capital market, which is experiencing contraction. Sharia shares in the mining sector, trade and investment services sector, and the essential and chemical industry sectors...

The Influence of Lifestyle and Product Attractiveness on Purchasing Decisions at Coffee Shop in Blora Regency

Devita Rizky Aprillia, Rochman Hadi Mustofa
The coffee shop business in Blora Regency has been growing into promisingly business as it attracts many coffee consumers to purchase coffee products at the coffee shop frequently. This study means to decide the impact of way of life and engaging quality of the item on buying choices at cafe in Blora...
Proceedings Article

Observations of Bali Cattle Carcass Size Based on Different Body Condition Scores at Kendari Slaughter House

Harapin Hafid
This study aims to assess the influence of the score on the body condition of Bali cattle that shall be slaughtered at Kendari city especially on a linear measure of the body and the percentage of the carcass. The study is done in four months from January to April 2021 at the slaughterhouse Kendari city...
Conference Abstract


Simon Endes*, Emmanuel Schaffner, Seraina Caviezel, Julia Dratva, Christine S. Autenrieth, Miriam Wanner, Brian Martin, Daiana Stolz, Marco Pons, Alexander Turk, Robert Bettschart, Christian Schindler, Nino Künzli, Nicole Probst-Hensch, Arno Schmidt-Trucksäss
Pages: 15 - 16
We examined cross-sectional associations of self-reported PA intensities with arterial stiffness in elderly Caucasians of the Swiss Cohort Study on Air Pollution and Lung and Heart Diseases in Adults (SAPALDIA). Mixed central and peripheral arterial stiffness was measured oscillometrically by the cardio-ankle...
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Differences in the Prevalence of Adults with Allergic Rhinitis by Gender

Asti Widuri, Vicha Az-zahra Nabila Hidayat
In many countries in the world, the prevalence of allergic rhinitis (AR) in adults varies greatly between and within countries. Although it does not cause fatal effects, AR can affect the quality of life both socially and financially. Aims of this research was to determine the differences in the prevalence...

A Study of Students and Parents’ Awareness and Interest in Banjarmasin Polytechnic

Rudy Haryanto, Rahmatul Jannatin Naimah
Indonesia is currently focusing on vocational education and skills improvement to improve the quality of the human resources. The government has also long established several vocational universities, including in South Kalimantan. Therefore, this study seeks to describe the awareness and interest of...
Proceedings Article

Research on the Influence of High-tech Industry Technology Innovation Investment Ability on High-quality Development—Empirical Analysis Based on Provincial Panel Data

Wanbing Xing
Science and technology is the primary productive force, and also the inexhaustible driving force for high-quality development, so the research of technological innovation affecting high-quality development has become the focus of all sectors of society. Comprehensively improving the capacity for technological...
Proceedings Article

COVID-19 Incidence and Severity in Pregnant Women at Cimahi Referral Hospital

Ifa Siti Fasihah, Jeffry Iman Gurnadi, Asti Kristianti, Raissa Anandhianya Dikna
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a highly infectious and pathogenic disease caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) which is causing a worldwide pandemic. The severity of COVID-19 consists of asymptomatic, mild, moderate, severe, and critical. COVID-19 can attack anyone,...

How Do the Japanese Criticize?

The Analysis of Criticizing Speech Act Based on Uchi-Soto Concept

Afiana Qanita, Nuria Haristiani
This study aims to analyze how criticism based on sociocultural value of Uchi-Soto. The data come from the anime and manga called 3-gatsu no Lion, which depicted the protagonist’s complex relationship with people around him and how the sociocultural relationship could influence the features of criticism...

An ESG-Modified Credit Risk Assessment Model Based on Decision Tree Model

Haiyue Chen
How to accurately assess corporate credit risk is a very important issue for financial institutions such as banks. Especially after the 2008 financial crisis, the discussion of credit ratings has gained more and more attention, and various evaluation models have been proposed to predict credit risk for...

Creative Process of Documentary Production The Bakti Purnamasari Traditional Ceremony as a Form of Cultural Resilience

Rivaldi Indra Hapidzin, Tati Narawati, Yudi Sukmayadi
The implementation of the Bakti Purnamasari traditional ceremony which is carried out once a month is a form of cultural resilience carried out by the community, especially if it is carried out in the form of digital media. The purpose of writing this article is to describe the results of research on...
Proceedings Article

Emotion detection using FCM for controlling devices

G. Dhanalakshmi, S. Pratheebha, R. L. Thanappriya, N. S. Monika
The human face is the most important and significant bodily part that contributes greatly to both human to human and human to machine communication. We always recognize a person by their face, from which we can infer their gender, extrapolate their age, and also deduce certain cultural traits. The technology...

Emotional Intelligence As a Moderating Variable in the Application of Accounting Information Systems to MSME Performance

E. Een Yualika, Ria Meilan, Novi Fitria
MSMEs as a driver of economic growth, and adding new jobs is quite important in their performance in making decisions properly. The analysis technique is a data analysis process that is expected to provide information that can assist in this study, data must be analyzed for interpretation, to provide...

Identification of Gastropod Pests on Ornamental Plants and Their use as a Learning Media

Rahmi Agustina, Makawiyah Makawiyah, Badratun Nauvis
Molluscs are a very diverse group, with at least 85,000 named species and it is estimated that up to 200,000 species occur worldwide. They also inhabit almost all ecosystems. The most well-known mollusc classes are Gastropods (snails), Bivalves (clams, oysters, mussels, and clams) and Cephalopods (squid,...

Islamic Banking: Dynamics and Comparation, Indonesia and Malaysia

Asep Rozali, Jafar Sidik
The birth of Islamic banks around 1940 was initially motivated by the desire of the people to have other alternatives besides conventional banks. This thinking is mainly related to the operationalization of conventional banks which in the concept and context of Islamic teachings contain elements that...
Conference Abstract


Wen-Yi Yang, Thibault Petit, Lutgard Thijs, Zhen-Yu Zhang, Lotte Jacobs, Azusa Hara, Fang-Fei Wei, Erika Salvi, Lorena Citterio, Yu-Mei Gu, Judita Knez, Nicholas Cauwenberghs, Matteo Barcella, Cristina Barlassina, Paolo Manuta, Tatiana Kuznetsova*, Daniele Cusi, Peter Verhamme, Aernout Luttun, Jan Staessen
Pages: 15 - 15
Aims: In mice, MEOX2/TCF15 heterodimers are highly expressed in heart endothelial cells and are involved in the transcriptional regulation of lipid transport. We investigated whether coronary heart disease (CHD) in humans is associated with variation in these genes. Methods and results: In 2027 participants...

Development of Contextual Teaching Learning Model Based on Blended Learning

Zunidar, Sahat Siagian, Hamid K. Abdul
The research objectives were to analyze: (1) the feasibility of a blended learning-based contextual learning model for the lesson planning course, and (2) the effectiveness of the blended learning-based contextual learning model for the lesson planning course. The research method used is development...

Development of a System for Assessing the Ecological State of Water Bodies

Rustam Gakaev
One of the global tasks of the modern environmental issue is the study of the sustainable development of water bodies, their structure and, most importantly, their rational use. The solution of this urgent problem is practically impossible without researching the components of aquatic ecosystems. These...

Experience of Creating Digital Twins as a Result of Monitoring the Health of Industrial Personnel

Leonid I. Baranov, Olga A. Tikhonova, Alexey N. Tsarev, Nikolay M. Tverdynin, Nadezhda I. Grishakina
One of the areas of occupational medicine is organizing the pre-shift medical examination of personnel of hazardous and extrahazardous industrial facilities, such as nuclear power plants. Appropriate medical control is not only permanent, but practically integrated into the technological process. The...

On the Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Public Art Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Xiuzhi Yin
As an important part of quality education, public art education in colleges and universities plays an irreplaceable role in promoting cultural communication and cultivating students’ moral quality and aesthetic taste. Subject to the influence of subjective and objective factors, there are some problems...

Active Idealism of a Smart City: A Case of Putrajaya

Kok Yoong Lim, Peter C. Woods, Ah Choo Koo
Smart city is a popular concept used widely by policy makers and administrators to promote socio-technological advancement in urban cities. In a disquisition of idealism of the smart city, it would be fruitful if we could at the same time highlight some of the challenges to achieving the very idealism...
Proceedings Article

Analysis and Comparison of Technological Innovation in New Energy Vehicle Battery Industry

Muxun Bao, Qinghui zhang
With the rapid development of economy and society, energy depletion and environmental pollution have attracted more and more attention. At the same time, with the indepth implementation of the country’s sustainable development strategy, major auto companies have taken new energy vehicles as a new research...
Proceedings Article

Comparison of Machine Learning Models for IoT Malware Classification

Piragash Maran, Timothy Tzen Vun Yap, Ji Jian Chin, Hu Ng, Vik Tor Goh, Thiam Yong Kuek
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system where devices and sensors are interconnected to improve accuracy, efficiency, precision and consistency. It is being developed rapidly as more people are aware of this system. From farmers, all the way to the automotive engineers are all benefiting from the usage...
Proceedings Article

Review on the Rigid Pavement Design for the Tanamori Road in the Labuan Bajo Resort Area of West Manggarai in East Nusa Tenggara Province – Indonesia

I Dewa Made Alit Karyawan, Didi S. Agustawijaya, Ria Restu Marlaninstyas, Made Mahendra, Hasyim, Fera Fitri Salsabila
Tanamori, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, as a tourism destination area development in Indonesia needs to be supported by the existence of roads as the main means of its development. The road plan is in an area with heavy terrain so it takes a long transportation time. The limited time for completion...

Pedagogical Problem Faced by Teachers in Communication and Language Learning for Deaf Students in Special Schools

Munawir Yusuf, Fery Adriyanto, Priyono Priyono, Abdul Rahman
One of the pedagogical problems encountered by Special School (SLB) Teachers in teaching deaf students is the difficulty in teaching communication and language skills. Deaf students, especially those who are just learning in early grades of elementary school, faced three problems, namely not being able...

Anti-food Waste Laws: A Comparative Analysis

Dennis W. K. Khong, Josephine H. L. Goh
In recent years, the problem of food waste has been gaining global attention, both in the public and private sectors. Indiscriminate dumping of an excessive amount of waste from farms, retail stores and consumer households have turned the earth into a global “garbage dump”. Although waste disposal is...
Proceedings Article

Application of Gibberellic Acid (GA3) and Coconut Water with Stratification on Morphological, Anatomical, and Germination of Cherry Seed (Prunus jamasakura)

Ika Fitri Ariyani, Solichatun, Suratman, Sugiyarto
Prunus jamasakura Siebold ex Koidz. (hill cherry) is included in the family of Rosaceae and used for ornamental plants. The dormant cherry seed has become an obstacle since it takes a prolonged time to germinate. Seed germination can be induced by the application of gibberellic acid (GA3) and coconut...

Digital Literacy Ability and Learning Style of English Students in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Nadrah, Ade Sissca Villa, Arono
Learning English as an international language has changed a new paradigm in learning in the Covid-19 pandemic era, both synchronously and asynchronously so that digital literacy and student learning styles are increasing. This research aims to describe the condition of digital literacy and student learning...

Thomas Lickona and Yusuf Qardhawi: Creating Value for Character Education Through Narrative

Akmal Rijal, Aceng Kosasih, Encep Syarief Nurdin
Character issues are the most important issues in human life, so character education that emphasizes the ethical dimension of religion becomes relevant to apply. The author uses the concept of the ideas of Thomas Lickona and the idea of character education according to Yusuf Qardhawi so that it is hoped...

Fostering Modest Lifestyle Through Value Education in Tackling Online Fraud

Agus Syihabudin, Qoriah Qoriah, Cecep Cecep
The fast growth of information technology in the era of globalization stimulates business interest as Information Technology can make business easier, notably in marketing and transactions. This rapid growth of information technology, however, has also posed negative impacts, such as cybercrime. Cybercrime...

Development of Chinese Digital Teaching Material for the 11th Grade Topic 家庭 [Jiātíng] Based on Flipbook

Aiga Ventivani, Lukluk Ul M., Octi Rjeky Mardasari, Dyna Mellania
The purpose of this research is to develop digital Chinese language teaching material for the 11th grade, topic 家庭 [Jiātíng]. This research is Research and Development (R&D) method using the DDD-E development model. The supporting instrument used in this study was a questionnaire. The questionnaire...
Proceedings Article

Wideband Microstrip Array Antenna Using Defected Ground and Microstrip Structure for Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar Application

H. Bambang Bagus, Nyaris Pambudiyatno, Yuyun Suprapto, Iga Ayu Mas Oka, Fiqqih Faizah
The wideband microstrip antenna is a development of the purpose of this study is to design a wideband antenna at a frequency of 1030 MHz–1090 MHz which will be applied to the Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar (MSSR) antenna. The study uses a single microstrip antenna using the DGS (Defected Ground...
Proceedings Article

Analysis of Deformations of Gravel Columns in Tailings Dams Using the Finite Element Method and Constitutive Equations

Kely Lara, Roxana Mamani, Jorge Cárdenas
In this research, the analysis of the deformations of the gravel columns applied in the foundation of the dam’s regrowth of the centerline method is developed. The purpose is to guarantee its stability against the potential liquefaction phenomenon induced by a seismic event, construction and external...
Proceedings Article

Investigation of Slagging Fouling Aspect of Palm Fiber and Palm Leaves Waste in Drop Tube Furnace

Fairuz Milkiy Kuswa, Prabowo, Arif Darmawan, Hariana
Biomass co-firing is one of alternative way for Coal-Fired Power Plant (CFPP) to achieve green energy. Indonesia as the world’s largest producer of palm oil, has the chance to convert palm oil waste into a relatively sustainable biomass for use as co-firing fuel in CFPP. Biomass combustion, on the other...

Use of Figurative Language in Sports News on News Portals

Depika Pina Sufa, Siti Ainim Liusti
This study aims to describe the types of figurative language styles in sports news on the news portals. This research is a qualitative research using descriptive method. The data of this research is the discourse in the news portal that uses figurative language style. The data sources for this research...