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Retrospective analysis of Pulmonary Surfactant on Respiratory Distress Syndrome of Late Premature or Full-term Infants Paper Title

Hui Wu, Jing Cui, Dan Dang, Dongxuan Wang
This retrospective analysis evaluates the effcacy of pulmonary surfactant in respiratory distress syndrome treatment of late premature or trem infants. We compared infants receiving Curosurf pig pulmonary surfactant (PS group n=89) with those infants who didn’t (control group n=77). Both were treated...
Proceedings Article

A case study of collaborative action research: lexical chunk theory and its implication on reading performance

Hong Ma, Zheng Yun Chen, Zhi Yuan Pan
This case study is conducted on the basis of collaborative action research by applying lexical chunk theory into reading. Having tutoring a college student of engineering background for two years, two teachers reflected on teaching methods and resorted to intervention of purposefully nurturing the student’s...
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An Efficient Algorithm of Convex Hull for Very Large Planar Point Set

Guangquan Fan, Liping Ma, Bingru Yang
In the paper, we present and prove Castle Theorem of Convex Hull, design and realize the Fast Rampart Searching Algorithm. The algorithm can be treated as the preprocess of Convex Hull calculation of very large planar point set. When calculating the Convex Hull of a very large planar point set, we can...
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The design and implementation of satellite communication signal spectrum automatic monitoring System

Mingbo Liu, Zhong Wang, Jishi Chang
This article introduces the design idea and implement process of satellite communications signal Auto-Monitor System based on GPIB interface, and puts forward the system design frame centered with spectrum analyzer of “frequency spectrograph + GPIB/USB converter+ computer”, detailed introduces the implement...

Analysis of Global Terrorist Activities Based on Social Network

Jiaqi Liu, Qiwu Wu, Xueyue Liu, Lingzhi Jiang
In recent years, global terrorism has accelerated its transformation and has been continuously upgraded. UCINET software is used to construct the network model of “time-area” and “target-method” relationship of international terrorist events. It also analyzes the singular value, summarizes the characteristics...

Discourse on Indonesian Piano Composition for Music Education

Hendrik Leonard Simanjuntak, Lono Lastoro Simatupang, Victor Ganap
Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of various tribes, cultures, and rich in diverse musical traditions, spreading from Sabang to Merauke. This archipelago music wealth must be maintained and developed continuously through various creativity and education as part of building national identity. The...
Review Article

Endothelial nitric oxide synthase in the vascular wall: Mechanisms regulating its expression and enzymatic function

Michael Demosthenous, Charalambos Antoniades, Dimitris Tousoulis, Marios Margaritis, Kyriakoula Marinou, Christodoulos Stefanadis
Pages: 37 - 49
Endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) is the main source of nitric oxide (NO) in the vascular wall, a molecule with anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, vasorelaxant, antioxidant and finally antiatherogenic properties. eNOS is expressed in vascular endothelium, and it uses l-arginine as a substrate,...

The Development of Young Learner Material for Teaching English

Ulhaq Zuhdi
This study aims to know the Effectiveness of Student Textbooks for TEYL Teaching English for Young Learner or Primary School. Primary Teacher Education Students as agents of change will carry out the mandate of the law, that will educate the nation. Based on the theory in the background that the earlier...

Fashion Student Skill as Millennial Entrepreneur

Ma’rifatun Nashikhah, Mochammad Bruri Triyono
Fashion student in Senior Vocational High Schools (SMK) are middle schools that prepare their graduates for working in certain field of work. This research to know fashion skill student prepared their skill as the graduate school not depend on position as industry and services but it is possible can...

Improvement of Production Process on the Basis of Application of Principles of Lean Production at the Machine-Building Enterprise

Svetlana Chinazirova, Alexander Mokrushin, Angela Pshizova, Kaplan Tamov
The article discusses the basic methods and principles of lean production as a modern management, based on the desire to eliminate all types of losses. The purpose, principles, tools and systems of lean production are defined. The article assesses the effectiveness of the introduction of lean production...

Attracting Consumer Interests from Display of Hotel Booking Sites and Airline Tickets in Indonesia

Dedi Sulistiyo Soegoto, Supriatna, Raiswati Untsa Mega
The purpose of this study is to attract the interest of domestic and foreign tourism consumers in the ease, speed, accuracy of hotel bookings, airplane tickets, and more. The method used in this study was descriptive. The results of this study indicate that the influence of a dynamic website appearance...

Playing with e-CALF: “Regulate My Own Learning”

Ni Wayan Surya Mahayanti, G.A.P. Suprianti, Ida Ayu Made Istri utami, I Putu Indra Kusuma
e-CALF facilitates digital natives to learn in their way. The researcher of this study used descriptive qualitative design to investigate the implementation of e-CALF in the school setting by finding six students’ experiences, challenges, and responses in playing the game. It also found out how the implementation...

The Role of Attitude Toward Marketing and Marketing Practice on Marketing Performance: A Theoretical Framework Development for SMEs

A.S. Indrapriyatna, V. Darlis, V. Verinita, Y.H. Yeni
Entrepreneurial marketing is known as implementation marketing in Small Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). Many scholars investigated the entrepreneurial marketing issue in various contexts and environments. Previous studies found an inadequate marketing practice in SMEs. Then the research results concluded...

Smart System for Diagnosing Motorcycle Damage Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for Future Transportation

Fatchul Arifin, Nur Hasanah, Dessy Irmawati, Zainal Arifin
Motorcycle is one of popular vehicles in Indonesia and predicted the use will continually increase. Indonesian Motorcycle Industries Association states that in 2016, the total sales of motorcycle nationally was 5.931.285 units. The more sophisticated the motorcycle machine, the more precise maintenance...

Is Employee’s Performance Influenced by Incentives and Work Motivation?

Ryani Dhyan Parashakti, Lukertina Lukertina
The purpose of this research is to identify the influence of incentive and work motivation on the employee performance at one of the BPJS office in Jakarta. Questionnaires release with probability sample in order to obtain a sample of 95 employees. Using multiple regress analysis, researcher found that...

Revitalization of Social Studies Education: A Developmental Study Based on Dick and Carey Instructional Design

Muhammad Khoiron, Neni Wahyuningtyas, Miftakhuddin
The format of community behavior in the 4.0 industrial revolution shows a distinctive transformation. Accordingly, this study aims to find out ways to develop social studies learning, so that social studies learning can conform to the trends of those changes, especially in the developing of attitudes...

Spy Robot that is Controlled by Bluetooth Android Mobile

Benny Suhendar, Yul Hendra
A robot is usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by computer and electronic programming. Many robots have been built for manufacturing purpose and can be found in factories around the world. The design of the robot is such that it is controlled by a mobile app. We use Bluetooth communication...
Proceedings Article

Sport Talent for Junior School in District Silou Kahean, Simalungun Regency

Agus Edy Siahaan, Albadi Sinulingga, Novita
This is research is intended to find out of the potential for giftedness in sport for junior school students in the Siloukahean District, Simalugun Regency. This study is a qualitative research with survey method. The population in this study were junior school students in the Silou Kahean District which...

Students’ Problems in Writing Recount Text at Grade X SMAN 4 Sungai Penuh

Wahyuni Syafitri, Ratmanida
Writing is a difficult skill due to it has several processes that have to be followed by the students. In producing an effective writing product, the students have to know the writing components such as content, vocabulary, generic structure, language feature, and mechanics. This research aimed to analyze...
Proceedings Article

High Risk Profile of Pregnancy in Iodine Deficiency Areas

Sri Supadmi, Ina Kusrini
High-risk pregnancy, such as abortion, low birth weight, mortality, congenital defects of fetus, disorders of growth and hypothyroidism, might lead to many serious health problems, especially in iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) endemic areas. The aim of this research is to discover high-risk pregnancy...

Measuring the Feasibility of Urban Transport Business Operations in the Disruption Era: A Case Study in Sukabumi City

Dendi Zainuddin Hamidi, Euis Lisnawati
Disruption era was pinned in the era of industrial revolution 4.0 because there were indeed many industries that had not yet implemented digitalization, losing competition with similar industries that had implemented digitalization. This happens because industries that have implemented digitalisation...

Areas of Reformation of the Institution of Necessary Defense in the Russian Criminal Law in the Era of Globalization

N.S. Grudinin
The study is devoted to the problem of regulatory content of necessary defense in the modern Russian criminal law. It is noted that the institution of necessary defense in the modern Russian criminal law insufficiently protects the interests of the defender. The reason is the imperfection of the norms...

Cooperation Development Prospects of the Primorsky Krai and China in the Humanitarian Sphere

Natalya Stepanovna Martyshenko
Humanitarian cooperation is an essential element of “soft power”. Nowadays “soft power” tools acquire new content, improve cross-country cooperation in the economic sphere, form unifying political institutions and communications. Unlike Russia, China uses “soft power” tools more efficient. Recently China...

Application of Balanced Scorecard in E-Commerce Enterprise Performance Management–Taking Alibaba Group as an Example

Xuenan Qiu
Firstly, this paper introduces the concepts and objectives of the four dimensions of the balanced scorecard, as well as the influence and relationship among the four dimensions. Secondly, on the basis of theory, the traditional performance management model based on financial indicators is compared with...

Exploring Students’ Experience in Project-Based Drama Learning and Their Perception on Their Speaking Anxiety

A.K. Amarullah, Noor Rachmawaty
Previous studies showed that drama is quite effective in improving English language skills. Thus, it is considered as a method that has been widely practiced by teachers. The use of drama can be a motivation for learners in learning process. Project-based drama learning is a learning model designed for...

Students’ Reading Comprehension: Between the Effectiveness of Interactive Approach, Reading Habit and Self-Actualization

Ima Fitriyah
This study attempts to identify the effectiveness of conducting an interactive approach in improving the students’ comprehension in reading instruction viewed from students’ self-actualization and reading habit. The study was conducted at IAIN Kediri.The researcher used a treatment by applying interactive...

Developing Legal Competence of a Contemporary Specialist in Conditions of Digitalization of Education

A.V. Korotun, Ye.N. Bogdanova
There has been a concept of legal competence of a contemporary social specialist as an active subject of legal relations defined in the article; its development in the system of lifelong professional education of doctors and teachers as the most common professions in the social sphere is updated. Analyzed...

Analysis of E-Learning Implementation at Vocational High School Using Technology Acceptance Model

Tegas Erlan, Basori, Rosihan Ari Yuana
The aims of this research are to determine the perception of students’ acceptance on the implementation of e-learning technology, and analyze effect of e-learning application on school policies using the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). In detail, this research discusses e-learning schoology and moodle...

Effect of Entrepreneurship Learning Courses with Entrepreneurship Career Options on Students of UT

Irmawaty Irmawaty, Faridah Iriani
Unemployment is a strategic problem in Indonesia. The number of unemployed in Indonesia reached 7:24 million (CBS, 2014), therefore we need a national movement to improve the entrepreneurial spirit of the society. The government launched the National Entrepreneurship Movement on February 2, 2011 in Jakarta....

Attitude of Russians Toward the Pension System and Pension Funds: Some Leading Trends

Sergey Shershen
In the Russian Federation, the pension system is undergoing some serious changes: freeze the pension in 2013, raising the retirement age in 2018, guarantee an annual indexing of pensions in the draft amendments to the Constitution in 2020 – all these changes influence on the pension system, pension funds...

The Casting of American and Chinese Sitcoms From the 1950s to the 2010s

Jinyuan Zheng
Sitcoms production teams often choose actors with unique styles. Longevity of actors’ performance and versatility are two major qualities that the sitcom actor should maintain [2]. Old actors are experienced, while the new actors can bring up the spirit of contemporary society. Therefore, both kinds...

The Role of Perceived Teaching Quality as Mediator Variable That Affects Student Satisfaction

Sopiah Sopiah, Ita P. Wilujeng, A. Murdiono, Etta Mamang Sangadji
The purpose of this research is to explain the role of perceived teaching quality as a mediator variable that affects student satisfaction. Data was obtained from 180 lecturers and 600 students from 6 state and private universities in Indonesia. The sampling technique used was multistage sampling. The...

Research on the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Risk in Long-term Care Facilities based on Prospect Theory

Fengying Zhang, Jianhui Kong, Xiaofeng Xie, Kai Xu, Zongfang Zhou
Pages: 37 - 42
In the current complex and uncertainty of the risk of COVID-19 in long-term care facilities, the elderly in the long-term care facilities are at the highest risk of being affected by COVID-19. There is still uncertain relationship between the identification of this risk and the care management, caring...

Symbolic Interaction and Sexual Behavior of the Adolescents Experiencing Internet Pornographic Addiction

Rr. Setyawati, Nurul Hartini, Hamidah
One of the negative impacts of internet are the consumption of pornographic content that is increasing and far more open than before. The internet is considered a more comfortable place to search for sexual information. This study aims to describe the symbols of pornography and to find out the meaning...
Research Article

Regional Integration and Growth Spillovers: Is Africa an Economic Space?

Abdoulaye Seck, Founty Alassane Fall, Khadidiatou Aidara
Pages: 37 - 44
Market integration is often associated with economic growth spillovers, to the extent that strengthened trade linkages would make economic growth in one country an opportunity for growth to its partners. This paper uses a spatial dynamic panel data approach to analyze the extent to which Africa and its...

Reflections on the Trend of Student Evaluation Data Based on Ideological and Political Course—Take a local university as an example

Wenbi Wu, Ying Gao, Wendong Wang
Students’ evaluation of teaching plays an important role in the quality control system of each university. By analyzing and comparing the data of students’ evaluation of teaching in the last three years of ideological and political courses in Yan’an University, it is found that there is a trend of significant...

The Threshold Effect of the Financial Structure Optimization and Economic Structure Transformation Dual-wheel Driving: Based on Data from Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Shizhong Xiong
This paper selects the panel data of 11 cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area from 1997 to 2017, and uses the empirical methods of Fu1ly Modified Ordinary Least Squares and Granger to analyze the dynamic relationship between economic structure transformation, financial structure and...

Mediation as Toll to Settle Medical Disputes; Indonesian Case

Gunawan Widjaja
Health care, including medical services is very complex in practice. It involves many kinds of aspects, such as ethic, dicipline and legal issues, but it only has one objective. It aims for human health. It focuses on patient safety. Patient is the only concerned in health care. It is said that any intervention...

Implementation of 21st-Century Learning on Psychomotor Learning Outcomes in Science Materials With Learning Motivation as Co-Variable

Dian Meilani, Ummu Aiman
Learning outcomes are a reference to the extent to which students succeed. Psychomotor learning outcomes are an important aspect of learning outcomes related to motor skills. The low psychomotor learning outcomes, especially in elementary school science material, demands to be completed one way by applying...

The Influence of Work Experience on Job Rotation (Case Study on Post Office Manager in Regional IV Jakarta)

Agung Surya Dwianto, Madhakomala, Hamidah
Job rotation is one of the tools used by management in order to develop the competencies of its employees. In addition, job rotation can also be used as a way to avoid stress or pressure on employees. With the job rotation program that is carried out regularly, this can help increase the productivity...
Proceedings Article

Aggressive Audience Against Competitive Anxiety in Pencak Silat Athletes

Eko Purnomo, Alfi Mukhti, Saskia Putri Rahayu
Anxiety when facing matches is a problem of emotional turmoil that is often faced by athletes, especially in individual sports that use physical contact such as pencak silat. One of the factors that can influence the level of competing anxiety is the proximity of the audience from the arena. Intimacy...

Research on the Influence of Farmers’ Entrepreneurial Motivation on Entrepreneurial Performance

Qinjuan Li, Ling Zhang, Yi Chen, Shiyun Shao, Tao Wang, Hongliang Tian, Yingze Shi, Shuxian Wang
This paper tries to study the impact of farmers’ entrepreneurial motivation on entrepreneurial performance, and introduces entrepreneurial ability as a moderating variable to study whether entrepreneurial ability has a moderating effect in this process. On the basis of consulting relevant literature,...

Data Analysis on the International Competitiveness of China’s Telecommunications, Computer and Information Services

Fengyan Yu
With the development of information technology and e-commerce, the importance of telecommunications, computer and information services is increasing, which play an important role in the entire national economy. Based on the analysis of the foreign trade of telecommunications, computer and information...

Research on the Improvement Path of Urban Community Emergency Cooperative Governance Capability in the New Era

Jun Mo
The improvement of community emergency collaborative governance capabilities is a major issue at present. Through qualitative interviews with grassroots communities in 7 cities in Wuxi, this article summarizes the communities’ successful experience in grid emergency governance, internal and external...

The Characterization of Acid Soluble Collagen from Sheep Tail Tendon

Budjav Jadamba, Enerelt Urnukhsaikhan, Anujin Gantulga, Sugar Lkhagvachuluun, Enkhsaikhan Lkhagvasuren, Bilegtsaikhan Tsolmon, Lkhagvasuren Damdindorj
The sheep (Ovis aries) tail tendons are the major by-products after being slaughtered for food consumption. A tendon is a powerful band of fibrous connective tissue that is composed of parallel bundles of collagen fibers and connects muscle to bone, due to the transmit forces and tolerate tension during...

Translation Ideology in Translating Narrative Text: A Case Study on EFL Students’ Translations

Cindy Kusuma Pertiwi, Yusuf Al Arief, Emma Rosana Febriyanti
Nowadays, translation has become one of the centers of human interaction. In the translation process, translators ask to translate words or sentences considering the elements and meanings of the source language (SL) to the target language (TL). In translation, there are two ideologies, namely Domestication...
Research Article

Transesophageal Pacing Cardiac Induces Cardiac Arrest and Subsequent Brain Injury in Rats

Yingtao Lian, Lan Yao, Song Xu, Liping Lu, Teng Wang, Guo Hou, Yinping Li, Zhui Yu
Pages: 37 - 44
Background: Cardiac Arrest (CA) is one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide. The present study aimed to establish a simple and stable rat model of CA induced by transesophageal cardiac pacing for the investigation of cerebral resuscitation. Materials and Methods: A total of 26 healthy adult...
Proceedings Article

Relationship of Age, Body Mass Index, and Gravida in Pregnant Women With Preeclampsia in Muhammadiyah Hospital Surabaya

Maya Rafida, Nur Mujaddidah Mochtar, Ninuk Dwi Artiningtyas, Muhammad Anas
Background/aim: Preeclampsia is one of the causes of increased maternal mortality. The rate in East Java Province reached 91 per 100,000 live births. The highest cause of maternal death in 2016 was preeclampsia/eclampsia, which was 30.90% or 165 people. This study aims to determine the relationship of...

Collaborative Cooperation Between the Government and Society of Lhokseumawe City in Preventing the Spread of the Covid-19 Virus

Sufi, Jumadil Saputra, Zikri Muhammad, Lisa Iryani
Based on scientific evidence, Covid-19 can be transmitted from humanity to humans through droplets, not through the air. These sparks then fall on objects and surrounding surfaces. People who touch these objects or surfaces and then touch their eyes, nose or mouth, can get Covid-19. This virus greatly...

The Promotion of Digital Economy to Development of China’s Service Trade

Ning Li
In recent years, China’s digital economy has made great progress. Online shopping, Alipay, and shared bicycles are the epitome of digital economic development achievements. With the popularity of mobile Internet and smart phones, the digital economy is changing the way of life of the Chinese people from...