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Estimation of Failure Probability of Smartphone’s Battery Using Monte Carlo Simulation

Joonseong Lee
Battery is major component of smartphone, but only selected samples are periodically examined due to numerous numbers of batteries. The Consumers are generally required the use of high energy density batteries. However, most consumers are often dissatisfied with the battery life from even the most advanced...
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A Bandwidth Efficiency of the Locally Adaptive Compression Method for Hiding Secret Messages

Tzu-Chuen Lu, Chin-Chen Chang
This paper proposes a novel lossless information-hiding scheme that hides information in locally adaptive compressed codes. The scheme is abbreviated as IHLAC for wider the efficiency of the compressed codes. IHLAC is designed for two objectives; one is to compress a text file; the other is to hide secret...
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A Generic Adaptive Agent Architecture Integrating Cognitive and Affective States and their Interaction

Zulfiqar A. Memon, Jan Treur
In this paper a generic adaptive agent architecture is presented that integrates the interaction between cognitive and affective aspects of mental functioning, based on variants of notions adopted from neurological literature. It is discussed how it addresses a number of issues that have recurred in...
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On generalizations of weighted means and OWA operators

Bonifacio Llamazares
In this paper we analyze two classes of functions proposed in the literature to simultaneously generalize weighted means and OWA operators: WOWA operators and HWA operators. Since, in some cases, the results provided by these operators may be questionable, we introduce functions that also generalize...
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Mathematical Model and Simulation of Magnetic Levitation Spherical Driving Joint with Inverse System Decoupling Control

Yang Yanneng, Zeng Li
The paper presents a new magnetic levitation spherical driving joint. It analyses the theory of air-gap magnetic of the driving joint and the mechanism of the generation of the magnetic levitation force and electromagnetic torque which based on the principle of reluctance motor. The mathematical model...

OSERENA: a Coloring Algorithm Optimized for Dense Wireless Networks

Ichrak Amdouni, Pascale Minet, Cedric Adjih
Pages: 9 - 24
The goal of this paper is to present OSERENA, a distributed coloring algorithm optimized for dense wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Network density has an extremely reduced impact on the size of the messages exchanged to color the WSN. Furthermore, the number of colors used to color the network is not...
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Modified iterative sphere decoding algorithm in LTE system

Qin Zhu, Xiao-wen Li
In the long-term evolution (LTE) system, channel equalization makes compensation to restore the original signal, the paper puts forward iteration sphere decoding algorithm which combines traditional sphere decoding and the improved QR based on the conventional QR decomposition detection algorithm. It...
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Multi-touch intelligent infrared interactive projection system

Liming Wu, Hongna Chen, Dezhi Zeng, Wenjie Li
The system is based on optical principles of the multi-touch technology, multi-touch tracking, gesture recognition and other theories to design a laser pointer through the touch of a finger or a new type of light to operate a computer projection system to achieve low-cost, high-performance multi-touch...
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Can the Context be Commensurable with the World in Heideggerian Sense?

Ping Qu
Understanding of being as world-disclosure existentially determines both the kind of being of humans and the kind of being of entities which we encounter within the world; this means that understanding of being is essentially equivalent to the human being’s being-in-the-world. The aim of study is to...
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The Application of Chaos Immune Genetic Algorithm in Sequencing Problem of Sports Meeting

Ying Pan
The sequencing of sports meeting is quite complicated due to the huge number of people and events. A new immune genetic algorithm aiming at solving the sports meeting sequencing problem is proposed in this paper, namely the chaos immune genetic algorithm, which combines the immune algorithm, chaos algorithm...

The Effect of Performance and Services Quality on Satisfaction of Internal and External Customers Based on Total Quality Management Social Services in Siak District

Asnimar, Dasman Lanin
The success of the nation’s development in Indonesia is inseparable from the role and function of government organizations that carry out government duties because of the success of government organizations in achieving goals that strongly support the achievement of national development goals. In achieving...

Research on the Walkability Evaluation of Historical Urban Area: Taking Changting, Fujian as an Example

Minzhi Chen, Ying Zheng
The measure of walking environment is an important indicator to measure humanized city and social ecology, at present, the evaluation of road walkability is still dominated by various strongly subjective built environment indicators, and there is still no quantitative and standardized measure research...

Interpreting The Age of Innocence: Unmasking Its Deception and Hypocrisy Through Zizek’s Psychological Criticism

Dingying Wang
Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence displays vividly the social landscape of the upper class in Old New York and thus she is listed as a realistic writer. However, sensitive readers could recognize the characters’ artificial innocence and exquisite pretense behind the realistic depiction. This paper...

On the Translation of the Image in the Classical Chinese Poetry Based on the Reception Theory

Sai Ma
This article tries to discuss the translation methods of the imagery in the Classical Chinese Poetry based on the Reception Theory, including three parts, the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. Based on the theory, the meaning of a translated text must be concretized in the process of the...

Role of Social Media Influencers in Tourism Destination Image: How Does Digital Marketing Affect Purchase Intention?

I Putu Gede Iwan Trisna Jaya, Ida Bagus Teddy Prianthara
This study aimed to measure the influence of social media influencers, destination image, and brand image on the purchase intention of tourists who visited the Bratan Lake, Bedugul, a major tourist attraction. The study population comprised foreign tourists; the sample size was 179. Respondents were...

The Moderating Role of Shariah-Compliant in the Relationship Between Free Cash Flow and Profitability in Family Firm

Aang Kunaifi, Muhammad Saiful Hakim
These research aims to explain agency problem effect on free cash flow in the family firm setting. The free cash flow in the family firm will depend on the agency problem existing to mitigate and decreasing agency cost. Shariah-compliant could use to mitigates the agency problem of free cash flow in...

The Text Analysis of Poesponegoro Manuscript

Asep Abbas Abdullah, Alda Dea Delfina
The goals of education is not only to create smart and multitalented generations. Other goals that education must achieve is creating generations who can behave properly everywhere. There are many ways to build good characters on students. One of the way is by knowing and learning about the values of...

Kazakhstan’s Accession to the OECD as an Opportunity to Improve the Quality of Legal Regulation of Guarantees of Labor Rights of the Individual in the Period of Digitalization of the Economy

Zh.A. Khamzina, Ye.A. Buribayev, S.R. Yermukhametova
The purpose of the manuscript: to theoretically substantiate the concept and content of the legal framework for ensuring human labor rights in the OECD member States; to generalize and develop ideas for improving the quality of legal regulation of the social and labor sphere of Kazakhstan; to explore...
Proceedings Article

Enhancing the Relevance of Searching Result of Songs’ Information Using Ontology

Muhammad Ihsan JAMBAK, Indah SURYANI, Dedy KURNIAWAN
The crawler and Machine Learning based search engine are not optimal in determining relevant search results. The aim of this research, therefore, is to increase the relevance of search engine results. This design was carried out on a semantic web, using ontology with RDF due to its knowledge representation,...

What’s "He" Culture and its Effects on Foreign Consumers' Preference in the Context of Chinese Brands

Weihong Zhao, Hanying Ding
The globalization competition makes the national brand become more vital to the advantage development of a country than in the past, and the influence of culture on the brand preference of foreign consumers is becoming more and more important. This paper uses qualitative research to explore the driving...

The Methodological Quality assessment of Current Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Clinical Trials

Zhi Cui, Zhiting Liu, Xinzhao Cai, Ying Bian
Objective: To figure out the current development of the TCM clinical trials in 2016 and to analyze the main problems of the TCM clinical trials. Method: The keywords traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, clinical trials and clinical study were used in CNKI and PubMed to search the clinical trials on TCM,...

Service Failure and Recovery at The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung: An Evidence from Management Perspective

P. Pamela, P Pamela, A.H. Galih Kusumah, Sri Marhanah
This study aims to analize service failure and recovery in hotel industry. A qualitative research method is used, and the techniques to collect data are interview to seven respondents and secondary analysis data. This study found that there are 25 types of service failure, which were divided into eight...
Proceedings Article

State policy for digitization in agricultural sphere: foreign experience

Elena Ustinovich, Mikhail Kulikov, Yuri Vorobev
Today the world is in a new technological trend – the digital transformation. The transition to digital technologies in the world has been going on for several years and covers various sectors of the economy and social production – from the media and tourism to agriculture and health care. In 2017, the...

Inventing "Modern Architecture": Government and Social Order in the USSR in 1930s

Alexandra Selivanova
This paper describes the use of architecture as an instrument of propaganda and symbolic representation of the government doctrines, which achieved a particular acuteness during the interwar period in the USSR. The system of governing the art world by the state created in those years retained its influence...

The Practice of Experiential Teaching in the Course of Ideological and Political Theory

Qinying Yuan
Experiential teaching method has advantaged that traditional teaching methods do not have. It can use various forms to inspire students to think independently, and plays an irreplaceable role in the initiative and autonomy of participating in teaching. At the same time, it can fully improve student’s...

The Development of Puppetry Stage Educational Playing Tool as The Medium for Tooth Brushing Life Skills for Preschoolers

Malpaleni Satriana, Wiwik Haryani, Farny Sutriany Jafar, Masnurrima Heriansyah
This research was a research and development to produce a product and test its effectiveness as one of the tool used for researches in education (educational research). To identify the story-telling activity using the puppetry stage as the medium of tooth-brushing life skill for preschoolers done by...

Gandrung Dance as Cultural Identity in Image Construction of Banyuwangi Regency, East Java

Agus Setyawan, Nanik Prihatin, Sri W., Didit Soewardikoen
Nowadays many regions are faced with competition to attract tourists, in-vestments, and residents as well as many other purposes that could drive the development of the region. It is considered important for a region to have identity as differentiatior from other regions that could become the direction...

On the Reform and Innovation of Curriculum System and Teaching Content for the Cultivation of Marin Medicine Talents

Youle Qu
The reform and innovation of curriculum system and teaching content in institutions of high learning is the key and difficult point of teaching reform, and also the foothold of the reform on talent training mode. It should adapt to the current trend of social science and technology, economy and social...

The Salvation of Pessimistic Soul: The ideology of the Poetry by Ji Xian During His Living in Mainland China

Wei Zhang
During his living in mainland China, Ji Xuan underwent a period of “loss in construction”. His nine anthologies were the every embodiment of his ideology during this period: radical personality and gloomy living condition infused his mind with a strong touch of sentimentality; and his tenacity and special...

Research on Intelligent Endowment Service Based on Service Chain Theory——A Case Study of Heping District of Tianjin

Gui-Ping Feng, Wen-Jing Liu, Yu-Hong Xie
China's old-age service is confronted with the problem of poor resource integration and the imbalance between supply and demand. And intelligent endowment using the integration function of technology such as the IoT provides a way to solve it. This paper based on the service chain theory analyzes resource...
Proceedings Article

Study on the Influencing Factors and Policy Simulation of Low Carbon Business Behavior of Metallurgy Enterprises in Jiangxi Province

Jun-nan Hu, Shuai-cheng Sun, Yu-lei Wan
As a province with rich resources, Jiangxi Province has many metallurgical enterprises. However, most of Jiangxi metallurgical enterprises' production pattern are not environmentally friendly. The government urgently needs to formulate policies to reduce pollution. This paper uses the method of system...

Internationalization of Batik In The Creative Industry of Harajutik

Rosida Tiurma Manurung, Achmad Zulfikar, Ifit Novita Sari, Nuning Kurniasih, Kundharu Saddhono, Yuliyanto Budi Setiawan, Murjainah, Parwito
Indonesia has a variety of traditional textile, namely Batik, Tenun, Songket, Gringsing, and others variety. Indonesian Traditional Textiles have their characteristics, fineness, and uniqueness. Batik as a cultural wealth of Indonesia potentially become a favorite fashion for youth. If Batik managed...

Essence and substance of personal welfare, the strategies for its growth in the digital economy

Vera Aleshnikova, Natalia Golikova, Ivan Korogodin, Lyubov Tovmach
The article substantiates the authors’ vision, a viewpoint which is alternative to the existing one, on understanding of strategy for an individual’s personal welfare growth as a basis for his life sustenance; the essence and the substance of personal welfare, as well as the essence of its growth strategy,...

Fuzzy logic-predicate network

Tatiana Kosovskaia
In many Artificial Intelligence problems an investigated object is considered as a set of its elements {ω1,...,ωt} and is characterized by properties of these elements and relations between them. These properties and relations may be set by predicates p1,...,...

English Teaching Strategies Based on the Combination of Schema Theory and Context Theory

Yan Liu
Schema theory considers reading is an interactive process, it emphasizes the importance of the reader's background knowledge in understanding the text. As the background knowledge is essential for the relevant schema that the reader to understand the text, context theory should be focused on the high-level...

Policy Reform of Nonformal Education to Improve the Labor Market and Lives of Business Entrepreneurs: Perspective of local autonomy

Ainul Hayat
The existence of nonformal education, is intended to develop human resources and the environment that is based on cultural values and utilization of local potential. Through this nonformal education, is expected to form regions that will be the center of a variety of vocational, and the formation of...
Proceedings Article

The Potential of Human Capital`s Development in Russia in the Digital Age

Natalia Alekseeva, Natalia Antoshkova, Viktor Vasilenok
In connection with the forecasted purposes of the digital economy`s development in Russia, as well as investments in the human resources` development for digital economy, there is an actual question how much the digitalization of the society and business can increase the efficiency of the human capital`s...

The Comparative History and Development of E-commerce in China and the United States

Ruofan Shen
This research aims to investigate the differences between e-commerce in two countries, the origins of those differences, and what they can say about the future of E-commerce. While China is among the developing countries in Asia, the US has the greatest power to affect global market. By analyzing previous...

Research on Speech Feature Extraction System in Oral English

Jinhuan Wang, Yan Li, Zehui Xue, Chunxiang Li
This paper analyzes and studies the problems existing in oral practice, proposes a study of speech feature extraction system in oral practice, and uses MALTAB to analyze cepstrum on the extraction of speech signal, to mainly research the same type of feature parameters for reference speech and follow-up...

Bank Participation in Managing Environmental Recovery Guarantee Funds in Order to Realize the Sustainable Development Goals

Tri Handayani, Abubakar, Lastuti
This article examines the SDGs agenda, that is Indonesia committed to harmonize all aspects of doing business with the SDGs purposes. Bank as one of the funding sources for large companies, had an impact from this agenda into a loan mechanism. The SDGs agenda also brought the changes in a several banking...

Key aspects of technological leadership within the context of fourth industrial revolution

Victoria Akberdina, Luidmila Pushkareva
This paper focuses on the key aspects of the technological leadership within the context of the fourth industrial revolution (also known as technology 4.0). Technology (or also “Industry”) 4.0 is viewed as having a significant impact on today’s world economic and social progress. The fourth industrial...
Proceedings Article

Standard of Green Industry with Green Industry in Go Public Cement Industry

Kukuh Winarso, Moh. Jufriyanto, Astri Putri Dewanti
One of the industrial visions in Indonesia is the realization of an industry that is independent, able to compete and implement the green industry. The Ministry of Industry responded to this by incorporating the green industry as the National Development Master plan in 2015-2035. To take the industry...
Proceedings Article

Forecasting the Risk of X-Ray Radiation Exposure to Radiation Workers in the Radiology Department RSUP X. Jakarta

Agus Riyanto, Arni Widyastuti
Radiographers in general have a duty and responsibility to audit includes examining patients for radiodiagnostic including nuclear medicine and ultrasonography (USG), radiation exposure techniques in radiotherapy and perform accuracy and security measures radiation protection in radiology and operating...

Effect of TRX Suspension Training on Dorsal Muscle Strength and Isometric Muscle Endurance of Police College Students

Fan Zhang
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of 12-week TRX suspension training and instrument resistance training on dorsal muscle strength and isometric muscle endurance of police college students. Thirty male students from Nanjing Forest Police College were randomly divided into TRX suspension...

The Implementation Of Contextual Teaching And Learning (CTL) Improving Social Skill And Cognitive Development Of Kindergarten Children Group B

Muznah Muznah, Siti Masitoh, Rachma Hasibuan
The large number of learning applications focused on transferring knowledge, repetition, and non-contextual teaching in pre-school becomes the background of the study. The objectives of the research are 1) to know the influence of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) in improving cognitive development...

Love, Faith, Religion and Colonialization: Cultural Insight in Soul of Archipelago Literature

Hadijah Bte Rahmat
This paper discusses the role of literature in the development of culture, country, world and humanity of the people. The great literary work is not only beautiful artfully in terms of language and its shape, it can even give insights into thinking, science, values and soul, which can instill and develop...

Risks of Unregulated Use of Blockchain Technology in the Financial Markets

Nataliya Amosova, Anna Yu. Kosobutskaya, Olga Rudakova
The article is devoted to the analyses of the risks of civil society, financial organizations, regulators, law enforcement agencies that are associated with the unregulated use of blockchain technologies. The authors proceed from the fact that new technologies applied in the financial markets produce...
Proceedings Article

Unsupervised Image Segmentation Algorithm using Superpixel and Cosine Similarity

Wahyu S J Saputra, C Aji Putra, Yisti Vita Via
In computer vision, image segmentation is a process of dividing image to get several segments of image. Image segmentation aim to divide image into simple section that meaningful and easy to analyze. Image segmentation regularly use to locate boundary of object in image, so object in image can analyzed....

The Exploration of Research and Practice on Blended Learning Mode Based on “Internet +”

Chunshan Yang, Xiaofeng Li
In the era of rapid development of information technology, the progress of internet technology changes with each new day, undergraduate teaching should keep pace with the times. This paper is concerned with the exploration of undergraduate teaching of computer network in the era of “Internet +”. The...

Community Empowerment In Consumer Law Protection

Abdul Rahmat, Yuhelson, Ramlani Lina Sinaulan
The research approach used is the normative juridical approach that is research that emphasizes on secondary data, covering the whole legislation concerning Consumer Protection which will be discussed in this research. The results showed the Consumer Protection Agency for Self-Reliance is a registered...