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Study on Ontology-based Semantic Extraction Method for Heterogeneous Data

Gaihai Li, Yan Zhang, Wangli Yang, Guiying Shi
In allusion to scientific data isomerism and diversity as well as the lack of semantics in petroleum domain, this paper puts forward ontology-based semantic extraction method for heterogeneous data. Firstly, semantic extraction framework for scientific data in petroleum domain is constructed. On this...
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Research on Component Query Matching Algorithm for Component Library Based on Facet Description

Yue Li, Xianjiu Guo
More excellent containment matching model is proposed based on component inclusion matching model. Moreover, matching cost algorithm is analyzed to get inclusive matching model. Therefore, efficiency of recall and precision of component are significantly improved comparing with traditional component...
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Design of Simulation Platform based on Soft PLC and Its Application in Mat lab

Jiwei Liu
A design method of simulation platform based on soft PLC was proposed, in which Step 7, WinCE and Mat lab was used to accomplish the configuration of logic programs, HMI and plant model. OPC and other interface were used to implement data exchange for real-time simulation. With the help of the simulation...
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Hyperspectral Unmixing based on Constrained Nonnegative Matrix Factorization via Approximate L0

Tai Gao, Yang Guo, Chengzhi Deng, Shengqian Wang, Qing Yu
Hyperspectral unmixing is estimating the endmembers and corresponding abundance fractions in a mixed pixel. In the past decade, NMF have been intensively studied to hyperspectral unmixing. As an important constraint for NMF, sparsity could be modeled making use of the L0 regularize. Unfortunately, the...
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Design and Implementation of Office Supplies Purchase Examination and Approval System Based on CRP Digital Campus Information Management Platform

Binwen Huang, Yuan Jiao
Office supplies purchase is an indispensable part in enterprises and institutions, in view of the existing problems of school office supplies purchase management such as unclear accounts and office supplies hoarding etc., J. Office collaborative developing platform which is integrated to CRP digital...
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Research on MATLAB-based Image Preprocessing

Zhengxi Hu, Honghai Jiang, Tianyi Zhang
On the basis of digital image processing, image preprocessing, including de-noising and fuzzy image processing, is carried out in the MATLAB software environment, and detailed processing steps and associated procedures are given. The results show that MATLAB plays an effective role in the image preprocessing.
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Two-channel of real time data acquisition based on VB

Bingyan Wang, Manjie Guo
This paper describes two-channel real-time data acquisition, display and storage of the displacement. The measure and control software with VB has some functions, such as data receiving, real-time curve drawing, display and data storage using database. The receiving of the real-time data using serial...
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Sparse Unmixing using an approximate L0 Regularization

Yang Guo, Tai Gao, Chengzhi Deng, Shengqian Wang, JianPing Xiao
Recently, sparse unmixing focuses on finding an optimal subset of spectral signatures in a large spectral spetral library. In most previous work concerned with the sparse unmixing, the linear mixture model has been widely used to determine and quantify the abundance of materials in mixed piexels[1]....
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Research of Artificial Intelligent Plan Recognition Method in the Multi- Agents Conditions

Lei Wang
This paper bases on the formal theoretical research of this plan recognition model, it preliminary studied the plan recognition technology; it is based on the functional characteristics from intelligent plan recognition theory, which one of the most important hotspots in the research field of artificial...
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The design of Video conferencing system based on TCP-Like protocol

Xia Lei
With the rapid development of the Internet, applications such as video and audio on the internet is also rapidly developing, IP video monitor and IP video conference is now widely used in various fields. These applications play an important role in the national economy and our daily lives, Video conferencing...
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Software project management based on dynamic programming algorithm

Zhidong Li, Xiaohuan Yu
With the rapid development of computer technology, software engineering disciplines has developed rapidly not only in the aspect of theory, but is increasingly important in the practical application, and gradually formed methodologies, tools and management of three elements. In these three factors, the...
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Research and Implementation of HTTP Caching Freshness Algorithm

Tao Zhao
Data caching technology can effectively reduce network congestion, alleviate server load and accelerate information access. Common mechanisms to keep cache documents fresh are document expiration and server revalidation. By calculating two values, age and freshness lifetime of the cached copy, you can...
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Library Electronic Resource Scheduling Research based on Ant Colony Algorithm

JunWei Ge, Xinxiu Cheng, Yiqiu Fang
By studying ant colony algorithm, aiming at the library electronic resources storage sharing system, proposed an improved ant colony algorithm based on cloud storage, so that the system allocate tasks can be performed more efficiently, and raise the scheduling performance of the overall architecture....
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Studies on Single-flow Continuous Culture Control System of Simulated Rumen in Vitro

Ying Zhang, Liang Zheng, Xiaoxia Chen, Bo Xu, Lianyu Yang
For accurate research of rumen fermentation and regulation mechanism, a new single-flow continuous culture control system of simulated rumen in vitro (hereinafter called SCCCS) has been designed, with advanced computer control technology and mechanical design technology. This SCCCS has many advantages...
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Research and Application of wireless sensor networks in agriculture

Yunpeng Duan, Tianjiao Guo
The sensor is the main ways and means to obtain information of nature and production. In the basic study, the sensor has a more prominent position. With the rapid development of network, the development of wireless communication technology, in modern agriculture and agricultural informatization, wireless...
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The Finite Element Analysis of Profile Forming Assisted by Laser Heating

Shi Wang, Qiang Li, Yixin Gao, Biying Shi
In this paper, by using the finite element analysis software ABAQUS, the high strength steel plate under the condition of the laser heating, was simulated by the method of the fixed mound and moving roll. The process adopts the way of coupled thermal-mechanical analysis completely, the finite element...
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An exposure guided background subtraction for smart camera

Tianyi Chen, Xiaoxu Zheng, Bin Wang, Wen Gai, Maojun Zhang
An exposure guided background subtraction (EGBS) model is proposed for smart cameras to handle illumination change due to auto-exposure in visual surveillance. To reduce false foreground pixels caused by auto-exposure, EGBS compensates background illumination directly utilizing the information generated...
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Bayesian Network Applied to the Analysis of Farmers’ Technical Demand

Haiyan Wang, Xiwu Shao
The farmer is the main body of agricultural technology demand. The Bayesian Network method was adopted to entropy reduction and sensitivity analysis in this paper, we determined the order of the factors that influenced famers to adopt technology. Through related economic analysis, this paper believed...
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The Marking Properties Discovery Model of Web service

Xiaoyin Zhang, Xiang Yu
In view of the traditional Web services based on keyword and syntax discovery in the existing problems of low efficiency on coverage and precision, on the basis property marked on the concept of input conditions and service descriptions, this paper designs a set of web services discovery model based...
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The Grid Resource Discovery Model based on RWSRF

Jianhu Zhu, Fang Cheng
Resource discovery is an important part of grid computer technology research. However, due to the extensiveness and heterogeneity of resource distribution, it makes research discovery more challenging. In this paper, a kind of grid discovery model based on RWSRF (RESTful Web Service Resource Frame) is...
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Research on Automatic identification of Chinese minority language websites

Haifeng Liu, Yuanyuan Yang, Jing Li, Zhiqiang Han
This paper presents features of Chinese minority language text collection on websites, analyses the problems of webpage identification of Chinese minority language text, and proposes three automatic identification methods. Based on these methods, designs and realizes software to identify Chinese minority...
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Analysis and Research of routing protocols DSR, AODV, and MIL-STD-188-220C

Huiming Wu, Xuan Wang, Hao Li, Chenglin Miao
We study and analyze the conception, theory, advantages and disadvantages of three wireless self-organization network routing protocols: DSR, AODV and MIL-STD-188-220C; emulate these three routing protocols on platform NS-2, and make conclusion concerning packet delivery ratio, throughput, End-To-End...
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The Research of back propagation neural network based on genetic algorithm in the gas concentration prediction

Dapeng Liu, Fengying Ma
The prediction of gas concentration is an extremely complicated nonlinear dynamic system which cannot fully use precise mathematical language to describe. Only using BP neural network algorithm is easy to converge to the local minimal point in the gas concentration prediction, so this paper presents...
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A Method of Traffic Lights Detection Based on Visual Selective Attention

Xueling Wang, Youfu Wu, Peng Yang, Zusheng Chen
In this paper, the candidate target traffic lights under different backgrounds were automatically detected with the visual selective attention mechanism. The region of interest in color image was projected into the gray, and the gray image enhancement was done through top-hat algorithm. The binary image...
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Research on Vertical Search Engine Based on Tibetan News Sites

Zhiqiang Han, Guixian Xu, Wei Sun
In the paper, we detailed introduce the features of Tibetan language and related technologies that we use to deal with Tibetan language with computers. A specified architecture thinking method is proposed by analyzing the development of the Tibetan news sites and taking the development of vertical search...
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Design with Multiple Virtualized in Cloud Computing Laboratory

Zhaohui Du
Cloud computing laboratory is necessary in computer and communication courses teaching. Currently, in many universities and colleges cloud computing laboratory has single function. There are basically two functions: one is the use of using many kinds of software on generic cloud desktop and the other...
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A Realization of RS Code Encoding and Decoding in Software

Chenglin Miao, Tong Li, Xiaoling Wang, Huiming Wu
The RS code is a kind of nor binary BCH codes, and it has strong capability of error correcting, which can correct not only random errors but also burst errors. Therefore, RS code may be widely used in modern communications systems. With the rapid development of software defined radio technology, encoding...
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Design of General Vehicle Bus Testing System

Tong Li, Xiaoling Wang, Chenglin Miao, Tingmei Xue
Aiming to the problems that the current vehicle bus test technology just realizes the test of DLL and the test equipment is not universal this paper brings forward a universal test method to the vehicle bus based on Data Frame Collecting technology and Software Decoding technology designs the physical...
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A 3D Point Cloud Registration Algorithm based on Feature Points

Yi Ren, Fucai Zhou
The standard ICP algorithm is a mainstream of 3D point cloud registration technique, which can establish effectively correct corresponding point set. An improved ICP algorithm based on inflection point is proposed. Our algorithm doesn’t require the measured object having obvious features. As feature...
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The analysis and application of distance vector routing protocol

Jing Chen
The routing table is according to the routing protocol for the routing information in routing tables, and is the core of the routing protocol routing algorithms. In practical applications, the routing is a very complicated problem, because it is the result of all the nodes in the network coordination...
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Development of Archaeological Fieldwork Investigation System based on Smartphone

Xiangbin Guo, Zhaoxin Geng
With the advent of smart phone age, it not only brings new opportunities for archaeological informatization in the fieldwork, but also gradually changes the way of exchanging and recording archaeological information. To meet the requirements of the archaeological application, the archaeological questionnaire...
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Fusion technique for SAR and Gray Visible Image based on Hidden Markov Model in Non-subsample Shearlet Transform Domain

Jian Liu, Yingjie Lei, Yaqiong Xing, Chuanguo Lu
To exact the more directional information and important detail information from the images effectively, a novel image fusion algorithm for SAR and gray visible image based on the Hidden Markov Model in the Non-subsample Shearlet Transform (NSST) domain is proposed. In NSST domain, the low frequency coefficients...
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Research on Video Encryption Algorithm in Android Platform

Tao Sun, Wenjie Meng
In order to manage the copyrights for digital video on Android operation system, on the basis of summarizing traditional video encryption algorithm proposed a new video encryption algorithms, perceptual encryption algorithm. This algorithm can select important data to encrypt, and can control the intensity...
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The system of speech enhancement algorithm for blind source separation based on FastICA

Minsan Zhang
A speech based on FastICA blind source separation algorithm. It has been transplanted to a speech enhancement system whose core component is DSP chip. This system enhances speech signals in real time. It samples sounds signals in the air using a microphone array and uses its embedded speech enhancement...
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Wood Materials Defects Detection Using Image Block Percentile Color Histogram and Eigenvector Texture Feature

Weiwei Song, Tianyi Chen, Zhenghua Gu, Wen Gai, Weikai Huang, Bin Wang
To automatic detect wood surface defects, a method based on image block percentile color histogram and eigenvector texture feature classification is proposed. Firstly, a wood surface image is divided into several same size image blocks. Secondly, for each image block, a percentile color histogram is...
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Exploration of the algorithm of automatic recognition of defects in ultrasonic testing image

Xifeng Zhou, Hao Zou, Qiangang Guo
Traditional detection is through a lot of human judgment for defect recognition. The efficiency is low and the accuracy is not high in this way. With the development of digital image processing technology in the industrial filed. Research of automatic recognition on defect image becomes meaningful. In...
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The Design and Implementation of the Digital Image's Retrieval System

Hanfeng Li, Mengyu Wang, Yan Liu
With the rapid development of multimedia technology, image's retrieval has become a researching hotspot, as well as new growth point in the field and application of the current information retrieval. This paper takes the overview of the digital image's retrieval technology as the key point, by means...
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The study on Design and Algorithm of Robot Control System

Yao Jin
The self-balancing robot sensor characteristics, proposed indirect Kalman filter algorithm based on a gyroscope and accelerometer data fusion, optimal inclination and angular velocity estimates. The steering system is decoupled into two subsystems forward. For forward subsystem has strong nonlinear,...
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Design and Analysis of Elevator based on Intelligent Control System

Yao Jin
In order to achieve high-performance control for permanent magnet synchronous motor, using intelligent control strategies, mainly fuzzy control and fuzzy neural network control, using Mat lab/Simulink toolbox designed fuzzy controller based on fuzzy PMSM Vector Control system simulation analysis, simulation...
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Applications of Fuzzy Control in Greenhouse Intelligent Control System

Yao Jin
Given the greenhouse microenvironment is more than one variable, strong coupling, large delay, time-varying controlled object, unable to establish an accurate mathematical model, the conventional switch or PID control cannot obtain the desired control effect, this paper results of previous studies lessons...
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Airport functional damage assessment and prediction based on Bayesian network

Taoju Teng, Qingkun Yu, Feng Wang, Jianwu Wang
After the enemy’ attack on the airport, how to assess the airport functional damage quickly and scientifically is an important link of the formation of combat effectiveness. This paper is based on the Bayesian theory, and establishes the functional damage and prediction model of airport. With an example...
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The Study of Selection of Air Material Storehouse based on Second Generation of Genetic Algorithm in Site

Jinzhong Zheng, Kaitian Xu, Yu Xin, Yang Cui
The article advances the method of a modified genetic algorithm which applies the Lagrange slack variables to solve the sub problem about air material storehouse of permanent position distributes requirement of the army. Finally the article uses an example to verify the validity of the model and method.
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Aircraft Spareparts Demand Forecasting based on Multiple ARIMA Model

Houju Xin, Yang Cui, Xinbin Liu, Shujian Luo
In order to predict the uncertain demand for aircraft spare parts, a multiple ARIMA model is used to solve this problem by time series forecasting system in SPSS. The prediction result and its applications are discussed. This method is simple, practical and convenient for spreading.
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Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Regenerative Braking Fuzzy Control of Electric Vehicle

Liao Qin
Improving raking energy regeneration efficiency is a vital problem of electric vehicle. Particle swarm optimization is introduced for regenerative braking fore distribution fuzzy controller, using membership functions and rules of fuzzy controller as optimization object and using limit of input as constraint...
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Research on the power signal processing system space discharge location

Yutong Chen, Tianzheng Wang, Hua Yu, Yanpeng Li
Stable operation of the power system is inseparable from the normal operation of a variety of electrical equipment; partial discharge signal power processing system to determine the time difference is the basis of the PD source localization. Typical methods of feature points difference estimate the time...
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Ventilation system reliability evaluation based on PNN neural network

Biao Wu, Yueping Qin
In order to accurately and quickly identify the level of ventilation system reliability of coal mines, a new evaluation method based on Probabilistic neural network (PNN) was proposed in this paper. The design of structure of network, the rationale of evaluation algorithm and the performance of proposed...
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The electronic properties of ferropericlase under pressure calculated by first principles

Huayang Li, Qingbo Wang
In this paper, we used the first principles (CASTEP) method to calculate the electronic properties ferropericlase (Mg0.9375Fe0.0625O) under 0 and 80 GPA. The calculated band gaps show that ferropericlase is a metal under 0 GPA, while it is a narrow-band semiconductor at 80 GPA. The ferropericlase at...
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A study of loop source TEM inversion imaging

Wenda Guo, Xi’an Zhu
Based on the forward theory of loop-source TEM, the all-time apparent resistivity is obtained by calculation. Because of the jumping feature in the early-late apparent resistivity when using induced electromotive force, this paper uses transient electromagnetic field to calculate the all-time apparent...
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Borehole IP anomaly characteristics analysis of the single well and the double wells working way

Tao Liu, Jiao Luo, Xiangwen Zhou
Borehole IP method is an important branch of the well electrical prospecting method. It is a flexible way of working, which is widely used in the resource investigation and engineering geological survey, or other fields, and achieved good results. This paper introduces the way well induced polarization...
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Research on Technical Solutions of Increasing Heating Capacity for 300MW Class Units

Xinjun Zhou, Meng Zhou
In order to solve the structural contradiction between heat supply and heat demand in three-north-district, this paper puts forward the solutions of increasing the capacity of heat supply: condensing-back pressure type unit plan, waste heat recovery plan with heat pump, high-back-pressure heat supply...