Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Social Science and Management Innovation (SSMI 2019)

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Land Comprehensive Value Evaluation Model

Ti Xiang
Lack of consideration for the cost of environmental degradation,the land value has always been assessed mistakenly. Considering both the economic gains and the environmental degradation cost, our team propose the Land Comprehensive Value Index (LCVI). Then we establish the Land Comprehensive Value Evaluation...
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Thoughts and Research on Tax Planning of Colleges and Universities in the New Era

Xianpeng Yuan, Shaohua Wang
With the deepening of University reform, the business of University-run industry, scientific research, training, logistics and so on has gradually stepped out of the school door to the society, and the proportion of tax revenue in University income is increasing. Taxation in Colleges and universities...
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An In-depth Analysis of the Essence of Income

Haoran Wen
This paper considers recognize the contracts and use five steps to recognize revenue, the international financial framework standard 15 gives a clearly definition towards revenue. In this process, there will exist some transactions which their substance of account is different from the legal form, the...
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Analysis of the Integration of Chinese Traditional Patterns in Modern Brand Image Design

Qiji Wang
In order to highlight the personality of modern brand image design and enrich its connotation, in this research, the Chinese traditional pattern is fully integrated into brand design. On the basis of traditional pattern theoretical knowledge and spiritual connotation, the traditional Chinese pattern...
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Strategies for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Coping with Financial Sharing Centers

Jing Zhao, Lijuan Liu
In order to quickly integrate the scattered financial information of small and medium-sized enterprises, and establish a financial sharing center suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, the enterprise R is taken as the case analysis object. Through comparative analysis and investigation of the...
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Study on the Strategy Patterns of WeChat Business Advertising in Undergraduates’ WeChat Moments

Yue Zhu
In the information era, WeChat plays a significant role in spreading messages. This paper mainly talks about the spreading characteristics of WeChat Business Advertising in undergraduates’ WeChat Moments. It also explores strategy patterns employed by advertisers to appeal the potential customers.
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Research on Adjusting Industrial Structure and Developing Characteristic Economy

Haifeng Liu, Yunxia Sun
at present, a series of problems exist in the process of adjusting industrial structure and developing characteristic economy in China: Lack of specialized management institutions, single industrial structure, enterprise dominance, insufficient support of product characteristics, and enterprises' ability...
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Research on the Development Strategy of Creating Agricultural Industry from the Perspective of Informatization

Yingli Pan
Under the background of the rapid development of modern information technology, agricultural production has also taken the high-tech express train, from the traditional agricultural development mode to the new agricultural development mode. In recent years, the No. 1 document of the Central Committee...
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Research on Site Selection of Datong Railway Logistics Park based on SE-DEA Model

Xin Li, Maoxiang Lang, Xiaodong Zhang, Pei Wang, Qinghui Yi
In order to actively integrate into The Belt and Road Initiative and promote the integrated development of basin cities in central Shanxi, the Shanxi provincial government and the Taiyuan Railway Bureau proposed to build several comprehensive logistics parks. As one of the three regional logistics parks...
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Strategic Environment Analysis of Logistics Enterprise based on SWOT-PEST- Michael Porter's Five Forces Model -- Taking SF Express as an Example

Yongfu Huang
Taking the strategic environment analysis of logistics enterprises as the research object, This paper comprehensively uses SWOT model, PEST model as well as Porter's five-forces model as the main research methods, take SF Express as an example to analyze the strategic environment of logistics enterprises,...
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Research on the Interest Connection Mechanism of Modern Agricultural Industrialization Union

Xiao Sun, Peipei Wu, Weilong Zhou, Zifen Luo
Chongren chicken have always enjoyed the honorary title of "one of the three most famous chicken in Jiangxi province", which is the pillar industry of Chongren county's agricultural characteristics. In March 2018, Chongren Chicken Industrialization Union was established, which promoted the optimization...
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Research on the Influence of Board Governance on Enterprise Value - Mediating Effect based on R&D Investment of Listed Energy Companies

Ting Wang
In order to promote energy enterprises to straighten out the board governance mechanism and ensure the standardization and modernization of enterprise management, based on the data of listed energy companies from 2013 to 2017, this paper studies the influence of board governance on enterprise value and...
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Analysis of Marketing Strategies for Related Products in China’s Financial Market from the Internet Perspective -- Taking Ant Credit Pay as an Example

Zhengyi Zhou
With the rise and development of financial technology in recent years, the financial industry has begun to achieve innovation in various consumer financial services by virtue of its large customer base, thus gradually gaining the advantages of big data technology. Technological innovation has driven...
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Analysis of China’s Stock Market and the Psychology of Individual Investors based on Behavioral Finance

Yuning Chen
With the continuous development of the economy and finance, China’s stock market also moves on, but its system is still imperfect due to historical reasons. In addition, the characteristics of Chinese culture and society make the domestic financial market very different from that of foreign countries,...
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Analysis on the Operation of College Students' Catering Projects -- Taking "Shell Mi Le Duo" as an Example

Shuai Liu, Xiaoyun Zhang, Jun Yan, Chunyan Tan
With the development of economy and society, more and more college students improve their comprehensive ability through self-employment. This article takes the university student entrepreneurship project” Shell Mi Le Duo” catering project management as an example to explore new ideas for college students'...
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Intelligent Warehouse Management Design

Shen Wang, Shuqing Wang
Along with the rapid development of national economy, Intelligent warehouse in all walks of life will get more and more widely. Automatic warehouse system of modern logistics system is an important part of, is widely used in industries. At present, it has become the enterprise production and management,...
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The Enlightenment of American Unemployment Insurance System to China

Xinxin Zhang, Siye Qiu
Unemployment insurance system has played an irreplaceable role in stabilizing the society since it was established in 1986, rallying the people, creating a good development environment, and promoting institutional reform and economic as well as social development. However, the rapid development of the...
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Study on the Improvement of Post-disaster Reconstruction Tourism+ Industry Chain -- a Case Study of Heishui County

Peihan Liu, Min Tang
To improve living standards, most of the quake-hit areas used tourism as a production industry. Taking Heishui county of Sichuan as an example, this paper explores how to use tourism to rebuild the economy of the disaster-stricken area, which was originally backward. The tourism industry after the disaster...
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Study on the Convergence of Industrial Structure—From the Evidences of Tertiary Industries in Pearl River Delta

Shengyi Sun
Pearl River Delta region is an important economic central region in China. It is crucial to reduce isomorphism between industries, improve industrial structure and strengthen competitiveness. This paper employs similarity coefficient of industrial structure to measure the degree of convergence between...
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The Predicament and Reform Direction of College Physical Education Management

Lifeng Liu
At present, the reform of quality education in our country is advancing continuously, and the position of the management of physical education in Colleges and universities is becoming more and more prominent in the teaching management system of all disciplines in Colleges and universities. It can be...
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Stock Price Trend Analysis based on BP Neural Network

Jinke Li
Stock price prediction is important for investors to make investment decisions. This paper applies artificial neural network to stock forecasting, establishing a five-layer BP neural network model to predict the closing price of two stocks, the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and China Fortune Land...
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Research on the Path of China's New Economic Development under the Background of Sustainable Economic Development

Yitao Zhang, Yu Liu
This paper analyzes the inevitable trends and paths of new economic development worldwide, comprehensively considers the state of new economic development nationwide, and sorts out the evolution of new economic development. In the context of sustainable economic development, China's current new economic...
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Differential Analysis of the Efficiency of Fixed Assets Investment in the Primary Industry in Ningxia Province

Zilie Muheyat
This paper selects data from 18 counties in Ningxia province from 2003 to 2017, and uses the incremental capital-output ratio to measure the efficiency of fixed asset investment in the primary industry. Then we analyze the differences between poor and non-poor counties from the time and cross-section....
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The Remodeling of Revolutionary Culture and the Management Mode of Landscape Operation -- Taking ‘Eight New Scenes of Jintan, Changzhou’ as an Example

Liulu Han, Jie Wang, Luxuan Mao, Yaotang Yang
The revolutionary culture has a long history, science and technology are changing rapidly. Some revolutionary landscape operation mode is facing the crisis because it does not keep up with the changing pace of the times. How to reshape the revolutionary culture and update the mode of operation has become...
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The Role of Cooperative Management Mode of Prefabricated Buildings According to Building Information Modeling in the Recycle Management of Construction Waste

Qiong Tang
In order to realize the comprehensive utilization of construction waste resources, in this research, firstly, the definition, classification, generation way, and harm to the environment of construction waste are analyzed, and the importance of scientific and effective recycle management of construction...
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Innovative Perspective on IE Tools for Construction Project by Technique Development Improvement

Luoer Liao
This research is going to introduce a Reservoir Project named as Grass-Land protection which is situated in the lower reaches of Yangtze River, to the north of Channing Island with innovative techniques development which consists of 3 parts such as Engineering Design, site construction and pump station...
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Financial Analysis of Enterprises under Harvard Framework: A Comparative Study of Three Real Estate Companies

Guantong Yin
As a new financial analysis method, Harvard Analysis Framework is quite different from the traditional financial analysis method. It mainly investigates enterprises from four aspects: strategic analysis, financial analysis, accounting analysis and Prospect analysis. Traditional financial analysis mostly...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Yield of Blue Chips in the A-Share Market

Shuaipeng Li
With the continuous development and improvement of the domestic stock market, the stock market has emerged such as blue-chip stocks, red-chip stocks, and blue-chip stocks. This paper takes the blue-chip stocks in the A-share market as the research object, selects the blue-chip stocks in the 2015-2017...
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Research on Hospital Cost Management based on Responsibility Cost Budget

Jing Cheng, Yang Liu
Because of the complexity of medical cost management itself, hospital cost management has the characteristics of short development time and weak foundation. Although budget and final accounts management play a role of planning adjustment and supervision and control of hospital expenditure to a certain...
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Analysis on the Financing Structure of Chinese Transnational Enterprises——Under the Constraints of Policy System Environment

Yang Liu, Jing Cheng
The reform of economic system, especially the optimization of policy and institutional environment accompanied by the reform of state-owned enterprises, has promoted the development of state-owned multinational enterprises. The preliminary formation of diversified financing pattern in which multiple...
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The Compactness of Benefit Coupling of Farmers’ Cooperatives: An Investigation based on the Embedding of Poverty Alleviation Funds

Xiyu Zhang, Xinhong Fu, Zhijing Du, Xue Chen
In poverty-stricken areas of China, the investment in poverty alleviation funds has a positive impact on the future development of farmers' cooperatives and promotes the transformation of rural poverty alleviation methods. From the perspective of the embedding of poverty alleviation funds, this paper...
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Analyst Coverage, Unique Linkages with Firms, and Earnings Forecasting Accuracy

Jianlei Hou, Shangmei Zhao, Haijun Yang
We propose a characteristic-model to separate the linkages information between analysts and listed firms from analyst coverage and investigate the impact of analysts’ unique linkage with target firms on earnings forecasting accuracy. Regression results indicate that keeping intense interactions with...
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Analysis on the Automation Management System of Provincial Level Public Library in China

Keao Wang
The construction of digital library informatization level is an important symbol of library modernization, library automation integrated system as the basis of the library to carry out the business work and reader service, to a considerable extent representatives and embodies the level of library automation,...
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Research on Scientific and Technology Service Mode based on “Internet + Inspection”

Tongzhe Li
In order to improve the technical service capability of the inspection industry, the "Internet + inspection " technology service mode is proposed. Based on the analysis of the role of inspection industry in the development of national economy, studies the mechanism of inspection technology service mode...
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Study on the Value of ‘Rural Household Registration’ in Modern Society

Xingyue Shen
On July 30, 2014, the highly concerned opinions on further promoting the reform of the household registration system issued by the State Council was officially released, and household registration reform once again became a hot topic for experts, scholars and ordinary people. The current household registration...
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Innovative Application of Container Terminal Operation Improvement

Peishuang Zhang
The core business of container terminal operators is to complete the operation process of loading, unloading, collecting and carrying containers by optimizing the allocation and scheduling of resources such as berths, yards, quay bridges and yard bridges. These operations are not only the process of...
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The Transformation and Development of Traditional Commercial Banks Helped by Financial Technology

Shenlei Li
With the rapid development of financial science and technology, the Internet financial industry has attracted a large number of financial customer groups with its advantages of convenience and high income, which has a huge impact on the business of traditional commercial banks in China. But at the same...
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Customer Behavior Analysis in the Environment of "Internet+"

Litao Jiang, Hankun Ye
In the era of rapid development of Internet information technology, enterprises to achieve efficient management of customer behavior is the key to improving competitiveness. This paper innovatively combines customer behavior characteristics in the environment of "Internet+" and traditional customer behavior...
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Analysis on Non-performing Loans of Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank

Zhenqian Zhang
By applying the financial data from 2014 to 2018, this paper found that the changing trend of the non-performing loan ratio of Chongqing rural commercial bank was basically the same as that of the average non-performing loan ratio of commercial banks in China, and the level was relatively low. There...
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Opportunities and Challenges Facing the Third-party Payment under Strict Supervision

Hui Liu, Shaohe Zhang
This paper adopts a descriptive research method to describe the current situation and problems of third-party payment, and enumerates a series of strictly supervised supporting policies and measures issued by the regulatory authorities in order to guide the healthy and sustainable development of the...
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4Ps Empirical Analysis on the Export of TRANSSION to Africa

Caifen Xiang
From the perspective of 4Ps, this paper analyzes the reasons for the success of the TRANSSION company's export to the African market. It uses the method of combining theory with practice to analyze the voice phone in detail from 4Ps, including product, price, channel and promotion. With good localization...
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Analysis on the "Joint" Marketing Strategy of New Media

Yuqin Gong
This paper takes Tik Tok and various e-commerce enterprises' "joint" marketing as a case to state the strategies of e-commerce enterprises and mobile we-media apps to realize targeted marketing with big data functions. Based on the statistical analysis of big data, we could make four conclusions: the...
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Ecosystem Service Evaluation Model based on Land Development and Utilization Project

Hanxue Jiang
With the rapid growth of population and dramatical development of economy, the problem of environmental degradation has gradually come into the field of human concern. In order to measure environmental costs more intuitively and accurately, and propose reasonable human intervention measures, we establish...
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Exploring the Development Path of High-end Manufacturing Industry in Shanghai based on the Background of Sino-U.S. Trade War

Liqian Chen, Xiaoran Xiu, Sen Kong
On May 19, 2015, the State Council officially issued "made in China 2025", which takes building a manufacturing power as a strategic goal, and clearly states that "we should aim at the strategic priorities of the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment, new materials, biomedicine,...
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An Empirical Analysis of Bellwether Stock in Chinese Stock Market

Shaohe Zhang, Hui Liu
This paper acquires following results through empirical analysis: The accumulative increase amount of the sample sector is 35%, the accumulative increase amount of respective Bellwether Stock is 323% and the accumulative increase amount of Shanghai securities composite index in the same period is 5%....
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Analysis on Hydropower Cost Management in Colleges and Universities based on Internal Control Perspective

Tianzhen Li, Huanxia Qian, Liqian Chen, Qiqi Luo
Hydropower cost management is an extremely important link in the logistics management of colleges and universities. Improving the efficiency of hydropower management is the key point to optimize the logistics management of colleges and universities. Based on the current problems of hydropower management...
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Analysis of Ecotourism Competitiveness in Mountainous Areas - A Case Study of Xichang in China

Kejun Wu, Wujia Abei, Jinlong Chen
Eco-tourism competitiveness of southwestern mountainous area is the key point of the construction of mountain ecological culture. Taking Xichang city as the research area, the statistical data from 2008 to 2017 were selected, and 12 indicators were selected from four aspects of tourism resource competitiveness...
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Comparison of Traditional Payment and Blockchain Payment Methods in the Same Payment Point

Yue Tan, Ming Fang
In recent years, with the acceleration of economic globalization, the development of blockchain economy is more and more rapid, which plays a huge role in the fields of supply chain finance, cross-border payment, insurance claims and so on. Digital currency, as the only mature application scenario of...
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Airport Taxi Decision and Management Model based on Maximum Benefits

Zichao Wang
Airport taxis are an important means of transportation for airport passengers. In order to avoid the waste of airport taxi capacity, we will establish a judgment formula based on the comprehensive supply and demand relationship and profit relationship. And we will select other important factors by cluster...
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Efficiency Evaluation of Financial Education Expenditure in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River

Kai Wang
This paper uses the data of financial education expenditures of 28 cities in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River in 2011-2017, and uses data envelopment analysis to study the efficiency of financial education expenditure in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. The basic conclusions are: the overall...
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Generic or Specialized? Dependence Asymmetry and PFI -- A Case Study of iPhone Innovation Ecosystem

Anru Ge
This paper integrates the of Resource Dependence Theory and Profit from Innovation to explicate the determinants of how innovation profit distributed between focal firm and the complementary firms. The types of the complementary firms are divided into four new type--positive dependence, negative dependence,...
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Research on Financial Management Innovation and Practice of Administrative Institutions under Big Data

Boya Xu
Administrative institutions are an important force in social development. With the advent of the era of big data, all walks of life are affected by them, including administrative institutions. Big data has the characteristics of diversification and fast change, It is faster and more accurate than traditional...
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Talking about How to Improve the Work Adaptability of New Employees

Zhiming Kan
The severe economic situation at home and abroad and the fierce competition for talents in enterprises make the new employees' work adaptation problems appear particularly prominent. New employee's job adaptation is a process of dynamic development. Based on the summary of relevant theories of job adaptation,...
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Research on the Behavior Choice of Rural Financial Subject based on SCP Paradigm —Taking Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank as an Example

Meiying Yin, Weiliang Tu
The rural financial reform has exposed many problems, such as the insufficient supply of rural funds, the difficulty of farmers' loans and so on, which has hindered the development of rural economy. Based on SCP paradigm, taking Wuhan Rural Commercial Bank as an example, this paper studies the behavior...
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Revisiting the Dynamic Correlation between Gold and Oil Returns in the Aftermath of 2008 Global Financial Crisis

Jiping Chu
Dynamic relationship between gold and oil market has attracted increasing amounts of scholarly interest. In this paper, we propose a novel nonlinear analysis framework including VAR-BDS, ARIMAX-BDS, non-parametric structural change detection model, DCC-GARCH model to clearly reveal the time-varying correlation...
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Research on the Whole Process Monitoring and Management Mode of Export Textile Products based on the Whole Industry Chain

Lifeng Yan
With the continuous development of China's open economy, inspection and quarantine work has undergone significant changes, especially the reform of inspection and monitoring management mode has undergone profound changes. With the continuous development of an open economy, the connotation of China's...
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Research on Free Trade Zone and Industrial Structure Upgrade -- Empirical Research based on Chinese Provincial Panel Data

Xiuqun Ye, Sihuan Tu
Industrial structure upgrading is of great significance to continuous growth of economy, establishing Free Trade Zones(FTZs) as an important space-oriented industrial policy space carrier, leading regional industrial structure upgrade .This paper uses panel data from 31 provinces (autonomous regions...
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The Impact of Oil Price Shocks on Economic Policy Uncertainty of China: Evidence from Nonlinear Analysis

Yilei Wang
In this paper, we aim to explore the impact of global crude oil price on the economic policy uncertainty (EPU) of China with methods of the hybrid wavelet artificial neural network model (WANN) and the threshold vector auto-regression model (TVAR).The results show that in China the significant negative...
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Analysis of Causes of China's Real Estate Price Fluctuation and Policy Suggestions based on Behavioral Economics Theory

Lizhong Gao
In recent years, China's real estate industry has developed rapidly. With the development of the real estate industry, housing prices in various places have also risen rapidly. The level of house prices is not only related to people's livelihood, but also affects the stable development of society. Based...
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Research on Decision-making of Closed-loop Supply Chain Considering Consumption Preference under Different Power Structures

Limei Yao
In a dual-channel closed-loop supply chain, consumers have different preferences for purchasing from manufacturers' direct channels and traditional retailers’ channels. The dual-channel closed-loop supply chain structure is constituted with single manufacturer and single retailer. Considering Stackelberg...
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Cross-border Supply Chain Decision Making based on O2O Dual Channel Retailing

Miao Lin
The supply chain structure of single overseas supplier and single cross-border e-retailer is constructed. Based on the retail mode of cross-border e-retailer's O2O dual channel, the influence of consumers' preference for online and offline channels on price setting of members in cross-border supply chain...
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A Proposed Comprehensive Analysis and Solution for Overseas Construction Project Management

Luoer Liao
This article explains and demonstrates the overall analysis for overseas construction projects with particular issues, such as cost control problem, subcontractor management risk and construction period difficulties. To critically assess the project monitoring and control processes, the improvements...
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Trend Expert System Empirical Analysis on Gold Plate

Pin Wang
Based on the data of the gold plate published by China's securities market from January 26, 2018 to August 7, 2019, took the winning rate, annual return rate and net profit rate as the management targets, and use MA expert to test the above data. The results have shown that for the gold sector, the MA...
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Analysis of Gold Plate Investment based on Sino-US Trade Tension

Shiqing Chen
Based on the public data of gold block in China's securities market from January 26, 2018 to August 7, 2019, with the management objectives of winning rate, annual return rate and net profit rate, the above data were tested by the Trend RSI Expert System. The results show that the maximum of winning...
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Research on RIVM Derivative Model based on Shell Resources

Nana Yang, Shiqing Chen, Yating Wen
With the further development of China's financial reform, the importance of stabilizing capital market is gradually highlighted. The volatility of China's A-share market is significantly higher than that of developed countries. After analyzing the causes of the large fluctuations in stock market, this...
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Comparative Analysis of Investment based on the Gold Sector

Yan Zhang
Since January 26, 2018 to August 7, 2019, under the issue that the Shanghai Composite Index has fallen sharply, the RSI expert system still recorded positive returns in the gold sector. Compared with the W&R expert system, its winning percentage, annual return, and net profit margin are 1.23, 13.96,...
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Influence Relations Among Institutional Investors, Accounting Information Quality and Financing Constraints

Wei Wu
This thesis, adopting Cash-Cash Flow Sensitivity model, based on listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen A stock market from 2013 to 2018, makes a study on the effect made by institutional investors on accounting information quality and financing constraints. The results show that: (1) If the shareholding...
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Research on the Impact Model of Online Community Experience Value on User Participation in Innovation

Chaofeng Ye, Yanxia Cheng
User participation in innovation is an effective way for companies to meet user needs and achieve value co-creation. The construction of online communities in the context of the mobile Internet provides a complete platform system for users to participate in innovation. The research on the impact is not...
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The Principles and Objectives of Logistics Enterprise Warehouse Layout and Its Layout Mode and Design -- Taking Ordinary Warehouse Layout Plan as an Example

Yongfu Huang
This paper takes the logistics enterprise warehouse layout as the research object, the ordinary warehouse layout plan as an example, summarizes and analyzes the eight principles and three objectives of the logistics enterprise warehouse layout and its four layout patterns and five design contents, It...
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The Impact of Political Connection on Enterprise Value: Empirical Evidence from China's Anti-Corruption Reform

Xingyi Yu
To some extent, anti-corruption has destroyed the original political connection of enterprises, deprived enterprises of rent-seeking interests such as financing convenience and preferential access to investment projects, and will damage the value of political affiliated enterprises in the short term....
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Research on the Transition Path of Shaanxi Local Universities based on the Demand of Regional Economic Development

Yuanyuan Wang
With the development of China's economy, the transformation and upgrading of economic structure will lead to the structural adjustment of higher education. The focus of Shaanxi's higher education development should be shifted from scale expansion to focusing on both scale and quality. The idea of structural...
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Design of Tobacco Integral Exchange System based on Blockchain Technology

Hao Chen, Haoran Zhu, Taicheng Wei, Zhaofang Han, Lei Liu
Issuing points is an important means for tobacco companies to promote the sales of tobacco products and cultivate users' awareness of traceability. However, each tobacco company's points system is independent of each other. The total amount of points in the consumer account is high, but it is very fragmented....
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Product Perspective: A Study of User Demand Priorities in Online Community Reviews

Hong Zhang, Jiayi Nie, Hui Wang
In this study, we through the data analysis to obtain a list of user demand and priorities to provide different opinions and recommendations for product design and marketing. The study is divided into two parts, one of which is to build a usefulness model in product perspective, and then use product...
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Innovation of Police Model Under the Background of Big Data

Xuezhi Chi
As big data constantly penetrates into all fields of society, China's police model is also facing new opportunities and challenges. We need to set our eyes on the future, make solid and incremental progress in innovative practice and implementation from various aspects such as work concept, working mechanism,...
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Time-Space Coupling of Agriculture-Tourism in the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yangtze

Wei Xi, Wenzhong Du
The coordinated development of agriculture and tourism is an effective way to promote rural tourism and agricultural economic upgrading. This paper takes the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River in the agricultural civilization area as the research object, constructs the theoretical model of...
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The Measurement of Operational Risk of China's Commercial Banks under the Background of Internet of Things Technology

Ruimin Song, Chao Wang
With the rapid development of Internet of Things technology, it brings new ideas to the operational risk management of commercial banks in China. This paper collects the loss data of various types of operational risks of China's commercial banks from 2010 to 2017, and empirically analyzes the operational...
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Assessing the Effect of Quantitative Easing on the US Economy from 2008 to 2015 by a Bayesian-VAR Model

Zejun Jiang
From the huge financial crisis in 2008, central banks began to choose unconventional monetary policies to deal with the persistent economic recession and the most widely-used one is Quantitative Easing (QE). Since QE is a new tool for most countries, many economists try to figure out the macroeconomic...
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Economic and Environmental Effects of Resource Tax Reform in China: A Computable General Equilibrium

Ke Lyu, Jianqiu Sun
In order to lower carbon emission at a national scale, coal resource tax reform from quantity-based collection to ad valorem collection has been taken by Chinese government in December 2014. To research the economic and environmental impacts from the policy reform, this paper extends a multi-sectoral...
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Analysis on the Financing Structure of Chinese Transnational Enterprises under the Constraints of Policy System Environment

Yang Liu, Jing Cheng
The development of state-owned enterprises. has been promoted by the reform of economic system, especially the optimization of the policy system environment accompanied. The diversified financing pattern of the coexistence of multiple financing modes has proved that the changes of the characteristics...
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Research on the Perception of Tourism Image of Lingshan Buddha based on Online Travels

Jiaxiu Guo, Qiqi Bai
This paper takes Lingshan Buddha Scenic Area as the research object, takes the network text analysis method and grounded theory as the research method, analyses the network evaluation of the tourists for Lingshan Buddha Scenic Area, and then obtains the tourism image of Lingshan Buddha Scenic Area. Combining...
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Guangxi Inclusive Finance Research from the Perspective of Rural Rejuvenation

Manlin Jiang, Yu Han
Based on the four dimensions of financial penetration, service availability, use effectiveness and Internet support service, this paper constructs the Guangxi Inclusive Financial Indicator System based on the actual situation in Guangxi, based on the coefficient of variation method for 89 cities in Guangxi...
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Research on the Current Situation and Problems of Intelligent Logistics Industry in China

Ladan Yang
With the rapid development of modern science and technology and intellectualization, in today’s society, intellectualization has become the development trend of the logistics industry under e-commerce. This paper mainly introduces the concept of intelligent logistics, then analyzes the development of...
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Research on the Relationship between Family Population and Asset Portfolio: Evidence from China

Yikun Chi
This paper uses the data of China Family Financial Survey (CHFS) to analyze the impact of the number of children in urban and rural families on the family portfolio selection behavior during the full nesting period. And using the instrumental variable method to overcome the endogenous problem of the...
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Study on Applicability of Fama-French Five-Factor Model in Chinese A-Share Market

Rui Qin
This paper takes the monthly data of China A-share market from March 1999 to April 2019 as the data sample, mainly focusing on analyzing the applicability of five factors in A-share market and the explanatory ability of CMA and RMW for excess returns. The conclusions are as follows: 1. Market risk premium,...
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The Current Situation of Human Resource Flow in China and its Impact on Regional Economic Development

Ziyi Xia
Human resources have become a very important factor in the economic development of every country. Since the reform and opening, the flow of human resources between regions in China has been accelerating, which has greatly promoted the development of China's economy, but spread some negative effects on...
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Degrees of Contribution to China’s Economic Development Made by Different Factors of the Logistics Industry and Their Correlation

Jiaxin Jiang
Based on the previous research, this paper points to the correlation between different inner factors of the logistics industry and local economic development and presents relative countermeasures. On account of the statistics from 27 provinces of China from 2005 to 2015, it analyzes the influence of...
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Research on Innovation Management Modes of Agricultural Product Logistics under the Background of Big Data

Qian Yang
With a gradual process of the information revolution, big data has become an extremely important component of all industries. This paper focuses on the analysis of the current situation of agricultural logistics in China, the infrastructure construction of new agricultural logistics under the background...
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Alumni Association Promotes Regional Economic Development ---Taking the Hong Kong Asian Business School Alumni Association as an Example

Haowei Ti, Liang Huang
Alumni Association refers to the social activities between the same alumni, with the alma mater as the carrier, through the activities between the alma mater and alumni association, alumni associations and alumni, alumni and alumni, to produce material, cultural, information, resources and other aspects...
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Opportunities, Anomalies and Governance of New Media under Capital Logic: Case Study of WeChat Subscription "Mi Meng"

Tianwen Chen
In recent years, with the development of Internet technology, the form of news media has changed, and a variety of new media have emerged. The integration of new media and different industries not only changes the operation of other industries but also re-integrates the relationship between new media...