Proceedings of the 5th Annual International Conference on Social Science and Contemporary Humanity Development (SSCHD 2019)

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Concrete Ideas on the Organic Integration of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Professional Education in Colleges and Universities in Shaanxi

Fang Wang
Colleges and universities in Shaanxi have achieved obvious results in innovation and entrepreneurship education under the development of innovation and entrepreneurship education, but some colleges and universities have not integrated innovation and entrepreneurship education into the whole talent training...
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Business Model Analysis of the Third-Party Platform of Electric Vehicle Charging Pile

Yu Tong
Game theory is used to analyze the business model of electric vehicle third-party platform, analyze the strategic choices of the three parties under the cooperation mode of three business models, and put forward Suggestions for the results.
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A Study on the New Thinking of Chinese Commercial Film Production Mode In the New Era

Liyang Han
This paper aims to solve the problems of Chinese commercial films in three aspects: organizational structure, content production and producer's ability. And will use the comparative analysis method, and Hollywood commercial film production process for comparison. Using case analysis method, this paper...
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Exploration and Practice of Open Education Teaching Mode: Taking Shangrao Radio and Television University as an Example

Liping Zeng
As an independent form of education, distance and open education has entered the national education system and lifelong education system. Our school has been engaged in the enrollment and teaching of open education for nearly twenty years. During this period, we have worked out a series of open distance...
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On the Development of Culture Industry of Shaanxi Province and the Education on Cultural Self-Confidence at College

Guojian Zhang
Since the seventy years of the founding of New China, great progress has been made in the development of the culture industry of Shaanxi Province. Since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the education of cultural self-confidence at college has been enhanced continuously. However,...
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Analysis on the Coupling and Coordinated Development of Regional Economy-Tourism Industry-E-Commerce in Hebei Province

Yongfang Yu
Regional economy, tourism industry and e-commerce are closely related to each other. Taking Hebei province as an example, this paper constructs the relevant index system, and conducts an empirical study on the coupling and coordination relationship between regional economy-tourism industry-e-commerce...
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Action Research on Improving the Interaction of Middle School Chinese Class

Wenyan Liu
In the new curriculum reform, the importance of the interaction of Chinese language classrooms in middle schools is clearly stated. Under the guidance of the new curriculum standards, the promotion of middle school Chinese classroom interaction has become the main purpose of educators. Middle school...
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Analysis of Global Terrorist Activities Based on Social Network

Jiaqi Liu, Qiwu Wu, Xueyue Liu, Lingzhi Jiang
In recent years, global terrorism has accelerated its transformation and has been continuously upgraded. UCINET software is used to construct the network model of “time-area” and “target-method” relationship of international terrorist events. It also analyzes the singular value, summarizes the characteristics...
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Research on the Visual Culture of Guai in China’s Dynasties

Sijing Chen
Guai imagery has played a significant role in the definition and development of traditional Chinese visual culture. Throughout history, guai visual products reflected national values, aesthetic appreciation and philosophical aspirations. This research examines the dynastic guai imagery formally and symbolically...
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The Influence of Chinese Blue and White Porcelain on Islamic Porcelain

Sunanda Rani, Dhaneshwar Shah, Meiyan Wang, Jining Dong
As the Chinese discovered the blue and white porcelain, China recognized as center of porcelain nation. Silk Road played a substantial role in the growth of trade and cooperation. That leads to influences in the culture and expanded throughout the Islamic nations. Porcelain trade especially blue and...
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The Historicity of the Texts in Possession

Fei Wu
In view of the novel’s complexity of the texts, this paper focuses on the new historical analysis of A. S. Byatt’s Possession. Through studying two epigraphs of the novel, the poem—“The Lady of Shalott” and Gode’s tale, the author scrutinizes the novel from “the historicity of texts” perspectives, and...
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Study on the Loss of Sales Staff in Small and Medium Enterprises in China

Boya Liu, Wensong Zhang
With the continuous development of small and medium enterprises in China, various problems in enterprises are becoming increasingly prominent. Among those problems, one of the most vital problems of human resource management is the flow and loss of sales personnel. Moderate flow helps to maintain the...
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The Study of Internet Finance Regulatory Issues and Governance Model Construction in the Context of AI

Minghong Sun
As along with the high-speed development of technology, more and more industries have been changed their operational pattern, besides the financial industry. Integrated traditional finance with the internet technology, Internet Finance has become a hot topic in modern economic fields. In this paper,...
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Research on Interdisciplinary Education in Digital Economy

Yao Yao, Pan Qi, Yiming Zhu
The digital economy requires human resources with the skill set covers multiple disciplines. At present, the development of interdisciplinary education in universities is still in the phase of experiment. This paper analyzed the issue of curriculum reform, teaching method reform and innovation, contexture...
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The Investigation into the Present Situation of College English Translation Teaching —Taking Shaanxi Normal University as an Example

Qing He, Fen Gao
With the economic integration and acceleration of the globalization process, China has an enormous demand for translation talents. Currently, college English translation teaching can’t meet the domestic demands for translation talents. In order to improve the shortage of translation talents, promote...
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Impact of Perceived Corporate Social Responsibility on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Mediating Role of Organizational Trust

Xinying Huang, Lihua Guo
Based on the theory of social exchange, this paper explores the effect of corporate social responsibility on organizational citizenship behavior from the perspective of employee perception and studies the impact mechanism, that is, the intermediary role of organizational trust. The statistical analysis...
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Research on the Impact of Micro-Blog Marketing on Consumer Perceived Quality

Fei Xue
Micro-blog has set off an "Internet revolution" with its convenience, digitalization and strong interaction since 2010, which has changed the way of enterprise information dissemination. Nowadays, the user group of Micro-blog is more and more extensive, and more and more enterprises begin to carry out...
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From “Telling Knowledge” to “Science” and “Productivity”——Transmutation and Transformation of Modern Chinese Knowledge System

Wei Lian
From the “intellectual knowledge” to the “science” and “productivity”, the Chinese knowledge system has undergone a long process of transformation and transformation in modern times. From the narrow-minded style to the dual division of “Gezhi” and “science”, and finally realize the “science” to the replacement...
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On Theory of Education on Socialist Rule of Law with Chinese Characteristics

Bo Gao
The theory of education on socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics underpins the path of the socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics and the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics. In this study, the concept and intension of the socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristic...
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Research on Ideological and Political Education Discourse in College in We-media Environment

Xin Chen
This paper tries to discuss the opportunities, challenges and strategies of ideological and political education discourse under the We-media environment. We-media has expanded new space of ideological and political education discourse in colleges and universities, created a new paradigm of discourse...
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Factors Identification and Model Construction of Industry-University Cooperative Education: Based on Analysis of the Application-Oriented Universities

Xin Tong, Haobai Wang
Industry-university cooperative education is an effective educational mode for higher education to cultivate applied innovative talents. This study takes ten application-oriented universities as research objects, and uses content analysis method to identify the key influencing factors in the process...
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Research on the Suitability of the Emergency Shelter in Tianjin

Xuefang Wang
Emergency shelter is an important part of the urban public safety system, which plays an important role in coping with emergencies. The research on the suitability of the completed emergency shelter is helpful to understand its shortcomings and optimize the city's emergency shelter capability. Based...
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A New Probe into the Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents Cultivation of Cross-border E-commerce in Higher Vocational Colleges

Juan Hu
Under the national strategy of "Mass entrepreneurship and innovation", higher vocational colleges shoulder the heavy responsibility of innovative and entrepreneurial talents cultivation. Meanwhile the rapid development of the cross-border e-commerce industry also requires more innovative and entrepreneurial...
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Research on Practices of Experiential Teaching in Music Courses of Elementary Schools

Yingying Xian, Libo You
Experiential teaching means teachers actively create various scenarios to guide students to actively get involved in pleasant teaching activities. This paper discusses the practices of experiential teaching which is particularly apply to the singing teaching, appreciation teaching and instruments teaching...
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Research on the all-English Course Construction of Optimization Computation for Graduates —— An Empirical Investigation Based on the Courses of Ten Engineering Colleges in the United States

Le Han
Taking ten famous universities in the United States as examples,this paper introduces the teaching contents of optimization courses in Engineering Colleges of American universities,and probes into the enlightenment of the opening of courses in American universities for the teaching of all-English optimization...
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On Talents Cultivation Strategies of Cross-Border E-Commerce Based on Compositions of Professional Ability

Liming Zhang
With rapid development of cross-border e-commerce in China, most vocational colleges begin to cultivate this kind of talents. However there are still many contradictions between talents from vocational colleges and enterprises’ needs. Many enterprises are not satisfied with those graduates from vocational...
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Research of the Countermeasures for Improving the Quality of Leading Cadres in Employment Departments of Private Colleges and Universities

Wei Bao
The employment quality of private colleges and universities is related to the sustainable development of private colleges and universities. The quality of leading cadres in employment departments of private colleges and universities has an important impact on the quality of employment guidance in private...
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From Adjudication under Law to Discretion—Methodological Interpretation for the Causes of “Different Judgments in Similar Cases”

Lingxiao Hong
Hard cases often involve in different opinions because of different trial judges. When different opinions act on specific cases, different adjudication results would be achieved, which is called “different judgments in similar cases”. Different adjudication results imply characteristic reasoning processes,...
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How Does Creative Learning Environment Foster Student Creativity? An Examination on Multiple Explanatory Mechanisms

Mudan Fan
Drawing on Amabile’s componential theory of creativity, the present research aims to test how a creative learning environment can foster undergraduate creativity through three distinct mechanisms (i.e., learning goal orientation, network ties, and knowledge sharing). A total of 431 students and their...
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A Study on the Drop out Problem of the Rural Junior High School Students under the Background of Rural Revitalization

Jue Tang
The strategy of Rural Revitalization emphasizes the priority development of rural education. At present, the improvement of the consolidation rate of compulsory education in China has entered the critical stage, and the problem of rural junior high school students dropping out of school has become the...
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Effects of Different Running Modes on Facial Cartilage Of Knee Joint

Caifeng Hu, Xiaotao Wang, Jiajun Xiang
In order to understand the effect of different exercise modes on articular cartilage, to provide theoretical basis for the treatment of articular cartilage injury by exercise therapy, and to provide a reference for the selection of exercise mode in the daily exercise of the general population. In this...
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Trends in Law on Freedom of Belief and Religion in Vietnam

Son Nam Nguyen
The article aims to provide an overview of the trends that exist in the law on freedom of belief and religion in Vietnam. To achieve this goal, the author studied a system of legal provisions on freedom of belief and religion in each period of Vietnam's legislation since the birth of the Democratic Republic...
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Discussion on the Strategy of Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of University function

Qiang Li, Ling Han
Talent training, scientific research, serving the society, cultural inheritance and innovation have become the four major functions of the university. Based on the functions of colleges and universities, taking targeted poverty alleviation as the main line, and guided by benefit output, this paper analyzes...
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Analysis of the Application Value of Action Research in the Training of Doctor of Education in China

Xiaochun Liu, Yanbing Wang
The past 10 years have seen the development of Doctor of Education in China. However, there are some problems in the training, like the Ed.D students lacking of practical ability, the practical deviation of training objectives, and the convergence training with Ph.D. in education, which has restricted...
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Research and Exploration of Educational Resource Balance Based on Data Analysis——A Case Study of Demonstration Schools in 13 Districts of Xi'an

Zhanmin Wang, Jiayu Zhao, Rong Fei, Guangming Liu, Weiwei Shi
According to the existing school evaluation standards, making a reasonable school resource development plan is an important guarantee to improve the competitiveness of the school and improve the teaching quality. This paper takes the schools in Xi'an as an example to expound the present situation of...
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Are They Isolating Me? The Influence of Workplace Ostracism on Employees’ Turnover Tendency

Daiheng Li, Mingyu Zhang
Using questionnaire survey method, taking 319 employees of a company as a sample, deeply explore the influence of workplace ostracism on turnover tendency, the mediating effect of organizational self-esteem between these two variables, and the moderating effect of mental toughness in workplace ostracism...
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Application of WeChat Platform in Advanced Crop Breeding Experiment Course

Ying Liu, Yingbin Xue
This paper analyzed the common problems in the teaching process of advanced crop breeding experiment course. In the context of the increasing popularity of WeChat, it is proposed to apply the WeChat platform to the teaching practice of advanced crop breeding experiment course. We studied the educational...
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A Study on the Course Design of English for Urban Rail Transit in Independent Colleges from the Theory of ESP─Take the Order Class in Southwest Jiaotong University Hope College as an Example

Jing Luo
English for Urban Rail Transit is an important course for undergraduate students from the Order Class of the major Urban Rail Transit in Southwest Jiaotong University Hope College. This course cultivates students’ skills in dealing with subway work by using English so students can meet the job requirements...
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Analysis of International Terrorist Organization Based on Social Network

Xueyue Liu, Qiwu Wu, Jiaqi Liu, Lingzhi Jiang
In recent years, international terrorism transformate rapidly and improve constantly, the relationship between international terrorist organizations intertwined jumbled. This article based on Social Network Analysis, we build an international terrorist organization - organization association relationship...
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Continuous Optimization of Enterprise Production Business Process: A Perspective of Information Empowerment

Lulu Jin, Mingyu Zhang
Based on the empowerment perspective, this paper explores the mechanism of information technology on the continuous improvement of enterprise production business processes, using the grounded theory to conduct a vertical case study of a production-service enterprise. The results show that: (1) Informatization...
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Empirical Research on Impact of Competitive Intensity on Safety Investment in High-Dangerous Industries

Enzhu Li, Chunli Fu
This paper takes the listed companies in high-dangerous industries as the research object, and constructs an empirical test model based on the theoretical derivation from the perspective of safety investment. The impact of competition intensity on the safety investment level of listed companies in high-dangerous...
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On the Causes and Countermeasures of Student Cheating in College

Qiong Zhang
University is an important place to cultivate quality education. However, the increasing trend of students cheating in exams has become the main obstacle to construct excellent learning atmosphere and cultivate student morality. This paper analyzes the causes of cheating in terms of student factors and...
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Enlightenment Teaching of Engineering Cognition for Junior High School Students Based on Linear Function

Xiaobao Wu, Fang Yao, Jue Li, Dengguang Yu
The earlier the enlightenment teaching of engineering cognition is conducted, the better for fostering engineering talents. In China, the knowledge about linear function or univariate equation is taught to the students in their junior high school period. This should be a precious opportunity for enlightenment...
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What the Leader Said Made Me Lose Control: Leaders' Aggressive Humor and Employees' Workplace Deviance Behaviors

Jieya He, Daiheng Li
From the perspective of ego depletion theory, this paper deeply explores the influencing mechanism of leader's aggressive humor on employees' deviant behaviors in the workplace, as well as the mediating effect of employees' ego depletion, the moderating effect of employees' personality traits and power...
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Research on China’s High-Speed Railway Market Competitiveness Optimization

Jingwen Ma
Under the background of transformation of China’s railway industry management system and mechanism, railway industry faces the competition of airlines industry. The analysis of SWOT shows that interior advantages outweighs exterior advantages and exterior opportunities outweigh interior challenges, which...
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Research on the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Capital Based on Education Level of Ethnic Minorities

Mingzhen Li
The structural imbalance of human capital accumulation will create a series of social equity problems, which will hinder the progress and development of society.At the same time, in the multi-ethnic society, the accumulation of human capital in ethnic areas is not balanced, and its intergenerational...
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Construction of Practical Teaching System in Private Colleges and Universities

Jie Gao, Yasong Liu, Jingguang Wei
The purpose of running a private university should be to train applied and complex talents. We should abandon the traditional public colleges and universities to attach importance to theoretical teaching, despise the teaching system of practical teaching, and establish an applied and innovative practical...
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The Proposal and Application of the Research Framework of Enterprise M&A Goodwill Risk--Taking the Media Industry as an Example

Yue Ma, Lijuan Xu
In the past ten years, the mergers and acquisitions of Chinese enterprises have entered a period of high tide. The high valuation and high-value mergers and acquisitions have produced huge goodwill. The goodwill faces potential impairment risks, which has a very negative impact on the company's future...
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Will Corporate Social Responsibility Discourage Inefficient Investment? An Empirical Research based on Chinese Listed Companies

Lu Yao, Xiaohua Tang
Based on the non-financial listed companies of Shanghai and Shenzhen A-shares from 2010 to 2017, this paper studies the relationship between corporate social responsibility and non-efficiency investment behavior based on stakeholder theory and signal transmission theory. The study found that corporate...
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Research on Performance Evaluation Index System of R&D Personnel in Start-Up Software Enterprises

Youjun Wu, Shanshan Tan, Qiuting Luo, Xiyao Yan
With the vigorous development of the Internet, the status of the information industry in the national economy has also been continuously improved. Software companies are representatives of the information industry. The 21st century is also the era of knowledge economy. Knowledge replaces capital and...
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Research on Huawei Mobile Phone Marketing Strategy Based on Market Segmentation Theory

Yuanyuan Li
The development of Internet technology has promoted the popularity of smartphones and intensified the competition among mobile phone manufacturers. With the improvement of the quality of smartphones, the frequency of changing mobile phones has gradually declined, which means that the previous marketing...
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Research on Institutional Distance and Outward Direct Investment

Yao Yao, Yiming Zhu, Pan Qi
The institutional quality of home country and host country influences not only the amount but also the performance in outward direct investment. This paper analyzed the institutional quality in host country and home country respectively, as well as the relation between institutional distance and outward...
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Study on Efficiency Evaluation of Safety Investment of Coal-Mining Enterprises Based on Audit Data

Enzhu Li, Hongshan Xu, Guannan Li
There are many reasons that can induce production accidents in the production process of coal-mining enterprises. The primary premise of normal production in coal industry is safety. In order to ensure coal mine safety production and prevent production accidents, a large number of resources must be efficiently...
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Research on Application of Experiential Mode in Tourism Management Teaching

Jiahui Zhang
Along with the vigorous development of the domestic tourism industry, the training of tourism professionals who are closely related to it has gradually been valued. How to correctly grasp the pace of training professionals in contemporary tourism management has become a major focus of tourism education....
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The Influence of CFO Directors on Accounting Information Quality

Shan Wang, Xiao Wan
In recent years, there have been numerous financial frauds worldwide, and people are deeply aware of the importance of accounting information quality to a company. As a financial manager, CFO also affects accounting information quality to a large extent. The paper takes a sample that includes data from...
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Study on Tax Preferential Policies to Promote Research and Development Innovation in Enterprises in Jilin Province

Min Lu
All along, scientific and technological innovation is the driving force and strength of national progress, and is the core of the national development strategy. In order to promote enterprise research and development innovation, governments at all levels have introduced a series of preferential policies....
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The Influence of Psychological Stress Reaction of Science-Technology Talents on Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Zhixin Zhang, Zhaoqi Peng
This article is based on the mechanism of the psychological stress reaction (PSR) of science-technology talents on their organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), and uses perceived organizational support (POS) as an intermediary variable to introduce this mechanism for further discussion. The science-technology...
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The Trade Potential between Northeast China and the Countries along “One Belt and One Road”

Xiaolin Jia
Based on the panel data of 45 countries along “One Belt and One Road” from 2006 to 2015, this paper uses the expanded trade gravity model to analyze the export potential between Northeast China and the countries along the route. Studies show that the trade in the countries along “One Belt and One Road”...
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Research on the Relationship between Product Architecture and Pricing: Take New Oriental Education & Technology Group as an Example

Yang Yang
Product architecture is the sum of the relationships among the modules of a product, which reflects the integration and decomposition capabilities among the modules. Based on the pricing theory and profit maximization principle, this paper constructs a mathematical model of the relationship between product...
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Effect of Foxconn Co., Ltd. on the Pearl River Delta Region

Deyu Chen, Huiqiong Zhou
The article mainly tells about the multinational company Fujitsu set up a subsidiary or branch in the Pearl river delta region of China through capital export or economic activities. As well as its own technology, resources, corporate social responsibility, etc., in the Pearl River Delta economic innovation...
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Effects of Direct Implants on Brand Attitudes in Variety Shows

Haiyun He
Many scholars have explored the marketing effect of implanted advertisements based on the characteristics of “hiddenness”. However, in recent years, the advertisements in variety shows are increasingly showing “de-hidden”, and the direct forms of implanted advertisements and situational advertisements...
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Research of the Path of Implementing Human Resource Management from the Perspective of Cultural Strategy

Fengxiang Jiang, Yufan Yuan, Tong Liu, Haihui Yu, Zhiqiang Ren, Weixuan Yuan
With the increasingly fierce competition between enterprises, human resources have become the strategic resources of enterprises. However, human resources management needs to pay more attention to "people-oriented", and enterprises need to implement human resources management from the perspective of...
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Analysis of the Channel Tunnel Project

Da Li, Xiaoyan Lin, Xiaofeng Wu
This paper introduces the development process of the British-French Cross-Harbour Tunnel project, and analyzes the construction and operation of the British-French Cross-Harbour Tunnel project from three aspects: project organization management system, construction operation and market structure. It...
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Research on Dada Crowdsourcing Logistics Mode in the Context of O2O

Xiaodan Wang
The prosperity of O2O (Online to Offline) has pushed the development of Chinese logistic industry. Under such background, further step of e-commerce is depended by ‘last mile’. Beginning with the concept of crowdsourcing in 2006, the crowdsourcing mode is regarded as the best way to operate ‘Internet...
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How Do I-Deals Benefit to the Organization? The Role of Perceived Organizational Support and Work Engagement

Xiaoyan Zhang, Wenbing Wu
In this paper, we investigate whether and how development I-Deals that the organization provide for the focal employees benefit to the organization in turn. Using a sample of 418, we explore the influence of development I-Deals on focal employees’ work engagement. The results show that development I-Deals...
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Research on Consumer Trust of Fresh Products in O2O Mode

Yuchen Zou, Xiaoting Qu
With the wide application of Internet information technology, the E-marketing of fresh agricultural products has been developed rapidly. However, the current situation of small-scale agricultural economy in China determines that the fresh agricultural products are decentralized management, therefore,...
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Cross-Breed Futures Arbitrage Strategy Based on Elman Model:A Case Study of Bean Market

Hao Qin
China's soybean crushing market has a strong dependence on international soybean prices. Frequent fluctuations in soybean prices have brought greater operational risks to the relevant enterprises, while China's soybean futures have been relatively mature. Therefore, squeezing arbitrage through the futures...
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The Impact of Multi-Role CEO on Enterprise Performance——Research on Identity Motivation from the Perspective of Chaxu Climate

Huishu Liu
The Chaxu climate is the product of the interpersonal relationship within the organization under the background of Chinese native culture. This paper argues that executives as a group of the most important human resources, influence of Chaxu climate to the enterprise is through the influence of the organization...
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A Study on the Factors That Affect the Oil Prices in the World

Shifen Wang, Xinru Pan
Oil is one of the most important resources of human life. Its value lies in its scarcity. In addition, oil has some financial properties, so that it is worthwhile to study the factors that affect the prices of oil. This article first introduces the background, meaning and the methods of the study. After...
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Path Analysis of Building Organizational Dual Abilities from the Perspective of Dynamic Capability Theory

Yan Meng, Qinying Sun
In the dynamic competitive environment, enterprises need to take organizational dual abilities of existing knowledge development and potential knowledge exploration into account to adapt to the discontinuous revolution of technology and market environment. Firstly, the main research directions of dual...
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Venture Capital and Technological Innovation in High-Tech Enterprises: Data from Listed Companies on the Growth Enterprise Market

Ran Wu
The emergence of venture capital is the improvement of domestic and foreign capital markets, which is conducive to the survival and development of high-tech enterprises and economic growth. However, whether the participation of venture capital institutions can promote the technological innovation of...
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Research on the Influence of Institutional Investors' Shareholding and Transaction on Stock Price Synchronicity

Yanliang Zhang, Wenwen Wang, Leya Zhang
Chinese institutional investors have experienced rapid growth in both size and volume over the past decade, but their role in the capital market has been inconclusive. By investigating the institutional investors' shareholdings and trading behaviors from 2007 to 2017, the study found that China's stock...
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Research on Product Strategy of Xinhua Insurance Sichuan Branch

Qinxue He
Based on the Sichuan branch of Xinhua insurance product strategy as the research object, analysis of possible opportunities and threats, and put forward the problems existing in the Sichuan branch of Xinhua insurance product strategy and to a certain extent, improve and optimize the company's product...
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IP Ecosystem Formation Based on Media Convergence Theory

Yu Hao
In the Internet age, the emerging media promotes the multi-channel linkage communication of content with strong integration ability, and the development of technology brings new business possibilities. Majority internet enterprises have transferred to the internet literature area. Based on the perspective...
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Exploration on the Construction of Statistical Index System of Sharing Economy Based on Problem Orientation

Qingrong Zeng, Guixi Zhang
In recent years, sharing economy has developed rapidly all over the world, which has attracted extensive attention from scholars at home and abroad. At present, most scholars focus on the internal mechanism and external influence of the sharing economy, lacking of relevant studies on the statistical...
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Comparison and Reference of Typical Property Management Models in China and Foreign Countries

Rui Xi, Yingqi Liu, Fei Zhou
The rapid development of information technology provides strong support for service innovation, and needs more model innovation to promote industry development. This paper compares the property management models of residential districts in China and foreign countries through literature and interviews,...
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Using 4V Theory to Research on Brand Marketing Strategy of Ningxia Xixia Wang Wine Industry Company Limited

Yuming Ma, Yang Zhao
Ningxia Xixia Wang wine producing areas as well-known wine brands, regardless of size or quality are infinitely close to the domestic first-line wine brand, its market share is the only gaps, but the underlying causes of the gap is the brand. Based on the 4V marketing theory, this paper analyzes the...
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Research on the Utilization Efficiency of Agricultural Water Resources in Tianjin based on DEA Model

Guang Zhao, Yanfen Dou
Improving the efficiency of agricultural water resources is an important measure to enhance the comprehensive strength of agriculture and build a water-saving society. In this context, this paper takes the efficiency of agricultural water resources utilization in Tianjin based on DEA model from 2008...
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Research on the Innovation and Development of Retail Formats in China under the Background of New Industrial Revolution

Qiong Yu, Lihua Guo
In today's society, the level of technology is constantly improving. Since the first industrial revolution, the technological revolution has been deepening, and the retail industry has also developed innovatively. As the basic industry of the economic system, the development of the retail industry plays...
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Research on the Transformation and Upgrading of Tourism Industry in Underdeveloped Areas in China

Jiahui Zhang
Transformation and upgrading are the only way to realize the sustainable development of tourism industry because there have been many problems in less-developed areas' tourism industry. For this the government must innovate, plan the total situation and actively explore the way of transformation and...
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The Research on Debt Paying Capacity of Sun Paper Company Limited

Simeng Gao
Based on the financial statements of Shandong Sun Paper Industry Joint Stock Co., ltd. from 2014 to 2018, this Paper analyzes the solvency of Shandong Sun Paper Industry Joint Stock Co., ltd. and gives corresponding Suggestions based on the problems existing in its solvency. The solvency analysis refers...
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Informetric Analysis on the International Retracted Publication Based on the Web of Science Database

Chunbo Zhang, Kun Ding, Zeyuan Liu
Retracted publications are the special literature carriers revealing scientific errors and misconduct. Based on Web of Science, this paper accessed the authoritative and plentiful retracted publications through heterogeneous multi-source data and effective retrieval strategies. Then, the informetric...
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The Impact of Financial Agglomeration on Industrial Structure Upgrading--An Empirical Analysis Based on Threshold Effect

Weining Yan
Financial agglomeration is an important factor influencing the upgrading of industrial structure. This paper uses financial agglomeration as a threshold variable, and uses the panel data of 30 provinces in China from 2006 to 2016 to study the impact of financial agglomeration on industrial structure...
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Study on the Idea of the Innovation of the Organizational Structure of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the New Economic Period

Wenbei Li
In the new economic period, organizational structure innovation has become an important driving force for small and medium-sized enterprises to build new competitive advantages. This paper briefly describes the background of the era of innovation of the organizational structure of small and medium-sized...
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Research on the Construction of Intercultural Management Strategy in the “Silk Road International Film Festival”

Yuanyue Hu, Hongyan Gao
With the layout and implementation of the national "The Belt and Road Initiative" strategic decision, the "Silk Road International Film Festival", which is an important part of the city and national cultural soft power, came into being as a national and national cultural exchange. Compared with the Beijing...
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Research on Teaching and Training of Railway Enterprises

Jinke Luo
Since the 20th century, the numbers of domestic enterprise universities have mushroomed, and an increasing number of enterprises have realized the significance of enterprise education and training. This paper takes the construction of a group enterprise university as an object, aims at clarifying the...
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The Impact of Urbanization Process on Civil Car Ownership in China

Jianting Yang
The choice of urbanization path has increasingly become a focus problem of our country's urban development. The article choose 161 cities in China above the ground level as samples, studied the 2005-2014 China's urban private car ownership evolution characteristics of space and time, selecting the population...
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Research on the Construction Mode and Development Path of Characteristic Towns under the Strategy of Rural Revitalization

Dapeng Ren
Characteristic towns can gather innovative elements of rural economic development, promote the formation of new forms of agricultural industry, and construct new carriers for the realization of innovation-driven rural development under the strategy of rural revitalization, . Based on different development...
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Measurement and Analysis of Investment Convenience Level in African Countries

Jingxia Yue
The implementation of the “Belt and Road Initiative” provides investment support and trade facilitation for the African economy. The level of investment facilitation in African countries is crucial for China’s direct investment to them. This paper selects five first-level indicators of infrastructure...
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Research of the Construction Path of Employment Guidance Mode in Private Colleges and Universities

Wei Bao
The difficult situation of college students’ employment is becoming more and more prominent, and solving the difficulty of college students’ employment is not only a social problem, but also a practical problem. Private colleges and universities need to construct innovative service mode of employment...
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A Case Study of Tibet's "3.14" Anti-terrorism Based on Social Network Analysis

Lingzhi Jiang, Qiwu Wu
In recent years, terrorism has emerged as the main feature of networking and decentralization. To understand the intrinsic link between terrorists and terrorist cases more accurately, social network analysis methods have received increasing attention from researchers. This article takes Tibet’s “3.14”...
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Research on Tourist Attraction Emergency Preparedness Capability Evaluation

Zhesheng Zhang, Xuefeng Wang
Based on the systematic analysis of existing research results, analytic hierarchy process is employed to employed the tourist attraction emergency preparedness capability evaluation. The system includes four secondary indicators, including emergency plan construction and drill, emergency organization...
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Image of the Teacher as a Main Participant of the “Conducting a Class” Scenario in the Linguistic Consciousness of Chinese and Russians

Dong Zhang, Nina L. Chulkina, Ying Sui
This article is devoted to a comparative analysis of the images of the teacher as a main participant of the cognitive scenario “conducting a class” in the linguistic consciousness of Chinese and Russians. The primary method of this study is the associative experiment. On the basis of the results of an...
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A Brief Analysis of the Conception of Moral Identity in Psychology

Chunhua Shi, Baojun Wang, Tian Zhang
Moral identity is a new hot issue in the field of moral education psychology after Kohlberg's theory of moral judgment stages. But up to now, the research on it is unsatisfactory, which is related to its vague concept and one-sidedness. In this article, four main views and researches were introduced,...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Purchase Decision for Online Consumption of Clothes

Yifan Zhang
From the perspective of different consumer groups, this paper discusses the key influential factors of online clothing purchase decision-making, it chooses a professional platform what is named ‘Wenjuanxing’ for data collection. On the basis of the key influencing factors of the online clothing purchase...
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Factors Influencing Smart Aged Care Services Acceptance of Elderly in Nursing Homes: A Perspective of Perceived Quality

Chuhui Liao, Juan Chen
The acceptance of services by the elderly determines the market prospects of the smart aged care industry. Through the results of pre-study, the perceived quality factors affecting the acceptance of smart aged services are divided into six dimensions: terminal equipment performance, information quality,...
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Analysis of Marketing Strategy of Catering Stores from the Perspective of Chain Operation——Take Jixiang Wonton Chain Store as an Example

Zihui Song, Xin Mu, Wenbing Wu
With the popularity of the Internet and the development of information and communication technology, people's pace of life is gradually accelerating, which brings opportunities for the local fast food industry in China. The chain stores can not face the fierce competition of the catering industry in...
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Domestic Garbage Disposal and Environmental Protection Financial Pressure—Empirical Analysis Based on Provincial Data of China

Jingjing Li
This paper analyzes the impact of domestic waste on regional environmental protection expenditure. Based on the annual data of each province from 1999 to 2018 released by the “National Bureau of statistics of the People's Republic of China”, a multiple linear regression model was used for empirical analysis....
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Opportunities and Challenges of MaaS’ Development in China Under the Background of Metropolitanization

Guixi Zhang, Qingrong Zeng
With the development of economy and the improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements on travel services, not only for basic displacement activities, but also for better travel experience. In urban travel activities, people pay more and more attention to instant and comfort travel....
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Research on the Application of Implicit Knowledge Diffusion in the Mode of Industry University Research Cooperation

Hongyan Zhang
In order to improve the efficiency of industry university research cooperation and enhance the flow of knowledge among the main subject of industry university research, this paper focuses on the application of implicit knowledge which is difficult to flow in the diffusion between the parties of industry...