Proceedings of the First Mandalika International Multi-Conference on Science and Engineering 2022, MIMSE 2022 (Civil and Architecture)

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Peer-Review Statements

Buan Anshari, Mohammed Ali Elsageer, Hilton Ahmad, Wen-Shao Chang
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 1st MIMSE 2022 on September 14, 2022 in Mataram, Indonesia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful description...
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Application of the Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) to Predict Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Footing on Granular Soil

Ngudiyono, Tri Sulistyowati
The ultimate bearing capacity is an important parameter in the footing foundation design. Several classical methods are often used to analyze the bearing capacity of a footing foundation. However, the results of this analysis always give less accurate results than the experiment. In this manuscript,...
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Review on the Rigid Pavement Design for the Tanamori Road in the Labuan Bajo Resort Area of West Manggarai in East Nusa Tenggara Province – Indonesia

I Dewa Made Alit Karyawan, Didi S. Agustawijaya, Ria Restu Marlaninstyas, Made Mahendra, Hasyim, Fera Fitri Salsabila
Tanamori, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara, as a tourism destination area development in Indonesia needs to be supported by the existence of roads as the main means of its development. The road plan is in an area with heavy terrain so it takes a long transportation time. The limited time for completion...
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Hydraulic Turbulence Caused by Ship Movement and Slope Stability at the Juncture of Dredging and Reclamation

Sudipta Chakraborty, A. R. Kambekar
For accommodating deep drafted vessels dredging at the vessel maneuvering area to the required depth as well as deepening the berth pocket of the upcoming jetty also became necessary. Improvement of strength of the reclaimed ground became essential to cater to the future loads of container stacks, gantry...
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Traffic Management Simulation to Improve Tanah Aji Intersection Road Network Performance

Fera Fitri Salsabila, Desi Widianty, I Dewa Made Alit Karyawan, Hasyim
This paper is prepared to find out alternative traffic management that can reduce congestion on the Road Network at Tanah Aji Intersection. This research method is carried out by collecting primary and secondary data. Primary data includes field surveys, road geometry, traffic flow volume, and traffic...
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Comparative Investigations on Reactive Powder Concrete with and Without Coarse Aggregate

Hussein Kareem Sultan, Alaa S. Al-Husainy, Buan Anshari
Crushed dolomite with a nominal size of 8 mm and fine quartz sand with a nominal size of 2 mm were used to produce reactive powder concrete (RPC) in this study. The compressive strength is comparable to that of standard RPC with a maximum aggregate size of less than 0.6 mm. The use of crushed dolomite...
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Assessment Factor of Strength Development for Normal, High Strength, and Lightweight Concretes

Ni Nyoman Kencanawati, I Nyoman Merdana, Ngudiyono, Ricko Fachri Afriandi
Development in the construction sector continues to increase. The most common building material nowadays is concrete. Although normal concrete is often is being used, at this time high strength concrete and lightweight concrete have also been widely used in construction. In the codes for concrete materials,...
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Constitutive Model of Concrete Frame Structure Under Localized Fire Simulations

Suryawan Murtiadi, Made Mahendra, I Dewa Made Alit Karyawan, Akmaluddin Akmaluddin, Eko Pradjoko
In recent decades, special considerations have been given to the use of fire safety analysis on modern concrete buildings. The considerations include the stability of building which providing sufficient time for the occupants to evacuate and for firefighting. This paper is mainly concerned with the performance...
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Review of the 2018 Lombok Earthquake, Indonesia, and Its Impact from Previous Studies

Achmad Fajar Narotama Sarjan, Ismail Hoesain Muchtaranda
A series of strong earthquakes struck Lombok Island on 29 July (M 6.4), 5 August (M 7.0), 9 August (M 5.9), and 19 August (M 6.3 and M. 6.9) 2018 which led to severe damage with more than 500 deaths, 1,833 injured and devastated 186,010 houses (National Disaster Mitigation Agency). Lombok Island is categories...
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Disaster Mitigation Plan Based Flood Event Occurred on January 30th, 2021 in Kuta-Mandalika, Lombok, Indonesia

Atas Pracoyo, Ery Setiawan, Muh. Bagus Budianto, Eko Pradjoko
There was flood event that occurred on January 30th, 2021 in Kuta Mandalika Lombok. There were many infrastructure damages but no injured people were reported. According to information, this January flood is the biggest flood that occurred in Kuta Lombok. The research method consists of is field survey...
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The Application of Two Tsunami Inundation Model in the Kuta Mandalika Coast

Eko Pradjoko, Alan Maulana Karisma, Atas Pracoyo, Bambang Harianto, Agus Suroso, Yusron Saadi
The analysis of tsunami inundation is the part of tsunami threat study. In the manual of the Disaster Prevention National Agency (DPNA), the tsunami inundation can be analyzed by the Berryman Method. The method calculates the tsunami wave height reduction when inundating the land based on the surface...
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Hybrid Composite Sandwich Panels for Lightweight Housing Components: Concept and Experimental Results

Jauhar Fajrin, Yan Zhuge
Reducing the weight of structures is one of the key factors in maintaining affordable housing costs. The self-weight of a structure, which makes up a significant portion of the total load on a structure, may be decreased by using the appropriate material. Today, a lightweight composite sandwich panel...
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The Behavior of Two-Way Sandwich Concrete Slab with Aspect Ratios Variation Subjected to Central Point Load

Akmaluddin Akmaluddin, Suryawan Murtiadi, Ngudiyono, Pathurahman, Suparjo, I Nyoman Merdana
The self-weight of the concrete slab in high-rise building construction significantly affects the risk of structural failure in earthquake-prone areas as the earthquake force is directly proportional to the mass of the building. To reduce the building mass then the sandwich concrete slab is introduced....
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Exploring People’s Reasons of Living in Disaster-Prone Area and Promoting Disaster Risk Reduction in Urban Planning

Deffi Ayu Puspito Sari, Citra Ridhani
Cities among other areas bear the brunt of the impact of climate-related disasters, especially cities that are located in the coastal zone. To build resilient cities, it is necessary to involve disaster risk reduction (DRR) in spatial planning (RTRW) because it has an essential role in both mitigation...
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The Influence of Waste Ratio on Waste Consumption Level, Waste Reduction Index, and Growth of Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Deffi Ayu Puspito Sari, Darmono Taniwiryono, Novita Indri Pratiwi, Prismita Nursetyowati, Aqil Azizi, Diki Surya Irawan, Insan Harapan Harahap, Maskur
About 80% of the total amount of waste produced is generally organic waste, which is only seen as residual and has no economic value. Currently, the problem of organic waste is a problem that must be addressed immediately, and Black Soldier Fly is one of the solutions. This study aims to determine the...
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Analysis of Building Damage to the Housing Sector Based on Post-North Lombok Earthquake 2018 Investigations

Yaya Fradana, Jauhar Fajrin
A major earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 on the Richter Scale occurred in the Province of West Nusa Tenggara in 2018. Along with the deaths caused by the earthquake, public infrastructural facilities also sustained significant damage. One of the many losses experienced by the people of West Nusa Tenggara,...
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Stability of the Meninting Diversion-Spillway Tunnel Constructed into Weak Volcanic Rock Masses Influenced by the Lombok Earthquake 2018

Didi S. Agustawijaya, Tri Sulistyowati, Ausa R. Agustawijaya
The Meninting diversion-spillway tunnel is a part of the Meninting dam project located in West Lombok District. The construction commenced in 2017; then, a series of severe Lombok earthquakes halted the construction for a while in 2018, where some landslides occurred around the site. This possibly caused...
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Passenger Satisfaction Measurement with a SERVQUAL Approach and Proposed Improvements to Non Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Transjakarta Services Poris Plawad Route – Senayan Bundaran

Arief Suwandi, Ratri Kartika
Developing countries tend to have problems in the form of people often encountering the phenomenon of congestion. Public transportation is one of the assessments of the quality level of development of an area or country. The government continues to try to unravel the phenomenon of congestion that occurs....
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The Implementation of Community-Based Agrotourism Concept as Sustainable Design in Rebakong-Kayangan Village, North Lombok Regency

Rini Srikus Saptaningtyas, Giska Ayu Pradana Putri Kamase, Noor Oktova Fajriyah, Lee Yoke Lai
The tourism sector is one of the main pillars of a productive economy that has enormous potential to give a positive impact extensively. The Government of North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province utilized this sector to improve not only economic aspects but also the impact on social, cultural,...
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Study on the Linear Buckling Behaviour of Two Local Bamboo Species Under Different Length and Boundary Conditions via Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Hazrina Mansor, Mohammad Rosnizam Lop, Buan Anshari
Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing grass species. Although bamboo is a resilient and sustainable engineering material, its use in the building sector has been limited. The limitation in the usage is most likely due to its nature, which might vary depending on the species and origin, creating a challenge...
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The Development of the SARIMA Model for Flood Disaster Resilience

Heri Sulistiyono, Faisal Irshad Khan, Humairo Saidah, Ery Setiawan, I Wayan Yasa, I Wayan Suteja, Salehudin, I Dewa Gede Jaya Negara
Some agencies in the world warned that the recent flood disaster has been getting worse all over the world. Engineers have studied flooding and its impact with various simulation models. Yet, there is no model considered the best for all estimations of flood disasters in the future. In this paper, the...
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Material Properties and Fracture Energy of Kenaf FRP Composites

Zaim Omar, Sugiman Sugiman, Mustafasanie M. Yussof, Hilton Ahmad
The incorporations of synthetic fibers have raised worrying concerns, so an alternative material which is inexpensive and ecological resources is proposed. Kenaf fiber has high tensile modulus and elongation at break and potentially to be used as reinforcing fibers in FRP composites to replace synthetic...