Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Materials, Environmental and Biological Engineering

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Orthogonal test optimization Coix chinensis Tod. polysaccharide leaching process conditions

Yong-guang Bi, Yu-min Li
Based on preliminary studies to optimize the ultrasonic extraction of polysaccharides Coix chinensis Tod. conditions using orthogonal test method, the test results showed that: In order to obtain a higher extraction rate, optimization of process parameters for each factor A3B3C2D1, namely ultrasonic...
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Research on Seismic Reliability Analysis of Urban Water Supply Network

Fengxia Cong, Ying Zhao
The system of urban water supply network is an important part of the lifeline engineering. In the earthquake, the water supply network suffers devastating damage, and that will cause serious casualties and national economic losses. Moreover, China's water supply systems mostly are not formal seismic...
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Environmental Impacts Research for Scroll Compressor Based on Life Cycle Assessment

Junli Shi, Zhanjie Li, Zhi Cao, Han Wang, Yuqi Lu, Yu Wang
This study intends to quantify the energy consumption and environmental emissions in the entire life cycle of a scroll compressor produced in a Chinese factory and to determine the stage with the largest environmental impact. The results show that energy consumption, CO2 and dust are three predominant...
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Research and application of electrochemical abrasive belt polishing technology in compressor crankshaft

Hongwei Qu, Shisuo Li, Qiang Wang, Qingjin Zhang, Zhihui Xu
On the analysis of the electrochemical abrasive belt polishing technology, the main process parameters and equipments for the compressor crankshaft are selected; a set of finishing experiment plan is designed. The results show that the polishing process can reduce the surface roughness obviously, and...
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Progress of Studies on the Fouling of Membrane in Membrane Bioreactor

Jingya Zhang, Huaming Xu
Progress of studies in the mechanism of the membrane fouling of Membrane Bioreactor was introduced from aspects of membrane characteristics, the operating conditions and the properties of microorganisms the feedwater. The usual control strategies of the membrane fouling were summarized such as optimizing...
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Evaluation on Ecological Security of Hangzhou Urban Land based on BP Neural Network

Jiawei Ye
Take Hangzhou as an example, ecological safety evaluation of urban land provides the basis for promoting urban ecological security.21 indicators were chose to set up the evaluation system. By using BP neural network method, the study followed is trying to evaluate ecological security of urban land. The...
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The Model Research of Urban Land Planning and Traffic Integration

Lang Wang
The urban spatial layout, traffic demand forecast, and traffic planning cannot work without the support of system science. There is the interaction between the urban spatial layout and the traffic demand. The former is the generating source of the latter, and the latter has a guiding role on the former....
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Analysis on the Landscape Design in the Ecological Planning Concept

Xu-dan Zhou, Yue Qi, Hao Qi
The ecological garden is the inheritance and development of traditional garden experience; follow the principle of ecology, the construction of multi-level and multiple structures, multi-function plant community of science. To establish new order of the associated humans, animals, plants and ecological...
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The Effects of Paddy Soil Fungi Community Functional Diversity Under Organic Fertilizer Management Measures

Dongye Sun, Manqiang Liu, Feng Hu
Paddy soil microbial community composition and functional diversity changes after a long-term fertilization were studied by BIOLOG. The results showed that the AWCD value eventually reached after a long-term fertilization was increased at some extent compared with the no fertilization. The diversity...
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Pollution level and source of cyanide in Jiaozhou Bay, eastern China

Dongfeng Yang, Xinhuai He, Jie Gao, Aijie Xin, Feijuan Wang
In order to provided background material of cyanide pollution history of Jiaozhou Bay, this paper analyzed the pollution and source of cyanide inJiaozhou Bay in 1982. Results showed that Jiaozhou Bay had not been polluted by cyanide in 1982. The contents of cyanide in June and October in surface waters...
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Study on Catalytic Performance of Heteropoly Acid Supported on MCM-41 Molecular Sieve in Synthesized of Butyl lactate

Ling Xu, Hai Yun Yu, Li Mei Duan, Zong Rui Liu
The supported heteropoly acid catalysts were prepared by loading Phosphotungstic acid on the MCM-41 molecular sieve via the impregnation method, which were characterized by FT-IR, N2 adsorption-desorption and applied in the synthesis of butyl lactate. The results show that heteropoly acids supported...
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Study on Measurement Method of Material Elastic Index

Yanxia Wang, Hai Yun, Tiantian Sun, Qinghui Shang, Yongli Bao
Elastic index is the required important parameters in the theoretical analysis and design calculation of components. Mechanical testing method and electrical measuring method are commonly used in engineering mechanics experimental. This article discusses the ultrasonic method which is used to measure...
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Exploration on Thermal Shock Mechanical Properties of Ceramic Materials

Yanxia Wang, Tiantian Sun, Qinghui Shang, Yongli Bao, Xiaomin Ma
Fatigue failure is very common phenomenon in engineering field, and fatigue problem is more and more prominent with the development of modern social production to high speed, high temperature, high strength load. In process of college undergraduate course graduation design and innovative experiments,...
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Enhancement of PAC addition for MBR treating micro-polluted water resource loading with 2,4,6-TCP

Quan Zhang, Wenyi Dong, Lei Liu, Rubing Han
In this investigation, the removals of pollutants especially 2,4,6-trichlorophenol by MBR and a simultaneous application of powdered activated carbon with MBR using flat sheet membrane were contrasted. The results displayed that both the two systems could effectively remove ammonia-N, total organics...
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The Analysis on Geochemistry of Groundwater in the Coastal Areas of Wanning, the Northeast Hainan Island

Yanyan Liang, Feng Li, Kaixuan Shen, Jiasheng Wen, Xiangyun Zeng, Xiaolin Long, Haijun He, Jinwei Zhang
Groundwater is an important source of drinking water in the coastal areas of Hainan Island. In order to fully understand the condition of groundwater and impact of seawater intrusion, chemical data of logging groundwater in the northeast coast of Hainan Island, which was acquired by continuous sampling...
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Influence of Quenching Temperature on Microstructure and Properties of Cr5 steel

Ya-sha Yuan, Wen-yan Wang, Jing-pei Xie, Kai-hui Xu, Hao-yin Zhang, Ai-qin Wang, Luo-li Li
The microstructure (before and after quenching), phase (before quenching), carbide content and hardness were studied by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, optical software and Rockwell hardness tester. The results indicate that carbides of Cr5 steel have different morphology features and...
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Mesoporous Indium Oxide for Nonenzymatic Uric Acid Sensing

Qingyou Huang, Yang Cao, Yong Chen, Wei Huang, Xiaohong Wang, Kexi Zhang, Jinchun Tu
Mesoporous indium oxide has been successfully obtained by a simple nanocasting method. The characterization indicated that the powders havea good crystalline structure, and the synthesis was successfully controlled in nanoscale (meso-structure). The elcctrochemicalsensor based on mesoporousindium oxide...
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Progress in Fabrication Technique of Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Al Matrix Composites

Chun Wu, WenXin Ma, YaPing Chen, Chen Yan Liying, Jing Li
The carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotubes reinforced aluminum matrix composite materials was described, the basic characteristics about carbon nanotubes preparation methods of aluminum matrix composites and preparation process problems and solutions. Finally, the carbon nanotubes reinforced aluminum...
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Experimental Study on Influence of Slurry Concentration on Gel Time of Double Liquid Grouting Material

Yanfang Li, Hongliang Huang, Sulan Li
The selection of cement slurry with different consistency and different concentrations of Sodium silicate, design and test research on the mixture ratio of cement-Sodium silicate grouting material, 4 W/C and 4 0Bé co design 16 groups of proportion, through the collation and analysis of experimental data,...
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Experimental Study on Influence of Baume Degrees on Double Liquid Grouting Material’s Consolidation Strength

Yanfang Li, Hongliang Huang, Pingyin Yang
In the premise of selecting different consistency of cement slurry, deploy different concentrations of Sodium silicate, design 16 groups of ratio, design and test research on cement and Sodium silicate double liquid grouting material mixture ratio, through the collation and analysis of experimental data,...
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Experimental Study on the Effect of Fly Ash on Performance of Double Liquid Grouting Material

Yanfang Li, Hongliang Huang, Jianlin Hu
On the premise of fixed slurry consistency and concentration of sodium silicate, adjust proportion design of fly ash content 8 groups, cement-sodium silicate double liquid grouting material experimental study and mixture ratio design, through the collation and analysis of experimental data, concluded...
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Experimental Study on the Effect of Slag Powder on Performance of Double Liquid Grouting Material

Yanfang Li, Hongliang Huang, Lijun Qiu
On the premise of fixed cement slurry consistency and sodium silicate concentration, adjust the content of slag powder design 8 groups of ratio, cement and sodium silicate double liquid grouting material mix design and test research, through the collation and analysis of experimental data, obtained the...
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Cuprous Oxide Cubebox for Nonenzymatic Amperometric Hydrogen Peroxide Detection

Delun Chen, Yang Cao, Yong Chen, Wei Huang, Changjiu Li, Xiaohong Wang, Kexi Zhang, Jinchun Tu
Cuprous oxide (Cu2O)nanomaterial has been successfully obtained by a simple sol-gel technique. The characterization indicated that the powders have a good crystalline structure, and the synthesis was successfully controlled in nanoscale.Cyclic voltammetry (CV) revealed that Cu2O cubebox exhibited a direct...
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Isothermal crystallization kinetics and morphology of nanodiamond/polyphenylene sulfide composites

Shuling Deng, Chongmin Du, Hubin Lin, Jianyi Zhu, Zhidan Lin
Nanodiamond (ND) as a filler material provides a nucleation effect on polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) and promotes its crystallization. The effects of ND on crystallization behavior and kinetics of composites were investigated by DSC. The results show that ND acts as an nucleating agent for PPS to accelerate...
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Influence of Calcined Shale on Sulphate Corrosion Resistance of Cement

Jingshun Yuan, Fang Fang, Bin Xue, Xiaohong Cong, Jiangtao Han
According to the cement sulfate corrosion resistance properties of Portland cement mixed burning shale to determine the erosion test method, and analyzes the influence of different system of calcined shale sulphate corrosion resistance properties of Portland cement. The results show that: calcined shale...
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Cloning and Site-specific Mutagenesis of DS Enzyme Gene of Corynebacterium glutamicum

Hansong Yu, Shuang Qu, Yuhua Wang, Chunhong Piao, Junmei Liu, Yaohui Hu
In order to obtain the higher activity DS enzyme through genetic engineering technology. The point mutation method is used to get a higher activity recombinant DS enzyme from Corynebacterium glutamicum. At last the point 183 was mutated from L to Q in LG-322.The mutation type is a fundermental of construct...
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Interface bonding performance of CuW alloy coating on Cu substrate

Jiliang Zhang, Fei Wang, Jie Yan, Yonghua Gu, Kaiyong Jiang
In this paper, CuW alloy is successfully coated on copper substrate by microwave sintering. A wedged load test and scanning electronic microscopy (SEM) are employed to investigate the interface bonding performance. The results show that the CuW coating bonds firmly to the copper substrate without any...
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Analysis of Facet Temperature Distribution of Semiconductor Lasers

Tiansheng Zhao, Zaijin Li, Te Li, Peng Lu, Yi Qu, Baoxue Bo, Guojun Liu, Xiaohui Ma, Yong Wang
In this paper catastrophic optical mirror damage(COMD) mechanism of the semiconductor laser is analyzed. COMD is one of major device damage mechanisms, which is drastically limited laser lifetime and output optical power. The theoretical model that based on heat source with injection current and optical...
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The High Vacuum Cleaving Passivation Characteristic on 980nm Diode Laser

Tiansheng Zhao, Zaijin Li, Te Li, Peng Lu, Yi Qu, Baoxue Bo, Guojun Liu, Xiaohui Ma, Yong Wang
The high vacuum cleaving passivation characteristic on 980nm diode laser is presented. In this research, diode lasers are cleaved in high vacuum cleaving system, and then coated with thin ZnSe passivation layer in the front and the back facet. The function of the passivation layer is to protect diode...
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Application of Geostatistics in the Study of Ore-controlling Factors : Taking Example of Manjiazhai Ore Segment in Dulong Tin Polymetallic Ore Deposit

Fuju Jia, Wu Wei, Hongliang Nian, Zize Xiao
The the tin and zinc enrichment in the Manjiazhai ore segment ore-bearing strata were studied in this paper, Exploration samples database for 3D model was designed. Variogram analysis show that the strata ore-controlling characteristic is significant. Tin is mainly enriched in the lower layers and zinc...
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Determination of Total Alkaloids in Different Parts of Actinidia arguta by Spectrophotography

Yang-yang Liu, Chang-jiang Liu
Total Alkaloids are important active materials of Actinidia arguta. However, no study has been conducted to explore the content determination method of the Actinidia arguta total alkaloid. An effective method was established in order to determine the total alkaloids from different parts of Actinidia...
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Extraction Process Optimization of Total Alkaloid from Actinidia arguta

Yang-yang Liu, Chang-jiang Liu
To study on optimal conditions for extracting the higher content of total alkaloid from Actinidia arguta fruits, the effects of ethanol concentration, temperature, time and solid-liquid ratio on extraction efficiency total alkaloid were explored. The results showed that the optimum extraction conditions...
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Investigation and research on railway passenger car and EMU battery

Yuan Wen
China railway passenger cars from 25B green cars to the development of high speed EMU, the battery is still followed the lead-acid battery and cadmium nickel battery, battery containing heavy metal railway passenger cars will bring great harm to the environment. Through access to a large number of data...
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Manganese-Induced Effects on Calcium Homeostasis of the Neurons in Hyline Cocks

Xiaofei Liu, Lirong Jing, Lv Xue, Yongqiang Ma, Huanan Guan, Wang Wei
Manganese (Mn) is known to be essential for maintaining the proper function and regulation of many biochemical. To investigate the toxicity of Mn on bird brains, 50-day-old cocks were fed either a commercial diet or a Mn-supplemented diet. the following were determined: Mn concentration, Ca2+ concentration,...
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Effects of Dietary Manganese on Oxidative Damage of the Neurons in Cocks

Xiaofei Liu, Lirong Jing, Lv Xue, Yongqiang Ma, Huanan Guan, Wang Wei
To investigate the Manganese(Mn)-induced toxicity on crucial oxidative damage parameters on brain of birds, 50-day-old male Hyline cocks were fed either a commercial diet or a Mn-supplemented diet. The following were determined: restraining ability to OH•, the activities of Na+-K+-ATPase, Mg2+-ATPase...
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Study on the Structure and Properties of Novel Bio-based Polyamide56 Fiber Compared with Normal Polyamide Fibers

Xinmin Hao, Yafei Guo, Yueling Li, Yuan Yang, Yuhong Shen, Xi Hao, Jianming Wang
The new kind of bio-based polyamide56 fiber has been synthesized by adipic acid and 1,5-pentanediamine, which was prepared by fermenting a variety of starch. The spin ability, physical and thermal properties of bio-based PA56, PA 6 and PA 66 were evaluated through systematic investigation and measurement....
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New Type of Bimetal Composite Casting and Welding Connection Square Hammer

Penghui Yang, Shoufan Rong, Xingming Zhao, Yongchang Zhu, Yanhe Wu, Xingyi Li
The brick crusher hammers were used in factory, which wear-resisting was poorer. According this phenomenon, the single structure was designed in symmetrical fission structure. Firstly, high chromium cast and low alloy steel were casted into half of the bimetal hammer head, then two new type bimetal hammer...
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Research of The Excavator Form-Relieved Tooth Texture with The Medium Carbon Medium Alloy Bainite Wear-Resistant Steel

Xingming Zhao, Shoufan Rong, Xiulan Duan, Penghui Yang, Yanhe Wu, Xingyi Li
According to the working conditions and performance requirements of relieving, this topic designed four groups of chemical composition for the text and put forward a complete set of heat treatment process. And found a set of optimal component ratio and the heat treatment process by the experimental steel...
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Acetylcholinesterase biosensor based on chitosan/ZnO nanocomposites modified electrode for amperometric detection of pesticides

Huanan Guan, Jialiang Jiang, Dandan Chen, Wei Wang, Yan Wang, Jiaying Xin
A novel photoelectrochemical biosensor incorporating nanosized ZnO semiconductor crystals with enzyme to enhance photochemical reaction has been investigated. In this work, the ZnO nanoparticles and acetylcholinesterase (AChE) were immobilized on Pt electrode by chitosan (CHI) via layer-by-layer technique...
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Fabrication of Tyrosinase Nano-biosensor for Catechol Inspection

Huanan Guan, Benjun Li
A novel tyrosinase (Tyr) biosensor based on liposome bioreactor and chitosan (CS) nano-composite has been developed for the detection of phenolic compounds. The encapsulation efficiency and drug loading content of the Tyr-loaded Liposome-based bioreactors were about 46.35± 0.85% and 41.15±0.95%, respectively....
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Study of microstructure and mechanical property on bulk Ni–Fe alloys fabricated by electrodeposition

Wei Ding
An electrodeposited Ni-Fe alloy with a nickel content of 75% was introduced in this paper, thickness of this Ni-Fe alloy is 1mm. Microstructure, tensile mechanical, and hardness and the phase were studied by using field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE SEM), tensile test, hardness tester and...
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Compounds Developed from the La-As-Fe System at High Temperature

Chenlv Peng, Jinzhu Zhang
The interaction among Lanthanum, Arsenic and Iron at high temperature in a pressure-tight reactor machined by H08 steel were studied by means of electron probe microanalysis, optical microscopy and X-ray diffraction to understand what compounds could be developed on the condition that the atomic ratio...
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Experimental Research on Hysteretic Behaviors of Square Tubular T-joint

Peng Deng, Benbing Li, Huiling Wang, Qibiao Zhang
In order to study the failure modes and hysteretic behaviors of square tubular T-joints, three specimens were made to conduct the cyclic loading test. The test stimulated the constrain condition with hinge connection of both ends of chord member, and the brace was subjected to axial cyclic loading. Based...
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Theory Research and Practice of Structure Safety Measures and Deformation Prediction in Goaf

Peng Deng, Lei Tai, Huiling Wang, Qibiao Zhang
Recently, coal mining in Jining has extended to the crowded cities and villages, bringing out the deformation of the rock in these areas, which leads to the damage of the civil and industrial buildings. Therefore, the ground surface deformation and the damage characteristics of the buildings have been...
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Research on Construction Method of Agricultural Domain Ontology

Guoxia Yang, Ziyu Liu, Xiaomin Shen
Based on the two major methods for the construction of domain ontology, that is, ontology engineering and thesaurus-based ontology construction, this paper puts forward a construction methodology of agricultural domain ontology based on thesaurus. This paper details all parts of the methodology. Under...
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Study on Modified mechanism of asphalt of PPA in conjunction with SBS

Yaodong Wu
Modified mechanism of asphalt of PPA in conjunction with SBS is studied on from the microscopic view by experiments. These experiments include four constituents fluorescence microscopy infrared spectroscopy and DSC. The results show that the proportion of asphaltene increase and the proportion of colloid...
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Research about the Combustion Synthesis Welding of U75V Rail Steel

Shuzhen Li, Bolin He, Kang Wei, Zongmin Li
As a new welding method, combustion synthesis welding technology caused widespread concern at home and abroad in recent years. The combustion synthesis technology, the concept of combustion synthesis welding, classification, welding process characteristics and influence factors were introduced. The combustion...
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Leakage Causes Analysis on a Boiler Enclosure Wall Superheater

Weiyong Li, Yaofang He, Xin Guan, Yanjun Meng
The leakage reasons for a boiler enclosure wall superheater were discussed based on experimental results of macro fracture observation, chemical composition analysis, metallurgical microstructure examination, SEM and EDS analysis. It was presumed that weld flaw firstly formed due to large weld process...
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Dissociation Mechanism of 6-APA reacted with a varying number of H+

Shuling Cui, Yuxi Ning
Properties of the products derived from the reaction of 6-aminopenicillanic acid (6-APA) with varying number of H+ have been researched by B3LYP method of the Density Function Theory (DFT) on the basis of 6-31G* sets. It is found that the products are all unstable, and easily open their beta lactam rings....
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Synthesis on a type of polycarboxylate superplasticizer under room temprature

Xing Li, Minghua Yuan, Chong Sun, Jinwen Wang
This investigation was undertaken to evaluate a new kind of polycarboxylate superplasticizer .Used polyoxyethylene ether (TPEG), acrylic acid (AA) functional monomer (A)and as the monomer, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as initiator, Vitamin C (Vc)as reducing agent, TGA as chain transfer agent, synthesised...
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Effect of the initial temperature on the water-reducing performance of polycarboxylate-based superplasticizers

Jinwen Wang, Guangjun Zheng, Minghua Yuan, Chong Sun, Yao Bi
In order to study the effect of the temperature of reaction system on the properties of polycarboxylate-based superplasticizers (PC) and on the cement workability, the PC are synthesized in different initiatory temperature from 10 to 40 . Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), and gel permeation...
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Study on new viscosity modifying agents

Shaofeng Wang, Juxiang Xing, Chong Sun, Jinwen Wang, Yao Bi
In this work, we synthesized a new viscosity modifying agents with AA, AM as monomer and ammonium persulfate as initiator. Through the discussion on the AA dosage, the polymerization conditions, we determined the optimum technological conditions of the new VMA: the optimum molar ratio of AA to AM is...
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Effect on rheological properties with different carboxyl density of polycarboxylate superplasticizer

Chengfei Fu, Hui Zhou, Minghua Yuan, Xing Li, Long Xiong
Under the condition of unchangeable reaction time, the dosage of initiator and chain transfer agent, the molar volume of unsaturated double bond, we synthesized a series of polycarboxylate superplasticizer via free radical polymerization. These polycarboxylate superplasticizer had a similar structure...
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Effect of typical clay upon the dispersion performance of polycarboxylate superplasticizer

Long Xiong, Guangjun Zheng, Yao Bi, Chengfei Fu
The effect of three typical commercial clays (Na-MMT, Illite and Kaolin) upon the dispersion of polycarboxylate (PCE) was investigated by mini slump test and viscosity analysis. PCE adsorption on clays or cement was determined by method of total organic carbon. Mini slump test results showed adding more...
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A new Polyether mixture air-entraining agent

Juxiang Xing, Guangjun Zheng, Yao Bi, Chong Sun, Shaofeng Wang, Xing Li
Air-entraining agents have been regarded as essential for the workability of concrete since the 1930s, the uniform, stable tiny bubbles in concrete can improve the workability of concrete, reduce segregation and bleeding in fresh concrete, improve freeze-thaw durability and increase pump-ability of fresh...
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Study on preparation and properties of polycarboxylate superplasticizer with early-age strength

Xing Li, Weidong Ye, Hui Zhou, Minghua Yuan
The shortcoming of polycarboxylate superplasticizer could delay the early strength of concrete, this limit its use in winter. In order to satisfy the application of polycarboxylate superplasticizer in the early strength constructional buildings. TEA was introduced into molecular chain of polycarboxylate...
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The Clay-tolerance of Amide-modified Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer and Its Performance with Clay-Bearing Aggregates

Chong Sun, Hui Zhou, Xing Li, Shafeng Wang, Juxiang Xing
Amide-modified polycarboxylate superplasticizer (PCE) has shown many advantages compared with conventional polycarboxylate superplasticizer due to its unique molecular structure. In this study, we introduced three types of clay, montmorillonite, kaolinite and muscovite into cement and their influence...
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Effect of Ferrous ion on the performance of polycarboxylate superplasticizers

Shaofeng Wang, Long Xiong, Juxiang Xing, Guangjun Zheng, Yao Bi
The effect of ferrous ions on the molecular weight and molecular weight distribution of PCE is investigated by Gel permeation chromatography (GPC). The effect of ferrous ions on the dispersion properties of PCE is measured by the fluidity of cement pastes. The results indicate that ferrous sulfate adopted...
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Influence of laser remelting on surface topography and chemical component of K423A nickel-base superalloy

Gang Lu, Hao Wu, Qingsong Yan, Baiping Lu, Pu Mao, Min Liu
Through analyzing and testing the microstructure and chemical component of the samples after laser remelting, the influence of laser remelting on K423A nickel-base superalloy were studied. The results showed that, laser remelting had a significant influence on surface topography of K423A nickel-base...
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Analysis of the Coating surface Properties of Coated Paper

Ying Li, Jie Zhang, Haishan Li, Wen juan Gu, Banggui He
The surface properties of coating layer have an important influence on printing quality. In this research, the main objective was to investigate into the coating surface topography and characteristics related to binder. The surface microstructure and properties were explored in the method of numerical...
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Study on the TIG Welding Technology of the Aluminized Steel

Bixin Guo, Xiaowei Du
The welding property of the Aluminized steel is analyzed in this article, TIG welding technology of Aluminized steel is presented on the base of mass experimentations, it proves that this technology can effectively prevent the welding crack and improve the property of the weld joint.
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Extraction of Oil in Cleaning Oily Waste in Helio Devices Equipped with Concentrating Elements

M. Abdibattayeva, A. Umbetbekov, G. Kalimbetov, A. Beketova
Possible solutions of this problem and environmental security are considered in this article, solutions are based on a scientific study on recovery and recycling of oily waste. The method of oil extraction in the purification of oil-containing wastes using solar energy is worked out, given method based...
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The effect of magnesium doped on microstructure of aluminum alloy under ultrasonic vibration

Chun Li, Da Li, Wen Cheng Huang
Aluminum has great application in the machinery, transportation, aviation and military and other fields, because of its light weight, rich in resources, good comprehensive properties. Structure determines the properties, in order to obtain good properties, the key is to get the fine and uniform equiaxed...
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Durability research of C60 High-strength Mass Concrete Foundation Slab

Wen Yang, Hanyang Huang, Erbo Pang, Lei Qu
Combined with Wuhan Yongqing commercial zone slab requirements, the engineering application concrete mix ratio is determined by testing the durability and mixing optimization, finally realizing one-time continuous pouring 25000 m3 C60 High-strength Mass Concrete Foundation Slab and ensuring the engineering...
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Structural Analysis and Characterization of Cu, Sr-doped Hydroxyapatite Whiskers

Ying Guo, Jin Wen, Hongquan Zhang, Luwei Fu, Fei Yang
Cu and Sr ions doped hydroxyapatite (Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2, HA) whiskers were synthesized by hydrothermal homogeneous precipitation method. The morphology, structure and the phase composites of the products were characterized by XRD, FTIR and SEM. The results showed that Cu2+ or Sr2+ partially substituted...
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Effects of Phosphate Bioglass on Sintering of Hydroxyapatite Scaffolds by Freeze-Drying

Luwei Fu, Jin Wen, Hongquan Zhang, Ying Guo, Fei Yang
Effects of phosphate bioglass on sintering of hydroxyapatite (Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2,HA) scaffolds prepared by freeze-drying casting was studied. The phosphate bioglass, acted as a binder, was added in a mixture of HA powders and forming additives. The result shows that the phosphate bioglass binder could improve...
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Naphthenic Acid Corrosion of 20G under High Flow Rate Flushing

Huifeng Li, Sihong Rao, Lei Wang, Yu Zhou, Sixian Rao
Analysis of turbulence on the naphthenic acid corrosion specimens under scouring of 90m/s high flow rate fluid by Fluent indicated that maximum turbulence existed at the center of specimen, the turbulence in other zones decreased nonlinearly with the distance from the center. The average corrosion rate...
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Influence of Turbulence on Naphthenic Acid Corrosion of SA210C

Lei Wang, Huifeng Li, Ju Liu, Yu Zhou, Sixian Rao
The turbulence and flow rate around the specimens were analyzed by Fluent and results indicated that specimens installed in the pipeline varied the fluid flow direction, highly increased the flow rate nearby and formed strong turbulence around the specimens, the max turbulence in work areas could reach...
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Influence of turbulence on Naphthenic Acid Corrosion of A335-P5

Feifei Xu, Libing Zhang, Ju Liu, Yu Zhou, Sixian Rao
Fluent6.2 was used to analog the turbulence and flow rate around the specimens installed in the pipeline and results indicated that the specimens varied the fluid flow direction and increased flow rate of fluid from 20m s-1 to 50m s-1, strong turbulence was formed around the specimens and the max turbulence...
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Research on the Binder Distribution Depth and Evenness in Coated Paper

Ying Li, Jie Zhang, Haishan Li
In order to characterizing the binder distribution, Changed drying temperatures were used to alter binder distribution in coating drying process, which was used to investigate into the effect of drying condition on the binder distribution and characterize the binder migration in the method of numerical...
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Study on Improving the Anticorrosion Ability of Chemical Machinery

Zhenhui Luan, Chao Liu, Shan Wang, Yihua Li
In the chemical industry, chemical machinery is essential production equipment, the corrosion problems of the chemical equipment will bring negative economic problems to the enterprises. In order to improve the anticorrosion ability of chemical machiery, the types of corrosion were introduced, the principle...
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Carrying Capacity of Semi-Rigid Joint of Timber-Concrete Beams

Petr Agel, Kristýna Klajmonová, Antonín Lokaj, Roman Fojtík
The aim of this article is a presentation of the results of laboratory tests and numerical and analytical modeling of timber-concrete composite beams with semi-rigid joints made of steel plates and convex nails. Due to good quality of used materials, composite timber-concrete constructions are considered...
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The microstructure and texture analysis of Ti-6Al-4V alloy through linear friction welding

Heng Zhao, Qingbin Liu, Yaole Xie
The microstructure and texture analysis of Ti-6Al-4V are investigated through SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope). Based on original references, the results show that, the to phase transformation at the welding center enhances yield strength and ultimate strength through orientations distribution. In...
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Research on the broadband operating mode of anisotropic acousto-optic deflector using tellurium dioxide crystal

Jie Li, Yanlei Gao, Jingmin Liu, Zhenjun Yang, Zhaoguang Pang
Theoretical studies on the broadband operating mode of anisotropic acousto-optic deflector (AOD) using tellurium dioxide crystal are carried out, the operating properties of the bandwidth and the central frequency of the AOD are systematically studied by solving the Dixon equation that characterizes...
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Development of Ti-Al intermetallic compounds porous material with reactively synthesizing and its biological application

Xilin Xiao, Lifu Liao, Changming Nie, Xin Zhou, Bo He, Chang’ai Deng
Bacterial infection is one of the most common problems after orthopedic implant surgery. If not prevented, bacterial infection can result in serious and life threatening conditions such as osteomyelitis. Thus, in order to reduce chances of such serious complication, patients are often subjected to antibiotic...
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Subjective Evaluations of Fabric Wear Prickle Sensation by Using New Rating Scale

Rabie Ahmed Mohammed Asad, Naftali Kiplagat, Weidong YU
In this study, prickle sensation was investigated for wear fabrics having different compositions and physical surface characteristics using 1-7 rating scale. Rating score test for prickle sensory discomfort wear fabric test was conducted on 31 subjects. It was found that prickleness sensation arise during...
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Improved Performance of Multilayer TiON/TaON Structure as Gate Dielectric for InGaAs Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Capacitor

Li-Sheng Wang, Jing-Ping Xu, Lu Liu, Han-Han Lu
The interfacial and electrical properties of the multilayer TiON/TaON/InGaAs and TaON/TiON/InGaAs metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) capacitors fabricated by alternately RF-sputtering method are investigated and compared. Experimental results show that the former exhibits lower interface-state density,...
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The mineralogy study of an Anshan low grade hamatite

Wenli Jiang, Guangquan Liang, Xiwen Xia, Yimin Zhang, Tao Liu
Through the study on technological mineralogy of anshan type lean hematite ore, proved the stope in the southern district of ore minerals in the ore is mainly hematite, limonite, magnetite, hematite, siderite images, accounts for some 40% of the content of rock,the gangue minerals are mainly quartz,...
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Extrusion Pressure Analysis of Powder State Material of Non-Plug Solid Conveying in Feeding Section of Single Screw Extruder

Dali Shi, Chunhui Liu, Jianhua Qin
Using a single screw extruder for extruding pure UHMWPE, one of the necessary conditions is to generate large enough extrusion pressure [4]. This article launches a comprehensive and detailed study of raw material of the pure UHMWPE resin powder, establishes a mathematical model of extrusion molding...
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Elastic Rebound Research in Cold Bending Processing on Aluminum Alloy Plate

Libin Zhou, Huanguo Chen
Taking 5083 aluminum alloy plate in cold bending test for example, according to the different measuring results of the elastic rebound angle, the bending properties of 5083 aluminum alloy is studied.And the data statistics and analysis are finished,The experience curve of “the rebound angle with R/s”...
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Pollution level of volatile phenols in surface water in a bay in Shandong Province, eastern China

Dongfeng Yang, Huazhong He, Sixi Zhu, Chuanyan Diao, Yi Wang
This paper analyzed the temporal and spatial distributions of volatile phenols in surface waters in Jiaozhou Bay in 1982. Results showed that the contents of volatile phenols in wet seasons were higher than in dry seasons yet were very low. Ocean current and overland runoff were major sources of volatile...
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Preparation of Oxidation Resistance Coating of Silicide by Pack Cementation

Tao Lin, Huiping Shao, Wenwen Zhang
The application of molybdenum was limited as a candidate material for working at a high temperature because molybdenum has a poor oxidation resistance. MoSi2 is typically selected to solve the problem since it can form a dense SiO2 coating to protect the substrate molybdenum. MoSi2 coating on the surface...
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Research on certified reference material of benzene in toluene

Yuebing Sha, Xiaobo Yu, Ke Wang
The verification certified reference material about thermal conductivity detector (TCD) of gas chromatograph was studied and the preparation was introduced. This article in detail introduced uniformity, stability assessment of certified reference material and analyzed the uncertainty evaluation. The...
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Molecular Modeling Studies on Binding of Chlorotetracycline and Enoxacin to Human Serum Albumin

Taoying Hu, Ying Liu
The interactions of chlorotetracycline (CTC) and enoxacin (ENX) with human serum albumin (HSA) had been studied by molecular modeling method. Molecular docking revealed that both CTC and ENX bound to site I (subdomain IIA) of HSA through multiple interactions, such as hydrogen bonds, hydrophobic effect...
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Physical and Functional Properties of Antibacterial Nylon/Bamboo Polyester/Stainless Steel Wrapped Yarns and Knitted Fabrics

Zhi-cai Yu, Jian-Fei Zhang, Ching-Wen Lou, Jia-Horng Lin
There are derivative many problems from electromagnetic (EM) wave radiation with the development of communication technique. To protect the human body from the EM radiation, in this study, the antibacterial nylon (AN)/ bamboo charcoal polyester (BC-PET)/ stainless steel wire (SSW) metal composite yarns...
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The Visualization Research of Villus on Plant Organ Surface

Yingying Yin
For the aim that implement the visualization of plant villus vividly and effectively, do much work on the research of villus outward appearance, then put forward a method to simulate villus on computer, the method adopt segment to construct a single villus, and then, with the addition of parameters such...
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Numerical simulation and optimizing of the hydrolysis reaction about methyl ethyl ketone azine

Weiwen Wang, Guojian Zhu, Jihai Duan, Zisheng Zhang
The hydrolysis reaction of methyl ethyl ketone azine and the simulation of process are studied. The influence factors such as the plate number, the feed location, water and methyl ethyl ketone azine molar ratio and reflux ratio are studied respectively. The feeding method is single strand, reaction section...
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Simulation and optimization for separation of ethylenediamine-water azeotropic mixture

Weiwen Wang, Qun Jia, Jihai Duan, Zisheng Zhang
In this paper, the separation process of ethylenediamine-water azeotropic mixture is investigated with Aspen Plus software. The sim- ulation results show that the extractive disti- llation column includes 26 theoretical plates, the D/F of azeotropic distillation column is 0.18, the feed location of azeotropic...
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Numerical Investigation of the Impact of Shrinkage on the Pyrolysis of Biomass

Yuanyuan Lv, Jihai Duan
A new method for modeling shrinkage of a biomass particle is presented with the unreacted-core-shrinking model and shrinking core model for coal combustion. 2D model of biomass pyrolysis in a moving bed was established. The simulation was carried out with open source code MFIX by using Eulerian-Eulerian...
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Thermodynamic Calculation Study on Solid Solutions’ Stabilities of Au-Pd-M (M=Mo, Y, Zr)

Saibei Wang, Ming Xie, Jiming Zhang, Song Wang, Jieqiong Hu, Manmen Liu, Aikun Li
According to the first-principle based on density functional theory, the stability of the solid solutions of Au-Pd-M (M=Mo,Y,Zr) alloy systems were calculated. The results show that, adding the same percentage content, 1% Mo doped in Au-Pd solid solution is the most stable phase structure. When doped...
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Mechanical Behaviors Study of Epoxy Resins Reinforced with Nano-SiO2 Particles

Jian Zheng, Xiong Chen, Deng Jia, Xin Tong
Epoxy resin composites filled with nanoparticles are widely used for electrical devices such as insulators, VLSI package and rocket engine shell materials. An experimental study on the mechanical property of SiO2-filled epoxy resin composite was carried out by the electronic universal testing machine....
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Establishment of a duplex RT-PCR assay for simultaneous detection of Rift valley fever virus and peste des petits ruminants virus

Guili Li, Yin Wang, Xueping Yao, Ling Hu
Rift valley fever(RVF) and peste des petits ruminants(PPR) are both highly contagious diseases of ruminants caused by RVF virus (RVFV) and PPR virus (PPRV), which are both the notifiable multiple species diseases in the OIE list. In order to establish a rapid method for detecting of RVF and PPR, two...
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Influence of Al Concentration on the High Temperature Cyclic Oxidation Resistance Behavior of Fe-15Cu Alloys

Lingyun Bai, Xianchao Xu, Junhuai Xiang, Songping Wang, Ting Wang
The cyclic oxidation behaviors of Fe-15Cu alloys with different Al concentration at 800 oC were studied. The oxidation kinetics showed that the oxidation process of Fe-15Cu alloys followed the parabolic law, Fe-15Cu-5Al alloy was oxidized more seriously than that of Fe-15Cu-15Al alloy. Analysis of the...
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Research on Effect of Elastic Modulus on Material Load-relieving Ability

Jun Li, Binan Jiang, Chuang Liu, Chunsheng Hu
The load-relieving material is described by Mooney-Rivlin model. Dynamical response of projectile-based CCD camera is derived by total Lagrangian Increment Method, and the results is simulated numerically by finite element method. The rule of variation of load-relieving materials’ elastic modulus on...
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Simulation on the Equivalent Relation Between Different Armour Plates Penetrated a Tungsten Sphere

Ran Xiong, Bin Zhang, Yongshi Xu
To research on the equivalent of perforating through LY12CZ aluminum alloy plates and 2 armor steel, based on the rule that the ultimate velocity, the penetration process of tungsten sphere into LY12CZ aluminum alloy plate and 2 armor steel plate was simulated with LS-DYNA finite element code, the numerical...
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Distribution of Black Carbon in The Sediments From The Changjiang River

Liang Huang
Concentrations of black carbon (BC) were determined in the sediments from the main stream and the tributary of the Changjiang River with CTO-375 method. Meanwhile, the total organic carbon (TOC) contents, grain size of sediments were also measured. BC contents ranged from 0.22 to 1.89 mg/g, which was...
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Distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediments from the Changjiang River

Liang Huang
Concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were determined in the sediments from the main stream and the tributary of the Changjiang River. PAHs contents in the sediments from the Changjiang River ranged from 10.31 ng/g to 1239 ng/g, which were most likely related to human activities....
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Environmental feasibility analysis of heating boiler energy substitution

Dan Ge, Xingyu Liu, Baiyu Gao, Tong Wang
The surplus power of Liaoning Province is very obvious, and a lot of spare capacity needs to be consumptive. Haze and other pollution in Liaoning Province take place frequently in winter, and winter heating is one of the major factors. The study found that the implementation of conversion coal to electricity...
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The Necessity of energy alternative under the haze background

Dan Ge, Xingyu Liu, Baiyu Gao, Tong Wang
The haze is more and more serious environmental pollution in the city, how to reduce haze and even achieve energy conservation is currently a serious problem, energy alternative is a very feasible option. The study puts forward an energy alternative plan from the macro-policy and industrial environment...
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The soil inorganic phosphorus distribution of vegetation-growing concrete substrate in the disturbed engineering area

Xin Ma, Wennian Xu, Zhenyao Xia, Yajing Wang, Shifeng Guan, Linlin Zhang
This work presents the field and experimental studies conducted in China Three Gorges University, Yichang City, Hubei Province that reveal the distribution of inorganic phosphorus in four vegetation concrete samples and one natural forest sample. Several results of these studies have general application...