Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Mechatronics, Control and Electronic Engineering

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Storage Life Prediction for Accelerometer based on Nonlinear Degradation Model

Rui Li, Lixin Wang, Qi Wang, Can Li
For the accelerometers which have nonlinear degradation characteristics, the existing linear regression model is difficult to accurately evaluate the storage life. In order to solve this problem, under the condition of the accelerated degradation test, a storage life evaluating method based on nonlinear...
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Rail Transit Investment and Financing Mode Comparative and Matching Study

Yi Qin, Renxiang Wang
In China, rail transit is in a rapid development stage currently. The matching between the pattern of investment and financing and the actual needs determines the construction efficiency and operation effect of the rail transit project. This article summarizes the existing models, constructs the matching...
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AMT Fault Information System Based on CAN Bus Gateway

Xianqiang Liu, Haiou Liu
AMT fault information system based on CAN bus power gateway is designed for the requirements of fault diagnosis in AMT system of vehicle. The functional intergration of data communication in gateway and management of AMT fault data are realized by adding chips of Flash, EEPROM, DS1302, etc. based on...
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Fleet Assignment Problem Study Based on Branch-and-bound Algorithm

Donghua Wu, Yongjun Fan, Hongshan Xia, Jinyuan Zhang
In this paper, a strategy based on Branch-and-bound algorithm for an optimization problem was proposed, a scheduling method solving airliner fleet assignment problem was analyzed. By building a model, the requirement of balanced application of airplanes was transformed to optimizing schemes. The graph’s...
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The simulations of the powered resonance tube driven by annular jet

Zhangfu Tian, Changchao Gong, Haiyang Sun, Xiaopeng Kong
In order to generate low frequency acoustic wave and minish the ratio of the length to diameter, it is appropriate to instead the circular jet by annular jet as the high pressure gas power. So the larger diameter of jet and resonator are got in the condition of the same pressure and flux. Flow simulations...
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Scene Classification Algorithm Based on Covariance Descriptor

Xingsheng Li, Wei Tan, Zemin Wu, Jiang Yu
Scene classification has been a hot topic in the field of computer vision. Under the premise of image segmentation, this paper proposes a novel scene classification algorithm, combining pixel location, color characteristics, Gabor features, and local binary features (LBP) to form a covariance descriptor,...
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On the Sharp Triangle Inequalities in Quasi-Banach Spaces

Xiangzhen Xiao
The triangle inequality is one of the most important and fundamental inequalities in analysis. Many authors have been treating its generalizations and reverse inequalities. In this paper,we shall present the sharp triangle inequality and its reverse inequality for an arbitrary number of finitely many...
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DFSS of a diagonal impeller

Guangsheng Wang, Xinxing Luo, Xianxin Cai
A new methodology for DFSS suitable for the design of a complicated multidisciplinary system such as a gas turbine engine is proposed. There are four phases in this methodology: define, analysis, MDO and verify. More detailed information of each of the four phases was introduced. The design of a diagonal...
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Mathematical Morphology And Wavelet Transformation Based Moving Object Detection Algorithm

Fei Yu, Jianqiang Feng
Moving object detection (MOD) is gaining extensive attention. On the basis of introduction of three conventional ways for MOD, in order to overcome the disadvantage of inter-frame difference method can not completely extract all the relevant points for the moving object, a new moving object detection...
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Research on the Hill-start Control of Vehicles Based on the Pneumatic Auto Parking Brake System

Hongliang Wang, Fanqin Gao, Nan Li, Xiaoming Dai
Focus on the hill-start auto control technology of the medium and heavy duty vehicles, structure of the spring brake cylinder and principle of the pneumatic auto parking brake system were analyzed. The force analysis of the vehicles which is on the hill was researched. The relationships between the driving...
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Improvement and Research of Multipath Time Delay Estimation Algorithm for Ship-borne Aviation Navigation Positioning Signals

Hongsen Xie, Peng Zhou, Weijun Chen, Baokuan Luan
The ship-borne aviation navigation positioning system usually receives superposed signals of the direct signal and multipath signal. Since the direction of arrival of multipath signal and the multipath time delay parameters vary with the ship attitude and sea environment time-variation, the angle and...
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A Node Reputation Evaluation Model for Mobile P2P

Meijuan Jia, Huiqiang Wang, Guangsheng Feng, Fangfang Guo
The characteristics of dynamic, heterogeneity and limited resources of nodes result in the existence of selfish behavior of nodes in MP2P network, which affect the network performance. To improve the performance of MP2P, an evaluation model for node reputation is established by combining the analytic...
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Traffic Flow Detection for Complex Scene Based on Image Sequence

Na Li, Jinqiao Feng, Jingshan Pan, Weidong Gu, Yanling Zhao, Guangqi Liu, Hongjun Zhong
A method of traffic flow detection for complex scenes based on image sequence is proposed, which is aiming at realizing intelligent vehicle detection and flow statistics for traffic videos shot by single camera located at the urban traffic intersection. For target vehicle detection, Gaussian-filtering...
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Compensation degree of controllable shunt reactor in EHV/UHV transmission line with series capacitor compensation considered

Shengjie Gu, Jianwu Dang, Mingxing Tian, Baoge Zhang
Based on the compensation degree of shunt reactor and series capacitor under the case of uniform placement, the voltage profile and transmitting power of EHV/ UHV transmission line are analyzed by using -type equivalent circuit of long transmission line arranged at both ends of controllable shunt reactor....
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The Application Research with Particle Swarm Bacterial Foraging Intelligent Algorithm in Ship Collision Avoidance

Hongdan Liu, Sheng Liu, Lanyong Zhang, Zhenguo Gao
Bacterial foraging algorithm has defects of low convergence rate and high computation complexity, so it will increase the optimization time when used to produce ship collision avoidance path. In order to improve the optimization performance, this paper proposes that intelligent bacterial foraging algorithm...
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The Exoskeleton Robot Research Progress and Prospect

Bing Wang, Yanjun Zhao
The exoskeleton robot is essentially a wearable robot, it will be the person's intelligence and the external mechanical equipment of mechanical energy together, which can give a person the power and provide additional capabilities, enhance the human body function. This article summarizes the origin of...
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Underwater Target Recognition Based on Line Spectrum and Support Vector Machine

Jian Liu, Yang He, Zhong Liu, Ying Xiong
To increase the classification of underwater target recognition by ship radiated noise signals, the feature extraction method of line spectrum and classification algorithm of support vector machine (SVM) are adopted in the paper. The basic principles of power spectrum and SVM are briefly introduced at...
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A method to implement optical logic AND based on FWM effect of SOA

Xia Shi, Yalin Guan
The nonlinear effects four wave mixing (FWM) mechanism and characteristics of semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) were analyzed. Based on this, we proposed a method to implement optical logic AND gate based on FWM of SOA. It was approved that this method is feasible by simulation experiment. The biggest...
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Simulation and Research on Response Characteristic of Optical Fiber Probe Sensor of Void Fraction Measurement Based on Zemax

Lingfu Kong, Weihang Kong, Na Xie, Yingwei Li
In view of the void fraction measurement problem of oil-gas-water three phase flow in oil production logging, in this thesis, optical fiber probe sensor is used to measure the cross-sectional local void fraction. In order to analysis post-treatment raw probe signal preferably and more reasonable, firstly,...
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The Design and Experiment of Hydraulic Power Intelligent Instrument

Weiliang Qiao, Jun Zhang, Binbin Zhang, Shenghai Wang
In this paper, a newly hydraulic power intelligent instrument is presented and verified. As the important of hydraulic power intelligent instrument, power sensor, which consists of flow rate sensor and pressure sensor, was developed on the base of MEMS technology. And then, with the help of soft programming...
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Design on Fire Alarm System Based on BP Neural Network and Multiple Source Information Fusion

Wei Wang, Bo Jiang, Liping Yang
The infrared and smoke sensors widely applied in fire alarm and fire monitoring in the scene of large indoor and outdoor warehouse is vulnerable to sorts of interference noise, it may out of work to cause error fire alarm or fire omission. Based on design of reliable flame recognition algorithm, a practical...
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Towards a Fire Alarm Model Based on Variable Learning Rate Algorithm with Weight Factor

Wei Wang, Liping Yang, Lei Xu
Fire alarm with Neural Network (NN) can learn knowledge from multiple sensor data fusion. By adjusting network weight, more stable fire alarm can be achieved. Classic BP NN is likely to fall into local minimum. To address this problem, a Variable Learning Rate Algorithm with Weight Factor (VLRA-BP) was...
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Study on the Online Testing Technology of Oilfield Distribution Transformer Loss

Dong Sun, Jinqiang Bai, Wei Li, Lu Fan
At present, there are many different kinds of transformers in the oilfield, How to identify the high loss transformer, realize the transformer economic operation, which has important significance in saving electricity and reducing oilfield enterprises operating cost. This paper expounds the on-line measurement...
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Experimental Study of Wireless Anti-removed Identification Positioning Card (WAIPCS)

Shengping He, Mengji Gao, Xin Zhang
It ’s required that specific monitoring system should be capable to positioning the controlled personnel within monitoring area ,meantime the staff location and status information could be sent to the monitoring center. The positioning signal card not only be used to transmit the controlled personnel...
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On Construction of Teenage Gratitude Education Environment

Hanwu Long, Licai Liu, Ke Zhang
Gratitude education environment is the practical condition of implementing teenage gratitude education, as well as the premise and guarantee of cultivating teenage gratitude quality. Teenagers grow up under the interaction between and changes in education and environment. However, the utilitarian and...
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Airport Taxi Scheduling Strategy Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Jingnan Zang, Qing Liu
This paper constructs a new function of airport taxi-scheduling, and the improved IPSO and CPSO algorithms were introduced to solve these problems. Simulation results showed that the new scheme reduced total time by 25.3 minutes in peak hour, with average 1.4 minutes taxi time reduced per aircraft compared...
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A method to implement NOR OR optical gate Based on a single SOA’s NPR effect

Xia Shi, Yalin Guan
We propose a method to implement NOR OR optical gate Based on the nonlinear polarization rotation (NPR) effect of a single Semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA). This method is theoretically analyzed and simulation experimentally verified. Both the NOR and OR logic gate can be achieved by adjusting the...
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Preparation and characterization of a novel ZnO/TiO2 composite catalyst with amorphous/crystalline heterostructure

Tao Zeng
Semiconductor photocatalysts have recently received great interests owing to their wide applications in environmental purification, solar energy conversion, and water splitting. However, enhancing the photocatalytic efficiency of TiO2 to meet the practical application requirements is still a challenge...
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The effect of the pH value on microporous TiO2/ZnO heterostructure

Tao Zeng
A novel microporous ZnO/TiO2 heterostructure, which consists of crystalline TiO2 decorated with amorphous ZnO, have been fabricated by a facile one-step synthetic methods. The results showed that the phase composition of the growing units and the intrinsic crystal structure are seriously controlled by...
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The research of knowledge base for mechanical and electrical product design process

Feng Yin, Shaojie Li, Yanjian Wan
According to the widespread problem of Mechanical and electronic enterprise that the types of knowledge is various, the management and application of knowledge is difficult. Put forward a kind of knowledge management method and tool system supporting for the whole process of mechanical and electrical...
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Boost Trajectory Design for RBCC Engine

Zhichen Tan, Ke Zhang
With the development of the next generation of reusable aerospace vehicle, the technique of the Rocket Based Combined Cycle (RBCC) engine becomes increasingly significant and valuable. However, the performance of RBCC engine is coupled closely with the process of trajectory design. A model based on Radan...
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Optical Side-Channel Dependency Analysis on Microcontroller Chip

Hongsheng Wang, Daogang Ji, Yang Zhang, Kaiyan Chen
This paper analyzes the basic structure of microcontroller and researches CMOS circuit photon emission mechanism, by using single-photon detection device, builds a collection of photon emission experiments platform for microcontroller. By studying the AT89C52 microcontroller, analyzes the microcontroller...
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Design of Intensity Modulated Fiber-Optic Temperature Sensor Based on TracePro

Zhihe Fu, Junjie Yang, Yibiao Fan, Wenxiang Chen
Compare with traditional way of numerical simulation by establishing the mathematical model through geometry optic, we design a tracepro model to analyze the sensing process of reflective intensity-modulated fiber optic sensor base on ray tracing. We use bimetal as sensing element. This type of sensor...
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Measuring Model of Cylindrical Workpiece

Kuijing Zheng, Fei Xu
Objective:The three-dimensional reconstruction method based on vision uses the digital camera as the image sensor. Establishing the model of a dynamic measured object is the premise of the vision precise measuring system. Methods: By using the pinhole camera model and the mathematical modeling method,...
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A real-time detection for traffic surveillance video shaking

Yaoyao Niu, Danfeng Hong, Zhenkuan Pan, Xin Wu
Shaking happens to the traffic surveillance video inevitably, which can lead to the degradation of monitor system performance. A hierarchical gray project the correlation algorithm (HGPC) is proposed to solve the problem of the shaking in the traffic surveillance video. First, global hierarchical gray...
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Control and Design of Magnetic Levitation Structure of Jacquard Circular Knitting Machine Needle Selection Device

Li Zhu, Xiaoguang Wu
Based on magnetic levitation theory, the paper designed the electromagnetic force directly on the knitting needles knitting needles driven high-speed maglev-style, the suspension of driver jacquard knitting needle selection control theory; knitted by magnetic levitation control theoretical analysis,...
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Research Hotspots Analysis of China's Knowledge Integration(1999-2013)

Yanfang Liu, Miao Du
The paper divides the development of China's knowledge integration research into three time periods by the analysis of the data in CAJD database(1999-2013),builds keyword co-occurrence networks of different development stages of knowledge integration research by using Excel and Ucinet,and analyzes research...
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Consumer behavior algorithm for cloud computing based on ant colony optimization algorithm

Wuling Ren, Huixiang Lv, Guoxin Jiang
In the current and social market economy of our country, cloud computing is gradually get better development. However, there is no charges related to cloud computing, cost directly affects the resource utilization of enterprises and satisfaction of users. Load the network situation of the ant colony...
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Operational Information Requirement Analysis Based on Architecture Modeling

Yinghui Yang, Jianhua Li, Wei Ding, Mingli Nan
Operational information requirement analysis is the key of sorting out information alternation relationship and implementing effective information flowing. Aiming at the characteristics of operational systems, architecture modeling theory is introduced and applied. Information requirement elements of...
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Design of Yarn Tension System and Jacquard Knitting Machine

Li Zhu, Xiaoguang Wu
In view of high fault rates of tension control system in the traditional circular knitting machine, this paper proposes and develops one kind of monolithic integrated circuit yarn tension control system. By using the FTA method to analysis systematically each kind of trouble cause in yarn tension system,...
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Design and Implementation of a Class Constant Frequency Wind Power Generator

Yande Lin, Xianguo Li
As a kind of clean and renewable energy, wind power has many advantages such as a large resource reserves, renewable, no pollution emissions and not flooded, covers less area, short construction period, flexible and so on. Its unique advantages make it stand out in many new energy is becoming a hot spot...
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Preparation for Supercomputing of Numerical Simulation of Fracture Process of Composite Materials

Takeaki Nadabe, Nobuo Takeda
This study investigates the preparation for supercomputing of numerical simulation of fracture process of composite materials. The purpose of this study is to establish the numerical analysis method to understand the fracture mechanism and predict the mechanical response of composite materials through...
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Algorithmic Impromovement Of Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition Based On HMM Algorithm

Xue Xue, Zhuojia Li, Chuyu Hong
Compared with other methods of dynamic gesture recognition, dynamic hand gesture recognition based on Hidden Markov Model (HMM) is more widely used. This method aims at analyzing hand signals. In traditional HMM method, any gestures would be calculated with the largest probability as the final recognition...
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Research of a Method for Discovering Sustainable Design Knowledge

Hui Zhang
to discover the associational knowledge between the structure and sustainable design features in sustainable design, a new method, namely, discovering knowledge based on patents, was proposed. It extracts the features of parts in the patent claims, analyzes the objective functions and the sustainable...
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A web-based test system using ASP.NET and AJAX

Yingxia Li, Zimian Hao
Aiming at the low efficiency of the traditional examination, waste of human and material resource, this paper presents the design and implementation of a web-based test system based on B/S structure. The system realizes efficient, flexible arrangement of multi subject test, achieves low cost to organize...
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An Algorithm for Computing Relative Groebner Bases

Guanli Huang, Meng Zhou
In this paper we improve the computer algorithm of Zhou and Winkler for computing relative Groebner bases which used in Computer aided design and Robotics, etc. We introduce the concept of difference differential degree compatibility on generalized term orders. Then we prove that in the process of the...
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Information of Public Security Traffic cloud platform framework

XueKun Sang, WeiWei Ma
Cloud services technology is a distributed application processing to solve complex computing environments and software development is a hot technology. With the development of Internet technology, cloud services technology in the traffic characteristics of integrated information management of public...
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An Improved Gray Multi-focus Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform

Jianyu Wang, Xiaojun Liu
In this paper, a gray multi-focus image fusion algorithm based on fuzzy theory classification and Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform is proposed in accordance with fusion of gray multi-focus images. Fuzzy theory is introduced to remove uncertainty when choosing sub-band coefficients in smooth regions...
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Analysis And Research On Somatosensory Controller

Liguo Zheng, Qingqing Wang
There is a considerable gap between traditional input devices such as Keyboard, mouse, and touch panels and 3D controllers somatosensory. Somatosensory controller is developing rapidly in recent years. The user can control the device without any complicated, who can interact with the content immersive...
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On Influencing Factors of the Virtual Community-based Relational Interaction on Online Shopping

Hui Wan
With the rapid development of Internet, the virtual community gathers a large number of netizens with its unique attraction, resulting in huge network traffic and increasing the value of the websites. Through data collection, literature analysis, hierarchical analysis model and formula analysis, this...
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A Modified RSSI-Based Indoor Localization Method in Wireless Sensor Network

Zhe Chen, Yuchao Jiang, Wenting Han, Fuliang Yin
Node location is one of the basic problems in wireless sensor networks (WSN). We investigate the wireless localization methods based on providing received signal strength index (RSSI) measurements between a mobile node and several access nodes in a WSN. In order to estimate the distance between two nodes,...
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A New Sound Absorption Improvement Strategy under Low Frequency for a Rigid Micro-perforated Panel Absorbers

Shumei Liu, Ping Li, Zibo Li, Likai Zhu
A micro-perforated panel absorbers (MPPs) is one of the most promising alternatives among the various types of the next-generation sound absorbers. However, the low frequency noise is difficult to tackle using the general MPPs. According to the high absorption performance of the combination of the membrane...
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Experimental Investigation on the Pulsation Noise Induced from Automotive Turbocharger Compressors

Ho-Il Park, Sung-Be Choi, Seong-Sik Jang, Jun-Young Hwang, Pan-Joon Kim
A noise investigated in this study is the pulsation noise generated from compressor wheels, whose frequency is the same as the whine noise. Although they have the same frequency, their noise sources are absolutely different. The whine noise is induced from the unbalance of rotating modules, on the other...
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Research on Weighted Least Square Optimization Algorithm of Nonlinear System Analysis

Wei Shan, Lei Li, Wenshuang Zhao, Qun He
In the actual control system, the controlled object is usually nonlinear. Therefore, nonlinear time series analysis has been always received considered attention from many scholars. The ability to accurately model is critical for nonlinear time series analysis. However, the challenge in system modeling...
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Numerical Simulation of Regeneration Process of Oxygen Carriers in Fluidized Bed

Yao Xu, Tiezhu Ge, Ming Zhai, Peng Dong
In recent years, fluidized bed reactors are applied to the regeneration process of oxygen carriers. The regeneration performance of oxygen carriers will have a direct influence on the fuel conversion and the ability of oxygen transfer of oxygen carriers. For this reason, considering the effects of non-uniform...
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Design and Implementation of Web-based Quality Supervision Administration System of Hydraulic Projects

Jie Ye
In view of the demand of quality supervision information of hydraulic projects of one province, and based on the project quality supervision laws and regulations of China, and the local laws and regulations of the province, the web-based quality supervision administration system of hydraulic projects...
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An Opportunistic Routing Algorithm with Implicit ARQ for Wireless Sensor Networks

Hong Xiao, Hui Liu, Jie Chen
This paper presents a new multi-hop routing algorithm for wireless sensor networks. Each sensor node makes a local decision to forward or drop a packet, via a forwarding probability, either static or dynamic. This probability can be associated with local information such as residual energy of the node,...
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Application Of A New Printing System For Smart Devices

Shujun Zhang, Liming Zhang
Different from the existing printing methods such as adding ActiveX control and converting the document to other forms (PDF and etc.), through the research on the smart device application system, this paper puts forward the printing method for general report forms based on mobile intelligent device according...
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Research on Interactive Platform between School and Enterprise Based On Mobile Cloud Technology

Shujun Zhang, Liming Zhang
School-enterprise cooperation has been studied for many years, but for most colleges and universities, School-enterprise cooperation in depth and breadth is far from enough. The paper analyzes the problems and reasons in school-enterprise cooperation, and raises a solution to build the Interactive platform...
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On The Continuous Category in A Topos

Tao Lu, Zhenzhen Zhu
The way-below relation defined on dcpos is a important concept, it is the basis for the continuity of dcpos. And a poset is also a category, so we want to generalize the concept of way-below to category and further define continous category. In this paper, we give the way-below relation on arbitrary...
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Test Case Generation Based on Hierarchical Genetic Algorithm

Shurong Liu, Jingfeng Xue, Changzhen Hu, Zhiqiang Li
The basic genetic algorithm was proposed to optimize the test case generation. It has been applied widely. Based on basic genetic algorithm, this paper proposed the hierarchical genetic algorithm to generate test cases. The hierarchical genetic algorithm divided the initial population into hierarchical...
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The design of the meteorological data monitoring system based on mobile network

Hong Zhou, Enliang Li, Dongguo Zhou, Wenshan Hu
To deal with the global climate and environmental issues, low carbon development is becoming the trend of the world in smart grid. Accordingly, it is important to obtain the completed grid carbon emission evaluation system and build the online evaluation model. The mathematical model of carbon emission...
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A Flexible Design of Individual Training of English Skills Based on the Web

Dongling Sun
The thesis is on the basis of a progressive study of the flexible application of the web,the Personal Web Page. It is widely accepted that technology is a device to promote the development of education and the scholars and teachers have devoted themselves to modern educational technology from different...
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Counterpressure to the Thoracic Surface Prevents Decompression Lung Injuries in High Altitude

Xiaopeng Liu, Huajun Xiao
Objective: This study was to investigate the role of transthoracic pressure in decompression lung injuries and the effectiveness of counterpressure to the thoracic surface. Methods: Thirty-six rabbits were randomly divided into one slow decompression group(S), five rapid decompression groups (R1-R5)....
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An Improved infrared and visible image fusion algorithm based on the Second Generation Curvelet Transform

Xiaojun Liu, Jianyu Wang
The fusion of infrared images and visible images can combine complementary information in an image, so we can better describe a scene, and it is helpful for some tasks such as target detection, target localization and environment recognition. In this paper, we use the Second Generation Curvelet Transform...
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Content-Oriented Multi-Level Security Authorization of Images

Xiaojun Liu, Chong Peng
The technology of digital watermarking and information hidden of image cannot solve the security problem of confidential regional data, and thus the research of the high-performance encryption technology of confidential data of Large Quantity of image has a important theoretical value and practical significance.In...
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A New Method to Measure Real-Time Performance Parameters of Embedded Operating Systems Based on Benchmark Program

Jianyu Wang, Xioajun Liu
This paper present s an improved benchmarking-based real-time performance parameters measurement method for embedded operating systems. A set of kernel codes of some common used embedded application programs is selected as workload. Some special codes are inserted in the selected programs to control...
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Research of Risk Assessment in the Boiler Water Treatment System Based on Layers of Protection Analysis

Huiling Li, Nan Jiang, Bo Deng
For the purpose of solving problems in water treatment system of the power station boiler from perspective of chemical process safety, a new method which uses the LOPA method in risk assessment for anticorrosion and scale inhibition properties of boiler system is proposed. First of all, a new annotation...
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On the second derivative of some kinds of Bent functions

Xinyang Zhang, Meng Zhou
Bent function plays an important role in cryptography. It opposes an optimum resistance to linear and differential cryptanalysis. We point out that for some kinds of bent functions, such as Maiorana-McFarland functions and functions with algebraic degree less than three, they are weak in second-order...
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Enhance Light Oil Air Injection Recovery With High Efficiency Oxygen Consuming

Taichao Wang, Xin Li, Xiaoyan Liu, Dong Wang
Paper introduces the problems challenges which light oil air injection faces, the meaning of high efficiency oxygen consuming and its key.From the result of indoor and outdoor experiments home and abroad,we analyse the mechanism of high efficiency oxygen consuming during air injection how EOR effects...
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Hidden circulation fluctuations periodicity of index daily return

Yuanyuan Ma, Lingxuan Li
In this article, we collect the index daily return to analysis the fluctuations of daily return ratio and monthly return ratio in the stock markets by using the multi-signal classification (MUSIC) method of Sub-space of the power spectrum density estimation. 6 kinds of Composite Index of stock price...
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EEG signal classification with feature selection based on one-dimension real valued particle swarm optimization

Jun Wang, Yan Zhao
In this study, a new scheme was presented for the EEG signal classification with feature selection based on one-dimension real valued particle swarm optimization. In the proposed scheme, normal and abnormal EEG signals were decomposed into various frequency bands with one fourth-level wavelet packet...
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The power factor correction technology based on UCC28019

WenJie Peng, Chaojun Yan, Ming Li, WenBiao Peng
The power factor correction controller is needful for the well operation of power grid in order to eliminate the higher harmonics and improve the power-factor of electrical loadings. In the design of this system with the boost chopper as the core, the power-factor correction control chip named UCC28019...
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Simulation On Operational Characteristics Of A Valveless Self-Excited Pulse Combustor Of The Helmholtz-type

Yao Xu, Ming Zhai, Tiezhu Ge, Peng Dong, Yudong Huang
Pulse combustion as an advanced combustion has many advantages, such as high combustion efficiency, low pollution emissions. Due to the complex mechanism of pulse combustion, narrow adjustment range of load, it is difficult to achieve a large-scale application. For this reason, the pulse combustion process...
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Automatic Control Mechanism for Grinding Process Based on KingView and PLC System

Deyan Wang
This article based on grinding technology production processes and requirements, according to the KingView analysis, based on PLC control principle, to design a new algorithm suitable for grinding process that can achieve automatic control, then the grinding process can be entire automatic control in...
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MapReduce based preprocessing on vibration data of wind turbine

Jiming Yang, Zhiguang Zhen
Analysis of the running state of the equipment is obtained from the vibration data acquisition of wind power plant ,which is very important to discover the critical wind turbine fault, and the driving end is one of the vibration data. The vibration data comes through multiple sensors by frequency 1.2KHz...
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Design and implementation of web-based genotyping system of Newcastle disease viruse

Yongzhong Cao, Wanghong Lu, Jianfen Zhang, Xiufan Liu
According to the genotyping method of Newcastle disease virus (NDV), a web-based genotyping system is developed by using Java Server Pages (JSP) technology and MySQL server database technology. Users input the sequence file in FASTA or GenBank format, or pasted either the nucleotide or amino acid sequences...
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Research and application of KDD techniques in automobile marketing

Xuhang Gang, Xingqiang Ba, Bohan Jiang
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which puts client on the central location, plays an important role in automobile marketing field. It can help corporations understand customer’s requirements better. Improve the relationship between the customers and the corporations, can enhance the customer’s...
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The Establishment of Multi-goal Dispatch Algorithm Model of the Airport Special Vehicle

Chunhe Shi, Yingying Song, Xiaowei Han
With the continuous development of domestic aviation industry, the number of special purpose vehicle serving for aircrafts within the airport is increasing. Owing to the high cost of the special purpose vehicle, airport management personnel becomes more and more concerned about the following problems,...
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Application of Deep Learning in Text Mining

Haoriqin Wang, Mingyang Jiang, Jianhong Qi, Xinhong Zhang, Qinghu Wang, Yuxin Zhou, Mingyu Bai, Lisha Liu, Zhili Pei
With the advancement of science and technology development and the development of social , more and more current information technology and computer technology has been used in the various aspects of life and work, the current rapid development of network technology has penetrated into all aspects of...
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Design and Realization of Kinect Somatosensory Fitting System Based on WEB

Guangsong Li
In order to solve the problems of try on the clothes and returned purchase in electronic commerce, it is using Kinect sensor to match clothing and the human body, through the simulation experiment to build the fitting room by downloading and installing the WEB client. It firstly uses the Kinect sensor...
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Fractal Property for A Novel Function generated by Generalized Approximate 3x+1 Functions

Jia Wang, Xin Li
Today, study of generalized 3x+1 function becomes a highlight in fractal area. In this paper, since fractal property of generalized 3x+1 functions T(z) and C(z) is difficult to study, we study two approximate generalized 3x+1 functions B(z) and D(z), which are produced by T(z) and C(z), in the real axis....
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Double System Gene Expression Programming and It’s Application in Function Finding Problems

Chaoxue Wang, Kai Zhang, Hui Dong, Fangxiao Zhou
Gene Expression Programming (GEP) is a powerful evolutionary method for knowledge discovery and model learning, which simulates the process of natural evolution, and has the phenomena of low converging speed and readily being premature. After the birth of human society, the evolution processes of nature...
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Numerical Analysis for Effect of Applied Shear Stress on Longitudinal Compressive Strength of Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials

Takeaki Nadabe, Nobuo Takeda
This study investigates numerical analysis for effect of applied shear stress on longitudinal compressive strength of fiber reinforced composite materials. For this purpose, firstly numerical simulation of longitudinal compressive failure of composite materials is conducted. Simulated results show that...
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Design of Highly Linearity Active Mixer for 4G RF Receiver

Wei Wang, Chen Zhao, Yao Liang, Jun Yuan
A down-conversion active mixer for LTE receiver is proposed, which focus on improving the traditional sub-threshold compensation method. The linearity is improved by adjusting the load inductance of transconductance stage and optimizing the phase of third-order transconductance coefficient; the noise...
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Research on Cracking Sensitivity of Weathering Steel SMA490BW

Xiangyang Wu, Zhiyi Zhang, Wen Li, Yongjing Wang, Yue Liu
SMA490BW is used specifically for the manufacture of welded frame of high-speed EMU bogies. Bogie is one of a very important bearer units and transmission units during driving while bogie frame is one of the most important bearer units and transmission units in bogie, directly related to safety during...
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The distance transform method in virtual endscope

Yu Miao, Liyuan Zhang, Huamin Yang, Bao Li, Weili Shi, Weiping Wang
With the constant Progress of the computer technology, the perfection of the virtual Reality theory, the figure picture treatment technology of the computer is developing, there is more and more function, the application is wider and wider. This article is mainly to topological thinning method and basing...
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Experimental Research on Creep Function of Offset Blanket in Offset Press

Peng Liu, Linghui Ren
Nanoindentation experimental technique was used to study the viscoelastic behavior of offset blanket in the paper. And nanoindentation technique is suit to study the mechanical properties and the viscoelastic behavior of flaky materials, very small structures and functionally graded materials. The creep...
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The heated humidification system for respirator based on PID

Xuefang Chen
To provide patients with a comfortable and healthy breathing environment, a heated humidification system for respirator is designed by PID (Proportional, Integral and Differential) algorithm and silicon controlled rectifier (SCR). Zero-crossing detection method is also introduced, and its circuit is...
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Non-destructive Testing of Multi-bends Pipe Using Guided Waves

Yuemin Wang, Longxiang Zhu, Si yao Li, Le Chen
Ultrasonic guided waves in pipes have been used as a powerful and effective tool for long-range inspection of pipes as they have the potential of propagating long distances with little attenuation. The propagation phenomena of guided waves in straight pipes have been investigated by many researchers;...
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Progressive Practice Training Mode Reform for Students Majored in Software Engineering

Zuqiao Yang
Students majored in software engineering have poor practical ability and professional quality currently, to meet the needs of industrial restructuring of the information society and the challenges of the diversity of Software talents, student’s training quality and innovation ability should be improved....
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An improved algorithm for flexible job shop scheduling

Jindong Han, Yinghong Zhang
In the traditional genetic algorithm, there are some defects such as precocious, poor stability, slow search speed etc.Summarize previous genetic algorithm, I proposed a Improved Genetic Algorithms , it combination of encoding, crossover probability, mutation probability, etc. and applied to flexible...
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Design of Quadriplex Extrusion Line Control System Based on ControlNet

Mingxia Chen
With the development of electronic technology, Fieldbus control network is applied in industrial control system widely. In CGEC Company, Fieldbus technology is commonly used in electric control system of machine. ControlNet is one kind of Fieldbus control network. This paper briefly introduces the characteristics...
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A Composite PID Fuzzy Control Method for the Transformer Cooling System

Bing Liu, Zhaoting Han
the PID control algorithm is used for the control of almost all loops in the process industries, and is also the basis for many advanced control algorithms and strategies. Standard methods for tuning loops and criteria for judging the loop tuning have been used for many years, but should be reevaluated...
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Research on the Influence of Interpersonal Communication and Interpersonal Trust in the Network Age

Xinnian Zhao, Xiaoli Ni
Through the research of the network communication for 353 students from one of University in Xi'an, the paper analysis the current situation of College students' network communication from the way of network communication for strangers, network help and cyber love; and discussing the related influence...
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The Non-linear Chromatic Compensation of the Fixed Length Fiber’s Spectral Attenuation with the Fourier Transform

Xianjiang Meng, Xianli Meng
In the chromatic measuring system, a kind of optical fiber probe was added to collect the light to decrease the interference to the reflected light from the object. But the probe brings the distortion to the system in the chromatic measurement. This paper put forward a method based on the Fourier Transform...
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Skin Diseases Detection Using the Spectral Analysis

Xianjiang Meng, Xianli Meng, Jinhua Zhou, Junjie Wang
In order to detect the skin’s disease with the spectral instrument, the reflection spectrum should be gotten to calculate the chromatic values and be analyzed compared. In this paper a kind of chromatic system with self-made fiber probe was designed to measure the spectrum to distinguish the skin normal...
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Determination of Detectable Fatigue Crack Length by Improved AHP Method for Civil Aircraft Structures

Baohui Jia, Shuai Tong, Jun Xue, Xiang Lu
In order to ensure the safety and reliability of civil aircraft structures, the present paper focus on determination of detectable fatigue crack length by improved Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) method for civil aircraft structures. By rating the impact of various factors, fatigue damage such as detectable...
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Research on the Database Design of Business Management System

Jian Yu, Yu Yan
Business management is an important part of enterprise management. Information management system is an important means to realize the modernization of management, goods. The current problems, the construction of business management information system, the design of database, database management system...
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Algorithm Efficiency Research on Hanoi Problem Symmetric Solution

Hua Li
The tower of Hanoi problem in the design of computer algorithm is a classical problem. Generally people will use recursive algorithm to solve this problem. In this paper, we will use symmetric algorithms to solve Hanoi problem simply and efficiently. At the same time, this paper also detailed researches...