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Characterization of Superplastic Behavior of AA2195 by Bulging Test

Ho-Sung Lee, Jong-Hoon Yoon, Joon-Tae Yoo, Kyung-Ju Min
Superplasticity is the ability of polycrystalline materials to deform plastically to exhibit very large strains. Using this property in manufacturing process makes many of aerospace components lighter and stiffer, with efficient energy and cost saving. Since in most sheet metal forming operation biaxial...
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A Study on Microstructure of AA2219 Friction Stir Welded Joint

Ho-Sung Lee, Jong-Hoon Yoon, Joon-Tae Yoo, Kyung-Ju Min
Friction Stir Welding (FSW) is an environment friendly solid-state joining technology that uses a rotating tool to generate frictional heat and plastic deformation with mixing of the soft material by the pin along the welding line. The advantages are low distortion, lack of traditional defects commonly...
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Study on joint formation evolution in laser microwelding of Pt-10%Ir and 316 LVM SS crossed wiresCrossed wire, Laser microwelding, Simulation, Joint formation

Jinrong Mao, Yongde Huang, Peng He
In order to identify the evolution of joint formation about crossed wires of Pt-10% Ir to 316 LVM SS in laser microwelding, the experimental and computational study was carried out. The results showed that, with the increase of peak power of laser microwelding, the laser joint evolution of the crossed-wires...
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Study on Apoptosis of Human Hepatoma Cell line HepG-2 Induced by Total Alkaloids in H.littoralis

Ning Chen
The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of Total Alkaloids in H.littoralis on the induction of apoptosis involved in Human Hepatoma Cell line HepG-2. HepG-2 cells were treated with different concentrations of Alkaloids in H.littoralis at different time. MTT method was used to study Alkaloids...
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Effect of Surface Roughness on the Determination of the Creep Properties of Material by Using Three Points Bending Creep Test

Shifeng Wen, Sibo Zhou, Xianglei Liu
The purpose of this paper is to understand the effect of surface roughness of the specimen on obtaining the creep characteristics by using bending creep tests. To this aim, a numerical study has been performed on the creep damage development of the specimen by implementing the different surface roughness...
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On the Determination of the Threshold Content of Fibrous Nanomodifier

Vladimir Alexeevich Smirnov, Engenij Valerjevich Korolev, Alexandr Viktorovich Evstigneev
Currently, numerous specific methods directed to the improvement of the building materials are developed. Many of such methods are intrinsically the implementations of the nanotechnology; the random reinforcement by nanoscale fibers is a well known way for the enhancement of operational properties. The...
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Study on magnetic loss properties of ultra-thin nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy Fe73.4Cu0.6Nb3.5Si13.5B9.0

KunMing Qian, Jie Hao, Song Ji, YanSong Zhang, Ang Ding, MingLi Li, JingHui Huang
The magnetic loss characteristics of ultra-thin nanocrystalline magnetic alloy Fe73.4Cu0.6Nb3.5Si13.5B9.0 with 14 m were studied, and compared with conventional nanocrystalline magnetic alloy strip with the thickness of the 26 m. It was found that reducing the thickness of alloy strip could significantly...
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Synthesis of Polyethylenamine Cellulose and Its Absorbing Ability to Chromium (VI)

Rui Liu, Jiao-Qiang Zhang, Na Yi, Tie-zheng Ji, Ying Zhang
The study was conducted regarding the adsorption effect of Cr(VI) on polyethylenamine cellulose, the affecting factors on the adsorption of Cr(VI), such as pH value, adsorption time, polyethylenamine cellulose dose and initial concentration of Cr(VI) were investigated. The results showed that adsorption...
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Investigations of continuous casting extrusion on the microstructures and properties of Zn-Al and Zn-Al-Ti alloys

Y L Li, L Z He
The microstructures and mechanical properties of Zn-Al and Zn-Al-Ti alloys wires prepared by continuous casting and extrusion (CASTEX) were studied in detail. The Al3Ti intermetallics in Zn-Al-Ti alloy distribute homogeneously at matrix of Zn-Al eutectics/eutectoid phase, and can effectively refine microstructure...
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Preparation and Characterization of CA/GO Mixed Matrix Forward Osmosis Membranes

X.J. Wang, S.Q. Liu, S.F. Hou, P. Lu, K. Hou, Z.P. Wang, L.G. Wang
In this paper, a novel mixed matrix forward osmosis (FO) membrane was fabricated by introducing graphene oxide (GO) into the cellulose acetate (CA)-based casting solution using phase inversion methods. The factors---GO content and blending temperature were tested for their effects on pure water flux...
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Effect of ultrasonic cavitation on the wetting and reaction of Al-Ti/C interface

Y.L. Li, L.Z. He, J.T. Zhao
Al-Ti-C alloy is a kind of fine refinement agent. However, the wetting of Al/C interface and TiC synthesis are the key technical problems to be solved in the preparation of Al-Ti-C grain refinement. In this paper, the acoustic cavitation effect was used to improve the wettability of Al-Ti/C interface,...
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Welding Material Selection for a Specific Butt V-Weld by Means of Assisted Stress and Fatigue Calculations

Maria-Cristina Dijm rescu, Manuela-Roxana Dijm rescu
When talking about welding joints, an important issue is choosing the proper welding material in order to comply with design requirements, if possible, without undertaking physical tests. The present research focuses on an assisted approach for the selection of the proper welding material for a specific...
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The influence of oxygen pressure on the crystallographic structure and magnetic properties of BaM films on Al2O3(0001) substrate

Hui Zheng, Mangui Han, Peng Zheng, Liang Zheng, Jiangxia Deng, Huibin Qin
In this work, hexagonal barium ferrite thin films have been deposited on Al2O3(0001) substrates by pulsed laser deposition. The influence of oxygen pressure on the crystallographic structure and magnetic properties of BaM films has been studied. X-ray diffraction theta-2theta reveals the films have a...
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The Dynamic Scheduling of Spray Booth Machine in 4S Auto Maintenance Shop

Jinqi Li, Xiangyang Li, Qin Yang
Theory of constraint point out that the bottleneck is a major factor which restricts the system going toward the target. Therefore, the bottleneck is the key of scheduling process in entire system. In fact, due to the factors of long processing time, high cost and few amounts, spray booth machine become...
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SMFF Computation for Probe of Online Magnetic Flux Leakage Detection System with combination of ANSYS and Virtual Work Method

Jin-zhong Chen, Yi-lai Ma, Ren-yang He
Numerical analysis of static magnetic field force for probe of online magnetic flux leakage detection system was conducted by combining ANSYS and Virtual work method. The result shows that combination of ANSYS and virtual work method could accurately calculate the static magnetic field force between...
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Materials Forming of Dolphin Model for Hydrodynamic Research Based on the 3D Printing Technology

Heng Zhang, Jiajun Chen, Zhe Wu, Gucheng Zhu, Zhiguo Zhang
Traditional manufacturing techniques used for developing the models for hydrodynamic research are slow and costly. Based on the development of current technology, 3D printing technology could be the fastest way to generate the model for with high accuracy for experimental test. With the help of 3D printing...
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An Optimal Selection Method for Product Conceptual Design and Materials Evaluation Based on Quality Function Deployment and Grey Relational Projection

Kailiang Zhu, Xiao Wang, Yufeng Zhang, Rui Mu, Shupeng Wang
Quality Function Deployment (QFD) is widely used in optimizing schemes (e.g., product designs and materials evaluation). However, the traditional QFD focuses only on the demands of quality and measures to assure the quality. Furthermore, the general methods to evaluate the weight of factors used in QFD...
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Advance on Al2O3 Particulates Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites (Al-MMCs) Manufactured by the Power Metallurgy Techniques- Microstructure and Properties

Lina Xu, Xuetao Yue, Fengqing Zhang, Qingbo Tian
Aluminum metal matrix composites (Al-MMCs) with Al2O3 particulates as reinforcement fabricated by the power metallurgy (PM) techniques have gained much attention due to their unique characteristics, which combine the roles of the process method, Al2O3 particles and aluminum matrix. The contents and sizes,...
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Fiber Optic Sensors Materials based Spontaneous Combustion Detection in Goaf Areas

Enji Sun
The main objective of this paper is to provide a possible monitoring system, which includes multiple sensors such as fiber optic temperature sensor, gas sensor and differential absorptive methane optic fiber sensor. Optic fiber sensors offer a number of unique advantages for safety monitoring in explosive...
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Investigation of Speckle Image Correction Technique Based on Coding Assistance

Zhijing Yu, Zhen Hua, Fan Yan, Shuo Wang, Wei Wang, Jun Wu
The effect of image correction on digital speckle correlation method (DSCM) is researched. And the error caused by differences in attitude is analyzed. Then the theoretical model of image correction based on coding assistance is established. According to the model, computer simulation is conducted. The...
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Research on the material and structure to the intelligent clutch control system

Cun Xiang Liu, Xue Jun Liu, Tu Gan Lin
With the continuous expansion of the road network, the construction growth rate of car ownership is also increasing. Although automatic transmission car owners increase rapidly, manual transmission cars are still the main car in the middle and low level car market. However, due to traffic congestion...
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Individual Weight Estimation of Cynoglossus-gracilis Based on Measurement of Irregular Image Area

Guoqiang Ma, Yunchen Tian, Xiaolan Lin
For aquaculture, the classification of live fish and the deconcentrition of fish into more ponds are very important process. Non-contact and no-harm are always the target of this process. Using the technology of digital image processing, the binary irregular image of Cynoglossus Gracilis is got and measurement;...
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Correction of axis tilt error for 40Cr ring gear measurement based on collinear measuring heads

Chengzhi Su, Fangchao Shao, Biao Zhou, Chun Yan, Lei Zhong
The ring gear and flywheel are interference fit. In order to verify whether magnitude of interference meets the processing requirements, the size change of the 40Cr ring gear before and after heating is measured. Measurement accuracy of ring gear measurement equipment should reach 0.01mm. Due to the...
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An Empirical Study on the Coordinated Development of the Service Industry and the Innovation of Science and Technology

Ling Li, Feng Feng, Wei Zhang
The purpose of this paper is to make empirical research on the coordination between the service industry and science and technology innovation, and constructed theirs synergy degree measurement model, then made empirical analysis on the coordination using the data of China's service industry and the...
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Design and Topology Optimization of Collimation Frame for Two-Dimensional Turntable

Yongqiang Zhang, Zhaohui Liu, Zhiguo Li
Space two-dimensional turntable is the main load-bearing structure of space photoelectric detection equipment, and collimation frame is the key support component of turntable, so its stiffness characteristics are vital for the performance of turntable. Therefore, the structure of collimation frame was...
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An Improved DCT Based Color Image Watermarking Scheme

Xiangguang Xiong
In this paper, an improved blind color image watermarking algorithm based on relationship embedding strategy is proposed. Firstly, the original RGB color image is transformed into YCbCr color space. Secondly, the Y channel of YCbCr color space is divided blocks sized 8ž8, and then perform two dimensional...
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Research on the Precision Measuring System of Steel Bearing Aperture Based on Machine Vision

Xiao-jie Liu, Tian-hu Wang, Man-li Wang
A new measurement system was designed in order to improve the accuracy of the non-contact type high-precision measurement of Steel bearing aperture. Firstly, the median filter preprocessing algorithm was designed to remove the impulse and salt-pepper noise in the image, and the edge details of the image...
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Implementing Computer Aided Material Design of Multiple Cursors for Disabled People with InLinPreRa

Ching-Tien Shih, Shu-Chen Hsu
Through adjusting the curriculum, comprehensive learning environment design, and information technology aids to effectively integrate disabled students with learning, in order to assist them to control environment or communicate with people, and to improve their ability of independent living. Orange...
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Lime composition for the walls of buildings made of aerated concrete

V.I. Loganina, M.V. Frolov, Yu.P. Skachkov
It is proposed to use for finishing the aerated concrete composition with limy binder. Composition includes limy binder, ground aerated concrete and additives based on a mixture of silicate and calcium aluminum silicates. It has been shown, that the introduction in lime composition ground aerated concrete...
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Effective profiles for building constructions

Nezdanov Kirill, Laskov Nikolay, Garkin Igor
Describes a new more efficient double-tee rolling bar comprising a wall and two flanges and having invariable sectional area equal to the cross section of standard profile, wherein each of the shelves is conjugate with the wall by a pair of circular triangles, with the radius of each of them is where...
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Influence of initial hydration conditions of cement on the process and fracture parameters of hardened cement paste structure of different age

N.I. Makridin, I.N. Maksimova, J.V. Polubarova
The experimentally obtained kinetic dependencies of the influence of super plasticizer on the fracture process and structural quality parameters of the compared series of the hardened cement paste samples are shown. Its analysis shows that modification of cement stone structure by superplastiticizer...
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New Composite Cement for Construction 3D Printers

Vladimir Ivanovich Kalashnikov, Elena Aleksandrovna Belyakova, Roman Nikolaevich Moskvin
A composite binder based on a mixture of fine fly ash with standard cement grade CEM I 42,5 was developedÿin accordance with the requirements of the concrete mixtures for molding products using of construction 3D printers. The influence of the ratio between ash and cement on the strength characteristics...
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The Influence of Plasticizerson the Composition of Cement Stone Hydration Products

Oleg Vyacheslavovich Tarakanov, Elena Aleksandrovna Belyakova, Vladimir Ivanovich Kalashnikov, Olga Vasilyevna Grintsova, Nikolai Ivanovich Makridin
The influence of polycarboxylate superplasticizerson composition changes of silicate and aluminate cement phases is analyzed. The retarding effect of organic additives on silicate phases hydration and stabilizing effect of additives on calcium metastable hydroaluminates and ettringite isestablished
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Punching Shear Strength Model for RC Slab-Column Connection Based on Multiaxial Strength Theory of Concrete

H.Y. Pang, Z.J. Wang, C.T. Huang, S. Pu
A strength model was presented to give the mechanical explanation of the punching phenomenon, and to predict the punching shear strength of the interior reinforced concrete (RC) slab-column connection without shear reinforcement. The model assumes that the punching shear force is resisted mainly by the...
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Hybrid TLBO and BFGS for structural health monitoring optimisation problems

Nantiwat Pholdee, Sujin Bureerat
This paper proposes hybrid teaching learning based optimisation (TLBO) and the Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno algorithm (BFGS) for solving structural health monitoring optimisation problems. Two structural damage detection problems from two different truss structures are used to examine the search...
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System Reliability Analysis of Half-through Concrete-filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridge Based on Optimization Technique

Lv Jing
The object of this paper analyzes the reliability of half-through concrete-filled steel tubular arch bridges. Load and resistance parameters are treated as random variables. The statistical parameters are based on the available literature, test data and survey results. Reliability indices of main components...
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Reliability analysis of aerostatic instability of suspension bridge under stochastic wind loading on Bayesian theory

Huasheng Wang
Based on the structural reliability theory, the extreme wind speed forecast method was used to establish the reliability model for analyzing aerostatic instability of long-span suspension bridge. The limit state equation of reliability analysis model is a function of conversion factor, critical wind...
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Estimation of the thermal loads on buildings with CAD systems support

Alexis Cordov,s Garc¡a, Gerardo M. Ramos Gordon, Jorge A. Mora Aguilar, Arlys M. Lastre Aleaga
The goal of this paper is the design and implementation of an algorithm for estimating thermal loads in a civil construction, in which the capture geometric information of the architectural plan of a building created in a CAD system (Computer Aided Design), and the calculation of thermal loads in the...
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Method and Software for Modeling the Building Materials as Dispersions

Vladimir Alexeevich Smirnov, Evgenij Valerjevich Korolev, Alexandr Viktorovich Evstigneev, Olga Igorevna Poddaeva
Particle system dynamics is the well known method that can be used in wide range of spatial scales - from molecular to astronomic. However, numerical experimentation with constructional composites requires adequate representation of peculiar forces that are due to solvation shells, steric conditions...
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Advances in Study on Structure of Polysaccharide

Miao Yu, Yue Cao, Guosong Xin, Chenfeng Ji, Shiyong Gao, Xiang Zou, Zheng Qi
Polysaccharide has many biological functions, such as anti-tumor, anti-virus and so on. The function of polysaccharide is closely related to its structure. The structure of polysaccharides can be classified into primary structure and advanced structure. There are many methods for the analysis of polysaccharide...
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Light Weight Medium (Pottery Spherical) Cultivation of Plants Used in Green Roof Feasibility Studies

Chiou-Chuan Chen, Yi-Hong Pengb, Chun-Lin Chen, Chiou-Chuan Lee
We tested 8 plants and 3 medium and tested pottery spherical base, thus achieving the results.The green coverage for light media S2 (pottery spherical to sandy loam is 8:2) is suitable for Alpinia speciosa the best growth, followed is Zoysia matrella, with Duranta repens as the third. The green coverage...
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Finite Element Analysis and Optimization Design of Combined Vehicle Suspension Girder Lateral Stabilizer Bar Bushing

Yinan Zhu, Daoshuang Ceng, Nawen Lin
The stabilizer bar bushing as one of the most important parts of the automobile shock absorber, because of its complex structure using the rubber, and the rubber has nonlinearity and incompressibility, therefore using traditional numerical analysis method optimization calculation is very difficult. With...
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Vibration Detect and Analysis on a Large-scale Coal Screening Factory Building

Daode Qiu, Chao Shen
It puts forward a method of dynamic detection, through studying on the problem of resonance between structure and machine about a large-scale coal screening factory building. The detection result shows that partial flats of this multilayer factory building have reflected a resonance phenomenon between...
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The research on the response of the structure and the load of gantry cranes cylindrical structures based on strain-measuring method

Aihua Jiang, Xianyuan Deng, Zhongliang Guo, Shan He
In this paper, a shipbuilding gantry crane serviced for up to 18 years is studied; the strain-measuring method is used for testing and analyzing the response of the structure and the load about the main force component-cylindrical structural. By arranging the measuring point 90 ø to each other on the...
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Effect of Turntable Structure on Electromechanical Characteristics of Laser Tracker System

Erfang Cao, Wenji She, Liang Zhou
Laser tracker is composed of a mechanical structure and a servo control system. And the characteristics of them all affect the error and stability of the laser tracker measurement system. The cut-off frequency and the response speed are important index to characterize the system performance. Among them,...
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Analysis of Natural Frequency Sensitivity of Truck Body

Xue Liu, Qing Shao, Tao Xu, Guikai Guo
Sensitivity is extremely important in computer aided material and structural design. The present paper focuses on the sensitivity with respect to the design variables of truck body. This paper proposes a solution procedure of truck body for natural frequency sensitivity calculation in vibration analysis...
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Research of Portal Crane Vibration Modal Analysis

Xianyuan Deng, Zhongliang Guo, Aihua Jiang, Shan He
Portal crane is an important port production machinery what frequently work in moist environment leads to greater structural damage. The weight of the metal structure is usually 60% to 90% of the whole weight. Steel Q235B material in the early is widely used in the portal crane design and manufacture....
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Coastline Identification from Remote-sensing Image Using Informative Vector Machine Learning

Guoshao Su, Xiaochun Hu, Liubin Yan, Yanming Liu
For a more rapid and accurate coastline identification method, this paper presents a method of coastline identification on remote-sensing image using Informative Vector Machine and then the coastline of Beihai Silver Beach in Guangxi has been identified. The results show that method of coastline identification...
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"San Cai" Human Factors Analysis Model of Civil Aviation Maintenance

Xiaojin Han, Linlin Wang
Two famous civil aviation accident Human Factors analysis models SHELL model and Reason model were introduced in this article. The advantages and disadvantages of the models were both discussed. After that, a new Human Factors analysis model of civil aviation maintenance was proposed, which is named...
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Research on the determination method of the intermittent grounding faults of shipboard medium voltage power system

Ya-wei Song, Bing Shen, Liang Chen
In order to ensure shipboard medium voltage power system work successfully. In this paper, the existence of intermittent grounding fault of the shipboard power system is analyzed and studied. Meanwhile, A simulation model of shipboard medium voltage power system with multiple branches is built on MATLAB/SIMULINK,...
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Zero-turn-off thyristor zero voltage block media recovery analysis of influencing factors

Wei Fang, Guo-shun Xu, Jin-wu Zhuang
For the analysis of transient zero through the thyristor turn-off characteristics of recovery factors, the researchers are by changing the polarity of the supply voltage of the anode current commutation always realize thyristor is turned off, but will be under a lot of anti-off thyristor during recovery...
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Phase-Shifting Control of Double Pulse in Harmonic Elimination

Wei Peng, Junghong Zhang, Jianxin Gao, Guangyi Li
With the wide usage of electronic devices, harmonic wave is becoming worse. A method of Phase-Shifting Control of Double Pulse (PSCDP) is introduced in this paper. In continuous conduction mode, mathematical model between harmonic and phase-shifting is built, FFT is used to evaluate the harmonic content...
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Research on friction stir welded joints of Copper to Magnesium alloy

Yuhua Chen, Jilin Xie, Wenming Cao
Dissimilar magnesium alloy AZ31 and pure copper sheets with a thickness of 5mm were successfully friction stir welded. Microstructure and mechanical properties of the butt joints were investigated. Complicated microstructure was formed in the nugget zone, in which vortex-like pattern and lamella structure...
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Study on Ozone Treatment Technology of Waste Paper Pulping Wastewater

Zhengshun Wang, Tingcai Yang
This study is a factory waste paper pulping wastewater of Shandong Zibo as treatment object, with ozone generator homemade ozone water, hydrogen peroxide, activated carbon, aluminum sulfate, polyacrylamide, manganese dioxide co-processing, combined with flocculation and sedimentation, adsorption, filtration,...
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Study on Ozone/Fenton Reagent Co-processing of Wheat Straw Pulp Hypochlorite Bleaching Wastewater

Zhengshun Wang, Yingjie Liu
This experiment explores to pre ozone used for wheat straw pulp hypochlorite bleaching wastewater treatment of optimum oxidation time, initial pH of Fenton reaction water, H2O2/FeSO4 dosing ratio, reaction time on Fenton method depth treatment effect of bleaching effluent. The bleaching wastewater is...
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Experimental Investigation of Oblique Laser Shock Processing on Aero-engine Fan Shaft

Peiyu Zhang, Cheng Wang, Yan Chai
The circular bead of aero-engine fan shaft was obliquely shocked by laser shock processing (LSP). After oblique laser shocked, the residual stress and microstructure characteristic of fan shaft were investigated and analyzed. The rotary bending fatigue tests and fracture analysis were also conducted....
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Key problems analysis of large-diameter pipeline tapping machine's design and manufacture

Yan-jun Li, Jian Zhang, Qing-yuan Mao
Pipeline transportation plays an important role in the resources deployment and economic development of our country. Its dimensional repair technique is an important guarantee to ensure the safety and reduce the loss. Tapping machine draws a lot of attention as the key equipment. According to project...
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Wetting behaviors of water droplet on rough metal substrates

Jing Xu, Bin Li, Jiadi Lian, Jing Ni, Jing Xiao
In this paper, an experimental investigation of wetting behaviors of water droplet on rough metal substrates is presented, in order to study the influence of rough structures on contact angles of metal substrates. The static contact angles and contact angles evolution over time are measured with a video...
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The Discussion of the further Studies of the Magnetic Suspension Vibration Isolator

Qiang Li, Shaoyan Wei, Zhennan Liao, Honglin Jin
The vibration isolators play an important role in the field of high resolution metrology and manufacturing, optical, physical and chemical experiments. Magnetic suspension vibration isolator (MSVI) is an efficient method to suppress the oscillations in vacuum environment. This paper firstly presents...
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Design of the 4-DOF Parallel Robot Control System Based on EtherCAT

Cunfeng Kang, Yukun Zheng
This design includes both the hardware system and software system. The control system can not only achieve the motion control but also can realize simulation. Hardware system is constituted by Parallel Robot Body, Embedded IPC (Industrial Personal Computer), servo drive and motor system, EtherCAT module...
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Reliability adaptive modeling method for CNC Machine Tools based on kernel function

Jili W, Dingyu Y, Xiaocui Z, Zhaojun Y, Guofa L
A reliability adaptive modeling method for CNC Machine Tools based on kernel function is proposed. Choosing Gaussian distribution as the kernel function, the optimal model with least integral square error as the objective is established, and cross-validation method and traversal search method are used...
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Reliability Prediction for CNC Machine of Spindle System

Xiaocui Z, Fei C, Jili W, Zhaojun Y, Guofa L, Z Xinge
Grey prediction of CNC machine spindle system failure is modeled with GM(1,1) grey prediction as data accumulation weaken randomness and strengthen regularity. The model result provides preventative maintenance of CNC machine spindle system with theoretical foundation. The example analysis shows that...
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The research of model on the apparent viscosity of sludge

Y.Z. Xue, B. Lou, W. Qian
The viscosity of sludge not only affects its transport properties, but also the drying efficiency. In the paper, the sludge property of apparent viscosity was studied with the different types of sludge moistureÿcontent ofÿsludge and temperature with the help of NDJ series digital viscometer. The results...
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Research on Current Control Technology of Fine Plasma Cutting

Guoping Li, Qi Cao, Yujian Fu
The precision control of cutting current is the important performance index of the plasma cutting power supply, so the study of plasma cutting current control strategy have great significance. This paper first summarizes the development situation of plasma cutting power supply, and the domestic plasma...
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A Retrieval Method of CAD Semantic Model Based on Design Intention

Qinyi Ma, Lihua Song, Dapeng Xie, Maojun Zhou
With the development of 3D modeling technology, the number of 3D models has been increasing and people have been paid more and more attention to the 3D model retrieval technology. This paper presents a CAD semantic model retrieval method based on design intent, which is based on the design intention...
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Research on Fuel Tank Model Selection of LNG Power Ship Based on Evaporation Rate Control and Construction Cost

Yunlong Wang, Yanyun Yun, Yonglin Chen, YanSong Lin, Chaoguang Jin
With the increase of LNG power ship, the structure form of the fuel tank has been paid more attention. In this paper the advantages and disadvantages of LNG powered ship fuel tank with double shell tank structure or independent C type single shell tank structure are discussed from the initial evaporation...
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A Millimeter-Scale Electrostatic Flapping-wing Actuator with High Lift-to-Weight Ratio

Yi Yang
We present a millimeter-scale, 3mg-weight electrostatic flapping-wing actuator which can generate lift force of 1.5mg under a stroke frequency of 80Hz, and makes the lift-to-weight ratio reach 0.5. As such, this work makes a key step in achieving electrostatic actuated FMAV's autonomous flight
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The Dynamic Analysis of Tension Stringing in Transmission Lines Based on ADAMS

Qi Xiao, Hailing Zhao, Shuai Lu
In recent years, with the power grid and ultra-high voltage power transmission project increased, tension stringing is taking an important part in transmission project. Due to the shortcomings of traditional theoretical formulas, it is not precisely to reflect the dynamic tension of wires. In this paper,...
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Forster Resonance Energy Transfer in a Hybrid System of CdTe Quantum dots-RhB

Lai Wei, Jianxin Zhou, Zhicong He, Fang Li
The forster resonance energy transfer (FRET) between different CdTe QDs and RhB were investigated by steady-state and femtosecond time-resolved photoluminescence spectra technique. Through the measurements on three different CdTe sample solutions, it was found that the FRET efficiency is proportional...
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Analysis to the Potential of Rainwater Resources Utilization in Kunming area

Yu-ling Zou, Jian-wu Ma
Water shortage is very serious in kunming area. Based on the precipitation and evaporation data of 2001-2011 of Kunming provided by Yunnan Meteorological Bureau, the article analyzes the change features of annual, seasonal and monthly rainfall and evaporation over the last 11 years. What's more, by referring...
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Application of Environmental Friendly Material R32/R1234ze in Heat Pump Water Heater

Ying Wang, Fang Wang, Hongqun Chen, Fang Li, Siyu Li
With the refrigeration equipment working medium transition from high GWP to low, it is significant to study the environmental friendly refrigerant to protect the environment and avoid the greenhouse effect. Through theoretical analysis and experimental study of R32 and R1234ze mixtures, this paper provides...
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Influence of The Smoothing Parameter in The Re-initialization Equation on The Level Set Interface-capturing

Zhilin Liu, Huang Yong
The level set method is frequently used to simulate and capture the moving interface in the molten metal casting and forming field. However, the level set function has to be re-initialized after several time-steps. And influence of the smoothing parameter on numerical accuracy of the moving interface-capturing...
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Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Atmospheric EnvironmentÿSimulation: a Case Study in Shenyang, China

Yuan Zhou
Atmospheric environment simulation in urban space plays an important role in the improvement of urban air problems and the sustainable development of the city. Using Remote Sensing (RS) and the spatial analysis technology in Geographic Information System (GIS), combined with the numerical simulation...
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Method of Evaluation of Forestry Machine Roll-over Protective Structure Efficiency

Alexander V. Pitukhin, Igor G Skobtsov, Veniamin N. Shilovskiy, Oksana L. Dobrynina
Current standards in the field of self-propelled machinery for forestry require equipping tractor cabins with roll-over protective structures (ROPS). It is necessary to reduce the risk of operator's injuries caused by tractor rollovers or falling trees. This study deals with the investigation of forest...
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The stability of dual-PSD based calibration system without its relative location to 3D forming of carbon fiber

Chengzhi Su, Lei Zhong, Chengyun Wang, Huzaifa Khalid, Fangchao Shao
The trajectory accuracy of the carbon fiber 3D forming robots is one of the key factors to ensure the quality of forming. It is well known that carbon fiber 3D forming robots have high repeatability but low accuracy. Compared to conventionally used calibration methods, dual-PSD based methods provide...
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The Simulation Study on Deep-sea Microbes Sampling of Holding the In-Situ Pressure Based on the Pressure Compensation with 316L Stainless Steel Accumulator

Wenjie Song, Peng Liu, Qinglin Jiang, Xinjuan Li
This paper proposes a physical model of pressure compensation with accumulator based on the simulation research. The best accumulator can be chosen quickly and reasonably for different sampling systems. The mathematical model about the final pressure of the accumulator is established. The accumulator...
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A New Ptosis Auto Analysis System and Algorithms Based on Surface Electromyography Sensor

Wan-Seok Noh, Dae Gu Son, Seon-Chil Kim, Jong-Ha Lee
The 'Ptosis' is a phenomenon that eyelid droops and cannot lifts on normal level. If somebody has the ptosis, they use the frontalis muscle in forehead when the eyes open. In this paper, the frontalis muscle's EMG was measured about stare angle. People who have the ptosis were confirmed that they use...
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A New Method of Online Measurement Viscosity of Paint dissolved liquid for Enameled Wire

Weixiong Xu, Adi Yang, Wenzhen Zhang
The viscosity of paint dissolved liquid for enameled Wire is key that manufacture enameled wire, paint dissolved liquid is volatilization and change every moment, this paper presents a new method for real-time measurement of the viscosity of paint dissolved liquid for enameled wire, the new method is...
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The Design of a Heavy-load Palletizing Robotic Structure for Coating Handling

Weixiong Xu, Jing Cao, Xiaogeng Nie
Heavy load palletizing robot in solving labor shortage, improve labor productivity, reduce production cost and the labor intensity of workers, improve the production environment, etc. It is of great significance. This article expounds the heavy load of palletizing robot working principle, structure and...
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Shipping Demand Scheme Modeling and Measurement Based on Task Constraints

Yongtao Yu, Ying Ding
Shipping is an effective solution to the current flowing bulk goods. Because it deficiencies that the shipping demand scheme is determined by experience. It proposed building demand integer programming model based on task constraints, estimated shipping demand scheme. Firstly, determine the sensitivity...
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Energy Simulation and Materials Dynamic Characteristics of Combined Power Plant

Meng-lin Shao, Qian-chao Liang, Hai-yang Zhan, Tao Zhang
Combined power plant has been the important development trend of ship power in the future. The dynamic characteristic of the power plant has made a great impact on stability, maneuverability and economy of the ship. So the research of dynamic Characteristic on the combined power plant has great significance...
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Numerical Analysis and Experimental Verification Based on Design Parameter Variation of Vacuum-Insulated Pipe for Cryogenics

Jae-Hoon Lee, Si-Pom Kim, Geun-Ho Lee
Since natural gas is mainly transported or supplied in a liquefied state under high pressure, BOG (boil off gas) is frequently generated due to the adiabatic relation outside the pipe. To reduce BOG, various studies are being conducted. Recently, vacuum-insulated pipes are mainly used. Thus, in this...
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Numerical Analysis Research and Experimental Verification of the Heat Leak of a Cryogenic Vacuum Jacket Valve

Jae-Hoon Lee, Si-Pom Kim, Rock-Won Jeon
The need for natural gases has recently been increasing for energy production and demand. Accordingly, many different studies are now being conducted on ways to supply liquefied natural gases (LNG) and on the valves that are used to supply those gases. Although there are various types of valves that...
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Theoretical and Experimental Study on the Water Curtain Shape and Mechanical Relationship of the Smoke Control System

Hongwei Gong, Juncheng Jiang, Jinming Qiu, Ranran Jiang, Weikang Zhang
First, we conduct the research on the mechanical mechanism of smoke control system to form a continuous water curtain and analysis the mechanical model of continuous water curtain and micro-unit; then simulate the continuous water curtain's shape of smoke prevention system by using Fluent software and...
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Control Strategy for a Micro Smart Grid to Meet the Energy Demand of a Household

Cui He, Jie Ji, Yaodong Wang, Tony Roskilly
Tri-generation systems are regarded as one of the most efficient technologies to save energy consumption and reduce carbon emission. In this research, a smart grid using renewable energy and energy storage unit is studied as the electrical part of a tri-generation system. This study aims at satisfying...