Proceedings of the 2015 International Symposium on Energy Science and Chemical Engineering

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The Preliminary Research of Guojuanyan Debris Flow Characteristics and Prevention Measures Post-Earthquake

Shun Yang, Hai Huang, Huali Pan, Jiankang Liu
Sichuan Basin come into rainy season entirely in the early July, 2013, Dujiangyan city of Wenchuan strong earthquake district encountered a hundred-year rainstorm process, which raised numerous Secondary Mountain hazards as collapse, landslide and debris flow etc. Generally, high frequency of debris...
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Evaluation of the Land Quality in Front and Back Land Consolidation

Yi Xiao, Ke Yin
The research object of this paper is DaZu comprehensive land consolidation projects in Hechuan County of Chongqing, analysis the land comprehensive consolidation impact on land quality in hills and mountains. The results show: (1)Through comprehensive improvement of rural land, land topography factors...
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The Big data Business Model of Smart Power Based on Information Value Theory

Jianhua Yang, Dunnan Liu
The grid now has the capacity of big data basic services, building an application system of big data electricity services is needed for data decision, data management and digital operation. First, started with information value theory, the analysis of many energy demand value information which were aggregated...
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Research of Distributed Data Acquisition System Based on CIM/E

Peng Du, Ziming Guo, Zhaoqi Wen, Hao Zhang, Yu Qiao, Wenwen Wang, Jianhua Chen
This paper analyzes the traditional mode of data acquisition, proposed the distributed data acquisition system architecture which is based on the CIM/E, while discussing the management of CIM/E files and data sharing under this architecture. The feasibility of the system has been verified by engineering...
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Progress on the Extraction Techniques of Bromine

Fei Ge, Yuting Li, Xiushen Ye, Haining Liu
During the past few years, the concentration of bromine in bromine-bearing resource in China is dropping quickly. However, the traditional methods, such as air blow-out technique has the disadvantages of high energy consumption and narrow range of application on temperature, and it is not profitable...
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The Stability Study of Overlying Rock Mass of L Working Face Moving from Open-Pit to Underground Mining

Shiguo Sun, Yujuan Zhang, Zizhen Miao, Shaojie Feng
Taking a L working face of open-pit to underground mining in Wuhai coal mine as an example, based on the numerical simulation software FLAC3D which made a detail analysis of deformation and mechanism of rock slope aimed at the two different mining schemes of from inside to outside and outgoing. The results...
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Preparation of An Extractant-Impregnated Resin Containing 4-tert-butyl-2-(α-methylbenzyl) phenol and Its Adsorption for Cs+

Haining Liu, Li Sun, Chaoming Quan, Yaoqiang Hu, Xiushen Ye, Zhijian Wu
The adsorption of Cs+ by a novel extractant-impregnated resin (EIR), was studied using batch adsorption experiments. The new EIR was prepared by impregnating 4-tert-butyl-2-( -methylbenzyl) phenol (t-BAMBP) onto AB-8 macroporous resin beads. Thermogravimetric analysis (TG) and the Fourier Transform Infrared...
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The Slope Comprehensive Reinforcement Design Scheme Optimization Based on the Limit Equilibrium Method

Shiguo Sun, Yinghai Zhang, Jianqiang Wang, Zhenhua Su, Shaojie Feng
The composition of the open-pit mine slope is a dynamic process. With the arriving of the exploitation of the deep and slope, the slope height, slope angle increases for years and forms high-steep slope. Its security seriously restricts safety production. This article will take the steep slopes of one...
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Comprehensive Evaluation on the Control of Smart Distribution Network Project Investment Based on Cooperation Management during the Construction Process

Shuangying Zhang, Dunnan Liu, Song Ju, Lihang Ji, Jin Pan
This paper mainly have a comprehensive evaluation on the control of smart distribution network project investment during the construction process from the term of investors. First, according to the cooperation management, analyze the demand of investors’ investment control, build the index system of...
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Study on Performance of the Exhaust Valve in Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

Li Zhao, Yusi Yang, Yudong Lu, Xiao Hu, Linghui Fan
Gas cannot prompt emission is the main reason for Water pipeline burst, explore the exhaust valve’s performance at present, which has practical significance for the pipeline safety protection.Through the experiment, research the commonly used exhaust valve in water supply and drainage engineering and...
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Influence of Combustion Process on the Carbonyl Emission of Diesel Engine

Guangju Xu, Ren He, Bing Liu
The bench test of diesel engine is conducted fueled with biodiesel, diesel and blending fuel, the changes of cylinder pressure with crank angle is also measured, combined with the measurement results of carbonyl emissions, the theoretical relationship between combustion process and carbonyl formation...
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Fault Feature Extraction of Bearing Fault in Wind Turbine Generator Based on the Variational Modal Decomposition and Spectral Kurtosis

ShuangWei Guo, Wenmin Zhang, Hongshan Zhao
In order to extract fault features of rolling bearing effectively, a method which is based on variational mode decomposition and spectral kurtosis was proposed. The Intrinsic Mode Function (IMF) is obtained by variational mode decomposition.The intrinsic mode function (IMF) is obtained by variational...
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Effect Study on Middle Phase Microemulsion Displacement System

Keliang Wang, Bingling Zhou, Jing Zhang, Guoqiang Fu
Middle phase microemulsion flooding is an effective approach to improve reservoir recovery. Using orthogonal experiment, we obtain the preparation of middle phase microemulsion formula of oil displacement system. Scanning respectively SDS concentration, concentration of n-butyl alcohol and Na2CO3, we...
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Research on the Laws of the Overlying Rock Mass Deformation of Combined Open-Pit with Underground Mining

Shiguo Sun, Weichen Guo, Yujuan Zhang, Junlei Wu, Weidong Liu
The slope stability problems of combined open-pit with underground mining is such a key technology and the core problem of mining safety production. This paper apply the numerical simulation analysis on engineering project, and using Midas, FLAC3D and other software analysis the slope stability, slip...
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Study of Compound Heat Transfer Enhancement of Horizontal Liquid-Solid Fluidized Bed Heat Exchanger with a Kenics Static Mixer

Yan Liu, Zhi Wang, Wei Zhang, Chenglin Pei, Shaofeng Zhang
This paper describes the characteristics of heat transfer and pressure drop of the horizontal liquid-solid fluidized bed heat exchanger with a Kenics static mixer. The effects of inlet conditions of the working fluids and twist ratio on the heat transfer characteristics as well as pressure drop are discussed....
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Study on the Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Alpinia Oxyphylla Miq. at Different Growth Stages

Dan Zhou, Yurong Fu, Weiyong Lai, Junqing Zhang
Objective: to compare the contents of heavy metals in Alpinia oxyphylla Miq. at different growth stages. Methods: The content of Cu was determined by atomic absorption spectroscopy. The contents of other four elements, i.e. As, Hg, Pb and Cd, were determined by atomic fluorescence spectroscopy. Result:...
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Effects of pH on the Morphology and Photocatalytic Performance of BiVO4 Prepared Via Hydrothermal Method

Xingxing Gao, Jian Wang, Hongbo Xu, Jianglong Yu
BiVO4 with different morphologies were synthesized via a controllable dodecylamine-assisted hydrothermal method. The effect of pH on the crystallinity, morphology and optical absorption property of BiVO4 was investigated by X-ray diffraction (XRD) scanning electron microscopy(SEM) and UV-vis Diffuse...
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Preparation of Y(OH)3:Eu3+ and Y2O3:Eu3+ with Nanotube Morphology by a Facile Hydrothemal Method

Bin Deng, Haiying Huang, Ruijin Yu
In this work, Y(OH)3:Eu3+ nanotubes with 2-3 µm in length and 50-300 nm in diameter have been successfully synthesized on a large scale by hydrothermal treatment of the corresponding oxides in pure water. In addition, Y2O3:Eu3+ nanotubes could be obtained by calcination of Y(OH)3:Eu3+ nanotubes in air...
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Experimental Study on Performance of Double Pipe Length on Instantaneous Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

Shaoyou Yin
The performance of the instantaneous air-source heat pump water heaters which is made of the different double pipe heat exchangers respectively was studied, the influence of double-pipe inner wall thickness on the heat transfer area, the water flow velocity, the heat transfer coefficient, and the water...
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Preparation and Characterization of Fe3O4/Cellulose Composite Material by the Method of Solidoid Compound

Wen Xia, Chan Yin, Fei Wang, Jihua Li, Xiaoyi Wei, Tiaokun Fu
The purpose of this study is to investigate the preparation and characterizations of Fe3O4/cellulose composite material by the method of solidoid compound. Results showed that the Fe3O4/cellulose composite in sheet form has been prepared by a solid reaction process. Fe3O4 nanoparticle was distributed...
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Physical Properties of Mixtures of Rice Starch and Tapioca Starch Prepared by Extrusion Cooking Technology

Wen Xia, Jihua Li, Fei Wang, Xiaoyi Wei, Tiaokun Fu, Zhenwen Zhang
The purpose of this study is to investigate the physical properties of mixtures of rice starch and tapioca starch (TS) prepared by extrusion cooking technology. The microstructure analysis suggested that samples presented a looser and more porosity structure as TS content increased. The X-ray diffraction...
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Synthesis of Prenyl Alcohol from Isoprene

Xiaofei Jiang, Ying Zhang, Yunzheng Li, Qingshan Zhang, Hongquan Yin
One method for synthesis of prenyl alcohol starting from isoprene was developed. Isoprene was chlorinated by concentrated hydrochloric acid, then esterification and saponification were occurring until prenyl alcohol was prepared. Some key influencing factors including reaction temperature,reaction time...
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Uncertainty Evaluation on Determination of Aurum in E-waste by ICP-AES

Yong Le Wang, Ming Yang, DengXin Li
E-waste gold element content and the main source of content uncertainty is the use of inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) analysis determination. This article takes aurum as an example to analyze, compound and calculate five uncertainty components in resolving process, such...
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Low Temperature Synthesis of Mesoporous γ-Alumina Supported Nickel Oxides and Their Catalytic Application for CO2 Methanation

Xingfu Shang, Digu Deng, Xueguang Wang, Xiujing Zou, Weizhong Ding, Xionggang Lu
The mesoporous -alumina supported nickel oxides with different Ni/Al molar ratios (x = 0.05, 0.10, 0.125, 0.25, 0.50) have been prepared by a simple partial hydrolysis of aqueous solution of Al(NO3)3 and Ni(NO3)2 with (NH4)2CO3 without templates or organic surfactants at low calcination temperature of...
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The Safe Thickness of Top Plate in the Process of the Underground Excavation Transferred to Opencast Excavation

Shiguo Sun, Weidong Liu, Yujuan Zhang
Zijinshan gold mine once to mining local underground copper resources, result in the mined-out area which elevation from 460 m to 570 m, the upper pit continue mining down the deep,one of the main problems in the safety production is that the large-scale mining equipment work whether fall into the mined-out...
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Economical Analysis of the Influence of cleaning PV Modules on Power Generating Cost of Photovoltaic Power Station

Ruopu Yang
Ash fouling on the surface of solar PV modules influences power generating efficiency. However, cleaning PV modules will increase power generating cost. Through comparative analysis of power generating cost between cleaned and uncleaned PV modules of same kind, it is concluded that the daily equivalent...
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Soil Quality Status of Different Land-Use Types in Shiqu County, China

Wenju Liao, Dehua Tang, Xinggui Wang, Xiaobin Cheng
The soil quality status of three typical land-use types (grassland, forestland and cultivated land) in Shiqu County is surveyed, including soil pH, soil calcium carbonate, cation exchange capacity, organic matter, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total potassium, available nitrogen, available phosphorus,...
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Development of Dyeing Mechanism of Wood with Reactive Dyes

Shengfei Yu, Dan Xu, Xiao Zhang, Tianhui Yu, Yuan Liu, Xu Wang, Na Li
The Transmission Theoretical Model of reactive dyes fluid in wood are systemically reviewed in the paper. It also are summarized the dyeing dynamics and thermodynamics and the reaction mechanism of reactive dye liquor with wood. The existing shortages and development direction of dyeing mechanism of...
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Amidoxime Selective Adsorption for Uranyl and Transition Metals

Guilin Wei, Fangting Chi, Pinglin Guo, Ziyue Gong, Fule Liu, Tianli Qiu
Uranium is the most useful resource in nuclear reactor. But the land resource won’t satisfy the nuclear reactor in the future. There still existsa large amountofuraniumin the seawater.The seawater environmenthas been simulated by Amsterdam Density Functional(ADF) forgetingan orderbetween uranyl (UO22+)and...
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Catalytic Fixed-Bed Pyrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Production of Phenolic-Rich Bio-Oil

Alisa Mamaeva, Arash Tahmasebi, Jianglong Yu
Production of fine chemical from biomass has attracted increasing research attention in recent years. In this paper, the effects of activated-carbon on production of phenolic-rich bio-oil were systematically studied. Different ratios of the activated carbon/peanut shell in the blend were pyrolyzed and...
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Analysis on the Influence of the Average Thickness of Sandstone in Overburden upon Mining Subsidence

Shijie Song, Xiaoguang Zhao, Mengdi Gao, Wenjie Nie
The layered structure of overburden strata of coal measures is a remarkable geological characteristic of coal occurrence. The average thickness of sandstone is one of the key characteristics in the overburden layered structure, which can impact significantly the development of mining subsidence. Based...
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Mechanisms and Kinetics of MnOx-Based Catalysts at Low-Temperature Selective Catalytic Reduction of Nox

Yongli Yang
MnOx has become a focus in the research of low-temperature SCR De-NOx catalysts for its good catalytic activity. Many MnOx-based catalysts have been researched which all have a high selectivity low-temperature N2 and good anti-poisoning, but most of them lack enough clear reaction mechanism and kinetic....
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Research of Particles Distribution Function in Horizontal Liquid-Solid Circulating Fluidized Bed

Jing Wu, Jiangtao Wang, Yan LIU
A horizontal liquid-solid multi-tube circulating fluidized bed was designed to study the influence of front header distributor, liquid velocity,Kenics static mixer to various particle’s distribution and discuss the pressure of front header to back header. The CCD image measurement and data processing...
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Comparison of Different Extraction Methods for Flavonoids and Polyphenols from Manilkara Zapota Leaves and Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity

Feiyue Ma, Xiumei Zhang, Yu Ge Liu, Qiong Fu, Zhi Ling Ma
In the present research, a comparative study was conducted between heat reflux extraction (HRE), ultrasonic-assisted enxtraction (UAE) and negative pressure cavitation extraction (NPCE) for extract total phenols and total flavonoids from Manilkara zapota leaves. Single-factor experiments were applied...
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Control of Subcritical Thermal Power Units Based on Grid Primary Frequency

Jun Li, Huicong Li, Zhaoxin Wang, Mingjun Xu
New energy connected to power grid brings new challenges to optimal operation of power systems. The transient stability of power grid mainly depends on primary frequency compensation of thermal power units. By analyzing the theory and practice of DEH and coordinated control system(CCS) of thermal power...
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One Pot Synthesis of Amino-Functionalized Magnetite/Silica Nanocomposites in Microemulsion

Zheng Zhang, Wei Zhang
Amino-functionalized magnetite/Silica (Fe3O4/SiO2) nanoparticles were synthesized in water-in-oil microemulsion system by one-pot process. The structure composition and the surface functional groups of the product were characterized. The synthesized product was embedded structure of Fe3O4/SiO2 nanocomposites...
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Supercritical Water Oxidation of Coal Gasification Wastewater

Laisheng Wang, Shuzhong Wang, Yuzhen Wang, Yanhui Li
The sludge produced by biochemical treatment process of coal gasification wastewater contains large amount of phenol and tar, it is difficult to be degraded by conventional methods. Supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) technique was carried out for biochemical sludge from coal gasification wastewater...
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Corrosion Behavior of Austenitic Steel 304 in Nearcritical Aqueous Solutions

Yanhui Li, Shuzhong Wang, Laisheng Wang, Pengfei Yu, Jianqiao Yang
In this paper, the corrosion characteristics of Austenitic steel 304 in nearcritical aqueous solutions containing 1000 ppm chlorides, and chemical oxygen demand (COD) of 2000 ppm, was investigated. The samples surface were examined using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) equipped with energy dispersive...
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Analysis on Wind Power Acceptance Ability Taking into Account Power System Economy

Hongwei Han, Gang Zhou, Kaifeng Zhang, Li Hao, Qia Ding
In order to analyze the wind power acceptance ability of the power grid, the assessment model of the wind power acceptance ability which takes power system economy into consideration has been established in the paper. On account of the contradiction between the utilization of wind power and the power...
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Parallel Operation Program of Marine Power Station Simulation based on Visual C++

Haowen Chen, Ming Bai, Rui Zhang, Weishan Li, Runda Lu, Jieqi Zou
Automatic synchronous parallel operation is one of main functions of marine power station automation. Taking a semi-submersible vessel as the research object, this paper mainly describes the conditions of synchronous parallel operation, detection and achievement way of synchronous parallel operation....
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One-Pot Hydrothermal Synthesis of Flower-Like SnO2Clusters and Their Application for Lithium Ion Battery

Dongdong Liu, Aiping Fu, Hongliang Li, XiuSong Zhao
Tin dioxide is one of the most promising anode materials for the next generation rechargeable Li-ion batteries owing to its high theoretical capacity (782 mAh g 1). The flower-like SnO2 clusters were successfully prepared via a facile one-step hydrothermal method using sodium stannate as a Sn source...
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One-Pot Reaction for Synthesis of 1,2,3-Triazole Thioethers from Iodotriazole, Sulfur and Alkylhalides/Tosylates

Bei Yang, Yining Wen, Zhen Jiang, Linlin Zhang, Pan Yu, Ningning Liu, Jian Zhang, Qinpei Wu
A tandem procedure catalyzed by CuI has been developed for the synthesis of 1,2,3-triazole thioethers. Treatment of iodo 1,2,3-triazole with sulfur and followed by reduction with NaBH4 and alkylation with alkylhalides or tosylates in one–pot forms various triazole thioethers under mild conditions. This...
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The Effects of CeO2 Addition on the Performance of Zinc Oxide Sorbent Prepared by Microwave Solid-State Method for H2S Removal

Zibing Su, Mengmeng Wu, Yang Li, Yu Feng, Jie Mi
ZnO sorbents with different CeO2 loadings were prepared by microwave calcination and tested the performance for H2S removal in a fixed-bed reactor at 500 . The results revealed that the Ce-doped sorbents have a higher efficiency and longer breakthrough time compared with non-modified sorbents. The optimal...
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Optimization Process of Hummers with Large Diameter Graphite

Yeye Xu, Bo Xiao, Jiao Yan
Graphene oxide (GO) is prepared from flake graphite. By changing graphite, reaction time and oxidant addition, the critical process that influenced the preparation is studied. Optimum reaction process of 1400 m/710 m graphite is obtained with results of characterization and yield. With the introduction...
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Influence Research of Thermal Power Unit's Extraction Steam for Power Grid Frequency Modulation

Jun Li, Hui Zhang, Meng Wang
Wind power and other new energy connected to power grid bring new challenges to optimal operation of power systems. The stability of power grid mainly depends on primary frequency compensation and secondary frequency compensation of thermal power units. But thermal power unit common have extraction conditions....
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Study on Carbon Emissions from Municipal Solid Waste in Shenzhen

Junfeng Zhang, Hong Fang, Bofei Ma, Huaimo You
There are generating many municipal solid wastes in the rapid development of urbanization. Municipal solid wastes treatment could generate lots of carbon emissions, which accounted for an important share in total carbon emissions. Therefore, it is crucial to compare emissions from different ways of municipal...
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Distribution Network Sensor Selection Based on Improved Membership Function

Erxia Li, Yuling Li, Naiqiang Mao, Zhen Wu, Guoming Ma
The condition monitoring of distribution equipment is significant for safety and reliability of distribution network cooperation. In order to monitor the operating state of distribution equipment, first, we should learn about the function and characters of the different distribution and ensure the acquisition...
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Research and Application of the Hardware and the Sequence Control System for Chemical Water Treatment System

Bo Lin, Weiyan Sui, Song Gao
This paper introduces the method of controlling system of chemical water treatment control system of thermal power plant, which is transformed into a distributed control system. According to the working principle and structure characteristics of the equipment, the protection and the sequence control...
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The Analysis of Flow Stability in Pipe by Experiment

Jun Wang, Jie Geng, Dong Li, Xinhui Wang
Many kinds of fluid were sent by pipes; the stability of the flow was closely related to the exchange of energy. The velocity field of a pipe was tested in the experiment; the curves of standard deviation were obtained from the test. The results show that at low Reynolds number axial and radial standard...
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A Replicator Dynamics Model of Traditional Manufacturing Clusters Low-Carbon Evolution

Hongjuan Zhang
The low-carbondevelopmentof traditional manufacturing clustershas becomea hot issuein thecluster field. The cooperative evolution is animportant way of the low-carbon evolutionof traditional manufacturing clusters, and it is also a dynamical, complex and repeatedgame process. This paper builds a replicator...
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The Disjunction Effect of Marine Bay Mouth to Zn

Dongfang Yang, Danfeng Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Mingzhong Long
Based on the investigation data on Zn in bottom waters in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay in May, September and October in 1983, were analyzed the contents and distributions of Zn. Results showed that Zn contents in bottom waters in May, September and October in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay in 1983 were...
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The Trace Input of Cyanide to Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Mingzhong Long, Danfeng Yang, Fengyou Wang
This paper analyzed the content, pollution level, pollution source and input of cyanide in Jiaozhou Bay 1983. Results showed that cyanide contents in surface waters were 0.02-0.46 g L-1, which were much lower than the guide line of cyanide in Grade I (5.00 g L-1) of National Sea Water Quality Standard...
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The Vertical Migration Characteristics of Zn in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Yunjie Wu, Xiuqin Yang
Based on the investigation data on Zn in waters in May, September and October in 1983, were analyzed the horizontal distribution, seasonal variation and settling process of Zn in water in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay, eastern China in 1983. Results showed that Zn contents in surface waters in May, September...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Small Functional Molecule Composed of BseDz

Hongxia Li, Qing Cheng, Qingzhen Wen
Novel organic conjugated molecule composed of central benzoselenadiazole (BseDZ) units as electron acceptor and two pyrrole groups as electron donors was prepared via the Stille coupling reaction. The molecular structure was verified by 1HNMR and 13CNMR. UV-vis spectroscopy showes that molecule has broad...
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The Usage of Technology and Manufacturing in the Service of Design

Jun Wang, Zhihui Wu
In this paper the system for advanced technology for furniture design and manufacturing is described. The polymer is adopted to specify the product models. The material allows simultaneous access to the design. Computer integrated technology can vary the design model and process planning. With the help...
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Analysis of Factors Estimation and Influence of Regional CO2 Emissions—A Case of Shandong Province Example

Qiang Zhao, Jie Li, Chaoyue Li
Contemporary society with the economic development, the demand for fossil fuels was increasing, leading to the increase of CO2 emissions, resulting in more serious environmental problems. So it was of great significance to analyze carbon emissions and the factors that affected its emissions, which could...
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Evaluation Index System of Level of Low-carbon City: A Case Study in Guiyang

Jun Liu, Yuanyuan Liu, Yao Wang
This article embarks from the challenges faced by construction of low-carbon city in Guiyang, using DPSIR model, from five aspects, including driving, pressure, status, impact and response, build a set of evaluation index system composed of 23 indicators. With this index system, the typical low-carbon...
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Conceptual Model and Evaluation Index of Low-Carbon Urban Economy

Jun Liu, Yuanyuan Liu, Yao Wang
Conceptual model and evaluation index of low-carbon urban economy are researched in this paper through the case study method. First of all, challenges of low-carbon city economic development in Zunyi are analyzed. After that, conceptual model and design idea of index of low-carbon urban economy are given....
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Review of the Impact of Tax Policy on Renewable Energy Development in China

Jianfei Shen, Yuan Wang, Suli Yan
As one of the important public means of Government’s macro-controls, tax policy has played an important role in supporting the new energy industry development. Therefore, using a variety of means, especially macro-fiscal and tax policies, to promote new energy optimization in industrial structure upgrading...
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New Exact Solutions for a Glycolysis Model

Junyi Yin, Zhanguo Li
This Essay has studied a glycolysis model and found two new exact solutions for this model, namely the group-invariant solution for the model obtained by applying the Lie group method, and the solitonicic solution for the model obtained by applying the hyperbolic function method.
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Research on the Methods of Releasing the Capacity of Railway for Transferring Freight Flow from Road to Railway

Boliang Lin, Chang Liu, Jiaxi Wang, Siqi Liu
This paper firstly analyses the necessity of constructing low-carbon emission system in China and put forward the concept of reducing carbon emission by transferring freight flow from road to railway. The methods of releasing the capacity of railway are studied emphatically, including the cost of freight...
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Study on the Relationship between the Economic Growth and Carbon Emission in Heilongjiang Province

Xu Yang, Pan Luo, Yi RU, DongLiang Li, DaSha Fan, Yang Xu
This paper investigates the dynamic relationship between the economic growth and carbon emission in Heilongjiang province based on the data from 1990 to 2011. The results show that the carbon dioxide emission has been still increasing with economic growth since 1990. The paper researches on the relationship...
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Study on Removal of Trace Phenol in Drinking Water by Fenton Reagent

Junsen Wu, Hongtu Wang, Ruibao Jia, Xiangfeng Jia, Chenchen Liu
The existing conventional water treatment process of the water resources is difficult to meet the drinking water quality requirements. In order to make the treated water to reach the drinking water quality standards, the Fenton Oxidation has been used to remove the trace phenol of the drinking water...
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An Empirical Study on Influence Mechanism of Consumer Trust on Low-Carbon Purchasing Behavior

Pei Zheng, Zhiqi Liu
This paper examines the influence mechanism of consumer trust on consumers’ low-carbon purchasing behavior based on the theory of planned behavior. Results show that consumer trust exerts positive impacts on consumers’ low-carbon purchasing attitude, subjective norm and perceived behavioral control,...
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Evaluation on the Urban Sustainable Development Level of Xicheng District in Beijing

Leigang Shi, Cunjun Li, Haitang Hu, Xiang Sun, Heju Huai, Huarui Wu
Urban city plays important roles in the development of urban China. It is of highly strategic significance to evaluate the urban sustainable development level. In this paper, an assessment indicator system was designed composing of 4 first-level indicators and 20 second-level indicators. The entropy...
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Transient Electromagnetic Torque Calculation Method for Short Circuit Fault of Turbo Generator Set

Haihua Zhang, Shiwu Xiao, Xiaoqing Xiao, Likun Zheng
This paper presents a mathematical model of the fault component network for systems with series compensation devices, when the three-phase short circuit occurs. After the transient electromagnetic torque is calculated, the initial amplitude and attenuation coefficient of transient electromagnetic torque...
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Experimental Measurement of CO2 Diffusion Coefficient in Porous Media Using NMR Micro-Imaging

Junlin Chen, Yuechao Zhao, Yongchen Song, Di Wu, Dayong Wang
In the recent years, using CO2 injection into oil reservoirs to enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR) has attracted more and more attention from industry and laboratory experiment. The mass transfer and diffusion of CO2 in oil is one of the key parameters of displacement process. In this study, by employing...
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Recovery of Waste Heat in Diesel Engine Coolant for Air Conditioning

Hanzhi Wang, Huashan Li, Lingbao Wang, Xianbiao Bu
In this paper, an organic Rankine cycle driven vapor compression refrigeration (ORC-VCR) system for heavy-duty trucks’ cab and sleeper air conditioning using the waste heat in engine coolant is analyzed. R245fa and R134a are, respectively, selected as working fluids for the power and cooling cycles....
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The Contribution to Low-Carbon Transportation and Energy Saving of Equilibrium Configuration on Traffic Resources

Shouhong Ren, Zhifei Xie, Shuo Tian
Considering the country attaches great importance to energy conservation and emission reduction, Low-carbon transportation and the commuting of Hohhot’s serious transportation inefficiency causes the destruction of the atmosphere and the useless consumption of energy, time and other resources, as well...
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Modeling of Biodiesel Production from Rape-Seed Oil and Methanol

Shijun Chen, Kang Zhao, Ying Tang
A continuous process flowsheet for biodiesel production from rape seed oil under alkaline condition on a commercial scale was developed. Detailed operating conditions and equipment designs for the process were obtained. A technology assessment of the process was carried out to evaluate the technical...
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Research on Indoor Map Production for Fire Rescue

Ming Wang, Ling Peng, Yuhuan Ren
Indoor map has become a hotspot of electronic map research. However, the usual indoor map production methods couldn’t provide useful information for fire rescue. In this paper, by the way of investigating requirements of fire fighting and rescue, analyzing the characteristic of indoor map for fire rescue,...
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Applications of Microalgae as Feed Additives in Aquaculture

Jinghui Li, Ze Fan, Mu Qu, Xiuting Qiao, Jinhui Sun, Dongqing Bai, Zhenyan CHENG
Microalgae are a group of small size and lower plants that can conduct photosynthesis, which are characterized by riching in protein, fat (polyunsaturated fatty acids), polysaccharides, vitamins, antioxidants, pigments, trace elements, etc. Its nutritional value can be comparable to meat, eggs, and even...
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Protein Sparing Effect of Lipid in Diets for Common Carp(Cyprinus carpio)

Ze Fan, Jinghui Li, Zhenyan Cheng, Baolong Zhang, Mu Qu, Jinhui Sun, Dongqing BAI, Xiuting Qiao
This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of dietary lipid level on growth performance, activities, and gene expression of related lipid metabolism enzyme of common carp (initial average weight (36.12±1.18)g. Five experimental diets with increasing lipid levels of 2.1%, 4.0%, 5.8%, 7.6%,...
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Research on Green Building Design Strategy of Large Space Building —Taking Taiyuan South Railway Station as a Case

Hui Zhang, Xuan Zhou, Di Wei, Minzu Li
As a city’s landmark building, railway passenger stations are often large in space, crowded and extremely comfortable, which resulted in high energy consumption. Taking Taiyuan south railway station as a case, this paper introduced the green energy-saving design of the adaptable climate through natural...
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Cost-Benefit Analysis Developing Offshore Wind Energy in China

Ru Liu, Junchao Zhao, Hui Li
Compared to onshore wind power, offshore wind power has a relatively short history. The offshore wind potential in China is about 3 times larger than onshore, yet China had not dedicated into offshore wind research and development until recent years. China has the incentive to construct offshore wind...
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The Impact of Compact Urban Management on Environmental Quality: Evidence from Chinese Cities

Like Yuan
Periods of decentralization had exerted a tremendous pressure on the cities environmentsustainability. The compact city concept was seen as an approach that could end “the evil of urban sprawl”. This paper uses GDP density as the index of compact city to examine the determinants of environment sustainability...
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Preparation and Characterization of Amine Modified Carbon Quantum Dots from Mesoporous Carbon

Zhipeng Sun, Qian Luo, Wensheng Ran
Amine modified carbon quantum dots were synthesized though a simple nitric acid oxidation method together with a hydrothermal treatment using mesoporous carbon as precursor. The features and properties of product were characterized by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), photoluminescence...
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Regional Characteristic Analysis of Emission Intensity of the Main Pollutants in China

Yaling Liu, Wenjing Zhang, Yueying Wu, Weili Ye, Qiang Wang
Emission intensity of the main pollutants could indicate the relationship between economic development and environmental load in certain regions. We collected emission data of 6 main pollutants for different provinces in 2012, including chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide,...
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Finite Difference Approximations for Fractional Reaction-Diffusion Equations and the Application in PM2.5

Changping Xie, Lang Li, Zhongzhan Huang, Jinyan Li, PengLiang Li, Shaomei Fang
In this paper, fractional reaction-diffusion equations are used to model the diffusion of PM2.5 in the air. First, based on the shifted Grünwald formula, we propose the fractional Crank-Nicolson method to solve the fractional reaction-diffusion equations. Then we prove the existence and uniqueness of...
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Research on Three-Phase SVPWM Inverter Based on Double Loop Control of MPPT

Zhiwei Zeng, Jiangli Long, Mingzhe Hu
Building three-phased inverter mathematics model of voltage vector tracking current controller based on Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) and a novel current scheme under two phase synchronous rotating frame is presented, which uses grid feed forward controller. At the same time, considering...
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Numerical Investigations of Stilt Houses Natural Ventilation and Thermal Comfort Evaluation in Southern Yunnan Province

Zhiyong Zhou, Xin Zhong, Zhuowei Duan
For the purpose of improving the effect of natural ventilation and thermal comfort of a traditional stilt houseslocated inSouthern Yunnan Province. Theindoor and outdoor windenvironment of the existingStilt houseswere simulated by Airparksoftware, thefactors of indoor ventilation effect and thermal comfort...
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Research On Intelligent Low Carbon Urban Lighting System

Tao Wang, Zhanhua Zan, Zhenlong Yang, Jinlong Zhu, Longfei Ma, Yapeng Hu, Xinchao Zhao
Smart low-carbon city as a rapidly developing field is the most investment value of the new project in the 21st century.In this paper, we propose an intelligent low carbon urban lighting system using fuzzy control and neural network control algorithm, it can realize intelligent, low carbonization and...
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Growing Cu2S Nanoparticles on CdS/ITO Substrates for Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue

Hongcheng Pan, Shan Huang, Shaoxian Zhong
CdS thin films were deposited on indium–tin-oxide (ITO) coated glass substrates by a chemical bath deposition method. Then the CdS/ITO slides were immersed in the solution containing 1.6 mM CuCl2 and 1.4 mM cetyltrimethylamonium chloride at 37oC for 3 h to growth Cu2S nanoparticles on the CdS/ITO slides....