Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Computer, Communication, Control and Automation (ISCCCA 2013)

633 authors
Zhao, Danfeng
The Characteristic Parameter Estimation of Low Temperature Target Weak Signal Based on VanderPol-Duffing System
Zhao, Fei
Impact Analysis of Communication Network Reliability Based on Node Failure
Zhao, Gang
Research on Property and Model Optimization of Multiclass SVM for NIDS
Zhao, Hong-Xia
The existences of frame wavelet set
Zhao, Wei
The Complex Blind Deflation Algorithm Based Particle Swarm Optimization with Survival of the Fittest Mechanism
Zhao, Weidong
The convergence of SaaS and SOA magnify effect
Zhao, Wen-tao
Prototype Design of Self-securing Portable Storage Device
Zhao, Wencang
An Fast Refined Algorithm for Image Mosaic
Zhao, Yonggang
Model Parameters Estimation for Image Motion Compensation
Zhao, Zhengping
AlNGaN HEMT T- gate Optimal Design
Zhao, Zhenxue
Edge-Magic Total Labellings of Some Network Models
Zheng, Weigang
Research and Design on the System of Wave energy of Seawater Desalination with Negative Pressure
Zheng, Weigang
The design of water supply automatic control system of ship based on PLC
Zhong, Xunyu
Model Parameters Estimation for Image Motion Compensation
Zhou, Bihua
A New Derivation of TGR with Naked Antenna in Lossy Medium
Zhou, Bihua
The Analysis of Transient Grounding Resistance of Portable Horizontal Grid Earth Electrodes
Zhou, Jiang
Technical and Economic Analysis on Renewal of Shipborne Measurement and Communication Equipments
Zhou, Mo
A Cooperative Hybrid Caching Strategy for P2P Mobile Network
Zhou, Qingfang
Research and Design of Beamforming Device of SLC- LSCMA Algorithm Based on FPGA
Zhou, Qingfang
Design and Implementation of Reconfigurable Encryption and Decryption System Based on SOPC
Zhou, Xuanhao
A user-friendly building energy consumption program
Zhou, Ying
Design and Application of a Policy-driven Interactive Security Model
Zhou, Ying
Design and Application of a Network Security Model
Zhou, Ying
Active Defense Security Model in the Application of Network Deception System Design
Zhou, Zeshun
A Multiple Constrained QoS Routing Algorithm for the wireless sensor networks
Zhou, Zhenyu
A Topic Study of Microblog Based on Specific Events
Zhou, Zude
A Practical Fuzzy Adaptive Control Strategy for Multi-DOF Parallel Robot
Zhu, Guang-xin
Performance optimization mehtod on smart grid information platform
Zhu, Jianghan
Multi-Satellite Observation Scheduling Based on a Hybrid Ant Colony Optimization
Zhu, Li-jue
Prototype Design of Self-securing Portable Storage Device
Zhu, Wenming
A Novel Frequency Locked Loop Based on Stochastic Resonance
Zhu, Xingdong
Research for Model Based on Petri Nets about Maintenance and Support of Military Aviation Equipment
Zou, Meng
The Liquid and Plastic Limit Data Treated System Based on VC++