Proceedings of the 2018 3rd International Conference on Politics, Economics and Law (ICPEL 2018)

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Empirical Research on the College Students’ Employability Affect Factors of GIS Major Based on Factor Analysis

Fuguang Du, Yanan Zhang
Factor analysis method was uesd the research on the college students’ employability affect factors of GIS major based on 325 college students’ effective samples of GIS major of five universities of Hebei Province, China. It used 22 evaluation indicators and extracted 5 evaluation factors to research...
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Mobile Phone Terminal Education: the Trend of China’s Education Development

Yexia Sun, Jing Li
Education can enrich people’s inner world, cultivate people’s sentiment, and upgrade personal taste. In the era of Internet plus, mobile phone has become the largest carrier of China’s education by virtue of its incomparable advantages. The scale of online education in China is also increasing with the...
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Analysis on the Governance Structure with the Core of Professional Construction in Higher Vocational Colleges

Jing Wang
It is of great significance to the promotion of higher vocational education on economic and social development that analyzing the governance structure of Chinese higher vocational colleges with the core of professional construction and reference of advanced international TAFE. This paper, starting from...
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Research on the Development Model of Characteristic Towns

Wenfang Yi
Characteristic towns are an important measure to implement the goal of new-type urbanization under the new normal economic situation, and a nationwide upsurge of building new towns has arisen. Based on the difference between Zhejiang and the Ministry of Residence and Construction in defining characteristic...
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Research on the Right to Use Rural Homestead in China

Lingyan Lv
Rural land is the basis for the survival and development of farmers and has always been the focus of attention of the state and society. The rural homestead and the rural housing above it, as an important livelihood security property of farmers, have been playing a stable use function, but their asset...
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Research on the Community Pension Model—Based on the Survey in Wuhan City

Li-na Xiao, Jin-qing Xiao
Nowadays the aging of population is a worldwide problem. With the increasing aging in China, our country must set up the old-age service system as soon as possible, which is based on family, supported by the community, supplemented by the institution, and combined with the medical and nursing care. Therefore,...
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Research on "3+2+1" Talents Training Mode of Electrical Automation Technology Specialty in Higher Vocational Education

Xiansheng Zou
The core of teaching reform in higher vocational colleges is the reform and innovation of talent training mode, which directly determines the quality of professional talent training. Aiming at the present situation of talent cultivation mode of electrical automation technology specialty in Higher Vocational...
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Research on the Innovation Impact of Government Guidance Fund on Dongguan Intelligent Manufacturing

Wenqin He, Zengyan Xiao
Government guidance fund is an effective way to financially support intelligent manufacturing upgrading, and it can become an important financing channel for Dongguan intelligent manufacturing enterprises. Based on the development status of Dongguan intelligent manufacturing and the guidance fund collected...
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Research on the Development Path of Agricultural Products Circulation in Poverty Counties Based on Tourism Industry Integration

Li Wang
By combing and analyzing the urbanization construction process and development trend of the United States and Japan, we explore the endogenous driving force of urbanization construction in poverty-stricken counties in China. This paper takes tourism industry integration as the research foundation, and...
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Money Supply and the Dynamic Adjustment Speed of Capital Structure —Based on Unbalanced Panel Data in China

Wenju Kong, Qinfeng Xu
Over the past years, capital structure has been one of the most important subjects in financial management. Our study aims to study the influence of macro factors on the dynamic adjustment speed of capital structure over the period of 2000 to 2015. Considering the traits of debt, this article classifies...
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Research on Causes and Coping Strategies of Separation Anxiety of Infants in Preschool

Lina Zhang, Meijia Dong
In order to make smoothly transition from family to preschool for infants and increase their adaptability to preschool, this paper adopts methods of observation and interview to analyze the manifestation and causes of separation anxiety of infants in preschool and comes up with corresponding solutions...
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The Effect and Conflict of Rural Tourism on the Construction of "Ecologically Livable" Environment in Rural Revitalization — A Case Study of Damuyu Village in Yunnan Province

Xueqin Qiu, Xiaoyu Song, Zihao Zhang, Xiaoyi Zhao, Xinran Chen
The “ecologically livable” environment construction is an important part of rural revitalization. Rural tourism has made great contributions to promoting the construction of “ecologically livable” rural environment, making rural roads more accessible, the environment beautified, and accommodation conditions...
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Research on Digital Autonomous Learning Platform

Lunbin Li, Fuyan Zheng
In view of the lack of teaching links and students' weak awareness of independent learning, a scientific digital independent learning platform is developed and constructed. According to the software engineering specification, this paper carries out feasibility analysis, requirement analysis, overall...
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Research on Intelligent Family Learning Assistant Based on Computer Vision Technology

Lunbin Li, Haikun Teng
Because some students' learning habits are not good and their learning methods are not scientific, this leads to poor academic performance. In order to solve this problem, an intelligent home learning assistant software is developed on the basis of convolutional neural network is developed. It is learning...
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Research on Ontology Model of the Urban Critical Infrastructure System Interdependence

Shiying Wang, Xiangyang Li, Guanghua Yu
The paper uses ontology method to describe complex interdependency in urban Critical Infrastructure System (CIS). Through the literature review, existing research results have not been excavated the essential causes and influencing factors of the urban CIS interdependency formation. Because the complex...
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Management Status and Development Strategy of Financial Management in Electric Power Enterprises

Lizhen Liao
As the basic industry of the national economy, electric power enterprises have an important impact on the sustainable development of Chinese economy. Financial management, a complex and tedious project, plays a very important role in the daily work of electric power enterprises. Mainly starting from...
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The Sources and Countermeasures of Kindergarten Teachers’ Occupational Stress —Taking Shenyang Youte International Kindergarten as an Example

Lina Zhang, Liyan Zhang
With the rapid development of society and education, the occupational stress on preschool teachers is increasing day by day. In order to help teachers ease the physical, mental and behavioral discomfort caused by occupational stress, and thus improve teachers' education, teaching and management ability,...
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Ecological Construction of College Maker Education in the Internet Space based on VR Technology

Yuanxiang Dong, Chenjing Hou, Peijun Li
This paper constructs a new ecology for maker education based on the concept of "VR technology" and "Internet space". Firstly, the significance of VR technology and Internet space were systematically expounded, and were integrated in terms of development philosophy, educational resources, teacher and...
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Research on the Increasing Law and Authors Distribution of Medical Records Management Literature in China

Ting Zhou, Yue Hu, Lijun Cai
Based on literature growth model and Lotka's law in informetrics, this thesis targets at medical records management literature from China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), researches on their growth from 1956 to 2015 to find a two-phase linear growth model. Meanwhile, maturity of medical records...
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Focusing on Poverty Alleviation to Secure a Decisive Victory in Building a Moderately Prosperous Society in all Respects —Based on Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Hunan Province

Wei Wen
Poverty alleviation is the key and difficult point as well as the focus of the Party to lead people to secure a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and realize the first "Centenary Goal". It is also the top priority of Party and governmental work in Hunan province....
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Research on the Correlation Measurement between Markets of Finance and Real Estate in Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong Based on the Copula-GARCH Model

Xin Sui, Tingyun Yan
In this study, the Copula-GARCH model is constructed to measure the correlation between markets of finance and real estate in Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. The corresponding yield rate of financial and real estate index is processed by GARCH model to eliminate the autocorrelation and ARCH effects....
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Analysis on the Distribution Characteristics of IMIS Enrollment Plan of TCM Colleges in China

Haifeng Yang, Fang Mei, Chao Lei, Qian Liu, Miao Zhang, Binqian Liu, Yangbo Su, Kang Chen
In order to ameliorate the enrollment strategies of the specialty of Information Management & Information System (IMIS) in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) colleges, we collected and processed the IMIS enrollment plans in 42 Colleges from 2013 to 2016, and also the actual enrollment volume of 11 TCM...
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Research on Optimization of Joint Reserves for Emergency Supplies in Shelters

Shaoqing Geng, Hanping Hou, Jianliang Yang, Mingli Yu, Tiantian Zhang, Jingyan Zou
Relief resource such as food, drinking water and other emergency living materials need to be updated regularly during a certain period of warranty. Therefore, this kind of emergency resource reserve needs to consider both the daily management cost and the emergency supply guarantee. In order to study...
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Analysis of the Correlation between Regional Economy and the Development of Logistics Industry —Taking Gansu Province for Example

Ting He, Hanping Hou, Jianliang Yang, Shaoqing Geng, Chenyang Zhao, Wenjuan Wang
As one of the important provinces on the "One Belt And One Road", Gansu province has received more and more attention from the society. At the same time, the harmony and interaction between the development of its logistics industry and the development of regional economy also rouse wide social attention....
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Research on Development Strategy of Agricultural Products E-commerce Logistics in Weihai Area

Mengting Jiang, Hanping Hou, Jianliang Yang, Shaoqing Geng, Xuehui Wang, Yue Wang
In 2017, the scale of e-commerce for fresh agricultural products in China reached 139.13 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 50%, and it is expected to exceed 150 billion yuan in 2018. Presently, the poorly developed situation of agricultural products in Weihai leads to a large room for improvement....
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Analysis of the Application of Illustration Art in Graphic Design

Yueying Chu
With the development of modern science and technology, science and technology is continuously applied to graphic design, and traditional brush tools has been replaced by computer gradually. As a unique art, illustration profoundly affects people’s aesthetic. Since illustration art continues to advance...