Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Society Science (ICoSS 2017)

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Relationship between Tourist Attractions and the Baidu Index: A Case Study of National 5A Scenic Spots of Xi'an City During National Day Holiday

Kewei Lei, Xiaohui Wang, Xiaoning Dou
During Chinese National Day holiday, lots of tourists visit well-known scenic spots leading to heavy overcrowding problems. Consequently, the accurately prediction of tourist numbers for certain small regions/scenic spots within few days is important for tourist attractions management and planning. Most...
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Zhangjiajie's Current Tourism Economy-Vision of Tourism Industry and Solutions for Development

Wen Zhou, Xuebin Huang, Jia Zhu, Kun Zhang
Zhangjiajie is a tourist city with tourism as the main economic industry, with rich tourism resources and favorable geographical advantages. This paper analyzes the development of Zhangjiajie tourism scenic spot, points out the problems existing in the development of Zhangjiajie tourist area, and puts...
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A Comparative Research in Medical Image Visual Searching of Novice, Proficient and Expert Radiologists: Evidence from Eye Movement

Meixiang Chen, Shaoyin Duan, Xuejun Bai
This article is to discuss the radiologist' fixation characteristics and processing strategies in medical image searching, and to find out the expert advantages and characteristics, in order to provide theoretical basis for improving the ability of novice and proficient radiologist. SMI250 eye tracker...
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Application of Multi Slice Spiral CT Combined with Head and Neck Digital Subtraction Angiography in the Diagnosis of Head and Neck Vascular Diseases

Taoping Zhou
To evaluate the value of 128 slice spiral CT combined digital subtraction angiography in the diagnosis of head and neck vascular diseases. Materials and methods: from March 2016 to December 2016 during the screening in the Institute of clinical diagnosis of subarachnoid hemorrhage (21 cases), cerebral...
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Research on Evaluation Methods of Network of Bicycle System in Historic Districts--Taking Xi'an City Wall of Ming Dynasty as Example

Yuan Li, Yanhui Li, Kuanmin Chen
Under current transport conditions with high level of mechanization, traffic pressure increases rapidly which leads to low traffic efficiency and low resident travel efficiency. Especially for historic districts which located in the downtown areas with high intensity of land development and scarce land...
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Western Consumption Concepts: Cultural Implications, Main Forms and Influences

Weilong Huang, Han Xiao
This paper not only analyzes the cultural implications and main forms of western consumption concepts, but also probes into how western consumption values infiltrate and erode traditional Chinese consumption, and further points out the key to rationally coping with these negative influences, hoping to...
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The Design of the Uav Ground Station Controller

Chong Zhao, Ning Wang
Take-off and landing UAV need through landing the manual control of the controller on the ground, landing on the ground controller design decides the security and reliability of the aircraft during take-off and landing. Because of the complexity of the tilt rotor machine body structure, the number on...
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Research on Express Demand Forecasting of Beijing

Sihua Wu
With the development of the national economy and the promotion of electronic commerce, as an important part of the logistics industry, express industry has become an important part of the national economy. This article gets Express traffic in Beijing through access to information and analyzes the influencing...
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A Study on the Evaluation and Promotion of the Brand Value

Xueli Yang, Yu Bai
As the development of economic, consumers would identify and select a product or service according to the brand, and also they could show their own tastes, values and emotional orientations via the brand. Companies could express enterprise management conception, emotional value relying on the brand....
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Research Status of Ventilation Method in Welding Workshop

Shijia Chen
It shows the research status of ventilation and dust removal method in welding workshop at home and abroad by simply explaining the diffusion principle of welding flue gas and the particle size distribution of welding dust. Moreover, it analyses the formation, components and perniciousness of the welding...
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Analysis of Value Inheritance, Preservation and Utilization of Chinese Traditional Settlement

Yi Zheng, Li Dong
With a long history, various forms, elaborate layout, profound value and folk culture, Chinese traditional settlement plays a role of the carrier of traditional culture, the representative of residential science, the fossil of sociological and the miracle of architectural art. However, in the meantime,...
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Establish the Platform of Idle Goods- Focus on Left-behind Children

Siyu Yu
At the same time of China's growing, the phenomenon of left-behind children has quietly become a serious social problem, which has attracted the attention of a great of the CPC central committee and the state council. In the graduation period, how to deal with the accumulation of the university graduates...
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Study on the Temporal and Spatial Pattern of Achnatherum splendens Community in Hulun Lake Area

Jianhua Mao
Achnatherum splendens community is one of the typically non-zonal vegetation occurred in arid and semi-arid regions. It plays important roles in maintaining species diversity and promoting regional livestock production. In this paper, methods of decision tree classification and change detection were...
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The Influence of the Earthquake Disaster in Architectural Structure Design and Optimization

Qingying Liu
It is very important to draw experience and lessons from the buildings having been built which had ever suffered from the earthquake disaster. Because of poor experience and seismic design. Chinese buildings like the Tangshan Earthquake and Wenchuan Earthquake has caused our country great casualties...
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The Changing Characteristics of the Glaciers of Geiqu Basin during 1978-2010

Peng Gong
Glaciers are sensitive indicators of climate change. Spatial-temporal variations of glaciers have been analyzed in the Geiqu basin through employ the technique of geographic information based on two glacier inventory data. Some conclusions can be drawn as follows. (1) Currently, glaciers of Geiqu basin...
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Simple Analyses on Reading of Women in Song Dynasty

Dongxia Song
Economy of Song Dynasty was relatively developed. The political environment was relatively stable, and literati could go to the official career by reading. Social reading atmosphere was good and a large number of outstanding writers emerged, promoting the rapid development of Chinese literature. Among...
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Poverty Alleviation in Zang People's Regions of Yunnan Province from the Perspective of Accurate Anti-poverty

Xiaobo He
Poverty alleviation in Zang People's regions of Yunnan is one of the social events which has drawn so much attention from China's government , academics and social community. The following passage is formed in the impact of construction of well-to-do society fully in the 18th Congress of Communism Party...
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A Brief Analysis of Relations between Traditional Culture and Personal Cultivation from the perspective of Intercultural Communication

Hengbo Yang
It is universally accepted that personal cultivation plays a crucial role in interpersonal relationship and social development. In the 21st century, with the mixture of cultures, the essence of traditional culture should be valued highly. For the purpose of building a homonious, stable interpersonal...
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SWOT Analysis of Modern Agriculture Development in Jilin Province

Shidi Shao, Yidan Shao
Starting from the current situation of the development of agriculture in Jilin Province,this paper made use of the SWOT analysis method to analysis the advantages,disadvantages, opportunities and challenges of modern agriculture development in Jilin Province.We combined with the SWOT strategy choice...
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Research on Chinese - Japanese Translation of Xi'an Buddhist Temple Tourist Attractions-A Case Research on Chinese -Japanese Translation of Qinglong Temple

Rui Gao
With the deepening of Chinese international communication, more and more foreigners come to China to travel. Xi'an Buddhist temple tourist attractions are more and more popular with its material cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage, especially in Japan which is deeply influenced by Chinese...
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Translators' Subjectivity in Literary Translation: From the Perspective of Reader-Reception Theory

Hongmei Yang, Suling Qi
On the basis of reception theory, the paper probes into the variety of translation strategies from the process of literary translation, indeterminacy of text meaning, horizon of readers' expectation and translators' foregrounding. And then the translator's subjectivity is also discussion from the perspective...
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The Research On Enhancing The Competitiveness Of Tourism Industry In Hubei Province Under The Background Of One Belt And One Road

Minghui Long, Qiuju Xu
Since the implementation of the national "One Belt and One Road" strategy, the tourism industry of Hubei actively participates in the "One Belt and One Road" tourism cooperation with countries and territories along the road to deepen the regional tourism cooperation. The tourism industry is a comprehensive...
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The Design of the Uav Ground Station and Radio Modulation

Ning Wang, Chong Zhao
The take-off and landing stage in UAV, due to the complex terrain of landing and flight attitude control is difficult, the ground operators need to rocker landing on the ground controller to control the artificial take-off and landing aircraft. In order to make the aircraft landing task and high precision,...
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Study on Yan Fu's Translation from the Perspective of Modernity

Xixiang Ke
Yan Fu who is a prolific and great translator in late Qing dynasty builds Chinese enlightenment thoughts and new culture by the translation of western bourgeois culture, many works concerning social science included. This paper is to analyze Yan Fu's translation from the perspective of modernity. The...
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Analysis of Dynamic Protection Strategy of Southern Hubei Traditional Settlement

Dong Li
"Dynamics" in theory of dynamic protection mainly reflects in protection contents, protection process and protection methods three aspects. Protection situation of traditional settlement in southern Hubei is not as optimistic. Compact community and folk yard developed on geographical environment is on...
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Aimed at the Indoor Air Pollution: Air Guard

Siyu Yu
At the same time of China's fast growing, the phenomenon of the air pollution has gradually become a serious social problem, which has aroused a great concern. And at the same time, the indoor air pollution is much more severe than the outdoor air pollution. Photo catalyst is a catalyst, which breaks...
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Laser Ultrasonic Porcelain Insulator According to Simulation Studies

Min Ji, Pengfei Ji
This paper first summarizes the laser ultrasonic according to material excitation mechanism of ultrasonic, starting from the thermoelastic mechanism of pulse excitation laser ultrasonic, laser line source as the excitation light source, the thermoelastic mechanism under pulsed laser f as porcelain insulator...
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The Establishment of Musical Aesthetics That "Natural Voice" Is the Most Beautiful Sound

Shalin Han, Tao Yu
From the concept perspective of The Establishment of Musical Aesthetics That "Natural Voice" Is the Most Beautiful Sound, this paper systematically and detailedly argues that the aesthetic habits and aesthetic psychological structure of the music from the Chinese people are reflected in the natural aesthetic...
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The Research to the Influential Factors of China's Urban Income Level of Low-income Groups

Zhe Zhou
In recent years,China's economic development has made great achievements, but the gap between the rich and the poor is widening. Low-income groups because of socio-economic reasons, low income levels, so facing greater pressure on life, they need to get social attention and support. Solving the problem...
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On Semantic Equivalence in English-Chinese Translation

Linyan Fu
Translation is an advanced subject and semantic equivalence in translation has always been the focus of the debate of scholars. How to achieve semantic equivalence becomes a hot spot in the focus. Due to cultural differences and expression habits, semantic equivalence is almost completely impossible....
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The Plaid Fabric Application in Fashion Women's Clothing

Yu Peng
This article discusses the use of plaid fabric fashion ladies. Taking into account the specific characteristics of the new fabrics, the paper analyzes the application of new and old plaid fashion design, aims to promote the application of plaid fabrics in fashion couture. Herein by reference, in a certain...
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Communication Strategies of New Media for Women Leaders-taking LaniúRob Ray, Philippine Vice President as An Example

Qian Liu, Jingwen Gao, Xing Lu, Yilong Chen
The influence of network news and social internet is surging on the background of new media through which Women leaders interact with netizes, consequently strategies on new media attract the attention of researchers. Having sort out relevant theories, we have analyzed online new media of LaniúRob Ray,...
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Effect of Three Organic Solvents on Dewaxing of Wheat Straw

Guizhen Gong, Gaojun Sun
The waxes in wheat straw were removed by ethanol, acetone and petroleum ether, and the extracts at all levels were analyzed by fourier transform infrared (FTIR) . The results showed that the effect of dewaxing of ethanol was higher than that of acetone, and the effect of dewaxing of petroleum ether was...
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Baahubali: The Beginning, a Hamlet in Indian Movie

Jian Wang, Lulu Chen, Yuanyuan Cai
In 2015, "Baahubali: The Beginning" as India's largest investment in the film history , with its grand scenes and dazzling special effects to conquer the audience, has made remarkable reputation and box office. The film unveils Shivudu's life story, and sets an ambush for its companion film "Baahubali:...
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An Interpretation for the Role "Opinion Leader" of the WeChat Public Number

Shuhua Zhang, Caixia Miao, Hong Wang, Ji'er Yang
Wechat public account; Opinion leaders; Role interpretation; Internet; Media
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An Analysis of Comparison of Negative List between China and America

Yan Meng, Han He
Investment negative list is one of key factors for new reconstruction of the international rules. This paper will mainly introduction the definition of the negative list and explain that how countries in the world manage the negative list and what kind of basic modes are applied to implement the management....
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Study on MO Zi's Thoughts of Labor Division

Ziwei Peng, Shuang Peng
This paper studied the purpose of Mozi's claim to labor division, the form of labor division and safeguard measures through using the literature method. The purpose of labor division is aimed at "improve the benefit of the world"; the labor division mainly include the labor division by gender, the labor...
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Study On Acquisition Of Lexical Chunks From The Perspective Of The Zone Of Proximal Development

Chaowu Liu, Shuai Gao, Dongmei Meng
as an important part of linguistics, definition and development of lexical chunks, as well as progress of various application channels based on Practical Applied Linguistics and Pedagogy, is now more and more valued. Compared with traditional teaching methods, the lexical approach is more flexible and...
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Research on Landscape Pattern Optimization of Xianglan Town Based on GIS and Fragstats

Haihong Song, Lingxiao Liu, Yutong Zhang, Siyu Pei
By the principle of landscape ecology analysis to analyze the Heilongjiang Province on the landscape spatial pattern of town domain Tangyuan County in Jiamusi city, Landscape spatial analysis and spatial data modeling were carried out by using GIS technology, and the raster map was transferred into Fragstats...
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An Analysis of the Character Tris in Divergent in the light of Faciality

Wei Wei
Faciality is a postmodern philosophy jointly proposed by French postmodern philosophers Deuleze and Guattari. It can be reflected in Deleuze and Guattari's work-A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia, which studies on Capitalism and Schizophreniahas and has deep influences on contemporary...
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Research on Symbolization of Domestic Yogurt Packaging

Yang Du, Zongyuan Bian, Xia Geng
As an indispensable nutrition in people's lives, liquid milk occupies its own place in the market. In recent years, healthy diet is advocated, and yogurt has attracted much concern because it can help people reduce weight and contribute to better sleep. In this paper, element extraction and cross analysis...
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A Research on the Sustainable Development of Foreign Language Talents in China's West Region Under the Background of The Belt and Road Construction

Juan Lu
Because of the high unemployment rate, English Major in China's West region has been listed as red card warning major for several years by the Max employment report, facing the threat of being canceled. The Belt and Road construction policy has brought a new dawn for foreign language talents in Western...
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Analysis on the Causes of Mass Emergencies A Case Study of Weng'an Incident in Guizhou Province

Yihao Shi
In the period of social transformation, the maintenance of social stability is the most basic requirement, and the outbreak of mass emergencies in recent years has brought great impact to the maintenance of social stability. Therefore, the reasons for exploring the mass emergencies are of great significance...
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The CA model of the Impact on Surrounding Traffic Capacity by Residential area Opening

Fei Yuan, Weiwei Zheng, Yunfeng Ma, Pingji Deng, Chunjing Liu
In the case of the increasingly serious urban traffic problems,ourstate had issued a relevant policy on the opening of the districtrecently.Firstly,this paper established a suitable evaluation index system and vehicle traffic CA model;and thenthrough the use of MATLAB programming, we finally proved that...
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Research on the Auspicious Patterns of Ming and Qing Dynasties Ceramics in Jingdezhen

Ying Zhang, Jinquan Lu
"A drama plays in the image, never tired of seeing; good words come from mouth, to meet people's desire." Auspicious art has been active in the art of this family, swimming in the elegant and vulgar, penetrating into life. Whether in the aspects of aesthetic and decoration, or in the psychological and...
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Specific Embodiment of Heavy Industrial Waste in the Urban Landscape

Yijie Liu, Xiaoqing Zhao
Wuhan, with a complete industrial system including steel, automobile and shipbuilding industry, is the biggest industrial and commercial city in central China, as well as a industrial city with state key construction. Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation is taken as an important representative here, which...
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The Identity Choice of Working Women: Conflict and Integration

Weilu Wu
Nowadays, working women not only undertake the same pressure in the work as men, but also need to play the family roles well after work. How to play various roles well and make balance between work and family is a major issue that contemporary working women have to face. Using the empirical research...
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Studies on Online Publication and International Development for Academic Journals

Chanti Wu
Development of academic periodicals has long been focused on by academic and journal communities. Having consulted some researches and related materials about online publication for domestic academic journals, certain cognition has been gained about current situations and future development at home and...
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Study on the Clarification Effect of Purple Sweet Potato, Jujube, Hawthorn Compound Juice Treated with Chitosan

Shulan Yu, Fang Zou, Wenjing Han, Xinwen Zhang
The clarification of purple sweet potato, jujube, hawthorn compound juice using chitosan is studied. The influence of the factors such as temperature, pH value, action time and dosage of chitosan on the compound juice clarification effect, is discussed. Through single factor experiments, the clarification...
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Housing Investment Model under High Housing Prices in Beijing

Xinfang Song, Shaoqiang Wang
In this paper, through the establishment of mathematical models of ordinary residents in Beijing to invest in the choice of a house or choose to rent a suitable problem. First of all, from the actual economic situation in Beijing, to find out the impact of Beijingers choose to buy a house or rent five...
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The Investigation and Analysis of Urban Elderly Endowment Patterns and Endowment Demand

Fang Wang, Entian Qie
Nowadays the degree of aged tendency of population in our country is high, the requirements of provide for the aged are growing day by day, the problems of provide for the aged has become an important social problem in China. Through comparative analysis to the advantages and disadvantages of three kinds...
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Change History on Soil Temperature under Ridge in Semi-acrid Areas of Loess Plateau

Youhu Zhu, Xianzhong Wu, Zhitong Wang, Zhihua Gao
Purpose: Studies on all-year-round soil temperature changes under ridge in semi-acrid areas of loess plateau. Method: three ways are given such as (CK), (TF) and (FF) on the basis of outside test data and observation temperature is 165cm. Result: soil temperature changes is obvious in the depth of 15cm-15cm,...
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A Study on the Evolution of Famous Car Symbols in the 20th Century

Zongyuan Bian, Yang Du
Based on the case of 30 famous automobile symbols in the world, an image segmentation method based on car symbol is proposed in this paper, and the evolution of symbolic elements in the twentieth century are made a more accurate classification and identification. The trend study is simultaneous with...
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Analysis of High-Speed Railway Communication Technology and Prospect of LTE-R Technology

Zihao Fu
In recent years, the rapid development of high-speed rail technology in China has not only promoted the development of the economy, but also made our country's transportation more developed. High speed rail trains up to 350km/h per hour, so communication technology has been a technical difficulty in...
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Exploring the Relationship between the Canadian Government and Social Organizations and the Enlightenment of Our Country

Yihao Shi
The relationship between government and social organization has its own development characteristics in different countries. Each different stage also presents different characteristics. The relationship between the government and the social organization of the Canadian government has undergone a series...
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Discussion on the English Translation of Characteristic Signs in Northern Region of Shaanxi

Xinzhuo Jiang, Jiaojiao Yang, Shuyao Chen
In the day of economic globalization, especially in recent years, the characteristics of northern Shaanxi are widely involved in the fields of network, film and television and other works. There are many local characteristics such as dialect, diet and folk culture in northern Shaanxi, which are proud...
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Characteristics of Solvent Fractional Extraction of Beisu Coal

Lin Shi, Guizhen Gong
Fractional extraction of Beisu coal with ethanol and ethyl acetate was carried out to study the existence form and dissolution behavior of the organic matter in Beisu coat. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) is used for the analysis of various abstract. The results show that the dissolution of organic...
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Research on the system of juvenile criminal responsibility age in China

Wei Gao
With the development of economy and the progress of society,the physical, psychological and mental development of minors, compared with 1980s, in 1990s has been significantly faster.In recent years,Social concern for juvenile delinquency is rising,juvenile delinquency toward the age of low, the crime...
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Study on the Construction and Development of Stuffed Small Towns-A Case Study of Lei Longwan Town

Jiang Liu, Yutang Zhang
In recent years, leisure tourism, which is characterized by customs, folk culture and farmhouse music, is popular with more and more people. Therefore, the "Small Towns" show its unique after-advantages in the tourism. New things need new thinking, new methods and means, planning and construction of...
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Research on the Application of Ceramic Art Symbol in Visual Image Design of Large - scale Sports

Cunjun Xie, Leilei Tian
Jingdezhen becomes the world culture in the bright wonderful work because of its ceramic art with its profound cultural heritage and specific forms of expression. Ceramic art not only retains the Chinese nation's extraordinary cultural heritage, but also "meaningful form" shows the pulse of the times,...
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Empirical Analysis on Bank's Net Interest Margin under the Background of Interest Rate Liberation: Taking the Banking Sector in Weihai for Example

Xiaoming Wang
With the continuous reform of China's interest rate market, the deposit and lending spreads gradually narrowed, which undoubtedly makes the deposit and loan spreads as the main source of income of commercial banks face enormous challenges. For small and medium commercial banks, the situation is more...
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Discussion on the Simplicity in Modern Product Design

Junying Shi, Jun Chen
with the progress of Science and technology, people's lives are more convenient, but also faced with some new problems: the city's pollution, complicated work and stressful life. So people began to look forward to simple and natural style life; abandon the harassment and unnecessary luxury, to seek a...
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The Artistic Features and Significance of Artistic Life Pottery in Jingdezhen City

Liwei Zhang, Weiwei Xu
In today's society, as industrial mass production is widely used, Jingdezhen handmade ceramic products are favored by the mass due to its unique humanistic charm. For the creation of handmade ceramics in Jingdezhen, it is encouraged by the market, so it can continue to develop and innovate. This paper...
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The revelation of the Ming and Qing dynasties' imperial kiln system for the establishment of contemporary Chinese imperial kilns

Lisha Yang, Yajie Yu
With the appearance of the supervisory ceramic officers and the supervisory ceramic official system,the imperial kiln fire system in the history also came into being.The supervisory ceramic officers play an important role in ancient imperial kiln fire system,and the supervisory ceramic official system...
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On the Innovative Expression of Contemporary Pastel Art

Sheng Bi, Bao Chen
Jingdezhen's porcelain industry reached its peak in the Qing Dynasty, during which pastel was formed due to some specific social, cultural, political and economic reasons. This article mainly focuses on the artistic characteristics of its ceramic decorative language, through its expression technique,...
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Study on Landscape Plant Construction of Small Courtyard in Areas South of the Yangtze River

Yifan Zhang
With the development of the society and the intensification of modernization process, cities and towns are gradually surrounded by steel and concreate, and people are eager to find a green land in the cement jungle and enjoy the accompany of plants. Because of the unique geographical location, climate...
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On the Development of Cultural Industry under the Background of "Going out" Strategy

Feng Xin, Jingjing Zhang
"Going out" strategy is a major decision made by the government to promote economic development. At present, the rapid development of the cultural industry has aroused the concern of the world. The development of the cultural industry is deeply influenced by the development of science and technology,...
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A Study on the Ceramics of Tibetan Buddhism----A Case Study of Official Ware during Qianlong Period

Feng Deng, Fei Yan
The development of ceramics was in the heyday during the Qing Dynasty. During this flourishing period, they were always some representative ware that could stand out, such as ceramics in the style of Tibetan Buddhism. The prevalence of Tibetan Buddhism is not only because of its gorgeous shape, but also...