Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Social and Political Development (ICOSOP 2016)

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The Political Culture of Debutant Voters (Analysis Study of Political Culture of Students as Debutan Voters in North Sumatera University)

Adil Arifin
Based on the fact that the debutant voters is one of the potential voters in every election and it have a big number of vote in this present democratic era. So the debutant voters is one of the main targets in any kind of political campaigneither for political party or the candidates leaders in the election,...
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Increasing Compliance Of Public Institutions Within Implementation - The Constituent Of Public Information Transparency In West Aceh

Afrizal Tjoetra, Mr. Sudarman
Government of Aceh and its regencies show commitment to public information transparency. This is done by establishing main and assistant of Documentation and Information Management Officer (Pejabat Pengelola Informasi dan Dokumentasi) at SKPA (Satuan Kerja Perangkat Aceh) and Regency/City Government....
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The Model Of Development Policy Implementation Village Owned Enterprises In Indonesia

Bambang Sudaryana
The low productivity of services in the village has been more due to the weakness of human resources in the field of management, organizations are less professional, the mastery of technology and marketing is weak, and the low quality of the entrepreneurship of the micro business. Problems developing...
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Buying Decision: The Links Between Online Media and Face To Face Interaction with Hearing Impairment

Mr Selwendri, Ms Rumyeni
The purchase decision of consumers on a product can be influenced by various things as advertising , media and environmental factors. From the perspective of media , the purchase decision of people did not only came from a single media only.. On the other hand , a tendency to reduce the risk in the buying...
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Interpersonal Communications in Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Dewi Kurniawati
Providing sexual education or reproduction health education for children as early as possible by parents and school is necessary to prevent children receiving misleading informations from their peers, internet and other media. Parents themselves sometimes find it difficult to have conversations regarding...
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The Determinant Factors of Regional Development toward Land Use Change in Deli Serdang

Dwi Lindarto Hadinugroho, Mr. Sirojuzilam, Mr. Badaruddin, Dwira N Aulia
The concept of regional development Mebidangro (Medan, Binjai, Deli Serdang, Karo) creating neighboring region hinterland Medan city with Deli Serdang Regency especially in Tembung village, Percut Sei Tuan District. Population structure in Tembung shows occurrence condition of rural-urban change which...
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Gifted Innovation Education: New Perspective in Identification and Development of Gifted Student in Inclusion Education Setting

Eka Sakti Yudha, Sunaryo Kartadinata, Nandang Rusmana
The purpose of this paper is to provide a new perspective in the identification and development of gifted students in Indonesian inclusive education settings. Education recruitment system of gifted children that are currently used to attract gifted children requires three things: IQ above average, creativity,...
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A Critical Review on Reducing Human Error

Elisabet Siahaan
In nowadays competition, a private hospital services could be categorized as monopolistic competition. Many of new private hospital established were increasing in the current competition. In order to win, survive in competition, one had to offer a better performance, better competitive advantage from...
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The Relationship between Environmental Sanitation and Helminthes Disease on Primary School Children in Terminal Disposal Waste Area

Evawany Aritonang, Albiner Siagian
Helminthes is one of public health problem in Indonesia with a prevalence of 45%. Worms is incident to the entry of worm eggs and infects the human intestine that is generally referred to as soil-transmitted helminthes (STH). Helminthes disease generally more common in toddlers and children of primary...
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The Validation of Skala Ritual Religious Harian Muslim (Daily Moslem Religious Rituals Scale)

Helli Ihsan, Ms. Herlina, Sitti Chotidjah
The scale of Ritual Religius Harian Muslim or RRHM (Daily Moslem Religious Rituals) is a scale comprising seven daily Moslem religious rituals, classified into two categories, namely obligatory rituals and Sunnah rituals. In this research, the scale is applied towards 162 Moslem teenagers chosen from...
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Factors Affecting The Growth Of Regional Revenue In The District/City Of North Sumatera

Idhar Yahya, M. Zainul Bahri Torong, Muslich Lufti
This study aims to examine and analyze the effect of capital expenditures, the general allocation fund, revenue-sharing, and region own transfer fund towards the growth of the local source revenue with population as moderating variable. This is a causal study. The population used in this study is all...
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Indicators Coefficient Calculation Using Technoware, Humanware, Organware and Infoware

Ikhsan Siregar, Rahmi M Sari, Khalida Syahputri, Indah Rizkya, Yusuf Hanifiah, Muhammad Anggia Muchtar
Technological developments and competition between the manufacturing industries in Indonesia is currently growing very rapidly. Every manufacturing industry competing in the meet consumer demand increasingly varied. Technology is an important factor in enhancing this competition. Research made in companies...
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Higher Education Against the Spread In The Region Of North Sumatera

Ikhsan Siregar, Yusuf Hanifiah, Muhammad Arifin Nasution
Distribution of education is very important; in accordance to the opening 1945 constitution about to educate nation's life. North Sumatra is one of the largest provinces in Indonesia, which has about 13 million inhabitants' with distribution of 33 regencies and municipalities with an area of approximately...
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Comparative Analysis Of College Students In View Of Gender Issues

Ikhsan Siregar, Yusuf Hanifiah, Muhammad Arifin Nasution, Abdillah Arif Nasution, Muhammad Anggia Muchtar, Tigor H Nasution
Education is a very important element for the development of a nation. Before the days of independence, Indonesians educations are for men only, until finally through the momentum that involves a female character who has become a driving force of education and education for female in Indonesia. Education...
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Performance Improvement Model of Civil Servant at General Election Commission

Ikhvan Fuady, Ritha F Dalimunthe, Elisabet Siahaan
Each institution has always wanted a quality human resources as a valuable asset that is being sought and maintained. To get optimal results, organizations must be able to optimize factors that influence employee performance. Factors can increase employee performance are the extent to which human resource...
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Increasing Women's Role in the Democratic Process: Lessons Learned from Thailand's 1997 Constitutional Reform and Thailand's 2001 General Election

Mr. Irhamna
This article examines the role of Women and Constitution Network (WCN) in Thailand's 1997 constitutional legislation process. To be specific, the introduction of gender equality article, and its application in Thailand's 2001 General Election. This study uses qualitative methods to analyze the role of...
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Description Of Knowledge For teenager Girls about Menarche At Elementary School State 13 Paya Bili District Meurah Mulia North Aceh 2015

Irwana Wahab
The research is done for knowing how far the teenager girls knowledge about their reproductive or menarche and also to create the quality of family in 2015 through increased knowledge, awareness of the attitudes and behavior of the young girls become adolescents. Also to see the family care to their...
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Cultural Heritage and Its Legal Protection in Indonesia Since the Dutch East Indies Government Period

Isnen Fitri, Ahmad Yahaya, Ms Ratna
The legal protection of cultural heritage in Indonesia had begun since the issuing of Monumenten Ordonnantie No.19 year 1931. The Athens Charter, which has marked a milestone in global collaboration for heritage conservation protections, was published four months later after the issuance of MO. This...
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Effect of Professionalism and Code of Conduct on The Performance Engineer

Khalida Syahputri, Rahmi M. Sari, Ms Anizar
In an era of global competition, every profession demanded professionalism in the work, as well as the profession of an engineer. An engineer should be able to continue to improve its performance in order to compete in a globalized world. The performance measurement of an engineer is usually seen on...
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Electoral Malpractice, Integrity of the Election Management Bodies : A Case of 2015 Simultaneous Elections in East Java

Kris Nugroho
This article examines that the integrity issues of the election management bodies (EMBs) become an obstacle for the realization of the electoral integrity. The norms or electoral laws are not strong enough to produce EMBs that have high integrity in the framework of implementing the tasks and authority....
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Complementary Therapy in Handling ISPA in a Family that has Balita

Ms Lufthiani, Adventy Tersania
Complementary Therapy is medication which uses method, equipment, or ingredients which are not included in modern therapy standard (conventional); it is used complementary therapy. The use of complementary therapy by people throughout the world (including Indonesia) is increasing each year. In coping...
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Musrena And E-Musrembang Dictionary-Based Development Planning Against Gender Perspective Policy

Mr Masrizal
This paper describes how the area of women's participation through Musrena (consensus of action female plan) mobilized by a group of women at the grassroots is called the organization of women's centers (Balee Inong) in Banda Aceh, which up to now there are 18 (eighteen) Balee Inong on 90 village. Stage...
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Increased Sensitivity Intercultural Through Culture

Meutia Nauly, Ridhoi Meilona Purba
This research is a mixed design with the sequential method. In accordance with the purpose to the study, the results showed that the intercultural sensitivity (consisting of dimensions: Group Harmony, Multiculturality, Active Sensitivity, Initial Cautiousness, Conflict Avoidance, Imlicit Communication,...
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The Influence of Socio-Economic, Cultural, and Environmental Ethical Factors on the Development of the Capacity of Managing Lake Toba Ecosystem

R. Hamdani Harahap
Lake Toba is one of natural and environmental resources in Samosir Regency; it is the largest lake in Indonesia and famous for its tourism objects. Today, its environmental protection is being threatened by unsustainable development. The objective of this research was to analyze the influence of socio-economic,...
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The Correlation of Self-Conception of the Women Affected by Breast Cancer experiencing anxiety due to chemotherapy treatment in Dr. Pirngadi Regional General Hospital, Medan

Namora Lumongga Lubis, Ms Elysabet
Based on the medical records in RSUD (Regional General Hospital) Dr. Pirngadi, Medan, it is found out that there are 839 cancer patients, and 607 of them (73.4%) are affected by breast cancer. One the method in curing breast cancer is by using chemotherapy. The problem is that there are many breast cancer...
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The Influence of Belief, Expectation, and Perception on Husband Participation in Vasectomy in Sekip Village, Lubuk Pakam SubDistrict, Deli Serdang

Namora Lumongga Lubis, Basyariah Lubis
Population program, especially the reproductive rights and health including Family Planning,commencing 2005 has explicitly included as a new target in the MDGs. This is related to the4th This analytical survey study with cross-sectional approach was conducted from January to June 2012 at Sekip Village,...
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The Influence Of Emotional And Social Support Of Comrade Integrity Level Of Depression In Women Breast Cancer Patients At The Hospital Dr. General Pirngadi Medan 2014

Namora Lumongga Lubis, Indah Sari Dewi
In general, there are three form of emotional response emerging in the patients with dangerous diseases like cancer such as rejection, anxiety and depression. Depression disorder in the patient with cancer is one of the mental disorder that most frequently occurs. The breast cancer patients need social...
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Management Strategy On Lake Toba Development Being 10 Main Tourism Destinations In Indonesia

Nicholas Marpaung, Monica Beatrice Hutabarat, Wiro Oktavius Ginting
Lake Toba is the largest freshwater lake in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia, but its tourism potential has not been managed properly.Currently, the government is committed to build and develop the area of Lake Toba by inclusion in to 10 main tourism destinations that will be developed by Indonesian government.This...
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Description of Acculturation Stress of Papuan Students who are ongoing Class at the University of Sumatra Utara

Nunung F. Sitepu, Chyntia Septiani Sinaga
Papuan students who are ongoing class at the University of Sumatera Utara are Papua affirmation students and West Papua who had opportunity to continue their education into the State University through affirmation Scholarship Program of Higher Education in cooperation with The Ministry of Education and...
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Lifestyle Pattern And Hedonic Motives In Family Finances (Studies On Career Women And Married Woman In Medan)

Onan M Siregar, Hosianna Ayu Sihombing, Ainun Mardhiyah
This research was conducted to discover that the women in order to determine the pattern lifestyle and hedonist motives could adversely affect the financial and lifestyle patterns like what they are able to bring a good impact on their financial condition so that the pattern of life and the motives of...
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Electronic Word of Mouth, Destination Image, and Satisfaction Toward Visit Intention: an Empirical Study in Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta

Rangga Restu Prayogo, Faisal Lafi Sadin Ketaren, Rizky Mustika Hati
Drawing on an overarching framework of marketing on tourism management. This study develops and tests an integrated model of electronic word of mouth (e-WOM), destination Image, and satisfaction toward visit intention. The model is tested using data and survey of 215 respondents using purposive sampling...
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The Efforts of Batak Toba*s mother in Educating Children

Ridhoi Meilona Purba, Meutia Nauly, Rahma Fauzia
The majority of Indonesian people living with patrilineal kinship system. But in fact, the mother Batak Toba take the most important role in the family to meet the school fees of their children. This study aims to explore how their efforts to educate their children. This study uses the Indigenous Psychology,...
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Hardiness of People in Karo Survivor Affected by Sinabung Based on Gender

Rika Eliana, Eva Brahmawati
Hardiness was important to know because it involves the ability to deal with stress.The purpose of this research was to know the difference of hardiness in the Karonese society due to Sinabung disaster reviewed based on gender. According to Karoness culture, role of man as a successor of the customs...
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Career Maturity Among High School Students in Medan

Rika Eliana, Sri Supriyantini, Josetta M.R. Tuapattinaja
This purpose of this research was to know about career maturity of high school students. Career maturity needs to be examined considering many students not ready to choose a career direction when later graduated high school. As for this research involve 206 students from several schools in Medan City....
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The Role of Indonesian Red Cross in Disaster Management in Medan

Rudi Kristian P. Manurung, Asima Yanty Siahaan
Disaster management as part of a disaster management policy is not only the responsibility of the government. The public through institutions and community organizations participate and have significant roles and responsibilities in disaster management. This paper discusses the role, challenges and strategies...
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Quality of Life of Pregnant Women in the Dimensions of Physical Health Aspects, Psychological well-being, Social Relations and Environment in Medan, North Sumatera Province

Siti Saidah Nasution
The quality of life of pregnant women suffering from HIV-AIDS infection is very much affected by physical health aspects, psychological well-being, social relations and environmental life in the surrounding societies. This study aimed at analysing the quality of life of HIV-AIDS-infected pregnant women...
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Comparing the Determining Factor on Consumer Visits at Convenience Store in Palembang

M. Eko Fitrianto, Islahuddin Daud
Convenience stores become an essential part of modern society. They can fulfill their daily needs in a way that is easier and more convenient. There are several brands of convenience store available, that can affect their decision. This study aims to determine the factors that influence consumer visits...
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Gen C and Gen Y: Experience, Net emotional Value and Net Promoter Score

Syafrizal Helmi Situmorang
We live in a world with more brands and more choice than ever before. This Study examines Generation C and Y, how they feel, sense and interact with brands. Memorable experience will affect to positive emotion and brand loyalty The data for study represent 200 participant Gen C and Gen Y accros 145 brands...
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An Analysis of a Suitable Study of Female Students in Information Technology Professions

Ulfi Andayani, Ivan Jaya
Everyone has to be successful in life. There is no limitation of gender. Women have many top achievement in education. Computer measure has four clumps of science and it determines the differences of its graduate profession. The Data in University of Sumatera Utara of Information Technology department...
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Cartel Party: An Analysis Study

Yeni Sri Lestari
This article analyzes the history and impact of the presence of party cartel in a system of government, where the concept of party cartel is still little known and recognized by the public, but the assessment of the case as well as issues related to the party cartel and its impact has long been studied...
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Public Policies for Higher Education Systems in 10 ASEAN Associate Countries

Mhd. Syahruddin, Ms Rosmayati, Darma Bakti, Yusuf L. Henuk
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was established on the 8th August, 1967 to promote economic development, technology, and competitive advantage in the region. The founding countries of ASEAN are Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. They were subsequently joined...
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The Consequences of Workplace Bullying Toward Employee Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Mr Zulkarnain, Eka Danta Jaya Ginting, Ferry Novliadi, Agnes Oktavia Sebayang
Pleasant or unpleasant experiences in the workplace appear to have an immense impact on organizational citizenship behavior. This study comes up with two research objectives. First is to find out the consequences of workplace bullying toward employee organizational citizenship behavior. Second is to...
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Social Adjustment in Adolescents with Hearing Impairment

Debby A. Daulay, Ade Rahmawati
The aim of this research is to describe social adjustment in adolescents with hearing impairment. Adolescents with hearing impairment have difficulty in producing sounds or voice of language that ultimately have an impact on the process of communication in everyday life. Based on these conditions, the...
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Achievement Motivation in Adolescents with Hearing Impairment (In Therms of Gender)

Ade Rahmawati, Debby A. Daulay
The aim of this research is to describe achievement motivation in adolescents with hearing impairment in terms of gender. One of disability which has potential to be further developed is adolescent with hearing impairment. Even they generally have difficulty to receive maximum learning process in everyday...
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Model of Social Service in Empowerment Welfare Issue in Medan

Husni Thamrin, Munzaimah Masril, Walid Mustafa Sembiring
Nowadays, Social Welfare Issue Holders (PMKS) in Medan is still exist and keeps growing, in particular such as vagrants and beggars. In fact, more vagrants and beggars that will be found on celebration days such as Ramadhan, Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Kong Hu Chu, and many more in Medan. The researchers...
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Interpersonal Communication in Parenting Style Across Generations (X&Y)

Stella Stefany, Puji Prihandini
The purpose of this study is to find the different pattern of interpersonal communication in parenting style of generation X (known as Baby Boomers) and generation Y nowadays. Passive observation begun on October 2016 to see the phenomenon happened between parents and children's behavior. Three informants...
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A Reproductive Health Learning Model For Adolescents At Pesantren In Madura Of East Java, Indonesia

Khoirul Rosyadi
The focus of this study was the phenomenon of learning practices about reproductive health maintenance and care among the pesantren communities. The purpose of the present study was to analyze and develop a pesantren-based adolescent reproductive health learning model. The present (method) study was...
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Sexual Assertiveness Of Adolescent Girls

Liza Marini, Rahma Yurliani, Indri Kemala
The purpose of the present research was to describe the sexual assertiveness of adolescent girls in Medan. Sample includes 1094 adolescent girls that have been selected using multistage cluster random sampling method, aged 15-18 years and live in Medan. Data for this study were obtained by using Skala...
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Differences Of Sexual Assertiveness Between Javanese And Bataknese Adolescent Girls

Indri Kemala, Liza Marini, Rahma Yurliani
This study was aimed to determined the difference of sexual assertiveness between Javanese and Bataknese adolescent girl. Sample in this research consist of 678 adolescent girl , where 348 Javanese adolescent girl and 330 Bataknese adolescent girl that have been selected using incidental non probability...
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Strength Analysis of Policy Based on the Survey Declaring Islamic Law Number. 5 of 2010 West Aceh Regency

Nellis Mardhiah
The policy of PERBUP Number 5 of 2010 declaring a manifestation of the policy process that focuses on the application of Islamic fashion in enforcing Islamic law in Aceh Barat District. This study the research her had used is a qualitative approach with the Incremental theoretical analysis that the success...
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The Leader's Commitment in Bureuracy Transformation at Regional Development Planning Board (BAPPEDA) of Langkat Regency, North Sumatera Province in Order to Create Regional Development Planning

Beti Nasution, Mrs Nurbani, Lina Sudarwati
This study aimed to analyze: 1)the leader's commitmentin bureaucracy transformation at Regional Development Board (Bappeda)of Langkat regency. 2) The effectiveness of regional development planning formulated by Bappeda of Langkat Regency. This research used descriptive methods with qualitative and quantitative...
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Digital Diplomacy-Maximizing Social Media in Indonesia's Economic and Cultural Diplomacy

Syafruddin Pohan, Hazairin Pohan, Indah Nuria Savitri
As Indonesian foreign policy now focuses on the enhanced economic and cultural diplomacy in advancing its national interests, social media outlets certainly offer opportunities and advantages that are too good to be missed. This paper intends to portray the use of social media outlets in diplomacy and...
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Model Practice Of Drafting The Code Of Ethics Of Politicians And Political Parties In Indonesia

Muryanto Amin
The code of ethics is necessary for politicians and political parties in Indonesia which is currently being consolidated democracy for the people's welfare. The code of conduct is drawn up as a standard of behaviour to reduce reality to rampant crime and corruption, bribery and abuse of power involving...
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Woman's Higher Education Phenomenom: Is It for A Good Life or Just Pride?

Rizky Fauziah
2/3 of the earth residences are the women today. It make the society paradigm changing named gender equality which let woman has the same right as man depend on their ability. It happens in every aspect including higher education. Woman earn and make higher education as their priority to improve their...
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Master Degree's Obsession in Indonesia: The Difference of Interpersonal Communication between X Generation and Y Generation

Rizky Fauziah
Nowadays, having master degree in Indonesia is a new kind of lifestyle. For some reasons are to earn it such as to enrich their knowledge, in order to bureaucracy interest, or just for pride/social status. These reasons cause many people from all age level go to college as soon as possible including...
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Polemics on Authority of Wali Nanggroe After Helsinki

T. Irmayani, Mr. Haikal
Constitution Number 11 Year 2006 concerning Aceh Government is the result of the MoU the which includes peace deal between Aceh and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. The deal was made an Aceh as special regions. Wali Nanggroe Institution led by Malik Mahmud is the result of a privileged Aceh....
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The Mediating Role of Perceived Value on The Relationship Between Service Quality, Destination Image, and Revisit Intention: Evidence From Umbul Ponggok, Klaten Indonesia

Rangga Restu Prayogo, Ms Darwati, Ananda Mellyssa Quratul Ain
Tourists' perceptions of service quality, destination image, perceived value, and revisit intention are vital successful destination marketing. This study aims to investigate the impact the interactivity of service quality, destination image, and perceived value toward revisit intention to umbul ponggok,...
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Waste Management Coordination in Mebidangro, Indonesia: Perspective of Public Administration

Tjut Syahriani
This study, entitled "Community Participation in Tourism Management in Samosir Regency, North Sumatera Province" is the result of the research conducted in three districts, namely Simanindo, Panguruan and Onan Rungu. This study is aimed to seek the reasons of the community who are not willing to be in...
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Community Participation in Tourism Management in Samosir Regency, North Sumatera Province

Februati Trimurni, Mrs. Dayana
This study aims to explain coordination system on waste management in the integrated area of Mebidangro, Indonesia. Waste management has been issue in the area and it is mainly linked to the institutional sector handling on waste management. The provincial government as the coordinator for district or...
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General Election: Between Money Politics and Political Identity

Ahmad Taufan Damanik
North Sumatra is a richly multi-ethnic province is made up of dozens of ethnic groups, both indigenous to the province and migrants or their descendants. Overall, groups 'indigenous' to the province make up about 36percent; the rest are migrants where the majority of them are Javanese. Although the city...
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Cyber Bullying in Youth Generation and Social Media Regulation

Ressi Dwiana, Rehia K. Isabella Barus
This article explore teenager perception about cyberbullying and their reaction about it. Using quantitative method, researcher measured them with single table analysis. The research finds that most teenager have strong disagreement about cyberbullying. Even though they against bullying behavior, most...
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Epistemological Character of Isomorphism In Generation Of Innovation

Sued Santos Souza Rocha De Souza, Flávio de São Pedro Filho, Maria José Aguilar Madeira, Inon Beydha
This paper presents, as its overall objective, an analysis of the epistemological nature of isomorphism in the generation of innovation. To obtain the results in this study, the specific aims are as follows: (1) to raise the theoretical-conceptual basis of isomorphism in the innovation process, with...
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Social Protection For Child Labor

Nunung Nurwati
The issue of child labor is still a concern of the Indonesian government, this is evidenced by the participation of the Indonesian government to ratify child protection, which is implemented in the form of social protection for child labor. The protection form includes a school operational costs (BOS)...
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Factors Affecting the Elderly Living in Nursing Home

Nurman Achmad
This study aims to look at the picture of the empowerment of the elderly as the readiness of the government and society in the face of changes in the demographic structure of the population due to increased life expectancy. The high number of elderly population continues to increase from year to year...
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Time Allocation, Income and Gender Relation in the Household of Fishermen Who Have Employed Wives

Sri Fajar Ayu, Meutia Nauly, Ratih Baiduri
This study is a mixed method that combines quantitative with qualitative analysis. There are several research objectives. First, to analyze the income and time allocation woman fishermans wife who works compared to her husband. Second, analyze the allocation of time housework and childcare in women fishermans...
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Disasters And Political Ecology: The Case Of Flood In Tahura Bukit Barisan Zone

Fernanda Putra Adela, Adil Arifin, Mr. Selwendri
This research, describes and analyzes the Disasters and Political Ecology; Case of Floods in Tahura Bukit Barisan Region. The point of the problem is the destruction of forests in the area of Forest Park (Tahura) Bukit Barisan which cause damage to the Watershed (DAS). As a result of the flood damage...
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Integrating Gender into Disaster Management in Indonesia

Asima Yanty Siahaan, Februaty Tambunan
The strategic role and responsibility of local government in protecting the community from vulnerability and in reducing disaster impacts have been increasingly acknowledged in disaster policy in Indonesia.This article explores factors contributed to the ignorance of gender mainstreaming in North Sumatra...
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Adolescent Cyberbullying in Indonesia : Differentiation between Bullies and Victim

Dina Nazriani, Siti Zahreni
Among the negative impact of the widely spread use of the internet is the act of violence in social media, known as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is when someone repeatedly harasses, mistreats, or makes fun of another person online or while using cell phones or other electronic devices. The adolescence,...
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Social Support of Toba-Bataknese Mothers in Children's Education

Rahma Fauzia, Meutia Nauly, Ridhoi Meilona Purba
Toba-Bataknese women known as hard workers, have a major contribution towards their children's education. As Toba-Bataknese people who have three goals of life as cultural mission which are hagabeon (blessed by heredity), hamoraon (wealth), and hasangapon (honor), they believed education is the only...
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Analysis of Community-Based Waste Management in Medan

Hatta Ridho, Muhammad Arifin Nasution
Waste as products arising from human activities each time, garbage in certain circumstances be a problem for humans.This study aims to investigate the waste management policy and obstacles encountered in Medan as well as providing an alternative model of community-based waste management that are relevant...
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Study On A Decentralization Policy In Indonesia: A Case Study On The Implementation Of Integrated Administrative Service On District Level Of Medan City

Muhammad Arifin Nasution, Muryanto Amin, Hatta Ridho
In order to accomplish effective public services and able to deliver direct services to the community, in 2010 the Government of Indonesia (GoI) has released released a Ministry Home Affairs Regulation No 4 Year 2010 on manual of Integrated Administrative Service on District Area (in Bahasa shortened...
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Progressive Muscle Relaxation Techniques effectiveness against The Difference of Fatigue Level of Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis in Medan

Cholina Trisa Siregar, Rizki Annisa Nasution
Purpose. Chronic renal failure patients undergoing hemodialysis may experience symptoms such as fatigue. Symptoms of fatigue can cause patients unable to perform simple activities,can not remember things that have already passed, inability to socialize with other people and experiencing poor sleep quality.Methods....
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Reintegration And Socio-Economic Transformation For Ex Combatants Of The Free Aceh Movement (Gam) Post-Conflict Era In North Aceh-Indonesia

M. Nazaruddin, Cut Sukmawati, Abdullah Akhyar Nasution
This research has found several facts, including: (1) The motivation that drives the former GAM combatant build a "Koperasi" of oil palm plantations such as: the spirit of togetherness, a feeling as communities affected by conflict and marginalized communities who must also feel more prosperous life,...
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The Implementation of Voluntary Land Donation (LDV) and Community-Driven Development (CDD) Program:Lesson from ICWRMIP Project in Indonesia

Pius Suratman Kartasasmita
The ICWRMIP is an ADB funded project carried out by the Government of Indonesia represented by Ministry of Health. The project includes support for Community and NGO-Driven Initiatives for Improved Water Supply and Sanitation which requires the implementation of voluntary land donation (VLD) referring...
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Local Wisdom and Mitigation Action to Maintain Secondary Mangrove Forest: A Case Study of Jaring Halus Village in Langkat, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Mohammad Basyuni, Rahman A Rouf, Mahdi Saragih, Adnin M. Asbi, Wahyunal Yuriswan
Mangrove forest in the context of climate change belongs to the LULUCF (land use, land use change and forestry) sector is one of the important sectors to be included in the inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Mangrove forest plays an important role in the carbon cycle. The present study analyzes...
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Competence Relationship with Organizational Excellence JKKK in Kuala Nerus, Terengganu

Aduwina Pakeh
Organizational excellence is defined as the overall organization of corporate management and the entire organization is operated and create a world-class organization. The concept of organizational excellence providing the means to carry out its mission and achieve its objectives. A Village Development...
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Political Practice of Multiculturalism in Bali; Case Study of Kusamba and Village of Java

One of harmony life of the nation is to build a multicultural values of social interaction in the community. Issue of religion, ethnicity is often the cause of conflict and social tensions in Indonesian society. This study was about to lift a cult people of Bali are in caring for and maintaining the...