Proceedings of the 2022 2nd International Conference on Management Science and Software Engineering (ICMSSE 2022)

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Syed Abdul Rehman Khan, Noor Zaman Jhanjhi, Hongbo Li
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 2nd International Conference on Management Science and Software Engineering (ICMSSE 2022) during July 15-17, 2022 in Chongqing, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and...
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Research on The Construction of Statistical Index System for The Evaluation of Emergency Management Ability of Public Emergencies In Colleges and Universities Based on Factor Model

Yu Dong, Jiahu Wei
At present, colleges and universities are facing more and more public emergencies, and the ability of emergency management needs to be improved. Only by strengthening their own emergency management technology can colleges and universities further improve their emergency management ability and reduce...
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Research on Local Government Data Security Management in the Big Data Era

Hua Rui
Data Security is an inevitable problem in the process of data exploitation. The traditional "system-centered" management philosophy and mode have been unable to meet the needs of data in the circulation. Therefore, it is urgent to explore the status quo and mode of data security management...
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A Mathematical Statistics Analysis on Structural Deleveraging and Corporate Risk-Taking—Based on Data of China’s Non-financial Enterprises

Juan Wang
Affected by deleveraging policies, bank loans and business credit vary widely among enterprises with distinctive characteristics. The fluctuating deleverage ratio affects enterprises’ investment behaviors, which in turn influences their risktaking. This paper takes 2012-2019 listed companies as research...
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Comparative Study on Scientific and Technological Innovation Ability of High-Tech Parks From The Perspective of High-Quality Development Based on SFA Regression Method

Jian-bo Li, Yue YIN
China's economy has changed from a a high-speed growth stage to high-quality development stage. Innovation is the core driving force leading high-quality development, and national high-tech zones will be the main force and main position of innovation-driven development strategy. Using the methods...
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Build Content Ecosystem Based on Blockchain Technology

Xiaoxi Chen
The increasingly mature blockchain technology is of great significance for improving the level of ecological governance of online content. In this paper, based on the technique of block chain system foundation and the content of the traditional management mode, put forward the necessity of ecological...
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Research on Improving the Community Group Buying Model with Big Data Technology

Xinjia Zhuang
In recent years, community group buying has developed rapidly and competition in the market is fierce. The government's restrictions on corporate price wars have caused the development of community group buying platforms to stagnate, and there is an urgent need for reasonable optimization of the...
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Economic Statistics Issues under Big Data——Taking China as an Example

Yining Yang
China’s economy has increased dramatically over the past decades. Along with the development of economy, the house prices also increased sharply. Thus, it is necessary to investigate factors contributing to the high house prices. Existing literature demonstrates that GDP, salary, total retail sales of...
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Study on Countermeasures of Financial Accounting to Management Accounting Transformation Based on Big Data Technology

Xixiang Pan, Jing Xu
With the rapid development of Internet technologies, such as the Internet and big data, the storage and collection of modern financial accounting has undergone great changes. At present, the cloud computing function of big data technology can provide technical support for enterprise financial accounting,...
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Forecast and Control of China's Grain Yield Based on Big Data and BP Neural Network in the Context of Sustainable Agriculture

Haoran Wang, Zhengxian Chen
In actual agricultural production, many factors affect grain yield. Among them, non-linear factors such as climate, capital, land directly affect farmers' enthusiasm for production and significantly impact production forecasts. Based on the BP neural network, this paper considers the influence of...
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Research on Post Evaluation Index System of Applied Science and Technology Projects Based on AHP

Wensheng Yang, Wanxin Gao
With the country's vigorous implementation of the innovation-driven strategy, the role of science and technology projects in promoting my country's technological innovation and progress has gradually become significant. To this end, this article will build a post-evaluation index system for...
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Automatic Correction Method of ERP Data Entry Errors Based on Big Data

Qinlan Wu, Xijian Chao
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) refers to the use of advanced management ideas and methods and standardized processes and data on the basis of information technology to integrate the resources owned by the enterprise, and finally achieve the purpose of optimal allocation of enterprise resources and...
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Study on The Double Environmental Effects of Trade in Services: Mathematical Analysis of Cross-National Panel Data From 129 Countries

Xiaohui Zhu, Binglin Li
Under the background of the rapid development of trade in services, the double effects of trade in services on environmental quality are studied. This paper constructs the fixed effect panel models of the environmental equation and the economic growth equation, collects the cross-national panel data...
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Research on the Mechanism of Entrepreneurs’ Age in Enterprises’ Innovation Ecosystem: A Grouping Regression Verification Based on Gender

Ruizhi Liu, Xiangzeng Kou, Yixian Qiu
The construction of the innovation ecosystem plays an important role in the technology research and development activities of innovation-oriented enterprises. How to effectively promote the perfection of enterprise innovation ecology determines the quality of engineering technology activities of innovation-oriented...
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Research on the Risk Control System of Securities Companies Under the Background of Big Data

Jiahui Li
Practices at home and abroad have proved that the Internet financial risk control system with big data technology as the core plays a huge role in preventing financial risks. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen and improve the risk control system based on big Internet data. As an essential part...
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How Data Security Could Be Achieved in The Process of Cloud Data Governance?

An Analysis of Data Security in Cloud Computing From Management and Technique Perspectives

Weijia Liu
Cloud computing has been widely deployed and consumed across different application domains. It has been defined as a shared pool of computing resources. In cloud computing, data governance plays a critical role in enhancing overall performance and ensuring data security. This paper analyzes how to achieve...
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Research on Financial Management Countermeasures Based on Multi-Indicator Model and Internal Control Theory and Analysis of Improvement Results

Yaxing Zhang, Lulu Meng
With the continuous development of China's market economy, enterprises are facing increasingly fierce competition at home and abroad. The widespread use of enterprise information technology, the rapidly changing international environment and the change of people's thinking have made financial...
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A Study on The Linkage Between Tourism and Economic Development In The Greater Bay Area Based on Big Data Analysis

Shiying Lao
With the rapid development of the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, coordinating the relationship between tourism and economic development has become one of the important ways to promote the rapid development of the Greater Bay Area. Based on measuring the level of tourism and...
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Air Quality Prediction of Three Provinces in Central China Based on Hybrid K-Means-LSTM

Guoqu Deng, Hu Chen, Siqi Wang
With the development of industrialization and urbanization, air pollution is becoming more and more serious. To protect people's health, reasonably predict air quality and provide suggestions for people's egress, this article constructs a short-term air quality prediction model based on K-Means-LSTM....
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Risk Analysis and Emergency Control of Epidemic Public Health Emergencies Based on Disaster Chain Network Model

Yu Dong, Yuanyuan Liu
In recent years, with the development of society and the acceleration of urbanization, all kinds of health and safety events have gradually moved closer to the chain structure, and the losses caused by the chain effect are huge. Based on the theory of disaster chain, the paper expounds the following...
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Research on the Relationship between Digital Transformation, Dynamic Capabilities and Firm Performance Based on Fuzzy Mathematics

Bo You, Lanxin Zhang
With increasing uncertainty, the relatively stable business environment of enterprises no longer exists. How companies rely on dynamic capabilities to improve firm performance and continue operations is an academic issue that is currently concerned in the field of strategic management. This article analyzes...
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Green Total Factor Productivity of China’s Construction Industry: Based on the SBM-GML Model

Yi Song, Huolong Bi, Yi Qu
The construction industry plays an important role in China's national economy, and belongs to the industry with high pollution and high energy consumption. It is necessary to calculate the green total factor productivity of construction industry (GTCI). Based on the panel data of 30 provinces in...
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A Meta-learning Approach to Recommend the Meta-heuristic Algorithm Based on Instance Features

Jianshuang Cui, Fan Yang
This paper studies a framework for implementing meta-heuristic algorithm selection based on meta-learning approach, which is used to recommend the most suitable meta-heuristic algorithm for different problem instances instantly. Therefore, a small sample of instances for capacitated vehicle routing problem...
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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Users' Continuous Use Intention of Augmented Reality Branded Application

Shenglan Yang, Yumeng Zhao, Cong Wang
In recent years, with the development of augmented reality technology, the branded app has further derived with augmented reality function focusing on consumer experience, which has been widely preferred by consumers. At the same time, it has also become a new way for brand enterprises to communicate...
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Research on the Investment Decision Model of Power Grid Enterprises Based on Neural Network Method

Chaoyang Li, Guangchao Qian, Lei Shi, Yi Gao, Yongli Wang, Bo Yuan
In the context of "new infrastructure", in order to enable power grid enterprises to better make investment decisions, this paper proposes a model based on neural network method, which can effectively improve the economic, social and environmental protection benefits of power grid enterprises'...
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Research on the Two-path Influence of Employee Feedback Orientation on Feedback Seeking Strategy Under the Framework of Cost-value Based on Structural Equation Model

Fang Yu, Shaoyi Cheng, Zhen Yu, Yingyu Wu
Based on the prospect theory, a dual-pathway model of employees' feedback orientation on their feedback-seeking strategies is constructed, and the theoretical hypothesis is empirically tested by structural equation model. The results show that the feedback orientation is significantly positively...
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The Influence Mechanism of Humble Leadership on Employee Helping Behavior: A Moderated Mediation Model

Jin Wu
Based on social cognition theory and social exchange theory, this paper constructs a model of the relationship between humble leadership and employee helping behavior, and discusses the mediating role of employee psychological security and the moderating role of defensive regulatory focus. On the basis...
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Locus of Control Risk Perception and New Venture Decisions --Based on Logistics Regression Model

Ming Chen
Past studies have discovered that personality traits could influence the entrepreneurs’ new venture decisions. However, previous literature only mentioned the influence of risk propensity on the new venture choice. Our study introduces the locus of control to the framework of Forlani and Mullins [1]...
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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Superior Developmental Feedback and Employee Innovation Behavior Based on Regression Analysis

Shuang Zhao, Mengying Ye
In order to better predict the impact of superior developmental feedback on employees' attitudes and behaviors, and better serve organization. This study uses SPSS to perform correlation and regression analysis on the 84 samples collected and found that superior developmental feedback positively...
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Research on Evaluation of Employment Quality of Higher Vocational Students Based on Multi-hierarchal Gray Systematic Evaluation Method

Huimin Chen, Rongrong Peng, Qichun Jin, Yun Zhu, Min Xiao
The employment quality of higher vocational students reflects the school’s operation quality. In order to overcome ambiguity and uncertainty in the evaluation of the employment quality of higher vocational students, the multi-hierarchal gray systematic evaluation method is applied for evaluation research....
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Study on the Relationship Between Host-Guest Conflict Perception and Tourism Development Support Based on Structural Equation Model

Tong Xiang, Heng Yang
The main host-guest conflict is universal and harmful in a tourist destination. Based on the supplement and improvement to the existing measuring scale of the residents' viewpoint. This paper constructs a structural equation model based on the survey data onto the residents of the ancient city of...
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Data Prediction and Infection factor analysis in COVID-19

Xiaomei Ji
COVID-19 has become a world-wide pandemic since 2019. This paper focuses on data analysis in COVID-19 pandemic, which contains three main parts. First, the research aims to predict the daily death and cases using training data from single and multiple countries using four methods, including KNN, Decision...
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Research on The Impact of Entrepreneurial Patchwork on Firm Strategic Flexibility Based on Stata Regression Analysis: Mediating Effect of Knowledge Absorptive Capacity

Gangquan XU, Bo WU
Strategic flexibility is a key dynamic capability required by enterprises to improve resource efficiency. Based on the resource-based view, entrepreneurial patchwork theory and dynamic learning theory, this study constructs a theoretical model of "entrepreneurial patchwork - knowledge absorption...
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Statistical Analysis of Farmland Big Data Based on Kuznets Curve——Take Hebei Province as An Example

Da Gao, Yadi Liang
After the 14th Five-Year Plan, improving agricultural quality, efficiency and competitiveness has become the focus of current agricultural work. As a major agricultural province, Hebei Province has also issued various relevant policies and schemes to improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural...
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Application of BIM Technology to Project Management Objectives

Meijie Wang
Under the new situation, it is the general trend to carry out practical innovation and theoretical reform of engineering project management. We must break through the traditional thinking and re-establish the new thinking of project management with the three basic objectives of quality control, progress...
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A Bi-Level Decision Model with the Hybrid Strategy for Vendor-Managed Inventory in Supply Chain Network

Congli Su, Xinqiu Li
In inventory optimization and supply chain coordination, one challenge for vendors and retailers is how to keep the inventory level as low as possible to cut cost. Vendor-managed inventory (VMI), as an efficient coordinated system, has aroused great concern in both research and commercial communities....
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Research on the Impact of Financial Resource Mismatch on the Technological Innovation of Manufacturing Enterprises Based on Model Construction

Xiaonan Fan, Chutong Yu, Xiaona Bao
"Made in China 2025" puts forward the policy of "three steps" to complete the overall positioning of the road to manufacturing power, and enhancing the technological innovation ability of enterprises is the key to achieve this strategic goal. This paper selects the data of Chinese...
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Research on Anonymous Scientific Research Project Evaluation Information System

Xianguo Wang, Zhongli He, Juan Ding, Chunxi Guan, He Huang, Bowei Pang, Guangfa Tang
In order to ensure the information security in the evaluation process of scientific research projects, eliminate bias and violations in the evaluation process, and promote the fairness, justice and information security protection of scientific research academic evaluation. This paper focuses on the framework...
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Marketing Dilemma and Countermeasures of Leisure Food Under Mobile Internet -- A Case Study of Three Squirrels in E-Commerce Enterprises

Zengpeng Liu, Jiale Du, Junhong He
Driven by digitalization and consumption upgrades, consumers who are keen on mobile shopping continue to increase their demand for leisure food, which are becoming more personalized and diversified. The study selects three squirrels in e-commerce enterprises as the case study objects, comprehensively...
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Investment Income Analysis of Automobile Enterprises Entering the Commercial Vehicles Field of Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Shuai Yuan
Hydrogen energy is known as the ultimate solution of energy and has broad application prospects; Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is favoured because of its short charging time, clean and environmental protection, high energy conversion rate and rich sources; However, at present, its development is hindered...
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The Relationship of Workplace Ostracism and Territorial Behavior: An Empirical Study Based on Hierarchical Regression Analysis

Qiyuan Xiang
Encountering workplace ostracism produces defensive psychology and fights back with territorial behavior tit-for-tat. Understanding such psychological fences and behavioral quirks that are detrimental to career development and workplace ecology has become an important research issue in current enterprise...
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Prediction of Population Aging Based on an Improved Markov Matrix

Lelin Zeng, Jinghao Duan, Junfang Zhao
Grasping the population aging from the perspective of long-term development has certain guiding significance of formulating national economic development plan and social strategic goals in China. Based on the Markov matrix and the population process reflected by Leslie matrix, an improved Markov matrix...
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Research on Order Selection Problem under C2M Model Based on Capacity Constraints

Jianjun Yu, Mengqin Jiang
C2M is a new business mode which connect customers and manufacturers directly. The C2M production and sales model has received more and more attention and developed rapidly in recent years. The order selection problem of enterprises adopting the C2M model has also become an important issue. In this paper,...
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Founder Control, R&D Investment and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study Based on High-tech Firms

Yabo Wang
From the founders control perspective, this paper view incomplete contracting theory and principal-agent theory as the foundation, the gem private high-tech enterprises as the research object, explore the relationship between founder control and firm performance. In the same time, we also verify the...
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The Effect of Participative Leadership on Followership: An Empirical Study Based on Hierarchical Regression Analysis

Shushu Li, Jianju Wang, Shuai Peng
Employee followership is very important to promote organizational development, especially in the face of crises and changes in an uncertain environment. This study is devoted to exploring the formation mechanism of employee followership. Based on affective event theory, this study examines the impact...
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Social Media Stocks Reviews Big Data Management Research

Nanli Zhu, Boyu Jia, Rui Li
[Purpose/Significance] In order to enhance the big data management of stock reviews by regulators, make management more scientific and efficient, and improve the screening efficiency of big data stock reviews by investors. This paper explores the influencing factors of the perceived usefulness of big...
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Blood Donation Willingness of College Students in Beijing from the Perspective of Public Management

Longming Shen, Di Ma
China implements a system of voluntary blood donation, mobilizing citizens to donate blood actively, maintaining blood bank inventory, and ensuring the normal operation of the medical system is an important part of the government's public management. College students, as the main force of the blood...
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Study on the Environmental Responsibility Measurement of Oil and Gas Resources Enterprises Based on Super Efficiency-DEA Model

Yanmei Sheng, Chunnan Liu
With the rapid economic development, environmental pollution is getting worse. As heavily polluting enterprises, oil and gas resources enterprises, while playing an important role in national economy and the people's livelihood, must fulfill certain environmental responsibilities. On the basis of...
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Multivariate Linear Regression Method Based on STATA Analysis of Influencing Factors of Internal Control Quality

Jingyu Liu
In order to improve internal control quality of the business, this article explores this problem from culture which includes interpersonal trust. In this paper, the data of interpersonal trust, decision power allocation internal control and company financial performance from 2010 to 2019 are taken as...
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Research on Efficiency Evaluation of Provincial E-government Based on DEA

Xinge Lan
On the basis of the existing research on the efficiency evaluation of government e-government, taking 31 provincial governments of China as the research object, this paper uses BCC model and Malmquist index model in data envelopment analysis method to measure and evaluate the change of e-government efficiency...
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Analysis of The Effect of Fiscal Policy on The Upgrading of Industrial Structure

Zhen-dong Feng, Lei Yang
At present, China has entered the stage of high-quality economic development, in order to promote the stable and healthy development of the economy, the transformation and upgrading of China's industrial structure is imminent. In the process of economic development, the government's macro-control...
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A Model for Evaluating the Efficiency of Government Functional Departments based on VFT-AHP Data Analysis

Yisheng Wang, Ran Zhou, Xiaojun Li, Yi Zhang
An efficiency evaluation model of government functional departments is constructed, taking China`s Maritime Department as an example. Firstly, based on the value-focused-thinking method, an evaluation indicator system of maritime government departments efficiency evaluation is constructed, including...
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Research on Internet Use and Family Commercial Health Insurance Purchase Behavior: Evidence from China

Min Shao, Wenxin Jiang, Chao Ma
(1) Background: With the in-depth development of the Healthy China strategy and the awakening of residents' awareness of health care, commercial health insurance will surely play an important role in the medical reform in the future; (2) Methods: Based on the 2015 and 2017 panel data of the China...
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The Influence Mechanism of Illegitimate Tasks on New Employee Turnover Intention: The Mediating Role of Organizational Identity

Rongman Gao
Illegitimate tasks proposed based on the stress-as-offence-to-self theory have gradually attracted the attention of scholars at home and abroad in recent years. Studies have found that illegitimate tasks have negative impact on employees' cognition, attitude, motivation and behavior, but the current...
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Prediction of "Specialized, Fined, Peculiar and New" Enterprise Patents in Zhejiang Province Based on GM (1, 1) Model

Ciren Basang, Donghui Wang, Yunqian Lv, Xingcheng Wen, Chanti Wu
Objective To predict the total number of patents of “specialized and Specialized, Fined, Peculiar and new” enterprises in Zhejiang province in the next five years, and to provide a reference for the Zhejiang Provincial government to implement scientific and modern management of "specialized...
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Equity Pledge, Commercial Credit and Financial Asset Allocation

Shengdao Gan, Zhongying Zhao, Xiang Liu
Since the split share structure reform in 2005, the behavior of equity pledge of listed companies in China has been increasing, which has a profound impact on the operation of listed companies. Based on the data of A-share listed companies from 2014 to 2021, and from the perspective of control right...
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Reflections on the Application of Blockchain Technology in Geological Survey Project Management

Xiang Wei, Jianli Qian, Cheng Ma, Weiwei Cao
Blockchain is a combination of distributed data storage, smart contracts, peer-to-peer transmission, consensus mechanisms, cryptographic algorithms and other means to form an innovative technology, with decentralized, not easy to tamper, the whole trace, traceable, collective maintenance, open and transparent...
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Study on the Choice of Pension Mode and Its Influencing Factors for The Rural Left-Behind Elderly

——Based on 309 Questionnaires in Hebei Province

Guiyun Jia
Using the method of questionnaire survey, on the basis of describing the group characteristics of rural left-behind elderly and the pension status quo, Logistic model was used to analyze the impact of 14 factors from three levels of individual characteristics, family characteristics and social welfare...
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ERP Enterprise Management Information System Based on Experimental Research

Shujin Tao, Yutao Mao
Web program is a very critical field. Firstly, the research is carried out from three aspects: system analysis, system design and system realization. Different UML patterns describe the system in detail from different angles. In the process of system analysis, based on the separation of software and...
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Inclusive Leadership and Workplace Deviant Behavior: The Role of Organizational Ethics climate and Moral Disengagement

Shuai Peng, Shushu Li
In order to investigate the potential relationship between inclusive leadership and workplace deviant behavior of employees, and the boundary conditions of the influence of inclusive leadership on workplace deviant behavior of employees, managers and their direct subordinates were investigated. The results...
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The Impact of Business Model Innovation on The Dynamic Capabilities of Online Literature Reading Platforms

Qiuyi Sun
With the rapid development of online literature, the needs of readers are increasingly diversified, and the competition among online literature reading platforms is constantly intensifying. Facing the dynamically changing external environment, each platform can only continuously enhance its own dynamic...
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A Comprehensive Evaluation Method of Smart City Based on Combination of Subjective and Objective Weighting

Xiaoli Yan, Wei Wang
Smart city has already become an important development direction for cities around the world. With the deepening of smart cities construction, how to scientifically evaluate the construction and development of smart cities has been a significant topic in academic and the government. The paper analyzes...
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Fixed Effect Regression Method Based on Eviews Analysis of The Impact of Circulation Industry on Urbanization

Ning Jing
This paper studies the influence of circulation industry on urbanization construction. In this paper, based on Eviews software, an individual fixed-effect regression method was used to build the model. The results show that the development of circulation industry can positively promote the acceleration...
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Research on Construction Engineering Quality Management Based on Block chain Technology

Yao Xu
With the progress of society, there is a contradiction between the demand of building quality and the imbalance of building quality. Quality management is an important means to improve the quality of construction projects. According to the existing problems of building quality management, combined with...
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Application of BP Neural Network in Tax Assessment of Real Estate Industry

Di Liu, Jiachun Li, Zibo Zhao, Jingyuan Yu, Shi Zhang, Changlin Ji
As one of the economic pillar industries in China, the real estate industry has great influence. The real estate industry involves many taxes, and the tax business is complicated, so it needs more attention. Tax assessment is an important part of tax work. Combined with the important economic significance...
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Historical Status and Trend Analysis of Innovation Research in China -- Based on Visualization Software Cite Space

Lijun Li
This paper reviews the introduction and development history of China′s innovation theory, uses the visualization analysis software CITE Space to study the development status and trend of China's innovation system, retrieval 315, 177 and 352 core journals in the fields of innovation management, innovation...
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Research on Green Supply Chain Optimization in Accommodation Industry Based on Stackelberg Model

Wanqing Lv, Yijie Wang, Wenjun Mu, Jianli Fan
As market competition intensifies, the importance of dual-channel supply chain in the green accommodation industry is becoming more and more prominent. The merchant model is the main operating model in the hospitality industry when implementing a dual-channel green supply chain. However, a lot of news...
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Analysis of Information Technology Management Development in the Context of Population Aging --Based on Gray Prediction Algorithm

Yongsheng Lian, Wei Xu
Management science has been extended to various fields, forming an independent discipline system with a wide range of contents and complete categories, and management science has become the third category of science alongside social science and natural science. Information technology plays an important...
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Investigating The “Crowding-Out” Effect of Religious Beliefs on Individuals’ Pro-Environmental Behaviors: A Dual-Pathway Model

Xuedong Liang, Ming Chen, Xin Zhong, Siyuan Huang, Rong Wang
This study constructs a theoretical model to explain the relationship between religious belief, environmental perception, network use and individual pro-environmental behavior. The largest comprehensive social survey data in China provides empirical support for our theoretical model. Our empirical results...
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Research on Urban Public Safety Management Method Based on Bayesian Network

Xiao Chen, Xiaomao Wan, Wenya Wu
With the development of economy and the improvement of living standards, there are many problems in urban public safety management, and the hidden danger of fire is one of the prominent problems. Aiming at this problem, this paper uses Bayesian network to establish a prediction model of urban public...
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An Empirical Study with DID Model for the Impact of Lanzhou-Xinjiang HSR on Regional Economic Growth

Zhenzhen Li
By using Difference-in-differences (DID) model, this study empirically analyses the economic data of all cities in Gansu and Qinghai provinces of China from 2011–2018 to verify the impact of the opening of the Lanzhou-Xinjiang high-speed railway (Lan-Xin HSR) on the economic growth of cities along the...
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Development of the Employment Recommendation System based on K-Means Improved Collaborative Filtering Algorithm

Pengying Wan
With the massive expansion of higher education, the employment pressure of college graduates has increased dramatically. Meanwhile, graduates are unable to find their preferred positions from the massive and heterogeneous data, and are extremely disturbed by many irrelevant information while searching....
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Study on The Coupling and Coordinated Development of Urban Resilience and New Urbanization Level in Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle

Zixiao Li, Yixi Wang, Zhiyu Liu, Wenxin Zhou, Zhixuan Huang
Urban resilience is a powerful guarantee to promote high-quality urban development, and there is a strong relationship between it and the level of new urbanization. Taking a total of 16 cities in the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle as an example, this paper constructs a comprehensive evaluation index...
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Can Executives’ Hometown Feelings Promote Enterprises to Fulfill Their Social Responsibilities Actively?

Suikun Wang, Yuan Meng
At present, China is in the period of economic transformation, many enterprises pay too much attention to economic interests but ignore the social responsibilities that should be borne. All sectors of society are paying more and more attention to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Taking the informal...
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Evaluation of Medical Service Efficiency in Township Hospitals Based on DEA-Malmquist Model

Xiangdong Mao, Xueyun Zhang, Lixia Zhang
This article takes the township hospitals in 29 provinces in China as the research objects, using the DEA-Malmquist model to analyze the input-output efficiency of medical services in them, aiming to understand the changes in the efficiency of medical services in township hospitals in China. The results...
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Research on the Core Competitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Based on Nvivo Text Mining Technology - Data from China

Zhang Sun, Shangjing Song, Jing Xiao
How to obtain and maintain competitive advantage is one of the important topics in strategic management research. Resource basic theory is an important analysis angle of strategic management. Understanding enterprises from the perspective of resources and capabilities can help enterprises to form more...
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Research on the Design of Financial Management System Based on Blockchain

Fei Li
In order to meet the various needs of the financial management system in the new era, in this research, based on the current emerging blockchain technology, starting from the overall structure, the functional modules, databases, encryption and security of the financial management system are many important...
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Measuring Supply and Demand for Public Services: A Survey from Rural Sichuan, China

Peng Wang, Mei Huang
The mismatch between demand and supply remains a challenge in public service delivery. A customer-oriented perspective allows us to turn our attention to the customer side of public services. Customers can also influence the performance of public services through demand and feedback. We have developed...
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Optimization Path of Unsalable Agricultural Products Supply Chain in Live Broadcast Situation

Lirong Peng, Jialu Gao, Junhui Ren, Liwen Zheng, Kaixin Xiao
At present, during the epidemic period in China, the problem of unsalable agricultural products is serious, the efficiency of the supply chain is low, the transformation of enterprises is difficult, and the live broadcast of e-commerce encounters a bottleneck. The main purpose of this study is to analyze...
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The Research on the Relationship between Internal Control Quality and Earnings Management of Manufacturing Enterprises

Yuanhui Li, Lifan Zhang
The occurrence of earnings management adversely affects the development of enterprises and investors' decisions. As an important part of China's economic development, manufacturing enterprises are highly sensitive to the impact of internal and external environment due to their industry nature,...
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Game and Simulation of Reasonable Investment Return Mechanism for China's High-Speed Railway PPP Projects

Chang Su
China's high-speed railway PPP project is in the exploration stage, which makes a more benign and efficient interaction between social capital and state-owned capital expected, making the construction of high-speed railway more perfect and more in line with the economic operation trend, and solving...
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The Influence of Fear of Negative Evaluation on Consumers' Preference for AI Services

——Measurement of Mediating Effect of SPSS Analysis Method

Luona Wang, Jinsong Chen
In offline consumption, there will be sales staff to provide services for us, which also means that consumers need to communicate with sales staff. However, for some consumers who are nervous because they are afraid of others' negative evaluation of themselves in the social environment, they will...
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Design and Implementation of MES System in A Discrete Manufacturing Enterprise

Panlong Sheng, Hao Zeng
Taking a discrete manufacturing enterprise as an example, this paper designs a set of MES application scheme for the enterprise by analyzing the production status of the enterprise and the development requirements of MES, including the selection of technical route, the design of software architecture,...
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Research on Stochastic Differential Game of Multi-Party Cooperation in Informatization Construction of Rural Enterprise

Jinlin Liu, Long Huang
Aiming at the multi-party coordination problem in Informatization Construction of Rural Enterprise, combined with the market-oriented characteristics of rural enterprise, a stochastic differential game model is constructed. The results show that: under decentralized decision-making, there is a threshold...
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The Impact of Intellectual Property Protection in Importing Countries on the Export Quality of China's High-tech Products

Zhuiqiao Jin, Wenxia Lia, Kailin Lou, Xinyu Zhang
Since China's joined WTO, the import and export trade of high-tech products has entered a stage of rapid development. As a basic system for protecting innovation, intellectual property protection plays a vital role in promoting the export and high-quality development of high-tech products. In this...
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Research on the application of CPS intelligent construction system from the perspective of digital transformation of construction industry - Based on the case of phase II project of South China University of Technology International Campus

Xiaoxu Zhen, Qi Zhao, Rui Gu
This paper uses the new technology of intelligent construction to create a CPS intelligent construction platform, using the BIM three-dimensional model as the carrier to access the intelligent hardware monitoring data and project management software data. Based on the "three-in-one" mode of...
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Advance Selling in the Presence of Product Diffusion Effect and Strategic Consumers

Jingyi Zhou
Ordering and pricing are the most critical aspects of an e-commerce retailer's operations. Retailers' pricing decisions affect the demand of potential consumers in the marketplace, while appropriate order quantity decisions can help companies optimize their supply chain and logistics management,...
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Does the Cross Regional Operation of City Commercial Banks Reduce the Bank's Risk-Taking

Hongmei Wen, Bin Xia
Based on the data of 67 commercial banks in China from 2010 to 2020, this paper studies the relationship between the geographical concentration of city commercial banks and their risk-taking level by establishing benchmark regression model and threshold regression model. The research finds that: first,...
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Research on Service Quality Improvement of Tianmu Lake Scenic Spot Based on SERVQUAL Model

Hua Wu, Hongyan Dong
As the basic and core factor of tourism development, tourist attractions occupy an incalculable position in tourism, and the service quality of tourist attractions has gradually become a key factor affecting their own competitiveness. In this paper, based on SERVQUAL model, we study Tianmu Lake in Changzhou,...
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A Study on The Effect of Leverage Level on The Level of Innovation Output of Enterprises: A Threshold Regression Based on The Nature of Industry and Property Rights

Shijie Ding, Tongyu Liu, Xinyue Wang
In the context of deepening supply-side structural reform, the implementation of the "deleveraging" policy may bring impact on the innovation output of enterprises, and the role of innovation for enterprises and countries is self-evident. Therefore, to explore the relationship between the two,...
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Research on Risk Prediction of Modern Terrorist Attack Cooperation Event Based on Time Series

Zhiyu Chen, Chaomin Ou, Jinke Deng, Donghao Cui
In-depth study on the cooperative characteristics of modern terrorist attacks and prediction of their development trend is helpful to control risks, strengthen regional security management and improve the effectiveness of counter-terrorism. Based on the data of 192,212 terrorist attacks from 1970 to...
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Using a Practical Methodology of Enterprise IT Strategy for Digital Success

Juan Li, Wei Xu
The success of enterprise digitalization requires the application of enterprise IT strategy methodology. Aiming at the deficiencies of traditional methodology, this paper proposes a practical methodology for enterprise IT strategy. This methodology emphasizes starting from enterprise strategy, focusing...
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The Influence of Equity International Strategic Alliance on Innovation Performance

Guzi Yang
Under the macro background of national innovation-driven development, increasing enterprises seek strategic partners in the international arena and occupy the market by establishing strategic alliances to learn technology. In the process of building alliances, companies will face numerous choices. On...
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Data Mining for State Evaluation and Analysis of Thermal Power Generators

Xuanzong Zhao, Guangyu Yang, Wenlin Yang, Xiaozhong Chen, Sen Wang
At this stage, with the progress of industrial science, my country's thermal power units are constantly supplementing the shortcomings, the total installed capacity has increased, and some power plants that have been eliminated by the times and are not conducive to environmentally friendly development...
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The Evaluation of Economic Management in the Field of Cross-border E-commerce

Jia Su, Lijing Zha, Yan Zhang, Xuanchen Liu, Shiduo Liu
In this paper, seven listed cross-border e-commerce companies are selected as samples to build the economic management evaluation index system, which consists of four aspects, profitability, solvency, operating ability and growth ability. Furthermore, analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is used to evaluate...
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Inter-firm knowledge dissemination model that considers knowledge innovation and the willingness to disseminate knowledge

Zhuoyi Lian
[Purpose/Significance] In the era of knowledge economy, enterprise knowledge is considered to be the main driving force for the development of enterprises, how to find the law of knowledge dissemination, effective knowledge dissemination has become an increasing concern of scholars. [Method /Process]...
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Development and Implementation of Information Processing System for Cesium Pumped Magnetometer

Zhenxin Yu
Weak magnetic field measurement technology is widely used in geomagnetic field inspection, geological survey, biomedical and military fields. Cesium-pumped magnetometer is a kind of weak magnetic field detection equipment with high precision and sensitivity, which is based on Zeeman effect of cesium...
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A Research on the Management of Fake Reviews of E-commerce Platforms

Chunlin Luo, Ying Zhu
The existence of fake reviews on online platforms has always plagued the platforms and relevant departments. This paper establishes a mathematical model for fake reviews on e-commerce platforms, and explores how to manage fake reviews scientifically and effectively by exploring the impact of fake review...
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Application of Objective Degree Evaluation System of Main Scenarios in Earthquake Disaster Assessment Deduction Training in Web Simulation Exercise System

Damiao ZHU, Dongming WANG
After the occurrence of a destructive earthquake, it is of great guiding significance for the country to quickly, accurately and comprehensively grasp the casualties and economic losses in the disaster area and timely release the earthquake intensity map for the effective implementation of emergency...
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Cost calculation method and application of GIS equipment in substation based on asset life cycle management theory

Shan Jiang, Ran Chen, Yingbo Zhou, Li Zhu, Jian Qi
With the continuous advancement of the construction of smart grids, new situations, new demands and new development models have put forward higher requirements for substations, which are important supporting nodes of the power grid. In this paper, the implementation of asset life cycle management in...