Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Innovative Research Across Disciplines (ICIRAD 2017)

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Using Backup and Restore Automation from Disaster in University Information Systems

Johanes Fernandes Andry, Honni Po
For information system users in university, especially for those who work daily and frequently which deals with storing data in the computer, the computer should be aware of sudden "disaster", such as virus, due to system failure. When "disaster" happens, it can hide or even lose the data or files in...
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Design of Values Education in School For Adolescents

Mr. Suyatno, Mr. Jumintono, Dholina Inang Pambudi, Asih Mardati
The growth and development of values in the students themselves need to be planned, deliberate, and facilitated through education. The ongoing values education tends to ignore the uniqueness of each student. Evidently, the 18 character values developed by the Ministry of Education and Culture are top-down,...
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The Impacts of Tri Hita Karana - Based Educational Tourism

Ni Nyoman Parwati, I Nengah Suparta, I Made Mariawan
This study was aimed at analyzing and describing the impacts of Tri Hita Karana-Based Educational Tourism on the quality of the community life. This descriptive qualitative research was done to the communities of Mengesta Village. The subjects consisted of 60 community members involved as the learning...
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The Impact of Problem Based Learning on Productive Skills and Attitude toward English Language Learning

Ni Wayan Vera Aryanti, Luh Putu Artini
This study aimed at analyzing the impact of Problem-based learning (PBL) on Students' productive skills and attitude toward English language learning (ELL). The study employed embedded mixed-method design which involved the collection of both quantitative and qualitative data. The data collection involved...
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The Importance of Physics Text Book in Connecting Concepts and Principles with Character Values and Social Attitude as well as Spiritual Attitude

I Wayan Santyasa, I Wayan Suastra, I Gede Astawan
Physics textbooks until now only contain a tangle of concepts and principles. This study aimed to describe the importance of linking physics concepts and principles in textbooks with character values, social and spiritual attitudes. This research was conducted in 27 SMAs from 9 Regencies in Bali. Its...
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Tourism Destination Image of Bali According to European Tourist

I Gusti Bagus Rai Utama
This research was conducted in the province of Bali which aims to determine the attraction factors as the main attraction of tourism Bali from perspective of European, and also to determine the factors that predominantly determine European travel to Bali. The research was designed by using research survey...
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Nawa Sanga Conspiracy: Secrets Behind Ancient Balinese Emblem of Unity

Ida Bagus Arya Lawa Manuaba, Ida Ayu Made Istri Utami
The aims of the study were (1) to track the origin of Nawa Sanga symbolism in ancient Balinese society, (2) to discover the history behind the usage of Nawa Sanga symbolism, and (3) to analyze the actual philosophy of Nawa Sanga symbolism to the ancient Balinese. The research design used was descriptive-qualitative...
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The Development of Parenting Model as A Learning Resource to Avoid Children Abuse

Andi Ahmad Gunadi, Sri Imawati, Mutiarani Ss
This research is aimed at knowing the acts of parenting, knowing the acts of violence in children and knowing the source of learning that can be developed as a model of parenting to avoid children abuse. The method used in this research was qualitative description and data were collected through observation...
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Rare Plant Preservation through Village Forest Policy in Bali

Nyoman Wijana, I Gusti Agung Nyoman Setiawan
Traditional villages in Bali has its authorities to rule the village, including how to manage the village forest. While the aim of the management of the village forest has been mainly for ceremonial requirements, it has contributed to the preservation of several rare plants in Bali. The present study...
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The Adaptive Elearning System Design : Student Learning Style Trend Analysis

Ketut Agustini
This study aimed to analyze the trend of student learning styles that are used as a basis for designing an adaptive eLearning system, as one of the solutions to improve the quality of learning. In the long run, adaptive eLearning system is expected to overcome the problems in conventional eLearning,...
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The Concept of Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK): Recognizing the English Teachers' Competences in Indonesia

Ummi Kultsum
This article discusses the concept of Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) in Indonesian school context. The PCK is described as the basic skill for teachers in order to develop their teaching quality and strategy. The focus of the discussion is in the English teaching strategy in Indonesia. The review...
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An Alternative Rendering Solution in Animated Movie Making for Final Year Students: A Case Study

I Made Putrama, I Gede Mahendra Darmawiguna, Gede Saindra Santyadiputra
The rendering stage in creating 3D animated movies using Blender is a phase with time-consuming process. The more complex the animation, the longer it will take. The same obstacle experienced by final year students of Informatics Engineering Department, Undiksha, who mostly use one computer at a time...
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Coral Bleaching on Lembongan Island, Nusa Penida, Bali

Dodik Prasetia, Mr. Supriharyono, Sutrisno Anggoro, Lachmuddin Sya'Rani
The objective of this study was to determine the extent of coral cover that experienced coral bleaching and its impact on coral reef ecosystem. The study was conducted from 2015 to 2016, using manta tow survey method and line intercept transect. Research showed that life coral covering equal to 63 -...
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Do Japanese Mothers Talk Differently to Daughters than Sons?: A Study of Bikago (Beautified Speech)

Kadek Eva Krishna Adnyani
Japanese is well known for its gendered speech style which denotes the sex of the speaker. These speech styles are reinforced throughout their formative years. This study analyzed (1) how Japanese Mothers in Bali use bikago (beautified speech) especially in child-directed speech; and (2) to investigate...
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Developing Creative Economy for Community Learners in Supporting Tourism in Tembok and Abang Village, Bali

I Ketut Sudita, I Nengah Suandi, Dewa Nyoman Sudana, Dewa Bagus Sanjaya
Community group learners are a community group that sets an example and deserves to be given a priority in a program for strengthening and extending economy, especially in Bali province. Departing from this idea, this study was aimed (1) to produce an innovative design for handicrafs (creative economy)...
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Implementing Sadguna -Based Character Teaching Model in Civics Education at Junior High School Laboratorium Undiksha

I Nengah Suastika, Dewa Bagus Sanjaya
This study was aimed at; (1) analyzing and formulating a synthetic local genius-based character teaching model and (2) analyzing a limited trial result of local genius- based character teaching model. This study was an adapted classroom action research using observation guide, interview guide, learning...
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The Effect of Interaction between The Form of Formative Assessment and Learning Autonomy on Learning by Controlling Mathematical Logical Intelligence

Gusti Ayu Mahayukti, I Made Candiasa, Aa I N Marhaeni, Nyoman Dantes
This study was aimed at investigating the effect of interaction between the form of formative assessment and learning autonomy on learning achievement after controlling mathematical logical intelligence. The forms of formative assessment used in this study consisted of portfolio assessment and essay...
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Sport Education Model (SEM) Towards Study Result of Passing

Muchamad Ishak
This research is aimed to know the sport education model that significantly influences toward the study result of passing in futsal. The research method used is experimental method. The population was the eleventh grade students of vocational school namely SMK PGRI 1 Cimahi as many as 24 students. All...
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Critical Responses of Junior High School Students to Deviant Social Practices in Their Environment Using Creative Dialogue

Endah Tri Priyatni, Mr. Nurhadi
This article reports the findings of qualitative research on the critical responses of junior high school students to deviant social practices in their environment using a creative dialogue learning model. The focus of this research is what deviant social practices most students find in their environment...
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Enhancing Students' Resilience: Comparing The Effect of Cognitive-Behavior And Strengths-Based Counseling

Kadek Suranata, Adi Atmoko, Nur Hidayah
This randomized control trial study was aimed to compare the effect of cognitive-behavioral counseling and strengths-based counseling models towards the resilience students. The 99 students participants of the study were assigned randomly into three different conditions as follows; 32 students in cognitive-behavioral...
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Basketball Learning Using Animation Media-Based

Silvy Juditya, Dhani Agusni
The aim of this research is to know the influence of animation media towards the basic technique of overhead pass in basketball. The method of this research is experimental method. The population and sample used was the students of junior high school namely SMPN 8 Cimahi in 2016-2017 academic year which...
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Local Wisdom Of Subak As A Model Of Character Building For Social Studies Learning In Schools

I Putu Sriartha, I Nyoman Jampel, I Wayan Widiana, I Gede Astra Wesnawa
This study aimed to trace back any character values contained in local wisdom of the Balinese traditional irrigation system called Subak and to construct it as a model of character building for social studies learning in schools. To obtain the objective, this study made use a meta-analysis approach....
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The Effect of Javanese Language Philosophical Aspect on the Society's Communication Pattern in Indonesian Language

Tri Wahyono
The pattern of communication in the Indonesian language in society is beginning to ignore the aspect of respect for the hearers. This paper aims to determine the effects of understanding the philosophical aspects of Java language to the pattern of society communication in the Indonesian language. Descriptive...
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SIsKA: Mobile Based Academic Progress Information System

Gede Indrawan, Gede Teguh Heriawan, Anak Agung Istri Ita Paramitha, Gede Wiryawan, Gede Bendesa Subawa, Made Trisna Sastradi, Kadek Ari Sucahyana
The academic process of the graduate program in Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha (Undiksha) generally consists of lectures, proposal seminar, pre-thesis and thesis examination. Management process which monitors academic progress is required because every academic process requires conditions to be fulfilled...
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The Quality of Chemistry Learning Process Viewed from Learning Outcome Indicators and Process of Teaching

I Wayan Subagia, I Gusti Lanang Wiratma
This research aims at describing and explaining the quality of chemistry learning of senior high school students. This research was a qualitative study focusing on analysing the formulation of learning outcome indicators and the learning process organized by teachers as well as factors influencing the...
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The Local Wisdoms in Bahasa Indonesia Text Books in a Primary Class: Ethnopedagogy Study

I Wayan Rasna, Dewa Komang Tantra
This study aimed at producing an integrated thematic book in terms of Indonesian Language and Literature for grades I and II with local Balinese wisdoms. Therefore, in year 1, exploration of themes / subthemes of the materials were conducted. In year 2, the draft plan was developed into a draft of the...
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Developing Problem-Based Module to Train Life Skills in The Field of Adolescent Reproduction Health

Desak Made Citrawathi, Putu Budi Adnyana
Nowadays, adolescents are facing issues of sexual and reproduction health which is known as Three Basic Threat of Adolescent Reproduction Health, and are called Triad KRR. In order to handle the risk, adolescents should acquire life skills in the field of reproduction health. The aim of this research...
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An Analysis of Instructional Material Need For Improving Students' Ability in Writing Cash Flow Reports

Ni Luh Gede Erni Sulindawati
This article was aimed to analyze instructional material need for improving the students' ability to write a cash flow report. The writing of a cash flow report consisted of (1) method and format of a cash flow report; (2) procedure in writing a cash flow report, and (3) analysis of accounts that belong...
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Recommendation System for Selection of Majors and Apprenticeship on Vocational and Training Education Based on Competency to Produce Demand Driven Graduates

Agus Aan Jiwa Permana, Luh Joni Erawati Dewi, Komang Setemen
This research aims to produce demand driven human resources through vocational education and training. In the process of realizing it, it is necessary to innovate in several sectors, such as the selection of appropriate majors and apprenticeship process in accordance with the competence of students in...
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Developing School Management Model Based on Balinese Local Wisdom

Anak Agung Gede Agung, I Gusti Putu Sudiarta
The multidimensional disharmony, such as various kinds of violence still occur in our schools today. The subjects were not only students but also teachers, principals, employees, even parents. Several approaches have been tried to solve this problem. A legal approach such as Permendikbud 82/2015 had...
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Online Teachers Community

I Made Candiasa, Ni Made Sri Mertasari
Access extension and quality improvement in education is an issue that must be addressed immediately. The government makes every endeavor to do its best, but the results are not optimal because it faced several obstacles, such as geographical, social economic and local government revenue differences....
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Harmony between Chinese and Balinese Ethnics in Bali

I Gusti Made Arnyana
This article analyzed the harmonious relations between Chinese and Balinese ethnics in Pupuan Village, Tabanan, Bali by relating the existence of the other ethnicity with the local wisdom based on the ideology of Tri Hita Karana. The data were collected through in-depth interview, observation, and documents...
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Learning While Helping: A Culture-Based Cooperative Learning Model for Vocational Education

Nyoman Santiyadnya, I Made Candiasa, Gusti Ketut Arya Sunu
Vocational education prioritizes learning outcomes in the form of skills, so that graduates are ready to work. The applied learning model must be carefully selected in order to produce optimal skills. This research tries to develop cooperative learning model of learning while helping type adopted from...
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Event Based Assessment: A Formative Assessment of Integrated Character Education

Ni Made Sri Mertasari, Made Yudana, Nyoman Gita
This research tried to formulate the model of formative assessment of integrated character education in schools by adopting the assessment model of Balinese cultural events. Various events of Balinese people, either religious or social events are solved through mutual cooperative. Members of the community...
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The Implementation of Big Book as Media to Teach Reading Comprehension for the Sixth Grade Students of Elementary School

Ni Wayan Surya Mahayanti, Ni Komang Ayu Asrina
Since big book becomes one kind of tools which can facilitate students' comprehension during reading stories activities conducted by teachers, this study aimed to know the implementation of Big Book in improving students' reading comprehension of the sixth-grade students. Descriptive Qualitative was...
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Medical Plants in Usadha: Loloh as Balinese Medicine and Traditional Herbal Product in Educational Perspective

I Wayan Rasna, Dewa Komang Tantra
This research aims at conducting an investigation about medical plants written in Usadha manuscript (Balinese traditional healing text). The medical plants are ingredients for making herbal namely loloh. The sample was selected purposively from several sources. Usadha text about medical plants were analyzed...
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Development Of Critical Thinking Disposition Inventory

I Wayan Redhana, I Wayan Karyasa, Ni Putu Fitria Atrisa
The aims of the study was to produce an inventory of critical thinking disposition. The inventory was used to measure critical thinking disposition of junior high school students. Model of the study was research and development. Stages of the study included (a) research and information collecting, (b)...
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Developing A Lesson Study Based Course Book For Learning Material Development Course

Desak Putu Parmiti, Dewa Komang Tantra
This study was aimed at producing a course book for material development course at Educational Technology Department of the Faculty of Educational Science, Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha through a lesson study as an effort to improve quality of instruction. This study was a development research. The...
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Online Code Engine to Support Programming Classes: A Case Study

I Wayan Adi Sparta, I Made Putrama, Gede Aditra Pradnyana
multi-user applications that can help in learning subjects are now increasingly popular, especially web-based applications. However, the system load will increase as the number of connected users at the same time increases especially in applications that require more usage resources. Therefore, it is...
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Genuine Involvement In Continuous Professional Development: How To See It?

I.G.A. Lokita Purnamika Utami
This article presents the synthesis on how genuine involvement in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) can be predicted. This synthesis derives from the findings of a phenomenological study involving in depth interviews toward 12 English teachers in Indonesia. Teachers are very often justifying...
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Evaluation of Football Coach Competence of Early Age in Football Schools

Ujang Rohman, Hari Setijono
This study further highlights the competency of football coach of early age. The method used in this research are mixed methods. Based on the analysis of quantitative and qualitative, then the results are : 1. Context Evaluation. Analysis reveals that the variable scores of coach presence in the count...
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The Development of Students' Intrapersonal Instrument of Electrical Engineering Program Vocational Schools in Bali

Gede Ratnaya, Gaguk Margono
This research aimed to develop an instrument to measure the intrapersonal skill of Electrical Engineering Program students at Vocational High School in Bali by using Likert scale. This capability is important in regulating and monitoring personal's goals during vocational education at SMK. This instrument...
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Cooperative Learning Model Group Investigation Type and Mathematic Achievement of Elementary School Students

I Ketut Gading, Ketut Siti Ajerah, I Gusti Ngurah Japa
This is an experimental research which aimed at investigating the effect of Cooperative Learning Model Group Investigation Type based on Bruner's theory toward Mathematic achievement of grade IV elementary school students. The experimental design used was nonequivalent posttest only control group design....
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Pre-Service Young Learner English Teachers' Reflection through Simulated Teaching Practice

Luh Diah Surya Adnyani
Simulated teaching practice was integrated into Material and Media Development course under Teaching English for Young Learner program in a university of education in Indonesia. This study described 26 pre-service young learner English teachers' reflection from simulated teaching practice videos, peers...
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The Development of Pragmatics Learning Tools to Improve Critical Thinking Skills

Ni Made Rai Wisudariani, Sang Ayu Putu Sriasih
The research development in the first stage was aimed at arranging prototype of Pragmatics learning tools oriented problem-based learning model which could improve understading concept and students' ability to think logically and critically. The subject of this study were both Ganesha University of Education,...
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Prototype Development of Garsupati: A Single Access to Open Educational Resources

I Ketut Resika Arthana, I Made Putrama, Harry Budi Santoso, Zainal Arifin Hasibuan
nowadays there are many stakeholders to provide content learning and courseware on their website with their platform. They use various platforms such as Open Course Ware (OCW), Learning Management System (LMS), Open Journal System and other website with custom development. The problem from current condition...
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Finding Similarities and Differences: An Implementation of Information-gap Game in Teaching Speaking

G.A.P. Suprianti, Ni Wayan Lestari
This study aimed at investigating whether or not there was significant effect of information-gap game technique, specifically finding differences and similarities, on the speaking competency of the tenth graders in a high school in Bali. The present study was an experimental research applying posttest-only...
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Developing Case-Based Learning Oriented Biology Module to Improve Senior High School Students' Critical Thinking Skill

Ida Bagus Putu Arnyana, Luh Putu Emita Upadianti, Ketut Suma
This study aimed to develop and validate the Case-based Learning module to improve the critical thinking skills of high school students. The development model used was the 4-D model that includes, define, design, develope, and disseminate. Module validation was conducted through validity test, practicability...
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New Concept of Learning Outcomes Assessment in Adaptive Mobile Learning

I Made Agus Wirawan, I Gede Mahendra Darmawiguna
Although technology can positively affect learning process, learning technology like Adaptive Mobile Learning (ALM) for assessment still poses two main problems in terms of its tests session value and the possibility of the test being taken repeatedly by learners. This study proposes the use of Simple...
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A Collaboration Between Linguistics and Genetics: Tracing the Bajo Diaspora History in Eastern Indonesia

Philippe Grang,
This paper aims at comparing and discussing recent findings from human genetics (genomics) and linguistics, regarding the long-lasting question of the Sama-Bajau / Bajo diaspora in Eastern Indonesia, Sulu archipelago (South Philippines) and Sabah (Malaysia). The Bajo are a maritime-oriented people, and...
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Revitalizing Balinese Woodcraft Industry Through Applying Nanocomposite Reinforced Synthetic Wood Technology

I Wayan Karyasa, I Wayan Muderawan, I Made Gunamantha
Our finding on a technology for producing woodcrafts using nanocomposite reinforced synthetic wood becomes an alternative solution for solving the current problems of Balinese woodcraft industries. The study on applying the current developed synthethic wood technology was conducted in order to analyze...
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Application of Climate-Driven Model on the Risk of Opisthorchis viverrini Infection in Thailand

Laddawan Jensarikit, Sanwit Labchoon, Apiporn Suwannatrai, Pariwate Varnakovida
Opisthorchis viverrini (O. viverrini), known as a small liver fluke, is a parasite that lives in the bile duct of the mammals including humans. Opisthorchiasis caused by O. viverrini infection is a major public health in many countries in Southeast Asia including Thailand and significantly associated...
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Parenting Experience in the Indigenous Balinese Village, Indonesia

Nice Maylani Asril, Luh Ayu Tirtayani
The customary village of Tenganan Pegringsingan is one of the oldest villages in Bali that still practices the ancient tradition in everyday life. The familial system that adopts the bilateral system and the peculiarities of the village of Tenganan Pegringsingan bring about a unique parenting experience...