Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Integrated Intelligent Computing Communication & Security (ICIIC 2021)

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ML Based Smart Energy Meter Observing & Bill Supervision Using Raspberry Pi

V. Amala Rani, T. Thaj Mary Delsy, D. Marshiana, N. Praveen, P. Kartheek
Nowadays the power consumption is increasing unknowingly in our houses and Some faulty devices will consume more energy than what it is taken. So, to overcome those defects a system is being proposed that will provide the information about the power consumption and faulty loads by the system and also,...
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More Accurate Organ Recipient Identification Using Survey Informatics of New Age Technologies

Benita Jose Chalissery, V. Asha, B. Meenakshi Sundaram
Organ transplantation is a miraculous achievement for most of the end-stage diseases caused due to organ failure. Providing the organ to the most accurate recipient is always a challenge. The survival prediction of the recipient based on various health and environmental/infrastructural data (e.g.: live...
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The Convergence of Deep Learning and Computer Vision: Smart City Applications and Research Challenges

Deep Kothadiya, Aayushi Chaudhari, Ruchita Macwan, Krishna Patel, Chintan Bhatt
In recent years, deep learning strategies started to outshine traditional machine learning methods in a few fields, with Computer Vision being one of the most noticeable ones. The Computer Vision is becoming more suitable nowadays at identifying patterns from images than the human visual cognitive system....
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A New Combined Model with Reduced Label Dependency for Malware Classification

Prishita Ray, Tanmayi Nandan, Lahari Anne, Kakelli Anil Kumar
With the technological advancements in recent times, security threats caused by malware are increasing with no bounds. The first step performed by security analysts for the detection and mitigation of malware is its classification. This paper aims to classify network intrusion malware using new-age machine...
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An AI Based Web Portal for Cotton Price Analysis and Prediction

Mohammed Bohara, Krishna Patel, Bansari Patel, Jesal Desai
Artificial Intelligence based Web portal is extensively used in worldwide because it used to solve various primary low level problems in agriculture such as predicting precise prices of agriculture product using machine learning algorithms, enabling direct connection between buyer and seller without...
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The Nonsplit Resolving Domination Polynomial of a Graph

N Pushpa, B V Dhananjayamurthy
Metric representation of a vertex v in a graph G with an ordered subset R = {a1, a2, .., ak} of vertices of G is the k-vector r(v|R) =(d(v,a1), d(v,a2), .., d(v,ak)), where d(v,a) is the distance between v and a in G. The set R is called a Resolving set of G, if any two distinct vertices of G have distinct...
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Deep Cross of Intra and Inter Modalities for Visual Question Answering

Rishav Bhardwaj
Visual Question Answering (VQA) has recently attained interest in the deep learning community. The main challenge that exists in VQA is to understand the sense of each modality and how to fuse these features. In this paper, DXMN (Deep Cross Modality Network) is introduced which takes into consideration...
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Retinopathy Based Multistage Classification of Diabeties

N A Deepak, G Savitha, D J Deepak, P. Kashyap Supraj
One of the biggest problems faced in biomedical engineering is the non-invasive assessment of the physiological changes that occur within the human body. Particularly, the detection of the abnormalities in the human eye is very difficult due to the numerous complexities involved in the process. Retinal...
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Forecasting and Decision-Making System for Military Resource Allotment

S Vinodhini, J Monica Pallavi, J Sandeep, C Smera
Every country is in some sort of rivalry with its neighboring countries. Military forces safeguarded people’s lives day in and out. The forces are being placed in many zones near the hotspots of the border areas to fight off enemies. These zones are critical and challenging in many ways, which put the...
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Detection of Partially Occluded Faces Using Convolutional Neural Networks

HT Chethana, C Nagavi Trisiladevi, M Athreya Shashank
Partial occlusion in the face refers to the local region of the face with objects such as sunglasses, scarf, hands and beard which leads to loss of information thereby affecting the overall recognition accuracy. It is one of the challenging problems in computer vision. There are many traditional perceptions...
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A Hybrid Hierarchical Sparse Kernel Classification Model for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval

S K Sudha, S Aji
In remote sensing applications, finding matching images across huge datasets is difficult due to the scarcity of annotated images. The high spatio-spectral resolution and high-dimensional sparse nature make the remote sensing images difficult to utilize in particular applications. Hence, competent retrieval...
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A Study of Prototyping in Information Retrieval Process Utilizing Context Requirements and Feature Sample Sizes

K N Sridevi, S Prakasha
Information retrieval can provide organizations with immediate value, Information retrieval has become a core of the current information managing systems, this has given profound importance on how we gather effective information in a huge pile of data. Information retrieval is a highly debated issue...
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Integrative Information Retrieval with a Consumer Strategy Approach

K N Sridevi, S Prakasha
In this study, Information Retrieval has become an integral part of our life. We require these technologies to make our digital life comfortable in this fast running technology era. We have tried to describe a consumer methodology to coordinating information retrieval, wherein the emphasis is placed...
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Recent Trends in Answer Script Evaluation – A Literature Survey

A.K.R Maya, Javed Nazura, B. L Muralidhara
Assessment of answer scripts is an integral part of an examination and education system. A fair, consistent, unbiased, and correct valuation ensures the integrity of an examination system and is important for all education institutions. Since manual valuation is cumbersome and can be biased or influenced...
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Learning Improved Class Vector for Multi-Class Question Type Classification

Tanu Gupta, Ela Kumar
Recent research in NLP has exploited word embedding to achieve outstanding results in various tasks such as; spam filtering, text classification and summarization and others. Present word embedding algorithms have power to capture semantic and syntactic knowledge about word, but not enough to portray...
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ESP32 Based Implementation of Water Quality and Quantity Regulating System

T. Sandeep Rao, Pawan Pranay, Sriman Narayana, Yamunadhar Reddy, Sunil, Pawandeep Kaur
The primary purpose of this paper is to reduce the wastage of water. The former way of water testing is manual, costly, time consuming, whereas proposed work is easy to install and cost effective. The proposed work is focused on water quality and quantity measurements by using ESP32 microcontroller and...
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Automatic Invigilation Using Computer Vision

Manit Malhotra, Indu Chhabra
Educational institutions determine students’ strengths and weaknesses through exams. Students find numerous ways to cheat in physical exams like exchanging their sheets, using hidden notes, getting good grades, fulfilling their parents’ expectations, and whatnot. Due to the physical limitations of human...
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Critical Success Factor Estimation for Software Security in Small and Medium Scale Industry Using AHP and TOPSIS Approach

N Kavyashree, M C Supriya, M R Lokesh
In small and medium scale software industry, software security success factor is trivial process. Six-sigma and fuzzy logic methodology address software security problems effectively in the state of work. The research work chosen Fuzzy Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution...
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Conceptual Analytics on Integration of Network Technologies with Crowdsourcing Infrastructure

S Sivachandiran, Mohan.K Jagan, Nazer.G Mohammed
Technology seeks a new dimension as collaboration of various methods and technologies in transmission of data. Crowdsourcing enables the availability of huge data over a variety of networks. It is important to understand the needs of the management and monitoring of such data over a long distance and...
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Data Acquisition Using IoT to Monitor Coal Mining Environment

G Savitha, N A Deepak, D J Deepak
Coal is one of the most important non-renewable resource which contributes to majority of power production and used in many industries. The study here presents an innovative, efficient method needed to increase the mining productivity and reduce costs while also considering worker safety. In underground...
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Customer Churns Prediction Model Based on Machine Learning Techniques: A Systematic Review

Venkata Pullareddy Malikireddy, Madhavi Kasa
The customer churn prediction model is required by many companies to predict the risk of customer churn and take necessary actions to prevent churn. Recently, machine-learning techniques are highly applied in customer churn prediction. In this paper, machine learning-based models are applied to the customer...
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Women Healthcare Mobile App-An Approach to Predict Early Stage of Cervical Cancer

R Chanukotimath Naveen, K Asha, G Keerthi Prasad, G M Manjula
Most of the woman nowadays is ending up their life at middle age between 35-50 years, reason they are suffering from Cervical related cancer tumours. Many women are unaware of having cervical related cyst in the early stages. A survey was conducted on classifiers such as Decision Tree, Multilayer Perceptron,...
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Study the Relationship Between LULC, LST, NDVI, NDWI and NDBI in Greater Arba Minch Area, Rift Valley, Ethiopia

Muralitharan Jothimani, Jagadeshan Gunalan, Radhakrishnan Duraisamy, Abel Abebe
The present study aimed to extract the LST and analyses its relationship with land-use/land cover and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), normalized difference water index (NDWI), and normalized difference built-up index (NDBI) in the greater Arba Minch, Rift valley, Ethiopia. The study was...
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A Review on Challenges and Latest Trends on Cyber Security Using Text Cryptography

Anjali, R Bharadwaj Kshiteesh, UH Rohan Koundinya, RK Varun, A. Ajina, G Prathima
In the IT sector, an important role is played by Cyber Security. Securing information has become one of the biggest challenges even today. The cybercrimes are growing enormously bit by bit and many measures are taken to prevent cyber-crimes. Despite these dealings, cybersecurity is still a tremendous...
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ASD Classification in Adolescent and Adult Utilizing Deep Neural Network

Ashima Sindhu Mohanty, Priyadarsan Parida, Krishna Chandra Patra
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is one of the neurological illnesses affecting the behaviour and communicative skills of an individual. It hampers the recognition capability of an individual. Hence it is the primary responsibility towards the affected individuals with ASD for early detection to minimize...
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Automated Transcription for Raga Recognition and Classification in Indian Classical Music Using Machine Learning

B S Gowrishankar, U Bhajantri Nagappa
Raga recognition is only possible by trained musician to understand the notes based on the lead voice but a beginner is unable to decode the notes. This is significant for current scenarios in developing an automated note transcription system in Indian Classical Music (ICM). In the present research,...
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An Overview on Deep Learning in Image Super-Resolution for Advanced Machine Vision System

Meet Kumari
Image spatial resolution means the ability of the sensor to measure the smallest pixel size object. It focuses on recovering a less resolution (LR) image to high resolution (HR) image observations. Due to the exceptional research and application realizations of machine learning at home and abroad, the...
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Comparison of Standard Computation Against Distributed Computation Using Hadoop Cluster

Reet Rahul Ghosh, Abhaya Kirtivasan, Swati Srivastava
Computing the solutions to real life problems has become the need of the hour and has become a matter of utmost importance. In earlier times, it took days/months to compute and use algorithms to make things work, but as time passed on, computers became faster and more efficient, and these computations...
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Quality Attributes for an LMS Cognitive Model for User Experience Design and Evaluation of Learning Management Systems

Emmanuel O.C. Mkpojiogu, Obianuju E. Okeke-Uzodike, Emelda I. Emmanuel
This paper used literature mapping and review protocol to examine associated literature sources with possible relationships that offers hints for the conceptualization of a UX cognitive model for the design and evaluation of learning management system (LMS) products. The mapping review revealed that...
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Quality Characteristics of an LMS UX Psychomotor Model for the Design and Evaluation of Learning Management Systems

Emmanuel O.C. Mkpojiogu, Obianuju E. Okeke-Uzodike, Emelda I. Emmanuel
In this study an investigation was conducted to ascertain the possibility of conceptualizing and developing a native user experience psychomotor model for the design and evaluation of the experiences of learning management systems (LMSs) users. The paper found that no previous model of this kind is in...
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Study on Security Improvement with Transmission of Aggregated Data Through Hamilton Clustering Protocol

M. Bobby, D. Usha
WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) is a network of devices that can perform data transmission from an analyzed field via wireless links. Thus, secure data transfer is needed to ensure correct data transmission from source nodes to the destination node as data passes via numerous intermediate nodes. It is...
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A Deep Learning Approach to Detect COVID-19

C Shrada, Balakrishna Gudla, K Chaithra, T S Hassini
Covid-19 is a viral disease that has been spreading rapidly infects both human beings and animals. The lifestyle of people, their physical and mental well-being and the economic condition of a country are distressingly disturbed due to the viral disease. Recently, vaccines have been prepared for COVID-...
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A Study of Communication Protocols for Internet of Things (IoT) Devices: Review

M Jamuna, A.M Vijaya Prakash
Wired and Wireless communication technology for IoT devices play an important role in various applications like transportation, healthcare systems, logistics, personal, social gaming robot, smart environment and city information. The design of low power architecture and development of the protocols is...
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Design of a Fuzzy Inference Based Ultrasound Image Analysis System for Differential Diagnosis of Thyroid Nodules

D Poornima, Karegowda Asha Gowda, K.R Pushpalatha
This paper presents a Fuzzy Inference based Ultrasound Image Analysis System for differential diagnosis of Thyroid Nodules (TNs). Thyroid Ultrasound (TUS) images containing TNs are preprocessed to remove speckle noise and are enhanced using histogram equalization method. Nodule boundaries are identified...
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Speech to Indian Sign Language Translator

Alisha Kulkarni, Archith Vinod Kariyal, V Dhanush, Paras Nath Singh
A Sign Language is a non-verbal communication system in which people communicates by visually transferring sign patterns to express their meaning. A large section of the hearing and speech impaired in India uses Indian Sign Language (ISL) as their mode of communication. Recognition of sign language was...
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Aadhaar Data Analysis Comparison in MapReduce, Hive and Spark

R Roopa, Varsha Ryali, Tejasvi Shrivastava, Syed Mahmood Nabeel Anwar
Aadhaar with a 12-digit unique identification number of every Indian provides demographic and biometric information and is mandatory for various purposes like benefit transfer directly, healthcare, etc. Approximately Aadhaar details need to store 1.3 Billion Indians which attributes to the concept of...
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Microblaze Implementation of GPS

Ananya Choudhury, Ankith Srinivasan, Aditya R Kattimani, Saroja V Siddamal, Shraddha B Hiremath
The accuracy and efficiency of a Global Positioning System (GPS) is a critical parameter especially for surveillance and automation purposes. The design of such a system which can not only provide high accuracy and efficiency but also is easily configurable enhances its applications largely for embedded...
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State-of-Art Deep Learning Based Tomato Leaf Disease Detection

Asha Gowda Karegowda, Raksha Jain, G Devika
In India, the tomato plant is a popular staple food with high commercial value and considerable production capacity; however, the quality and quantity of the tomato harvest decreases due to a variety of diseases and henceforth leads to great financial loss for farmers. With lack of agricultural professions...
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Identification of Edible and Non-Edible Mushroom Through Convolution Neural Network

G Devika, Asha Gowda Karegowda
Mushroom is one among the most popular consumed food in India. In India people are cultivating mushroom as viable income source for their livelihood. Now-a-days deep learning is being applied to process big data and vision related applications. Recent smart devices can be utilized for automated edibility...
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Strategic Framework for Campus Network Environment Using Virtual Switching System

C J Jamuna, R Ashok Kumar, S Santhosh Belvadi
Due to modernization of technology, networking has been an important aspect of any campus environment. Apart from having a feasible architecture it is equally important to provide continuous connectivity with high flexibility for data transfer. Hence, the proposed framework for a campus network provides...
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Evaluating the Impact of Beacon Interval and Neighbor Timeout Timer on the Performance of Geographical Routing in FANETs

Vikramjit Singh, Krishna Pal Sharma, Harsh K Verma
Geographical routing provides a robust and scalable routing solution for Flying Ad Hoc Networks (FANETs). In this, the reliability of forwarding decisions depends on the accuracy of the position information of neighboring nodes stored in the neighbor table. Each node broadcasts beacon packets to exchange...
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Change Detection of LULC using Machine Learning

M Geetha, Karegowda Asha Gowda, R Nandeesha, B V Nagaraj
This paper discusses detection of change in land usage in Davangere (Karnataka State, India) between the years 2016 and 2021. After the place has been declared as one of the smart cities identified by the Govt. of India in 2014 and subsequent to the international price crash for sugar, there were noticeable...
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Breast Cancer Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques

V Apoorva, H K Yogish, M L Chayadevi
Breast cancer affects the majority of women worldwide, and it is the second most common cause of death among women. However, if cancer is detected early and treated properly, it is possible to be cured of the condition. Early detection of breast cancer can dramatically improve the prognosis and chances...
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A Study on Brain Tumor and Parkinson’s Disease Diagnosis and Detection using Deep Learning

Sarvesh Warjurkar, Sonali Ridhorkar
Consider the possibility that we live in an area far from a doctor, or that we may not have enough resources to pay the hospital cost, or that we may not have enough time to take off work. The use of advanced computers to diagnose diseases will be lifesaving in such situations. Scientists have developed...
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Penetration Testing Analysis with Standardized Report Generation

Kousik Barik, A Abirami, Saptarshi Das, Karabi Konar, Archita Banerjee
Penetration testing is a mirrored cyber-attack defined for identifying vulnerabilities and flaws in a computer system/Network/Web application— the organization appoints experts to conduct the test and present the details for deeper interpretation. One of the critical components of securing the network...
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Analysing Mental Health Evaluation Techniques from a Statistical Perspective

N Sushma Koushik, R Deepu
Mental wellbeing is an epitome of success for human beings. Recently, a lot of mental diseases that include anxiety, suicidal tendency, depression, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), etc. have deep-seated among all age groups. This is due to the fact that the social complexity has...
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Smart Assistive Activity Recognition Device for Differently Abled People Based on Machine Learning -SAARD

Jayashree Agarkhed, Lubna Tahreem
Science and Technology have made human life addictive to comfort, yet concurrently there exists an oppressed gathering of individuals who are battling for tracking down a creative way that can make their life easier for them. After concentrating and highlighting the problems faced by the differently...
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Mulberry Leaf Yield Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques

K C Srikantaiah, A Deeksha
Soil nutrients are essential for the growth of healthy crops. India produces a humungous quantity of Mulberry leaves which in turn produces the raw silk. Since the climatic conditions in India is favourable, Mulberry is grown throughout the year. Majority of the farmers hardly pay attention to the nature...
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Prediction of IPL Match Outcome Using Machine Learning Techniques

K C Srikantaiah, Aryan Khetan, Baibhav Kumar, Divy Tolani, Harshal Patel
India’s most popular sport is cricket and is played across all over the nation in different formats like T20, ODI, and Test. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a national cricket match where players are drawn from regional teams of India, National Team and also from international team. Many factors like...
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An Efficient FPGA Architecture to Automatically Detect the Condition of Orange Fruit

N Renuka, Shivaputra, MD Rudresh, L Rathod Meenakshi
Indian economy is highly dependent on agriculture and horticulture, with fruits serving as the primary source of the income. Fruit classification is a time-consuming process, and the conventional method of identifying based on naked-eye observation by experts is both time- consuming and induces eye fatigue....
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Enhanced Security Model for Pervasive Computing Using Machine Learning Techniques

Jayashree Agarkhed, Geetha Pawar
In recent mobile world the pervasive computing plays the vital role in data computing and communication. The pervasive computing provides the mobile environment for decentralized computational services where the user work and socializes. Pervasive computing in recent trend moves away from the desktop...
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Natural Disaster Mapping in Real-Time Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drone)

Seelam Ch Vijaya Bhaskar, S Anitha
An unmanned aerial vehicle is used in this paper to demonstrate a disaster response scheme (UAV). Once the natural disasters like flooding or major quakes occur, rapid injury evaluation and continuous data collection are critical to develop a response plan for damage mitigation on behalf of disaster....
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Container Security: An Extensive Roadmap

Suganthi Subramanian, Prasad B Honnavalli, S S Shylaja
The containers play a crucial role in the cloud environment during application deployment as it shares same OS kernel. It reduces resource requirements and start-up time for deploying applications by an individual organizations or users. Even though containers provide light-weight virtualization, it...
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Disaster Monitoring of Satellite Image Processing Using Image Classification Algorithm for Flood Alerts

Ch Vijaya Bhaskar Seelam, S Anitha
India is totally beaten by diverse range of artificial and natural disasters. It couldn’t be controversial which contempt their natural and splendid beauty. By these devastations the country suffers through the government sets an interference and mitigation idea set in mitigation and interference plans,...
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Investigation of Cloud Computing Security Issues & Challenges

Abhishek Sharma, Umesh Kumar Singh
The Trends of using cloud computing in IT industries is increasing since the Inception of this innovative technology. This new shift in the industrial technology, which will grow and develop continuously their e-governance in the coming few years. Most of the enterprises are migrating towards the cloud-computing...
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Web-based Kanban Tool for Project Management

Lawrence Toh Yee Sheng, Sivaguru A/L Subarmaniyan, Nur Amira Abdul Majid
The purpose of this project is to develop a web-based application that assist the end users in managing their projects. With the Kanban concept as its core, the system will provide the benefits of using a traditional Kanban board to the users through the web. This project is to provide a web-based project...
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An Automated Smart Healthcare System for COVID: Safe in Post Pandemic Life

K Swetha, K M Rajesh, C G Nayana, M Keerthi Kumar, G Manjula
At the beginning of COVID-19 there is no cure or vaccine and it became more dangerous as the virus symptoms were kept concealed. The only way to get cure of this virus is self-isolation and maintain social distancing. Because of the COVID-19 rate of death and COVID-19 cases are increases day by day....
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IoT-based Child Security Monitoring System

Lai Yi Heng, Intan Farahana Binti Kamsin
Nowadays, crime rate associated with children keeps increasing due to which draws peoples’ attention regarding child safety. This research is conducted to propose a child security smart band utilizing IoT technology. Online questionnaire and semi-structured interview are methodologies used to collect...
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Implementation of IoT in Patient Health Monitoring and Healthcare for Hospitals

Liew Yi Kent, Intan Farahana Binti Kamsin
Hospitals around the world are facing overcrowding issue especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. IoT devices can be implemented to improve the efficiency at hospitals and reduce risks of doctors getting infected. By implementing IoT, health monitoring can be done remotely, and healthcare provided to...
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Intelligent Human Free Sewage Alerting and Monitoring System

B D Parameshachari, Kumar M Keerthi, T R Kruthika, Aranha Melvina, R Pallavi, K S Poonam
The proposed method aims at the development of an inexpensive autonomous drainage system using Internet of Things (IoT) and without human intervention. For efficient operation of sewage system real time data, determination of the level of silt and water is very essential. More the runoff volume, with...
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Cybersecurity Awareness Among the Youngs in Malaysia by Gamification

Ng Jia Jian, Intan Farahana Binti Kamsin
Cybersecurity is getting more critical and important to the digital world nowadays. Government, military, company, and medical industry use technologies to collect and store sensitive data and information for many purposes. There are more cybercrime cases raise at the same time. The reason is that people...
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Self- Checkout Service with RFID Technology in Supermarket

Ng Xin Jie, Intan Farahana Binti Kamsin
The self-checkout service system has appeared and has gradually become popular all over the world nowadays. The main purpose of the self-checkout service system is to save staff costs and speed up the customer’s shopping process. However, according to a number of studies, the self-checkout service system...
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Outdoor Parking Payment with IoT in Malaysia

Ong Chun Heng, Intan Farahana Binti Kamsin
Internet of Things (IoT) will bring a paradigm shift in technology that will potentially change the behaviour of things in our daily lives. It has been shown by current technology like smart devices, are starting to adopt sensors to enhance the experience of the users. This research aims to improve the...
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Analysis of Different Methods of Reconnaissance

Pavan Kashyap, Vinesha Selvarajah
In the current digital world, we are exposed to a host of information. There’s an immense wealth of knowledge base which can be tapped. While this could be used in good ways, there are possibilities of misuse of this information, for example, these days hacking websites is a common occurrence and this...
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A Case Study: SYN Flood Attack Launched Through Metasploit

Ng Kar Zuin, Eugene, Vinesha Selvarajah
There are many different types of Denial of Service attacks like Ping flood attack and ICMP flood attack but this case study is about Denial of Service SYN flood attack that floods the victim machine with SYN packets and causes the victim machine performance to become slower. In this case study, the...
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“Proximity” an All-in-One Automated Phishing Attack Tool with Built in Anonymous Mass Mailer

Lingeshvaaran Linganathar, Vinesha Selvarajah
Phishing is a rapidly rising threat in the cyber world, costing internet users billions of dollars per year. It is an illicit operation that requires the use of a mixture of social engineering and technologies to gather personal information from Internet users. Many cyber-attacks are distributed through...
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A Study of SQL Injection Hacking Techniques

Foong Yew Joe, Vinesha Selvarajah
Data is the most valuable asset of a person in the current cyber world. More and more data are being collected by applications for multi-purposes. These valuable data are stored inside a database. Standard Query Language (SQL) is a database query language for managing databases. SQL injection attack...
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A Review of Common Web Application Breaching Techniques (SQLi, XSS, CSRF)

Chee Sam Cheah, Vinesha Selvarajah
Regarded as one of the most popular platforms for digital services and content delivery over the internet, web application has been transforming our society for the better. However, with an increasing amount of critical services built upon web applications across government and private sectors, web applications...
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A Comprehensive Review on Smart IoT Applications

Shimon Nathaniel Koshy, Intan Farahana Binti Kamsin, Nur Khairunnisha Zainal
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical devices that are integrated with technologies including sensors, internet connectivity, and hardware that transfer data continuously. The IoT’s linked gadgets can collect, receive, and exchange data with other IoT devices. IoT offers a large range...
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A Review on Service Business Model Using IoT

Tan Guan Cheng, Intan Farahana Binti Kamsin, Nur Khairunnisha Zainal
The connected devices have become an important element for businesses as it provides significant innovation in business model. This paper discusses on the different business models which contributed to the values of businesses. As for the vertical business model, we have learned that different types...
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Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities and Defence Techniques in Aviation Industry

Shazah Ishtiaq, Nor Azlina Abd Rahman
‘Aviation’ is referring to transportation of goods via air. The global community is increasing, and people are moving from one place to another in a faster way due to the presence of aviation. As the technology is growing there have been an increase in the cybercrimes as well. The most famous case in...
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A Framework for the Promotion of Tourism Industry Using Blockchain Technology

Daniel Mago Vistro, Muhammad Shoaib Farooq, Attique Ur Rehman, Muhammad Bilal
The best interconnected profitable projects, tourism has come a long way since the technology allows tourists to watch & make their journeys without the necessity to go a tourism company because Blockchain has potential to transform this Industry. With the advancement of Internet marketing, visitors...
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Smart Application Based Blockchain Consensus Protocols: A Systematic Mapping Study

Daniel Mago Vistro, Muhammad Shoaib Farooq, Attique Ur Rehman, Saroosh Malik
Blockchain emerges as a potential platform aim of providing efficient and robust infrastructure and the centre of the blockchain is the consensus protocol feature that shows the working of distributed ledger technology named the blockchain. However, existing blockchain systems do not satisfy the requirement...
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Fraud Prevention in Taxation System of Pakistan Using Blockchain Technology

Daniel Mago Vistro, Muhammad Shoaib Farooq, Attique Ur Rehman, Mohsin A. Khan
Taxation department of Pakistan collects and keeps record of legislated taxes imposed by governments. Pakistan is among those countries which still maintain records of taxations in registers, thus maintaining immutability of records is really hard. Tax records have great risk of being lost or altered...
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Predicting Growth and Trends of COVID-19 by Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms

Daniel Mago Vistro, Muhammad Shoaib Farooq, Attique Ur Rehman, Muhammad Omer Aftab
Artificial Intelligence has absolutely revolutionized the world in which we live, and with the passing of time it advances exponentially. The applications of AI are tremendous like healthcare and medical solutions, disease diagnostics, agriculture, developing security infrastructures, Autonomous vehicles,...
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Applications and Challenges of Blockchain with IoT in Food Supply Chain Management System: A Review

Daniel Mago Vistro, Muhammad Shoaib Farooq, Attique Ur Rehman, Hadiya Sultan
Food security has become the most important thing now a days. People are getting infected by food coming from unprotected sources. Many technologies have been developed for this problem but a very successful technology is blockchain due to its nature of decentralization and transparency which helps in...
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Blockchain Technology Adoption by Malaysian Higher Education Institutes: A Perspective of Integrated Tam Model and Toe Framework

Waleed Iftikhar, Daniel Mago Vistro, Zunair Mahmood
The purpose of this research is to identify and investigate the factors that influence Blockchain technology adoption in Malaysian higher education sector. This research has proposed a theoretical framework for Blockchain technology adoption based on Integrated TAM model and TOE framework constructs....
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Development of Electric Wheelchair for Smart Navigation and Health Monitoring System

P Rashmi, K M Rajesh, P Rachana, M C Supriya, Abdullah Hanifa
This paper presents framework of smart wheelchair for differently abled people by incorporating many facilities in a single wheelchair at low cost. A prototype of smart electronic wheelchair is developed to help the individual move freely without any external assistance. The wheelchair can also be converted...
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Vulnerabilities in Public Key Cryptography

Mohamed Abdulla, Muhammad Ehsan Rana
Cryptography plays a vital role in securing data for IT infrastructure by enabling an adequate level of security to the business. The increased significance of security in the IT infrastructure has raised the demand for public key cryptography. Public key cryptography eliminates the primary concern in...
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Common Security Protocols for Wireless Networks: A Comparative Analysis

Muhammad Ehsan Rana, Mohamed Abdulla, Kuruvikulam Chandrasekaran Arun
In computer networks, security is one of the most important aspects of protecting the network from various attacks. Especially in wireless networks, security can prevent unauthorized data access and save systems from potential threats. The security protocols in the wireless networks help to achieve the...
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Automated Academic Assignment Submission and Management System: Proposed Design Using Agile Methodology

Muhammad Ehsan Rana, Zailan Arabee, Darshini Amathlingam
Academic assignment submission and management is a complex process that involves sub-processes, including collecting, date-stamping, safe-keeping, marking, collation of results and feedback to students. Nevertheless, this concept needs to be implemented with the emerging trends of automating business...
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Implementation of ICP Slam Algorithm on Fire Bird V for Mapping of an Indoor Environment

S I Arpitha Shankar, M. Shivakumar, K.R Prakash
Mapping and Exploration are the fundamental tasks in many mobile robotic applications such as warehouse management, search and rescue operations in disaster scenarios, service robotics, patrolling and autonomous driving. Single robots are employed in the above-said tasks to model the environment accurately...