Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Integrated Intelligent Computing Communication & Security (ICIIC 2021)

This volume of the proceedings series Atlantis Press: Atlantis Highlights in Computer Sciences contain papers presented at the International Conference on Integrated Intelligent Computing Communication & Security, which took place on the 6th & 7th of August 2021, at the SJB Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

The proceedings series Atlantis Press: Atlantis Highlights in in Intelligent Systems aims to publish high-quality peer-reviewed proceedings from conferences on research and applications in the fields of computer science.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, a complete lockdown was imposed by the Indian Government. Public gatherings were strictly restricted and treated as a high offence by the task force not only within the country, but the world over. Travel restrictions were in place world-wide. Therefore, in order to abide by the government rules and to not risk the lives of the public, the conference was held online through “Microsoft Teams”. The platform conveniently provided the facilities of seamless and uninterrupted interactions amongst all the conference participants which involved researchers and speakers from different parts of the world coming together under one roof to conduct the event as per planned to avoid postponement. We are delighted to announce that the all the conference proceedings were successfully executed through the will and co-operation of all its organizers, hosts, participants and all other contributors.

The International Conference on Integrated Intelligent Computing Communication and Security (ICIIC - 2021). This conference provided opportunities for researchers, scientists, engineers, research scholars and industrial participants around the world to meet under a common platform to share their experiences, and novel research findings on all aspects of Computer Engineering and Information Technology. It also acted as a hub for establishing research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. The researchers presented state of the art technical elucidations, their research results and development activities that covered a wide range of topics in the fields of Engineering.

This conference provides an international forum for the exchange of ideas, discussions on research results and the presentation of theoretical and practical applications in areas such as, Applied Computing, Bio-engineering, Bioinformatics & Bio-medical Engineering, Cluster Computing, Cryptography & Cybernetics, High Performance Adaptive and Evolutionary Computing, and many other such trending innovations and technologies. This conference was a true reflection of the current focus of global research, recent developments, interdisciplinary research and practices in the fields of Engineering.

CONFERENCE MODEL The conference has received papers from countries like Malaysia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, South Africa, Nigeria, as well as from various parts of India. This proceedings volume contains 82 accepted papers that were duly presented at the conference. All the papers were subjected to a thorough peer review by at least two referees, until each of the papers levelled the quality expected at the conference. Almost a total of 250 participants took part in the conference.

Acknowledgements On behalf of the Department of Computer Science Engineering & Information Science Engineering, SJB Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka, India I would like to thank all the invited speakers, session chairs and members of the discussion panels for making the conference such a great success.

Speakers of the conference:
Dr. Mu-Yen Chen
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Dr. Julien Le Kernec
University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK
Dr. Alireza Souri
Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Dr. Noor Zaman Jhanjhi
Taylor’s University, Malaysia