Proceedings of the 2020 5th International Conference on Humanities Science and Society Development (ICHSSD 2020)

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Teaching Objective Evaluation Paradigm Based on “Output” (OBE)

Zhaoling, Zhaoqianqian, Liyanni
Talent training quality is the lifeline of higher education, this article on the basis of reference to engineering concept, based on the evaluation of “paradigm”, to develop professional level of expectations “learning outcomes”, centered on students’ learning and development, the results orientation...
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Slogan Publicity and Social Mobilization: As the Research Object of the New China Daily (1937–1938)

Liang Shan
As the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China during the Anti-Japanese War, the New China Daily was responsible for mobilizing the people in the Shensi-Gansu-Ningxia border areas to take an active part in the Anti-Japanese War. As a means of propaganda with strong motivation, slogans appeared...
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Existing Research and Standardization Suggestions on Evaluation Indicator System for Sustainable Rural Development

Yutong Wang, Zhenyu Yun, Xiaolei Ma, Yanlong Zhang, Liangbing Hu
It was indicated in the report of the 19th CPC National Congress that rural revitalization is a major national strategy for the successful completion of building a moderately prosperous in all respects, and promoting sustainable rural development under the context of urban-rural integration is a defining...
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Study of Chinese Whole Books Reading Teaching in Senior High School From the Perspective of Instructional Interaction in Connectivist Learning Context

Liang Weiying
Connectionism is a learning theory in line with the characteristics of the information era, which can provide a new theoretical perspective for the research and practice of Chinese whole books Reading Teaching in senior high school. This study is designed to analysis Chinese whole books Reading Teaching...
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A Study on the Long-Term Mechanism of Promoting the Construction of Teachers’ Ethics in Colleges and Universities

Li Hong Bin
In the new era, it is necessary for education to unswervingly realize the fundamental task of cultivating qualified constructors and successors of socialism with Chinese characteristics. This paper combs the key points and achievements of strengthening the construction of teachers’ ethics and style of...
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Research on the Plight of Landless Peasants in The Perspective of Social Capital

Chen Yu
As the urbanization process continues to accelerate, the landless peasant groups in the city have become larger and larger, which has become a difficult problem that cannot be ignored in urban governance. This article takes the Shunjiang community in Chengdu as an example, through field research and...
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The Optimization Path of Artificial Intelligence Industry Development from the Perspective of Policy—Based on a Comparative Study Between China and the United States

Ruoyu Luo, Lingli Liu
Artificial intelligence is setting off a development boom around the world, becoming the core driving force and leading force of a new round of scientific and technological revolution. How to promote the development of artificial intelligence through government leadership has become a consensus among...
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The Influence of Enterprise Culture on Organizational Performance -- Taking the Non-Material Incentive as the Mediating Variable

Ping-ting Fu, Meng-jie Ni, Ping Dong, Jia-ming Mai
With the rapid development of economic globalization, an mounting number of enterprises have made a lot of efforts and attempts to maintain and improve their own competitiveness. Research to large state-owned enterprises in Chinese industry leading GREE electric appliances as the research object, we...
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Study on the Training Mode of “1–3” for College Student Cadres in the Background of New Media

Xiang Sinuo, Duan He, Zhu Yashi, Hao Haiguang
With the development of internet technology and the popularity of mobile smart terminals such as mobile phones and tablets, we have announced the “Internet plus” era. In the era of “Internet Plus”, the influence of network media has been significantly enhanced, especially the rapid development of new...
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The Application of Comparative Teaching Method in the Course of Aeronautic Equipment Storehouse Mold Proof

Li Li, Zhao Hongqiang, Shi Yumin, Zhang Suqin, Wang Jiongkun, Guo Xingxiang, Li Kun
In order to improve the class teaching effect, cultivate the students’ ability of comparison, analysis and identification, and promote their comprehensive and systematic understanding of the problems, the comparative teaching method is adopted in the course of teaching. Combined with the characteristics...
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Nietzsche’s Body Outlook and the Revelation to Sport

Zhi-lin Yang
Based on the Nietzsch’s interpretation of the body outlook, the paper makes a deeply analysis on the strong vitality of integrity of body and mind, the will to power and surpassing and then taking sports as the entry point makes the philosophical interpretation according to the Nietzsch’s body outlook....
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Evaluation and Comparison of Two Research Papers on Code-Switching in Hong Kong

Shi Qimeng
Code-switching is a common phenomenon in Hong Kong where a variety of cultures and languages coexist under its special international status. This paper evaluates and compares two research papers on code switching in Hong Kong, and provides useful guidance for related research. Through comparison and...
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Discussion on Creating Highly Skilled, Highly Paid Jobs Within a Global Context after COVID-19 Pandemic

Zhang Yanfang
The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has led to massive global unemployment. Creating highly skilled, highly paid jobs within a global context would be an effective way to address unemployment problem after the pandemic. This paper compares characteristics of liberal market economies and coordinated market...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Safety System Engineering Based on LBD

Qi Fuqiang, Jia Ziruo
Safety System Engineering is a basic core course of the major of safety engineering. And the teaching contents play an important role in the subsequent courses, practical application and professional examination. The existing problems in contents of the course, applicability of curriculum material, and...
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Status Analysis on Talent Recruitment at Artificial Intelligence Industry in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Fang Yu-Shen, Li Feng-Ping, Luo Ke-Yi
As the core of the industry in the new era and the strategic technology leading the future development, artificial intelligence all over the world attaches great importance to its development. This study looks at the characteristics of talent demand and the types of job functions required for the artificial...
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The Manifestation of National Collective Unconsciousness and Expectation Vision in Non-Legacy Products—Take the Nanan Yingdu Pull-Out Lamp in Fujian as an Example

Lin Zibo, Yang Peiyu
Cultural and creative products such as non-legacy are the accumulation of national culture. In the design process, the culture of 5,000 years in China is hidden in a collective unconscious form. The color, shape, texture, and text content of the work awaken people’s hearts. Primitive images, these all...
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Analysis of Three Significant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in China

Hongyi Tao, Yu Chen Liu
This article analyzes the current status of three Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in China and attempts to address how to achieve three goals in China. Firstly, the overall background of the Sustainable Development Goals and each of the three goals will be introduced. It then explains the reason...
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Research on the Curriculum Reform of International Freight Forwarding Course Based on the Teaching Model of “Micro-lecture+PAD class+Simulation Practice”

Linli Meng
Aiming at the problems existing in the International Freight Forwarding course of the current undergraduate colleges, which emphasize knowledge and neglect skills, a teaching model based on “Microlecture+PAD class+Simulation” is proposed to achieve the teaching concept of “integration of knowledge and...
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Local Research on Urban Leisure From the Perspective of Emotional Geography: Taking Cricket Fighting in Xi’an as an example

Xiaojun Yang, Yiyi Wang, Ziqi Kong, Xiuyuan Li
In the context of geographical “emotional turn”, urban leisure began to pay attention to the locality reflected by the leisure subject and the “human-land relationship” of the city. This study takes Xi’an cricket fighting as an example, analyzes the coupling relationship between this leisure style and...
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The Reading Tendency of Tibetan Undergraduate Users Based on a Circulation Analysis of Print Books---A Case of Southwest Minzu University Library

Ke Liu
Based on a circulation analysis of print books borrowed from Southwest Minzu University library by the Tibetan undergraduate users during the academic years from 2014-2015 to 2016-2017, this paper investigates these Tibetan users’ reading tendency, which represents an intense interest in Tibetan culture....
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The Relationship Between Users’ Relational Capital and Knowledge Contribution in the Social Q&A Community

Yan Mo, Hangqian Xu, Gaoliang Zhang, Jianhong Luo
The development of Web2.0 technology has promoted the emergence and growth of social Q&A community. The core value of Q&A community comes from the knowledge contribution of community members, and the influence of members’ relationship and interaction can be explained by social capital theory....
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The Strategies and Effects of Group Counseling for University Freshmen

Ying Zhang
At this stage, many freshmen have shown their adaption problems in the process of entering university. Aiming at the outstanding problems of freshmen in university, this paper studies the effect of group counselling on the adaptability of university freshmen. The article explains the concepts related...
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Study on Graduates Career Education and Employment Under the New Situation

Bin Cai
Under the new situation of economic stability and seeking progress, the employment situation of graduate students has experienced an unprecedentedly severe situation, which is aggravated by the utilitarian phenomenon, the lack of good faith concept, the weak moral concept and the need for further improvement...
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Current Situation and Countermeasures of Learning Adaptability for College Filing Poor Students

Liu Yan
In order to understand the current situation of learning adaptability of college filing poor students, this study forms a questionnaire after the appropriate deletion of the existing scale of learning adaptability of college students. Firstly, the questionnaire was tested in a small scale to verify the...
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In Post-Epidemic Era, the Construction of Chinese Sport Image Influenced by Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism

Chen Yanying
With the outbreak and pandemic of Coronavirus disease 2019, professionals from General Administration of Sport of China stated that the Chinese Sport Delegation should positively face it and make preparation at advance. It has been founded that Chinese mainstream media news and social media posts mainly...
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Characteristics of Corporate Network Structure Holes and Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

Zhixing Lin
This article is based on the theory of structural holes, based on the company network formed by the company’s senior management team serving and taking part, and empirically studied the impact of the structural hole characteristics of Chinese listed company network on corporate mergers and acquisitions....
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Research on the Construction of Applied Curriculum System in Universities with Transformation and Development

Wei Zhang
Curriculum system reform is the core content of the transformation and development of teaching work in application-oriented undergraduate colleges. For transformation colleges and universities, there is an urgent need for a project-oriented, systematized work process as the guiding ideology, and knowledge...
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Research on Development of Folk Snacks on the Verge of Losing Their Inheritance—A Case Study of “Jiliu” in Shandong

Hongyan Cai, Lin Wang, Mengchao Ji, Yanhuan Ma, Zheng Zhou
This paper uses the method of literature analysis to obtain the information of diet in Shandong Province from the local library and the government network by consulting the literature and related theories. It is found that many special foods are forgotten in the folk and they are on the verge of disappearing....
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Research on Emission Reduction Strategy of Manufacturer Leading Low-Carbon Supply Chain Under Fair Concern

Hongqi Wang, Xingbo Qiu
The emission reduction strategy of manufacturer-led structure is studied, and the differences of emission reduction level, retail price and profit are analysed under fair neutrality and fair concern. Research shows that the emission reduction cost factor changes in the opposite direction with emission...
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Nationality and Intersubjectivity of Transnational Chinese Cinema

Chen Xiaokang
The nationality in transnational Chinese cinema are always been expressed in two ways: one is to highlight it and become the mirror image of the Western expression; the other is to conceal it and become the aphasic subject under the Hollywood paradigm. The explicit or implicit national expression is...
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A Coupling Exploration of Intangible Cultural Heritages and the Changes of National Regimes—Taking Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang as an Example

Gu Jijian
The intangible cultural heritage represented by Mogao Grottoes (pronounced Dunhuang) is a remarkable history of national political system changes in China (approximately from the 4th to the 14th century). It has recorded system changes of national regimes which contributed its glory and formed a coalition.
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The Research on “Micro Age”: How Does it Effect the Communication Process of the In-depth Investigation

Jinglin Chi
The domestic “Micro Age” is the age that media is represented by Micro-blog, WeChat with characteristics of small and refined cultural transmission at the present stage. With the development of technology and the awakening of people’s active consciousness, as two ends of information transmission, the...
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Research Progress on Job Burnout of nurses

Huang Wanzhi
Job burnout is a syndrome caused by chronic stress at work, which may produce many effects on workers’ health. This paper reviews the impact of job burnout on nursing industry, the status quo, influencing factors, assessment tools, improvement measures and future development trends, and puts forward...
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Optimal Portfolio of Basic Pension Insurance Funds in China

Hao Li
China’s pension fund has a large amount of capital, and the investment direction of the fund has a certain impact on the capital market. A good portfolio can promote the healthy development of the real economy. With the continuous change of capital market, new financial products emerge and the operating...
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The Study of the Development and Application Situation of Smart Finance

Junzhen Peng
The great development of science and technology promotes the innovation and development of various industries and the continuous replacement drives many traditional industries to embark on the innovation road. Under this situation, smart finance stands out from the traditional finance industry and brings...
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A Study of Metadiscourse Identification Ability in Chinese English Majors with Different Oral Proficiency in Shandong Province

Mingyue Sun
In the field of foreign language teaching in China, the weakness of oral English teaching is one main obstacle in college. In terms of previous studies, metadiscourse as a relatively young specialization has been frequently employed in foreign language teaching in the last thirty years. The importance...
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Comparison of Chinese and American Health Care System

Weining Wang
Health care is an indispensable part of people’s lives, and public health is the foundation of a nation’s prosperity. The United States is one of the most advanced countries in the world, and China is developing rapidly. However, the health care systems in both countries are different. Each system has...
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The Interaction Between Internet Celebrities and Their Audience Through Social Media Platforms – A Case Study on a Chinese Food Blogger

Pei Zhang
As technology has continued to rapidly develop, normal people have taken advantage of the incredible opportunities for instant information exchange to become online celebrities. These individuals must adapt to their online identity and explore their own communication mode with their audiences. This paper...
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The Determination of the Effect of Company’s Ultra Vires Guarantee--About the Effect Determination Regulated in Article 16 of Company Law

Yuhan Zhang
The academic circle has always maintained a dispute about the effect of company’s ultra vires guarantee regulated in article 16 of Company Law. Firstly, the paper will introduce the main theories regulated by article 16 of Company Law and then will discuss about the nature of Company Law. It will deeply...
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The Medical Saving System of Children With Serious Illness—Base on the Case Study of City X in China

Keliang Zhu
Medical savings for low income family of children with serious illness is an important issue for all countries. It is required for China to identify an effective medical saving pattern for children with serious illness. The research was undertaken in a city of Guangdong Province in China (it is called...
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A Study of Preschool Children’s Second Language Acquisition From the Perspective of Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development Stages—A Comparison between Raz and Oxford Reading Tree

Zhao Yadi
Through a comparative study, this paper explores the needs of preschool children in second language acquisition under the guidance of Piaget’s cognitive development stage theory, and aims at finding out the characteristics of picture books should contain when they are used by Chinese preschool children...