Proceedings of the 2022 7th International Conference on Financial Innovation and Economic Development (ICFIED 2022)

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An Empirical Test of CAPM before and After the Pandemic Outbreak

The Case of American Stock Market

Chenyu Xiao
In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the validity of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) in the U.S. stock market before and after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak is tested, aiming to help investors have a deeper understanding of the relationship between risk and return in the stock market when...
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Analysis of China’s Takeaway Industry in the Context of the Epidemic

Aotian Tang
China’s food delivery market has grown rapidly over the past decade, growing more than 30-fold since 2011. Amid an overall decline in the restaurant industry due to the widespread coronavirus, the takeaway industry has continued to grow steadily, injecting new life and vitality into the market. Behind...
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Analysis of the Development and Trend of Liquor Industry in China

Qingyang Chen, Qi Hong, Weiyuan Jiang, Zihan Zhou
The liquor industry has distinct development characteristics, the number of enterprises above the designated size is decreasing. The concentration trend of the industry is obvious and the volume of production and sales is showing a declining trend year by year, which reflects the change of market supply...
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The Relationship Between Culture and Entrepreneurship

“Research of Coca-Cola’s development& strategy in Mainland China Market”

Haoyan Jin, Fengyi Ren, Hanqiu Zhong
This research is based on the situation of international trade. Since more and more transnational corporations expand businesses worldwide step by step, our research group are getting more and more interested in the situation of obstacles and drawbacks when transnational companies plan to enter a new...
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Establish Outsourcing Management System in R&D Institute

As the main part unit in R&D project,the research institutes accessing resources by the way of contract. Set up one model of relevant stakeholder department by the rules and analyse its feasibility.
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Game Study on Third-party Payment Platform and Bank

Yuchu Zhang
With the popularity of mobile payment, there are more and more third-party payment platforms. People’s payment methods are gradually separated from the traditional banking business and choose more convenient third-party payment platforms. As a result, these platforms pose a significant threat to banks,...
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A Systematic Literature Review on the Traditional NPV Model and Its Improved Versions

Qiyu Li, Qingyang Li, Donghan Xu, Shuyan Zhou
Based on the analyses of the usage scenarios and limitations of the traditional NPV model, this paper aims to introduce and compare three kinds of the most practical and representative versions of the improved NPV models. In this study, the traditional NPV model is first introduced; followed by analyses...
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Comparison of the Applicability of CAPM and Fama-French Model in Different Regions

Yuxuan Xiao
Asset pricing has always been a popular topic in economic research. The research on the relationship between risk and the stock expected return has attracted much attention, and many theoretical models have experienced evolution and upgrading. Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), as a single factor model,...
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The Study of the Impact of Alcohol Consumption on Wage Rate

Yichen Sun, Ruiqi Zhang
Driving by the incentive to help policymakers design more appropriate decisions and providing individuals with more accurate direction about consuming alcohol, this study explores the impact of alcohol consumption on people’s employment attainment. The wage rate use is a specific measure for employment...
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Zhejiang’s Advantages, Challenges and Countermeasures for Its Development of the Industries of the Future

Zhimin Ren, Xiaoping Wang, Ning Su, Xiaojiao Shi, Liping Qiu, Shaobin Wei, Xuntian Xue, Qican Yang, Haitao Zhou
Compared with traditional industries, the industries of the future are disruptive, high-growth industries with huge development scope and great potential of explosive growth. In the face of great change not seen in a century, the development of the industries of the future is a new focus of competition....
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The Improvements of Sharing Economy on the Development of Economy in the United States

Hao Gao, Ziyue Wang, Qianxu Yao
With the development of modern science and technology, more and more taxi software and systems are gradually listed. Uber, as one of them, has become more mature and occupies its own place in the industry. In addition, as one of the leaders of the sharing economy, Uber has introduced this economic model...
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Macro Regulation and Fluctuation of Cryptocurrency Market: Evidence from China

Man Luo
As a new developing financial market, cryptocurrency market is deeply concerned by investors and governments all over the world. However, due to its price instability, encryption and decentralization, the supervision of cryptocurrency has become a difficulty in the development of today’s financial market....
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Could Investment Portfolio Ameliorate the Investment Risk and Return Under Covid-19 in the US Pharmaceuticals Industry?

Fuqing He, Haojin Liang, Ziyao Yuan
To relieve the huge blow to the economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this article is to verify that investment portfolio is an efficient method when investing in the US pharmaceuticals industry by utilizing daily stock prices of 4 out of the top 10 US pharmaceutical companies and treasury bill during...
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LSTM-based Stock Prediction Modeling and Analysis

Ruobing Zhang
The stock market plays an important role in the economy of a country in terms of spending and investment. Predicting stock prices has been a difficult task for many researchers and analysts. Research in recent years has shown that Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) network models perform well in stock price...
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How Do Different Education Levels of Couples Affect Marriage?

Wenhao Zhang
In the real world, the number of couples with different levels of education is on the rise, so it is important to look at the consequences on marriage. To do the research, the tool we use is Stata. We set two regression lines: the first one tests the correlation between divorce, separation, and couples...
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Comparison of Explanatory Power of Excess Return between 3-Factor, 4-Factor and 5-Factor Model in China Funds Market

Yilong Liu, Jingyi Shi
The momentum factor was added to the four-factor model as an indicator based on the three-factor model. Fama-French also added RMW and CMA, two factors representing the company’s profitability and investment level, to obtain the five-factor model on the basis of the original three-factor model. Obviously,...
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Research for the Stock Performance of Toyota Industries Group with Multiple Valuations

Minzhu Zhao
Multiple valuations are the main tool to value the stock prices of a company, examining the financial situation and stock price between the company and its main competitors. During the financial ratios analyzing the financial statement of a company, the Price-Earnings (P/E) ratio and EV/EBITDA are two...
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Rapid Development of Douyin Will Have a Great Threat to Taobao and Subvert the Industry Pattern

Haining Liu
This article analyzes the data including double eleven turnover, anchor, and the customer satisfaction. It finds that the rapid development of Douyin has a huge threat to Taobao and has a trend to replace it. The study reveals that, firstly, Douyin is developing rapidly, and its turnover is much faster...
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Study on the Development Plan of Cruise Tourism in Sanya Phoenix Island in Hainan area

Focusing on the Current State of Caribbean Cruise Tourism and Tourist Reviews

Huimin Yang, Shuwen Zhao, Weisen Gao, Chulsoo Kim
With rich tourism resources and outstanding geographical advantages, Hainan has good conditions for the development of cruise tourism. The strategic positioning of Hainan as an international tourism consumption centre has put forward higher requirements for the development of cruise ships in Hainan,...
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The Development Status and Future Trends of China’s Vaccine Industry

Xiyu Wang
The outbreak of the COVID-19 has focused the attention of various countries on the vaccine industry. China’s vaccine industry started late, has a small scale and has been presented less in international conference journals, but in the wake of this COVID-19, China has drawn significant attention to the...
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How Businesses Might Prevent Issues Arising from Cultural Differences in Online Negotiations

Tong Wu, Zihan Wang, Jisong Li, Siying Liu, Ruanxi Du
In this work talking about when foreign trade happening, which is a form of trade with great cultural differences, changes online, what kind of online cultural differences and communication difficulties will be caused is the main goal of research. Many cultural differences caused by online business negotiation...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between American Stock Market and Exchange Rate under the COVID-19

Chenyao He, Xingkai Zhao
From 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic spread globally and had a significant impact on the economies of most countries. This article analysed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and the dollar exchange rate on the US stock market. We found a significant statistical correlation between...
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Information Spillover Effect Changes of Major Financial Markets: Evidence from the 2015 Chinese Stock Market Crash

Wenyu Zhu, Lulu Pan
This study investigates how the 2015 stock market crash in China affects the characteristics of information spillover among China, Hong Kong, and the United States. The VAR-BEKK-GARCH and DCC-MGARCH models are employed to confirm the changes. Results show that the 2015 crash strengthens both mean and...
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Understanding the Strategic Human Resource Management and Firm Performance: What Knowledge Can We Gain about Small and Medium Sized Businesses?

Yang Gu, Xinyi Luo
Since the beginning of strategy studies, strategic aspects of human resource management among small businesses have been one of the most prominent topics in research publications. The article will fully investigate the influence of systematic human resources planning on corporate productivity, which...
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Board Gender Diversity and Firm Performance: Evidence from China

Jiabo Fan, Haochen Wang, Ziqi Xu, Fanrui Zhao
This paper examines the impact of board gender diversity on firm performance. Based on the data of Chinese listed companies, we find that, first, there exists a significant positive effect of board gender diversity on firm performance. The result still holds after a series of robustness checks, such...
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The Valuation of Up and in Barrier Options on the Tesla Index

Yangchi Chen, Sirui Wen, Yuying Xing
This research researched to evaluate the valuation of in and up barrier methods in Tesla’s index. This research used the pricing model of barrier methods and, specifically, the Black Scholes model. The model is favorable for some reasons such as being less costly than conventional models that attract...
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Literature Review of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management

Lan Luo, Zaixu Wang
Innovation management is the industrial implementation and exploitation of unique thoughts and examinations and innovation practice in an association to promote and make new ideas and business possibilities possible. It consists of innovation strategy, culture, thoughts management, and implementation...
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The Research of the Relationship between Taoist Thought and Management

Yunzhenhong Zou
There is not much literature on this topic, but what can be found is of very high quality. Many modern enterprises use the management model proposed by western management, but Chinese enterprises should focus on the national conditions to find a management mode that conforms to the characteristics of...
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Financial Market Analysis for Duration and Modified Duration

Jiankun Wu
Under the wave of financial liberalization and interest rate marketing, the interest rate risk prevention problems faced by commercial banks are becoming increasingly prominent. Interest rate risk management has become an extremely important link in the management of commercial banks. Macaulay’s retention...
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Research on Measures for China’s Real Estate Enterprises under the Background of ‘Three Red Lines’ Policy

Jiasun Liu
Since 1980, houses have been defined as commodities, and Chinese real estate has officially become an industry. On August 23, 2020, “a key real estate enterprise fund monitoring and financing management rules “which is also called “three red lines” have been formed. This article explains the constraints...
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Evaluation of Highland Barley Industry Development Level in Qinghai Province

Pan Zhihong, Ding Shengxi Si
Rural revitalization is a necessary link to realize the goal of national rejuvenation and people’s happiness in China, and the key to promoting rural economic development. It is worth discussing how to seek the maximum optimization and upgrading of industries in the right opportunity to stimulate the...
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Application of Modern Portfolio Theory in Stock Market

Yumeng Liu
When investors face investing problems, the main issue is to make decisions on how to allocate resources among the variety of different assets, especially in the rapidly growing stock market.The paper aims to design an investment strategy for risk-averse investors. We use modern portfolio theory and...
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COVID-19 Unemployment Rate Trend Analysis

Weijia Li, Zekun Wu, Wentao Xin
During the outbreak of COVID-19, the global economy continued to decline, GDP continued to decline, many companies were unable to operate funds and faced bankruptcy, and economic trade shrank. The labor market in the United States has also been severely affected. The financial situation is declining....
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Anchoring Effect in Different Promotional Forms in the Consumption Field

Taking Price Discounts and Gift Discount Activities as Examples

Jinxi Chen
This paper is aimed at discussing the anchor effect in a promotional scenario. In this paper, the research statistically analyzes the consumers’ choices of different promotion forms under different degrees of promotion and the impact of consumers’ choices on their cognition of the price through the method...
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Comparison of Foreign Investment Reviews Between China and the European Union

Jiawen Li
With the development of the global economy, investors are not just satisfied with the investment in their own country, they are increasingly focusing the investment on overseas markets. How to investigate the multinational corporation, especially security issues, is a huge challenge for the host country....
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Investment Decision Analysis Based on NPV, IRR, and the Fisher Separation Theorem

Chen Tan
In today’s society, investment decision-making has become one of the main decisions of every large-scale company. The management and shareholders of the company conduct reasonable analysis and vote for high-quality investment plans. The paper mainly shows the impact of economic models on project decision-making,...
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Analysis of the Business Model of e-commerce Companies under COVID-19: Taking Alibaba as an Example

Hongyi Chen, Yueqiao Feng
With the increase of Internet usage and the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, the market share of e-commerce is growing rapidly, and various types of e-commerce websites is emerging. Alibaba, as a leading enterprise in China’s e-commerce market, has been affected by the environment in this period, and has...
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Research on the Impact of Advertisement on Consumer Behavior

Bowen Fan
Marketers use various media platforms to influence consumer behavior and maintain customer loyalty in the market. In this connection, it is imperative to note that various advertisements on the media platforms contain diverse information concerning the products. This engages the consumer to develop an...
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A Study on the Inspiration of China’s “Blue Carbon Ecosystem” for the Development of Coastal Areas in Korea

Huimin Yang, Shuwen Zhao, Weisen Gao, Chulsoo Kim
In a speech to the National Assembly on 28 October 2020, South Korean President Moon Jae-in announced that South Korea would become carbon neutral by 2050. Since then, how to achieve carbon neutrality has become a common topic of discussion among Korean scholars. This paper focuses on the policies related...
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Review of General Management Under COVID-19 ---Take Road Traffic and Transportation Management as an Example

Jiayue Dang
General management mainly includes policy management, safety management and financial management. Under the background of COVID-19, general management has played an important role in maintaining the order of our life. Road traffic and transportation management is one of the best examples. Under COVID-19,...
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Research on Luxury Consumption in the Background of Financial Crisis

Cao Jiachen
Under the financial crisis, the demand decreases significantly in the whole economic market, while the amount of consumption in the whole luxury economy market is not clear yet. This article is mainly based on two perspectives of direct and indirect impact to explore the positive promoting effect and...
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Forecast on S&P 500 Index Barrier Option with BSM Model

Shuqing Qi
Instead of buying the stocks or shares directly, the call option gives a chance for owners to buy it at a specific predetermined price, which prominently decreases the risk for the customers. Thus, it plays a significant role in the economic market and be widely used in a considerable number of financial...
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The Impact of FDI on Local Innovations in China

Evidence from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration, 2011-2018

Yunxin Ye
Innovation and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) are two major sources of economic growth. The State Council’s executive meeting urged further taking forward the nationwide initiative spurring innovation to unleash social creativity. Empirical studies of FDI effects on innovation with prefectural data...
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Digitization of Rural Industries: Current Situation, Progress and Prospects

Tiantian Wang
The digitization of rural industries is the core of the construction of digital villages. It is a new driving force for realizing rural revitalization, promoting the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure. Based on the analysis of the status and progress of the digital development of rural...
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Analysis of Enterprise Strategy Mechanism from the Perspective of Globalization

Taking Yulife as an Example

Yuxuan Li
Yulife is a British insurance company and it has had some successes in Britain. The main products of Yulife are B2B and B2B2C insurances. Yulife has its unique application for its customers, which is one of the largest advantages of Yulife. This article uses PEST and SWOT to analyze Yulife. According...
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Based on the Green Technology Changes on the Motor Market Environment Research: Take CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive CO.,LTD as an Example

Yifan Sun
Since the Third Scientific and Technological Revolution, with the development of society and the continuous upgrading of information technology and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people value the high efficiency of industrial products in terms of energy efficiency and environmental...
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Young Chinese Consumers’ Willingness and Acceptance Towards Artificial Meats

Zekai Wang
This paper asks the young Chinese consumers’ willingness and acceptance towards Artificial Meats. To do so I sent out 100 questionnaires to investigate the attitudes of young Chinese people towards the consumption of artificial meat. I received 83 questionnaires in the final return stage. The key findings...
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Research on Finance Liberalization and Regulation Based on the Experience of China’s Liberalization Transformation

Shuchen Guo
Financial liberalization has been widespread since the 1970s. A series of financial crises, such as the Crisis in Southeast Asia, occurred when countries transitioned to financial liberalization. As a result, people believed that financial regulation and liberalization were a prisoner’s dilemma. By studying...
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Management Economics’ Optimization of Enterprise Organizational Structure

Jiaqi Shi
Managerial economics is concerned with decision-making within an organization and how the principles of economics can be applied to this endeavor. The current research sought to determine (1) how decision-making power is distributed within organizations, (2) what type of organizational structures firms...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Various Aspects of Remote Work Software and Future development

Xianzhen He, Xiang Meng, Yixuan Wang, Zhengjie Wang
The COVID-19 has a big shock to people’s life. It not only changes people’s lifestyle but also brings people lots of advantages and disadvantages. Workers have to switch from sitting in the office to staying at home and working on the Internet. Therefore, the effects that COVID-19 brings to remote working...
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Explore Not Independence and Correlation of Random Variables and Methods to Judge Them between Stocks

Han Han, Zhehan Wang, Qixun Dong, Zugen Liu
In recent years, whether there is independence and correlation between stocks and how to use research results to minimize risks and maximize investment returns in the stock market have attracted the attention of many economists, mathematicians, and the public. It is worthy of discussion about how to...
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Research of Reform of Registration System and Earnings Management of R&D Activities in IPO

Jiacheng Geng
China’s registration reform took place in 2013, and a full registration system will be implemented in 2022. The registration system takes the quality of information disclosure as the core and requires IPO enterprises to disclose true, accurate and complete information. However, it is a common phenomenon...
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Is Rivian the Next Tesla?

Jiaxuan Wen
Rivian, an American maker of electric pickups, went public on The Nasdaq on November 10, 2021, pricing at $78 and raising $12 billion. The IPO rose 29.14% on its first day, with a market value of more than $80 billion, making it the world’s seventh largest automaker. A week later it overtook Volkswagen...
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Policy Response After the Great Financial Crisis

Jince Chen, Yuanyuan Li, Chengmai Zhang, Yufei Ye
The Great Financial Crisis was the worst financial crisis since World War II, which plunged the global economy into a full-blown and sustained recession. This paper tries to explain the smooth but slow recovery after the crisis in the U.S. by evaluating the effectiveness and impact of three prime policy...
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The Impacts of Different Phrases of COVID-19 on the U.S. Stock Market and How Investors Reacted

Mengfei Yan
This study explores the initial impact of the COVID-19 on the U.S. stock market. According to the daily data of S&P 500, Nasdaq and DJI, this paper investigates the reactions of the U.S. stock market when Omicron was found. In addition, to predict the future movement of the U.S. stock market, this...
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Analyses of Sustainable Development of China’s Finance Based on Commercial Banks

Tianqi Luo
China’s economy has developed exceedingly fast over the years. However, behind the fast-growing economy, sustainable development seems lagging. To motivate further development in sustainable development, analysis of sustainable financing, in the scope of commercial banks, the credit providers of all...
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Does Gender Diversity Matter? Study of Female Directors and Corporate Performance

Evidence of China

Jie Liu
With the improvement of women’s social status, women try to seek higher positions in firms. The female perspective is prevalent in corporate governance researches. This study aims to figure out does gender diversity on boards influences corporate performance in China. The researcher uses panel regression...
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Analysis of Game Cooperation in Manufacturing Industry Under the Impact of Covid-19 on Global Supply Chain Based on Dynamic Game

Xinxin Chen, Lingqi Yao
The outbreak of the COVID-19 causes multifaceted disruptions and delays in the global supply chain, commodity shortages, and price increases, and may also exacerbate inflation caused by global monetary overdraft. Based on the game model, we analyze the cooperation and decision-making behaviors of suppliers...
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Influential Factors of Sales Revenue in the Fast-Food Industry

Rui Liu, Yueyang Sun, Jiaxiang Wang
Fast food refers to popular catering that commercial enterprises quickly supply. The fast-food industry, which can be processed quickly and eaten anytime and anywhere, has become increasingly important in the wake of COVID-19. The purpose of this article is to study the different factors that affect...
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An Empirical Model for the Chinese Cosmetic Industry

Kangnaixin Yang, Hanchao Jiang, Tianyi Tang
The Chinese cosmetic market is developing rapidly in recent years and has become one major aspect of Chinese consumption. This paper uses a multiple regression model to analyze the factors affecting the cosmetics industry in China. The paper would firstly look at related research in this field and present...
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An Empirical Study on Markowitz and Single Index Model

Junqing Wu
In this paper, the Markowitz Model and the Single-Index Model were used to study U.S. stocks. Four industries of U.S. stocks were selected to empirically analyze the data from 2002 to 2021, and the combination selection results given by the two models under five restrictions were compared. The results...
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Liability Determination of Financial Institutions’ Breach of Suitability Obligations

Take the Obligation to Inform and Explain as an Example

Jingxuan Yang
The Suitability Obligation is an essential legal institution in the financial market to protect investors. The Minutes of the National Court Work Conference for Civil and Commercial Trials in 2019 (“The Minutes”) has made detailed provisions on the liability determination of financial institutions for...
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Research on the Spillover Effects of Covid-19 in Global Economic Markets

Junyu Du
The spillover effect means that an organization will not only produce the expected effect of the activity but also have an impact on people or society outside the organization. In short, an activity should have external benefits, which the main body of the activity cannot get. The spillover effect can...
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Research on High-quality Supply of Rural Public Goods in China from the Perspective of Urban-rural Integration Development

Wuning Xia
The integrated development of urban and rural areas is committed to breaking the dual structure of urban and rural areas, smoothing the two-way flow of urban and rural factors, and building a new pattern of coexistence and co-prosperity between urban and rural areas.The supply of rural public goods has...
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Research on China’s Income Gap

Caizhe Zheng
Since the reform and opening-up, China’s income gap has widened rapidly. According to an analysis of the current situation of urban-rural income gaps, inter-industry, and inter-regional income gaps, it is essential to pay more attention to redistribution which leads to the income gap. This paper believes...
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Digital Pet Product & Service Platforms

The Diversity of the Industry

Yixuan Feng
With the changes of the times and the rise of the Internet industry, online commerce has become a place that can generate huge profits. While life quality is getting higher, people’s demand for pets is also gradually increasing. The rise of the online pet economy represents the arrival of a new era....
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Research on Financing Issues in Early Venture Capital Stage of Chinese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Field of High-tech Innovation

Haozhou Wang, Xiyang Zhu
Due to the entrepreneurial boom in China, more small and medium-sized enterprises have appeared and disappeared, and only a few of them can survive. Based on the background, this article used the method of DEA to investigate of the difference of development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing,...
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Factors Influencing the Sales of Paid Membership

Evidence from Video Software Markets in China

Siru Lin, Xiaoyun Ye, Yeqi Yu
In recent years, the number of video software paid members in China has increased sharply. At present, the development of the video industry is relatively mature. The tightening of national copyright policies and the people’s need for entertainment also helps the video software to grow faster. This paper...
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Research on the Factors Affecting Stock Price Volatility

Sijia Li, Yuping Wang, Zifan Zhang, Yiming Zhu
Under the influence of the Covid-19, the economies of all countries were affected to varying degrees, particularly on the domestic stock market. Consequently, equity price volatility will be researched, primarily by studying factors affecting volatility. This paper is mainly divided into four aspects...
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Video Game Livestream Trend Analysis Based on Twitch Livestream Data

Luwei Yao
With the continuous improvement of the technological level of networks, terminals, and videos, people’s demand for entertainment consumption has expanded rapidly, and the country’s policy to promote the upgrading of residents’ consumption structure has promoted the vigorous development of the e-sports...
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A Business Model to Analyze the Tesla Based on SWOT Analysis and POCD

Ting Jiang
Tesla is a car company that works on producing cars operating on electricity. It is an America based company that works on electric vehicles and a company that is operating on the clean energy program. All the cars manufactured by Tesla are battery operated can be charged from home or grid storage. It...
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The Impacts of COVID-19 on Stock Markets between China and the United States

Lina Peng
The global eruption of coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) public crisis has a significantly unprecedented and abnormal impact on global financial markets. This paper examines the responses of stock markets in China and the United States through the industry’s aspect. Additionally, the impacts of COVID-19...
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A Model Combining LightGBM and Neural Network for High-frequency Realized Volatility Forecasting

Xiang Zhang
The financial market is a nonlinear and frequently changing complex dynamic. Volatility, as one of the important indicators to measure the return of financial assets, occupies an indispensable position in the field of financial measurement. With the development of machine learning and massive data technology,...
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Sino-US Economic and Trade Relations in Trump Era

Jian Zhang
Trumpism not only retains the tradition of the Republican Party, but also has the factors of the times. It is characterized by populism, emphasis on political identity, anti-globalization and neglect of alliances. The Sino-US trade war in 2018 and 2019 seriously affected the economic and trade relations...
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Research on the Agency Problem, Corporate Governance and Firm Value

Gengli Hao
Based on the financial data of 373 private listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges in 2019, this paper makes a theoretical analysis and empirical test on corporate governance and enterprise value by using agency theory. This paper finds that China’s private listed companies have agency...
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Explaining Changes in Consumer Behavior in Grocery Shopping Around the World Brought by the COVID Pandemic using Behavioral Economics

Qige Sun
This article documents some of the changing consumer behaviors along with 12 existing studies presenting these behaviors. Through a literature review, this article is able to explain the changes in consumer behavior in grocery shopping around the world brought by the COVID-19 pandemic using behavioral...
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Analysis of the Net Present Value and Equivalent Annual Cost in Optimal Machine Life

Xuefei Cui, Yuqing Li, Xiaole Wang, Ziyi Wang
Both net present value (NPV) and equivalent annual cost (EAC) are appropriate methods for modifying an investment project. While Net Present Value may assist investors in evaluating the project’s cash flows, EAC illustrates the cost of several projects over a year. The purpose of this research is to...
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How to Find Optimal Portfolios among Nine Mutual Funds from US

Yuyang Chen, Linhua Li, Keyu Pan
Portfolio selection is a common field in the financial world. Investors are always willing to find an optimal portfolio among several assets. In this paper, this report wants to find out a method that can help investors decide their optimal portfolios quickly through some simple comparison. This report...
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Empirical Study on Portfolio Size and Risk Diversification

Take Stock Market in China as Example

Can Li
Stock market, as a hot investment market in the world today, has become the focus of rational investment by investors. It gives individuals, companies and society the chance to optimize their assets, whereas it also brings people who interested in this field a great risk. Thus, how to reduce the risk...
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Research of Pricing Strategy from Multi-Channel

Xingqi Ji, Peng Jiang, Mingbo Sun
Nowadays, retailers sell their commodities in different channels: the offline channel and the online channel, and more and more retailers are making the transition from offline channel to the online channel. This kind of transition is getting more and more popular over time, so the competition grows...
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Household Background Risk And Self-Housing Liability

Theoretical And Empirical Research Based On CHFS Data

Huang Lei, Zhu Tao
The potential motivation for families to bear self-housing liabilities is to hedge background risks. Probit and Tobit models are established based on the data of China Household Finance Survey in 2017. The regression results show that households pay more attention to the background risks on the liability...
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Specific Causes of Financial Crisis at Barcelona and Countermeasures

Kehan Chen
FC Barcelona club, named as Futbol Club Barcelona, was founded in 1899 by groups of German, Swiss, Spanish and English football players, became the first most valuable football club and received countless honors worldwide. However, COVID-19 epidemic and salary structure has increased financial crises...
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The Scenario Analysis for NPV and IRR in Mutually Exclusive Projects

Jundi Ren
In the real world, the project of business decision is relatively long and requires more capital investment, which leads to higher requirements for the feasibility of project investment and scientific decision-making. To improve the science of business decision-making, the application of a series of...
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The Economic Development Study of Northeast China During the Pandemic of Covid-19

Mengqi Gong, Shuang Wang
This article focuses on northeast China’s economic development and explores the region’s economic developments one by one from a historical viewpoint. To begin, the development of northeast China is examined through three historical stages: the modern period before the founding of New China, which was...
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A Monte Carlo Simulation Scheme for Basket Options with Barriers

Ni Cao, Hui Mai, Shuining Zhang
In this paper we introduce simulation pricing of a sample barrier call option on a basket of stocks under the multivariate Black-Scholes-Merton scheme. Ten S&P 500 stocks from different industries were chosen to compose the basket, with the weights assigned to be the optimizer of the basket’s Sharpe...
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Influence of Factors in Social Environment on Stock Market Participation

Zeyi Bai, Yiqi Fan, Wanwen Wu, Hongziyue Zhang
Stock market participation has long been a hot topic of discussion and many studies have focused on analyzing the effects of different factors on stock market participation. Most of these studies have focused on the effects of three areas: education, intrahousehold, and religion. Therefore, this paper...
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The Development and Current Problems of WTO and Relating Influence on Chinese Enterprises

Caihong Jiang, Anping Lin
As great changes have occurred in international relations and global market, the problems of the WTO and the shortcomings of its operation mechanism have been constantly appearing in its negotiation process. The WTO’s ineffectiveness became particularly apparent after the breakout of COVID-19. Therefore,...
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Motivation Analysis and Performance Analysis of Haier Merger and Acquisition in Qingdao

Guanwei Chen
It does not have an advantage in international competition though Qingdao Haier has a high market share in domestic home appliances. In 2016, in order to improve its competitiveness in the international market, Qingdao Haier acquired the home appliance business of American General Motors with US $5.4...
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Research on Optimization of Ordering and Transportation Strategy based on TOPSIS and Time Series Model

Jiayu Zhang, Yingwu Li, Su Li
The ordering and transportation of raw materials is a crucial process for enterprises to produce and receive receivables, so it is necessary to study this process pertinently. This paper studies the ordering and transportation of raw materials in production enterprises. The problem of ordering and transportation...
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Valuation Methods in Case of Merges and Acquisitions: A Review

Xiangxiang Hu, Yue Shao, Yunwen Xu
Mergers and acquisitions play an important role in business valuation, which will lead to the difference of business value selection. Therefore, this paper narrows the scope of business valuation to three specific methodological fields and conducts a literature review analysis of asset-based, income/earnings-based,...
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The Leader of Sharing Travel Industry: The Operation of DiDi Company under the Epidemic and Low Carbon Policy

Shiyu Liao
In the information-based modern society, the informatization and Internet of residents’ clothing, food, housing and transportation are inevitable development trends under the tide of the times. Sharing economy is one of the emerging business forms under the tide of the Internet. In recent years, new...
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Research on Using Market Segmentation to do Recommendation in E-commerce

Bohan Zhao
In the background of the digital period, more and more e-commerce companies have emerged. However, the competition also becomes more intense than before own to a large number of rivals. In this case, it is important to offer the customers recommendation to boost their satisfaction and loyalty. This work...
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Comprehensive Evaluation Research of Urban Green Economy Evaluation Index System

Cases of 31 Cities in China

Xiaowen Huang, Qiannan Zhang, Zhaode Liu, Xianqing Tu
With the increasingly serious problem about ecological environment, the green economy conforms to the trend of the times. Therefore, it is practically meaningful for China’s green economy development to develop green economy, to study the measurement of green economy development, to deeply understand...
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The Relationship Between Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management

Zhixuan Zhu
In the context of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), this article aims to study and explain the relationship between SCM and CRM. The article used case studies and literature research to study whether there is a relationship between SCM and CRM, the strength of...
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Innovative Research on the Development Model of Foreign Exchange Derivatives

Ningyao Sun
In order to encourage enterprises to use foreign exchange derivatives to avoid exchange rate risk, this paper will study the use and development pattern of foreign exchange derivatives of listed enterprises in China, in order to further innovate the response to foreign exchange risk faced by Chinese...
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The Impact of Sino-US Trade Conflict on the Volatility of American Stock Market

Xinru Su
Since the start of the Sino-US trade conflict in 2018, the United States has frequently imposed tariffs on Chinese imports. To investigate the impact of the Sino-US trade conflict on the volatility of the US stock market, this paper employs the ARMA-GARCH model and nine time points when the US announced...
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Research on Marketing Innovation of Luckin Coffee

Xiaocong Cao
It is very essential for an enterprise to have a good marketing strategy and properly apply the new mode, especially for emerging enterprises such as Luckin coffee. Luckin was pushed to the forefront of the storm because of financial fraud two years ago, but now it has become a model of the rapid development...
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Financial Innovation, Technological Innovation and Economic Growth

Empirical Research from 31 Provinces and Cities in China

By selecting 31 provinces and cities in China as samples, we constructed a panel data model from 2011 to 2019, and empirically analysed the impact of financial innovation and technological innovation on economic growth through regression analysis of fixed effects models. The results show that financial...
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Discover Factors Which Have Effects on Airbnb’s Stakeholders by Using Python

Using Sydney Airbnb as an Example

Ziqi Wan
This report is aimed at the analysis of Sydney’s Airbnb data to provide advice to related stakeholders. Data processing, feature engineering, and model building methods were utilized to realize that endeavour. A reliable dataset can only be formed when firstly using the data cleaning process. Linear...
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Digital Financial Inclusion Innovation for Large and Medium-sized Commercial Banks

Case of the Agricultural Bank of China

Ruijie Li
Large commercial banks are critical financial entities in the development of inclusive finance, and they should play an essential leading role in the development of inclusive digital finance. Large commercial banks often face challenges in developing digital financial inclusion. Therefore, some banks...