Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Education Technology and Economic Management (ICETEM 2017)

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City-Size Distribution and Industry Agglomeration: An Empirical Analysis Based on the County - level in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

Heng Tian
The urban agglomeration of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is the core development engine of the Bohai Economic Circle area. However, over the years, because of regional and local competition, the level of integration is low in the city circle, the gap is large in the region, the flow and distribution...
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A Study on the Countermeasures of Developing "Silk Road" Sports Tourism Resources in Yunnan

Peipei Yang
Through documentary methods, it is concluded that the routes of southern silk road are mainly composed of three main lines: the route to Burma and India; the water and land route to Vietnam; the Tea Horse Trade Route linking Nepal and India. The analysis on the present situation of "Silk Road" sport...
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Research on Service Quality Evaluation of Rural Tourism

Yu Huang
With the continuous development of rural tourism, the quality problem of service is gradually emerging. Service quality is a subjective evaluation of tourists at the end of their service. It affects the tourists' willingness to make recommendations and revisit. Through combing and defining the relevant...
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Study on the Problems and Countermeasures of Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Central Asia

Ying Zhang
With the deepening of the SCO regional economic cooperation, China's economic and trade cooperation with Central Asian countries has become closer and the opportunities and challenges have coexisted. By analyzing the current economic situation in Central Asia and the current situation of economic and...
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Analysis on the Value of Cultural Tourism Resources Development in Pingxiang Spring Gong

Yeqin Peng
If the fresh blood of Pingxiang Spring gong culture tourism resources is injected into the ranks of the development and protection of tourism industry, it not only expands the scope of tourism resources, but also helps the sustainable development of tourism industry. At the same time, it promotes the...
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International Tax Planning and Strategies of Multinational Enterprises in China

Zheng Zhang
The globalization of economy brings the new opportunities of development for enterprises. The importance of tax planning to the multinational enterprises is obvious. But how to enhance the abilities of tax planning for improving the competitive power and increasing the incomes is a significant issue...
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The Belt and Road Economic Zone cross-border e-commerce development model research

Wei Zhang
The Belt and Road economic development strategy is the Secretary Xi Jinping led the party and state leaders, now the face of the world and China economic development situation, the national development plan new strategy, in order to improve the China economy and the world economy and the new development...
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Study on enterprise VAT planning under the policy of "camp changed to increase"

Shuying Du
In order to solve the problem of double taxation of the tax in the process of our country and continue to improve and perfect the tax system of our country, "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) policy came into being, but combined with the actual situation of our country and the current"...
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The Legal Needs and Protections for Private Enterprises of Xi’an on Overseas Investments

Bin Ma
By the stimulation of reform and opening policies of China, and as the development of economic globalization, the private enterprises of China, which take part in the international trade more and more, have become the important participators in international economics and trade, and have developed their...
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Research on Risk Assessment Technique of Financial Investment And its Applied Research

Fuqin Yue
As the constantly development of the financial market, the risk assessment technique of financial investment, which is an important way and a key technique, is concerned by more and more people. The ability of risk assessment technique is excellent or not is significant to the investor in fact. The key...
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Analysis of Trade Patterns and Economic Effect of China and Countries along the Belt and Road

Chao Di
With the development of China economy and establishment of foreign economic relations, the country launched and implemented the strategic deployment of "The Belt and Road", has made great achievements. Based on the "The Belt and Road" development background, it promoted the development of China foreign...
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Linkage Analysis among the Real Estate Tax, Real Estate Investment and Real Estate Price

Lin Xu
In this paper, through the construction of VAR model, the variance decomposition method and the impulse response method are used to study the linkage relationship between real estate tax and real estate investment and real estate price, so as to find out the relationship among the three to solve the...
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Research on Tourism of Major Sports Event

Tao Zhang
There is no complete theoretical framework for the study of the interaction between major sporting events and urban tourism. Since both are the industries that the country is committed to developing, the relevant theoretical research is more urgent as the advantages of interaction are becoming more and...
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Design and Research of Virtual Experiment based on Virtual Reality

Jia Liu, Yu Fan
As an important part of modern distance education, virtual experiment plays an irreplaceable role in guaranteeing teaching effect, and has gained more and more people's favor. But because of its late development, technically very immature. The current virtual experiment is a simple two-dimensional experimental...
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Analysis of Internet Financial Model

Yuran Gao
Information technology, such as mobile payments, social networks, search engines and cloud computing, and large data, represented by the Internet, have had a fundamental impact on people's financial needs. Internet financial model will undoubtedly become the most popular keywords. Internet financial...
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Innovation of Exhibition Industry Development Path in Shaanxi Free Trade Zone

Peng Zhang
Shaanxi Free Trade Experiment Area is the third batch of free trade test area approved by the Party Central Committee and the State Council in August 31, 2016. It is the only free trade test area in Northwest China. The construction of the free trade zone in Shaanxi has led to a new round of development...
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Reconstructing a Tourism Toilet Servicescape Conception Based on Grounded Theory-a Case Study of Lhasa City

Senyao Sang
Tourism toilet is an important symbolic in evaluating the regional tourism development. However, related researches about tourism toilet are not sufficient and lack of related concepts of the construction. Therefore, by using qualitative research method, our study reconstructed a conception framework...
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Occupation Skill Cultivating Strategies for the Talents Majoring in Business English against the Background of China FTA

Dong Xue
China FTA(China Free Trade Zone) construction will bring a large number of foreign investors and foreign enterprises, and Business English is the essential condition of communication and negotiation. Therefore, the talents majoring in Business English will be the most needed talents. As an international...
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Research on Chinese Processing Trade and Its Related Factors

Boyang Sun
Processing trade is one of the most important sources of trade in China. On January 18, 2016, The Chinese State Council issued “several proposals on promoting the development of processing trade”, indicating that nowadays Chinese government has paid lots of attention on upgrading the processing trade...
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The American Tax System and its Effect on National Economy

Zhuan Du, Xi Du
The federal, state and local governments constitute the administrative structure of the United States. At the foundation of the nation, the administrative power was mainly concentrated at the state and local level, but the authority of the federal government had strengthened over the 30-year period since...
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A study on College Students' Consumption Behavior in the Background of Mobile Internet

Ruiyao Zhang
People are striding into the mobile Internet era, and smart phone has become the main communication tool for college students. At the same time, it is one of the most dependent, convenient and fashionable way of life. As a result, campus college students are becoming the main force and leader of mobile...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between the balance of treasure Yield and the Interest Rate of Treasury Bonds

Zeyang Rong
The balance of treasure as a representative of the Internet financial products have closely related with the traditional financial market bonds. In this paper, we study the relationship between the balance of treasure yield and the interest rate of treasury bonds by establishing the vector autoregressive...
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Stock Recommendation: Key Steps and Applied Models

Ziwen Chen
It is common to select stocks for constructing a portfolio; however, not all investors understand how to evaluate stocks. Investing in a stock requires investors to understand the company by inspecting the company’s financial reports and announcements; also, investors need to be prudent to make a bid....
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A Study on the effects of celebrity athletes’ endorsement towards Consumers' Attitude in the ‘We media’ area

Yanbo Qiao
The corporate strategy of celebrity athlete endorsement in the We media area has developed rapidly in recent years. This research based on the dual mediation model (DMM) and extended advertising attitude model to DMM in ‘We media’ area which added variables of consumers’ sharing intention. Empirical...
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The Value and Application Path of Displaying Virtual Architecture and Cultural Heritage

Aifeng Wang, Bei Wang
The construction of cultural heritage virtual reality refers to the use of digital technology, mainly virtual reality technology, making rehabilitation, simulation, reproduction, displaying and preservation on the ancient architecture, ruins and cultural relics through the computer. It is a perfect combination...
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Innovation and Guarantee Mechanism of Poverty Alleviation Model in Rural Tourism

Meng Li
In recent years, the party and the state attach great importance to poverty alleviation and development in rural areas, and try to use rural resources to develop rural economy, and promote rural poverty alleviation through economic development. China's poor rural tourism resources are abundant and human...
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Research on the Situation and Countermeasure of the Inventory of Real Estate in Xi'an City

Furong Feng
The current national real estate market presents a "total excess, lack of start, lack of demand," the overall characteristics, and in the process of inventory to form a "differentiation intensified, highlight the risk" and other industry characteristics. This paper analyzes the process of real estate...
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors of the Willingness of Urban Residents to Participate in Endowment Insurance in Sinkiang

Yanlan Zhu, Xiaoling Zhu
In recent years, with the continuous development of China's social economy, the residents' insurance consciousness is constantly strengthened. as a reflection of China's social security, the willingness of residents to participate in the insurance reflects a regional development, the author mainly analyzes...
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Low-carbon Economy Development Level Evaluation in Beijing Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)

Liefu Zhu, Shuifa Ke
This paper builds the evaluation index system of the level of low-carbon economy development in Beijing. Using the AHP methods to establish the weight. With these methods to analyze 2004-2014, Beijing's low carbon development and compounding the synthetic index. At last evaluating the results of analysis....
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A Study on the Applicability of Environmental Tax "Double Dividend" in China

Xiaohua Hou, Rui Du, Juan Huang, Lijuan Liu
The "double dividend" theory of environmental taxes can provide the basis and direction for the reform of environmental taxes in China. For a long time, China's environmental related taxes are at a low level. Levying environmental taxes does not bring too much burden to enterprises and the public. At...
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Structure Analysis and Optimization Countermeasures of Logistics Cost of Agricultural Product in China

Rui Du, Xiaohua Hou, Juan Huang
In recent years, the price of agricultural products has risen greatly, which directly affects the quality of people's living standards. The main reason for the price increase is that the cost structure of agricultural products is irrational. This paper analyzes the key factors influencing the structure...
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Research on the Mechanism Innovations of Rural Finance against the Background of Supply-side Reform

Chenghao Sun
After years of development, China's rural finance has achieved remarkable results in the demand-side with the support of the multi policy system. However, there are many problems in the supply side of rural finance in china, such as the problems of single finance product, high finance risk and imperfect...
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The Spatial Mismatch Discussion on Tourism Resources and Tourism Economy In the Region Around Tarim

Haobin Chen, Zhaoyu Liao
Tourism resources are the basis of tourism economic development, the tourism economy provides the strong guarantee for the development and protections of tourism resources,and the relationship of them is complicated. In general, the tourism develops better in the region with rich tourism resources and...
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Study of Influencing Factors of Apple Juice Export of Xinjiang Area

Qiongyue Zhang, Chuanhui Zhang
apple juice is the second juice consumer goods in the world. As the largest apple juice producing country, China makes full use of its own advantages to stabilize the its predominance in apple juice. At the same time, improving the profits of apple juice producer is very important. The exportation of...
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Research on Network Financial Data Analysis System

Tanxin Guo
With the continuous development of social and economic, the role and impact of the financial industry in the whole economic system have gradually been people's attention. The financial industry can help the circulation of social funds, resulting in more economic benefits, which also has a reasonable...
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Research on the Classifications and Characteristics of Viral Advertisements

Xiaolun Jia
Viral advertisement, which has novel content, simple form, is wide spreading in the internet. The voluntary dissemination of the advertisement makes the advertising information spread like a virus and finally achieves the goal of marketing. The dissemination model of viral advertisement changes the model...
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Research on Tourism Development and Protection of Residential Historic Blocks

Shan Li, Xiaoling Yu
As the society develops, tourism development of historic blocks will be a good form of inheriting and promoting our nation's traditional culture. Nevertheless, with regard to the tourism development situation of residential historic blocks in many places in China, there have been lots of problems in...
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Research on Diversification Optimization of Investment Business of A State-owned Company in Corps - Based on BCG Matrix

Qin Du, Xiaoling Yu
In recent years, due to the impact of many factors, China's real estate industry has been greatly affected. Real estate agencies have to adjust their own development strategies in order to seek further development in the future. A State-owned Company in Xinjiang Corps, hereinafter referred to as A Company,...
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Research on the Quality of Tax Service and the Efficiency of Tax Collection and Administration - Using Aksu as an Example

Qian Wang, Qing Li
With the continuous expansion of tax payment scale in China, tax revenues have been greatly improved. And people in Aksu area have also greatly enhanced their awareness of tax payment in recent years with continuous development of economy, although there are still many problems in the tax service affecting...
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Empirical Study of Farmers’ Income Increase Brought by the Development of Tourism Industry in the Ethnic Minority Area in the South Xinjiang--Using Bazhou and Jing County as examples

Dengbin Huang, Xiaoling Yu
The tourism industry has a significant impetus to the development of the national economy. The development of tourism in ethnic areas has unique advantages and great achievements. Bazhou and Jing County have promoted the economic growth through the development of tourism, and promoted the farmers’...
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Thinking on the industrial development of the cotton planting and production in Xinjiang

Rong Fan, Qiong Ma
Xinjiang, as the cotton production place in our country, occupies over half of the total cotton output in our country with its annual output, but in recent years, its output has been increasing while the economic benefit has been in a low level owing to the constant fluctuation in cotton price and unstable...
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Analysis on the Relationship Between Pledge of Stock Right and Shareholders' Preemptive Right

Fuling Ding
The implementation of pledge of stock right may produce results of equity transfer. But existing laws and regulations do not mention whether shareholders can exercise their preemptive right in the process of realizing pledge of stock right, or how to exercise their preemptive right. This paper argues...
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Existing Problems and Countermeasures to Improve Financial Management in Colleges and Universities

Tingting Hou
With the continuous development of the cause of higher education, colleges and universities economy increases sharply, it is particularly important to do a good job in financial management of colleges and universities. In this paper, based on the practical financial work of colleges and universities,...
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An Integrative analysis of brick-and-mortar fashion store shopping motives, activities and experience

Bing Xu, Jianhui Chen
The paper aims to provide an integrative analysis of consumers' shopping motives, activities, and shopping duration and repatronage intention, centering on brick-and-mortar fashion store. Perceptual shopping experience of clothing purchase was newly considered in the research, which was relatively researched...
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The Change of Accounting Industry Under the Background of Big Data Era

Jianqun Xu
As before, such as the budget management that has difficulty processes need to collect relevant information, repository and analysis, large data may encounter obstacles to clear its technology; financial management also dominate in terms of search a useful value investment projects, improve enterprise...
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Corporate Political Strategies and Economic Performance-From the Perspective of Legitimacy

Yiling Yao
In this paper, we mainly analyze the relationship between corporate political strategies, economic performance and legitimacy in depth and finally confirm that from the perspective of legitimacy, corporate political strategies can produce a positive impact on economic performance, thus promoting the...
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Design and Implementation of Financial Accounting System for Small Business Company

Fuping Zhou
Informatization has become the main theme of the 21 st century, the global informatization wave caused by modern information technology impacts on the traditional social life in every corner. The global economy informatization has a tremendous impact on the traditional business management and the accounting...
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The trade and circulation industry affects the mechanism and efficiency evaluation of regional economic development in China

Zhao Li
In production and consumption, the trade and commerce industry plays the role of bridge and link, which is of great significance to the development of regional economy. Although the importance of commercial circulation in regional economic development has been reached, the impact mechanism and efficiency...
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Research on the Influence of Price Promotion on Consumer Purchase Decision under Network Environment

Tiantian TANG, Liaogang HAO
With the popularity of the Internet and e-commerce technology matures, the size of China's online shopping users gradually expanded. Online shopping has become an integral part of network life. Online merchants have developed different marketing strategies to maximize the attraction of users, of which...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Consumers’ Willingness to buy in the Internet Financial Situation

Qiang Yang, Xiaomin Wang
with the rapid development of the Internet, various forms of Internet financial products emerge in endlessly, and affect individuals’ consumption patterns. However, the individual’s cognition of the concept of Internet finance is not comprehensive, and there will be a certain perceived risk in the...
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Study on the Development Strategy of Tourism E-commerce in Zaozhuang City

Wenjie Wang
In the context of wide Internet plus application, tourism e-commerce has played a very important role in the development of tourism. More and more tourists are browsing and selecting tourism products online. Zaozhuang City has also increased investment and construction efforts for tourism e-commerce...
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Research on College Student English M-learning Behaviors Based on Mobile Phones

Shuai Hu, Lulu Zhang
This paper focuses on the characteristics of college student English mobile learning (M-learning) behaviours by investigating 120 undergraduates. The general condition of their online activities based on mobile phones is first described; then the features of their English M-learning activities are investigated...
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To Improve the Quality of Ideological and Political Education of College Students in the Perspective of “Supply-Side Structural Reform”

Rui Wang
“Supply-side structural reform” theory has not only promoted healthy and sustainable development for economy but also provided a totally new perspective to guide the implementation and development of ideological and political education in universities. Using “Supply-side structural reform” theory...
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A Comparative Research Between Fashion Magazines and Fashion Network Media

Lunan Zhao, Shui Jin
At present, people are keen to discuss whether the fashion media will replace fashion magazines. Through to compare the status quo, advantages and operational data between fashion media and fashion magazines, I analysed the relationship between them. The conclusion is that the relationship between fashion...
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Study on Application of Reliability Growth in the Development of Civil Aircraft

Junyi Zhang
In the present paper, key tasks and working procedures in implementation of Reliability Growth Test techniques of HALT and HASS are identified, from their demands and current application status in research and development of commercial airplanes. Key technologies in Reliability Growth Test are also analyzed...
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Research on Talents Training in Higher Vocational Colleges for Intelligent Manufacturing

Jiqing Cao
With the "Made in China 2025" put forward, China's Manufacturing Industry continues to promote intelligent upgrading. New technologies, systems and manufacturing patterns lead to the emergence of new professional positions and changes in the connotation of professional positions. This paper discusses...
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Do leaders have to be lions?

Yu Liao
With the development of China's social and economic progress, In recent years, the demand for leadership from all walks of life develops rapidly. The most influential in the selection of government leaders is the so-called "lion" leadership, But good leaders are never a single type. This article analysis...
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Study on the Integration of Theory and Practice in the Teaching Mode of Digital Media Art Major in Colleges and Universities

Lu Dong, Robert Willey
Digital media art major greatly focuses on combining theory and practice, serving as an organic integration of the two aspects. At present, in China’s digital media art teaching, it commonly exists phenomena that the proportion of the collocation of theory and practice is not scientific and reasonable...
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Establish the "Nine-step Method" of Customer Loyalty

Mingwei Bian
Modern enterprise based on marketing or virtual electricity, improving customer loyalty and inspire customers to buy back is the way, this paper takes "customer development - precision maintenance - customer regeneration" build customer loyalty for the perspective of "nine" footwork, aimed at boosting...
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Research on Demand Management of Clothing Commodity Planning

Yinjia Zhang
Commodity planning is the consumer's potential demand and desire and other abstract elements with specific goods show, planning the market activities, precisely the consumer demand through the merchandise plan into the enterprise sales activities. Therefore, planning in the garment production process...
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Review on the Impact of Gap Years on Career Development

Guomei Tian, Wei Ran
Gap years means that individuals leave formal learning, training or work places to have a pause or a rest during a period of 3-24 months, which has been an obvious feature of the career development in 21st century. While researches on the definition and impact of gap years is far from enough, we aim...
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Coordinating a Supply Chain under O2O Business Model When Facing Multiple Disruptions

Jun Zhang, Hong Chen
A supply chain under O2O business model, a new kind of supply chain, is studied in this paper, in which the supply chain is consisted of one supplier (she) and multiple O2O retailers. The supplier finds that demand disruption and retailer’s sales cost disruption takes place after her production plan...
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Analysis of XI-xian Air Logistics Development on Perspective of One Belt and One Road

Congli Xie
Airport logistics is an important part of modern logistics system with safety, convenient and quality services in accordance with the basic requirement of modern logistics service. Under the development of modern world economy, airport logistics is become the world recognized important modern economic...
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"National Fitness Information Resource Service Platform Internet Plus" Strategy

Yang HU, YongFeng YIN, JiaRui ZHANG, Chao YAN, JunQi MENG, Yan MA
The three session of the twelve National People's Congress, Premier Li Keqiang first proposed the "Internet plus" action plan in the government work report, the "Internet plus China" has become one of the most popular topic. On the basis of the Internet platform, the use of information and communication...
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Research on the Relevance between Land Policy and Property Price of China

Heng Tian
Land is the fountainhead of the development of the real-estate market. The fluctuation and adjustment of the land market, with no doubt, will affect the price, the total supply and the supply structure of the real-estate market directly, and thus have an impact on the macroeconomic operation. A healthy...