Proceedings of the 2012 2nd International Conference on Computer and Information Application (ICCIA 2012)

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Access Control Based on Trust Policy in Open Grid Environment

Liting Gao, Zhenyan Wang
This paper proposed a model for user security management. This model can establish the blacklist and white list to achieve the control of the user subsequent actions through monitoring the changing of user trust level. It also can establish trust policy based on assets importance and user trust level,...
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On Heterogeneous Database Integration Under the Scope of Web Service and Java

Fanxing Meng, Xiumei Wen, Jianhua Li
More and more accessible databases are available in the Web. In order to provide people a unified access to these Web heterogeneous databases and achieve information from them automatically. This paper proposes a comprehensive solution for heterogeneous database integration, explains the heterogeneity...
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The Design and Realization of Library MIS Based on MVC

Jianhua Li, Fanxing Meng, Xiumei Wen
MVC is a typical software architecture model The paper states the development principle and advantages of the MVC pattern, discusses the software development process based on the MVC pattern, and designs a Web application—library management system. On the basis of introducing books management system,...
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The Cooperation–Competition Model for the Hot Topics of Chinese Microblogs

Weiwei Wu
The Chinese microblog (Weibo) grows quickly and eventually has been an essential tool for Chinese netizens. This paper proposes a cooperation–competition model for the trend of the hot issues of Sina Weibo based on some hypothesis and parameter settings. After using the equilibrium solution theory of...
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Cross-layer Design to Solve Cooperation Problem in Ad Hoc Network

Li Li, Wei Liu, Haiyan Chen, Guozhu Zhou
A wireless ad hoc network is a self-configuring infrastructurelessh network of mobile devices connected by wireless. In order to support the basal networking functions like routing and packet forwarding, the nodes in wireless ad hoc network should be cooperate with each other due to the limited range...
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An Application of MATLAB in practical problems

Huiyang Xie, Qiuxiang Bi
This article gives some examples of using Matlab to solve practical problems.
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Research on Management Information System for Construction Market based on XMLHttp+XML Database Synchronization

Zhijiang Feng, Jianchen Liu, Limin Wang, Hongliang Zhang
At present, it is necessary to use management information system for construction market to improve the efficiency of the supervision, save the supervision resource and reduce the supervision cost. In the inspection module, it is essential to use allopatric ACCESS database synchronization, because of...
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Design and development of the architecture market management information system

Zhijiang Feng, Jianchen Liu, Limin Wang, Changli Yan, Ping Zhang
The architecture market management information is the basis of improving the administration efficiency and the supervision ability, and reduce the manage cost. In the design of the inspection module, zml xmlhttp is limited to the environmental and cost, so it is necessary to use the remoted access database...
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The difference supervision theory of engineering registration workers based on Bayesian inference

Zhijiang Feng, Jianchen Liu, Limin Wang, Hongliang Zhang, Ping Zhang
At present, during the process of architecture market management information, it is necessary to use the difference supervision theory, which can improve the efficiency of the supervision, save the supervision resource and reduce the supervision cost. According to the research status of the difference...
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An location-routing problem with simultaneous pickup and delivery in urban-rural dual-directions logistics network

Xuefeng Wang
The design and optimization of urban-rural dual-directions logistics network is a substantial important issue, which will directly affect the development of the urban-rural integration in China. A reasonable scheme of logistics network will contribute to supply efficient logistics services to customers...
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A Statistical Local Binary Fitting Model for Blood Vessel Segmentation

Shifeng Zhao, Mingquan Zhou, Kang Wang
Network structure such as blood vessels in medical images are important features for computer-aided diagnosis and follow-up of many diseases. In this study, a new model-based segmentation method is proposed to detect blood vessels in medical images. The Local Binary Fitting(LBF) model with statistical...
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Heterogeneous Architecture for Ad hoc Networks

Xuebing Wang
By making small adjustment to general ad hoc network architecture, we build a network topology with short average path length and high clustering coefficient, which are two important metrics of ad hoc networks. Furthermore, an efficient probabilistic flooding routing algorithm is proposed based on this...
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A Study of Negative Association Rules Mining Algorithm Based on Multi-Database

Xushan Peng, Ping Cheng, Maoji Wang
the mutual exclusion relationships among data items are reflected by negative association rules, whitch is very important on the decision-making analysis. In the last several years, negative association rules are frequently researched, while the study object of it is single mining of database now. With...
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A Revised Distributed Interpretation for Ontology Integration

Kun Liu, Liang Zhang, Shengqun Tang, Xue Qin
Under the background of information integration, the semantics of ontology integration is still an open issue. In this paper, we propose a revised distributed interpretation which is adapted from distributed description logics. In our proposal, ontology integration is taken as global ontology and local...
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Four flavonoid glycosides from the pulps of Elaeagnus angustifolia and their antioxidant activities

Ya Wang, Tao Guo, Jiayin Li, Shangzhen Zhou, Ping Zhao
Four flavonoid glycosides were isolated from the pulps of Elaeagnus angustifolia and identified as Quercetin 3,4'-O- -D-diglucoside (1), Isorhamnetin-3-O- -D-galactopy -ranoside (2), Quercetin 3-O- -D-Galactopyranoside- 4'-O- -D-glucopyranoside (3) and Isorhamnetin 3-O- -D-Galacto -pyranoside-4'-O- -D-glucopyranoside...
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Methods in Solving the Wave Equations for A Loudspeaker

J. Zeng, H. Wang, J.Y. Dong
This paper introduces several methods in solving the wave equations for a loudspeaker. The separation of variables method is very common for solving constant coefficient linear partial differential problems. The finite difference method has been the main method of numerical computation in early work....
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Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Equations

Xiaofeng Zhang, Guifang Sui
A quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization algorithm is presented in this paper for solving nonlinear equations. The positions of particle are coded by probability amplitudes of qubits that are updated by quantum rotation gates in this method. The corresponding real number solution at specified interval...
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The Design for Automatic Target Reporting System based on Image Processing

Zhihui Xu, Weizhong Li, Yongjun Xiao
Photo-electricity target with low cost, high efficiency and high reliability is widely used for gunnery training in military affairs and athletic sports. The automatic target reporting system based on image processing is constructed and some experimental is done. The result is shown that compared to...
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The Design of Infusion Monitoring System based on STM32 Microcontroller

Zhihui Xu, Weizhong Li, Yongjun Xiao
conventional manual adjustment to control the drop speed in clinical infusion has more unadvantageous and cannot realize automatic controlling and monitoring of the infusion speed. According to this condition, the infusion monitoring system is designed based on the STM32 microcontroller and one pair...
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The Impact Point Detecting System for Photo-electricity Targets

Zhihui Xu, Weizhong Li, Yongjun Xiao
according to the requirement of shooting training, the impact point detecting system of photo-electricity target is designed based on laser coordinate orientation method. The principle of detection method based on image process is firstly discussed, then the system design and image processing arithmetic...
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Research on Eliminating the Influence of Cloud Shadow of TM Image

Lin Chen, Yifu Zhou, Haolu Ma
The paper introduced a method eliminating the influence of cloud shadow in TM image by using the bands ratio and linear transformation. The result shows the method is very effective, especially on enhancing the image contrast and improving the detail information in the shadow.
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Research on DEM Modification and Production of Three-dimensional Images in the Intersection Region of Seawater and Land

Lin Chen, Yifu Zhou, Jianfeng Liu
The phenomena often appears that sea surface is above land, island is under sea surface and distortion of building inter-island in conflux area of water and land when creating three-dimensional image using fusing DEM and image. The paper introduced a fast method of modifying DEM and creating three-dimensional...
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A bivariate matrix Padé-type method of the 2-D filters

Chuanqing Gu, Rongrong Cui
In this paper,according to the special generating polynomial, a class of bivariate matrix Padé-type approximation(BMPTA) is given by introducing a bivariate matrix-valued linear functional on the scalar polynomial space.An application in state-space realization of the 2-D filters is also given in the...
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The Grid-connected Inverter of Simulation on Direct-drive Wind Power System Based on MATLAB

Xiaoming Wang, Wanci Liu, Wenjuan Xiao
Based on working Principle of the direct-drive wind power system’s grid-connected inverter was research, the mathematical model for inverter in Three-phase rotating coordinate was established and analyzed. A double-loop control strategy that based on feed forward decoupling were introduced, Meanwhile,...
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Research of Sliding Mode Control in Electro-optical Tracking System

Zipeng Guo, Chaoming Xie, Yongjun Xiao
as the foundation and critical part of the free Space optical communication, the electro-optical tracking system is a typical nonlinear system. However, the angular accuracy should be better than a few micro-radians to meet the requirement of the communication link construction between two terminals....
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Experimental Study of the Performance Test for the Infusion Monitoring System

Zhihui Xu, Weizhong Li, Yongjun Xiao
Comparison with conventional manual adjustment to control the drop speed in clinical infusion, the infusion monitoring system can achieve much more high reliability and efficiency, and is easy to realize the automation of infusion. So the infusion monitoring system has been designed in the last papers....
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Simulation Study on Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation of Grid-Connected Wind Farms

Xiaoming Wang, Xingxing Mu
With the Asynchronous wind generators as research object, this paper analyzes the problems of the voltage stability and the generation mechanism of the reactive power compensation during the wind farms connected operation. For paralleling capacitor bank has shown obvious defects, therefore this paper...
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An OA-based integrated information management system building for marine monitoring business processes

Duyi Jiang, Ting Zhang, Liang Qu
Due to the increasing frequency and intensity of marine monitoring tasks, the need for a comprehensive information management system for marine monitoring to organize and implement all types of marine monitoring tasks is growing. This paper put forward an integrated information management system for...
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Improved Newton’s Method for Calculation of Power Distribution Network Theory Energy Loss

Xiaoming Wang, Li Zhang
Vehicle brake noise not only disturbs people's living environment, but also seriously affect the driving comfort, so it became one of the issues that vehicle research people most concerned. This paper researches the causes of brake noise from the theoreti
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Denoising Analysis on UWB Communication in Mine Tunnels

Hongwei Zhang
In the EMC interference environment of mine, we found the EMC is white noise and pulse interference. The UWB signal pulses is short and signal power spectral density distributed in wide band is very low. This article mainly proposes a de-noising method of Wavelet transform modulus maxima in signal band,...
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Online Monitoring System of the Mine Main Fan

Hongwei Zhang
Monitoring system uses upper and lower machine model. The machine adopts the simple operation, reliable performance of PLC acquisition of main fan for each parameter and alarm control. In order to ensure that the fan monitoring system reliability and real time nature, based on the VC++ and SQL Server...
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Optimization of Long Distance Natural Gas Pipeline Design Proposals Based on Multi-objective AHM Method

Fengjuan Dong, Xuefei Lu
the new method—AHM, and nine parameters which included diameter, delivery pressure, pressure ratio of the first station, pressure ratios of intermediate stations, number of stations, investment costs of pipeline ,investment costs of stations, investment costs of operation ,equivalent cost, have been...
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Vision Algorithms for UAVs Aerial Refueling Using Probe-drogue

Zhendong Xu, Yaming Wang, Yanchun Liu, Chaojiang Wan
A critical limitation for the current use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is represented by the lack of aerial refueling capabilities. This paper describes the results of an effort on the modeling of the refueling soft hose realized by FEM techniques and on the algorithms of the docking control. The...
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The Analysis of the Key Problems about Traffic Accident Speed Identification Based on Braking Traces

Zhiwei Guan, Shaohua Wang, Weiqiang Liang, Mingfeng Zheng, Lin Wu
In order to improve the impartiality and objectivity of judicial expertise, the key problems about traffic accident speed identification are analyzed and the speed of vehicle is calculated by using the braking performance test report with reference to the national standard and automobile theory. The...
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Research on embedded GPS/GPRS intelligent building security technology

Juxing Di, Jianguang Zhao, Yachao Si, Jingjing Fan
This paper studied GPS location information of the collection, processing, GPRS data transmission network, intelligent building security system features. Based on this techniques, we designed an embedded GPS/GPRS intelligent building security system, which is composed of ARM9 microprocessor S3C2410,...
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Study of Distributed Personalized Search Engine

Hong Zhang, Yanhong Ma, Weijun Ma, Zhongxian BAO
Combining distributed computing and data mining techniques, a distributed personalized search engine is put forward to solve the the problems current search engines faced. It has described the theoretical model and algorithmic processing. Under the Hadoop, a distributed platform processing information...
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A Strategy of Constructing Heterogeneous Cost-sensitive Decision Tree

Dingrong Yuan, Xiaomeng Huang, Qiaoling Duan, Huiwen Fu
Usually, the algorithm of constructing cost-sensitive decision tree assume that all types of cost can be converted into a unified units of the same price, apparently how to construct an cost conversion function is an challenge. In this paper, a strategy of constructing heterogeneous cost-sensitive decision...
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Research and Implementation of key RFID technology in poultry products traceability system

Xiang-jie Niu, Hongbin Tian, Yang Qu, Hua Li
As an effective way to control the quality and safety of agricultural products, traceability system is aroused growing world attention. On the purpose of retrospective quality, this paper constructs a poultry production safety management and quality traceability system from IT view. The paper makes a...
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The design and implement of the safety production management & quality trace system for poultry

Xiang-jie Niu, Lang Guo, Yan-e Duan, Hua Li
Traceable system, which is as an effective way to control the quality and safety of agricultural products receives increasingly attention globally. Using the poultry as the research object, the paper builds a safety production management and quality trace system in order to achieve the goal of quality...
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A new study of assembly scheduling effective constraint method in assembly planning

Yu Meng, Shilei Li, Hui Chen, Qiang Wang
This paper establishes an assembly planning model combined with the actual assembly process of the complex equipment and based on the equipment characteristic & interactive features. Adding constraints model for complex assembly steps which ensure the assembly validity by the hierarchical constraint...
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Research on a Sensor Network Communication Optimization Algorithm

Yanjie Shi, Xiang-jie Niu, Lina Yu, Hua Li
The peripheral malfunction will cause the nodes fail to work when there is no central control node in the large scale sensor network. The network can’t guarantee the continuity of the communication and service and the communication efficiency will be low in this situation. In order to fix the issue,...
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Study and Simulation of the Model of Stability Measurement for Integrated Semiconductor Equipment

Fang Xue, Qianjun Tang, Haifei Wang, Yan Zhang, Yongju Li
Performance analysis and capacity prediction of integrated semiconductor equipment is a very difficult task, it is a effective way to solve this problem by setting up a model of equipment performance measurement. This paper details the composition and related operation principle of parallel integrated...
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Mail Filtering Algorithm Based on The Feedback Correction Probability Learning

Xiao Yun Zou, Tao Wan
With the popularity of the Internet, e-mail with its fast and convenient advantages has gradually developed into one of the important communication tools in people's lives. However, the problem of followed spam is increasingly severe, it is not only the dissemination of harmful information, but also...
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Design and application of the network distance teaching system

Bin Peng, Bin Wang, Xueqiong Hong, Yong-cheng Jiang, Jingxin Peng, Jing Li
Computer network generate a spatial and temporal separation in teaching activities, the new feature of the online teaching also make it possible to improve students' learning efficiency by using of the theory of interactive activities and appropriate teaching strategies. This paper mainly discuss the...
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Research computer network remote education teaching model

Baogui Song, Chao Wang, Bin Wang, Zong-li Zhang
This paper reviews the network distance education teaching mode, Using the computer education as an example, the analysis of the computer aided teaching method the results in the application of quantitative and qualitative analysis method. Make a certain university 2005 freshmen do level test, according...
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The research on the visual obstacle-avoidance optimization in robots control

Hongbin Tian, GongXin Yang
In order to increase the movement capability of the robotic visual system in three-dimension space, the paper designs an obstacle-avoidance algorithm based on robotic movement visual by effectively processing the visual information colleted by the robotics. This paper establishes a structural model of...
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Improved Preisach -DOK Modeling on the Henkel Plot of A Longitudinal Barium Ferrite

Jing Zhao, Fang Xue, Ning Han
The Henkel plot and the m plot of a longitudinal barium ferrite hard disk and -Fe2O3 flexible disk were simulated by the improved Preisach-DOK model.The study results show that the barium ferrite exhibit large positive interactions, as shown by large positive in the m plot, and tend to resist demagnetization,...
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A Validity Study on the Electronic Commerce Mode and Informatization Construction in the Perspective of Value Chain

Hua-qing Shao, Bin Wang, Yong-cheng Jiang
Electronic business activities of enterprise are changing the value creation process on every link of enterprise supply chain based on the rapid development of information technology. Constant innovations of electronic business model has had a powerful impact upon the traditional business model, and...
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The Implementation of Anti-attack AES Mathematical Model in Library Network Encryption

Yufen Shen
With the continuous improvement of university library network safety requirements, this paper studies encryption and decryption algorithm analyzing advanced encryption standard AES of the computer, substitution and replacement operation in encryption and decryption process, and key expansion mathematical...
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The Application of Network Anomaly Mining Technology in Campus Network Information Security

Bin Wang, Zhi-chao Zhao, Yong-cheng Jiang
Web Service architecture gradually matures in the related applications of campus network, but campus network anomaly mining technology still needs further development in its confidentiality, integrity, and non-repudiation problems. In SOA, campus network anomaly mining technology still needs to strengthen...
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Status and development trends of Pu'er tea industrial mechanization and automation

Linlin Yang, Xiuying Tang, Jie Shi, Wangyun Ning, Qiong Wang
The general trend of tea technology development is tea industrial whole process automation. Pu'er tea with unique processing technology, its equipment with other tea varieties are very different. This paper summarizes the Pu'er tea industry mechanization and automation status, analysis of the tea industry...
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The FPGA Implementation of Pulse Wave Feature Extraction

Dejun Guan, Lin Li
Pulse wave signal is analyzed in this paper especially the type I smooth pulse is selected to be further discussed. CPU is designed by using FPGA chips. This CPU contains various IP cores’ components, and can carry out multiple calculations and driving peripheral function. This paper implements the extractions...
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Study Minimum Risk Spam Filter Algorithm Based on Cognition-learning

Qingmei Lu, Hongmin Liu
The thesis puts forward anti-spam model and deficiency on spam filter based on minimum risk, and of austerity algorithm and through the introduction of cognition learning. The experiment proves that the forward of the method increased the recognition percentage of the spams, especially solved the problems...