Proceedings of the International Conference of CELSciTech 2019 - Social Sciences and Humanities track (ICCELST-SS 2019)

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Students' Perceptions and Challenges in Improving Speaking Ability in Public and Private University

Wandi Syahfutra, Agung Prasetyo Wibowo, Ardiya, Prih Febtiningsih
Speaking is one of skills that difficult to master by students in Indonesia, little research has been done to investigate students’ perceptions and challenges in improving speaking ability: the analysis study between English Education Department students. Using a qualitative descriptive approach, this...
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Analysis of Communication Effectiveness of Rubber Farmers in Riau Province, Indonesia

R Yulida, Rosnita, Y Andriani, M Ikhwan
Communion is an important part of the development process. Therefore effective communication is needed to achieve development goals. Rubber is the second leading commodity from Riau Province, after oil palm, and most rubber commodities are managed by independent rubber pattern farmers. The success of...
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Circular Economy Framework in Recycling Company: Exploratory study

Dede Iskandar Siregar, Hichmaed Tachta Hinggo S, Hammam Zaki
the Business transformation from traditional (take, make, use, and dispose) to a circular economy model has become a global discussion. This is due to an increase in various parties such as government institutions, scholars and business sectors towards environmentally friendly business practices. Recently,...
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The Influence of Interdependent Culture on Knowledge Management Orientation

Siti Rodiah, Zul Azmi, Intan Diane Binangkit
Knowledge management orientation consisting of existing knowledge (organizational memory), knowledge sharing (knowledge sharing), combining new knowledge with existing knowledge (knowledge absorption), and receiving new knowledge (knowledge receptivity) are important tools and resources for companies...
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The Role of Innovation and E-Commerce in Small Business

Wan Laura Hardilawati, Siti Hanifa Sandri, Intan Diane Binangkit
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia are developing and becoming popular. In this case, efforts are needed to improve the performance of MSMEs to be able to contribute to society and improve the economy. This research aims to see how the role of innovation and e-commerce can help...
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The Function of Social Capital for Improvement of the Gambir (Uncaria gambir Roxb) Market

Wedy Nasrul, Zulmardi, Tri Irfa Indrayani
Social capital is the potential community resources. Social capital can be a useful so effectively in a mutual institutions. Social capital is in some local institutions involved in gambir market. This study to see its function social capital in institutional gambir market. This research using qualitative...
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Evaluation of Primary Care Application Users in the First Class Clinic in Pekanbaru District on Human, Organization and Technology Factors Using the EUCS Method

Tri Purnama Sari, Wen Via Trisna
The success of an organization's information system depends on the implementation of the system, the ease of the system for the users, and the utilization of the technology used. Program evaluation is essential and useful, especially for decision makers. User’s satisfaction of Primary Care application...
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Effects of Transformational Leadership, Development of Human Resources and Behavior of Organizational Citizens on the Staff Performance of Padang Health Polytechnic

Ibnu Anhar, Kasman Rukun, Yahya
This study aims to determine the effect of transformational leadership, human resource development, and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) on the performance of the Padang Health Polytechnic staff. This research used quantitative methods with ex post facto research design. Population of this study...
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Relationship between Management Accounting Innovations and Cost Performance in University

Evi Marlina, Bambang Tjahjadi
This study aims to examine the effect of management accounting innovation variables on cost performance in private universities in the provinces of West Sumatra, Riau, Riau Islands and Jambi in Indonesia. This study uses a quantitative approach in explaining the relationship between variables. Data is...
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Accountability and Performance of the Public Sector Organization

Agustiawan, Abdul Halim
This research aims to find out the influence of accountability and the performance of public sector organizations. Accountability used in this study consists of performance accountability, financial accountability, hierarchical accountability, professional accountability and legal accountability. The...
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Community Based Mount Agung Disaster Communication Model through Pasebaya Community

Adhianty Nurjanah, Aswad Ishak, Sakir
Mount Agung erupted on November 27, 2017 with 43,358 refugees and spread across 229 refugee points. This study aims to determine the disaster communication model conducted by the government in this case the Public Relations of Karangasem Regency Government with the community affected by the Mount Agung...
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Illegitimate Pelakor in TV Soap Opera

Desliana Dwita, Fitria Mayasari, Dian Wardiana Sjuchro
This study is motivated by curiosity about the term 'pelakor' which is developing in Indonesia. Previously, the term affair and another desirable woman are commonly known, but now the term ‘pelakor’ is attached to the women who seize men from their female partners. One of the agents who participate in...
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Environmental Communication Planning in the Development of Mangrove Ecotourism in Bengkalis Indonesia

Damage to mangrove forests and abrasion is a coastal problem in Bengkalis Regency which continues to worsen even more. Preservation of mangroves and community-based ecotourism development can be the best solutions to this problem. This paper aims to explain environmental communication planning in the...
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A Dilemma of City Branding in Bangkalan District of Madura

Farida, Putro Zulaikha, R. Hartopo Eko
City branding is becoming a popular word in Indonesia because the regions are racing to find "branding" for their city. City branding is considered to be a necessity that can support the welfare of the people in it. In Indonesia, there are some regions that are very confident in finding their city branding,...
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Intention to Participate in Presidential Elections in Indonesia: The Effects of Religiosity and Peer Reference

Julina, Lusi Suwandari, Marjam Desma Rahadhini
This study aims to determine the voting intention in the presidential election in Indonesia. The two variables studied are religiosity and group reference. Data were collected using a questionnaire asking about voting intention, religiosity, and group reference. After being tested for validity and reliability,...
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The Role of Government Auditing in Corruption Control and Its Impact on Government Performance and Tax Revenue

Muhammad Ahyaruddin, Zul Azmi
This study aims to examine the role of government audit in controlling corruption and examine their impact on government performance and tax revenue. Specifically, this study examines the effect of audit detection and post-audit rectification on corruption and examines the effect of corruption and government...
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The Effect of Future Expectations on Student Motivation in Pancasila and Citizenship Education Study Program at Higher Education in the City of Padang, West Sumatera

M Nursi
The condition of "deteriorating learning spirit" for most students in the Pancasila and Citizenship Education (PCE) study program in Padang City currently makes us worry about the quality of graduates, moreover they will face challenges in various symptoms of "moral decline" among students like low ethics...
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Developing the Social Science-History Teaching Materials for the Sixth Grade Middle School Students

Musnar Indra Daulay, Azwar Ananda, Syafri Anwar, Siti Fatimah
The textbook is one of the critical issues in history teaching and learning process for the middle school students seeing that it purely consists of sequences of sentences descriptively explaining the chronological events of that history without (taking account of) being accompanied by interesting pictures...
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Factors that Contribute to the Achievement of Vocational Competencies of Vocational School Students in Pekanbaru

Pratama Benny Herlandy, Edi Ismanto, Melly Novalia, Rahmad Al Rian, Noverta Effendi, Defrizal Hamka
This study aims to reveal: (1) the profile of vocational competency of CNE students in SMK N in Pekanbaru City, and (2) contributions of vocational teacher competency, practice learning facilities, student’s discipline on learning, and work-based learning (WBL) towards vocational competency achievement...
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Implementation of Work Based Learning as an Effort to Increase Student Competence in Vocational Midwifery Education

Hastuti Marlina, Yeyen Gumayesty, Raviola, Sherly Vermita Warlenda, Nizwardi Jalinus, Fahmi Rizal
Work Based Learning is a learning model that presents students directly in the workplace to gain direct work experience and improve psychomotor aspects. This study aims to examine the application of work based learning model learning in diploma III midwifery students at STIKes Hang Tuah Pekanbaru. The...
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The Utilization of Mobile Technologies in ELT: Voices from English Course Teachers

Pahmi, Siti Niah, Novfelaningrum Edjuista
The utilization of mobile technologies such as smart phone to support English language teaching (ELT) has attracted many teachers, including those teaching in English Courses. This research aims at exploring practices and voices of English Course teachers in utilizing mobile technologies in their teaching...
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The Utilization of Duolingo to Improve the Speaking and Listening Skills of Junior High School Students in Pekanbaru

Siti Niah, Pahmi
This research aims to find out the effectiveness of using duolingo application to improve students’ speaking and listening skills. The research was carried out at SMP IT Al-Hafit Pekanbaru involving 58 students in the 8th Grade as the research sample. This study uses quantitative research methods with...
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The School Strategy to Produce Graduates Ready to Work at SMK-SMTI Padang

Rahmi Jaerman, Alwen Bentri, Hanif Al Kadri
This research was conducted at the SMK-SMTI Padang using descriptive qualitative methods. The purpose of this study was to determine the efforts made by SMK-SMTI Padang in increasing the absorption of graduates in the occupational world. Considering the achievements achieved by Padang Vocational High...