Proceedings of the International Conference on Advance Transportation, Engineering, and Applied Science (ICATEAS 2022)

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Bambang Bagus Harianto, Rizal Mahmud, Ahmad Anas Arifin, Edwardo Subagyo, Abdul Mu’ti Sazali, Yusfita Chrisnawati
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Numerical Simulation of Effect Modification of Single Slotted Flap on Wing Cessna C208B Grand Caravan for Aerodynamic Performance

Septian Yusuf, Setyo Hariyadi, Nyaris Pambudiyatno
A wing through which fluid flows will form a three-dimensional separation caused by two interacting boundary layers. This separation will result in secondary flow which can be detrimental to airfoil performance. Until now, aircraft often use a slotted type flap that can prevent separation so that it...
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Wideband Microstrip Array Antenna Using Defected Ground and Microstrip Structure for Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar Application

H. Bambang Bagus, Nyaris Pambudiyatno, Yuyun Suprapto, Iga Ayu Mas Oka, Fiqqih Faizah
The wideband microstrip antenna is a development of the purpose of this study is to design a wideband antenna at a frequency of 1030 MHz–1090 MHz which will be applied to the Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar (MSSR) antenna. The study uses a single microstrip antenna using the DGS (Defected Ground...
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Analysis of the Effect of Gothic Vortex Generator Using Computational Fluid Dynamic on Naca 2412

Zidhane Aliffaputra Nuranto, Setyo Hariyadi Suranto Putro, Nyaris Pambudiyatno
A vortex generator is a small component that has shaped as a fin and located on upper the surface of the wing or stabilizer to do modification the airflow around the wing surface that affects the boundary layer. In this research, analysis of the aerodynamic characteristic has been done by using computational...
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Effect of Using Triangular Vortex Generator Straight Arrangement in Air Naca 43018 with Smoke Generator

Fikri Maulana Rahmat, Setyo Hariyadi, Nyaris Pambudiyatno
Airplanes can fly because of the slightly curved wing shape or usually called an airfoil. The occurrence of flow separation on the part of the flow attached to the wing (boundary layer) can cause a stall. Separation of flow occurs when the angle of attack begins to increase. This can be done by adding...
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Experimental Study of Fluid Flow Characteristics in Wing Airfoil Naca 43018 with Parabolic Vortex Generator Using Oil Flow Visualization

D. Zhela Trie, Setyo Hariyadi, I. S. Rifdian
Aircraft is the science of aerodynamics that is associated with fluid flow, which is related to performance in today's aviation. One of them is technological advances in the world of aviation, namely various developments and modifications of airfoils that are carried out to delay flow separation,...
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Experimental Study of the Effect of Using a Gothic Vortex Generator Counter Rotating Arrangement on Wing Airfoil Eppler 562 with a Smoke Generator

Tegar Satria Dharmawan, Setyo Hariyadi, I. S. Rifdian
The development of science and technology affects all sectors of life, one of them is technological progress in the aviation world. The wing is the most important part of an aircraft because the wing produces an elevator When moving against the airflow because of its airfoil shape. The airfoils found...
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Experimental Study of Airflow Characteristics in Airfoil Naca 43018 with the Addition of Gothic Vortex Generator Using Visualization of Smoke Generator

Fikri Nur Wahyu, Setyo Hariyadi, Nyaris Pambudiyatno
In this study, the topic studied was the characteristics of airflow passing through the gothic-type generator vortex by the smoke generator method. The purpose of this study was to visually observe the characteristics of the airflow on the upper surface passing through the NACA 43018 airfoil with varying...
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OFDM Simulation Using GNURadio on Dynamic Channels

Nyaris Pambudiyatno, B. B. Harianto, A. Mauludiyanto
OFDM system can be implemented on GNU Radio, one type of SDR (software-defined radio). SDR is a transmitter and receiver system that uses digital signal processing to code, decode, and modulate data. GNU Radio is used as a transmitter and receiver model for quality measurements for the working of the...
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Design and Performance Analysis of Sideband Microstrip Antennas on the Doppler VHF Omnidirectional Range

Yuyun Suprapto, H. Bambang Bagus, Ade Irfansyah, M. Rifai
The proliferation of the digital world makes it easier for us to design even to create an antenna. Antennas that are developed to be used as research in the last deck are microstrip antennas, microstrip antennas have 3 parts, namely patches, grounds, and substrates, microstrip antennas have various types...
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Characteristics of Embankment Soil as Subgrade in Road Pavement Structure

M. Anggraini, V. T. Haris, A. Saleh
Subgrade strength is a major factor in pavement design, construction, and performance. The subgrade for road pavement construction can be in the form of local soil (in-situ) which is stripped or cleaned after it is compacted, or it can be filled soil compacted according to the maximum density. Efforts...
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Convolutional Neural Network Implementation in Detection of Approach Lights Lighting Condition

Kadek Krisna Bayu Wiratama, Fiqqih Faizah, Hartono, Bambang Wasito
Approach Light is an aircraft visual landing aid in a certain form of lighting to assist pilots when landing an aircraft in the dark or bad weather (below average visibility) in order to land safely. With the important role of the Approach Light in the aircraft landing process, the ON and OFF lighting...
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Building Strong Culpability Decision: The Role of Just Culture

Dwi Lestary, Novyanto Widadi, Pangsa Rizkina Aswia, Direstu Amalia
The purpose of this study was to establish a strong culpability decision and implement Just Culture in organizations. The research methodology was based on a quantitative questionnaire that contained a variety of questions and statements related to the role of Just Culture, with an emphasis on safety...
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Parametric Study of Rectangular Microstrip Array Antenna at 2.2 GH

Agus Dwi Santoso, Ferry B. Cahyono, H. Bambang Bagus, Muh Harliman Saleh
This study aims to analyze antenna characteristics at a frequency of 2.2 GHz, including return loss, VSWR, gain, bandwidth, surface current, and radiation pattern values. Antenna characteristics were designed using simulations made with FR-4 substrates with dielectric constant ...
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Predicting Weather Conditions by the Internet of Things Platform

Wiwid Suryono, Ariyono Setiawan, Anton Budiarto, Yuyun Suprapto, S. Sri Rahayu, Ahmad Musadek
Weather stations are built to collect quantitative data on the weather conditions of a place. Monitoring the weather conditions in the current environment is considered to be very important because the erratic weather changes every day. This study tried to create a weather station that can be accessed...
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Analysis of the Impact of Overloading Goods Transportation on the Design Life of Flexible Pavemnet

Alfian Saleh, Muthia Anggraini, Roki Hardianto
Overloading goods often pass through the Pekanbaru Taluk Kuantan Crossroad, which is a national road, causing damage to the road surface. Based on these problems, this study aimed to determine the damage capacity of vehicles and their impact on decreasing the design life of the road pavement. The data...
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Developing Micro Learning Video and Virtual Lab Tour to Teach Radio Transmitter

Ade Irfansyah, Suparji, Bambang Suprianto, I. G. P. Asto Buditjahjanto, I. G. Ayu Mas Oka
The use of learning videos from the you-tube channel by students to increase learning understanding. Most of the learning videos available on YouTube have a length of more than five minutes. A lot of digital content has the potential to become a distraction or break the focus of learning such as notification...
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Airport Visibility Prediction System to Improve Aviation Safety

Lady Silk Moonlight, Bambang Bagus Harianto, Ahmad Musadek, Meita Maharani Sukma, Teguh Arifianto
Security and safety are the most important things in the world of transportation, especially in aviation or air transportation. Safety and security matters are affected by factors such as visibility, wind direction, wind speed, temperature, dew point and barometric pressure. The most important of these...
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Multiband Antenna Design Using DMS (Defected Microstrip Structures) for Ship Radar

Bambang Bagus Harianto, Dennys Aryo Herba Barani, Ade Irfansyah, Lady Silk Moonlight
Radio Detection and Ranging are used for object detection, distance and altitude measurement, and mapping. RADAR can be used in bad weather conditions and can see objects under the sea and in the air at great distances. Ship radar is one of the technologies in the shipping sector, especially in the marine...
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The Effect of Cylinder Type I-65° Staggered Upstream Convex Blade on the Aerodynamic Performance of the Savonius Turbine

Gunawan Sakti, Triyogi Yuwono, Wawan Aries Widodo
The Savonius turbine has advantages, including a simple design, unfettered incoming wind direction, can spin at low wind speeds, and start rotation without additional equipment. However, this turbine design has low efficiency, so many researchers have tried to improve it. The primary research in this...
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Planning of Rigid Pavement on Surface Level Heliport at Rahadi Oesman Airport Ketapang – West Kalimantan

Miguel Dos Santos, Wiwid Suryono
As long as Rahadi Oesman Airport is operating, but until now it does not yet have Surface Level Heliport facilities for take-off landing helicopters, so helicopters often take-off landing in the Apron section. With the condition of the Apron pavement being inadequate to carry the helicopter, there was...
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Numeric Simulation of Triangular Vortex Generator Straight on Swept-Back Wing Airfoil NACA 23018

Wahyu Putra, Setyo Hariyadi, Nyaris Pambudiyatno
Airfoil is a geometric shape that when placed in a fluid flow will produce a lift greater than the drag force (drag). With the slightly curved side of the airfoil, there is a point of separation in the airflow passing through the airfoil. In this research, aerodynamic testing is carried out, using numerical...
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Numerical Simulation of Rectangular Vortex Generator in Sweptback Wing Airfoil NACA 0012 with Counter-Rotating Position

Verdhiana Sembodo Putra, Setyo Hariyadi Suranto Putro, Nyaris Pambudiyatno
Airplanes can fly because of the slightly curved shape of the plane’s wings called the airfoil. Airfoil is still used by aircraft today but continues to be designed to get maximum results. The research method used is a simulation analysis method on the NACA 0012 test object with ANSYS-CFD software which...