Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Architectural, Civil and Hydraulics Engineering

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Comparison of the Influence of Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid and Sodium Gluconate on the Performance of Concrete

Xingdong Lv, Beixing Li, Yan Shi, Huaquan Yang
Comparison of the influence of amino trimethylene phosphonic acid (ATMP) and sodium gluconate (SG) on the performance of concrete are investigated in this paper. The comparison of the effects of ATMP and SG on concrete setting time at 20°C or 35°C, concrete slump loss, concrete compressive strength and...
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The Structure Design and Detailing of a Reconstructional High-Rise Building

Yuhong Ling, BiaoYi Lin, Yu Ke, QingJun Chen
The practice of structure design and detailing of a reconstructional high-rise building is introduced. To fully utilize the old structure and meet the requirement of the reconstructed structure, measures have been put forward. The enlarging of concrete pile cap and adding strip foundation-beam were used...
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Experimental Study on Crack Width of Reinforced HSC-on-SFRFLC Superposed Beams

Changyong Li, Zhaofei Chen, Xinxin Ding, Shunbo Zhao
To take full advantages of high-strength concrete (HSC) and steel fiber reinforced full-lightweight concrete (SFRFLC), a new type of composite beams was suggested, which was cast by HSC superposed on SFRFLC in certain relative depths. Based on the tests of 13 reinforced HSC (in strength grades of C60...
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Analysis on Local Compression Bearing Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Corbels Constrained by Prestress

Xinsheng Yin, Yang Liu, Jing Wang
By using the finite element software ABAQUS to establish the model of industrial workshop corbel, to explore the stress state under local load, and then increase the capacity of corbel by the form of prestressing in corbels’ end. According to the stress distribution of the calculation, analysis of corbel’s...
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The Influence of Entrained Air Amount of High-Performance Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer on the Performance of Concrete

Xigang Sun, Guisheng Cai, Liangqing Ma, Tongwei Lu
Air content in the concrete has an important effect on the performance. The relation of high-performance polycarboxylate superplasticizer with the air content of different grade concrete and the influence of air content in the concrete on the performance were studied. The relation of air content with...
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Intermittent Colored Non-Slip Surface Material and Structural Integrated Design and Experimental Research

Yongqiang Zhong
Colored non-slip surface coating has an important role in the prevention of traffic accidents and obtains more and more attention and application. This paper based on chemical reaction principle of polymethyl methacrylate with a curing agent to produce a fast secondary crosslinking reaction coating mix....
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Study on the Methods of Ultrasonic Testing for the Cracks in Concrete

Dong Xiang, Lixia Zhou, Ye qing Ma
The cracks existing in the concrete components have a strong impact on the safety of their structures. Ultrasonic testing is an effective non-destructive testing method for fast excluding surface and internal defects of concrete in construction engineering. The concrete specimens were tested by the calculation...
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Optimal Design of Space Grid Structure

Zi ying Li, Hong Gan
Explained the mathematics process of optimum design of structures in principle .Introduce the concept and course of ANSYS optimum design. Discuss how to use the optimum function of ANSYS and the watchful proceeding. The algorithm theory of first order method in ANSYS optimization method is analyzed,...
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Experimental Study on Seismic Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Buildings using Combination of Column-Jacketing and Supplemental Beams

Chao-Hsun Huang, Minlang Lin, Wei Hong Chen
To ensure the seismic safety of existing buildings, the Taiwanese government has been pushing seismic retrofit of old buildings in recent years. In these projects, one of the most frequently used techniques is column-jacketing, which is accomplished by encasing existing columns with a thick cover of...
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The Mass Assessment Model of Real Estate Based on GIS and VIKOR Method

Xiuli Wang, Liu Yang, Hengkai Li, Jun Lei
The need for estate mass appraisal imposed by the information-based for the current property tax, estate mass appraisal model what is composed GIS and VIKOR method was proposed. Firstly, house price effect factors were quantified by using GIS spatial analysis methods, secondly, combined with quantitative...
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Seepage Cut-off Wall Detection of Reservoir Based on Groundvue Series of Ground Penetrating Radar

Baoyuan Yuan, Yongjun Li, Yun Bai
In order to find out the serious and long plagued leakage problems related to the seepage cut-off wall of Nanmenxia Reservoir, used the introduced British Groundvue series of Ground Penetrating Radar equipment, field test and verify work were implied, leakage location and path were determined. The results...
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Grey Connection Analysis between Cement Particle Size Distribution and Compressive Strength

Zhenping Sun, Yi Liu, Liangliang Shui, Xiaobo Tang, Yaowu Dong, Dangyi Li
This paper studied the effect of triethanolamine(TEA), glycerin(PG) and lignosulphonate(CLS), used as grinding aids respectively, on cement particle size distribution and mortar strength. Grey connection analysis was made between cement particle size distribution and compressive strength. Results showed...
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Selection of a Construction Contractor for Public Contracts in the Czech Republic according to Safe Tender Price

Kuda Frantisek, Eva Wernerová, Endel Stanislav
The paper deals with life-cycle cost analysis in relation to public contracts. Public contracts in the Czech Republic are a very sensitive and frequently discussed area where the safe price, which would not include other investment in both implementation and usage phases of the facility, is discussed...
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New Measurements for the Resistivity of Curing Period Concrete

Changguo Lu, Bingquan Sun, Jingbo Wang, Jiajia Sun, Bin XIE
Resistivity measuring can be used as a nondestructive testing technique for concrete. Against the influences of residual potential caused by piezoelectric effect and polarization effect on resistivity measurements, presented a fast, accurate measurement for concrete specimen resistivity, which is, fix...
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Research on the Problem of Carbon-Fiber Material in The Process of Strengthening the Small and Medium-Sized Concrete Bridges 25

Teng fei He, Yongfeng Xu, Wen juan Zhao, Ying jie Zhu
Using the carbon fiber material reinforced concrete structure technology is a kind of advanced technology which is widely used at present, But this kind of convenient and quick reinforcement technology is used in the large concrete structures more and more,On the contrary ,In the small and medium-sized...
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Comparison of Displacement Ventilation, Mixing Ventilation and Underfloor Air Distribution System

Shouhong Ren, Shuo Tian, Xiangyi Meng
At present, the scientific community attaches importance to the problem of indoor air quality and building energy conservation seriously, the people’s requirement of indoor living environment is also improving constantly, improving the problem of air conditioning energy consumption of building energy...
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The Mechanical Performance Analysis of DZ101 TBM Main Beam

Yimin Xia, Mei Yang, Yongliang Cheng, Qiang Huang
Taking the DZ101 TBM(Tunnel Boring Machine) main beam as research object, with CAD/CAE used, a three-dimensional mechanical analysis model of the main beam was established. And then the static mechanical performance of the main beam was studied. The results show that: the maximum stress of main beam...
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Effect of Modifying Agent (ACR) on Cell Structure and Mechanical Properties of Extrusion-Foamed PVC Sheet

Mingyi Wang, Nanqiao Zhou, Jun Hu
Rigid polyvinyl chloride (R-PVC) foam sheets were prepared in a continuous extrusion foaming system by using supercritical CO2 as the foaming agent. The effects of acrylic resin (ACR) on the rheological properties of PVC were investigated using a Brabender torque rheometer while other basic formula remained...
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Comparison of SBR Process and DAT-IAT Process and Advantages and Drawbacks of Both Processes

Zixuan Liu
SBR process is similarwith DAT-IAT process on operating procedures, the biggest difference is whether the process is able to accept the continuous influent or not, the advantages of SBR process is that the operation and equipment is simple and quality of effluent is good. In terms of DAT-IAT process,...
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A Study on the Re-Establishment Method on Building Use Classifications

Eun-Kyoung Hwang
The current building escape regulation is specification standard mostly according to the purpose and size of the building. Therefore, for the operation of the regulation, the classifications of building use must be clear and consistent, but the classifications of the architectural field and the fire-fighting...
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Preparation and Application of Composite Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Self-Insulation Block

Jiansuo Ma, Miaomiao Zhou, Huanqin Cai, Runshan Bai
The composite lightweight aggregate concrete self-insulation block is prepared by pumice, polystyrene particles and other materials. The self-insulation block has dumbbell-shaped hole filled with polystyrene foam. Its preparation and molding process are studied in the test. The self-insulation blocks...
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A Study on User Satisfaction of Vertically Extended Buildings

Chang-Jae Lee, Seok-Ho Lim
The present study aimed to serve as fundamental data for improving user convenience at the initial consulting stage of future extension and remodeling of buildings. In order to analyze the users' degree of satisfaction on existing extended buildings, we analyzed the evaluation characteristics in each...
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Mock-up Process Analysis for Development of Prefabricated Korean Style House (Han-ok)

Chang-Jae Lee, Seok-Ho Lim
This study has been carried out to prepare basic data for modular Korean style house (Han-ok) which is to be continuously developed in the future. In doing so, errors and problems of designing, manufacturing and transportation in mock-up process of prefabricated Korean style house have been analyzed...
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Detection Method of Meso-Scale Micro-Damage Based on Image Processing Technique

Xiaohui Ni
Basded on 2D and 3D geometry theories in stereology, there was the method of acquisition of three-dimensional geometric information parameters. On this basis of this method, with meso scale of microcracks for the marble, there was the result that the meso-scale marble microcracks spacing varying parameters...
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The Design of Instant Concreting Hollow Girderless Floor

Hui Lv, Xin fu Chen
looking for energy saving, high efficiency, high ratio of performance to price of building materials as hollow no beam floor mould box has been structure designers attention hot spot. In recent years, the study of the pre embedding of the corresponding inner membrane, the domestic and foreign scholars...
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Experimental Research on Dynamic Compation Parameters of Deep Gravel Filling Foundation

Kaining Yu, Hao Fu, Min Zhao, Jian Li
In order to study the reinforcement process and effect of different energy levels of dynamic compation,three energy levels of dynamic compation experiments with 3000,6000,10000 KN•m are proceed on deep gravel filling foundation.Get datas of ramming settlement , pore water pressure,vibrating velocity...
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Pseudo Dynamic Test of Spring Vibration Isolation Foundation of Steam-Turbine Generator Considering Gravity Effect

Xuya Wang, Tiejun Qu
A 1:8 foundation model was designed and fabricated based on a spring vibration isolation steam-turbine generator foundation. The gravity was simulated through the hydraulic servo loading system, and the pseudo dynamic tests were carried out under the action of two different 7th intensity medium earthquakes...
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Seismic Evaluation of Masonry Buildings Strengthened with Reinforced Concrete Beams and Columns

Dong An, Tiejun Qu
The pseudo-dynamic seismic tests and lateral cyclic load tests for tie-columns and ring-beams confined masonry structure according to the seismic requirements and masonry structure strengthened with reinforced concrete beams and columns have been carried out. Cracks propagation pattern, hysteretic curves,...
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An Experiment on the Seismic Behavior of Reinforced Masonry Buildings with Transverse Bearing Wall

Hailong Dong, Tiejun Qu
A 1:2 reduced scale ordinary masonry structure model with no seismic fortification measures was designed in this paper. After 6 degree rare earthquake, this model has been reinforced by additional concrete beams. Comparedwithresilience, displacement, acceleration and other characteristic in the case...
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The Influence of Common Closed Longitudinal Rib Sections on Stress Distribution of Orthotropic Decks

Pu Ke, Mengmeng Guo, Lixin Xia
U shaped, V shaped, and trapezoidal sections are widely used as closed rib sections in orthotropic steel bridge decks. This paper calculated three full-scale models of section based on the finite element method, and analyzed the magnitude and distribution of extreme stress of the constituent members...
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Analysis on Local Compression Bearing Capacity of Deep Reinforced Concrete Corbels Constrained by Prestress

Xinsheng Yin, Yang Liu, Jingwei Cai
Through the calculation and analysis on the stress state of deep corbel under local compression, reinforce deep corbel by external prestressing form. According to the calculation results, find the difference between the stress distribution constrained by prestress and that of normal working state, analysis...
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The Experimental Analysis of Polymer and Fiber Composite Modified Cement Concrete Experimental Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

Hongjun Guo, Houji Zhang, Xiongyi Liang, Junhong Yang, Tianxiang Lu, Jian Ren
The effect of cement dosage, polymer and fiber content on the mechanical properties and flexural toughness indices of the polymer and fiber composite modified cement concrete has been studied using an orthogonal experiment analysis method. And then the impact of these three factors on the 28d flexural-tensile...
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Constitutive Relation Research of Q235 Steel Based on Support Vector Machine

Gening Xu, Ying Liu, Ning Xu
Aiming at the problem of high cost of mechanics performance testing and uncontrollable of the experimental accuracy, a new modeling method which called "mapping model" based on Support Vector Machine (SVM) is proposed. The SVM regression nonlinear prediction model was established based on the small sample...
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The Overview of Study on Fatigue Damage Mechanism of Concrete

Lintao Yang, Xiaoyan Lan, Feng Guo
Concrete materials' damage and destruction under cyclic loading are known as concrete fatigue. Based on the domestic and foreign literature, this paper analyzes and explores the progress and development trend of the fatigue mechanism of concrete on the aspects of experimental study of concrete fatigue,...
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Study on Several Kinds of Polymer Emulsion Modified Cement Mortar Performance

Zheng Li, Hua Ou, Xiao Chen, Jiqing Shi, Lingli Peng, Hewen Chen
Cement mortar is typical of a brittle material, with high compressive strength, low tensile strength, flexural strength, and bonding strength. This paper introduces that several polymer emulsions modified cement mortar. By researching the water-reducing, impermeability and mechanical properties of cement...
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Studying on the Polymer-Modified Concrete of Pavement Performance

Yiqin Shen, Xiao Chen, Hongjun Guo, Yuanhui Xiang, Qinghai Liu
On account of cement concrete has many disadvantages,including pavement poor toughness, high brittleness, easy cracking and other fatal flaws, the concrete reinforced by polymer-modified fiber is recommended as a new building material. This paper focuses on studying the polymer-modified concrete of pavement...
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Back Analysis of Self-Compacting Concrete Rheological Parameters Based on H-B Model

Shuai Zeng, Jianjun Shi, Wenqiang Guo
The rheological parameters of Fresh SCC were examined through the theory of rheology, the rheological model of Fresh SCC was assumed to be H-B rheological model, the flowing time of Fresh SCC in the simulated L-box through Fluent, later compared with the flowing time of Fresh SCC in the actual L-box,...
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A Review: Research Status of Plant Growing Concrete

Zhiqin Zhao, Zongqinag Zhang, Xiaojun Zhao, Yiqing Ren, Peng Ren
Plant Growing concrete (PGC) plays an active role in ecological balance and environmental protection. It had be used in bank slope protection, parking lot, etc. By synthesize research data domestic and overseas, the article reviewed definition , structure, mix proportion, alkali environment renovation,...
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Fly Ash on the Waste Cathode Ray Tube Glass Mortar Alkali Aggregate Reaction Inhibition Studies

Xue Song, Jianjun Shi, Zhaoyu Chen
With finely ground waste cathode ray tube glass sand, respectively replace 20%, 40%, 60% the proportion of ordinary sand in mortar, fly ash as mineral admixture in 0%, 10%, 20%, 30% the proportion of replacing cement.A total of 12 sets of mortar specimens were prepared.Use Accelerated Mortar Bar Test...
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Dynamic Compressive Behavior of Ice Material

Chuanxiong Liu
In order to invesigate the dynamic behavior of ice in compressive loading, tests on ice specimens at -100C~-250C were conducted by using the SHPB apparatus in the strain rate range from 500/s to 2000/s. Strain-rate effects and the influence of freezing preserve time were studied. Experimental results...
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RC Beam Pure Bending Plastic Hinge Parameter Calculation Considering Size Effect and Experimental Research

Hongyu Zhou, Chunxiao Zhao, Yaran Zhang, Congkun Yang
In order to study the influence of different loadsand cross section size on RC beam plastic hinge, a total of 13 reinforced concrete beamswith 5 section sizeswere tested under monotonic loading, and the calculation of pure bending plastic hinge parameters considering size effect isstudied based on experimental...
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Experimental Study on Failure Mechanism of Flexural Reinforced Concrete Beams in Fatigue Load

Haiqian Wang, Hongyu Zhou, Yibo Chen, Junchang Ci
Fatigue load applied to a group of test beams at identical stress level and identical frequency but different cycles. Research on fatigue performance of the group specimens such as steel strain and deflection curve along with the change of fatigue load cycles. Reveal the fatigue failure mechanism of...
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Effects of New Type Lime and Calcium Sulphoaluminate Expansive Agent on Deformation Properties of High Performance Concrete

Anqun Lu, Wen Xu, Yujiang Wang
According to the characteristics and structure of high performance concrete, influence laws of new type lime and calcium sulphoaluminate expansive agent on mechanical properties, deformation properties and microstructures of C50 concrete were investigated. The results show that with the increase of doped...
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Simulation Experimental Study on Flow and Block of the Mixed Flow of Water and Sand through the Broken Zone of Rocks

Delong Liu, Chen Chen, Wanghua Sui
A set of interior simulation experiments for quicksand were designed , which were carried out to study the law of flow and block for sand with different particle sizes and different water content from loose level which flow through the broken rocks above coal seam. The relation was obtained , which was...
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Spatial-Temporary Analysis of Climate Changing on Five Headwater Rivers in the Tibetan Plateauthrough the Output of GCMS

Xi Chen, Zhenchun Hao, Qin Ju, Minglong Dai, Changjiang Xu
The assessment of climate change due to global warming is a worldwide public concern. The impact of climate change on water resources is worth exploring for understanding the interaction between the climate and water resources and for decision-making in water resources management. In this study, a new...
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Stability Evolution of a Large Rock Block Revealed in the Excavation Process of the Left Slope of Jinping-I Hydropower Station Based on the Proposed Sarma's Method

Tao Chen, Guanhua Sun, Hong Zheng
There is a latent large block near the dam abutment of Jinping-I hydropower station, the stability of which is very important in the excavation process. As we know, Sarma's method is able to evaluate the stability of rock slopes with complex structural planes, because it takes into account the mobilization...
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The Hydrology and Water Resources of the Proglacial Zone of a Monsoonal Temperate Glacier

Yuchuan Meng, Guodong Liu
The ongoing retreat of temperate glaciers is expected to have substantial impacts on the water resources in mountainous environments. Located on the eastern slope of Mount Gongga, China, Hailuogou Catchment is an ideal location to investigate the complex hydrological systems of the proglacial zone. Physical...
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Analysis and Detection of Seepage Path of Nanmenxia Reservoir Using Ground Penetrating Radar

Baoyuan Yuan, Changliang Geng, Yun Bai
Nanmenxia Reservoir has a significant benefit. Due to the complex geological conditions, the reservoir leakage was serious. The effect of previous anti-seepage treatment was not obvious. Finding out the leakage location and path of anti-seepage treatment was very important. Through the introduction of...
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Research on the Influence of Stability of Tailings Dam under Muddy Water Infiltration

Zhifei Song, Jianqiang Wang, Jianyi Zhang, Faliang Zhao
The penetration of the tail slurry suspended particles leads to the phenomenon of clogging, a higher seepage line and impact on stability of tailings dam. First of all, study influencing factors of muddy water infiltrationan,then an indoor simulation experiment is conductedaccording to the former study,...
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Experiment Study on the Flocculent Deposition of Dredged Sediment in Tongji Bridge Reservoir

Yannan Shi, Chaojie Zhang, Taoxiao Chen, Jiongqi Yu
This test explored suitable flocculating settling technological parameter for dredged sediment in Tongji Bridge Reservoir. It referred to sewage treatment plant’s sludge treatment methods, and used PAM, PAC, FeCl3, MgCl2, Na2CO3, Ca(OH)2 and KMnO4 as flocculants to improve water quality. Through single...
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Hydro-Geological Analysis of an Industrial Plant in East Africa

Minfeng Li, Shengxin Shao, Zhenyun Zhou, Bin Zhu, Yong Tao, Yao Zhu, Hao Jiang
The geophysical prospecting, hydro-geological survey and a geological drilled borehole with the depth of 200 meters are used to ascertain the aquifer structure, hydro-geological conditions and preliminary hydro-geological parameters in an industrial plant project of East Africa. The magneto-telluric...
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Study on Bubble Velocity under Bubble Flow Scenario in the Horizontal Water Transmission Pipeline

Yan Zhu, Chenguang Wu, Yixing Yuan
In order to put forward some feasible suggestions for the air emission in water transmission pipeline, this article mainly studies the bubble velocity under bubble flow scenario in the horizontal water transmission pipe. It was assumed that the bubble in the horizontal pipe could be regarded as a rigid...
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Effort of Variations of Reservoir Water Level on Landslide Stability

Wentao Shang, Shuai Du
Water level fluctuation will soften the rock and soil on the bank, induce the underground water fluctuated and decrease the shear strength, which will have the possibility to cause the stable slope to occur landslide. In this paper, the effort of variations of reservoir water level on landslide stability...
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Stability Analysis of Tailings Dam under Muddy Water Infiltration

Zhi fei Song, Faliang Zhao, Qin huan Cui, Jian qiang Wang
Tailings dam is an important control project of mine safety, once the instability, the greater harm. Tailings dam seepage damage is the main reason about tailings dam safety accident and tailings dam seepage problem belongs to the muddy water seepage. By considering the main hydraulic factors of the...
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Research on the Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Typical Encountering Flood in the Lower Han River, China

Yazi Zheng, Junhong Zhang, Mingkun Sun, Futian Pang
Han River is the largest tributary of the Yangtze River, the hydrodynamics characteristics in the lower Han River is under the influence of upstream flow and sediment discharge and the backwater level of Yangtze River. Based on the one-dimensional hydrodynamic mathematical model, the hydrodynamic characteristics...
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Numerical Investigation on Heat Transfer Characteristics of Single Jet Impingement Cooling

Zifeng Hong, Jing Zhao, Yanjun Li, Longbin Yang, Weibing Zhu
Numerical computation with Transition k-kl- model is conducted to investigate the heat transfer characteristics for the single jet impingement cooling. The effects of the jet Reynolds number and the impingement spacing (jet-to-surface spacing, Zn/D) on heat transfer characteristic are researched. Results...
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The Stability Analysis and Optimization Design of the West Side Final Slope of Bu-Zhao-Ba

Shiguo Sun, Zizhen Miao, Yujuan Zhang
Aiming at the problem of the west side final slope stability of Bu-Zhao-Ba, at first, based on the critical sliding field technology, the most dangerous landslide slip surface is searched and identified, and then, the final slope stability of the 342 section is analyzed though various limit equilibrium...
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Prediction of Slope Deformation Time Series Based on Quasi-Newton

Shiguo Sun, Zhenhua Su, Yinghai Zhang, Bo Tian, Pei Guo
In mining production, the slope’s stability is one of the decisive factors of safe production of mine. Security issues and economic losses caused by slope’s instability were immeasurable. Predict the slope’s deformation according to the monitoring data of slope’s displacement is an effective and feasible...
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Simulation and Experimental Study on the Self-Excited Oscillation Jet Device

Yong Chen, Chen Chen
Nearly 40 years, high pressure water jet technology has developed rapidly and increasingly[1,2], and it also added new methods to foundation engineering and geotechnical engineering for our country[3,4,5], such as High pressure jet grouting[6] and coal or ore mining[7,8], so choose what kind of jet can...
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Experiment and Study on Effect of Sludge External Reflux Ratio on the Dosage of Micro Vortex Clarifier

Feng ping Hu, Bixia Huang, Dan Ji
In order to solve some problemsabout selectingblindly and randomly design and operational parameters ofmicro vortex clarifier .By studying the raw water from Kongmu-Lake, this experimentchooses PAC as thebest coagulant,and its best dosage is25 mg/L. Meanwhile the influence of micro vortex clarifierdosagein...
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Economy Efficiency Assessment in Full Life Cycle of Green Roof Project

Li ping Liu, Congcong Huo, Mao rong Zhang
Universally accepted benefits of green roofs were classed to ecological environment benefits (EEB), social benefits (SB) and private economic benefits (PEB). Life-cycle assessment, contrast valuation, game-theory and economics cost-benefit with quality analysis and quantity analysis were used to evaluate...
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The Application of FAR Transfer on Reconstruction of Urban Village

Jian Dai, Fei Lv, Pingju Sun
One of the most difficult thing in urban village reconstruction is to balance the interests among relevant parties, which often causes the phenomenon that the higher FAR in urban village reconstruction than it was before. Based on the FAR transfer and property rights exchange, the technology of FAR Transfer,...
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Research on Species Ecological Adaptability of Shrub Vegetation of Highway Slope

Guibin Ji, Liang Li, Ying Zhai, Xilin Li
In order to optimize and select the plants which are suitable for highway slope, this paper chose the vegetation on Guanghe Highway as the research object to carry out the study on how to select plants for highway slope. Based on the experiment of cultivating eight different kinds of subshrub plants...
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Baoding Historical District Cityscape Planning

Guo Zhou, Hongwei Li
By integrating historical accumulation and outstanding natural landscape, cityscape planning could create impressive and easy-sensory city image. By means of natural situation, historical and cultural resources, Hebei Baoding historical district cityscape planning makes plan for landscape theme, landscape...
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The Influence of Brownfields on Urban Economy of a Settlement

Endel Stanislav, Eva Wernerová, Kuda Frantisek
Brownfield structures often occupy extensive areas in urban areas of our cities. Owing to this fact, the compactness of built-up area of settlements and their overall urban economy is strongly impaired, which affects adversely primarily the expenses on operation of cities. This paper makes efforts to...
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The Trend of “wan gu yi ren” Road in the Process of Making Protection Plan of Tieweng Castle Relics

Xinrui Zhao, Guoqing Li
Tieweng Castle is found to be the earlist and well-preserved building with brick wall from three kingdoms periods until now. Therefore, Tieweng Castle is of great archaeological, academic, cultural and social values. With the rapid development of zhenjiang city, the activity of the urban construction...
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A Study on Establishment of the Directions of Granting Incentives by Long-Life Housing-Related Persons

Eunyoung Kim, Eun-kyoung Hwang, Sujin Woo
Long-life housing is a type of housing available for about 100 years through replacement of its infills with its supports maintained for a long time. Yet long-life housing is not spread smoothly because of the lack of policies and publicity. In particular, considering the perception that initial construction...
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Research on the Transformation Strategies of Thenatural Lighting in the Traditional Silt Houses in Yunnan Province

Zhiyong Zhou, Chi Zhu, Zhuowei Duan
In this paper, the traditional silt house of Wa ethnicity in Yunnan province would be researched as an example based on field measurement and Ecotect software simulation, and the characteristics and existing problems of natural lighting in silt houses were studied. The transformation strategies of the...
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A Study on Establishment of Improvement Measures to Activate Korean Long-Life Housing Certification System

Sujin Woo, Eun-Kyoung Hwang, Eun-Young Kim
Long-life housing is a type of housing that can accommodate the function and performance to meet the needs of society and residents by changing and replacing infill parts such as exterior parts, interior parts and facilities that have a short life and are sensitive to social and functional changes while...
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A Study on Systematic Direction of the Building Regulatory Information of Korea

Eun Kyoung Hwang, Youngchan You
The current regulations related to building are scattered in more than 370 individual laws. Since the amendment of existing regulations and the legislation of new regulation have been going on, it is difficult to grasp the relevant regulations. Accordingly, in order to avoid duplication and to make systemizing...
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A Study on the Planning Characteristics of the Infill System with Consideration of the Variability of Longlife Housing

Woo Chul Wang, Seok-Ho Lim
In South Korea, apartment house has accounted for 59% of the total housing units in 2010, and the increasing number of one and two family members has led to a change in the area of the apartment house. Since the longlife housing plan aims to create housing that facilitates variability and repair through...
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Seismic Experiments on Spring Vibration Isolation Foundation of Turbine Generator under Frequent Earthquake, Fortification Earthquake and Rarely Met Earthquake

Yanzhi Liu, Tiejun Qu
In this paper, the model tests of 7 degree frequent earthquake, 7 degree fortification earthquake and 7 degree rarely met earthquake are carried out by using the seismic ground motion parameters of a design reference period of 60 years. Displacement of platen and columns, restoring force of foundation...
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A Promotion of VRV System Control in Office Building

Qingping Li, Hongwei Wang, Guojian Wang, Song Pan, Xiaojun Zhang, Congcong Xu, Shaolin Zhang
VRV system is a more effective and energy-saving central air-conditioning system in office buildings due to its variable load modes and flexibility in adjusting refrigerant, compared with all-air air-conditioning system and air-water air-conditioning system. Nevertheless, VRV system is less applied to...
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Stability Analysis of Tailing Dam Based on Geo-Studio

Zhifei Song, Teng Ma, Zeyin Zhao
Based on the seepage conceptual model of present elevation and ultimate elevation, in the conditions of common water level and flood level, SEEP/W, the seepage analysis module of GEO-Studio was utilized to simulate the changing regularity of seepage field, and then the results will be substituted into...
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The Research on Influence Results of Tailings Dam Break Based on 3D Points Cloud Data

Shuai Zhou, Fuqiang Shi, Guo chao Ma, Xiao hua Huang
Some residential areas and factories are located downstream the tailings pond. Once the tailings dam collapsed, the consequence will be very serious, so perfect prevention and emergency preparedness work is critical. And the prediction of tailings dam collapse affecting consequence is an important basis...
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Research on 3D Model of Coal-Bed Geologic Body

Yongyu Feng, Xi Mao
The characteristics of the coal bed geological body and the commonly used 3D data model, the data model and the data model of the coal seam are studied. Based on this, a 3D data model is proposed, which is based on multi-layer TIN. The corresponding data structure is designed, and the algorithm of multi-layer...
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Study on Characteristics of Pedestrian Crossing the Street in Shijingshan

Weiwei Guo, Xin Ma, Yinghong Li, Jiyuan Tan, Yan Zhang
The problem of pedestrian across the street during the red light is always a focus of China's urban traffic management and difficult. This phenomenon has been improved after years of renovation in some developed cities such as Beijing. However, in some middle-sized and small cities, the problem of pedestrian...
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The Slope Stability Evaluation of Open-Pit Mine Based on GIS

Shiguo Sun, Zizhen Miao, Yanfei Dong, Yanyan He
The various influence factors of the slope stability is analyzed on the slope stability problems. Based on the basic principle and method of fuzzy mathematics and GIS, the slope stability analysis of fuzzy and comprehensive evaluation model is established and the grading index of the slope stability...
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Comparison of Moving Average-Based, S Growth-Based, and AUF Rainfall-Induced Soil Erosion Area Models

Lin Chen, Nannan Ma, Yulong Chen
This paper gives the comparison of the moving average, S growth and adaptive updating forecasting(AUF) models based on the rainfall-induced soil erosion area experiment. The results show that (1) the average relative error of the moving average method is 5.7%–12.1%, while S growth model has an error...
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Research on Safety of Fine Tailings Dam under the Influence of Saturation Line Distribution Characteristics

Shiguo Sun, Pei Guo, Yinghai Zhang, Zhenhua Su
The safety operration of tailing spond always plays a significant role in the whole mining production. With the tailings particle size is becoming smaller and smaller and the fill dam is higher and higher, the stability of tailings dam is becoming worse and worse, so the stability of fine-grained tailings...
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Analysis of Neural Network Models in Prediction of Ground Surface Settlement around Deep Foundation Pit

Fuzhang Zhao, Chen Chen, Fang Qian
During the foundation pit excavation,the prediction of ground surface settlement around deep foundation pit is directly related to the safety of the foundation pit excavation, surrounding buildings and pipelines, but the ground surface settlement of foundation pit has the characteristics of nonlinear...
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Pass-Resistance Coupling Road Structure Research in Permafrost Region

Yongqiang Zhong
In order to reduce the permafrost thaw disease of asphalt pavement caused by heat absorbing and conduction in permafrost regions, pass-resistance coupling structure is designed and its working principle is introduced. On the basis, heat resistance effect of pass-resistance coupling structure is analyzed...
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Research on the Application of Straw in Rural Buildings

Qunyi Huang, Du Lei, Ji Wang, Yiwei Yang, Ning Bao
This paper concludes on the application of straw in rural buildings and analyses problems existed in the application .Based on this, some new ways for straw application in rural buildings are explored in order to decrease the pollution from directly burning of straw in countryside and increase the reuse...
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Research on Dynamic Responses of Long-Span Suspension Bridge with CFRP Cables

Lei Yang, Fei Shao, Kebin Jiang, Xingming Zhang
In order to study the dynamic responses of long-span suspension bridge with CFRP cables, a suspension bridge with CFRP cables which span of 896m is designed. The dynamic responses of suspension bridge with steel cables and CFRP cables are analyzed by ANSYS software, the effects of structural design parameters...
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Analysis of Dynamic Response of Seismic Load in Medium Pressure Vertical Pipeline

Xinyu Hu, Hehui Wang, Ye Huang, Ge Cui, Peng Zeng
Based on ANSYS finite element analysis software, the finite element numerical analysis model of the medium pressure vertical pipe was established. The seismic response of pipeline was analyzed by using the structural transient dynamic analysis, which provides a theoretical basis for the seismic design...
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Study on Amplification Coefficient of Strength Reduction Factor for MDOF Bridge Pier Considering Fixed-Based Effect

Xinle Li, Guoshuai Zhang
An analytical method of SRF considering MDOF effect of bridge structure was put forward. The definition and calculation method of amplification coefficient were proposed. Calculation programs were compiled to analyze various equivalent pier MDOF model of bridge through the combination of finite element...
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Research on Safety Assessment Method for Bridge Structure Based on Variable Weight Synthesis Method

Yongfeng Xu, Hailong Wang, Liqun Zhang
Variable weight synthesis method is a safety assessment method which is using the varied weight principle, base on analytic Hierarchy Process and combining the theory of Grey relevancy, it reduce influence that secondary cause is not obvious in assessment process, and make the result more correct and...
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Detection of Seepage Path of Dam Foundation Based on Groundvue Radar

Jianhong Lu, Yun Bai, Qi Wang
Location of Nanmenxia Reservoir is very important, and the reservoir has a significant benefit. But the leakage of dam foundation was serious; there was an urgent need to find out leakage location and path. The effect of previous treatment was not obvious, and it is very important to find out the situation...
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The Evaluation of Emergency Response Capability for Metro Construction Based on CUOWA Operator

Jinxian Zhao, Jinghan Sun, Ke Fan, Min Liu
According to the characteristics during construction of the metro incidents,an emergency capability evaluation index system of metro construction was established in the paper,which based on the relevant theory of the ability of emergency management. Build up a metro construction of emergency capability...
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Seismic Pounding Response of Girder Bridges Considering Lateral Stiffness of Ground Motion

Fa shui Liu, Lai jun Liu, Lin Shen, Cao fang Yang
In order to study the effect of pounding at expansion joints of beam bridge on the seismic responses of bridge structure during earthquake the research is based on multi-particle of single degree of freedom system, and the pounding effects of adjacent girders on seismic responses with 3 different of...
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Analysis of the Influence of Underground Vacant Areas on Tunnel

Jianwu Gong, Peilin Qi, Bingyan Wen
The interaction analysis and evaluation on tunnel passing through underlying vacant areas is essential in highway construction. A 3D numerical model of tunnel at underlying vacant area has been established to analysis the deformation and mechanical characteristic of tunnel structures. According to the...
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Optimization Analysis on the Design Project of Large Diameter Pipe-Roof Engineering

Jianwu Gong, Bingyan Wen, Hao Sheng
As a new type of underground engineering reinforcement technology, the pipe-roof method has shown its significant superiority in shallow buried large section tunnel engineering in high traffic urban areas. According to the two design scheme of pipe-roof engineering, the 2-D numerical analysis model has...
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Theoretical Analysis of Traffic Organization and Evaluation System of Highway Passenger Transport Hubs in Small Town

Ting Yu, Jianxiao Ma, Ya Yun Zhu, Yang Liu
With the development of urban economy, highway passenger transport hubs as the internal and external communication bridge between cities, become more and more important. The traffic organization directly impacts the efficiency of the hub. This paper analysed the present situation of traffic organization...
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Analysis on the Master Plan of the Development and Utilization of Underground Space in Baoding City

Qian Wang, Hongwei Li
The development and utilization of urban underground space is an effective way to use the limited space more reasonably and economically which has great practical significance for expanding the urban space capacity and improving the quality of the city. This paper explores planning idea, overall layout,...
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Research on Building Deformation Caused by the Excavation of Subway Station

Cuifeng Zuo, Degao Tang, Dapeng Li
A database of 30 deep excavations of field monitoring on Nanjing subway stations is presented and discussed. In order to reflect the differences of settlement in different area around the excavation, monitoring points were arranged at three areas: the position 1/4 and 1/2 long side, or the long side...
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Experimental Study on Mechanical Characteristics of CRTSIII Slab Ballastless Track under Train Load

Zhiping Zeng, Xianfeng He, Xiaobai Meng, Kunteng Zhu
This paper studied on the fatigue experiment of two CRTSIII slab ballastless tracks on subgrade under high-speed train load, one was the track structure with self-compacting concrete thickness of 70 mm (the 70 mm's), the other was 90 mm (the 90 mm's). The two tracks were made of 1:1 full-scale test models...