Proceedings of the 5th FIRST T3 2021 International Conference (FIRST-T3 2021)

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The Innovation of South Sumatera Traditional Batik E-Commerce Applications

Ayu Chotibah, Bainil Yulina, Desi Apriyanty, Evada Dewata, Pridson Mandiangan
This study aims to help develop the sale of various batik with the characteristics of the South Sumatra region by using an information technology (E-Commerce) approach. The distribution of batik sales can be done to help increase the quantity of sales which will result in the output of the Palembang...
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The Analysis of Cost Quality on Productivity of Iron Railing Products in Small and Medium Business in Palembang

(Impirical Study of Iron Railing Products in Palembang)

M. Thoyib, Riza Wahyudi, Firmansyah Firmansyah, Darul Amri
This study aims to determine and analyze the Effect of Quality Costs on Work Productivity in Small and Medium Enterprises in Palembang (Impirical Study of SME Iron Railing Products in Palembang City). With a sample of 120 SME respondents from the existing population, the sample was taken using purposive...
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Quality of Financial Reporting and Impact of GGG Implementation: Study on Local Government in Indonesia

Nelly Masnila, Firmansyah Firmansyah, Jovan Febriantoko, Riana Mayasari, Jamaliah Said
This study relates to good governance determinants to discover the relationship and impact of good government governance on the quality of financial reporting in the Indonesian capital. Independent variables such as legal culture, transparency, equality, accountability, and the Human Development Index...
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An Error Analysis of English Sentence Construction in Writing Subject

Evi Agustina Sari, Sri Gustiani, Yusri Yusri, Tiur Simanjuntak
The purposes of the present study were to know the types of errors found in English sentences constructed by the students of the English Department at Sriwijaya State Polytechnics. Two hundred pieces of writing written by a hundred students from fifty students in the first year, twenty-five students...
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Disclosure of Sustainable Performance in Higher Education in Indonesia

Edwin Frymaruwah, Evada Dewata, Farah Aida Ahmad Nadzri, Periansya Periansya
This aim of this study is to examine the level of disclosure of the implementation of Sustainability Performance, especially for state higher education in Indonesia (profile, economic, environmental, social, educational). State universities with PTNBH status were the population, and 9 universities were...
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Improvement of LPKA Class 1 Palembang Electronic Dashboard with Field Performance Monitoring

Hendra Hadiwijaya, Febrianty Febrianty, Rezania Agramanisti Azdy
LPKA Class 1 Palembang was included in the Top 45 2019 Public Service Innovations in the Public Service Innovation Competition organized by the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform. LPKA Class 1 Palembang continues to strive to improve its performance, especially in the field of...
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Optimization of Income Parameters of Songket Craftsmen on Koperasi Songket Palembang

Neneng Miskiyah, Purwati Purwati, Yulia Pebrianti, Keti Purnamasari, Nyimas Miftahul Jannah, Rina Dwi Aprianti, Tiara Tiara
The purpose of a business is to obtain income that can be used to meet the needs of life and business survival. To obtain optimal income, it is necessary to know the optimum point of business capital, business experience, partnerships, and allocation of working hours. In this study, the number of samples...
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Welfare Evaluation of the Duck Breeding in Gandus Subdistrict, Palembang

Marieska Lupikawaty, Neneng Miskiyah, Purwati Purwati, Keti Purnamasari, Julito Contado Aligaen, M Fadhil Amiros, M R afi Fahriza
The Department of Agriculture and Food Security of Palembang City is located in the Gandus sub-district, assisting in the form of ducks breeders to reduce poverty and improve community welfare. Methods of data collection using questionnaires and interviews with duck farmers. The number of samples as...
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Stock Price Valuation Using The Dividend Discount Model on IDX Mining Period 2011-2020

Dinda Febriani, Marieska Lupikawaty, Al Hushori, Haris Wilianto, Muhammad Ridallah, Muhammad Faris Salman
Investors can take stock valuations to minimize investment risk. The study aims i) to know the intrinsic value of IDX Mining stock from 2011-2020, ii) identify whether the stock is considered undervalued, correctly valued, or overvalued. and iii) make the right investment decisions based on their conditions...
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Digital Branding Model for Jumputan and Songket Fabrics: As a Continuity Strategy for Marketing Palembang Local Products

Desloehal Djumrianti, Rita Martini, Ikhtison Mekogga, Alfitriani Alfitriani
The development of internet enables people have opt to do something rather than just conventional ways. In the marketing, for example, the marketers may use the apps or platforms to offer products via online, they also may create the digital branding. In this pandemic era, the marketers must be able...
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Perceptions of Use of Food Delivery Applications and Its Impact on Sales of Culinary Traders in Palembang City

Muhammad Husni Mubarok, Desi Indriasari, Eka Jumarni, Indra Satriawan
This study aims to obtain information about the perceptions of culinary traders who are partners in food delivery service applications in the city of Palembang. Perceptions that want to be measured are the level of ease, the level of usefulness, the intention to use a food delivery service application...
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Effect of Labor, Technology and Experience on Productivity of Rubber Smallholders in Kabupaten Banyuasin With Training as Moderating Variables

Yahya Yahya, M. Yusuf, Elisa Elisa, Yusnizal Firdaus, AlHushori AlHushori, Suyatno Ladigi, Dafa Aulia, Tarisa Tarisa
This study is aiming to analyze the simultaneous and partial effect of labor, technology, farming experience, training and labor interaction and training on the productivity of rubber farmers in Banyuasin regency. Using primary data, the population is all rubber farmers. The number of samples as many...
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Determination of the Performance of Local Governments with Audit Opinions as Moderation Variables in South Sumatra

Niken Ayuningrum, Dian Ofasari
With a case study on the Regency / City Government in South Sumatra, this study tries to establish the factors that influence local government performance using Audit Opinion as a moderating variable. The Regional Financial Independence Ratio is used to assess local government performance (RKKD). This...
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The Role of Product Differentiation and Word of Mouth on Purchase Decision of Creative Industrial Products

Hikmah Hikmah, Andalan Tri Ratnawati, Susetyo Darmanto
This study aims to analyse the effect of word of mouth and product differentiation on purchasing decisions for creative industry handicraft products at the waste bank in Semarang City. The research population is a waste bank in Semarang City that produces and sells handicraft products. The sampling technique...
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Accounting Comics as a Medium of Learning

Maria Maria, Rosy Armaini, Leni Noviyanti, Yevi Dwitayanti
This study is research qualitative, to contribute to learning media development in SMK Negeri 1 Palembang. The multimedia is in the form of accounting comics with accounting cycle materials for class X. Comics are made in comic books and animated videos that can be accessed through web blogs. This research...
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The Effect of Servicescape on Tourist Revisit Intention at Water Sport and Recreation Tourism Destination

Risma Ambarwati, Salsabila Rahmadina Putri Iswan, Sari Lestari Zainal Ridho, Hadi Jauhari, Paisal Paisal, Afrizawati Afrizawati
This research is conducted to see the influence of servicescape on tourist revisit intention at one of water sports & recreation tourism destination in Palembang. Water sports & recreation is one of tourist choice on tourism destination in Palembang. This research used descriptive quantitative...
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The Factors Affecting Regional Expenditures on Regency/Municipality in South Sumatera Province

Nurhasanah Nurhasanah, M. Thoyib, Sherly Amerta Agustina
This study aims to determine the Factors affecting Regional Expenditures on Regency/Municipality in South Sumatera Province. The population in this study is 17 Regency/Municipality in South Sumatera Province. This study is a quantitative study that will use secondary data from the official website of...
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Evaluation of Regional Financial Management Based on Local Government Information Systems

Maitsarana Ishmaturahwa, Sulaiman Sulaiman, Rita Martini, M. Thoyib, Kartika Rachma Sari
The implementation of local government information systems (SIPD) needs to be evaluated to assess the effectiveness of local governments in managing their finances. Based on Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Number 77 of 2020, the difficulties discovered have not...
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Financial Performance Analysis at PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Tbk.

M. Thoyib, Rita Martini, Tarisa Salsabella, Marsahanda Aprilia
Financial statement analysis is a very important tool to obtain information about the financial condition and performance of the company during the period. By analyzing the financial statements, it can be seen whether the financial performance of a bank is in a healthy or unhealthy condition. The cause...
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Poverty Reduction in South Sumatera with Optimization of Village Funds, Allocation of Village Funds, and Village Original Income

Rita Martini, Endah Widyastuti, Sukmini Hartati, Zulkifli Zulkifli, Mardhiah Mardhiah
In the province of South Sumatra, this study intends to examine the impact of village funds, village fund allocations, and village original income. For 2015-2019, 14 districts/cities in South Sumatra province were used as examples. Purposive sampling is the sampling technique used to determine the sample....
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Profitability, Company Size, Audit Delay, and Financial Reporting Delays in Covid-19 Pandemic Era

(Manufacturing Companies Registered in Indonesia Stock Exchange 2018-2020)

Sukmini Hartati, Rita Martini, Desri Yanto, Indriani Indah Astuti, Kartini Binti Che Ibrahim
This study aims to determine the effect of the independent variables Profitability, Company Size, and Audit Delay on financial reporting delays during the pandemic era. This study is a quantitative study where the research population is companies listed on the Stock Exchange, obtain a sample, purposive...
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Hotel and Restaurant Taxes Role to the Local Original Revenue of Regency/City in South Sumatera

Sovi Julianda Wahya, Sukmini Hartati, Eka Jumarni Fithri, Rita Martini
This study aims to analyze the effect of the hotel tax and restaurant tax income to the local origianal revenue regency/city of in south sumatera fiscal year 2016 – 2020. The sample of this research includes 14 regions in South Sumatera. This sample was selected based on the purposive sampling method....
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The Calculation of Product Combination by Using Linear Programing Simplex Method to Profit Maximize at Roti Sahabat Palembang City

Afrizawati Afrizawati, Elisa Elisa, M. Riska Maulana Effendi, Paisal Paisal, Nurya Mellinda
This reseach discussed about the calculation of product combinatioans by using a linear program simplex method to calculated product combinations maximize profits at Roti Sahabat. The datas for the preparation of this reseach was obtained through interviews with business owners to obtain primary data....
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The Factors Affecting Food Delivery Application Users Shopping Routine Behavior during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Sari Lestari Zainal Ridho, Habsah Binti Haji Mohamad Sabli, Kartini Binti Che Ibrahim, Hadi Jauhari, Detmuliati Alditia, Alfitriani Alfitriani, Putri Anggita Prameswari Pracena
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the influence of variables that affect the shopping routines of food delivery application users during the Covid-19 pandemic. Food Delivery Application refers to application based deliver services that make the customer easier consume food from the restaurant....
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Internal Control System Affects the Quality of Financial Report Information Palembang City Government

Rita Martini, Fildzah Rahmah Satirah, Nurhasanah Nurhasanah, Kartini binti Che Ibrahim, Kartika Rachman Sari, Endah Widyastuti, Farida Husin, Amelia Agustia Riskya Saputri
This study aims to find out the influence of the internal control system on the quality of financial statements on the Regional Secretary of Palembang City. Primary data was collected from 60 (sixty) questionnaires, all of which were returned. Respondents included staff in 12 (twelve) sections of the...
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Good Governance and Internal Control on the Prevention of Fraud in the Procurement of Goods and Services for Government Agencies

Evada Dewata, Elfira Hidayanti Farah, Hadi Jauhari, Yuliana Sari
This study aims to empirically prove the effect of good governance and internal control on the prevention of fraud in the procurement of state-owned goods and services in the regional government of South Sumatra Province. The research population was in 37 Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD), the sampling...
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Influence of Independence, Due Professional Care and Accountability on Audit Quality on the Audit Board of The Republic of Indonesia Representative Province of South Sumatra

Fipiariny. S, Nurhayati Nurhayati
The goal of this study is to determine the impact of independence, appropriate professional care, and accountability on audit quality at the CPC of the Republic of Indonesia Representative of South Sumatra Province. A questionnaire given to BPK auditors was used to collect data for this investigation....
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Factors Affecting Customer Adoption to Mobile Banking Service

Dewi Fadila, Hendra Sastrawinata, Markoni Badri, Agung Anggoroseto, Mohd. Fadzli bin Ahmad, Tayie Anak Ankus
This research aim to determine effect of perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived of security and trust to customer adoption to mobile banking service. This research involved 100 bank customer that used mobile banking service. This research used Statistical Product Program. The population...
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Motivation in Online Learning Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic Era: Students’ Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors

Sri Gustiani, Welly Ardiansyah, Tiur Simanjuntak
Student learning motivation is an important factor to produce high-quality graduates. It can grow from the inside of themselves (intrinsic) or it occurs because of from outside the students (extrinsic). This study was aimed to reveal both students’ intrinsic and extrinsic factors toward their motivation...