Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Education, Management, Information and Mechanical Engineering (EMIM 2017)

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Design of E - Mail Based on Embedded Network Terminal

Ping Wang, FuLan Ye
Aiming at the hardware systems and operating systems of embedded network terminal, solutions for chat software and E-mail client software based on embedded network terminal were proposed. In this paper, the design of chat software and E-mail client software were described in detail, after analyzing the...
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Mobile Security Payment Solution Based on Encrypted SMS Verification Code

Sai Li, Xiaoyu Li
Aiming at the problem that payment verification code is easy to leak during the process of mobile payment, a two-factor authentication mobile payment system based on encrypted SMS is proposed. The system is based on the public key system, uses PKI / CA authentication method to authenticate the server...
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The Aerodynamic Performance of an Inflatable Wing in Aircraft

Haoyu Wang, Yan Li
This paper explores the aerodynamic performance of an inflatable wing in aircraft using both theoretical and experimental methods. The theoretical analysis is based on inflatable structures and the existing simple pressure vessel equations for the necessary structural analysis. The present work also...
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Effects of Surfactants on the Performance of ZrO2 Humidity Sensors

Chunjie Wang, Jitao Jie, Yue Wang
Nano-sized ZrO2 powders were synthesized by hydrothermal method with two types of surfactants (cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (cationic surfactant, CTAB), and sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate (anionic surfactant, SDBS)). The phase structures and morphologies of the products were investigated by X-ray...
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Research on the Construction of Bachu Art Information Resources

Qiang Liu
The construction of Bachu art information resources includes the analysis of the contents and requirements of Bachu art information resources, the analysis of the types of Bachu art information resources and technical means, and the construction of Bachu art database. The construction of Bachu art database...
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Research of Control System for Embedded CNC Spring Machine

Ziyue Wu, Kai Xiao, Gen Li, Jinyao Wang, Xu Yang
It introduces an embedded system, which is applied to the control operation in the production of CNC spring machine. According to the structural characteristics and forming principle of the spring, the production process is designed. The system adopts the solid high GUC controller and the configuration...
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Design of Experimental Equipment Basic on Ultra-Low-Power MCU MSP430F4619

Jian Huang
In order to meet the requirement of experimental and electronic design contest, in fulling exploring all kind of MSP430 of TI company, design MSP430F4619 experimental board. It include MSP430 minimal system, power unit, key unit, segment LCD unit, 16 SMD led unit, temperature sensor unit, photosensitive...
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The Alumni Information Management Model Based on "Internet +"

Debao Dai, Yusen Lan
"Internet+" has been integrated deeply into various industries, which also inspires the innovation of the alumni management work. There are many problems existing in alumni management work, such as the fragmentation of alumni information and time, the delay of information transmission and the simplification...
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Measures of Improving Unpopular Professions Undergraduates' Employment Ability-Taking Mineral Processing Engineering Major as an Example

Fu Yang, Gongming Qian
With the rapid development of society and economy, and continuously expanding enrollment, higher education in China has entered the popularized stage. Nowadays, the situation of undergraduates' employment is becoming increasingly grim in our country. Undergraduates' employment problem has been a widely...
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Development of Mineral Processing Engineering Education in WUST

Gongming Qian, Fu Yang, Tiejun Chen, Tao Liu
Mineral processing which plays a key role in steel industry, is giving more and more attention and mineral processing engineering education has been given high priority in China. Lack of mineral resource and pollution has baffled the economy development of China. Taking the personnel training of metallurgy...
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Time Series Analysis in the Prediction of Water Quality

Qi An, Min Zhao
The time series analysis method and the actual situation of the real-time monitoring system of the coastal waters are used to select the real-time monitoring data of the dissolved oxygen (DO) in the water quality monitoring data from 24th to 28th March 2016 as a research sample, the ARIMA model was fitted...
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An Algebraic Method for Harmonic Responses based on Extended Hybrid Expansion Method

Jingfang Shen, Wenlin Huang
An algebraic method is presented for harmonic responses analysis. This paper is aiming at improving the accuracy of results obtained by the extended hybrid expansion method. Based on modal superposition and Neumann expansion theorem, the high and low modal can be truncated by the proposed method. Meanwhile,...
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Metafiction and Postmodernism

Hongbin Dai, Yini Huang
This essay strives to deal with the origin and definition of metafiction, and then to probe into the relation between the two terms. Though the discussion about the relationship between metafiction and postmodernism is heated, generally, the critics agree on the following: The two terms are closely related...
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Research on Charge and Discharge Control System of Hybrid Bicycle

Liting Geng, Bo Chen, Xiangfan Piao
For the further development of hybrid technology and energy recovery technology application to improve energy efficiency. Research on hybrid bicycle control system comprising a brushless DC hub motor control and energy recovery process, the system selects STC12C5620AD as the control for brushless DC...
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Coal Mine Super High Pressure Hydraulic Slotted Anti-reflection Technology and Applicable Conditions

Yongjiang Zhang, Zhanjin Lu
With the increase of depth, coal mine gas control technology is harder, the existing means of prevention and control technology cannot completely meet the demand of deep well control. Coal mine hydraulic anti-reflection is important for prevention and control of technology, but because of the complexity...
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Photoluminescence of Red-Emitting Phosphor Sr2CeO4: Eu3+, Sm3+ for Light-Emitting Diodes

Haiyan Jiao, Cairang Li Mao, Rangcuo Cai
The red-emitting phosphor Sr2CeO4: Eu3+, Sm3+ was synthesized by conventional high-temperature solid-state method. X-ray diffraction, and photoluminescence spectra were used to characterize the as-synthesized phosphor. In Eu3+ singly doped Sr2CeO4 phosphors, Eu3+ ion showed a weaker 7F0-5L6 transition...
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A Novel Design Approach for Facial Expression of Home Robot based on Kansei Engineering

Yunyun Wei, Huanzhi Lou
With the rapid development of robot technology, home robot is becoming more and more popular in daily life. Facial expression of robots is important to improve the interaction between human beings and robots. Kansei Engineering is used to explore users' feelings with the design of facial expression of...
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Reflections on the Application of flipped Classroom Teaching Mode in Colleges and Universities

Guijuan Qu, Shanghong Ding, Xiaoqing Dong
With the popularization of modern information technology in the field of education and the continuous improvement of teaching idea, the teaching of the classroom has become a hot topic in the education circles both at home and abroad. This paper will summarize the meaning of "flip classroom", the application...
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An Algorithm to Extract and Judge the Main Text Based on the Law of Total Probability

Qingsong Lv, Shulin Cao, Yifan Wang, Qian Yin, Xin Zheng
Since Internet web pages have diverse contents and complex structure, it is of great significance to use a uniform algorithm to tackle them. In this paper, we proposed an algorithm called P value algorithm to extract the main text of one webpage. By calculating the P value of each tag in an HTML page,...
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The Development Stage of Micro Media Apps in China

Tiansheng Xu, Zhuowen Deng, Hanglong Song
Social networking has demonstrated a clear shift towards mobile platforms like smartphone and tablet apps as well as mobile web. Due to the significant development of social networking technology, the number of mobile social media users has been boosted over past 10 years. One of the defining phenomena...
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Interdisciplinary Cultivation of Graduate Curriculum and Related Problems

Ruifeng Bai, Jingchang Pan, Gaoyu Jiang, Ali Luo
With the continuous development of science and technology, the disciplines are more and more detailed, resulting in a number of branches, and combination of similar branches has produced many edge disciplines. At the same time, multidisciplinary integration also accelerates tend of development in the...
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Research on the Reform of Teaching Mode in the Application of "Internet +" Background

Liyun Wang
Internet + is through the information and communication technology and the use of the Internet platform, the Internet and traditional industries, including all walks of life are combined in the new field to create a new Ecology. Local application - oriented colleges and universities should aim at improving...
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The Application of Combination Method of CBL & PBL in Applied Disciplines--A Case Study of "Food Sensory Analysis"

Hongwei Wang
In order to avoid the shortcomings of the traditional teaching method in applied disciplines, based on the curriculum teaching reform of food sensory analysis, this paper discussed the application of case-based learning (CBL) and problem-based learning (PBL) in applied disciplines.
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Study on Integrated Economic Strength Evaluation of Coastal Counties: Taking Liaoning Province as an Example

Qiang Mao
The integrated economic strength evaluation of coastal counties is an important area of study on regional competitiveness, and the research results may help government to make strategic adjustments in the distribution and structure. Based on a brief description of literature review, a method based on...
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Correlation Analysis of Tourist Age and Behavior Pattern

Jian Chen, Hailan Pan
The article choose the age as a standard of dividing the tourists, and to analyze its choice of travel pattern. On the basis of literature research, mainly uses the data collected from the major tourist sites of different age groups of tourists travel motivation has carried on the investigation and analysis,...
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Study on Comprehensive Evaluation of Smart Growth Cities

Cheng Wang
This paper studied the problem of comprehensive evaluation of smart growth cities from three dimensions of sustainable development. Concretely, an evaluation system for smart growth cities from the dimensions of sustainable development - economic, environmental and social, is constructed, then a fuzzy...
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Study of College Sports Venues Management based on "Internet Plus"

Dongya Huang
Using literature research method, empirical approach, and numerical comparison approach, situations of college sports venue usage and management were surveyed and analyzed. Taking Nanjing Institute of Railway Technology as a case, a management system based on the concept of internet plus and Browser/Server...
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Improvement of Apriori Algorithm Based on Matrix Compression

Jigang Zheng, Jingmei Zhang
The traditional association rule mining algorithm for Apriori time cost, the lack of Apriori algorithm, based on the theory of relational algebra, relation matrix and related operations by given search association rules from the frequent itemsets mining algorithm based on relation algebra theory. Using...
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Teaching and Research in Computer Science Experimental Course Based on PBL

Jun Rao
This paper introduces the current situation of the research on the flipped classroom and learning autonomy at home and abroad, and analyzes the shortcomings of the current classroom teaching of computer science, which shows that it is a useful exploration to introduce PBL advanced teaching method into...
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The Feasibility Study of Smartphone-aided Mobile Learning in Colleges

Jiajun Hong
Mobile learning enables college students to obtain information and acquire knowledge through mobile devices anytime and anywhere. This article briefly analyzes the feasibility of conducting Mobile learning in colleges aided by the smart phones. The study shows that the smart phone has been taken as the...
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Research into the Present Situation and Developing Strategies of Agricultural Insurance in Fujian Province

Shouli Zhang, Ruiqiang Yang
Agriculture is the foundation for national economy, the sustained and healthy development of agriculture is of great significance to the stability of the entire national economy. Natural disasters and market risk are great threats to the agricultural development, therefore, agricultural insurance is...
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The Primitivity and Primitive Exponents of a Class of Nonnegative Matrix Pairs

Meijin Luo
It is a brand-new research in combinatorial matrix theory to extend the exponent of traditional single nonnegative primitive matrix to the exponent of nonnegative primitive matrix pairs. With the knowledge of graph theory, the problem of primitive exponent of nonnegative matrix pairs can be transformed...
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Application of Big Data Processing and Analysis Key Technology in Building Novel Model of Cross-Border E-Commerce

Hongsheng Xu, Ganglong Fan
This paper first analyzes the cross-border e-commerce industry structure, and in-depth excavation of the characteristics of the electricity supplier model. Data processing system is the core of data analysis. In order to improve data analysis capabilities, cross-border electricity providers can introduce...
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Design of Association Rules Data Mining System Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm

Xiaoying Sun
Data Mining is from large, incomplete, noisy, fuzzy and random Data, extract implicit in it, people don't know in advance, but it is potentially useful information and knowledge of the process. The Ant Colony algorithm is actually positive feedback principle, and it is an algorithm combining the heuristic...
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Correlation and Convolution Image Filtering Application Analysis

Xihu Zhi, Shengli Jiang
Correlation and convolution are two mathematical operations commonly used in image filtering. This article aims to provide real case analysis to clear the confusions associated with what correlation and convolution essentially are, how to process the boundary points in image processing using correlation...
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Texture Feature Extraction Research Based on GLCM-CLBP Algorithm

Xuejing Ding
In view of the existing texture feature extraction method of computational complexity and accuracy problems, this paper proposes a calculation method fused with Complete Local Binary Patterns (CLBP) and Gray-level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM). This method uses the rotation invariant CLBP operator to process...
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The BP Neural Network Design Applied on the Classification of the Apples

Xianjiang Meng, Xianli Meng
A kind of artificial neural network (BP-ANN) was used to classify the different kinks of apples with the reflected spectrum. The spectrum (from 460nm to 720nm) of some specks on the surface of the apples was measured with the spectrometer. A kind of BP-ANN with single hidden layer was devised to identify...
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Prediction of Airborne Particulate Matter PM 10 Based on Main Curve

LiYun Wang
It's very practical significance to predict the density of hazardous substance(such as PM10) in the air, However, in most cases, this kind of data have the characteristics of imbalance and sequential arrived online, It's difficult to realize rapid and effective prediction by traditional supervised learning...
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The Empirical Study on Income Structure Changing to Farmers' Income Growth in Heilongjiang Province

Sha Lou
Heilongjiang, as a traditional agricultural province, the grain output accounts for one-tenth of the country and the grain production status is very important. Farmers' income structure in Heilongjiang has distinct characteristics, whether it has a certain impact on farmers' income growth or not, which...
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Improved Spatio-Temporal Context Target Tracking Algorithm

Yuanhang Shi, Junwei Zang, Yuhuai Liu
Visual tracking is one of the hot topics in the field of computer science. However, the effective use of context information can improve the robustness of video tracking due to factors such as illumination and rotation. The traditional spatio-temporal context algorithm does not detect the validity of...
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Study of Creating Incentive Mechanism for Teachers in Private Universities

Yang Guo, Kexin Zhang, Xin Dai
Teachers of private universities, as disadvantaged groups, can not enjoy the preferential treatment. Low wages and little welfare can not meet the teachers' basic demands with the rapid economic development and the improvement of people's living standards. Especially the current incentive mechanism of...
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Research and Practice on the Teaching Mode of C Language Programming Based on "Internet Plus"

Mengqing Feng, Jitong Zhang
With the development of computer technology, network technology and communication technology, "Internet plus" has penetrated into all aspects of our work, study and life, especially in the field of education. "Flipped classroom" is a kind of humanized teaching methods, its teacher and student interactive...
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Practice and Research on Strengthening the Construction of Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities

Zhongyang Qiao
The young teachers are the driving force for the continuous for improvement and development of colleges and universities. Therefore, how to build a fine business, scientific research, good moral quality, stable. and enterprising young teachers team is an important issue to be studied in Colleges and...
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Effects of Porosity and Permeability on Invasion Depth During Drilling Mud-filtrate Invading into a Reservoir Dynamically

Jianhua Zhang
The drilling mud-filtrate invades into a reservoir is a dynamical process after a formation was opened in oil exploration. Since the invasion profiles of formation resistivity vary with time, the invasion depth is related to time. The fluid flow equations were used to calculate the invasion profiles...
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Unmanned Boat Navigation Planning Based on Machine Learning Algorithm

Xiulai Li, Mingrui Chen, Lijie Yin
This paper mainly introduces unmanned ship technology and the frontier technology of artificial intelligence, especially the Q-learning algorithm in machine learning. It mainly describes how the machine learning algorithm in artificial intelligence technology be applied in unmanned ship technology, so...
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Application of RFID Technology in Design of E-Commerce Supply Chain System In Internet of Things

Haoyuan Ou, Jianming Zhang, Yi Wang
The application of RFID technology in the supply chain is to facilitate communication between suppliers and customers. Successful logistics management can seamlessly integrate all supply activities and integrate all participants into the supply chain. The key of modern logistics management is the automatic...
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On Cultivating Innovative Entrepreneurship Education of Local Agricultural University Students

Hua Li, Lina Zhou, Yueming Yuan
This paper analyzes the connotation and characteristics of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship education, and puts forward that the training methods of innovation and entrepreneurship education of local agricultural colleges and universities mainly include the following aspects: strengthening...
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Interpersonal Meaning of Mood and Modality in English Public Service Advertising Texts

Huiqun Yu
English public service advertisements (PSAs) are aimed to provide information of social problems and persuade readers to take positive actions. On the basis of Halliday's systemic functional grammar, this paper probes into the interpersonal meaning of mood and modality in PSAs texts. Advertisers prefer...
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Research on one Intelligent Open Online Course Based on Big Data

Peng Zhang
Open online courses integrate high-quality education resources and play active roles in the education system. This paper presents an intelligent open online course based on big data. This online course provides a variety of resources and massive exercises. Based on the recommender- system, the course...
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Competitiveness Evaluation and Empirical Study of Producer Services in Liaoning

Qian Wang, Xiaoyu Wang, Xiaoyu Zhang
This study constructs the evaluation index system of comprehensive competitiveness of producer services in Liaoning, China. Principal component analysis (PCA), refined development, investment scale, agglomeration level 3 factors will be used as research methods. Moreover, this paper uses SPSS statistical...
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Research of the Integrated Methods of Multilevel Workflow and Multilevel BOM Configuration

Juan Jiang, Weiyan Xv, Xiufang Bai
This paper proposes an integrated the technique of multilevel workflow and multilevel BOM configuration for the intractable problem on multilevel workflow and multilevel BOM configuration. The technique mainly refers to creating a mode of multilevel workflow and multilevel BOM configuration in PDM, a...
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Perfecting Administrative Institution to Enhance Scientific Research Capability of Graduates in Universities

Zhiying Wang
The enhancement of scientific research capability is the most fundamental objective for graduate education and complies with the basic requirement for implementing the strategy of driving development by innovations. This paper takes the enhancement of scientific research capability of graduates and cultivation...
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Research on Weld Location Algorithm based on Active Shape Model

Meiju Liu, Jinyi Jiang
In order to improve the welding quality and avoid the welding deviation, a weld seam location algorithm based on active shape model is proposed. The local feature model is set up to detect the image, and then each feature point is used to construct the local feature. Finally, the new location of the...
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The Development of Central Kitchen Logistics Management System in the University

Quanzhou Huang
This paper introduces the concept of central kitchen, analyses the shortcomings of the traditional management model, and points out the advantages of the center kitchen. This is a new management model, central kitchen is responsible for the procurement, production and distribution of food, restaurants...
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Application of Function Partition Layout Based on Genetic Algorithm in New District Road Design

Weixiang Xu, Sen Qiu
The investment in the country to improve the urban traffic congestion is often not ideal. At the time of the establishment of Xiong'an New District, the problem of traffic congestion is solved from the top design, to build a new environment city which is suitable for human habitation. In this paper,...
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Data Mining Technology as the Core of the Intelligent Prefetching Web Application Analysis

Hui Yuan, Lei Zhao
With the further development of in Internet, the rapid growth of users led to network congestion and server overload. Caching technology is considered to be one of the effective ways to reduce server load, reduce network congestion, and reduce customer access latency, but has limited role. To further...
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Analysis of Vibration Influencing Factors of High Precision Cylindrical Roller Bearing by Poor Information (Part I: Theory)

Xintao Xia, Bin Liu, Lijun Zhang, Xiangfeng Chen
The vibration of high precision cylindrical roller bearing is affected by many factors, which belongs to the problem of poor information. This article based on the poor information system theory and the qualitative fusion principle, and a variety of methods are used to analyze the main factors that affect...
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Design of Crawler Chassis Intelligent Leveling Device

Tingyv Wang, Tengfei Wu, Xiaorong Lv, Yan Huang
A kind of leveling device of intelligent chassis is designed thus vehicle driving platform can be maintained at level state constantly, directing at problems that drive platform cannot automatically remain level, and even overthrow accident of vehicles occurs when small-size hillside operational vehicle...
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Reasons for China's Changing Female Labor Force Participation Rate

Xingxuan Xi
The number and structure of female labor force in China is changing due to the reasons of economy, policy, history and other factors. The female labor force participation rate of China is declining continuously through the qualitative research of the variation trend and periodic law of the female labor...
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The Orderly Charging and Discharging Dispatching Management System of Electric Vehicle under the Internet

Yuman Zhang
The orderly charging and discharging management and dispatching system of electric vehicle is researched and designed based on internet in order to achieve orderly dispatching and management of electric vehicle in peak load regulation. Researching and analyzing the function of main components (power...
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Analysis and Research of Dynamic Observation Transformation Based on the Size of 3D Scene

Wei Wang, Jianxun Chen
In the actual project, when the three-dimensional scene is observed, the three-dimensional scene and the observer appear in the different observation matrix (viewpoint position, projection center and its upward direction), because the size of the observed object is not completely surrounded. Dislocation...
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A Study on Optimizing the Riveting of Steel Balls for Hand Tools

Ying-Hsiang Lin, Shang-Pin Li, Sung-Chin Huang, Chien-Yu Lu, Chih-Cheng Huang
Steel ball riveting mainly functions to attach sockets for hand tools. The connectivity between sockets and accessories is directly linked to how tight the steel balls are riveted: if too tight, then it will be difficult to change the accessories or they will even jam; otherwise, they will loosen themselves...
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Research of Embedded System Experimental Teaching of IOT Engineering Major

Yonghui Jiang
As the most pressing need of application-oriented talents in IOT Engineering major, and according to the CDIO education idea, combining the content and characteristics of the embedded system course, this paper puts forward the experimental scheme design about the layering embedded system course, and...
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Probiotics, Prebiotics and Children's Intestinal Health

Ruokun Yi, Xin Zhao
A lot of researches have verified the protection effect of probiotics, prebiotics and their mixed preparation for the intestinal health of children. Probiotics promote absorption and protect alimentary canal of organism; prebiotics stimulate the growth of useful flora and have maintaining effect for...
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Integrating TRIZ and Taguchi's Method in the Optimization of Processes Parameters for a Bin shelving

Ying-Hsiang Lin, Kai-Yi Hsueh, Chia-Pao Chang, Chien-Yu Lu
A bin shelving is one of the most popular furniture for storage. It not only stows materials effectively, but also increases vertical space while storing materials. It's very important to think about the load of every layer of a bin shelving. Every loading point of a bin shelving will affect the total...
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The Integration of Communication Technology and Wireless Communication in the Internet of Things

Zihao Fu
Internet of things technology as a new technology, pursue all devices connected to the Internet. In order to achieve the desired object recognition, positioning, monitoring and other needs. At present, the technology of Internet of things is mainly short distance communication, including NFC, Bluetooth...
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Satellite Attitude Control with Actuator Failure

Haitao Meng, Aihua Zhang, Xing Huo, Zhiyong She
A method of attitude stabilization control, based on observer design is proposed for an on-orbiting spacecraft in the presence of partial loss of actuator effectiveness, external disturbance and actuator control input saturation problem. In this approach, observer is employed to estimate the value of...
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Urban Growth Evaluation Model

Mingqi Wu
Nowadays, smart growth is popular around the world. This paper establishes an evaluation model for urban smart growth and a optimal decision model to provide the developing plan with the best strategy to develop cities meet the standards of three E's and ten principles. We build a three-layer evaluation...
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Heuristic Crossover Based on Biogeography-based Optimization

Mengqing Feng
Biogeography based optimization (BBO) is a new evolutionary optimization algorithm based on the science of biogeography for global optimization. In this paper, we proposed two extensions to BBO. First, we proposed a new migration operation based sinusoidal migration model with the heuristic crossover...
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Research on the Mobile Terminal APP Based on Educational Administration System

ShanJing Wang, Hongyu Li, Liming Wang
With the development of the mobile terminal manufacturing level, and mobile terminal speed faster and faster in past years, the price is more and lower; Finally, The Internet by mobile phone and other devices connected to each one of us. Network evaluation system based on PC, in the past, needs for mobile...
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Research on Application of Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Technology in Intelligent Medical System

Zijia Chen, Zhenghong Guo, Xin Liu, Xiao Zhang
The new information technology is the key technology to meet the demand of medical services, and medical wisdom is an important research direction of medical information. It is the fusion of networking, cloud computing and big data processing technology, which can greatly improve the medical quality,...
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Multivariate Statistical Analysis of the Difference of Regional Economic Development of our Country

Tianci Zhai
China has a large population and abundant resources. The differences between all the regions and nations are also very evident in many aspects. Especially the regional economic difference, it is the key to China's regional unbalanced development. In addition, the unbalanced development of regional human...
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Research on the Simulation Processing of the Rake Face of the Ball End Mill

Shuai Li, Yuanyuan Cai
The ball end mill, as an important tool to process the complex three-dimensional curved surface, is helpful to achieve high efficiency and high precision machining when was used with nc machine tool, which is highly demanded in the manufacturing factory. This paper further analyze the processing theory...
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Recycling of Campus Waste Bicycles

Anqi Ji, Jihui Ma
In this paper, it is mainly about the recycling of campus waste bicycles. This paper takes Shandong University of Technology as an example, and obtains the different characteristics of different users through various methods such as questionnaire survey, community division and establishment of model....
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Study On The Reuse Of Split Air Condition Wind-Heat

Yuanjuan Yang
Nowadays, the energy problem is undoubtedly the world's leading problem . The use of air-conditioning in it takes a big part, so reusing of the residual energy is very meaningful, At present, the exhaust heat recovery system in this field is mostly aimed at the large central air-conditioning, merely...
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An Analysis of the Problems and Countermeasures in the Application of Experiential Marketing - A Case Study of Starbucks

Yajuan Liu, Ping Gui
With the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standards continue to improve. People are increasingly pursuing spiritual need, consumers seem to pay more attention to experience, which has a huge experience of the consumer market. With the advent of experiential economy, experiential...
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The Impact of Urban Complex Function Zoning on Traffic

Lijiao Liu, Jihui Ma
Urban complex is a new type of urban organization, which is highly efficient, highly efficient and convenient to use land resources. The purpose of this paper is to explore the influence of different functions of urban complex on the traffic inside and outside the city. Based on the analysis of the features...
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Automatic Vehicle Tracking System Based on Inductance Sensor

Lijian Cai, Yecai Guo, Xiang Wang
Automatic vehicle tracking system based on inductance sensor was designed. This system uses inductive sensor for data acquisition controlled by STM32 microcontroller. The vehicle is made up of L298N motor drive module, geared motor module, buzzer sound module, LCD module, encoder module, bluetooth module,...
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Analysis on the Operational Characteristics of Shipborne Integrated Radio Frequency System

Longtao Wang, Ning Jiang, Rong Hua
The shipborne integrated RF system of new technology, new design concept with radar, communication and electronic warfare integration function, breaking the traditional single slice device segmentation, can give full play to the advantages of multi device collaborative work. On the basis of international...
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Research on the Impact of FDI on China's Industrial Agglomeration -- Based on the Empirical Analysis of Regional Data

Panpan Ge
As for China, since the reform and open, domestic industries have shown a quite obvious tendency of agglomeration, which catches the attention of both economic researchers and policy makers. However, although it has been proved by the previous researches that China's opening up to the outside world promoted...
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Reform of College Computer Basic Course for Talent Training Mode Innovation

Xin Sui, Rujuan Wang, Gang Hou, Lina Liu
The college computer basic course is compulsory course for students of all majors. With the rapid development of information technology, in order to adapt to the demand for talents from the perspectives of social, economic and technological development, it is quite significant to further enhance the...
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A Study on Integrity and Education of College Students

Na Li, Chao Wang
Sincerity also is the integrity. The so-called integrity is the conduct of the country, it is self-cultivation of the Road. The core values of socialism pointed out at the individual level that "patriotism, professionalism, integrity and friendliness" have established the benchmarks of ideological and...
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Construction and Research of Electronic Design Competition Training System under the Fine Management

Ting Zhang, Fei Xu
Based on the experiment, the students as the main body, inquiry is the form, competition is the purpose, Combination the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest with the Xijing University electronic design contest, "electronic design contest student recruitment organization", "electronic design...
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The Influence and Enlightenment of Second Language Acquisition and Cognitive Theory on English Teaching in China

Weiwei Feng
Second language acquisition and cognitive theory are of great significance to our English teaching. We must fully understand and apply the theory to guide English teaching. In English teaching, we must fully understand and deal with the role of students, the appropriate language learning environment,...
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Modeling and Simulation of Doubly Fed Induction Wind Generator Based on Matlab / Simulink

Yun Sha
Targeting the doubly-fed wind power system, this paper establishes the overall mathematical model composed of wind turbine, drive system, double-fed induction generator, stator flux orientation vector control tactics, maximum power point tracking tactics. By applying the simulink in the matlab software,...
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Research on Evaluation System Reform of Toxicology Experimental Teaching

Huayi Suo
Objective: As a subject with strong practicability, the toxicology of food emphasizes the mastery and actual application of experimental operation ability in teaching. However, the learning initiative of students is not high and learning effect of students is poor during the real experimental teaching...
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An Analysis of the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Innovative Entrepreneurship Education in Agricultural Colleges and Universities

Chao Wang, Juzheng Wang
At present, the state to implement the relevant policies to encourage the "public entrepreneurship, innovation", combined with this background, this article from the concept of unclear, too much emphasis on innovation; not yet formed a sound innovative entrepreneurial curriculum system; lack of various...
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Analysis of Corrections Methods in Genome-Wide Association Studies

Ming Zheng, Mugui Zhuo
Genome wide association study (GWAS) can directly study the relationship between human behavior and genotype, which provides a new way for researchers to explore the genetic basis of human behavior from the whole genome level. GWAS involves a large number of sites and behavior of the association test,...
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Construction of the Mode of Practical Training for Entrepreneurial Education in Colleges and Universities-Marketing Specialty Taken as Example

Wenli Li
In theface of some problems concerning entrepreneurial education, such as misunderstanding on the concept of entrepreneurial education, limited resources of entrepreneurial education, lack of systematic content in entrepreneurial education and lack of reasonable design and renovation of teaching methods,...
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On the Quality Construction of Sino-foreign Cooperation Program in China

Haiying Ma
Since the national education planing, the promulgation and implementation of Chinese-foreign cooperation program of higher education has made many new progress, and gradually enter the high level and high quality development in the new stage. At the same time, the Sino-foreign cooperation program of...
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On the Application of Blended Learning in College English Teaching

Guangcai Li
This paper is mainly designed to analyze the concept of the Blended Learning mode, and the application of blended learning in college English teaching from the aspects of the implementation of blended learning and the key factors of the success. It is pointed out that the Blended Learning mode can not...
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Establishment of Vehicle Scheduling Model and Algorithm Design Based on Jilt Hang Transport Operation

Lijiao Liu, Jihui Ma
Based on the analysis of the operation mode of jilt hang transport, this paper establishes a vehicle scheduling model. The optimal path of tractor driving is selected by using multi-objective optimization. The Floyd algorithm is combined with the greedy algorithm to study jilt hang transportation vehicle...
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Research on Different Emotional Characteristics of Driver

Anqi Ji, Jihui Ma
With the increasing complexity of the traffic system, the study of driver emotion has become a hot topic. Traffic psychology mentioned that both the driver's character and the emotional changes in the driving process will affect the driver's driving behavior. Through real-time tracking of human physiological...
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Strategies for Construction of Oral Archives of Universities

Qun Li, Liying Cui
Oral archives resources is a significant constituent part of the system of archives resources whose collection and rescue are closely related to the retaining of archives resources. The article emphatically elaborated methods during collecting and constructing, existent problems of oral archives of universities...
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Exploration of Problems and Countermeasures in the Higher Education International Class Teaching

Wei Liu, Ziyang Cao
As an important form of internationalization of higher education, international class has trained a large number of excellent international talents in China by the way of Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools in recent years. However, the differences between foreign teaching methods and domestic...
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Research on Double Inverted Pendulum System Base on Hierarchical Fuzzy Sliding-mode Decoupling Control Method

Yinyin Zhao
Hierarchical fuzzy sliding-mode decoupling control method is adapted in this paper, and the nonlinear system of a double inverted pendulum is decoupled into several subsystems, an adaptive law based on the Lyapunov function is used to tune the coupling factor of the hierarchical sliding-mode controller,...
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Research on Intrusion Detection System Based on Host Information Recognition

Xin Sui
With the rapid development of the network, the network has been everywhere. The problem of network security becomes more and more important. A simple firewall cannot resist some attacks effectively, and it is vulnerable to attack. Intrusion detection technology uses active security policy and protection...
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The Strategy of Planting Arrangement in College Campus Culture Construction

Wenjun Wang, Hongxing Yi
College campus is the environment of teaching, cultivating taste, building bodies and individual character. Campus as the carrier of Campus culture, with all the teachers, students and staffs in the long-term educational practice, the accumulation of material achievements and spiritual achievements of...
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The Research of CDIO-Based Innovative Entrepreneurial Financial Talent Training Mode

Yanling Li, Guojun Sheng, Minghong Sun
Today's China is an unprecedented development of innovation and entrepreneurship. Thus this vigorous economic and political revolution of social innovation and industry upgrading represents the prominent and urgent demands for the innovative and entrepreneurial talents. Based on the research of CDIO...
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Assimilating Socialist Core Values Education into College Ideological and Political Theory Course

Bo Cheng
Socialist core value system is our Communist party's theoretical innovation and great achievement. Ideological and political theory course is the main channel and position of Ideological and political education of college students, their internal consistency requires the assimilating socialist core value...