Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Economics and Management, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences (EMEHSS 2018)

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Design of Cooperative Operation and Profit Distribution among Principal Parts of Logistics Park

Shusheng Sun, Huidong Zhou
In order to give full play to the intensive role of logistics park, a logistics park established by a leading logistics enterprise and its principal part are studied so as to realize the gain of the logistics park and its principal part through the establishment of cooperative relationship and the distribution...
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The Big Data Promote the Reforms and Innovations of the Ideological and Political Educations

Haiying Wang
In the era of big data, the huge amount of data have brought some opportunities and challenges in the ideological and political educations in universities. These data had promoted some innovations and changes in the ideological and political educations. Therefore, our works in the ideological and political...
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Research on the relationship between Work pressure and Safety performance of Aircraft maintenance

Siyu Zhang
The particularity of the civil aviation industry determines that no matter what kind of accident happens, it will not only endanger the lives of the people, cause heavy losses to the national economy, but also have a negative impact on social stability. Therefore, the importance of ensuring the safety...
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Dialectical relationship between millennial employee retention and well-being

Zhichao Cheng, Yiwen Xu, Yang Pan
As millennial employees carry more responsibility in society and companies, much attention has been paid to their well-being. They pursue the balance between work and life, enjoy and challenge. As to executives in companies, the most important task is to recruit employees who have high productivity and...
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Research on the Sports Talents Training Model in Colleges and Universities

Huang Tao
Since the reform and opening-up policy, China has entered into a new era and various undertakings have acquired rapid development. And it has been difficult for traditional education model to adapt to the specific requirements of educational modernization in the new era as the market economy is becoming...
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Research on the Structure Optimization of College Specialty under the Background of Economic Transition

Lihua Gong
Structure optimization of college specialty is adapted to the change of economic transition and upgrade. This paper made the corresponding elaboration with the relevance between economic transition and structure layout of college specialty as well as the principle of structure optimization of college...
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The Origin of Calligraphy of Jian Theory and Chinese Painting

Yaping Yang
Calligraphy is traditional and ancient Chinese culture, and it is mutually affected and influenced by Chinese painting during the thousand-year development and inheritance. "The same origin of calligraphy and painting" means the close relationship of this sister arts. This paper made an attempt to discuss...
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The path analysis on university clean and honest culture from the perspective of the new era

Yuming Zhang
To strengthen the construction of clean culture in colleges and universities, which is the need of inheriting Chinese traditional culture, and is the need of creating the atmosphere of clean air in the campus and the training of talents in colleges and universities. Universities should overcome all kinds...
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Reform Analysis of Teaching Methods in Teaching-based Colleges and Universities for Employment Promotion

Jing Xian
The homogenization trend of college education makes the college teaching pattern which aims at raising employment rate become one of the most important trends in the transition of higher education. At the same time, the methods and concepts of higher education have a direct impact on the quality of personnel...
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Study on the Relationship between the Backgrounds of Top Managers and Organizational Performance

Lilong Liu, Qianqian Guo
Top Managers are an important human resource that controls the company's operations, the research of top managers' background becomes an important issue in corporate governance. Based on the theory of rent-seeking and the theory of resource dependence, this paper studied on relationship between the backgrounds...
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Research on Design of Flexible Fence in Racecourse

Hanhua Zhang, Shuang Zhang
This paper has carried out field investigation and research on the fences used in the domestic and foreign racecourse through literature method, expert interview method and field investigation method. The results show that the racecourse fence structures used on the market are mainly wood, steel pipe...
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Research on the Flipped Teaching Mode in College English Micro Course

Cheng Zhang
In recent years, the teaching research and reform practice have been the hot spots on the information education reform. Under the new situation of "Internet+ Education", the huge change in the mobile internet and the opening teaching mood has unprecedented development. All educational concepts are tending...
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Comparison of the Practical Curriculum for Pre-school Education in Chinese and American Universities

Yuping Cao
The practical curriculum for the major of Pre-school Education has a good effect on pre-vocational training of kindergarten teachers and thereby has a direct impact on the early childhood education in China. At present, the construction of the practical curriculum system in Pre-school Education in China...
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Research on the Significance of "The Unity of Knowing and Doing" to the Overseas Practice of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

Lin Zhang
Through survey of trainees' overseas practice condition of teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages in Guilin University of Electronic Technology of Chinese, this article analyzes the gain and loss of achieving students' "the unity of knowing and doing" in overseas practice from several angles,...
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The Quantitative Analysis of Value for Money Evaluation: From the Perspective of Process Management

Liming Xia, Jiafeng Liu, Peipei Liu
At present, the imperfect of the development on PPP mode, the lack of mature operational experience on actual projects and the shortage of funds trigger local governments' urgent demands on the application of PPP model. Value for money, known as a scientific judgement basis for decision-makers, is commonly...
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Investigation and Analysis of Beijing Olympic Forest Park Tourism Interpretation System

Lingkui Pu, Qun Zhao, Tao Guan
In this paper, the author takes the Olympic forest park as the research object and investigates the Olympic forest park tourism interpretation system through the study of the sampling survey of 300 visitors inquired by some related problems. The aim which the author examined is giving some improve mental...
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Study on the Governance Path of Civil Aviation Rights Protection in Illegal Way

Linli Yao
On the basis of the definition of the characteristics, the elements and the forms of the civil aviation rights protection in illegal way, dissect the defects in the legal regulation and industry management of the civil aviation rights protection in illegal way. This paper probes into the path of building...
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Survey and Analysis of Resource of Beijing Niu Jie Food Culture

Qun Zhao, Kai Huang, Zhongzhao Chen
Beijing has a long history, food culture is unique. Every day will attract tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists to Niujie tasting food. Due to the influence of religious culture, many Arab countries of the tourists will be attracted, by eating Chinese food to experience the profound Chinese...
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Crisis management at the BBC in light of the Savile, Newsnight and MacAlpine allegations

Yanjin Zheng
This study focuses on the three consecutive BBC crises that happened in 2012 and its use of crisis response strategies and image repair strategies in an attempt to repair the damage. As the media crises are rarely researched, so it is essential to understand the difference of media industry. Benoit's...
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The Conception and Research of Civil Aviation College Education Reform Based on Employment

Qi Qi, Honghu Jiang
This paper propose the civil aviation college education reform goals by analysis CAAC's (Civil Aviation Administration of China) & MOE's (Ministry of Education of China) documents and educational reform practice of guangzhou civil aviation college. The author explain the problem from three aspects, the...
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An Analysis of the Practice of Case Teaching Reform in Private International Law

Yunxia Sun, Jinlei Li, Haifeng Liu
With the promotion of "the belt and road" initiative, international civil and commercial exchanges between Chinese and relevant countries increase, and the demand for resolution to the conflicts of national civil and commercial laws gradually increases too, which challenges the application and teaching...
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Analysis on the Construction and Management of the Practice Base for Product Design Major

Xiaoqin Lu
Practice base is an important place for implementing theories into practice. Since product design is a practical major, strengthening practice base construction is a crucial link in industrial design teaching, guiding students to participate in society, testing, training and improving themselves. While...
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On the Cultivation Methods of Entrepreneurial Talents in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Background of "Internet+"

Dao Zhou
With the reform and change of China's social system, the diversified development of vocation forms imposes unprecedented pressure on the employment of college students, so that the employment mode of college students is gradually changing towards the entrepreneurial mode. Nowadays, the focus of teaching...
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Empirical Analysis of Factors Influencing Agricultural Insurance Coverage in China: A Supply and Demand Perspective

Xuan Zuo, Qiao Zhang
"The cold facts of the supply and demand situation" for agricultural insurance guarantees in China are the key reasons for the current low levels of protection available. Through an analysis of economic principles and domestic and overseas research, we posit the factors influencing the level of agricultural...
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Studies on Howard Goldblatt's Translation Works with the Application of Adaptation and Selection in Translation

Shuxin Dong, Qian Zhang
The essence of the Approach to Translation as Adaptation and Selection is "a translator's adaptation and selection activities in a translational eco-environment", which is called "three-dimensional transformation" and it centers on adaptive selection transformation in linguistic, cultural and communicative...
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The Missing Artistic Conception in Translating Chinese Classical Poems and Its Solutions

Zhihai Chen, Qingyan Li
Tthe artistic conception of ancient Chinese poetry is one of the main difficulties in poetry translation, and it is getting a hot debating topic for translators. Pro. Xu was inspired by other translators' theory and concluded his own practicing experience. Hence the Three Beauties theory was proposed....
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On the Anti - Times of Features in Jia Baoyu's Characters of China's "Noble Son" from the Perspective of Psychology

Yingqun Wang, Pan Zhang, Xin Li, Ying Chen
This article mainly discusses the relationship between the character and psychology of Jia Baoyu in the A Dream of Red Mansion in the first of four famous books of ancient China."Zhi Yanzhai in the review of A Dream of Red Mansions, in fact, has revealed the typical character of Jia Baoyu".This article...
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Guiyang Huaxi District Non-material Cultural Heritage Protection and Tourism Collaborative Model Research

Fei Liu, Gangyin Li
Intangible Cultural Heritage (hereinafter referred to as the non-heritage) and tourism integration is the current trend of industrial integration products, the use of non-heritage resources for tourism to provide a heavy cultural soil, tourism development for the protection and inheritance of the non-heritage...
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On the Semantic Correlation between Chinese Prepositional Case Frame and Predicate Case Frame

Jincheng Ju, Hua Zhang, Qiuju Zhang
Based on the relationship and distinction between prepositional case frames and predicate case frames, this paper gets 26 monosyllable prepositions and 11 sorts of prepositional cases through use of CCL. The analysis shows that Chinese case frame is not parallel but stratificational. Predicate case frames...
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Linguistic Status of Markedness and Its Defining Criteria

Jianhong Yang
The article first addresses the theoretical prerequisites, and then conceptualizes markedness itself by exhibiting different linguistic concepts of markedness, finally, it elucidates the divergent criteria to define markedness, which produces a valid, feasible basis and theoretical rationale for the...
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Research on the Role of Professional Teachers in Overseas Practice of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages: Taking Guilin University of Electronic Technology as an Example

Lin Zhang
This paper discusses the guiding function of professional teachers in overseas teaching practice through survey of overseas practice situation of trainee in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages of Guilin University of Electronic Technology. On this basis, some suggestions are put forward for...
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International Comparative Study of Virtual Currency Supervision in Block Chain

Xin Wen
In order to explore the virtual currency supervision and compare the differences of it in different countries, taking bitcoin as an example, first of all, the measurements for supervising bitcoin are compared between China and America. In addition, the causes for the difference are further analyzed from...
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The Exploration and Innovation of E- Marketing Curriculum Reform Model Based on TOPCARES-CDIO Philosophy

Xiu Tang, Yanqi Wang, Guangning Pu
This research is based on enterprises' needs for personnel in the major of Electronic Commerce under "Internet+" environment, combined with standards and requirements for the talent training scheme, and the cultivation of students' ability for E-commerce enterprise to design lessons. The curriculum design...
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Analysis of Water Shortage Solution Based on Gray Prediction

Xinqiao Zheng
With the increase of population and the change of climate, the problem of water shortage is becoming more and more serious. The global water scarcity has been a critical challenge for human beings in twenty-first Century. Our model takes Beijing that is serious shortage of water for example. We use the...
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Exploration of building multi-dimensional innovation practical platform to cultivate energy chemical engineering students' innovation ability

Xiu Chen, Yongbin Lai, Xiaolin Chen, Mingqiang Chen
Depending on the innovation ability cultivation of students who major in energy chemical engineering in Anhui University of Science and Technology, this paper illustrates the connotation of multi-dimensional innovation practical platform. It puts forward building contents, as well as the goals, and also...
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Research on Constructivism-based Collaborative Learning Mode

Jinbo Bai, Hongbo Li, Jianping Chen
Aiming at the drawbacks that are found by analyzing online teaching at the present, we discuss the impact of concept and technology of Web2.0 on collaborative learning and knowledge construction. In order to improve the quality of online teaching and learning, a new collaborative learning mode is proposed...
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Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of Entrepreneurial University

Chongwen Sun
Under the era of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", innovation and entrepreneurship have become the main driving force for social development in China. As a major battleground, universities have been given more economic missions. And entrepreneurial universities have injected new teaching ideas...
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Analysis on the Development and Trend of Third Party Payment

Guangning Pu, Xiu Tang, Yanqi Wang
After more than 15 years of rapid development, the third party payment institutions have become an important supplement to the service market in China. It has been innovated in terms of payment channels and payment tools. It has satisfied the needs of the majority of enterprises and individuals in terms...
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Transaction Efficiency, Stability and Pricing in Supply Chain Network

Mali Zong
The paper presents measurement method of transaction efficiency and stability in supply chain network for the problem of anti-interference ability in crisis events. Interferences mainly include two forms, transaction chain broken and node reduction. Transaction efficiency, stability and optimum pricing...
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Analysis on Influencing Factors of Price Concession in Expressway PPP Mode

Zhongfu Qin, Xiaodong Wu
In order to make clear influencing factors of the expressway concession price based on PPP model, according to different concession price impact mechanism, three direct influencing factors are figured out by the use of literature review and systematic analysis, including government, the private sector...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Housing Safety Appraisal Institutions Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchical Process Method

Yihua Mao, Haiwei Huang
In this paper, evaluation indexes of housing safety appraisal institutions are identified through the expert interviews and literature review. And on this basis, the evaluation index system is established. Then, fuzzy analytic hierarchy process is used to establish the evaluation model, which quantifies...
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The Impact of Residential Customer Participation on Purchasing Intention: The Mediating Effect of Customer Perceived Valu

Yabing Liu, Hongliang Yu, Yihua Mao
This study explores the influence of customer participation on purchase intention in the process of commercial residential purchasing from the perspective of customer perceived value. The aim of the study is to construct a model in which the customer participation indirectly influences the purchase intention...
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Research on Risk Management Organization of Subway Construction Project Based on Social Network Analysis

Chao Yuan
This article introduces the social network analysis method to analyze the risk management organization of subway construction project. From the two aspects of the whole network and the individual network, this paper analyzes the network density and centrality of the social network structure of subway...
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Analysis of Operating Mechanism and Implementation of Engineering Quality Insurance System

Duo Zhao
The application and development of the engineering quality insurance system in other countries have shown that it has played an important role in ensuring the quality of construction projects. This paper intends to analyze the existing problems of China's engineering quality insurance system from the...
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Research on the Compensation of Construction Scheme Change in EPC Projects

Tong Zheng
Because of the particularity of the Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) mode of the integration of design and construction. In the contract, there is no specific definition of the right and responsibility identification after the change of the construction scheme, which leads to a series disputes....
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Defining the Scope of Professional Subcontracting under the EPC General Contracting Mode

Liu Liu
EPC general contracting mode was widely used in many large engineering construction at home and abroad, with specialized subcontracting management as the mainstay, the mutually beneficial management model of labor service enterprises has become very popular. However, the relevant laws and regulations...
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Research on the Claim of Duration and Cost Based on the Model of Different Engineering Contracts

Meijing Wang
In the "The Belt and Road" vision, Chinese engineering develops rapidly in foreign country. Engineering claims and their management have been the weak links in the field of engineering construction, mainly reflected in the legal system is not perfect, the claim consciousness is weak, the lack of experience...
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Research on Port Logistics Synergy in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Under the Green Perspective

Chang Liu
The port in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei is an important strategic node port of The Silk Road Economic Belt. This paper takes the port logistics system in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei as the research object, establishes the synergetic theory model under the green perspective, selects the yearbook data from...
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Research on Business Process Management of Engineering Cost Consulting Enterprise

Liming Xia, Nan Lin, Yue Li
Nowadays, the competition in the engineering cost consulting industry is becoming more and fiercer, and how to distinguish the cost consulting company from the industry is a subject worthy of further study. In this background, from the Angle of the consulting enterprise, introducing process management...
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Iron-smelting Blast Furnace Discovered around Handan in Early Times

Yanxiang Li, Ronggeng Wang
This paper discusses the blast furnaces found in iron smelting sites discovered around Handan in early times and analyzes the difference between the blast furnaces around Handan and those in different areas of China in different periods from the aspects of structure, shape, material, and age.