Proceedings of the Thirteenth Conference on Applied Linguistics (CONAPLIN 2020)

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Cultural Contents of an EFL Textbook

How is the Potential for Students’ Intercultural Communicative Competence Development During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

Ahmad Sugianto, Yanty Wirza
Culture constitutes an inseparable part of language teaching and learning process. Using the framework advocated by Cortazzi and Jin (1999) and Yuen (2011), this study aims to scrutinize the potential use of a vocational high school textbook to facilitate students’ intercultural communicative competence...
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Transitivity Analysis of Kamala Harris’ 2020 Presidential Victory Speech Concerning COVID-19

Alfath Eka Liani, Annisa Annidi, Yanty Wirza
Language plays a vital role in political speech as it comes in a form of argument shaping and speech presenting which often contain a set of beliefs called ideology. It gets even more crucial when the speech is delivered as a presidential victory speech from developed countries such as the USA. Hence,...
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Students’ Voices on the Teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills Through WhatsApp-mediated EFL Online Discussion

Amrin Hasibuan, Sri Setyarini, Pupung Purnawarman
There has been a significant rise in the use of social media as platforms for online teaching and learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. WhatsApp as one of learning platforms used by many institutions has given a high contribution in supporting the success of the online learning. The aim of this study...
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EFL Students’ Perception on the Use of Debate in Speaking Classroom

Andini Amaylia Putri, Rojab Siti Rodliyah
Speaking is one of the skills to master in any language learning. In EFL context, mastering speaking skills can be challenging due to the limited exposure to the target language and chance to use it in a real communication. Therefore, teachers need to choose appropriate techniques in their speaking class...
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The Evaluation of Genre-based Approach Cycle Implementation in Tasks Organization of Curriculum 2013 English Textbook for 9th Grade Students

Anggi Angraeni, Yanty Wirza
Bahasa Inggris-Think Globally, Act Locally was developed by Puskurbuk and has become the standardized book for ninth grade English learning in national schools in Indonesia. Thus, this book is expected to be averagely applicable to use in most schools in the country. However, at an initial interview,...
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Cross-Cultural Teaching Construction in Textbook for Foreign Language Learning

Ari Nursenja Rivanti, Vidi Sukmayadi
The cultural aspect of learning a second/foreign language is directed at the introduction and cultural insight of the target language to learners so that they can use it as a background knowledge when they live in the target country/target language. Students are introduced to the target language culture...
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English Competitive Debating Challenges

Teachers’ Voices

Ariefinara Hernawan, Fazri Nur Yusuf
English competitive debating is currently on the rise at the varsity level due to its extensive English four skills enhancement. However, some students find it challenging to win the debate. This study investigated the challenges the debate teachers face when preparing their students to compete in the...
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Evaluation of an English Textbook

Does ‘English in Mind’ Promote Critical Thinking Skills?

Bernard Richard Nainggolan, Yanty Wirza
Critical thinking skills have become one of the most needed skills in the 21-st century era. Therefore, teaching and learning must situate to support critical thinking skills, that is through the use of the textbook. This study aims to investigate to the manifestation of critical thinking skills in the...
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Move Analysis on Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts: Contrastive Study

Bestari Kirana Putri, Eri Kurniawan, Wawan Gunawan, Arif Husein Lubis
Move analysis has been a topic of interest for the past decade. It investigates the rhetorical structure of a text as in the moves and the steps employed in a text, for instance in a research abstract. An abstract is the road map to a research article, it has important functions as a screening device...
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Vocabulary Coverage and Reading Comprehension of University EFL Learners

Boniesta Melani, Sudirman Willian, Kurniawan Apgrianto, Husnul Lail
The knowledge of vocabulary is positively associated with second language learners’ reading ability. Knowing at least 95% of vocabulary contained in the reading passages is necessary for adequate reading comprehension. This study measures Second Language (L2) learners’ vocabulary coverage of six reading...
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Insights from Students’ Perspective of 9GAG Humorous Memes Used in EFL Classroom

Budi Eko Pranoto, Suprayogi
Funny memes, circulating on the internet, are easily accessible media to produce laughter in any setting, including teaching-learning setting. The laughter resulted can be crucial to tackle barriers of communication for educational purposes. This paper is aimed at revealing EFL learners’ perception of...
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The Nuances of Active Learning Model in English for Professional Nurses

Deddy Suryana, Amanda Puspanditaning Sejati, Agus Suherman
Achieving the purpose of learning is one of the objectives of education implementation. Learning models selection that suit the learning objectives and students’ characteristics can be a contributing factor to learning goal achievement. One of the learning models that is in line with Merdeka Belajar...
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Home Literacy Environment to Support the Teaching English to Young Learner (TEYL)

Dedeh Juliah, Bachrudin Musthafa, Yanty Wirza
Indonesian literacy culture still has been in a very worrying condition. The study was aimed to know how often do the upper-level students and their parents practice literacy activities and how the home literacy environment supports the TEYL. This present study was a case study of 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade...
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Flipgrid: A Pathway to Enhance Students’ Speaking Performance

Della Nuridah Kartika Sari Amirulloh, Ika Lestari Damayanti, Ellen Citraningrum
The aim of the study was to explore the use of Flipgrid’s features as students’ learning support to improve their speaking skills. Utilizing a case study, the present research involved nineteen students of the Department of English Education in a public university in Bandung, West Java. The data were...
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Teacher Technology Uptake in Indonesian EFL Classes

Delpani Selpia, Pupung Purnawarman
Technology is becoming increasingly integrated into teaching environments in terms of enhancing students’ engagement and facilitating teaching. Technology as one of the important tools in helping the success of 21st-century learning requires students to use it appropriately in accessing information....
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GBA in Teaching Writing to Scaffold Students in Online Learning

Desi Sri Ayu Hutabarat, Wawan Gunawan
A Genre Based Approach (GBA) is the concept of teaching to teach students in the text level by involving the stages of teaching that follows the concept of scaffolding. Some scholars had tried to contextualize, and to see the portrait of how GBA implemented in the teaching of writing in various levels....
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Students’ Identity in Multicultural Education

Reflection on Communication Practice

Dhia Hasanah, Yanty Wirza
The lack of facilities and quality education in some rural areas has been a notorious problem in our education. Students sometimes choose to migrate to a new place to fulfil their human rights in getting a quality education that takes place in multicultural settings in order to gain a new identity construction....
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The Lexicogrammar of Hate Speech

The Case of Comments Responding to “New Zealand Mass Shooting” Online News Video

Diah Ikawati Ayuningtias, Oikurema Purwati, Pratiwi Retnaningdyah
This study aims to investigate the hate speech appearing in the comment section of YouTube channel entitled “New Zealand Mass Shooting in the Christchurch mosque” through the lexicogrammar of SFL’s interpersonal meaning, i.e., MOOD and modality. This study employed qualitative approach. Using content...
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Rhetorical Move Analysis in Humanities and Hard Science Students’ Undergraduate Thesis Abstracts

Dian Pratiwi, Budi Hermawan, Rd. Dian Muniroh
Abstract is an important part of an undergraduate thesis that contains a summary of the entire data. A good abstract must be patterned well using a rhetorical move. This study aims to identify the rhetorical move used in abstracts by Humanities and Hard Science students in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia....
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A Move Analysis of Research Article Introduction Written by Indonesian Authors: The Case of Soft and Hard Sciences

Dian Setiawati, Siti Nurzihan Nabilla, Didi Suherdi, Eri Kurniawan, Wawan Gunawan, Arif Husein Lubis
In scholarly international publication, the introduction is often seen by journal reviewers as the pivotal place to assess the contribution of the research. Therefore, genre analyses of research article introduction keep being concerned by many researchers of English for academic purposes to generate...
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An Investigation Into Foreign Pre-Service Teacher’s Intelligibility in an International Teaching Program

Dini Nur Afifah, Yanty Wirza
In this globalization era, schools have grown diverse where in one classroom both teachers and students do not share the same language and culture. This condition gains interests from pre-service teachers to be participating in international teaching practicum programs. To be successful in this program,...
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Exploring Students’ Learning Engagement in EFL Online Classroom

Dwi Sloria Suharti, Didi Suherdi, Sri Setyarini
Due to the pandemic era, the Indonesian government proposes all schooling through online learning, including learning English. The study of students’ engagement in EFL online learning is scarce in Indonesia. The aim of this study investigates students’ engagement in EFL online classrooms in a vocational...
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Impoliteness in English as a Foreign Language Virtual Classroom: The Strategies and Its intentions

Elsah Amaliah, Ahmad Bukhori Muslim
The adaption of online learning for whole level education all over the world is happening along this year, then each university student has different expression to reveal what they mean in the virtual classroom. However, the interaction in online learning atmosphere is needed, the students might have...
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Rhetorical Moves Analysis in Soft and Hard Science Lecturers’ Master’s Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts

Fadlila Ghifarina Gani, Eri Kurniawan, Wawan Gunawan, Arif Husein Lubis
Move analysis is usually used to analyse academic writing and to investigate the rhetorical pattern of the text. However, the analysis of rhetorical moves in the abstract of lecturers’ final paper in different disciplines may not have been done. This study aims to analyse and compare the rhetorical moves...
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Rhetorical Move Analysis in Students’ Abstracts Across Degrees

Fanny Putri, Budi Hermawan, Rd. Dian Muniroh
Abstract section of a thesis represents the whole text. It is the first thing that the readers will read and decides whether the readers will read the text as a whole or not. As a summary of the whole text, it is comprehensible that in writing abstracts, authors may put a lot of information compactly....
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English Learning Achievement of Multilingual Learners Through Digital Literacy Practices

Fauris Zuhri
Developing and implementing digital literacy practices for multilingual learners can gradually enhance their achievement of learning English. They have different first language backgrounds by developing and implementing digital literacy practices in multilingual learners, progressively, but they are...
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Students’ Need Analysis on Prose Studies Course in English Literature

Fety Surfaifel, Yanty Wirza
Need analysis is the opening stage in program scheme and provision rationality and relevance and those after that program activity in architecture. This study aims to describe the students’ need for a Prose Studies course in the English Literature Study Program Universitas Flores. The approach used in...
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Students’ Perceptions Towards the Use of Podcasts in Listening Class

Fiena Intan Rachmaniputri, Pupung Purnawarman, Muhammad Handi Gunawan
The development of technology is believed to accommodate teachers in creating new environment in learning English. Podcasts are considered to provide an authentic learning material in teaching English, especially for teaching listening. This study is aimed to investigate students’ perception towards...
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Needs Analysis of English for Specific Purposes in Vocational High School Level

Fresa Permata Sari, Yanty Wirza
This paper aims to investigate the needs of the Office Authorization and Governance students in learning English in terms of target needs, learning needs, and present situation. The study employed a case study method where the data were gained from the interview to one English teacher of one of the vocational...
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An Analysis of Cohesion and Coherence of Descriptive Texts Written by Junior High School Students

Galis Muthia Zahra, Emi Emilia, Iyen Nurlaelawati
The study aims to investigate the cohesion and coherence of descriptive texts written by seventh grade junior high school students. This study was conducted in the even semester of the 2019/2020 academic year during the Covid-19 pandemic. This study used a qualitative case study design, and the data...
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An Analysis on Language Content and Readability Level of Primary English Textbook

Gayatri Mayang Handayani, Yanty Wirza
Teaching English is not easy. Teachers will sacrifice their time and energy to prepare better students in a constantly growing competitive environment. Textbook is one of many media that is used by the teacher to teach their students. So, choosing the textbook should be done selectively. This study was...
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Grounding in Online Communication

Using Emojis to Support Electronic Discourse in the Chatroom

Hany Apriliani, Ahmad Bukhori Muslim
A growing body of research has documented how people manage common ground in basic conversational settings. However, research is scarce when it comes to negotiating common ground in online interactions. This study was carried out to fill this gap. The purpose was to examine how people used emojis to...
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Emojis in Indonesian Intergenerational Family WhatsApp Group

Ihsan Nur Iman Faris, Dian Budiarti, Andrian Permadi
This study aims to investigate the use of emojis in an Indonesian Intergenerational family WhatsApp group to reveal the types and functions of emojis used in the setting where members from various gender and age groups communicate online. The participants were 26 male and 16 female WhatsApp users aged...
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Collaborative Writing and Peer Feedback Practices Using Google Docs

Ika Lestari Damayanti, Nur Hafiz Abdurahman, Lala Wulandari
This paper explored how six senior high school students can be supported to write collaboratively using Google Docs. It also identified types of feedback provided by the students during the collaborative writing activities. The present study employed case study involving six students. The data were collected...
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Construction of “Objectivity” in Translated Pikiran Rakyat News Report

Thematic Structures Analysis in Covid-19 Topic

Indah Arti Fisilla, Syihabuddin
This study aims to analyse the patterns of Thematic structures and types of translation shifts signified in Pikiran Rakyat Newspaper. This paper used a qualitative method to find the differences of the objectivity between the source text and target text in terms of thematic and translation shifts that...
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Narrative Experiences of Indonesian Academic Sojourners Studying Master’s Degree in English-Speaking Countries: A Cross-Case Analysis

Irfan Rifai, Ade Rizki Mohammad
The study of academic sojourners’ experience has been discussed and reported from different perspectives such as social, cultural and linguistic, which are generally contextualized in a single case. Little empirical evidence has been framed from language education lens, particularly on the cross-case...
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When Content and Culture Attack Strike

A Teacher’s Perspective on the Use of Textbook

Ismiati Purwaningsih Subiana, Yanty Wirza
A textbook is considered as one of the important components to the teaching and learning program specifically in the English as Foreign Language (EFL) setting. The textbook not only becomes a framework for the teacher in achieving the aim and objectives of the learning but also serves as guidance in...
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Globalization, English, and Identity Construction

A Narrative Inquiry

Isti Siti Saleha Gandana, Luthfiah Nissa
Language is fundamental in shaping one’s identity. In today’s borderless world, how we see, define and position ourselves appear to be, to a varying degree, interconnected to a host of ‘globalizing forces’, such as English. Drawing on Bhabha’s (1994) notion of hybridity and Gomzina’s (2012) multi-layered...
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Explanation Genre in the Mostly Viewed TED Talks

Contribution of the Generic Structure to the Appeal of the Talks

Iwa Lukmana, Riesky, Luthfi Variant Hanif
The control over the way a genre is structured is meant to achieve the social function of the text, i.e., the purpose for which the text is written. A good generic structure provides the audience with logical cues so that they can easily follow the flow of ideas presented in the text. This study aims...
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An Online Professional Learning Program for Supporting Vocational School Teachers’ Online Classroom via WhatsApp Group

Iyen Nurlaelawati, Ika Lestari Damayanti, Jeani Shinta Rahayu
This descriptive study reports an online professional learning program of vocational schoolteachers aiming to support the teachers’ pedagogic practice in using WhatsApp groups for their online classrooms. Specifically, the study examined the teachers’ learning experiences during the training and their...
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Subliminal and Supraliminal Effects of Metaphors on Brain Activity

Neuropragmatics Analysis in Hypnotherapy Speech Act

Jatmika Nurhadi, Aceng Ruhendi Saifullah
Hypnotherapists commonly use metaphors in their suggestions. In hypnotherapy suggestions, metaphors contain a spoken effect. However, until now, metaphors in hypnotherapy speech on brain activity have not been specifically studied. The purpose of this study was to obtain a description of which brain...
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An Anxiety Phenomenon in Reading Scientific Articles in Indonesian and English: A Neurolinguistics Analysis

Jatmika Nurhadi, Rosita Rahma, Lestari Kusuma Dewi, Aswan
This study aims to describe the activation of anxiety in reading scientific articles in Indonesian and English. Activation of anxiety was assessed based on brain tomography when reading was performed. This study used a one-shot case study. The elements described were the interpretations of the results...
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EFL Pre-service Teachers’ Challenges in Teaching Practice Program: A Narrative Inquiry

Jesika Aprilia Nababan, Lulu Laela Amalia
The paper aimed to reveal the challenges that were encountered by EFL pre-service teachers. The study involved three EFL Pre-service teachers who conducted their teaching practice program in their eighth semester. The research method of this study was narrative inquiry, and the data were gained by using...
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The Implementation of an English Teacher’s Identity

Teacher-Student Relation, Professionalism, and Religious Beliefs

Khusna Irfiana, Geby Devtiana Maryono, Lala Nurlatifah, Eri Kurniawan
In recent years, identity has become a critical factor in teacher training as this affects the teaching practice in the classroom. However, many teachers remain confused about their identity as teachers, as persons, and as professionals who may lead to an identity crisis. This narrative study aims to...
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Illocution Gesture in Broca Aphasia Patients

Lilis Hartini, Dadang Sudana, Wawan Gunawan
Broca aphasia is a language disorder that occurs due to stroke in the left hemisphere of the brain and has an impact on impaired functional communication skills. People affected by Broca’s aphasia will have difficulty in producing and expressing words in the form of verbal language so that the word production...
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Why Preservice Teacher Empowerment with Five Dimension Matters in Language Pedagogy Context

Maisa, Didi Suherdi, Bachrudin Musthafa
Why Preservice teacher Empowerment matters in teaching language at teacher education program. Nevertheless, the conservative teaching practices often have the effect of disempowering students. The process of Student empowerment is the iterative process, which engages five integrated dimension such as...
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Model Operating of Field Experience Program in Improving of Novice English Teachers

Martinus Lafu Salu, Yanty Wirza
This study examined model operating of field experience program of English Study Program of Timor University. The purposes of the field experience program are to identify the strengths, weaknesses, the successful model of preparing new English teacher professional through field experience program. The...
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The Use of Technology to Promote Learner Autonomy in Teaching English

Melvina, Nenden Sri Lengkanawati, Yanty Wirza
This study aimed at investigating EFL teachers’ perceptions of the use of technology to promote learner autonomy in teaching English. A focus group research was used as its design with qualitative analysis for data interpretation. The participants of the study were five English teachers who teach English...
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Still Young But Full-Fledged Democracy

An Analysis of Conceptual Metaphor of Indonesian Democracy

Muhammad Adam, Adi Prautomo
This paper examines the Indonesian Democracy as the target domain of conceptual metaphor used in foreign media news reports around the 2019 general election. The study aims to identify the sub-topics of the target domain related to Indonesian Democracy and further to describe the highlighted image and...
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Youth Responses Towards Internet Memes of Covid-19 Protocols

Mundi Rahayu
Internet memes as digital items with particular purposes and circulated via internet by many platforms has played important roles in online communication. In the context of Covid-19 pandemic, online communication is important channels that people use to communicate each other. In mitigating the pandemic,...
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Teaching English in a Rural School

How the Pandemic Affects Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices

Muthia Shahnaz, Isti Siti Saleha Gandana
Indonesian rural teachers are known to have particular obstacles in teaching English. The obstacles are lack of learning sources, inadequate facilities, language barriers, demotivated students, unsupportive parents, and damaged road access. These obstacles seem to have been exacerbated by the current...
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Lexical Ambiguity on Haninpost (한인포스트) Newspaper Advertisements

Nadhifah Salsabila, Didi Sukyadi, Risa Triarisanti
This research aims is to determine (1) lexical ambiguity in Haninpost newspaper advertisements (한인포스트) and the meaning contained in these lexical ambiguities and (2) the cause of lexical ambiguity in Haninpost newspaper advertisements. This research is motivated by the possibility of misinterpretation...
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Writing Anxiety in Academic Writing Practice

Insights from EFL Learners’ Perspectives

Naelul Rohmah, Ahmad Bukhori Muslim
As an essential part of EFL academic practices, writing is the most required skill in higher-education context. Subsequently, the requirement of having a high command of English writing skill emerges as one of the most important criteria for qualified EFL graduates. In reality, many students are still...
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Discrete-Item Approach Model in the Teaching of Listening for Basic Level Learners of Indonesian Language for the Speakers of Other Languages

Nais Ambarsari, Yeti Mulyati
Listening skills are an important part of communication and are the basis of learning a second or foreign language. The time estimated in adult human communication activities is 45% for listening, 30% for speaking, 16% for reading, and 9% for writing (Rivers & Temperley, 1978). Listening skills for...
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Politeness Speech of Students and Lecture in Online Learning Process at A Polytechnic in Manokwari

Nathalia Renhoard
In the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the online learning process took over the previous mode of face-to-face meeting. By using Zoom meeting and WhatsApp, the lecture invited the students to join the online class. This research focused on the students from the third semester of the development of agriculture...
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Cross-Linguistic Influence on a Bilingual Child’s Phonological Development

Ni Luh Putu Sri Adnyani
Cross-linguistic influences (CLIs) are the effects of one language on another where a grammatical property from one language is incorporated into the other. This paper investigates CLI occurring in an Indonesian-German bilingual child’s speech, particularly from the aspect of phonology. The data has...
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English Teaching Media During Pandemic

A Case Study in Primary School Level

Nia Roistika
The outbreak of Covid-19 has massively changed the way of teaching and learning. As what has been stated by the Minister of Education and Culture, Indonesia focused on the health and safety of all the citizens. Thus, schools and colleges closures were decided in order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus...
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“Where would child lit fits”: Encapsulating Topics in Early Literacy

Nicke Yunita Moecharam, Della N Kartika Sari A.
The following paper is a synthesized paper on the topics of Early (emergent bilinguals) literacy, with an overview of how early literacy is applied in the North American countries. Having to study the body of knowledge in early literacy topics, this paper also attempts to explore some possible practices...
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Learning Quality of an English Tutorial Program: Students’ and Tutors’ Perspectives

Noer Risky Ramadhani, Sitthipon Art-In
The concept of improving the quality of education is one of the paradigms of education management in Indonesia. Thus, learning quality in a program could be taken as an important part in improving the quality of education. Many schools and universities provide language tutorial program, to improve their...
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The Representation of World Englishes and Cultural Themes in Senior High School English Textbooks in Indonesia

Nur Jannah Ismi Wakhidah, Hepy Adityarini
The existence of different varieties of English around the world and frequent contact among the speakers of these varieties have significant implication particularly for raising cultural awareness in order to be successful in intercultural communication. This study investigates the depiction of variaties...
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Utilization of Internationally Published Textbooks within Curriculum 2013: Practice and Tension

Nurdiana Mahdalena Sinurat, Bachrudin Musthafa, Yanty Wirza
The utilization of internationally published textbooks may pose problems in English language teaching in Indonesia context within Curriculum 2013. It is problematic because both have different goals in leading the process of teaching. Taking places at two private schools in Bandung, using multiple case...
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Exploring Learning to Learn

Metacognitive Strategies Covered in the Indonesian EFL Textbooks

Pipit Prihartanti Suharto, Ika Lestari Damayanti
Learning to learn, originally developed in the European context, is considered as a key goal in the 21st-century curriculum. It requires metacognitive strategies to be included into the learning so as to allow learners to think about how they learn, in addition to what they learn. Unfortunately, in the...
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Covid 19 Memes in Social Media Instagram

Semiotics-Pragmatics Studies

Prapti Wigati Purwaningrum, Aceng Ruhendi Saifullah, Dadang Sudana
Since early 2021, Indonesia is one of the affected countries of Covid 19 pandemic. The rapidly and highly spread of this virus forces people to have some changes of way of life. In the middle of March, Indonesian government makes policy of implementing PSBB (large-scale social restriction) instead of...
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English as Foreign Language Students’ Understanding and Knowledge of Critical Digital Literacy

Raden Aulia Utami Hidayat, Didi Suherdi, Pupung Purnawarman
The rapid dissemination of information through the printing press has shifted in the 21st century as the digital text has become so widespread. In this century, the text comes from various modalities, ranging from traditional texts to technology-based texts. Students are expected to develop a high level...
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The Student-Created Podcast to Facilitate EFL Speaking

A Case Study in Online Environment

Radina Anggun Nurisma, Eny Kusumawati
Online learning is a growing movement of the twenty first century as well as the development of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). The online learning also has been used in second language learning, especially English. Several studies have been implemented concerning how the online learning...
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The Challenges of Using Online Authentic Materials in Reading Classroom for First-Year EFL Students

Rahma Dania, Annisha Dyuli Adha
Authentic reading materials can be widely obtained from the internet nowadays. Exposing students with many real-life reading materials is necessary, but it cannot be denied that the use of such materials gives challenges to the students in comprehending them. This study attempted to explore the challenges...
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Levels of Discourse Information in Indonesian

Patterns from Traditional and Modern Short Stories

Rama Munajat
This paper reports on a multi-level discourse information structure in Indonesian and how each level is signalled, an expanded analysis beyond contrasting background to foreground information, the main focus of the earlier studies on classic Malay, Indonesian, and Sundanese texts. Additionally, these...
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Evaluating EFL Students’ Attitudes Towards Cultural Differences

Conversation analysis of Intercultural Communication

Ratna Andhika Mahaputri, Friska Rofianti Dewi, Pupung Purnawarman
Anchored from Byram’s model (1997; 2000) of Intercultural Communicative Competence (ICC) namely knowledge, attitudes, skills of interpreting and relating, skills of discovery and interaction, and critical cultural awareness, this study explores the relevance of the conversation analytic perspective for...
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Experiment on a Transformer Model Indonesian-to-Sundanese Neural Machine Translation with Sundanese Speech Level Evaluation

Restu Bias Primandhika, Muhammad Nadzeri Munawar, Aceng Ruhendi Saifullah
Speech level is one of the essential Sundanese language elements. As Indonesian mixed within Sundanese language use, the usage of speech level is gradually degrading. Indonesian, in order to get correct word choice in Sundanese language, social contexts may refer to many sources such as a dictionary,...
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Terms of Kinship in the Sundanese Society

Retty Isnendes
The Indonesian nation consists of hundreds of tribes. There is a traditional knowledge that stores information, values, and intelligence that is unique but universal. Knowledge of kinship is stored in the local language with the terms used by each tribe. Likewise, it applies to the Sundanese tribe. In...
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Pecha Kucha Technique in Developing Students’ Speaking Skills of a Foreign Language

Ridzky Firmansyah Fahmi, Ida Widia
This research is motivated by the lack of speaking ability of foreign students who have not been able to pronounce words accurately. The difficulty experienced by foreign students is caused by the desire to immediately end the speaking activities when they are given certain topics due to limited vocabulary....
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Promoting Students’ Higher-Order Thinking Skills Through Teacher’s Feedback in an EFL Classroom

Ris Ariska, Gin Gin Gustine, Sri Setyarini
Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) has been mandated in the 2013 Curriculum in Indonesia. Despite a growing number of studies on how HOTS and the 2013 Curriculum are interrelated, only a few studies on how students particularly in a lower level of education have reported their classroom experience with...
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Identifying Negotiation for Meaning Strategies Among Low Proficient Learners

Risa Fitria
Drawing on Long’s (1985, 1996) cognitive and Vygotsky’s (1978) sociocultural theory, this study used peer interaction to identify conversational interaction strategies that low proficient learners employ when completing communicative tasks. This study was conducted to document negotiation for meaning...
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Assertive Speech Act of President Moon Jae-In’s Speeches as a Representation of South Korea Diplomacy Towards North Korea

Rizka Adlina Veriza, Didi Sukyadi, Risa Triarisanti
This research is a descriptive qualitative research which has a purpose to uncover the diplomatic representation of South Korea towards North Korea by using the study of assertive speech-act. The data of this research are speech videos of president Moon Jae-In taken from YouTube with its transcription...
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Pragmatic Relevance Theories in Interpreting Indonesian Covid-19 Memes

Romadhon, Ahmad Bukhori Muslim
Internet memes are widely used as a way to respond and express issues related to Covid-19. However, the interpretation of memes comprehensively involving contextual events and theoretical frameworks to make meaning potential is not common among users. This study was conducted to investigate Pragmatic...
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How Do Novice and Experienced Indonesian Authors Rhetorically Organize Research Article Introduction?

Salma Nabilla, Sahira Nurul Luthfianda, Didi Suherdi, Eri Kurniawan, Wawan Gunawan, Arif Husein Lubis
Research article introduction, among other sections, plays a pivotal role in illuminating the significance of the research topic being investigated and in situating the contribution of the research to the body of knowledge in the field. A quality introduction can determine the successful publication...
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Teacher Talk in EFL Online Classes at Indonesian Tertiary Level

Sandy Wirawan, Sahiruddin
This study examines the nature and types of teacher talk in an Indonesian EFL tertiary setting. The research design of this study is descriptive qualitative along with naturalistic study for analysing the data. The methods of data collection of this study were observation and documentation. In this regard,...
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The Plosive Sound Change in Indonesian Final -k Syllabic Words

A Case Study of Indonesian Acehnese Readers

Septhia Irnanda, Sabrina, Zaiyana Putri, Nurul Inayah, Nyak Mutia Ismail, Marisa Yoestara
This study examines the sound shift from plosive /ʔ/ to /k/ as a coda in final -k syllabic words, such as duduk, anak, bisik, and pojok in the Indonesian-Aceh dialect. The Indonesian dialect developed in Aceh province area has /ʔ/ variant for most words with final-k spelt syllables. However, due to the...
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Personal Metadiscourse Features on TED Talks by British Speakers

Shanty A.Y.P.S Duwila, Yeni Probowati
The present research aims to analyze types and functions of personal metadiscourse used by native speakers (British) during their performance on TED Talks. The study applied Ädel’s (2006) taxonomy of personal metadiscourse in academic discourses to capture the occurrences of personal metadiscourse. Personal...
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Exploring Engagement on Teacher’s Speech to Student in Counseling Service

Siti Haryati, Iwa Lukmana, Wawan Gunawan
This study is about appraisal system which focuses on the engagement realized by the counsellor (Guidance and counselling teacher) in counselling service. It is a qualitative one since it describes the use of language in the natural situation, that is, in a counselling service. This study takes place...
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Teacher Practice on Online Formative Assessment

Siti Nurfiqah, Fazri Nur Yusuf
This paper aims to investigate (1) the struggles teacher encounters in his/her school’s online formative assessments, and (2) the strategies teacher employs to deal with struggles in his/her school’s online formative assessments. This research applied a qualitative study approach. A three year-experienced...
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Fostering Students’ Critical Reading Through Digital Short Story Trailer Project

Sophia Fithri Al-Munawwarah, Gin Gin Gustine, Bachrudin Musthafa
Literacy teaching by utilizing technology is not a new yet has been well-developed in numerous studies. In order to augment this growing topic, the present study delineated EFL students experience in interpreting the content of English texts and reviewed the texts through video trailer. This article...
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Synchronous Computer-Mediated Interactions in English

A Case of Indonesian Learners-English Non-native Speakers Communication

Suci Tresna Dewi Handayani, Sri Setyarini, Fazri Nur Yusuf
This paper aims to investigate to what extent Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication with non-native speakers of English affects Engineering students’ speaking skills, and how the use of SCMC in speaking practice is perceived by the students. Grounded in an ex post facto design, the data were gained...
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Analysis of Teachers’ Voices of Learner Autonomy in EFL Online Learning Context

Sulistia Ningsih, Fazri Nur Yusuf
Autonomy of English language learners in a technology-supported learning environment has attracted much academic interest. However, learner autonomy in the Indonesian EFL setting has not commonly been considered as an important teaching and learning objective. Additionally, studies on teachers’ voices...
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Evaluation of an ESP Textbook Entitled “Practice Your English Competence”

Teacher’s and Students’ Perspectives

Susan Santika, Yanty Wirza
Students’ needs should be taken into consideration in choosing textbooks for a vocational high school. This research aims to evaluate the relevance of a textbook entitled “Practice Your English Competence” to students’ needs of the multimedia major based on teachers’ and students’ perspectives. Data...
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Move Analysis of Master’s Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts in English and Indonesian

Syifa Nanda Pratiwi, Eri Kurniawan, Wawan Gunawan, Arif Husein Lubis
Move Analysis is an analytical approach to text identification and has been used to evaluate various types of genres, such as academic paper, thesis, essay, etc. However, research that focuses on the manifestation of abstract discourse patterns in master’s theses and doctoral dissertation has not been...
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Assessing Students’ Speaking Skill in Online EFL Speaking Course Through Students’ Self-made YouTube videos

Syifa Safira Shofatunnisa, Didi Sukyadi, Pupung Purnawarman
In online EFL speaking course, the teaching and learning activity in the classroom held through the Web 2.0 technologies. Since COVID-19 was announced as national pandemic, all the teaching and learning activities need to be held through online platforms. This also includes the task given to the students,...
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Move Analysis of Thesis and Dissertation Abstracts of Local and International Graduate Lecturers

Tara Devina Putri, Eri Kurniawan, Wawan Gunawan, Arif Husein Lubis
Move analysis is one of the genre-based approaches used to analyse the rhetorical structure of academic writing, in which one of them is research abstracts. While rhetorical moves of RA abstract are considerably looked into, the abstract of theses and dissertations is under-explored. The present study...
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The Rhetorical Moves of Abstracts Written by the Authors in the Field of Hard Sciences

Tasya Maharani Ramadhini, Isti Tri Wahyuni, Nida Tsania Ramadhani, Eri Kurniawan, Wawan Gunawan, R. Dian Dia-an Muniroh
Academicians are required to publish international journals which abstract written in English and their native language; however, writing in English for non-native English speakers is not easy. There are some issues that are faced by academicians regarding abstracts writing, such as different writing...
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Students’ Perceptions of Teacher Talk Through Online Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic

Teika Ameiratrini, Eri Kurniawan
Today’s case of coronavirus pandemic forces the teaching and learning process to be conducted online. The students’ perceptions of ultimate English classroom interaction especially on how teacher uses their talk are considered a crucial issue to be investigated. Many students feel reluctant to be active...
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Metacognitive Strategies by Low Achieving Students in Reading Multimodal Texts

Theresia Manalu, Yanty Wirza
Despite many findings of the consistent activation of metacognitive reading strategies by successful students on various reading texts, metacognitive reading strategies have been less investigated on low achieving students towards multimodal text modes. This paper attempts to explore the metacognitive...
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Oral Peer Feedback in Online Settings to Foster Self-Regulated Learning

Students Perceptions and Preferences

Tina Priyantin, Nenden Sri Lengkanawati, Didi Suherdi
Online peer feedback is believed to influence students’ progress more effectively and efficiently since it provides more interesting learning and evaluation. However, there were only some studies which relate peer feedback and self-regulated learning. A qualitative method was adopted with observations...
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An Evaluation on English for Pharmacy Class

Students’ Perception

Tri Agustini Solihati, Nurti Rahayu
English for Specific Purpose is a learning program specially designed to meet students’ needs in a particular area. One such area is English for pharmacy, which is taught at the pharmacy academy. However, not many pieces of research are devoted to investigating the learners’ needs in pharmacy. This research...
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University Students’ Digital Literacy Competence

A Case Study with Learning Management System

Untari Gunta Pertiwi, Bachrudin Musthafa
In this digital age, processing online information shapes a new form of literacy that emerges Digital Literacy (DL) and capability on this becomes a necessity for citizen in global and digital era therefore this study aims to cultivate digital literacy in Critical Reading Class, a general subject for...
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An Analysis of Multimodal Text in EFL Textbook of Secondary School in Indonesia in Assisting Students’ Text Understanding

Weny Fitriana, Yanty Wirza
The existence of images in the textbook has brought many benefits to the EFL Classroom. The research on multimodality in EFL textbooks has been largely conducted. However, there is a lack of research that focuses on the textbook’s verbal and visual elements. Therefore, this study aims to analyze the...
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English for Seafarers

Need Analysis and Course Design for Cadets

Windiahsari, Tsou Wen-li
Any different professions use English for communication media. For the last decade many different levels of schools and institution have taught English to fulfil the learners need. For example, English for academic writing, public speaking, hospitality, English for seaman and other professional fields....
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The Syntactic and Semantic Problems of Libyan Students in Using Phrasal Verbs to Compose English Texts

Zaied Saad Shouran
The study aimed to explore the presence of syntactic and semantic issues in the use of phrasal verbs for writing English texts among Libyan students and to explain the intrusion in the use of phrasal verbs between syntactic and semantic issues. The study used a descriptive qualitative approach with qualitative...
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Analysis of Translation Techniques in Thesis Abstracts of English and Indonesian Language and Literature Undergraduate Students

Zalinda Firdausyiah, Budi Hermawan, Dian Dia-an Muniroh
Writing a quality abstract is important because abstract is a factor that determine whether a paper is worth to read or not. For researchers or students whose first language is not English, translation techniques must be taken into consideration as well, especially if they aim for international publication....