Proceedings of the Eleventh Conference on Applied Linguistics (CONAPLIN 2018)

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How Islam is Represented in The United States Newspapers Published in COCA

Anggi Rizky Firdhani, Lia Maulia Indrayani, Ypsi Soeria Soemantri
This research is entitled “How Islam in Represented in The United States Newspapers Published in COCA”. The objects of this research are the adjectives that collocate with the word ‘Islam’ taken from newspapers in the United States obtained from COCA. The objectives of this research are to analyze what...
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Semantic Preference of Verb-Noun Collocation: Corpus-based analysis

Christiana Sidupa, Afdol Tharik Wastono
Todays semantic preference and semantic prosody are two notions that many scholars have been carefully studied in the field of corpus linguistics as corpora have become larger in size, and tools for extracting different lexical items for different purposes have been developed. The focus of this study...
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Using Mnemonic-Based Applications to Learning Japanese Hiragana Characters

Linna Meilia Rasiban, Dadang Sudana, Dedi Sutedi
This study investigated the effects of mnemonics on remembering Japanese hiragana characters by Japanese language learners with an alphabetic background. Our true-experimental design involved 36 high school students taking classes in Japanese course. In experimental conditions used two class, one class...
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Thematic Progression Patterns in Indonesian Opinion Articles

Nasrulloh Nasrulloh
Thematic progression plays a crucial role in the notion of cohesiveness and coherence in the text, particularly in opinion text. This study was intended to seek the theme and thematic progression patterns in the context of Indonesian opinion articles. To achieve the objective, Halliday theory was applied...
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Accuracy and the Consistency in Terminologies Used in an Elementary Textbook

Asep Nurjamin
This study is aimed to scrutinize the accuracy and the consistency of terms found in a Bahasa Indonesia thematic textbook for the fourth graders in elementary school level. To achieve this aim, content analysis is the framework of this study, by employing the analysis model from Busch consisting of five...
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The Future of English after Brexit in European Union

Melvina Melvina
Britain decided to leave the European Union based on the results of a referendum on June 23, 2016, which is better known as Brexit (Britain Exit). The withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union raises the issue of the English status in the European Union. The issue is to discontinue the...
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Needs Analysis: A learning model for CTL-based academic writing

Afif Rofii, Fathiaty Murtadho, Aceng Rahmat
This research is aimed at describing the result of needs analysis in the development process of contextual-based academic writing learning model which is linked with students’ characteristics. As a research and development, this study uses qualitative and quantitative approaches using a survey method...
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Teacher and Guided Multiple Peer Reviewers: A proposed approach in assisting students’ argumentative writing

Anisatul Karimah
Ability to write argumentative text poses several benefits one of which is triggering critical thinking. In its practice, however, students often find it problematic in composing a well-written argumentative text. Based on a preliminary analysis on students’ writing samples, three main setbacks were...
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An Appraisal Theory Approach to Translation of Body Parts of Women on the Novel “Lelaki Harimau” by Eka Kurniawan

Cicu Finalia, M. R. Nababan, Riyadi Santosa, Djatmika Djatmika
Translating body parts, such as image of women, into target language arises some challenges which, certainly, have different cultural contexts. The challenges lie in the selection of translation techniques from the source language into the target language. This study examines the translation techniques...
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Then and Now: Review on language policy and practices in Japan and Korea

Firima Zona Tanjung
Japan and Korea have unceasingly been promoting English language policy to higher education students. The policy does not merely consider English as a means of communication to create interactions among people but also a new capital that can enable people to get an access to rich flow of information...
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The Practice of Constructivist-Based Online Learning for English Argumentative Essay Writing: Learners’ perceptions

Lidwina Sri Ardiasih, Emzir Emzir, Yumna Rasyid
A constructivist approach has been applied to increase learners’ interaction with the learning environment through social and collaborative activities in a meaningful context. In order to embody the approach, English teachers need to focus more on the writing process as well as understanding the functions...
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Interlingual Re-Instantiation of Attitude in News Reports on Attacking Incidents in Indonesia’s Newspapers

Wawan Gunawan, Maretha Dwiastuti Putri
This study explores an interlingual re-instantiation of attitude as a language appraisal strategy employed by Indonesia’s newspapers in reporting news on attacking incidents. The study aims, firstly, to reveal the types of attitude system employed by Indonesia’s newspapers in reporting news on attacking...
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How is Indonesian Presidential Election Represented in Online Newspapers?

Lucky Rahayu Nurjamin, Aceng Ruhendi Saifullah
This study was aimed at picturing the tendency of political issue produced by eight Indonesian online newspapers. Computer-assisted critical discourse analysis (CACDA) was applied. Corpus based linguistics analysis was employed to unveil the frequency of words in 16 different articles as the representation...
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TV Football Commentary of Indonesia U23 Against South Korea U23 Match: An analysis of lexical and syntactic features

Eri Kurniawan, Ruswan Dallyono, Janriko Abdussalam Sadiq
This qualitative study examines lexical and syntactic features in a commentary of Indonesia U23 against South Korea U23 match. Elan 5.2 software was utilised to identify the features. The data were analysed metaphor using Lakoff and Johnson’s and syntactic features using Ferguson’s. The results show...
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The Language Style in Stand Up Comedy by Raditya Dika and it’s Implementation in Stylistic Subject in IV Semester of PBSI Program Study of STKIP MPL

Amy Sabila, Lisdwiana Kurniati
This research discussed the language style in stand-up comedy by Raditya Dika and Its implementation in stylistic subject in IV semester of PBSI program study of STKIP MPL. The objective of the research is to describe the using of language style stand up comedy. This research is descriptive qualitative...
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Authentic Assessment Awareness for Assessing Students’ Speaking Ability in a Suburban Indonesian EFL Classroom

Rahmi Indriani
The postponed implementation of 2013 curriculum in several regions in Indonesia has made some schools have implemented authentic assessment while other schools have not. This study aimed to investigate English classroom speaking assessment along with the teacher's perceptions of the authentic assessment...
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The Maintenance of Gorontalo Language on Teenager Group: An ethnography at Gorontalo City

Ulfa Zakaria, Ninuk Lustyantie, Emzir Emzir
This research is to follow-up the issue spreading in the community concerning with the language shift that threatens the survival of Gorontalo language (BG), especially in the region of Gorontalo City. Language shifting that increasingly threatens the existence of Gorontalo language tends to occur in...
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A Review of English Language Policy and Its Implication to Indonesian Education Sector: Primary school level

Yustika Nur Fajriah
This study is an attempt to give a descriptive review on the development of English in primary schools. Additional data about the practical consequences of this recent policy to schools are also provided. To achieve those purposes, the data were collected from relevant article journals as well as any...
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Spelling Errors on Written Production of Beginner Students: French for foreign language context in Indonesia

Yuliarti Mutiarsih, Dante Darmawangsa, Tita Saraswati Rahmadaty
Many studies have shown that there is phenomenon of spelling errors committed by beginner foreign language learners. This study aims to investigate the spelling errors in written production of beginner students in French as a foreign language. The data of this study is the writing sample of description...
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Professional Learning Community in Pre-Service Teacher Education: Learning to become teacher researchers

Fazri Nur Yusuf, Rojab Siti Rodliyah, Muhammad Handi Gunawan, Ari Arifin Danuwijaya
This present case study investigated how pre-service English teachers perceive feedback provision from their teacher-supervisor during their three-month teaching practice program. Three pre-service English teachers at a public secondary school served as respondents. They served seventh and eighth secondary...
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The Use of Quizizz in Improving Students’ Grammar Understanding through Self-Assessment

Intan Sinta Dewi Rahayu, Pupung Purnawarman
Quizizz, a web-based assessment tool, has been innovatively used in formative assessment to activate students self-assessment. The need of timely feedback on students’ performance is key point of self-assessment which most teachers rarely give due to lack of time. This study aims to present a practical...
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Validity and Reliability Study on Teacher-Made Assessment for English Mid-Term Examination

Naelul Rohmah
This study is primarily aimed to study the validity and reliability of teacher-made assessment for English mid-term examination used in evaluating students’ learning experience: to what extent the test quality is in term of content validity, reliability, index of difficulty, index of discrimination,...
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A Study of Parental Perception towards the Removal of English from Primary Schools’ Local Content Curriculum

Iskandar Iskandar
Early introduction of English in the schooling system has become prevalent in this globalized world. The notion that English is required for highly competitive societies put the government under pressure to articulate an early primary school English program. It is commonly perceived that there is more...
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The Ratio of Instrumental Action to Criminal Laws: Throwing in language game

Rocky Marbun, Maryano Maryano, Ismail Ismail
The use of language as a communication tool in the practice of criminal justice in Indonesia has ruled out the diversity of transcendental values in a person as a complete human being. The process of enforcing criminal law in Indonesia is only based on patterns of reasoning and argumentation using the...
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Beyond the Use of Think Pair Share towards the Personality Type Students in Essay Writing

Bejo Sutrisno, Yumna Rasyid, Aceng Rahmat
Techniques of Think-Pair-Share is a learning technique of several techniques from Cooperative Learning model that students are expected to work together to get the mutual benefits. The aims of this study are to find out the effect of Think Pair Share (TPS) technique and personality types on English essay...
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The Actual Processes in the Making of Translation Works: Views of Indonesian translators

Sri Harto, Sri Handayani
This paper elaborates the actual processes of translation viewed by Indonesian translators in the making of translation works. Twelve experienced translators having various educational backgrounds, from tourism, English, education, chemistry, pharmacy, law, to philosophy were purposively invited to get...
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A Systemic Functional Linguistics-based Analysis of Students’ Problems in Writing Exposition Text

Satrio Aji Pramono
Among various texts taught in secondary schools, exposition text is considered one of the most challenging texts to be learned by students. Informed by Systemic Functional Linguistic theory, this study seeks to investigate what problems encountered by students in writing exposition. To achieve that,...
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Multicultural Education Values in the Novel "Negeri 5 Menara" by A. Fuadi

Arini Noor Izzati, Ilza Mayuni, Zainal Rafli
This study aims at obtaining a deep understanding of multicultural education values in the novel of "Negeri 5 Menara” by A. Fuadi. This study used qualitative with content analysis techniques. This research was analyzed through structural literary approach. The data consisted of words, sentences, expressions...
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Responses towards Policy on TEYL in Elementary Schools: A case study in Malang City

Diah Royani Meisani, Bachrudin Musthafa
In Indonesian elementary schools, English subject has been transformed to be an extracurricular subject since the 2013 Curriculum was implemented in order to give more opportunities to our young learners to learn the local languages. In East Java, this is supported by the Governor Regulation Number 19...
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Video-Based Reflection: Benefits and drawbacks for teacher professional development

Erna Hamidah, Fazri Nur Yusuf
Doing reflective practice is a hallmark of teachers’ professionalism in the world. One means to achieve it is through structuring the reflective practice via technology. Unfortunately, it was found rare in of Indonesian classroom practice. The central issue of this study is to uncover benefits and drawbacks...
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The Indirect Speech Acts of College and University Students’ Meant Intentions in Social Media Communication

Dewi Rosaria Indah
Communication in social media does not necessarily take place by making use of words. Words in written form, texts in social media communication are often combined with images. This qualitative descriptive study addresses young people’s meant intentions by interacting using emoji in posts and comments...
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The Overview of Lecturers’ Writing Skills in the Academic Context

Amanda Puspanditaning Sejati, Deddy Suryana, Sifa Rini Handayani
Language politics spirited by the nuances of language preservation is reflected in Indonesia education milieu. The realization of the language preservation attempt includes the stipulation of Indonesia language as the language of education bring about an obligation to use the language as a tool of communication...
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Implementing an Ecological Teaching through Mobile-Assisted Language Learning in EFL Education

Adriadi Novawan, Siti Aisyiyah, Alfi Hidayatu Miqawati, Fitri Wijayanti, Renata Kenanga Rinda
Despite the notion of eco-linguistics; ecology and language, has been extensively discussed until currently, its complexity invites studies to make further specific contribution to strengthening the underpinning theories. This paper aims to sustain the emergence of an ecological perspective in the Applied...
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Accidentally Rude: A study on translation techniques of a translated english-sundanese novel

Ina Sukaesih, M R Nababan, Riyadi Santosa, Djatmika Djatmika
The paper discusses translation techniques of a translated English-Sundanese novel. It focuses on the translation techniques of honorific markers from an English novel entitled ‘King Solomon’s Mines and its Sundanese version: Pependeman Nabi Sulaeman. The research aims to reveal the effect of translation...
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Paradigm Shift on Language Planning and Policy in Great Britain in the 21st Century

Maisa Maisa, Didi Sukyadi
This paper reviews the paradigm of Language Planning and Policy (LPP) which has shifted in Great Britain. The sources comes from 30 articles, one book chapter, and one paper presentation. The aim of this paper id to show how LPP has shifted in the Great Britain in the 21st century. LPP has changed into...
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Using Project-Based Learning (PBL) to Students’ Creativity and Support Understanding of Japanese Literature

Noviyanti Aneros, Herniwati Herniwati
This study aims to determine the influence of using Project-Based Learning (PBL) on students’ creativity in making videos about the Noh and understanding of Japanese literature. Noh is a Japanese theatrical art form that has been handed down through generations and been labeled one of the world oldest...
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Reading Strategies to Overcome Difficulties in Understanding Japanese Sentences

Lea Santiar, Emzir Emzir, Yumna Rasyid
The increase of difficult new words, complex sentences, various context and new information from reading materials make learning and teaching at the intermediate level difficult. The objective of this study is to identify student’s difficulties in comprehending complex sentences and how teachers overcome...
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The Implementation of Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach-based Elena: An analysis of introduction to linguistics course

Frimadhona Syafri, Zainal Rafli, Emzir Emzir
Introduction to Linguistics is one of compulsory subjects that are available in English Department, Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES). To enhance the learners in learning linguistics concepts, it is necessary to implement Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach (CALLA) model by using a technical...
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Pragmatic Perspective: A defamation case of Surya Paloh

Reli Handayani, Mujiyono Wiryotinoyo
Dissatisfaction, criticism, accusation, and insult are some actions that are related to the use of abusive language. In relation to the concept of face, by using the abusive language, the speaker imposed the hearer’s positive face. This article focuses on Surya Paloh's lawsuit against Rizal Ramli. Rizal...
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A Case of Authentic Assessment in Indonesian Secondary EFL Classroom Context: Teachers’ struggle

Erwin Rahayu Saputra, Fuad Abdul Hamied, Didi Suherdi
The existing literature shows that new curriculum reforms always bring about emotional tensions of teachers as curriculum implementers. However, the real challenges are not so much discussed by previous studies which only seek to understand the perspectives and particular features of the assessment....
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The Expression of English Linguistic Time through Simple Past Tense by Indonesian Learners

Mayang Pipit
Based on the concept of language time, all languages in the world are divided into two categories; tense and tenseless language. As a tense language, English is grammatical since verbs change to other forms. However, Indonesian (as a tenseless one) has an ungrammatical linguistic tool, such as using...
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Students’ Evolving Response to Text: What changes in students’ reading as part of critical literacy

Endang Setyaningsih, Bachrudin Musthafa, Nenden Sri Lengkanawati
The purpose of this paper is to explore how students’ interaction with texts evolved upon an introduction to Critical Literacy (CL). Two questions posed were (1) how the students respond to texts within CL framework and (2) how they shifted their reading conception. This exploratory case study involved...
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Analysis of Conversational Implicature in the Hobbit Movies Subtitle

Inayatun Na'mah, Sugirin Sugirin
This study aimed to analyze the translations of conversational implicatures in The Hobbit movies subtitle. In addition, this study tried to describe the pragmatic shifts between the source text (movies script) and the target text (movie subtitle). Furthermore, this study tried to identify the translations...
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Assessing Language Proficiency through Computer Technology: Potentials and challenges

Isry Laila Syathroh, Bachrudin Musthafa, Pupung Purnawarman
Recent trends in the implementation of using computer in language learning in many Indonesian high schools have led to the development of Computer-Assisted Language Testing (CALT). The aim of this paper is to elaborate the result of analytical review of relevant and recent literatures about the potentials...
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Subjective and Objective Needs Analysis of French Course: The case of diploma hospitality students

Marliza Arsiyana
Due to the growing demand of french in hospitality industry, analyzing the appropriate materials for diploma hospitality students must be done. This study is an attempt to analyze subjective and objective language learning needs for diploma hospitality students. This study is a qualitative descriptive...
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Linguistic Politeness in Palembangnese Directives in Indonesia and Its Implications for University Teaching and Learning

Susi Herti Afriani
This paper presents a study of linguistic politeness in Palembang Malay language in Indonesia. It is a language spoken in South Sumatera, Indonesia, henceforth referred to as Palembangnese. The overall goal of this paper is to contribute to the wider literature on the use of directives. However, in particular,...
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A Realization of Optimality Theory to Arabic Hollow Verb

Zaqiatul Mardiah, Abdul Muta’ali, Fazlur Rachman
Arabic hollow verb has two kind stems of perfective. Those faced three main factors, (1) root and morphological template, (2) phonological aspect, and (3) imperfective form. The previous study had multilevel analysis using concatenative strategy, to account for conjugation of Arabic hollow verb. The...
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More than Words: ESP learners’ perceptions on the implementation of multiliteracies pedagogy

Siti Kustini, Didi Suherdi, Bachrudin Musthafa
Acknowledging learners’ growing engagement with emergence technologies and multimodal practices in and outside of school, teachers are required to reconceptualize their pedagogical frameworks to assist learners in the learning and knowledge constructions using digital multimodal devices. In the field...
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Cyberpragmatic Analysis of Indonesian Opposition Politicians’ Tweets

Vidi Sukmayadi, Karim Suryadi, M. Fasha Rouf
The study attempts to describe how opposition politicians construct their transmission of meaning by utilizing cyber-based communication features, particularly in a social media platform. A corpus of 30 Twitter postings (tweets) is qualitatively analyzed within a cyber-pragmatic framework. In analyzing...
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An Overview of Indigenous Language Programs in Australian and New Zealand

Sophia Fithri Al-Munawwarah
There is a consensus that the status and the unique values of indigenous languages make them imperative to be learnt, taught, utilized and protected from their state of endangerment. Moreover, indigenous language in Australia and New Zealand is a crucial issue that may influence language planning and...
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Implicature within Script Play of Oedipus Rex by Sophocles

Erna Megawati
Oedipus Rex as has been analyzed from many points of view such as psychoanalysis, literature or even theology. In this research, the Oedipus Rex will be analyzed from the eye of stylistic pragmatics which is implicature. The objective of this research is to reveal the real meaning lying inside the language...
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Theme Shifts in the Translation of Student and Professional Translators

Rusdi Noor Rosa, Rudy Sofyan
Any translation practices aim at producing a target text (TT) which is equivalent in meaning to the source text (ST) and corresponding to the style and lexicogrammar applicable in the target language (TL). One of the ways to arrive at such purpose is through shift. From the SFL point of view, shifts...
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Developing a Holistic Model of Translation Quality Assessment

Rudy Sofyan, Bahagia Tarigan
Quality is the ultimate goal of any translation practices. However, a quality translation is always debatable for different methods of assessment, widely known as translation quality assessment (TQA). The issue of relativity and subjectivity is apparent in many TQA models. This study aims at developing...
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Sluicing Analysis in Sundanese

Ardi Mulyana Haryadi, Dadang Sudana, Iwa Lukmana
The study aims to analyze the sluicing structure form process in Sundanese. The analysis was conducted towards data in Sundanese. The language data used were written language and intuition language data. The intuition language data were contributed to substantiate written language data. Necessarily,...
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Comparing the Vocabulary Classification and Keyword Analysis Approaches to Determining Technical Vocabulary of Islamic Studies

Srifani Simbuka, Wachyu Sundayana, Fuad A. Hamied, Deny A. Kwary
Dealing with technical vocabulary is one of the essentials of English Language Teaching (ELT), yet it is still a major concern for learners and teachers who are bound to specific purposes of learning English. This paper reports on and compares two approaches to determining words to be included in a...
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Quranic Corpus Models for Corpus-Based Studies

Nur Hizbullah, Abdul Mutaali
The advanced development of computing technology covers various religious texts, such as Quran. Through computing technology, the Quran is formatted digitally in the forms of images and texts. The Quranic format in the form of digital texts, furthermore, is transformed into a Quranic corpus used widely...
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EFL Teachers’ Perceptions towards the Implementation of Performance-Based Assessment in Assessing Students’ Speaking Ability

Yeni Latipah, Pupung Purnawarman
In implementing Performance-Based Assessment (PBA), teachers should have sufficient knowledge and skills to avoid potential bias of scoring which can lead to less objective and unreliable results of assessment. Yet, how teachers conduct and administer this method of assessment might be conditional in...
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L1 and L2 Explicit Corrections: A case study in an Indonesian EFL classroom

Ris Ariska, Pupung Purnawarman
Errors are frequently made by learners as they study a foreign language. Due to the error occurrences, it is necessary for teachers to assist their students in fixing their errors which might be done by giving corrective feedback. Thus, the objectives of this study is to investigate the phenomenon of...
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MALL as an Alternative Learning Strategy to Solve Students’ Problems in Writing Recount Text

Adriani Yulia Purwaningrum
This study attempts to discover the problems that the students encounter during writing recount text by employing qualitative case study design. The data were obtained from the writing sample of a grade XI student from one of a public high school in Kadipaten, West Java. Applying the framework of Systemic...
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The Use of ILearn in Online Indirect Writing Assessment: An investigation into students’ perceptions

Delpani Selpia, Pupung Purnawarman
Increasingly globalized world which has enabled technology to be integrated in 21st century learning provides a main support for their use in education. This paper examines university students’ perceptions on the use of ILearn; a web-based learning and assessment for indirect writing assessment in an...
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Women Self-Image in Sundanese Short Story Collection

Ratnawati Ratnawati, Maman Suryaman
This research begins with the presence of Sundanese literary works, especially short story which tells about female characters. This study aims to describe the world picture of women according to their nature which acts as a mother and as a wife on short story Panggung Wayang by Aam Amilia. The source...
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Incorporating Nonverbal Communication Skills into Teaching and Learning English Presentations

Tjang Kian Liong
Delivering a presentation is more than just giving information; it also aims to entertain, inspire, motivate and even to activate the listeners. To obtain the expected results, a presenter must attract his audience’s attention sufficiently and communicate his thoughts and feelings adequately by also...
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The Validity of TOEFL as Entry and Exit College Requirements: Students’ perception

Clara Herlina Karjo, Darwin Ronaldo
In many countries, including Indonesia, TOEFL test is used as entry as well as exit requirement for university education. TOEFL is chosen because it is the most well-known criterion reference test for foreign language learners. This paper aims to find out university students’ perception regarding the...
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Promoting Sign Language by Digitizing Song Interpretation using Indonesian Sign Language in Social Media

Rulli Putri Maulida, Qonita Naylilhusna, Pungky Wulansakti Antula
There have been many Indonesian sign language interpreters who go hand in hand with Deaf communities in promoting inclusive environment by mainstreaming the exposure of sign language in various social media, particularly YouTube, using a song as the most influential media to endorse the promotion of...
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A Study on Japanese and Sundanese Apology Expressions: Its’ functions in non-apology context

Nuria Haristiani, Winda Andega Sari
This study analyzed the meaning and functions of apology expressions in Japanese and Sundanese in non-apology context, their use based on socio-situational factors, and their degree of politeness. The data were collected from various sources such as comics, magazines, internet and other printed literature...
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An Analysis on Students’ Ability in Distinguishing Polysemy and Homonymy

Ratnawati Ratnawati, Sulastri Sulastri
Vocabulary is a central part of a language and a success of learning vocabulary when students understand what teachers are teaching and they can give feedback on teaching materials. The implementation of polysemy and homonymy into teaching and learning practice is one way to improve vocabulary. This...
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Speech Acts in Social Interactions among EFL Learners Community in Kampung Inggris Kediri

Muhamad Mukhroji, Joko Nurkamto, H. D. Edi Subroto, Sri Samiati Tarjana
This study is based upon Binglish (bahasa Indonesia-English) interaction setting and the speech act analysis used by EFL learners in Kampung Inggris Kediri, Indonesia whose aims are to see how leaners use kinds of speech acts, strategies to use speech acts, and reasons to select the speech acts. A pragmatic...
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Coping with Barriers on Teaching EFL Classroom by Pre-Service Teachers in Sorong Papua Barat

Hayat Marwan Ohorella
In teaching English EFL classroom, pre-service teachers find it difficult to use the knowledge gained in their teacher education program and the practices they had been taught in that program and the practices of classroom teaching. Therefore, pre-service teacher often encounters barriers, especially...
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Teachers’ Perception toward Planning and Implementing Teacher-made Rubrics of EFL Students’ Writing Assessment

Rini Rini, Pupung Purnawarman
Assessment is the process of collecting and processing information to measure the achievement of learning outcomes of students. As an educator, a teacher is often faced with making important decisions about students’ assessment. A teacher must be objective in giving an assessment for the students’ work....
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Students’ Motivation in Reading Online Sources in Moodle at English Study Program in Jambi

Hade Purwa Dharmmakharyadhika
Motivation is the most influence factor in doing the activities especially in reading activity. Motivation consists of two categories such as intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. One of the tools for motivating students is Moodle when learning English in reading activity. This study aim...
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The Heritage Language Policy in United States and Canada

Ayu Fatmawati
The ability to master official language is often associated with the level of someone’s nationality, thus people started to use official language and leave their heritage languages. This article is aimed at describing the government’s efforts to preserve heritage languages, through the language policy,...
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Teachers’ Perception towards the Use of Multimodality in Teaching Reading

Julinar Julinar
Twenty first-century education paradigm suggests foreign language teacher becomes creative in presenting and delivering lesson to the students. Many studies indicated that multimodality is one strategy that can be used to teach reading. This study aimed to find out teachers’ perception towards the use...
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Perception of Indonesian Teachers and Learners on the Use of Edubox for Language Assessments

Rizki Amalia, Pupung Purnawarman, Ali Makhrus
The advancement of technology provides education with many solutions to enhance learning activities. Edubox as a technology application is believed could give a solution for teachers in creating language assessments. This research was aimed to investigate how Edubox was implemented and how teachers and...
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How is Instagram Implemented in Teaching Speaking?

Elvira Rosyida M. R., Seftika Seftika
Nowadays, social media become a necessity for people to interact, collaborate, and share resources with other people in any part of the world. And it can be denied that the users are almost from students. One of popular social media is Instagram which enables its users to take, share, and comment the...
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Unlocking Learners’ Difficulties in Acquiring English Consonant Sounds ([ð] and [θ]) and the Implication for Teaching

Alvina Yolanda
Nowadays English is used to communicate not only to the native speakers but also to the non-Native English users. Instead of acquiring native-like pronunciation, ability to pronounce English with received- pronunciation and at least being understood by other users, called as intelligibility, become a...
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The Students’ Learning Achievement of the English Productive Skills

Andi Tenri Ampa, Erwin Akib
The article was dealing with the descriptions of students’ achievement in learning the productive skills of English. It aimed to describe the students’ learning achievement for both speaking and writing skills and their problems in their learning career. The research participants consisted of 30 students....
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Assessing Students’ Readiness in Learner Autonomy: A Study in an English Education Department

Ariefinara Hernawan
Learner’s readiness towards LA is prominent to be researched on, because readiness of a learner has a profound influence on their learning behavior, without it the deployment of strategies may be less effective. The purpose of the study is to analyze learner’s readiness in LA by assessing their past...
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Developing ELICA: An interactive website for intensive listening

Arum Nisma Wulanjani, Lilia Indriani
Technology recently has been inseparable from language teaching. Bringing a proper technology into a classroom can give different and beneficial effect for the students, especially in listening class. Having a listening class without any use of technology may cause a boredom for the students, considering...
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Analysis of Code-Switching and Code-Mixing in the Learning Process of Indonesia Subject at Grade 3 of SD Negeri 2 Jayagiri

Carolin Rninta Ginting
This study was undertaken in a primary school in Lembang which prescribes Indonesian as the medium of instruction for Indonesian subject. However, it has been observed that the policy has not been fully adhered to. Code-switching and code-mixing of Indonesian and Sundanese occur extensively in the teacher’s...
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Internalization of Values Character Education in Learning English

Dian Popi Oktari, Warlim Warlim
This study aims to describe and examine more deeply the importance of character education values to be internalized in the learning process of students, especially in learning English. This study uses the literature study method. Law No. 20 of 2003 concerning the National Education System in Article...
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Authentic Materials in Fostering EFL Students Listening Comprehension

Dian Ekawati, Fazri Nur Yusuf
Selecting and presenting materials in a listening classroom especially in coping with the difficulties in catching the meaning and the information and the limitation of the materials produced by the native speakers become the problems in teaching listening in EFL context. The way how the materials presented...
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An Analysis of Translation Techniques in Translating Cultural Words in Booklet “Jogja The Real Java”

Fadilaturrahmah Fadilaturrahmah, Sulis Triyono
This study aimed to identify cultural words found in English Translation Booklet “Jogja The Real Java” and describe translation techniques used by the translator in translating the booklet. The method applied was descriptive qualitative research by collecting and analyzing both the Indonesian and English...
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Assessment for Learning Impacts on Students’ Responsive Writing Skills

Fatimah Fatimah, Fazri Nur Yusuf
An adept writer must be able to convey message, idea or even criticism to get involved in real life problem solving. A writer commonly has been through some steps (drafting, revising, editing) to finally publish their final work to the public. It also counts to secondary students in Indonesia who are...
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The Correlation between Metacognitive Reading Strategies and Reading Comprehension Among 1st Year EFL Students at a Public University in West Java

Ima Siti Maryam, Sudarsono Muhammad Ihrom, Iyen Nurlaelawati
Metacognitive reading strategies are essential strategies needed by readers in comprehending texts. This study aimed at investigating the correlation between metacognitive reading strategies and reading comprehension among the first year EFL students at a public university in West Java. Data were collected...
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Teacher’s Roles and Strategies in Teaching ESP Based Reading Using Translation

Lia Novita, Bachrudin Mustafha, Wachyu Sundayana
Teaching reading ESP texts must be linked to student-specific specializations which include special programs designed to develop communicative use of English in the fields of science, work or technology. The fact, most students find it difficult to read and understand the meaning of ESP texts because...
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Backchannel Behavior in Interview Discourse: A contrastive study between Japanese and Indonesian

Lisda Nurjaleka
Many studies of backchannels have focused mainly on verbalized backchannels, such as `soudesuka`, `hontou`, `really`, `yeah` etc. But, in this research, we analyzed backchannel verbally and non-verbally in Japanese and Indonesian language in the interview setting. The interview interactions are quite...
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An Overview of Cooperative Learning in Theory and Practice: A reflection from students’ perspective

Martina Mulyani, Fuad Abdul Hamied, Bachrudin Musthafa
Popularly known as a core of cooperative learning, group work is frequently applied in classroom. However, some researches revealed that collaborative atmosphere was hardly found in the groupwork. The available researches mainly discussed the students’ perspective through questionnaires and only a few...
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The Investigation on the English Clause Competences by the University Students in Indonesia

Muhammad Basri D., Sitti Halijah, Amaluddin Amaluddin
There are three kinds of clauses that are discussed in this study; they are nominal, relative, and adverbial clauses, and then each of these clauses has its own divisions. The article was oriented to the results about the university students’ competences in these concerns. The study aimed to describe...
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How to Synergize Grammatical Materials to GBA Teaching?: A portrait of an English teacher’s dilemma in teaching English in a private school in Bandung

Nurdiana Mahdalena Sinurat
This paper aims to offer an alternative to teach an argumentative letter text grounded on systemic functional linguistics by synergizing the grammatical materials demanded to be learnt in a private school in Bandung with a GBA teaching using Reading to Learn cycle. Using a qualitative case study method,...
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The Public Sign on Teras Cihampelas as a Form of Increasing the Happiness Index of Bandung Residents

R. Januar Radhiya
Former mayor of Bandung Ridwan Kamil always mention the phrase "happiness index" when he inaugurated the park, and other programs in the city Bandung. Since 2013 Bandung already has approximately 24 public open spaces (parks). In the Beginning 2017 Teras Cihampelas has been inaugurated as the newest...
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ICT Impact on EFL Secondary Students’ English Achievements

Rahma Dianti, Yunani Atmanegara
The advanced ICT yields new paradigm in English teaching and learning practice. Instructional practice has shifted into technological oriented since technology offers abundant tools to optimize learning outcomes. Furthermore, Curriculum 2013 has proposed ICT implementation for all subjects at schools...
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Untangling Students’ Problems in Writing Argumentative: SFL perspective and fishbone strategy

Siti Nurul Hidayati
This paper proposed an alternative way to teach argumentative text based on systemic functional linguistics. The design employed is case study which allows an investigation to retain the holistic and meaningful characteristics of real-life events. In this case, it is conducted to untangle students’ problem...
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Character Education Based on Oral Literature and Its Use as an Alternative of Literature Materials at School

Saidiman Saidiman, Sumiyadi Sumiyadi
This study focused on Character Education Based on Oral Literature and Its Utilization as an Alternative of Literary Material in School. This Oral literature is in touch with oral literature of Muna Society. Muna is one of the ethnics in Southeast Sulawesi, which is rich of local culture and respects...
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The Investigation of Teacher’s Indirect Written Corrective Feedback on Students’ Writing

Suci Maharani
Studies on the investigation of indirect written corrective feedback given by English teacher to students’ writing as part of their formative assessment seem not have been fully investigated. Thus, this study aimed to find out how the teacher gave indirect feedback to the student’s writing and the reasons...
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Teacher’s and Learners’ Perceptions of Learner Autonomy in EFL Context

Sulistia Ningsih
Learner autonomy places important role in language learning because it promotes independent role to increase the learning progress as well as learning achievement; thus, the purpose of this study was to analyse teachers’ and learners’ perception of learner autonomy in their classroom practice, especially...
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Analyzing the Communicativeness of Students’ Speaking Skill Tasks

Teika Ameiratrini
In some cases of speaking learning process, there are still many inappropriate tasks given by the teachers. The objective of this study is to analyze the communicativeness in students’ speaking task. The participant of this study was an English teacher in one Senior high school in Lampung. A qualitative...
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Conversational Interaction to Develop the Two-Word Stage of A Child’s Second Language Acquisition

Vina Nuzulul Fitria, Bachrudin Musthafa
Indonesian children are mostly taught to speak Bahasa Indonesia as their first language (L1) since they were born. However, there is a common tendency nowadays where most of Indonesian parents start to teach their newborn with the thought that the best time to teach their children a second language (L2)...
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Partial Lectical Innovation in Devayan Language: Lingual data review in a geographical perspective

Winci Firdaus
Innovation includes two sides, namely process and result. As a process, innovation is the creation of new forms or meanings due to the changes in the original form or meaning, whether it refers to the original word itself or the emergence of new words. The purpose of this research is to observe lexical...
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Conversation Analysis: Turn taking marker in Catatan Najwa (Setia Pengacara Setya, Part 1)

Yuli Susanti Prihastuti, Fazri Nur Yusuf
Conversations are famous yet essential in people communication. There are a lot of things can be explored from the conversations since people brings cultures in communication. People also show theirs and others’ identity in the conversations they have. Therefore, investigating conversation to capture...
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English Curriculum of a Modern Pesantren in Indonesia: Alumni’s voices

Zahra Faula Sinan, Fazri Nur Yusuf
One of many changes that modern pesantrens makes within their curriculum in order to adjust it to the globalization era is to take English as a part of their curriculum. Most modern pesantrens develop their own English curriculum and place their own purposes. Even though English seems to be a new thing...