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Preparation of ZnS Modified PHBV Film by Chemical Bath Deposition Method

Haifeng Chen, Lingmei Guo
Zinc nitrate hexahydrate, ethylene glycol, thiourea and triethanolamine were purchased to be starting materials. Nano zinc sulfide solution has been successfully prepared by Chemical bath deposition method, and then the prepared zinc sulfide modified polyhydroxybutyrate valerate (PHBV) to form the thin...
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Climate Engineering Migration Issues and Countermeasure Analysis in the Context of Climate Change

Zhijie Cao, Shaojun Chen
Climate change and its adverse effects caused a large number of migrants, had been become the 21st century challenges for human society. Under climate changing, human has implemented macro and micro climate engineering in response to deteriorating natural living conditions, and a number of growth-promoting...
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Trend of Climate Migration and Countermeasure Analysis in the Context of Climate Change Risk

Zhijie Cao, Shaojun Chen
In the overall context of global climate change, global warming, melting glaciers further have increased the probability of occurrence such as a gradient with a slow onset of climate risk and drought, floods and other extreme mutation catastrophic climate risk, These adverse effects has brought about...
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Effective Variables Selection in Eggs Freshness Graphically Oriented Local Multivariate Analysis using NIR Spectroscopy

Hao Lin, Jiewen Zhao, Li Sun, Xia kun Bi, Jianrong Cai
In multi-component spectral analysis, informative variables selection is important to get satisfied performance. The present research intends to establish relationship between eggs freshness and NIR spectroscopy, and build a compact and robust calibration model. Graphically-oriented local multivariate...
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The Effects of Flavonoids from Eucommia Ulmoides on Body's Antioxidant Systems, Lipid Peroxidation and Oxidative DNA Damage after Exhaustive Exercise

JinYang Lin, ZhuoYing Zhang
Objective: this study examined the effects of flavonoids from Eucommia ulmoides (FEU) on antioxidant systems, lipid peroxidation and oxidative deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) damage after exhaustive exercise. Methods: the mice were then divided into four groups, one control group and three FEU treated groups....
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Recent Development on Synthesizing and Characterizing Food-Grade Microemulsions

Chang-Bao Sun, Hong-Yan Wu, Ang Li
Microemulsions have great applications in food products. However, due to the complex attributes of microemulsions, it requires various techniques to synthesize and characterize microemulsions. This includes studies of the phase behavior?size of the microemulsion droplets. This paper reviews different...
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Study on Identification of the Pressure-Resistant Bacteria Isolated from Coconut Puree and its Lethal Effect with Combined Mild Temperature and Ultrahigh Pressure

Bin Wan, Zhen-hua Duan, Shan-shan Luo, Wei-wen Duan, Fei-fei Shang
This research based on fresh coconut and the coconut puree was conducted with the ultra-high pressure (500MPa/ 10min). Two strains of pressure-resistant bacteria in coconut puree were screened out and identified as Leuconstoc mesenteroides subsp mesenteroides and Leuconstoc mesenteroides subsp dextranicum...
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Analysis of Methane Explosion Limit under Cryogenic Conditions

Gan Cui, Zi-li Li, Meng Wang, Chao Yang
During the past several years, the explosion risk analysis of each stage in oxygen CBM liquefaction process has been carried out by a large number of domestic scholars. In this work, firstly, safety evaluation of the coalbed methane liquefied process was summarized. Then, the experiment of the explosion...
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Ceramic Membrane Immobilized Salen Catalysts and Their Use in Asymmetric Catalytic Reactions

Min Liu, Zhi-Ping Zhao, Jian-Hui Li
Three kinds of salen catalysts, mono-chloromethyl-salen-Mn, tetra-tert-butyl-salen-Mn and mono-chloromethyl-slaen-Co, were synthesized and then immobilized onto ceramic membranes by two steps. First, 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) was grafted on ceramic membranes in order to introduce amino groups...
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Quantitative Detection of raw sheep in Meat Products by a TaqMan Real-Time PCR Assay

Qiong Xu, Wenjia Gu, Yinan Zhang, Qingping Zhang, Fei Tao, Xuelian Hu, Yan Zhao, Wenfeng Duan, Qinfen Qu
In the present work, we propose a normalised real-time quantitative PCR assay to determine the sheep content in raw meat. For the development of the method, the mixtures meats contain known amounts of sheep meat in pork from 20% to 100% can be successfully in-house validated by a normalised calibration...
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Responses of Nitrifiers’ characteristics to Filling Ratio in IFAS Systems

Liuchao Hu, Yue Wen, Qi Zhou
The concentrations of NH4+-N, NO2--N and NO3--N were measured in batch experiments to study nitrification kinetics in IFAS system with different FR at 0%-50%. The results showed that both of NH4+-N oxidation rate ( ) and NO3--N production rate ( ) increased with FR, which respectively increased from...
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Online Determination of the Enantiomer Concentration Using HPLC Coupled with UV and Circular Dichroism Detectors

Hui Li, Yongtao Chen, Xiaoxiao Jiang
The application of ultraviolet absorption detector (UV) and circular dichroism (CD) detectors in series in HPLC systems has been increased in recent years. In this work, an effective method to determine the enantiomer concentration on line in chiral drugs was explored. Ibuprofen (IBP) racemate was applied....
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Research and Development of Antibacterial Metallic Materials

Junping Yuan, Lingxia Chen, Yuheng Huang
There are huge demands for antibacterial metallic materials in protecting human health from bacteria propagation and bacteria spreading, and in preventing industrial equipments from microbial corrosion. In this paper, some common inorganic antibacterial agents such as Ag+, Cu2+, Zn2+ and Ce2+ were introduced;...
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Study on Constraints Influence Mechanism of Two- Dimensional Phononic Crystals Bandgap Structure

Jing-Bo Zhao, Hong Yao, Yi-Jing Liu, Min-Rong Zhao, Jun Du, Jiu-Long Jiang, Ya-Ke Dong
Based on constraint phononic crystal cutoff frequency characteristics, the paper studied effects on the phonon crystal band structure of the two-dimensional phononic crystal substrate density and elastic modulus under constraints. The spring quality equivalent model is proposed for the theoretical interpretation,...
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The Effects of Sap of Nitraria Plant on the Growth of Its Endogenous Nitrogen-fixing Microbes under Saline-Alkaline Stress

Jianfeng Li, Shuqin Zhang, Jianxiong Du
The endophytic N-fixing microbes Klebsiella oxytoca NHglj1, Klebsiella oxytoca NHglj2 and Enterobacter asburiae LMw107 of Nitraria were selected to explore the effect of Nitraria schoberi L. plant sap on salt and alkali resistance of its 3 endogenous N-fixing microbes strains in the Winogradsky's N-free...
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Comparative Study on Microwave Co-pyrolysis Products of Low-Rank Coal under H2 and N2 Atmosphere

Jun Zhou, Zhe Yang, Xiaofeng Liu, Lei Wu, Xicheng Zhao
The microwave pyrolysis of the low-rank coal is a new technology, which solves the utilization problems of coal cleaning conversion. On basis of experiments, this paper conducted comparative study on microwave co-pyrolysis products of low-rank coal under H2 and N2 atmosphere, respectively. The composition...
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Study of Blending Mechanism of Bio-Binder and Petroleum Asphalt

Jin Xi, Xilan Yu, Yaoting Zhu, Renhui Wang
In order to explore the blending mechanism of bio-binder and petroleum asphalt, this paper used high shear equipment to mix them, with varying conditions of temperature (130 ~ 145°C, 145 ~ 160°C, 160 ~ 175°C, 175 ~ 190°C), speed (500r, 1000r, 2000r, 3000r) and mixing time (15min, 30min, 45min, 60min)....
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Beneficial Effects of Ginsenosides-Rb1 on Immune Function of Rats During Strenuous Physical Exercise

Bo Qi, Hui Huang
Objective: the aim of the present study was to determine the effects of ginsenosides-Rb1 (GRb1) on immune function of rats during strenuous physical exercise. Methods: The rats were randomly divided into four groups: one control group and three different doses of GRb1 (25, 50 and 100 mg/kg) treated groups....
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Preparation of Fermentation Medium of Rhizobium Meliloti Using Leaching Liquor of Corn Stalk

Shuqin Zhang, Jianfeng Li, Jianxiong Du
In order to explore Rhizobium medium production using leaching liquor of green corn straw. Corn stalk powder extract solutions (CSE) are obtained and suitable carbon sources (glucose) were supplemented as liquid and solid Rhizobium medium. Compared with the yeast extract mannitol (YEM) medium, Rhizobium...
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An Efficient Separation of Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Using Chemical Complexation Extraction

XuePeng Yang, Panpan Li, Fangfang Wang, Jianbin Ye, Ke Ma, Duobin Mao
Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ), an important natural product, is biosynthesized by Gluconobacter oxydans. In order to prepare the product in large scale, a rapid and selective chemical complexation extraction (CCE) is proposed to separate and purify PQQ from fermentation broth. In this work, the effect...
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Fabrication and Characteristics of Energetic Igniters Realized Through Sputtered Tantalum Nitride(TaN) Film Bridge

Yichao Yan, Jie Xiong, Hongchuan Jiang, Wanli Zhang
This paper introduces energetic igniters fabricated using TaN film bridge by magnetron sputtering. It is inferred from the image of wet-etched TaN film bridge that film edge is clearly visible and relatively smooth with lateral erosion size of 5 ?m. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Temperature Coefficient...
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Enzymatic Properties of Phytase from Escherichia coli DH5α

Tao Wang, Wen Li, Yao Hao, Yang Liu
A Escherichia coli strain producing phytase named DH5α was chosen from four E. coli stains, the enzyme activity was 17.88 U/mL after fermented at 37°C for 2 days. The enzymatic properties of crude enzyme solution were studied. The optimal temperature was 55°C; optimal pH was 2.5 and 7.0, enzyme had certain...
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Component Change of Urine Crystallites with Placement Time in Patients of Calcium Oxalate Stone Patients and Control Subjects

Xiao-Ling Wen, Xin-Yuan Sun, Jian-Ming Ouyang
[Purpose] To study the component change of urine crystallites with different sizes in the urines of calcium oxalate (CaOx) calculi patients and healthy controls with placement time. [Methods] A combination of high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM), fast Fourier transformation (FFT),...
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Components of Urinary Crystallites in 56 Cases of Patients with Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate Stones

Qiong-Zhi Gan, Jian–Ming Ouyang
[Purpose] The formation of kidney stones related closely to the properties of urinary nanocrystallites. This study aimed to investigate the components of urinary crystallites in 56 cases of patients with magnesium ammonium phosphate (MAP) stones compared with the components of stones. [Methods] X-ray...
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Relationship between Components of urinary crystallites and Formation of Calcium Oxalate Stones---An Investigation of 275 Cases of Patients with Calcium Oxalate Stones

Cai-Yan Tan, Jian–Ming Ouyang, Chong-Yu Zhang
[Purpose] This study aimed to investigate the components of urinary crystallites in 275 cases of patients with calcium oxalate (CaOx) stones compared with the components of stones. [Methods] X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier-transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrometer, selected area electron diffraction (SAED)...
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Extraction and Antioxidant Activity of Polysaccharide from Salvia miltiorrhiza

Guangtao Jia, Hanqing Zhao
1. Objective: Salvia miltiorrhiza is a traditional Chinese herb medicine and is widely used in clinic application. This study is intended to extract polysaccharides from Salvia miltiorrhiza by ultrasonic method in order to evaluate its antioxidation activity. 2. Methods: (1) Spectrophotometry is used...
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PEG-Coated Titania Nanatubes for Controlled Drug Release

Fei Luo, Guojie Xu, Yan Liu, Chunling Xie, Xiufeng Xiao
Developing coatings on implant surface as drug carriers can reduce organ toxicity and effectively deliver drug locally to the target compared with the oral approach. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanotube has great potential for this application for widely used Ti implants because of its high surface area,...
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Pilot Test of Water Reuse Technology on Pharmaceutical Wastewater

Wenjuan Liang, Yong Yan
Taking the effluent of secondary biological treatment in one pharmaceutical factory as the object of study, taking coagulation, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis treatments as the core technologies of the water reuse pilot test, the application effects of treatment process were analyzed. The results...
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Optimization of Activated Carbons Production from Sesame Stalks Using Response Surface Methodology

Li Jiang, Guobin Liang, Yong Gao
The use of relatively expensive and nonrenewable precursors such as natural coal is the main reasons for the high cost of commercial activated carbons. Agricultural wastes are considered as promising precursors for low cost and high surface area activated carbons due to their high volatile matter and...
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Investigation on the Ecological Risk of Water Environment in the Main Stream Region of the Second Songhua River, China

Wen-tao Ding, Ke-xin Jin, Peng Cui, Shi-jun Sun
Based on the analysis of the potential ecological risk posed by the development of industrial cities along the Second Songhua River, according to the calculated ecological risk relative values and the development in different directions, the risk control measures aimed at different cities were put forward...
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Study on Extraction of Polysaccharide by Composite Enzymatic Dilapidating Walls from Waste Wine Yeast Slurry

Yunfeng Hu, Jing Liang, Qiuyue Yang, Ningning Li
Objective: To establish a method for the extraction of polysaccharide from waste wine yeast slurry by composite enzymatic method. Methods: On the basis of single factor experiments, the effects of operating conditions, such as enzyme mixture ratio, enzyme added, composite enzymatic extraction pH, and...
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Study on the Harmful Substances and Food Safety in the Ruditapes philippinarum at the Xiangshan Bay

Genhai Zhu, Mao Jin, Weihua Song, Qingsong Zhou, Weihua Feng, Chunfang Wu, Jingjing Liu
During the period from January 2011 to May 2015, we analyzed and studied the contents of harmful substances (Hg, Pb, As, Cd, Cu, Zn, Cr, Petroleum hydrocarbons, Polychlorinated biphenyls, Fecal coliforms) which were collected from the body of 300 Ruditapes philippinarum at the Xiangshan Bay areas and...
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Isolation of Photosystem I Reaction Center Subunit K Gene GjPsaK From Gardenia jasminoides

Lan Gao, Hao-Ming Li
Objective: Photosystem I (PS I ) is a large membrane supercomplex that consists of a reaction centre and light-harvesting complex (LHC I ). PS I catalyzes light-driven electron transport to produce reducing power NADPH, and then NADPH are used in the dark reactions of photosynthesis to fix CO2 and synthesize...
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Identification of a Light-Harvesting Chlorophyll a/b-Binding Protein Gene in Gardenia jasminoides

Lan Gao, Hao-Ming Li
Objective: The major light-harvesting complex of photosystem II , Lhcbs, are assembled in its trimeric form, equipped with chlorophyll and xanthophylls, embedded in the thylakoid membrane of green plants, and play critical roles in harvesting light energy for photosynthesis. The objective of this work...
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Analysis of Amino Acids and Biogenic Amines during the Fermentaition of Jianghong Yulu

Ningli Qi, Xiao Gong, Xiaoli Yuan, Yangyang Liu, Yiting Zhu
1. Objective: Jianghong yulu is a traditional seasoning produced through the salting and fermentation of fresh Harengula Zunasi Bleeker in Suixi, South of Guangdong in China. The manufacturing process is quite complex, including two stages, namely brining and spontaneous fermentation. In this work, the...
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Effect of Nitric Oxide on Endothelial Differentiation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Nan Wang, Li-Nan Zhang, Rui Zhang, Na Huang, Zhi-Xia Guo, Tong-Cun Zhang
Nitric oxide (NO), as a signaling molecule in vivo, plays an important regulatory role in a variety of physiological and pathological conditions. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are pluripotent progenitors that can differentiate into a variety of cell types. Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) induces...
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An Ontology Development For HACCP Knowledge Description and Sharing in Food Cold Chain

Xiangwei Mu, Lin Zhang
In order to achieve an accurate expression and effective sharing about the hazards monitoring and managing knowledge between the upstream and downstream of the cold chain, the paper establish a HACCP ontology model of the cold chain on the basis of analyzing and summarizing general business processes...
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Improvement of the Antioxidant Activity of Soybean Peptides by Microwave-Assisted Enzymatic Digestion

Ting Zhang, Dan Liu, Jiyun Liu, Yuquan Zhou, Shuang Ma, Jingbo Liu
Objective: To optimize the enzymatic digestion processing parameters of soybean and improve the antioxidant activity of soybean peptides. Methods: microwave-assisted enzymatic digestion (MAED) was applied to extract antioxidant peptides from soybean with maximized antioxidant activity by response surface...
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Structure Analysis of Genomic Islands Flanked by 5’ and 3’ End of the tRNAGly-CCC Gene in Delftia Acidovorans SPH-1

Lingwei Su, Xuan Peng, Qingze Zha, Lei Song
Delftia acidovorans SPH-1 is a beta-Proteobacterium that degrades a number of organic compounds. Genomic islands play the important role in horizontal gene transfer. Two prophage-related genomic islands (GIs), SPHGIGly-CCC-1 and SPHGIGly-CCC-2, were determined and are integrated into 5’ and 3’ end of...
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Optical Properties of 1.47-μm Emission in Tm3+-doped Li2O-SrO-ZnO-Bi2O3 Glasses

Zhi-Wen Lin, Ning Zhang, Jin-Bao Chen, Shi-Qing Man
Tm3+-doped Li2O-SrO-ZnO-Bi2O3 (LSZB) glasses that are suitable for optical amplifier applications have been fabricated through the conventional melt-quenching method, and the spectroscopic properties of Tm3+ in the glasses were characterized. The density, the refractive indices, the optical absorption,...
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Removal of Ammonia from Wastewater by Natural Freezing Method

Xingjian Jiang, Zihong Cheng, Wei Ma, Zhanxian Gao, Xuehu Ma, Ren Wang
A novel process, natural freezing, was developed to remove ammonia from wastewater in this study. A series of experiments were carried out to examine the ammonia removal and ice productivity in laboratory in Dalian, the effect of operating conditions such as solution concentration, pH, ice content formed,...
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Comparative Research of Magnetic Bead and Traditional Methods to Extract the Genomic DNA of Bean Sprouts

Yanwei Cheng, Shengnan Kong, Huiyun Li, Shuang Han, Jianming Han, Xueyi Yang, Lihui Xiao, Deguang Du
The Young leaves of green beans sprouts were used as experimental materials, total DNA was extracted by using methods including magnetic bead and traditional SDS methods. Integrality and purity of nucleic acids were detected with agarose gel electrophoresis, ultraviolet absorption and PCR.The results...
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Effect of Preparation Methods on the Composition and Structure of Dietary Fiber from Bamboo Shoot

Xiao-bing Huang, Shao-dan Peng, Ji-hua Li, Li-jing Lin
Objective: This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of different preparation methods on the quality of dietary fiber from bamboo shoot (BDF). Methods: Four methods including water-washing (WT), acid-base treatment (ABT), fermentation (FT) and enzyme treatment (ET) were carried out, and the composition,...
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Study on Fatigue Reliability of High-Strength Bolt Joint in Corrosion Environment

Huili Wang, Sifeng Qin, Yanbing Tan
The performance of high-strength bolt corrosion fatigue related to the safety of structure. It is generally thought that high-strength bolt crack size and the critical crack size conform to logarithmic normal distribution. If the probability density functions of crack size and the critical crack size...
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An Experimental Study on the Effect of Additives on Solidified Performance of Sediment

Hui Zhang, Jianzhong Zhu, LingCheng Hong, HaiBo Shi, MinXia He
Using dredged sediments as construction materials can alleviate the problem of sediment disposing, while properties have to be improved for corrosive environment. The effectiveness of using sodium bentonite and agent J(home-made agent) was investigated by means of laboratory tests to evaluate the compatibility...
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Experimental Study of Inorganic Binder Stable Chromium Slag Applied to the Base Course

Jianbo Han, Jiahuan Yu, Peng Peng, Ying Liu
Choosing cement and lime as inorganic binder, stabled chromium slag and then did the tests of the compaction, unconfined compressive strength and the stability for studying it as road base material, perfected the base material mixture ratio design and comparatively analyzed its mechanical properties...
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A Particle-Filtering Approach for Remaining Useful Life Estimation of Wind Turbine Gearbox

Xiaoliang Fan, Xiao Yang, Xinli Li, Jianming Wang
Machine failure prognostic is concerned with the generation of long term predictions and the estimation of the probability density function of the remaining useful life. For this we propose a framework for data-driven prediction of RUL. To solve the problem of lacking direct condition information in...
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Urease Mediated Synthesis of Crystalline Porous Tin Oxide at Room-temperature and Applications in Lithium-ion Batteries and Gas Sensors

Ge Chen, Qiang Zhang
In the absence of urea, urease is demonstrated to catalyze the hydrolysis and polycondensation of the SnCl2 aqueous system to form crystalline mesoporous SnO2 at room temperature. The resulting SnO2 has a high specific surface area of 231~248 m2 g-1 with uniform pore size at 3.3nm, and the porous structure...
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Study of Emissivity of MOCVD Iridium Film with Different Topography

Shirui Yang, Xiaodong Yu, Chengwen Tan, Yandong Wang, Honglei Ma, Kexue Liu, Hongnian Cai
The emissivity of different topographies of iridium films which were obtained using Ir(acac)3 (1.216×103 Pa) and hydrogen (5.575×104 Pa) in a cold-wall reactor at atmospheric pressure was studied. The bigger size the grains are, the uneven topography is obtained, the higher the emissivity is. The bigger...
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The Study of Wind Resistance Performance of Electrified Railway Catenary in Strong Wind Area

Neng He, Jing-wei Liu, Lei Wang, Xue-yong Wang
Under the background of the catenaries of the second double line of Lan-Xin Railway in strong wind zone, we established the finite element mode of the four-span structure with catenary, and compared the value of model elastic to verify the correctness. Besides, we get some useful conclusions from the...
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Removal of Dyes from Aqueous Solution by Adsorption onto CTAB Modified Attapulgite

Minhong Xu, Jing Li, Jvxiang Wang, Yunfeng Wu
In order to improve the adsorption performance of Attapulgite (ATP) on dyes. ATP was modified by cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB), and the ATP before and after modified were characterized with XRD and FT-IR. The results showed that ATP had been modified with CTAB successfully, and crystal structure...
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Study on Organic Modification of Attapulgite with Silane Coupling Agents KH570

Lingling Wang, Yuanyuan Lv, Ting Wang, Minhong Xu
In order to improve the adsorption performance of Attapulgite (ATP) on dyes. The ATP activated with hydrochloric acid was organic modified with silane coupling agent KH570. And the modified attapulgites was characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction technique. By evaluating...
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Surface Modification of Nano-Al2O3 with Titanate Coupling Agent TC-114

Minhong Xu, Jvxiang Wang, Yunfeng Wu, Ye Yang
In order to improve the dispersive and lipophilic properties of Nano-Al2O3 in composite coatings, surface modification of Nano-Al2O3 by titanate coupling agent TC-114 was researched. The modification effect on Nano-Al2O3 was measured with the activation index and the lipophilic degree. The influences...
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Preparation and Photocatalytical of Bi2WO6-xF2x/ZnWO4 Composite Materials by Hydrothermal Method

Qinliang Mo, Haifeng Chen
working with waste water contain dyes presents challenges, so to find some photocatalyst artificial synthesized is a fascinating research job. Using Na2WO4•2H2O, Zn(NO3)2•6H2O, Bi(NO3)3•6H2O and HF as raw materials, three different mole ratio of photocatalyst of Bi2WO6-xF2x / ZnWO4 have been successfully...
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Preparation and Electrochemical Characterization of La Doping Co3O4 Super Capacitor Electrode Materials

Haifeng Chen, Dandan Zhan
An aqueous solution containing deionized water, cobalt nitrate hexahydrate (Co(NO3)2•6H2O), ethylene glycol (EG) and urea (NH2CONH2) were reacted in an autoclave with hydrothermal reaction method at 180 oC for 20 h to generate precursors with 0.1%, 0.2%, 0.3%, 0.4% and 0.5% of La (NO3)3. Then the precursor...
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Preparation and Activities of Visible-Light-Driven BiVO4 by Doping Ni via Solid State Method

Haifeng Chen, Jingling Hu
Using Ni(NO3)2•6H2O, Bi(NO3)3•5H2O and NH4VO3 as raw materials, Ni-doped BiVO4 photocatalysts with monoclinic scheelite were prepared by a low-temperature grinding method. The physical and optical properties of the samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM)...
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Preparation and Activities of Visible-Light-Driven BiVO4 by Doping Zn2+ via Solid State Method

Jingling Hu, Haifeng Chen
Using Bi(NO3)3•5H2O, NH4VO3 and Zn(NO3)2•6H2O as raw material, Zn-doped BiVO4 photocatalysts were successfully prepared by a low-temperature grinding synthesis. And the samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) and UV-Vis diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS)....
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Preparation and Photocatalytic Activities of Fe/BiVO4 by Low-Temperature Solid State Method

Jingling Hu, Haifeng Chen
Fe/BiVO4 photocatalyst was synthesized via a low-temperature solid state method by using the Bi(NO3)3•5H2O, NH4VO3 and Fe(NO3)3•9H2O as starting materials. And X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) and Ultraviolet-visible diffuse reflectance spectra...
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Preparation and Activities of Visible-Light-Driven BiVO4 doped Mn2+ via Solid State Method

Haifeng Chen, Zili Xiong
Using the Bi(NO3)3•5H2O, NH4VO3 and 50% Mn(NO3)2 solution as raw materials, the novel Mn2+-doped BiVO4 photocatalysts was successfully prepared by a low-temperature grinding synthesis. And characterized by X-ray diffraction(XRD) and scanning electron microscope(SEM). The Methyl Orange (MO) was simulated...
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Hydrothermal Preparation of Nanosized Sm2O3 Assisted by Carbon Microspheres as Templates

Haifeng Chen, Shuya Lu
In this experiment, Sm (NO3) 3•6H2O, hexamethylene tetramine (HMT) and glucose as the main raw material, nanosized Sm2O3 was prepared by hydrothermal method. Sm2O3 samples were characterized by XRD, SEM, FT-IR, TG-DTA and DRS respectively. It found that plus C elements could increase the crystallinity...
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Preparation and Study of Ferrite Electromagnetic Radiation Gypsum Board

Ying Wang, Pengqi Wang, Danjun Tan, Meng Zhang, Liang He
Electromagnetic radiation pollution has become the fourth pollution sources on a threat to people's health. This paper selects ferrite as an absorbing agent, preparing a new anti-electromagnetic radiation gypsum board. The results show that, absorbing properties of gypsum board decreases first and then...
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Kinetic Study on Pyrolysis of Polyphenylene Sulfide under Different Oxygen Concentrations

Chenzi Teng, Ning Mao, Jingxian Liu, Xinjiao Tian
Kenitic of thermal degradation of PPS were studied undernitrogen, oxygen and airin formal works. The integral Coats-Redfern method based on single heating rate is employed for the kinetic analysis of the pyrolysis processunder different oxygen concentrations. The results indicated that only one stage...
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Influence of Aggregate Moisture Content on the Mechanical Properties of Resin Mineral Composite

Jicai Yin, Jianhua Zhang, Yi Zhang, Gang Li
As a result of resin mineral composite (RMC) possesses excellent vibration alleviating properties, it has attracted much attention in the field of elementary machine components. However, applications of RMC are restricted due to its limited mechanical properties. In this paper, the effects of baking...
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Fabrication and Photocatalytic Properties of MgFe2O4/rGO/V2O5 Heterostructure Nanowires

Xiaoqiang Yu, Weiqiang Fan
Development of green clean energy has become one of promising challenge recently. One popular application of solar energy is photocatalysis, where semiconductors were used as photocatalyst to convert solar light into photoelectrons/holes. Photocatalysis technology has been widely applied for water splitting...
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Preparation and Properties of Na-MMT/PVA Nanocomposite Emulsion

Buqin Xu, Jin Yang, Guilong Xu, Jian Hu
Na-MMT/Poly-Vinyl acetate-Acrylate (PVA) nanocomposite emulsion was prepared by in situ emulsion polymerization in the presence of exfoliated Na-MMT suspension. Effect Na-MMT content on the polymerization process and stability of the emulsion was studied. The water-proofing, thermal stability and anti-aging...
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Research of Anion Polyester Base Functional Materials

Jiande Tian, Qingshan Li, Shanzhao Du, Meiqin Ma
This paper use plum-blossom tourmaline as anion additive, filled to PET recycling material as modifying agents. Successfully prepared a composite material can release anions. The effect of different percent composition on heat distortion temperature and anion releasing performance of polyester recycled...
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Study of Nano Hydroxyapatite/ Poly(Lactic Acid)-Polycaprolactone Nanofiber Composite Scaffolds

Guojie Xu, Fei Luo, Yan Liu, Shunyu Chen, Xiufeng Xiao
At present, tissue engineering scaffolds in the process of clinical medicine plays an irreplaceable important role. Based on the in-situ precipitation combined with frozen extraction, good n-HA dispersion and three-dimensional (3D) structure of n-HA/PLLA-PCL composite nanofibrous scaffolds were prepared....
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Preparation And Characterization Of Photosensitive Hyperbranched Aliphatic Polyester

Fei Cao, Meng Meng Zhou, Ji Jun Xiao, Ling Ling MA, Jing Du
A novel solvent-free photosensitive polyester based on the hyperbranched aliphatic polyesters has been studied. The hyperbranched aliphatic polyesters (Polymer A), which was prepared from 2,2-dihydroxymethyl butyric acid(DMBA) containing one carboxylic group and two hydroxylic groups, Trimethylolpropane(TMP)...
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Research Progress of Border for Solar Photovoltaic Modules

Xingxing Wang, Haoyang Lu, Hongjun Ni, Wenfan Lu, Minqi Zhang, Yongpei Zhang
With the sustainable development of economy, solar energy has been widely used as a clean energy, photovoltaic industry has been rapid development. This article summarizes the summary and classification of solar photovoltaic modules frame; Comparative analysis is mainly focused on the aluminum frame,...
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Research Progress of PV Mounting System for Solar Power Station

Hongjun Ni, Wenfan Lu, Xingxing Wang, Haoyang Lu, Yongpei Zhang, Minqi Zhang
Reviewed the summary and classification of PV mounting system for solar power station. Analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the optimum tilt angle of fixed, the horizontal single-axis tracking type, the diagonal single axis tracking type and the dual axis tracking type mounting system for solar...
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Exploring Film Failure Mechanism and Scratch Toughness Characterization of Diamond-Like Carbon Film

Yonghui Wang, Xiang Yu
Diamond-like carbon (DLC) film has drawn an intensive concern, but suffers from its poor toughness. Characterization method for the film toughness is not available to date, which hampers the researches for toughening DLC films. This work attempts to reveal the scratch failure mechanism from stress aspects,...
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Designing a Multi-Functional Vehicle for Aerial Hydraulic Maintenance

Hong-jiao Zang, Xiang Yu, Ren-cai Zhang, Shuang-cheng Xu
Hydraulic maintenance vehicle for aviation is a critical ground device to ensure the flight safety and the provision of hydraulic oil. A novel multi-functional vehicle for aerial hydraulic maintenance is designed for proposing a maintenance approach for modern aircraft. Aiming at issues of existing ground...
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Photodegradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Phenanthrene on Soil Surface

Hua Tian, Zhe Liu
Photodegradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) is a main environmental behavior and plays an important role in the fate of PAHs in environment. In order to understand the photodegradation law of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons?PAHs?in soil, aeolian sand in blow-sand region of Northern Shaanxi...
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Synthesis and Characterization of the Water-Soluble ZnSe:Fe/ZnS Core/Shell Quantum Dots

Chunting Bo, Fenghua Huang, Peifeng Chen, Wei Guo
The synthesis and fluorescence properties of water-soluble ZnSe:Fe/ZnS core/shell quantum dots with L-cysteine as the stabilizer in aqueous solution are reported in this paper. The structure, component and fluorescence properties of quantum dots were characterized by X-ray powder diffraction (XRD),infrared...
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Liquid Phase Growth of the Graphene using GaxNi1-x System as Catalys

Lin Qi, Qiang Yu, Bing Cao, Chinhua Wang, Jingcun Zhang, Jicai Zhang, Jianfeng Wang, Ke Xu
Deposition of few-layer graphene films on dielectric substrate by using a novel GaxNi1-x flux LPG (Liquid Phase Growth) method is demonstrated. The graphene films shape themselves as circular thin films. The influence of the ingredients in the GaxNi1-x system on the quality of synthesized graphene is...
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Photochemical Preparation of Ag/SnO2 Composites and their Photocatalytic Properties

Hongjuan Wang, Wenlong Li
In this study, a simple photochemical method for preparation of Ag/SnO2 composites is presented. Ag nanoparticles were grown on the surface of SnO2 particles in situ by UV light induced photoreduction of silver nitrate. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS) and X-ray...
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Microwave-Assisted Preparation of Polymer Phase-Change Materials

Zhiliang Gao, Enhui Du, Liru Zhang, Meng Liu, Xiang Huang
Phase-change materials have attracted more and more attention in the fields of both academic research and industrial application. To develop a simple, efficient and environment-friendly method for preparing polymer phase-change materials, microwave-assisted technology was employed to synthesis urea-formaldehyde...
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Study on the Adsorption Properties of L-Alanine Modified Chitosan for Cesium Ion in Aqueous Solution

Siman Liu, Shengnan Bin, Jiang Wen, Shi Jiang
The chitosan was modified with L-alanine, which was used for the adsorption of cesium ion in aqueous solution. The results showed that: chitosan modified with L-alanine can remove cesium ions in the solution. When the initial concentration was kept as 150mg.L-1, the optimal adsorption conditions were:...
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CO2 Emission Reduction for Power Industry Based on Total Emission Control of CO2 (I): Modeling

Xiao-hua Ning, Chao-ci Li
Large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions caused more and more extreme weather. In this study, the maximum reduction of power CO2 emissions is the management objective based on three significant ways in the planning period, which are energy conservation, reduction project and power structure adjustment....
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CO2 Emission Reduction for Power System Based on Total Emission Control of CO2 (II): A Case Study

Xiao-guang Sun, Dan Zhang, Chao-ci Li
Power industry as the main source of CO2 emissions, is facing tremendous challenge of CO2 emission reduction during the periods of “12th Five-year” and “13th Five-year”. How to maximize the reduction of power CO2 emissions under the premise of regional economic development and energy requirements is...
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Holmium-Doped Sodium Zinc Molybdenum Tellurite Glasses

Jin-bao Chen, Shi-Qing Man, Ning Zhang
We propose and demonstrate Sodium Zinc Molybdenum Tellurite glasses (Na2O-ZnO-MoO3-TeO2 or NZMT) as suitable hosts for rare earth ion Holmium (Ho3+) operating at 1.2?m and 1.37?m wavelength. The density, the refractive indices, the optical absorption have been measured. The Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters...
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One-Pot Synthesis of 1, 4-Dihydropyridines in PEG Under Catalyst-Free Conditions

Jing Lv, Liang Jun, Xiangfeng Kong, Lu Cao, Ying Zhang, Shuwei Zhang
A simple, inexpensive, and efficient one-pot synthesis of 1,4-dihydropyridine via Hantzsch reaction was achieved in good to excellent yields under catalyst free conditions by using PEG400 as solvent. In this reaction, PEG-400 was used as the solvent, which has such advantages: absolutely nontoxic, inexpensive,...
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Synthesis of Graphene Supported Pd Nanoparticles for Amperometric NO Gas Sensors

Huan Wang
The Pd Nanoparticles attached on graphene nanosheet (GNS) were synthesized by a simple method. The morphology, structure and component for the a obtained graphene/Pd hybrids have been characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and X-ray photoemission spectroscopy...
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Preparation of Three-Dimensional Graphene/Bimetallic PtPd Nanoparticle Hybrid and Its Electrocatalysts Application for H2O2

Huan Wang
a hybrid material of three-dimensional graphene sheets beaded with bimetallic PtPd nanoparticle was prepared by using a simple process. The three-dimensional graphene/PtPd hybrids exhibited an interconnected microporous framework with PtPd NPs dispersed and encapsulated within the graphene sheet layers....
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Manganese Oxide/Mesoporous Carbon Spherical Composite:Study on Its Enhanced Catalytic and Electrochemical Performance

Zuosong Sun, Shaodian Shen, Dongsen Mao, Guanzhong Lu
Manganese oxide/mesoporous carbon (MnO2/MCs) spherical composites were prepared by hydrothermal method. The resorcinol and potassium permanganate were used as carbon source and manganese source,respectively. The morphology and pore character of the carbon materials were investigated by scanning electron...
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Adsorption of Cupric Ion in Wastewater with Natural Oxidized Celluloses

Cunzhen Geng, Fengyu Quan, Yanzhi Xia, Weijun Wang, Zhihui Zhao, Manli Yang, Xihui Zhao
The aim of this paper was to investigate adsorption of cupric ionin wastewater with a new type of adsorbent, namely natural oxidized celluloses(NOCs), whichwas synthesized in a specialselective oxidation system withraw cellulose. The characterization of NOCs was investigated by FTIR and the morphology...
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Determination of Phenols in Wastewater by Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction Coupled to Capillary Gas Chromatography

Jianqi Sun, Hailan Tao
A simple and reliable method combining dispersive liquid-liquid microextracion (DLLME) with capillary gas chromatography (GC) using flame ionization detection was developed for simultaneous determination of phenol (PN), p-methyl phenol (p-MPN), o-nitrophenol (o-NPN), and 2, 4-dichlorophenol (DCPN) in...
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Research on the Performances of Heat-Sealing BOPP Film

Jie Du, Shuna Meng, Shiwei Lin, Lei Ding, Hongcun Huang, Tan Li
Heat-sealing BOPP films are used widely as commercial packages in recent years. However, nowadays there are some obstacles in heat-sealing BOPP films producing, for example the heat sealing strength is relatively low, which makes heat-sealing BOPP films not satisfy the increasing demands of the modern...
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Simultaneous Quantitation of Organic Acids and Monosaccharides by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

Xin Lu, Hagiwara Shoji, Guohui Song, Jinian Huang, Nabetani Hiroshi, Ruihong Li
Objective: a fast, simply, reliably and accurately high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method for the simultaneous quantitation of commonly used organic acid and monosaccharides in food industry such as benzoic, malic, citric and quinic acid, fructose, glucose has been developed. Methods: In...
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Study on Screening and Applying of Selective Water Shutoff Agent For Horizontal Well

Jiali Cui
According to the situation of water plugging in horizontal well using screen pipe completion in Liaohe oilfield, emulsion polymer gel, relative permeability correctives and oil soluble resin are studied in the paper. Three systems are evaluated in the lab. The results indicate that emulsion polymer gel...
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Synthesis of Peracetic Acid and Determination

Deng Ge Ri Le Ao
The preparation of peroxyacetic acid (PAA) using acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in the presence of perfluorinated resinsufonic acid (Nafion-H) in room temperature has been studied. The prepared PAA is determinate with Au electrode by cyclic voltammograms of after background subtraction. A form...
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Nanomodified Composite Material Based on Aluminum

D. Kuis, S. Lezhnev, N. Svidunovich, A. Volochko, A. Shegidevich, E. Panin
The aim of this work is to study the possibilities of structural-phase transformations of carbon-containing raw materials by mechanical activation and plastic deformation on dispersion strengthening and modification of aluminium composites. We studied the processes of structure formation of ligatures...
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Prospective use of Graphitized Steels in Mechanical Engineering

D.V. Kuis, I.V. Akimov, I.P. Volchok, N.A. Svidunovich, S.E. Belsky, S.N. Lezhnev, A.O. Tolkushkin
Graphitized steel in some cases, due to its intermediate position in composition and properties between low-carbon steel and cast iron, can provide the necessary combination of properties of structural material. They are successfully replace ductile iron, carbon and low-alloy steel in the manufacture...
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A New Method to Calculate the Cost of Urban Rail Transit Operation

Yang Yang, Zhenzhou Yuan, Jinjie Chen, Yuxin Zheng, Dongye Sun
For urban rail transit enterprises, estimation and forecast of operating costs is important reference basis to keep runinng well, and it is also an effective means to maintain the sustainable development. In this article, firstly, a framework of calculating the urban rail transit operating costs will...
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A Comparison of the Public Realm in CBDs in Shenzhen

Yiyong Chen, Zacharias John
Objective: This paper tracked the emergence process of three CBDs in Shenzhen, and made a comparison of the public realm among them. Methods: Field investigation was conducted over the public realm in the three CBDs, including land use, parking, motor & non-motor traffic and public space. Results: Luohu...
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Research on the Progress of Technologies and Materials and Its Features about Prefabricated Constructions in China

Qiaofeng Qian
Domestic prefabricated construction has developed for a long period, and has attracted more and more attentions. This paper analyzes the progresses it has made in technical and material aspects through history and prospect. Furthermore, the features and advantages are summarized in order to promote the...
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Analysis of Inclusions with Unqualified Z-direction Performance of Heavy Bridge Plates

Haihe Luo, Zhanzeng Liu, Hanxiong Dong, Fu Chen
By using the analysis tools of scanning electron microscope (SEM) and energy dispersive X-ray (EDX), the reason for the disqualified Z-direction performance of a 60mm Q370qEZ35 heavy steel plate was investigated. The results showed that the disqualified Z-direction performance of Q370qEZ35 was due to...
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The Optimization Method of Dynamic Traffic State Identification on Urban Arterial Road

Shuo Tong
Dynamic traffic state identification is important to traffic control and guidance on urban arterial road, according to the fuzzy characteristics of the traffic flow, this paper firstly establishes a dynamic traffic state identification model based on improved Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) clustering to divide...
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Application of Building Material in the Room Decoration

Muhui Wu, Qiong Nie, Zhengxiang Wu
Room decoration is the recreation activity carried out by the architect in a given building space. It is the treatment for the interior space provided by a building, and specifically, it refers mainly to the ceiling, wall and floor in enclosed interior space. The paper focuses on the application of building...