Proceedings of the Business Innovation and Engineering Conference (BIEC 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Siti Jahroh, Khairiyah Kamilah, Asaduddin Abdullah, R. Dikky Indrawan, Sulistyo
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Digital Wallet Users in Indonesia: Factors Affecting Consumer Satisfaction and Consumer Loyalty

Pepey Riawati Kurnia, James Hasudungan Pangaribuan, Rike Penta Sitio
The digital revolution has changed the face of the financial industry. One of the adoptions of digital technology in the financial industry is the presence of digital wallet. Digital wallet application is currently very popular and rapidly adopted by the mobile users due to the growth of use of the internet....
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Smart Water Tanks as a Drought Early Warning System

Adhy Kurniawan, Galih Setyawan, Pratama Tirza Surya Sembada, Tegar Abieza
The availability of water is difficult to measure accurately, causing delays in water supply for the community, so a monitoring tool is needed that can provide accurate and real-time information to measure water availability so that clean water can be distributed to areas that need it on time. The digital...
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Factors Influencing Effective Communication in the Ready-Made Garment Sector of Bangladesh

Mohammad Masudur Rahman, Raduan Che Rose, Hishamuddin Md Som
Communication has emerged as one of the robust strategies in industries. Many industries have adopted it as an important aspect of business in their workplace. The pattern of business communication is rapidly changing as a result of technological advances. Effective communication is a necessary tool...
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Payment System Innovation and Retailer Efficiency: Measuring the Impact of National Payment Gateway Implementation in Indonesia

Arianto Muditomo, Yusman Syaukat, Trias Andati, Nur Hasanah
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of payment system innovation on retailer efficiency because of the implementation of the National Payment Gateway in Indonesia. We use a two-stage approach at the individual and national levels by adopting an efficient frontier approach using the Malmquist...
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The Impact of Climate Change on Grape Production in Indonesia

Ambinari Rachmi Putri, Abd Syakur, Muhardi
The production of Grape of Indonesia in 2017 reached 11,734 t but in 2018 it decreased by 7.39% to 10,867 t. The decline in grape production on a national scale is influenced by the amount of production in grape’s central region. One of grape’s central region in Indonesia that has experienced a decline...
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Developing an Integrated Conceptual Model of Dynamic Capabilities for MSME in Agribusiness Sector: A Systematic Review

Andiga D. B. Tarihoran, Musa Hubeis, Siti Jahroh, Nimmi Zulbainarni
Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) are vital to economic growth, particularly in developing nations. In ambiguous and unpredictable business situations, strategic management in various industries has extensively used dynamic capabilities (DC) theory to pursue a competitive advantage. The...
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Factors Affecting Sustainable Agro-tourism: A Review Study

Retno Santi Sumardi, Mukhamad Najib, Anuar Shah Bali Mahomed, Derry Dardanella, Radhwan Sneesl
Agro-tourism is a tourism concept that becomes an alternative to natural tourism which has an important meaning in improving and developing the local economy and social community in a country, and the concept of Agro-tourism is also important for economic improvement, especially for developing countries....
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Digital Twin Platform Architecture Design to Support Smart Aeroponic Potato Cultivation in Indonesia

Auzi Asfarian, Wulandari Wulandari
Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) is one of the essential crops consumed in Indonesia. Currently, smart aeroponic potato cultivation practices in a greenhouse environment provide precision treatment to the crops, including watering and fertilizer, for more efficient cultivation and better yield and potato...
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Study on Early Detection of Potential Financial Statement Fraud: External Auditors’ Judgement Perspective

Lanny Lanny, Wiwik Utami
Financial statement fraud has occurred frequently, and external auditors are often unable to make early detection of such fraud. External auditors are auditors who are assigned to check the fairness of the financial statements of business entities. To be able to learn from the experience of fraud cases...
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Sustainable Green Marketing Concepts for Green Construction Market Developments in Bangladesh

Md Shaharul Islam, Abu Bakar Sade
This paper presents the marketing green concept that drives the construction market towards sustainability. Due to the global energy crisis, climate change, and other environmental degradations, green products are gaining appeal and acceptance, revealing the twenty-first century’s forthcoming concerns....
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A Review of Energy Management in Farm Automation: A Case of Paddy Plantation

Shafini Mohd. Shafie, Norsiah Hami, Ghozali Hassan, Suria Musa, Nur Hasanah, Anita Primaswari, Ani Nuraisyah
Farm automation is an innovative idea that specifically manages farms via the latest technologies such as drones, robotics, and artificial intelligences with the aim to raise the quality and quantity of crops, and at the same time, optimise the labour needed by production. In other words, these technologies...
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Increasing the Business Competitiveness of “Brownies Buah Boome”

Bumiarsa Hanggoro, Anita Primaswari Widhiani, Mohamad Syamsul Ma’arif
“Brownies Buah BOOME” is the producer of affordable nutritious fruit filled brownies in Bekasi. They encounter fierce competition due to the availability many similar products in the area. Some of its competitors has the benefit of early entry to the market and has captive market. The Covid-19 pandemic...
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Needietary: Digital Platform for Providing Dietary Needs

Aktinaria Nastititi Widhiyanti, Hartoyo Hartoyo, Raden Isma Anggraini
Eating healthy foods has a long-term impact on achieving body health. A healthy diet can also cure disease and maintain a healthy body. Running the right diet program is still difficult for the community to implement because there are obstacles so solutions are needed to overcome them. This study aims...
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Smart Education System to Enhance Public Awareness about Climate Change: A Literature Review

Albert Heriyanto, Elsa Firyanza, Lai Soon Kian, Mutiara Nurul Iman, Nunu Fauzan Helwah, Raden Isma Anggraini
Climate Change has become the greatest challenge of the 21st century threatening all aspects of society because it’s caused severe changes for people, natural ecosystems and economies around the world. Indonesia is one of the countries most at risk of climate change impact. Knowledge of climate change...
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Prediction of What Would Occur if Plastic Pollution Continues and Strategies for Reducing It

Nik Nur Azhani Anuar, Alysha Samantha Antonius, Elfrido Christian Dewantara, Lay Agnes Magdalena, Dania Samoda Renda, Ani Nuraisyah
Plastic pollution has risen to the top of the list of environmental concerns. As of 2017, there have been more than 7,800 million metric tonnes (MMT) of plastic resin and fibers produced since 1950. Experts also predict that by the year 2050, plastics will exceed fish in the ocean. Among the effects...
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Determining Success Criteria for Agricultural Social Start-Ups in Indonesia

Silmi Tsurayya, Alya Malika, Ardina Latifah Azzahra, Haikal Fadlurrahman, Febriantina Dewi
In recent years, there has been a growing phenomenon in social start-ups, defined as an organization seeking to achieve social missions through market mechanisms. It is difficult for social start-ups to select the most relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) because it is difficult to find a shared...
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Tempe: Indonesian Vegan Protein for the World

Riris Shanti, Kemal Komala, Irza Hani Azhar, Fithriyyah Shalihati
Sustainable foods are significantly associated with plant-based foods. Plant-based diets are more sustainable than meat-based diets because they require far fewer natural resources and are less stressful on the environment. In addition, the growing concern for the world’s balance and sustainability has...
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Is Wise? Use the Paylater Feature During a Pandemic Period

Parada Jamot Parasian Tambunan, Nabila Ramadhani Rahmawati, Permata Ayoe Zahara, Ika Indah Smaradhani, Loo Wan Qin, Lokita Rizky Megawati
This study aims to analyse how the paylater is used in the current purchasing process, including the advantages and disadvantages of using it. The method used is a qualitative method in the form of literature review from various journals in previous research. The findings of this study are that the use...
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Circular Economy: The Challenges and Opportunity in Fashion Recycling

Izzaatul Saadah Desa, Pratiwi Noviana, Ratri Eka Yuniarsih, Yulia Farhana, Nur Hasanah
To overcome environmental problems, experts developed the 3R concept (reuse, reduce, and recycle) to reduce community, industrial, and household waste. The 3R concept is a concept of integrating economic activities to create sustainability. Awareness of this problem has led to an increasing interest...
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The Role of Educational Curriculum Implementation in Climate Change Mitigation

Dedy Setyo Afrianto, Nur Aulia, Indah Syelvia Putri, Aisyah Lutfhi Mazzara, Jarrah Awad, Fuad Wahdan Muhibuddin
The issue of climate change has become the most challenging discussion in its development. In the late 19th century, the average global temperature increased by 1.1 degrees Celsius, shifting significant physical changes to all countries in the world. Consistently changing the business order, supply chain,...
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Do Nudges and Prepaid Electricity Token Lead to Electricity Savings? Analysis of Urban Consumption Behaviour in Indonesia

Eka Sudarmaji, Sri Ambarwati
In order to determine how nudging could affect Indonesians’ energy use habits, we ran a pilot experiment. The pilot study provided compelling evidence in favor of utilizing nudging to encourage increased energy use that is more ecologically friendly. It is mainly used to offer real-time information utilizing...
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Analysis of Internal Fraud in the Microloan Process with Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and the Extreme Gradient Boosting (XGBoost) Method

Heri Supriyadi, Dominicus Savio Priyarsono, Dominicus Savio Priyarsono, Trias Andati
Internal fraud in the microcredit business process has caused significant losses to the banking industry and financial institutions. Internal fraud is one type of operational risk frequently faced by banks/financial institutions focusing on microcredit services. The typical fraud frequently found is...
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Property Category Prediction Model using Random Forest Classifier to Improve Property Industry in Surabaya

Yosua Setyawan Soekamto, Michelle Chandra, Trianggoro Wiradinata, Rinabi Tanamal, Theresia Ratih Dewi Saputri
Urban planning is done not only to regulate residential areas, offices, retail spaces, and green spaces but also to ensure that people (community) who live in cities have a decent quality of life. Surabaya is a city that was built in the beginning of Indonesian civilization, so the arrangement of the...
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Asessing the Role of Internet Development on Entrepreneurial Activity

Arif Imam Suroso, Idqan Fahmi, Hansen Tandra
This study investigated the impact of internet development, including internet usage, fixed broadband subscriptions, and secure internet servers, on entrepreneurial activity, proxied by Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI). This study, which covered 109 countries from 2015 to 2019, used the fixed panel...
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Business Model Development Using Lean Canvas Within Design Thinking Method at PT. Sumber Pangan Jaya

Didien Suhardini, Agung Sasongko, Muhammad Hanif Aziz
PT. Sumber Pangan Jaya is a sausage producing company. Based on the results of observations and interviews found a problem in the form of a decrease in sales of the company’s sausage products, therefore, the company needs a new business model that is expected to increase company sales and provide new...
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Waste Bank in Indonesia: Problem and Opportunities

Octavian Eka, Carolyn Regina, Aulia Rasha, Sihotang Agnes, Shamira Nur, Ani Nuraisyah
Waste is an international issue. Waste management is another issue that has not been adequately addressed. According to information from the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, 67.8 million tons of garbage were created in Indonesia in 2020. The development of a garbage machine dispenser...
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The Future of Indonesia for Sustainable Engineering and Innovation for Sustainability and Its Impact?

Jilly Ayuningtias, Fahri Hendrawan, Ahmad Auliya Rahman, Ani Nuraisyah
On a list of the world’s most populated nations, Indonesia comes in at number four. One of the nations with the largest populations is Indonesia. The population of Indonesia is 273 million. With so many human resources already in place, it goes without saying that there is a need for sustainable engineering...
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Increasing Adoption of the Internet of Things in Indonesian Agriculture Based on a Review of Everett Rogers’ Diffusion Theory of Innovation

Desi Elvera Dewi, P. N. Aprilliyana Cahyani, Lokita Rizky Megawati
Year after year, the global human population grows while agricultural land is shrinking. The loss of agricultural land is made worse by the depletion of natural resources and the emergence of unanticipated environmental crisis problems like global warming, salinization, and flooding. Due to this situation,...
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JakLingko: The Implementation of Integrated Transportation Approach in Jakarta Smart City

Azzam Akmal Arif, Felicia Kyla Falyani, Vera Sari, Raden Isma Anggraini
Jakarta is one of the big cities which has already implemented the concept of a smart city. To be a smart city, Jakarta has to improve its efficiency, maintain its progressive in technology, and deliver environmentally friendly service, without compromising the social aspects. Transportation has become...
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Smart Technology Adoption in Food Supply Chain to Tackle Climate Change: Practice in Small-Holder Farmers and SME

Adrin R. Rauf, Adigna P. Inanka, Auditia Anwar, Febriantina Dewi
By 2050 it is estimated that the world will need 70% more food production. SDG number 2 agenda is to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture. On the other hand, SDG number 12 aims to ensure the good use of resources, improve energy efficiency, and...
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Sustainability Business Model Tesla Motors

Muhammad Wijdan Hilmy Yahdiyani, Asep Safari, Lokita Rizky Megawati
Tesla is building not only all-electric vehicles, but also clean energy generation and storage products that are scalable indefinitely. Tesla uses Market Driven Strategy as one of the strategies in developing its business. This study aims to analyse how is the market driven strategy carried out by Tesla...
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Big Data Analytics as a Solution to Track Carbon Emission in Smart Cities: A Systematic Literature Review

Azzahra Nabilla Syafira, Eri Bunyamin Gufron, Reza Muhammad Rifqi, Asaduddin Abdullah
The rise of big data and smart cities has expanded from time to time. The smart cities concept also connected with big data as the key factor. The big data analytics have a chance for a starting point to reduce carbon emissions that contribute as part of climate change. Big data analytics refers generally...
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Seizing Opportunities: The Race Toward Digital Banking in ASEAN

Yudha Pradipta, Asaduddin Abdullah, Suhendi
The Southeast Asia (ASEAN) stands as one of the compelling markets for digital banks to grow due to its large population and fact that financial inclusion still be an issue for the region. Within the region, Commercial banking is still the backbone of the region’s financial system, but Regulators in...
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Building a New Future of Transforming Jakarta into Green and Sustainable Model Smart City

Danielle Kai Ying, Alysha Samantha Antonius, Yossy Fauziah, Virgie Alyka Putri, Fuad Wahdan Muhibuddin
Studies have shown that the earth has taken massive damages due to unsustainable living methods humans have applied over the last decades. Hence, this study attempted to review various methods in supporting the SDGs and the possibilities in conducting them. Such modification is ought to be implemented...