Proceedings of the Brawijaya International Conference on Economics, Business and Finance 2021 (BICEBF 2021)

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Governance Model of Ulu-Apad

Cultural Heritage of Tenganan Pegringsingan Bali-Indonesia

Nyoman Ari Surya Dharmawan, Eko Ganis Sukoharsono, Bambang Hariadi, Noval Adib
This study aims to explore the application of the Ulu-Apad model as cultural heritage management in Tenganan Pegringsingan. The method in this study uses an interpretive ethnographic approach. The number of key informants in this study was 10 (ten) people active members of the adat village community....
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“Make-in-Vietnam” Cartoons: A Hidden Kingdom

Hoang Thi My Duyen, Hoang Cuu Long
Vietnam cartoon industry has gradually shifted from a central-planned marketplace to a market economy model. With the recent radical change to cyberspace due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the emerging “make-in-Vietnam” cartoon wave, this paper aims to capture the market situation, giving a holistic view...
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Waqf and Waste: An Unexplored Potentials

Muhammad Dandy Alif Wildana, Asfi Manzilati
Waste has become a serious problem in preserving the sustainability of the environment where humans live. Islam teaches the importance of preserving the environment as one of the efforts to preserve life. Waste management is usually under the domain of the government as part of its obligations to provide...
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Social-Political Entrepreneurship and Rural Institution Development Design

Study on Agrarian Reform Object Area of Malang Indonesia

Ahmad Imron Rozuli, Wildana Danty Alifya Rahmah
The process of agrarian reform has a long history since the old order and the government that followed. The goal of agrarian reform does not end by simply dividing the land. The issue that is no less urgent is how the community (read: farmers) is empowered, develops, and sustains their farming business...
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Buddhist Entrepreneurs in the Pandemic Covid-19

Lufina Mahadewi, Surachman, Djumilah Hadiwidjojo, Nur Khusniyah Indrawati
The purpose of this study is to understand and reveal the role of religious values for Buddhist entrepreneurs on a small business scale in entrepreneurial enforcement in the era of the covid-19 pandemic. The research setting is Buddhist entrepreneurs on a small business scale in Bekasi City, Indonesia....
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Integrating the Pasuruan Bromo-Tengger-Semeru Area Through Sustainable Tourism: A Note in Manifesting Local Economic Resilient

M. Khusaini, Atu Bagus Wiguna, Firdaus Finuliyah
The covid-19 pandemic hits the tourism sector by limiting economic mobility, making local business suffer. The case is also genuine in The Pasuruan Bromo – Tengger Semeru Area Indonesia, however as the Prioritized Tourism Destination, it also holds an opportunity to manifest business resilience by integrating...
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Hesitate Culture: Hampering Employees to Be a Whistle-Blower

Lilik Purwanti
The purpose of this study is to determine the interest of employees to be whistle-blowers to prevent and detect fraud actions. This research uses a qualitative approach with a case study at Bank XYZ. Collecting data using interview method with selected informants. The study results indicate that employees...
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The Effect of Ethnicity, Demographic and Socio-economic on Households’ Welfare in Indonesia

Moh. Athoillah, Atu Bagus Wiguna, Yenny Kornitasari
Economic welfare starts from the household’s welfare; then, the households will meet their essential and secondary needs from their daily income. Many factors can determine the level of households’ welfare, such as demographic factors: age, level of education, and gender, and also socio-economic factors....
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Analysis of Competitive Strategy Development Using Meta-SWOT Approach in PT. Velesia

Christin Susilowati, Muhammad Rambang Sinuling
The rapid development of the craft and fashion industry has made business competition in the industry more competitive. It makes businesspeople have to develop strategies to survive and win the competition. This study aims to analyze and determine the development of a competitive strategy that is appropriate...
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Overreaction Behavior Analysis on IDX80 Stocks During Bearish Market Conditions

(Study IDX During the Covid-19 Pandemic)

David Kaluge, Ajeng Kinesti
This study aims to identify the overreaction behavior indicated by the winner-loser anomaly. The overreaction behavior can be seen from the cumulative average residual return of the loser portfolio, which can outperform the winner portfolio with a significant value. The winner (loser) portfolio is selected...
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Evaluation of ‘Levels of Tax Understanding and Compliance in Batang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia

Dian Anggraeni, Ika Pratiwi, Tineke Erfina
This study focuses on understanding, knowledge, and compliance using the dimensions of tax implementation and reporting for individual taxpayers. This study used data from respondents of tax officers of Pratama Batang Tax Office, taxpayers in Batang Regency, and secondary data from documents related...
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Affiliation in Higher Education: Roles University Satisfaction and Gender as Moderation

M. Abdi Dzil Ikhram W., Wahdiyat Moko, Dunga Dwi Barinta
A person’s behavior to use a product, symbol, or attribute of an institution is part of the recognition of the institution to which it is affiliated. Comfort and satisfaction can be factors that cause someone to make their institution as an affiliate voluntarily. This phenomenon is often measured in...
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Does Shadow Economy and Informality Exist in Local Tourism?

Conceptual Review About Tourism in Gorontalo City

Herwin Mopangga, Ghozali Maski, Multifiah, Dias Satria
The local tourism industry increases the formal sector and informal and its labor and presents the symptoms of the shadow economy. Shadow economy practices include: 1) use of uneducated and unskilled workers who legally or illegally profit from tourism; 2) irresponsible use of natural resources and the...
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Cigarette Expenditure and Its Effect on Human Resource Investment Allocation

Henny Oktavianti, Muhammad Umar Burhan, Marlina Ekawati, Nurul Badriah
This study aims to analyze the expenditure of cigarettes on human resources. Human resource investment is measured using education and health spending. The model is based on an analysis of previous studies that show a bad effect of smoking on health and achievement. Until now, cigarettes still existed...
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Indonesia’s Defense Industry: Influences of TQM Practices on Employee Productivity with the Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction

Nunung Kristiana, Risna Wijayanti, Djumilah Hadiwidjojo
This study examined the effects of TQM practices on employee productivity mediated by job satisfaction in Indonesia’s defense industry using PT Pindad as an example. High employee productivity reflects sought-after product quality—a crucial, desired aspect in this industry, considering that the product’s...
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The Skill Readiness for Energy Prosumer Behavior at the Household Level

Adriana Grigorescu, Cristina Lincaru
On the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development context, International Renewable Energy Agency (I.R.E.N.A., 2020) highlighted that renewable energy (RE) has proven more resilient than fossil fuels. Solar energy presents the highest potential, the individual consumer at the household level, could decide...
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Linking Innovation Orientation to Operational Performance: The Supply Chain Integration Mediating Effect

Bahrun Borahima, Noermijati Noermijati, Djumilah Hadiwidjojo, Ainur Rofiq
This study addresses four research questions: 1) Does Innovation orientation become an antecedent of Supply chain integration (SCI)? 2) Does SCI affect on Operational performance (OP)? 3) Does Innovation orientation (IO) directly affect OP? 4) Is the relationship between IO and OP mediated by SCI? Accordingly,...
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Conspicuous Consumption on Gen Z in Indonesia

Dennis T, Nurdin Sobari
Social media has become a primary need for Generation Z in Indonesia. The intensity of social media use in these generations assumes that Gen Z in Indonesia has conspicuous consumption in their lifestyle; one form of conspicuous consumption is the purchase of Luxury goods. One of the social media platforms...
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Effect of Relational Bonds on Consumer Engagement Via Affective Commitment on E-Commerce Live Stream Shopping in Indonesia

Dito Tunjung Parahyta, Nurdin Sobari
Lately, Live streaming is one of the entertainment activities that can enhance consumers’ shopping experience. As many as 29% of internet users often watch the live streaming from influencers on social media, and 80% of them tend to buy the products offered. Ranked first globally, 88.1% of internet users...
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The Impact of S-Commerce Usage in Indonesia Towards Social Commerce Intention

(Case Study on TikTok)

Anggit Saghfira, Rifelly Dewi Astuti
This study aims to investigate the role of social commerce construct (SCCs) in influencing emotional support, informational support, perceived usefulness, and perceived risk, which will increase trust in the buying process through TikTok s-commerce in Indonesia. This study was obtained by an online survey...
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The Investment Efficiency of Family Firm in the Pandemic Era

Ni Made Adi Erawati, Bambang Hariadi, Kadek Indah Kusuma Dewi
This research aims to find how the disclosure of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a moderation effect of family ownership on investment efficiency. Total samples are 90 family businesses of manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in a period of 2018-2020 and analyzed...
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Community Water Literacy of Sacred Natural Sites

An Indigenous Alternative for Sustainable Groundwater Management

Amrita Nugraheni Saraswaty, Maryunani, Sri Muljaningsih, Putu Mahardika Adi Saputra
Water is an essential component of Balinese daily life, particularly in the spiritual realm, where holy water is required for rituals. This research employ descriptive analysis to describe water literacy among Hindu Balinese community, based on indigenous concepts related to sacred natural sites and...
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The Role of Human Capital on the Performance of Islamic Banks in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand

Eny Lestari Widarni, Suryaning Bawono
This study investigates the relationship between human capital and the performance of Islamic banks in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Our investigations collect data that we process and accumulate nationally from all Islamic banks listed on the stock exchange and report annual financial statements...
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The Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder Commitment to Company Performance with Slack Resources as Moderation

Wuryan Andayani, Adel Hikam Arif, Maharani Wuryantoro
This study aims to examine The Influence of CSR and Stakeholder Commitment on Firm performance with Slack Resources as Moderation. This research’s contribution is that companies carry out philanthropy to communities affected by Covid19, and companies with excess resources can help people affected by...
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Employee’s Satisfaction During the Pandemic

Case Studies of Early Career Employee

Pamela Magdalena, Armanu, Noermijati, Dodi Wirawan Irawanto
During a pandemic, employees do their jobs in different ways. Not all employees can do their job in the workplace. Some of them have to work from home. In addition, employees at the beginning of their careers who are continuing their studies must also follow their education from home. Conditions like...
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Trends of Income Inequality and Poverty Involvement: Panel Evidence from Bali Province

Muhammad Amrullah, M. Pudjihardjo, Iswan Noor, Setyo Tri Wahyudi
The excellent progress of Bali’s tourism has a good impact on the economic development of Bali Province, but the imbalance in tourism development between North Bali and South Bali produces several negative impacts, one of those impacts is Income Inequality. This study is intending to explore the relationship...
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Spiritual Quotient as Moderating Effect of Compensation and Competence on Performance

Moh. Erfan Arif, Mohammad Thariq
This study aims to investigate the effect of compensation and competence on employee performance moderated by spiritual quotient. The method used in this research is descriptive analysis with a quantitative approach. This study was conducted by involving all employees of Sanggar Corporation. Data were...
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Content Analysis on the ERP Technology Implementation

Adriana Grigorescu, Amalia-Elena Ion
The competitiveness of the global market has been challenging for the SME sector for quite some time. Generally, good management will increase the chances of a small business to continue its activity on the market and even further develop it. Along with the Internet-of-Things, a wide array of management...
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Development of Business and Business Systems to Promote Investment Growth and Regional Economic Resilience: By Using Internet and Social Media

Moeljadi, Sherlinda Octa Yuniarsa, Triningsih Sri Supriyati
The farmers are ironically living below prosperity despite the potential of fertile land and high productivity. The price of cassava keep falling because the farmers have inadequate bargain position; thus the price is controlled by the factory. The price keeps on below the expected price, even today’s...
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The Influence of Ownership Structure, Leverage, Profitability, Company Size, and Audit Quality on Tax Avoidance in Indonesia

Putu Wulandari, Made Sudarma
Taxes are one of the most dominant revenues in the APBN. However, the fact is that the tax potential is not being utilized properly. It is due to the low level of the tax ratio in Indonesia compared to other ASEAN countries. The low level of the tax ratio is due to the prevalence of tax evasion and even...
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Will Finding Employment be Easier for Higher Education Graduates?

Evidence from Job Mismatch in Indonesia

Axellina Muara Setyanti, Khusnul Ashar, Dwi Budi Santoso, Nurul Badriyah
This paper is aimed to investigate whether higher education graduates are easy to get a job, and also whether their job is in accordance with their level of education or not. The expansion of higher education inline with the number of labor force making this research highly relevant for Indonesia. We...
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Does Green Advertising Matter to Purchase Intention?

A Study of Indonesia Green Family Business

Rila Anggraeni, Tegar Nuril Islamy
Green marketing has acquired popularity in recent years, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. The increasing consumer fear of virus transmission caused the upsurge of health and environmental concerns. Green marketing proposes a way to satisfy customer needs and maintain the environmental sustainability....
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The Impact of Mobile Payment on Non-Financial Performance of SMEs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yeney Widya Prihatiningtias, Najmi Wipraganang
This research aims to increase the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) services to gain a competitive advantage. As a result, this study looked into the impact of long-term use of mobile payment apps on non-financial performance on SME performance during the COVID-19 epidemic. A quantitative...
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Perpetual Concept of Waqf in Southeast Asia

Solution Concept of Sustainable Family Business in Overcoming Pandemic Covid-19

Dwi Retno Widiyanti, M. Pudjihardjo, Marlina Ekawaty, Asfi Manzilati
Covid pandemic conditions are similar to war conditions, colonialization periods. This paper aims to do analogical reasoning about the issue of the perpetual concept of the Islamic Philanthropic (Waqf) institutions in countries with colonialization experience and without colonialization one, to prove...
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The Moderating Effect of COVID-19 on the Relationship Between Corporate Risk Disclosure and Investor Perceived Confidence

Amy Yeo Chu May, Ooi Xin Ru, Felizia Arni Rudiawarni
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected a multifaceted human existence and investors who have to deal with the uncertainty of the stock market is not exempted. Therefore, the study aims to investigate to what extent corporate risk disclosure affects the investors’ perceived confidence and trust. Our study...
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Analyzing the Role of Business Resilience as SME’s Core Competence to Improve Business Performance on Pandemic Crisis: A Study on Indonesian’ SMEs

Lilik Purwanti, Raditha Hapsari
The objective of this study is to examine the relationship between business resilience on business performance. The pandemic caused by Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) has become an unpredictable threat for business owners and managers to sustain their business performance. Resilience has been identified...
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Planning and Strategy for Industrial Development Based on Superior Products in Pangkalpinang City

Reniati Reniati, Rostiar Sitorus, Denny Syaputra
This study aims to determine the priority superior product of Pangkalpinang City and its development strategy, concerning the preparation of the Regional Industrial Development Plan. In determining the superior product through 2 (two) stages, namely the identification of the leading processing industry...