Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ANCOSH 2020)

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Information Systems Behavior on System Security in the Perspective of “Theory of Reasoned Action”

Benih Hartanti, Anas Romadon, Nur Anisah, Langgeng Prayitno Utomo
The increasing number of Cooperatives and MSMEs in Jombang, East Java is accompanied by the main challenges that arise generally from internal organizations, especially human resources for supervisors and administrators in supporting an operating system that is fast, easy, transparent, and has high accountability...
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How Store Image Affect Satisfaction and Loyalty

A Structural Model for Traditional Market

Moh Farid Najib
The quality of traditional market services is less competitive when compared to modern markets. The condition occurs because traditional retail is perceived as a slum, chaotic, muddy, dirty, and lack of facilities such as limited parking area, smelly and dirty trash cans, hallways, narrow and so on Store...
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Factors Affecting Corporate Tax Avoidance Practices on the Indonesia Stock Exchange

Omi Pramiana, Agus Taufik Hidayat, Dwi Ermayanti Susilo, Sugeng Suprapto, Rachyu Purbowati
This study was conducted to know the factor effecting of financial reporting aggressiveness and tax avoidance. The data used are secondary data taken from the financial report of the Mining Sector companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with as many as 164 financial reports, data analysis using...
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The Effect of CSR on Company Reputation Using Intellectual Capital as a Mediating Variable

Yuniep Mujati Suaidah, Omi Pramiana, Dwi Ermayanti Susilo, Hadi Sucipto, Rachyu Purbowati
This research aimed to analyze the effect of corporate social responsibility in improving the company’s reputation, both directly and through the company’s intellectual capital. The population of this study were the annual reports of banking sector companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The...
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The Effect of Taxpayer Compliance and Awareness Towards Local Own-Source Revenue with Tax Sanctions as Intervening Variables

Ati Retna Sari, Rima Dini Alfa Rizki
This study aims to examine the effect of taxpayer compliance and taxpayer awareness partially on tax penalties. This study also examines taxpayer compliance, taxpayer awareness and partial tax sanctions on local own-source revenue. The population were the individual taxpayers in the Regional Tax Service...
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Study on Bullying Among Children

Case in an Islamic Primary School

Sundari, Laurens Kaluge
The reality was that there were still many students who bullied their peers. Therefore, the focus of this study was to identify the characteristics of bullying, the characteristics and the impact of perpetrators, and how to deal with it in an Islamic primary school. This descriptive qualitative study,...
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The Application of Self-Management Technique and the Improvement Student’s Learning Responsibilities

Romia Hari Susanti
Learning responsibility is a person’s attitude to be willing and able to complete all the duties and learning tasks given and all the consequences with full awareness. This responsibility is obtained through a learning process and regular practice to direct students. Self-management is a technique that...
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Child Character Building Through the Takaplager Village Children Forum

Ludovikus Bomans Wadu, Robeka Novita Dua Kasing, Andri Fransiskus Gultom, Klemens Mere
This study aims to determine the process of character value formation through non-formal education with the Takaplager Village Children Forum in Sikka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. This research uses a qualitative approach with a case study approach. Data were collected using: triangulation...
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The Digital Promotion Strategy of Tourism Sector Towards Sustainable Tourism Development

Erna Susanti, Deni Amelia
The development of technology and communication is rapidly increased. It is in line with the increasing number of internet users in the world. This gives opportunities for business people to market their business online, as well as the opportunity for the government to promote its strategic sectors,...
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Early Childhood Character Education During the Covid Pandemic 19

Henni Anggraini, H Sarah Emmanuel
This Early childhood is often said to be the golden age, namely the basic period in the life of a child which will affect his life in the future. It was during this golden age that parents and teachers had a good opportunity to instill values in children. The inculcation of values can be done in two...
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Analysis of the Need for the Underwearules Program as a Sexual Education Service in the Prevention of Early Childhood Sexual Violence

Risty Justicia, Mirawati, Wigati Nurfadilah Soeparman, Neng Sri Sinta Asih, Endah Permata Sari
This research is based on the problem of early childhood sexual violence which cases continue to increase every year. The purpose of this study is to determine the analysis of needs in the development of the Underwear Rules program as a sexual education service and sexual violence prevention efforts...
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The Importance of STEAM Loose Part Learning Effectiveness in Early Childhood Cognitive Learning

Siti Muntomimah, Rina Wijayanti
Early Childhood Education is the first foundation that is essential in intervening the child cognitive development. Many methods can increase cognitive development which of them is method based on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) with Loose Part media. This study aims to...
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The Impact of Sociable Learning Model to the Children’s Social Citizenship Competencies

Tuti Istianti, Solihin Ichas Hamid, M. Helmi Ismail, Fauzi Abdillah
After a series of developmental studies, the sociable learning model was measured in the implementations processes that collaboratively conducted with several participants from purposely selected kindergarten teachers in Indonesia. The main research aim that is being carried out is disseminating the...
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The Development of Intelligence Test Media for Children with Hearing Impairment

Ana Rafikayati, Sambira, Mudhar
Children with hearing impairment known to have an average IQ below average. After further analysis the results are obtained because the tests given are verbal test. Whereas for children with hearing impairment, they have difficulty in understanding verbal language. Therefore, it is necessary to develop...
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The Influence of School Leadership Style and Work Climate on Primary School Teacher Performance

Sarce Sambomalilin, Onik Farida Ni’matullah
This research is based on the influence of school principal’s leadership style and work ethics towards elementary school teacher’s performance are important element in order to gain school quality improvement. The purpose of the study is to analyze how much the influence of school principal’s leadership...
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Students’ Questioning Ability Based on Anderson Taxonomy in Social Science Subject

Imroatin Robiyah, Imam Sukwatus Suja’i, Imam Sujono, Dian Septi Nur Afifah, Tomi Listiawan
This research aims to describe learning activity are students questioning ability based on Anderson’s taxonomy in social science subject. This research method is descriptive qualitative. The instrument used include observation sheets and camcorders. The research was conducted in VIIA grade in junior...
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Analysis of Student Satisfaction Against Teacher Services at SMA Sabilurosyad Malang

Sarah Emmanuel Haryono, Henni Anggraini
The quality of school services greatly affects the credibility of educational institutions. The success of a service in achieving its goals is very dependent on the student satisfaction with school services. The purpose of this study was to measure student satisfaction with teacher services at SMA Sabilul...
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Education, Working Group Activities and Pedagogic Competencies Their Effect on Teacher Professionalism

Endah Karuniawati, Sri Rahayu, Iskandar Ladamay
The role of teachers in realizing the ideals of the nation, that is to educate the community, must be supported by professional quality teachers. Teacher professionalism is influenced by a number of factors. This study aims at explaining the effect of educational background, Teacher Working Group activities...
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Interactive Learning Media Based on Augmented Reality and Active Learning Strategy in Primary School in the New Normal Era

Andika Adinanda Siswoyo, Ade Cintya Pritasari, Rika Mellyaning Khoiriya
The aims of this Research is developing interactive learning media theme a Rotation and Earth Revolution Leaning Media Based on Augmented Reality valid, practical and effective. This development research uses the ADDIE development model. The results the research show that the average validity percentage...
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Effect Size of Worksheet on Student Learning Outcomes

Kukuh Andri Aka, Bagus Amirul Mukmin, Icha Biassari
The psychomotor competency paradigm is still underdeveloped, especially in the aspects of the learning process and assessment. Student worksheets can be a tool to improve the psychomotor aspects of students. To sharpen the analysis of the usefulness of student worksheets, this research will conduct a...
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Use of Autograph Learning Media to Improve Mathematic Communication Skills

Nuraini Sri Bina, Yulia Fitri, Siti Fatimah Sihotang, Risna Mira Bella Saragih
The use of learning media is one way to support the government in socializing the era of industrial technology 4.0. Learning media as a solution to students’ low mathematical communication skills. One of the learning media that is proven to be able to improve students’ mathematical communication skills...
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Read, Encode, Annotate and Ponder (REAP) on Reading Comprehension

Agus Sholeh, Maria Fatima Osu
The main purpose of this study was to find out the effect of Read, Encode, Annotate and Ponder (REAP) strategy towards the students’ reading comprehension. It helps students comprehend the text by connecting a text with their own words to enable them to communicate their understanding of the text. This...
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Enhancing Reading Comprehension of Junior High School Students Through Scaffolding Instruction

Lasim Muzammil, Saifullah
Scaffolding, as one of the structured-teaching learning strategies on language skills, has been developed worldwide including in Indonesian context. This paper investigates the effect of using scaffolding to enhance reading comprehension of ninth-grade students in SMP Negeri 04 Batu, East Java, Indonesia....
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Boosting Students’ Confidence and Skill in Writing Using Social Media

Rizky Lutviana, Siti Mafulah
Social media are recently used beyond communication, it is also used as a tool to learn foreign language by posting content written in English. The purpose of this study is to explore the use of social media in learning writing. Problems faced by students in learning writing is the ability to generate...
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The Use of Slang on EFL Students’ Instagram Statuses

Do They Perceive It Essential?

Eliya Kurniati, Rusfandi
Slangs are commonly associated with informal ways of communication and used both in direct and indirect conversations, such as to communicate and express emotions on social media like Instagram. The question is how the use of slang may support and help improve students’ EFL learning through social media...
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The Roles of Students’ Autonomous Learning on EFL Students’ Reading Mastery

Teguh Sulistyo, Agus Sholeh
This study aims at determining the impact of autonomous learning on EFL students’ reading comprehension. This study used a quasi-experimental approach with two groups of research subjects, namely the experimental group using interactive reading activity and the control group using conventional methods....
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Lesson Study Based on Flipped Classroom on Primary School

Arief Rahman Hakim, Prihatin Sulistyowati
This paper aims at discovering and examining the implementation of Lesson Study on Social Studies for Primary School course based on flipped classroom. To answer the questions, this paper employed descriptive qualitative approach. The obtained data were then processed through data collection, reduction,...
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Cooperative Learning in Basic Mathematics Lesson Study Activity

Dyah Triwahyuningtyas, Nyamik Rahayu Sesanti
Lesson Study is a learning activity that has been implemented in various countries as well as at the school institution level. Innovative implementation of lesson study activities can be collaborated with cooperative learning. The purpose of this study is to describe Lesson Study activities in basic...
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Problem Posing

A Learning Model to Improve Creative Thinking Skills in Mathematics

Rika Wulandari
This study aims to determine how the steps of the problem posing learning model to improve the creative thinking skills of class XI IPS I at SMAN I Kamal, Bangkalan on Matrix concept. This research uses classroom action research with stages of plan, do, observe, and reflect. The subjects were students...
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Digital Literacy Analysis of Elementary-School Students in Malang

Farida Nur Kumala, Cicilia Ika Rahayu Nita, Arnelia Dwi Yasa, Anik Ghufron, Pratiwi Pujiastuti, Chandra Puji Rahayu
This study aims to determine the literacy skills of elementary school students in Malang. The subjects of this study were 10 elementary school students in Malang with a total of 303 samples. Data were collected using a questionnaire instrument. This research uses a descriptive quantitative approach....
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Character Building’s Analysis on Civic Education Course Through Lesson Study Activities

Yulianti, Nury Yuniarsih
This qualitative-descriptive research aims to explain character building in the Civics Education Course using Lesson Study Strategy as our research method. There were three stages of Lesson Study: Rencana (Plan), Implementasi (Do), Refleksi (See). The subjective of the research are fifth-semester students...
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Lift the Flap Module Character Value Based on Contextual

Ninik Indawati, Iva Ma’rifatuz Zainuri
This research is motivated by the lack of teachers who vary the teaching materials in the application of learning methods when teaching, which results in students getting bored quickly and less enthusiastic when receiving learning. The purpose of this study was to explain the validity of the Lift the...
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Analysis of Small Family Business in Gondanglegi Malang District

Affan Afian
The purpose of this research is to find, analyse and build theories on family business. The subjects of this research are three family businesses that have been run by two generations. The three research subjects are located in Gondanglegi, Malang Regency. Referring to these objectives, the research...
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Improving Entrepreneurial Ability Through Knowledge-Sharing Intention in Millennial Generation

Anissa Lestari Kadiyono, Rizal Judawinata
Knowledge-sharing is a way to improve entrepreneurial readiness in millennial generation. One key feature of the industrial revolution 4.0 is the need for capability in data literacy, technological literacy, and human literacy. Building community as a place to share can improve readiness of millennial...
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The Influence of Entrepreneurial Learning Design Meaningfulness on Student Entrepreneurial Competence

Empirically, learning entrepreneurship in higher education, especially in Economic Education, Universitas PGRI Kanjuruhan Malang is oriented towards cognitive, affective and psycho-motor aspects. The formulation of the problem in this study is how the meaningfulness of entrepreneurial learning design...
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Implementation of Lesson Study to Improve Basic Teaching Ability of Geography Education Students, University of Kanjuruhan Malang

Suwito, Ika Meviana
In order to improve teaching abilities, prospective teachers must understand eight basic teaching skills, namely organizing group and individual work, explaining, questioning, reinforcement, variation, discussion guiding, class management and opening and closing skills. Lesson study is a model that is...
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Improving Understanding Abilities Through Contextual Teaching and Learning in Lesson Study Activities

Ika Meviana, Nelya Eka Susanti
Bloom classifies comprehension (Comprehension) into a second cognitive level that describes an understanding, so that students are expected to be able to understand geological material if they can use some relevant rules. In understanding not only understanding an information but also the objectivity,...
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Improving Students’ Critical Thinking Ability Through Lesson Study Activities

Nelya Eka Susanti, Yuli Ifana Sari
Critical thinking is very important in learning new material and relating it to student’s previously-learned material. The study aimed to (1) to improve students’ critical thinking skills through the Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) approach in Lesson Study activities; (2) identify learning problems...
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Local Wisdom of Lodok Rice Field in Meler Village, Manggarai Regency

Ottovianus Diliano Nery, Darsiharjo, Epon Ningrum
Lodok Rice Field from Manggarai, Province of East Nusa Tenggara is one of cultural rice field in Indonesia. This rice field has pattern look like spider web. The research was conducted to find out local wisdom of Lodok rice field and how to use it in geography learning. Descriptive method with a qualitative...
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Implementation of Discussion-Presentation Method of Flipped Classroom-Based Through Lesson Study

Yuli Ifana Sari, Siti Halimatus Sakdiyah
The aim of this study is to find out the use of discussion-presentation method of the flipped classroom-based through lesson study to improve concept understanding and communication skills. This study was classroom action research (CAR) through Lesson Study (LS) that consist of six cycles, each cycle...
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Contribution of Environment in the Riverbanks and Peer Group to Drug Abuse

Dita Widiawati, Nina Permata Sari, Eklys Cheseda Makaria
Drug abuse is the use of narcotics, psychotropic substances and other addictive substances with the aim of having fun and without a doctor’s recommendation. One of the things that influence drug use is peer groups. In addition, the social environment along the riverbanks which are residential areas can...
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The Relationship Between Psychological Well-Being, Discipline and Online Gaming Addiction Among High School Students in Central Java

M. T. Afriwilda, Mulawarman
This study aimed to explore the relationship between online game addiction, psychological well-being and self-discipline. The research methodology is a quantitative approach with a correlational descriptive type. The samples used were 1046 high school students in Central Java. The Instruments used were...
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School Counsellor Services in the Middle of the Pandemic COVID-19 by Using Social Media and Virtual Classes

Riskiyana Prihatiningsih, Henny Indreswari, Dhara Alim Cendekia
The COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges for school counsellors to continue to provide effective and optimal services even though they cannot meet face to face with students. The use of social media and virtual classes are two alternatives that can be used by school counsellors in providing services....
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Juvenile Delinquency in the Riverside Area of Banjarmasin South Kalimantan

Sulistiyana, Ari Hidayat
This article is about the identification of juvenile delinquency in the riverbank area of Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. Banjarmasin is known as the City of a Thousand Rivers because it has many rivers which are used as settlements so most of the people. Currently there tends to be a lot of juvenile...
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Indonesian Folklore Based on Gender Equality to Improve Literacy Culture

Dase Erwin Juansah, Ade Husnul Mawadah, Ade Anggraini Kartika Devi
The content of folklore that contains gender equality can improve mutual respect without looking down on gender. This study aims to describe and reconstruct the folklore of Indonesia from a gender equality perspective. The research method used was based on a qualitative paradigm with a descriptive model....
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Inflectional Markers of Mandarese Language in Generative Morphological Perspective

I Jerniati, Musayyedah, Ratnawati, Andi Indah Yulianti, R Hasina Fajrin
This study investigates inflectional markers of Mandarese language concerning generative morphology. It aims to describe the forms of the inflectional marker and its distribution in the Mandarese language. It deploys a generative morphological approach to analyse language based on linguistic knowledge...
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Conceptions of Literacy in English Language Education Context

EFL University Teachers’ Perceptions

Salim Nabhan
Conception of literacy, traditionally defined as the ability to read and write with printed texts, has grown beyond its narrowed views towards new understandings of multiliteracy due to the advancement of technology. Despite a plethora of study on general conception of literacy, little is known about...
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Helping Early Childhood Education Teacher Teach English with an E-Book Guide

Bambang Harmanto, Heri Wijayanto, Ida Yeni Rahmawati
This paper aims to identify the responses of early childhood education teacher (ECET) toward E-book guide for English teaching practices which was developed by the writer. By identifying their responses properly, it is assumed that they can be helped to be competent English practitioners with the e-book...
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The Effectiveness of Video Blog (VLOG) on Students’ Speaking Skill

Riza Weganofa, Ilmatul Khoiro
As speaking requires the students to perform orally, this skill is considered difficult by some students. This study aims at investigating the effectiveness of Video Blog (Vlog) on students’ speaking skill. It used pretest-posttest control group research design. It was conducted at SMKS PGRI Pakisaji....
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Spatial Representation of Baduy Tribe

Santy Yulianti, Winci Firdaus
This paper focuses on studying the spatial representation of Baduy tribe. This subject is an interesting matter because Baduy tribe have customary rules regarding the layout of buildings and fields in their lives. The conceptual rules affects the vocabulary production that they use in daily life, one...
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Traditional Ecological Knowledge for the Deer Conservation in the Form of Folklore

Heksa Biopsi Puji Hastuti, Early Wulandari Muis, Indra Rahayu Setiawati, Nisa Nasyra Rezki, R Hasina Fajrin
The Traditional Society of Moronene in Hukaea-Laea, Taman Nasional Rawa Aopa Watumohai area, has its mechanism in performing the ecosystem balance, included the deer conservation. The tribe also has a traditional institution called totongano kadadi that can control animal conservation, and the oral tradition...
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The Power of the King of Java in the Indonesian Novel

Gatot Sarmidi, Suryantoro
Indonesian literature reflects and represents the power narrated by the figures of the kings of Java. The narrative can be seen in the novels of Airlangga, Arok Dedes, and Minak Jinggo Sekar Kedaton. Research that uses socio-historical approach is analysed based on critical discourse analysis and interpreted...
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The Concept of Sompek (Wander) of the Buginese Society in Folklore

H Amriani, Andi Herlina, Murmahyati
The Buginese people are known as people who like to wander both in the archipelago and abroad, this is reflected in their literary works. One of the things that describe the life of the Bugi people as migrants can be found in folklore. This paper aims to describe an overview of sompek (wander), passompek...
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Pasar by Kuntowijoyo Novel without Frontal Physical Conflict

A Javanese Psychological Analysis Study

Suryantoro, Soedjijono
This paper discusses the non-frontal conflict of the central character Pak Mantri Pasar (PMP) in the novel Pasar with the Javanese Psychological analysis approach. This psychology is the result of constructing the concept of local psychology in the context of Javanese culture. Javanese psychology, as...
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Social Criticism Intertextuality in Rendra’s Poem and Book of Isaiah

Literary work comes from a certain civilization background. The creation of Rendra’s poetry was greatly helped by the Old Testament. Social criticism in Rendra’s poetry has a common thread with social criticism in the book of Isaiah. The purpose of this study is to describe the influence of the book...
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Poverty Reduction Through Microfinance in Rajapolah District, Tasikmalaya Regency

Wilman San Marino, Gun Gun Gunawan
The rapid growth of microfinance institutions provides great opportunities for low-income people to participate more in the economy, start and grow their businesses. This study aims to determine the role of microfinance institutions in reducing poverty with indicators of increasing family income before...
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Human Resources Competency at Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Palembang Songket Industry

Kristina Sedyastuti, Emi Suwarni, Dedi Rianto Rahadi, Maidiana Astuti Handayani
The study aims to analyze the competency of human resources at small and medium enterprises in Palembang Songket industry. A survey research method using primary data obtained from an interview is employed. There are five respondents are interviewed in this study and those are the Songket firm’s owners....
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Balance Scorecard Analysis and Business Model Generation

Arvy Rizaldy, Vinus Maulina
This study aims to analyze the company’s strategy using the balance scorecard (BSC) and business model generation (BMG) model. The BSC is a company performance measurement tool that aligns company goals based on four perspectives, while BMG is a description of the business model that the company runs...
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Financing Analysis of Loan-Based Crowd Funding on Medium Small Micro Enterprises

Sati Ratna Dewanti, Dinar Rika Septyaningtyas, Dandy Yuliansyah, Nindi Vaulia Puspita
This study aims to determine the results of analysis Loan-Based Crowd funding on MSMEs in several countries on helping MSMEs obtain capital loans without a series of difficulties in administration and regulations. So, it can be used as a consideration for the government in making policies that can be...
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The Role of Organizational Commitment in Employee Performance

Rahmad Hidayat, Andi Nu Graha
This study puts forward a model that examines the variables of transformational leadership style, organizational commitment, and employee performance. This model intends to explore transformational leadership styles on employee performance. Specifically, this model intends to determine their relationship...
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Motifs in East Java Traditional Batiks

Cultural Visual Language

Ika Ismurdiyahwati, Atiqoh Nasor
Batik and its traditional motifs imply cultural values. Various regions provide various motifs, thus, this research explores traditional batiks from Gresik, Lamongan, Tuban and Bojonegoro. This study is a qualitative research. The approach is cultural analysis, the data are collected by sampling, and...
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What Role Can Community-Based Tourism Have in Sustainable Development?

Lina Nasihatun Nafidah, Lilik Pujiati, Suluh Hendrawan, Nurhayati
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development states that its goals are to make sustainable improvements. One of the sustainable improvements is through the independence of the village community. A tourism village is one of the concepts in achieving sustainable developments goals. Community based tourism...
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Students’ Perceptions of PJOK-AKTIF Learning Strategy

Muhammad Muhyi, Brahmin Rangga Prastyana, Aisyah
Real contribution in Physical, Sport, and Health Education learning taught in schools at the elementary school level is currently very much needed, not only limited to physical activity practice but is expected to contribute to real learning outcomes, such as fun, varied physical activities and teaching...
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Individual and Household Economic Recovery After the Covid-19 Through Temporary Waqf Program

Rosidin, Masyithah Mardhatillah, Fenty Andriani, Aprilya Fitriani, Mohammad Rohmanan
It is historically proven that waqf plays a good role as the public financial source. The relevant shape of waqf for nowadays context is a temporaryone (waqf mu’aqqat). This study aims to offer a temporary waqf program as an alternative solution in both individual and household economic recovery after...
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Enhancement of Students’ Mastery of Concept and Psychomotoric After Lesson Study Practice

Siti Halimatus Sakdiyah, Suwito
Lesson Study is a model of improving the quality of learning through collaborative and continuous learning studies based on the principles of collaboration and mutual learning, to build a learning community. Mastery of concept and psychomotor were one of main objective in lesson. The study aimed to improve...
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Scientific Approach in the Development of Social Science Lesson Plan

Tisna Hestiningtyas, Endah Andayani
The lesson plan is a tool and at the same time becomes the main requirement for a teacher in teaching. The teaching and learning process in the 2013 curriculum requires teachers to use a scientific approach, so all components and learning tools must be evaluated and developed according to the needs of...
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The Role of Leadership Styles and Motivation on Teacher Performance

Sahara Indah Sutrisni, Endi Sarwoko
Teacher performance is an important factor in improving the quality of education in general. Therefore, teacher performance needs to receive attention from schools, by paying attention to factors related to teacher performance such as principal leadership and work motivation. This study aims to investigate...
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Maximizing Organizational Structure of Sukodono Tourism Awareness Group

Bramantyo Tri Asmoro, Erna Resmiatini
Tourism Group Awareness is one of the actors in developing of local tourism. It takes a strong and professional organizational management in managing a tourism object. Moreover, the nature of the tourism group awareness is a self-help and self-sufficient, it demands high independence as an organization....
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Leadership Style, Organization Culture, Motivation, and Principal Supervision of Teachers

Their Effects on Teacher Performance

Haryono Wasito, Pieter Sahertian, Vinus Maulina
This study aimed to analyze the effect of leadership style, organizational culture, motivation and principal supervision of teachers on teacher performance at elementary schools in Malang Regency, Indonesia. The results of this study showed that, simultaneously, leadership style, organizational culture,...
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Community Economic Growth

Identity and Competitiveness Cooperative

Ismail, Endah Andayani
Cooperatives have an important role in realizing people’s welfare and strengthening the economic position, however how cooperatives can maintain their identity and weak competitiveness are fundamental issues. This is because there is a legal protection that is out of date and unable to go international,...
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Cultural Values and Leadership Excellence

Pieter Sahertian, Umiati Jawas
The study of leadership from a cultural perspective has not been widely discussed, especially for the case in Indonesia. Meanwhile, organizations in Indonesia employ employees including leaders who come from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This study aims to describe the influence of cultural...
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The Implementation of Health Protocols in New Normal Era of Covid-19 in Tourism

Riza Yonita, Shally Amna
The pandemic of COVID 19 has a massive impact on all economic sectors. Tourism is one of the sectors that is experiencing a setback. The government policy of new normal implementation is meant to provide new hope to this industry. This study examined tourists’ behavior and perception toward the implementation...
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Analysis of the Factors That Influence the Decision to Buy Chicken Eggs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ari Brihandhono, Waluyo Edi Susanto
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused consumer purchasing power to decline. Uncertainty and various restrictions have resulted in a weakening of the economy which has affected household consumption of various products or commodities, including chicken eggs. This paper aims to analyze the costumer decision...
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Socio-Economic Awareness

Social Entrepreneur, Competence, and Critical Thinking Ability

Endah Andayani, Lilik Sri Hariani, Suprehatin Ningtyas
Students socio-economic awareness is students’ knowledge as dignified social beings. Students ‘understanding of the realities of life will shape students’ awareness of how students see, consider, and determine the activities to be carried out. The level of awareness of students can be seen from how their...
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The Competence of Early Childhood Education Service Teachers in Providing Education Services to Children with Special Needs

Amalia Nurhayatun, Juhanaini, Budi Susetyo
The competence of teachers in handling children with special needs, for instance, identifying, assessing and compiling programs will also determine the accuracy in providing services for children with special needs, especially in early children education units. However, the limited knowledge and understanding...
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Teacher Performance

Principal Leadership, Competence and Motivation

Esterlina, Lilik Sri Hariani
The performance of a teacher can be influenced by several factors. Among the factors that can affect teacher performance are the leadership of the principal, the competence of the teacher himself, and the teacher’s motivation in carrying out his duties. This study aims to analyze whether there is a significant...
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The Effect of PMII Strategy Towards RRT in Concept Mastery and Students Critical Thinking Ability

Ariesta Wulandari Ciptaningtyas, Akhmad Sidiq, Chandra Sundaygara
The aims of this research is to know the effect of reverse role tutoring (RRT) peer mediated instruction and intervention (PMII) strategy on the collage students ‘conceptual mastery and students’ critical thinking skills. The research method used a Quasi-experimental research design using a post-test...
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4C-Based Cooperative Learning Model Through Lesson Study Activities on Indonesian Course for Elemantary School

Denna Delawanti Chrisyarani, Dwi Agus Setiawan
The implementation of Indonesian Language of Primary School course should be directed to the development of 4C (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity). To create effective and interesting learning process, teacher must direct the learning activity by implementing Cooperative...
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Comparative Study of Learning Outcomes Using Main and Supporting Textbooks in Pancasila Education Courses

Didik Iswahyudi, Suwito
Textbook was one of teaching material that could help students learning. Textbook should be carefully selected, processed, adapted if needed, and judged for successful application in the classroom. The study aims to compare two Pancasila Education textbook for higher education. The research was quasi...
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The Effectiveness of Implementing Blended Project Based Learning using ICT- Multimedia in Statistic Learning

Maylita Hasyim, Imam Safawi Ahmad
Based on the characteristics of the millennial generation who prefer to do and control what is learned, the role of multimedia learning is very vital in the success of the education of the millennial generation. Learning media with the application of technology have been effective at the tertiary level...
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Application of Google Classroom

Case Study of History Lesson in School of Vocational Health Amanah Husada Batu

Suprienik, I Wayan Legawa, Suwito
Learning process actually has an important role in improving the quality of education, so that learning is carried out by prioritizing meaning and benefit for learners. This is expected in an effort to create a learning atmosphere that can stimulate the ability of students to explore and explore their...
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Business-Map Learning Media

Application-Based Business Planning Media

Udik Yudiono
The Entrepreneurship Program at Vocational High School has fully received the attention of the Government. Teachers of Creative Products and Entrepreneurship (PKK) are required to be able to develop creative, adaptive and practice-based learning media so that students have sufficient learning experience...
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E-Comics as an Interactive Learning Media on Static Fluid Concepts

Dewi Atikah Suri, Irnin Agustina Dwi Astuti, Yoga Budi Bhakti, Ria Asep Sumarni
Physics learning on fluid concepts seems abstract, making students le Physical material about fluids makes many students less understanding because the material is very abstract, and there are many physics formulas. Therefore it takes a learning medium for physics learning to become interactive and keep...
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Developing Students’ Conceptual Understanding and Critical Thinking Through Dunia Hidrokarbon Games

Indah Sari, Ijang Rohman, Ratnaningsih Eko Sardjono
Fun learning atmosphere is one of the important things in the learning process. Students need fun learning atmosphere especially when they learn lessons that are considered difficult. Chemistry is one of the subjects considered difficult. Many researchers try to create a fun learning atmosphere by applying...
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Does Online Learning Work for International Students?

A Case Study at a University in Thailand

Nico Irawan
Online learning is a new global phenomenon during The Covid-19 Outbreak. Online knowledge, combined with the social media platform, can be useful in teaching-learning. Some countries are determining online learning, such as keeping social distances, keeping them healthy, and focusing on lessons and knowledge,...
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Engaging Students in an Online Classroom Setting

Reading and Retelling Short Story

Siti Mafulah, Rizky Lutviana
Online learning become a must thing to be applied in pandemic situation. This paper aimed to depict how students engage in the online class and how teacher gives the interesting way to tight the students’ engagement. This study was done in Extensive Reading class. Thirty students were involved in this...
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Students’ Creativity in Project Based Learning

Siti Munawaroh, Imam Sukwatus Suja’i, Dian Septi Nur Afifah, Ika Mariana Putri
Students interaction with computer is needed to sharpen student skills. However, there are still students who use computer to play games, not for learning. This causes student has not reached the competence that expected. For that, teacher needs to apply project-based learning to assist students learning...
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Problematic and Alternative Solution of Mathematics Study During Covid-19 Pandemic

Tatik Indiyah, Dian Septi Nur Afifah, Imam Sukwatus Suja’i, Imam Sujono, Risa Fitria
The Covid-19 pandemic causes learning to be done online. But many teachers, students, and parents feel plenty of constraints in online learning. So, the study aims to describe the problems of mathematics and solution studies in the pandemic situation. The method used is a qualitative approach. The subject...
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Suitability Analysis of Textbook Contents from Students’ Characteristics

Vitri Angraini Hardi, M. Syahrul Rizal
The present study is a description of English Textbook suitability (Grow with English: An English Course for Elementary School Students Book 6) on students’ characteristics. It analyzed the suitability of textbook contents and the students’ characteristics. This is descriptive research with interviews,...
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The Effect of Learning Activity, Teacher Teaching Skills and Achievement Motivation on the Learning Outcomes of Social Studies Lessons

Wahyudi Hermanto, Sudiyono
Learning outcomes that meet the educational unit targets are one of the benchmarks for student achievement after learning. The value of learning outcomes is one indicator of the success of the social studies teaching and learning process. This study uses quantitative methods, to determine the effect...
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Implementation of PBL Model to Improve Skills Problem Solving, Self-Confidence, and Responsibility

Case Study: Learning in Science

Wati Rohmawatiningsih, Indriyani Rachman, Yayoi Kodama, Muhammad Nur Hudha
This research is motivated by conditions in the field which indicate that worksheet circulating in elementary schools contains learning activities that do not encourage students’ thinking abilities to solve various contextual problems and provide subjectivity experiences to develop their attitudes. Therefore,...
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The Influence of Using Students Worksheet, School Environment and Learning Motivation on Social Studies Learning Achievement

Zahroh Shoumi Indriyani, Riril Mardiana Firdaus
This article is intended to analyze the effect of using Student Worksheets (LKS) on Social Studies Learning Achievement, the influence of the School Environment on Social Studies Learning Achievement, the influence of Learning Motivation on Social Studies Learning Achievement, and the effect of using...