Proceedings of the International Conference "Actual Issues of Mechanical Engineering" (AIME 2018)

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Improving the design of poppet valve in piston mud pump

Rima Yavdatovna Abdyukova
Research conducted in the oil field development facilitate formation of a system of fundamental knowledge that allows future specialist to scientifically analyze problems in their professional field, apply in practice the knowledge, independently (with modern research methods) master the new information...
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Range of application of the Brooks-Corey model for approximation of capillary curves in reservoirs of Western Siberia

Rasul Tukhbatullovich Akhmetov, Vyacheslav Vyacheslavovich Mukhametshin
This paper considers issues in approximation of capillary curves under conditions of producing reservoirs of Western Siberia. Brooks-Corey model was selected as the main function for the approximation. For each experimental capillary measurements curve, values of parameters characterizing steepness and...
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Optimizing cycles of adsorption separation of gas mixtures

Е.I. Akulinin, D.S. Dvoretsky, О.О. Golubyatnikov, S.I. Dvoretsky, S.A. Skvortsov
Mathematical models of dynamics of pressure swing adsorption processes for the separation of synthesis gas (into hydrogen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide) and air (into oxygen, nitrogen and argon) have been developed. The models allow calculating the profiles of component concentrations and temperature...
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Exergetic analysis of compressor characteristics using computer modeling

Gennady Valentinovich Alexeev, Aleksey Petrovich Savelev, Sergey Aleksandrovich Romanchikov, Igor Iosifovich Bridenko
Modern requirements for resource saving seriously raise the issues of secondary use of basic raw materials and auxiliary materials in the production cycle. Food production, in addition, uses water in significant quantities and as an auxiliary material. Unconditional superiority in such processes is occupied...
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Developing the technology of non-stationary treatment through the example of the deposit of Severnye Buzachi

Elvira Maratovna Almukhametova
In the last few years the research on efficiency of nonstationary treatment technology has been conducted at high-viscosity index oil field of Severnye Buzachi (Republic of Kazakh). The obtained results reveal that the technology of non-stationary flooding is efficient when developing reservoirs with...
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Kinematic analysis of robotic complex within the SOLIDWORKS Motion system

Sergey Igorevich Anciferov, Elena Vladimirovna Gaponenko, Leonid Sergeevich Kulakov
The paper presents the kinematic analysis regarding the motion of a robotic complex with relative handling modules via the SolidWorks Motion system based on the designed 3D model. The analysis considered such motion elements as motion restriction, material properties, weight, speeds and contacts of components....
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Energy evaluation of production in agro-industrial complex

Leonid Andreev, Vladimir Yurkin
The main task of an agricultural enterprise is the production of a certain quantity of products. Any production activity is associated with energy spending. And before any production there is a question - what amount of energy will be required at the existing level of technology for obtaining this product,...
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Statistical Model of Centimeter Range Signals That Have Passed The Surface and Space Propagation Path

Alexey S. Anikin
This article describes the correlation function and the angular energy spectrum of scattered waves for terrestrial paths to distribute radio waves of space propagation path and diffraction. The angular energy spectrum of the scattered waves on such paths is multimodal and causes the periodic nonstationarity...
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Reliability-based design algorithm for artificially replaced hip prosthesis considering material property uncertainty

Kharmanda Ghias, Antypas Imad Rezakalla
The material properties of living tissue are subjected to uncertainty according to several factors such as ageing, disease, nutrition ... For example; the bone is a composite structure containing organic and inorganic components. Inorganic components are essentially responsible for the compression strength...
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Method of temperature measurement in cutting zone while turning using portable class thermal imaging system

I.V. Anukhin, S.A. Lyubomudrov, V.I. Anukhin, N.V. Nikitkov
The article offers a method for temperature measurement in the cutting zone on a turning lathe. Application of thermal imager BALTECH TR-01500 allowed one to record the thermogramm of the cutter running out from the cutting zone at the moment of releasing the cutter face from chips. The values of the...
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Trend of Application of Automated Welding Process of Cold Metal Transfer in Structures Made of Aluminum Alloy

I.E. Arzhannikova, N.Z. Sultanov
The urgency of the investigated problem is caused by the need to improve the quality of welded joints of aluminum thin-walled structures of aerospace engineering. The purpose of the article is to substantiate the application of automated welding technology with the process of cold metal transfer for...
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Swirling devices intended for use in air ducts of dust emissions cleaning systems

I.V. Stefanenko, V.N. Azarov, D.P. Borovkov, I.V. Polyakov
The paper formulates the requirements for the flow swirlers intended for the installation in aspiration systems ducts, gives the description of the swirling devices aimed at enhancing the performance reliability of aspiration systems with the reduction of the amount of gas being cleaned, describes the...
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Determining parameters of electric power unit for light aircraft

Dmitry Bakholdin, Valery Biryukov, Lyudmila Tolstobrova
The article is devoted to the comparison of the characteristics of electric traction aircrafts and those equipped with classic ICE. The calculation of the flight range of aircraft equipped with an electric motion has been made.
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Non-destructive testing application for diagnosis of long-running civil and industrial facilities under special climatic conditions

Mikhail A. Bandurin, Vladimir V. Vanzha, Victor A. Volosukhin, Alexander V. Mikheyev, Yakov V. Volosukhin
The given article considers the necessity of implementation of new systems of technical diagnostics for a long-term exploitation of civil and industrial facilities under special climatic conditions. Currently, more than 80% of civil and industrial facilities in southern Russia have worked out their rated...
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Influence of microdamage structure on fatigue resistance of metal functional material

Maria Bartolomey, Dmitriy Boyarshinov, Sergei Batin, Mikhail Gitman, Vladimir Oborin
The role of the collective behavior of defect ensembles at the crack tip and the laws of fatigue crack propagation in aluminum-magnesium alloy AMg6 have been studied under conditions of symmetric tension–compression gigacycle loading at 20 kHz using ultrasonic fatigue testing machine Shimadzu USF2000....
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Structural diagrams and basic design relationships for the calculation of road safety indicators

Anatoly Pavlovich Bazhanov
main tasks of research and maintenance of reliability at the present stage of designing and construction of highways are stated. The sequence of the analysis of structural reliability schemes of non-rigid road clothes under conditions of impact on them of normal and limiting values of transport - operational...
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Design Optimization of Machine Accessories through Analysis of their Elements Deformation in NX NASTRAN

M. V. Nekhoroshev, K. A. Bezsonov, A. V. Meshcheryakov, A. P. Shulepov
The article presents design optimization of machine accessories used for milling, according to required accuracy of geometrical parameter of machined part. The authors propose a computerized engineering analysis of deformation of device elements when cutting forces are applied. NX Nastran software is...
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Risk-oriented approach to problem of centrifugal pumps reliabilization during operation

Marina Aleksandrovna Bikmukhametova, Rimma Borisovna Tukaeva, Anton Timurovich Bikmukhametov
The article shows that more progressive strategies are those of the fourth generation maintenance and repair based on reliability and repair management (RCM/RBI analysis, riskoriented technologies) of technological equipment maintenance and repair (M&R) which have not found wide application in Russia....
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A.V. Blagin, N. A. Nefedova, V.V. Nefedov
The paper consists of analysis of the results obtained in the course of experiments on creation of lightemitting solid solutions on the basis of Gallium antimonide within the framework of the gradient liquid phase epitaxy method. Analysis of the kinetics of the crystallization process in epitaxial layers...
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Research of overall performance of polymeric sprinkler of coolers

Evgeni Vladimirovich Boev, Nina Ivanovna Boeva, Rustem Rifovich Daminev, Oleg Khasanovich Karimov
Observance of temperature condition of any production is carried out by means of the systems of reverse water supply equipped most often with fans and cooling towers. In this article, the design of the drop and film sprinkler of coolers and results of a research of efficiency of his work is described.
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Plasma-chemical modification of concrete

Diana Olegovna Bondarenko, Nadezda Ivanovna Bondarenko, Vasiliy Stepanovich Bessmertnyi, Valeria Valerievna Strokova
Plasma chemical modification (PCM) improves chemical resistance of a glazed decorative coating and expands opportunities for designing various types of the decoration of concrete. However, PCM exposes the material to a significant thermal shock that leads to dehydration of hydrosilicates in the cement...
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Space connection investigation of functionally dependent knots in rotating assemblies

Julia Anatolievna Bondarenko, Mikhail Alexeyevich Fedorenko, Tamara Mikhailovna Sanina
Nowadays industry development depends on the introduction of state-of-the-art technologies, equipment and new methods of equipment utilization. The issues of energy-saving, productivity increase, reliability, and equipment longevity are especially acute. Revealing regularities and development of mathematical...
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V.N. Azarov, I.V. Stefanenko, R.A. Burkhanova
The authors have investigated the process of asbestos-cement dust slippage past dust collectors with countercurrent swirling flows. They took into account the mass rate of dust getting to the working zone air, the total gas flow rate, the length of the lower inlet branch duct, the conditional relative...
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Simulation Design of Manufacturing Processes and Production Systems

Mikhail K. Chernyakov, Maria M. Chernyakova, Kamal Ch. Akberov
The paper addresses up-to-date approaches to model design of manufacturing processes and production systems. In view of high complexity and labor intensity of designing manufacturing processes and production systems, it is quite expedient to use computer facilities. It is most appropriate to predict...
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Utilization of expert systems for screw pump sets with surface drive management

Alexander Yurievich Davydov
Here we deal with the current utilization of screw pump sets with surface drive management. The causes of rod string twisting off are analyzed. We study the mathematical model of functioning of the system “the screw – the rod string, dependence of torque inequality on the length of the rod strings, rod...
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Influence of Position of Moving Parts of Lathe on Dynamic Characteristics

Alexander Denisenko
A technique and a dynamic model for calculating the own frequencies and forms of oscillations of a lathe with a horizontal plane of guides mounted on rubber-metal supports are proposed. A two-mass dynamic model with 3 degrees of freedom was used, which performs translational-angular oscillations. The...
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Subminiature eddy current transducers for studying aluminium-dielectric and steel-dielectric junctions

Sergey Dmitriev, Vladimir Malikov, Anatoly Sagalakov, Alexander Katasonov, Alexey Ishkov
Based on a eddy current transducer (ECT), a probe has been designed to research metal–dielectric structures (MDS). A scheme that uses a computer as a generator and receiver of signals from windings is proposed. The measurement procedure allowing one to detect defects in laminate composites with a high...
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Ultrasound Method of Li-ion Electric Battery Monitoring

Vladimir Gaponov, Dmitry Kuznetsov, Vitali Dudnik, Nadezda Afanasieva
During the operation, the efficiency of Li-ion batteries is reduced. Alternative control methods are necessary for a comprehensive assessment. Experiments show ultrasonic signals appearing during the battery charging-discharging. The article is devoted to their registration and analysis
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Automation Control System against Driver Falling Asleep in Traffic

Ilya S. Dymov, Denis A. Kotin, Roman E. Derevyanko
The paper is devoted to the development of a new automation recognition and warning system against driver falling asleep in traffic. The issue of the physical condition of professional drivers on the trip is considered on the part of both efficiency and quality of determination, and in terms of improving...
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Development and research of aerodynamic stand

Y.F. Davydov, E.A. Asangaliev, M.V Dudkin, A.E. Erulanova, A.D Daurenov
the hydrodynamic processes occurring in devices and the influence of various factors on the flow regime were analyzed. A working section of the aerodynamic stand was developed and models that make it possible to investigate the flow by measuring the pressures, velocities, and resistance of the device...
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Accuracy estimation of mill pin machining with desk-side tools

Julia Anatolievna Bondarenko, Tamara Mikhailovna Sanina, Olga Vasilyevna Bestuzheva
Building materials equipment repair and reconstruction are a challenge as this equipment has large overall dimensions and masses. Requirements to desk side tools precision are expressed in the following: basing surface accuracy of the restored workpiece by the tools; accuracy of working tools movement;...
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Oil refinery planning multi-projects under uncertainty

Tatiana Gaibova
This article proposed multi-project thinking for planning of production of oil products, allowing one to take into account both complication of such projects and influence of uncertainty during their realization. The scenario planning and a model of сhoice under uncertainty are used. A procedure of payoff...
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Maksim Dmitrievich Gavrilenko
The principle of an additional control in an adaptive friction clutch with a positive feedback is suggested. The authors found the dependence of a torque value of the additional feedback actuation device on the current value of friction coefficient when the clutch with the positive direct-action feedback...
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Optimal Distance Between Wells In SAGD Based On Material Balance Method

A.Ya. Gilmanov, A.P. Shevelev
The article discusses the modeling of SAGD using the method of material balance and Butler’s model. This method is very important in the development of heavy oil fields. The application of the integral approach based on the material balance method and Butler’s model allows saving time of modeling without...
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Automatic control system for ion-exchange sorption in industrial production of amino acids as bioprotective factors

Inna Pugacheva, Irina Glotova, Nadezhda Galochkina, Larisa Molokanova, Sergey Shakhov, Natalia Lobacheva, Igor Saranov
A promising approach to amino acids extracting from industrial enterprises wastewater is ion-exchange sorption. The plant for the sorption extraction of amino acids from wastewater includes three ion-exchange columns of vertical type, a reservoir for source water, condensate and regenerating solution...
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Investigation of polymer interaction with nanoscale modifier and development of its identification algorithm

Maksim Gudkov, Irina Glotova, Sergey Shakhov, Inna Pugacheva, Nadezhda Galochkina, Stanislav Bokadarov, Natalia Lobacheva
The purpose of the work is to substantiate the mechanism of interaction of a mixture of fullerene fractions С50÷92 with the polymer matrix of natural and synthetic rubbers with the subsequent solution of the task of identifying their compliance with specified technological parameters in terms of the...
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Optimizing the Positioning of Power Sources in Industrial Units Electrical Power Systems on the Basis of the Method of Distributed Power Density

Vladimir Goryachev, Aleksey Grishko, Nikolay Yurkov, Tatyana Brostilova, Sergey Brostilov, Igor Kochegarov, Alexey Lysenko
The article analyzes the electrical power system of a machine construction workshop where optimal positioning of power sources (power substation, distribution points) has to be determined so as to lower the metal consumption. The goal of the work is to develop a model of an efficient electrical power...
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Development of information-analytical system for technological requests monitoring, taking into account regional specifics

Aleksandr Nikolaevich Grechukhin, Mikhail Sergeevich Razumov, Daria Vasilevna Kudelina, Ivan Sergeevich Anikutin, Alexander Sergeevich Byshkin
The article analyzes the problems of mass application of additive technologies in the industrial sector of the region. It is shown that it is the high cost of the material that is one of the problems of additive technologies transferring to the technological processes of machinebuilding enterprises of...
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Downhole device design and results of its utilization under acid-implosion action

Olga Anatolyevna Grezina
Complication of producing conditions demands utilization of new technologies. Field test results of acid-implosion action in industrial introduction in order to enhance wells productivity are summarized Design parameters of an implosion device and processing technology provided effective influence in...
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Theoretical investigation of force acting during flanging of anisotropic sheet materials

Mikhail Vasikievich Gryazev, Sergey Nikolaevich Larin, Andrey Aleksandrovich Pasynkov
Flanging is quite actively used in the manufacturing of workpieces with necks. Its prevalence in production explains the fact that there is a huge number of Russian and foreign researches discussing this operation, which unfortunately do not take into account the influence of the mechanical properties...
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Peculiarities of problem solving at studying well drilling with the use of linear differential equations with constant coefficients

Galia Rashitovna Igtisamova, Donier Shukurilloevich Nosirov
this article introduces a variation of the parameter method for solving homogeneous linear ordinary differential equations of the second order with constant coefficients, which are most often encountered in the oil and gas engineering when studying the drilling, production and pipeline transport of oil...
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Single-phase AC rectifier with high power factor

Vladlen Ivanov, Pavel Lisitsyn, Sergei Myatez, Andrei Kapustin, Irina Alekseeva
This paper analyzes the known methods of ensuring electromagnetic compatibility of average single-phase AC consumers having semiconductor rectifiers, thus having nonlinear I-V curves, with a power supply network. The traditional method of single-phase AC-DC conversion for domestic needs and industrial...
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Structural synthesis as method of zone-phase controller modernization

Vladlen Ivanov, Andrei Kapustin, Sergei Myatez, Evelina Langeman, Irina Alekseeva
The tasks of structural synthesis and circuitry analysis of static converters are always fraught with difficulties in solving, because they contain elements with non-linear voltampere characteristics and allow a huge number of alternatives fixed relationships combinations (topological structures) between...
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Numerical Simulation of Inert Solid-Phase Three- Component Mixtures Subjected to Explosive Compaction

Sergey Zelepugin, Oksana Ivanova, Aleksandr Yunoshev
The article considers the axisymmetric problem concerning the explosive compaction of a mixture from aluminum, sulfur and carbon placed into a cylindrical steel ampoule. The inert substance (graphite) is added to the mixture to avoid the reaction between aluminum and sulfur. The numerical computations...
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Technologies and technical devices for annual regulated flooding of a productive strata

Ramzis Rakhimovich Kadyrov, Lubov Sergeevna Kuleshova, Irik Galikhanovich Fattakhov
Different systems of stratal flooding by mineral or fresh water into oil bearing formation are used today to enhance reservoir recovery. At low temperatures, 25 degrees below zero and lower, there is a great possibility of freezing of the well head equipment due to cyclic flooding or separate horizontal...
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Comparative analysis of antifriсtion polymers behaviour under deformation of spherical bearing

Anna Kamenskikh, Maria Bartolomey
The stress-strain state of a spherical contact unit with a layer of antifriction polymer material is investigated within the framework of the problem of elastoplastic contact interaction with the account of friction on the contact surface. The statement of the problem of contact mechanical interaction...
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Research of electrical power processes for optimum modeling and design of special electric drives

V.Yu. Karandey, О.B. Popova, B.К. Popov, V.L. Afanasyev
In the article the research of electrical power processes is made for optimum modeling and design of special electric drives with asynchronous motors. For creation of various types of electric drives with optimum mass dimensional and power indicators, it is necessary to define precisely values of electric...
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Heat emission coefficients of a combined oil separator

Bаgaudin Khamidovich Gaitov, Lev Efimovich Kopelevich, Yakov Mikhailovich Kashin, Vladislav Anatolievich Kim
The paper studies the heat emission combined oil separator. The work considers a mathematical model of the temperature field of the combined oil separator. The work is aimed at investigation and analysis of heat emission coefficients of the combined oil separator at oil and gas facilities. The article...
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Promising converters of wind and solar energy into electric energy for electrotechnical complexes

Yakov Mikhailovich Kashin, Mikhail Sergeyevich Khristoforov, Alexander Valeryevich Samorodov, Vladislav Anatolievich Kim
The study prospects and reasons the application of wind and solar energy for power supply of industrial facilities. It also analysis current converters of wind and solar energy. The authors provide original designs of a wind-solar generator, axial two-input electrical generator machine, synchronized...
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Bаgaudin Khamidovich Gaitov, Alexander Valeryevich Samorodov, Lev Efimovich Kopelevich, Alexey Alexandrovich Sharshak
The work presents original designs of axial electromechanical energy converters for application in various fields: oil industry, renewable energy generation, welding equipment and electric power supply
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Impulse non-stationary flooding of hydrocarbon deposits

Marat Yakhievich Khabibullin
Pulse method of non-stationary flooding is a continuous regulation process. Its efficiency is determined by the reserve recovery stage and is chosen after thorough analysis of the development, when the oil deposits are determined differentially on the field zones and deposits and there is a positive...
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Choice of bottom-hole filter construction fluid filtration

Marat Yakhievich Khabibullin, Rustem Iskhakovich Suleimanov
Determination of filters resistance value filtering surface and block types is rather difficult mathematically. It is caused by a great amount of parameters influencing cage filtration capacity. In net filters the type of weaving, they are different: wire diameter strand and the base, different diameters...
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Laboratory studies for the momentum of liquid optimal impact on hydrocarbon formation

M. Ya. Khabibullin, L. Z. Samigullina, L. Z. Zainagalina
The paper presents laboratory studies of impulse water injection on the rock samples. A large number of experimental data were obtained. According to the experimental data, a regression analysis was carried out, on the basis of which qualitative correlations between factorial and resultant characteristics...
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Express method of injection well treatment

M. Ya. Khabibullin, R. I. Suleimanov, E. R. Vasilyeva
During water injection in the bottomhole zone, except corrosion products, which are the main plugging agent, mechanical particles containing in the injected water are collected. They form a sediment that pollutes the filtration channels of the formation, gradually reducing the absorption capacity of...
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Intensification of drying process of wheat seeds based on differentiation of thermal energy supply

Anatoly Sergeevich Kizurov, Sergei Nikolaevich Kokoshin
Theoretical prerequisites for drying wheat seeds based on differentiation of the supply of thermal energy are presented. It is alternation of heating and cooling processes. In the structure of the theoretical premises, terms of efficiency of grain heating and efficiency of evaporation of surface moisture...
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About some approaches to problem of metals and alloys microstructures classification based on neural network technologies

R. Klestov, A. Klyuev, V. Stolbov
Two approaches to the decision of the problem of of metal alloys microstructures classification using neural network technologies are considered. Characteristics of the existing methods of recognition of grains circuits and phases of difficult microstructures are selected and described. A certain sequence...
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Theoretical studies of equilibrium of disc coulter counter with adaptive suspension

Sergei Nikolaevich Kokoshin, Anatoly Sergeevich Kizurov
One of the main factors influencing the yield is the depth of seed sowing. Modern technology involves the use of disc seeders. But due to changes in the physical and mechanical properties of the soil, the force acting on the coulter when moving in the field causes the disk to move in the vertical plane,...
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Compute methods for assessment of gas distribution networks

L A Kushev, A Y Feoktistov, Y G Ovsyannikov, M R Kondrasheva, M A Shvydkaya
The gas industry in the country is the main energy system of the Russian Federation. The main extent of the pipelines unifying the gas supply system (UGSS) is about 700 000km. Out of the trunk, transport systems of gas are 150 000 km, and the distribution lines of the gas supply systems are 550 000 km....
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Structural and mechanical properties of asphalt mixtures - basis for rationing of their technological properties

E.V. Kotlyarskiy, S. Yu. Andronov, Zh. N. Kadyrov, V.I. Kochnev, Yu. Em. Vasiliev, A. V. Kochetkov
The article is devoted to the forecast and evaluation of the quantitative requirements for mechanical and structural-mechanical properties of asphalt concrete in the production stage. The results obtained can be useful for developers of asphalt mixing and compacting machinery for road construction and...
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Dependence of surface roughness on technological conditions of ultrasonic smoothing

V.I. Malygin, L.V. Kremleva, N.S. Oblovatskaya, N.V. Lobanov
Fatigue, corroding and tribological properties of machine parts are mostly determined by surface quality formed during finishing operations. One of the most effective ways to form the required surface is by ultrasonic smoothing. The article presents experimental results of ultrasonic surface smoothing...
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Influence of end woodcutters design on the vibration level and surface roughness

V.I. Melekhov, L.V. Kremleva, D.A. Luzhansky, V. A. Slutskov, T. V. Tyurikova
Wide application of processing multiaxes numerically controlled centres at machine-building enterprises with blank production necessitate the use of new effective milling tools constructions. The purpose of our work was to investigate the influence of the end woodcutting tools at numerically controlled...
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V.V. Krokhmal, V.Yu. Klyukin, E.V. Sorokina
The pressure distribution of compressed air inside a closed cylinder under the influence of centrifugal forces is reproduced by rotating the centrifuge rotor. It is shown that during rotation, the centrifugal acceleration increases more intensively than the change in the gas pressure in a closed vessel....
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Synthesis of Full Order Observer for Vector Control System of Induction Motor Drive

Ekaterina S. Kucher
Paper presents method for synthesis of full order observer, which allows for parametric synthesis of observing algorithms for multi-input/multi-output (MIMO) control systems, such as the vector control system of induction motor drive. This method on the principle of motion separation and on the Akkermanh...
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System Analysis of Energy Efficiency at Oil and Gas Industry Enterprises

A. V. Kulbyakina, N.A. Ozerov
The article discusses the methodological aspects of system analysis of energy efficiency of the oil and gas industry (OGI) enterprises. Modern OGI enterprises in large quantities consume all types of energy resources (ER) for their own needs. Therefore, issues of energy-saving and resources-saving, along...
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Determination of Electrochemical Generator Power in Combined Transport Power Plant

Kirill I. Kulikov, Nikolai I. Schurov, Mikhail V. Yaroslavtsev, Evelina G. Langeman
The increase in passenger flow and the transport speed requires a correspondence of designed vehicles to the high requirements of environmental and transport safety as well as energy efficiency. The compliance of vehicles to high quality standards encourages world manufacturers to develop new types of...
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Features of Settings Regulation of Protection DC Traction Networks

S.M. Kuznetsov, B.V. Malozyomov
The article outlines the transition from analogue to digital protection for a DC traction network, selection methods of protection and their settings. The first trial uses results, suggestions for further enhancements of adjusting methods, using monitoring and increasing the level of automation and mathematical...
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Calculated model of wedge-shaped sliding supports in turbulent friction regime

Kamil Samedovich Akhverdiev, Elena Olegovna Lagunova, Igor Vladimirovich Kolesnikov, Murman Alexsandrovich Mukutadze
The solution of the problem has been found on the basis of a system of equations describing the motion of an incompressible liquid electrically conductive lubricant for the case of a "thin layer", the continuity equation and the expression for the dissipation rate of mechanical energies to determine...
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Analysis of workpiece geometry change during isothermal free deformation of titanium alloys in square die

Sergey Nikolaevich Larin, Valeriy Ivanovich Platonov, Yuliya Vyacheslavovna Bessmertnaya
Multi-layer cellular workpieces are used to manufacture fuel tanks, as well as the external hulls of aircraft. These designs are characterized by low weight and high strength. Monotonic formation with inert gases looks promising for the manufacturing of large workpieces. This article presents an approach...
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L.S. Lunin, V.V. Nefedov
The paper consists of calculation of strains in the In1–xGaxAs/GaAs heterostructure and their dependence on relation between the thicknesses of contacting semiconductors. It also features the examination of how concentration of components and relation between the thicknesses of layers influences the...
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Use of finite-element simulation of primary deformations within walls of discharge tunnel to present anthropogenic disasters

Taras L. Lyapota, Vladimir V. Vanzha, Mikhail A. Bandurin, Victor A. Volosukhin, Alexander V. Mikheyev
The results of simulation of finite-element state for stressed and strained changes under different failures of hydraulic structures are given. As a result of the experiment, a solid-state model of bearing elements was built. Stressed and strained state of reinforced concrete bearing elements of the...
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Determination of Diagnostic Parameters and Reliability Parameters of Electrical Systems

B.V. Malozyomov
The determination of the current technical resource of the electric transport system is an important characteristic that allows one to define not only the current reliability of the system, but also to predict it for the future. If the maintenance of electrical equipment is carried out to restore the...
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A Posteriori Analysis of the Socio-Economic Potential of Rural Areas

B.V. Malozyomov, M.E. Vilberger
The paper proposes the social potential of rural areas. It gives the comparison of the quality of the population life of different countries through the criterion of expenditures and consumption of home economics. It also compares the rates of introduction of residential houses and improvement of housing...
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Innovative Protection Systems for Electric Traction Networks

B.V. Malozyomov
The paper reviews the electric traction network analysis, the distinctive features of its functioning, innovative switching to digital protection, the first results of trial operation, proposals for further improvements, using the monitoring and level increase of the automation operating system of the...
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Digital protection systems in DC networks

B.V. Malozyomov, M.E. Vilberger
The paper describes methods for setpoints setting of digital protections (terminals) in traction DC networks. A technique for their improvement and protection settings in a complete scheme is proposed. Besides, the main technical characteristics of digital protection and automation devices are listed....
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Innovative State Support for Economy of Rural Areas as Urban Satellites

B.V. Malozyomov
The paper proposes the social potential of rural areas. It gives the comparison of the quality of the population life of different countries through the criterion of expenditures and consumption of home economics. It also compares the rates of introduction of residential houses and improvement of housing...
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Efficiency determination of amplitude decay of pressure fluctuation of circulating fluid with the help of a multi-stage piston-type downhole compensator

Timur Nailevich Minnivaleev
Drilling mud circulation is performed by means of positive piston-type mud pumps which cause nonuniform flow in the drill column. Fluctuations of circulation rate and mud pressure result in increasing the dynamics of the drilling tool, early wear and operating trouble of the drill bit, reservoir depressurization,...
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Tabular Representation of Control Action in Active Power Distribution Units for AC Railways

Pavel V. Morozov, Yury V. Morozov
Active power distribution is important for AC traction systems where loads change suddenly. It is proposed to use tabular representation of control action in active filters based on power width modulation. Such modulation with control action look-up tables helps to achieve almost zero unbalance between...
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Technique of Engineering Structures Strength Analysis Taking into Account Damageability of Materials during Creep

A.V. Belov, A.A. Polivanov, E.V. Morozova, N.G. Neumoina
This work describes research methods of complex problem solution to estimate strength and durability of flat laminas and multiple layer shells of rotation with an account of plastic deformations, temperature creep, the hydrogen corrosion and degradation of material’s properties in time. The practical...
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Calculation of gas absorption process considering thermal effects

N.G. Neumoina, E.V. Morozova, A.V. Belov, A.A. Polivanov
The absorption process in the petrochemical industry is used to separate, purify and dehydration of hydrocarbon gases. Absorption is the process of absorbing substances from a gas compound with fluids. The absorption process is accompanied by rather significant thermal effects. In this paper, modeling...
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Method of optimal parameters control in threephase separator using fuzzy controller

E.A. Muravyova, M.I. Sharipov
The article is devoted to the synthesis of a fuzzy regulator for optimal regulation of parameters in a three-phase separator of Heater-Treater type in whichthe liquid-gas mixture is separated, heated, and oil emulsion is split into formation water and oil. These processes are complicated by the fact...
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Production line intended for implementation of innovative technologies of cleaning and fractionation of raw coriander

Sergey Kyazimovich Mustafayev, Tatyana Vladimirovna Pelipenko, Alexander Nikolayevich Drozdov, Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Kalienko
Raw coriander, which is mainly produced by the Russian Federation, contains 1.62-2.40 % of essential oil and up to 28.5 % of fatty oil. Essential oil is a product of coriander seeds processing, in which the content of the most valuable component linalyl ester (monoterpene monoatomic trisubstituted carbinol...
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Organization of fodder production based on sunflower seed waste

Sergey Kyazimovich Mustafayev, Evgeniy Olegovich Smychagin
For the implementation of Russia’s State policy in animal husbandry, it is essential to seek reserves for fodder base. One of the largest producers of ingredients for high quality fodder is oil and fat industry manufacturing pomace and oil seed cakes as well as fats for food, feed and technical purposes....
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Defectoscopy of conductive structures

A.V. Myatezh, B.V. Malozyomov
A method of eddy-current defectoscopy of graphite electrodes is considered in the article. Imitation modeling of electromagnetic processes was performed, and a device based on a microcontroller for monitoring the integrity of the graphite electrodes was developed. The device has electrotechnical characteristics...
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Prospects For Use of Lithium-Ion Batteries in Transport Systems

A.V. Myatezh, A.A. Shtang, B.V. Malozyomov
Lithium-ion battery (LIB) technology further enabled the information revolution by powering smartphones and tablets, allowing an unprecedented performance of these devices against reasonable cost. Currently, this battery technology is on the verge of carrying the revolution in road transport and energy...
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Maximum energy in electromagnetic module volume

V.Yu. Neyman
The relation between maximum mechanical energy and electromagnetic module volume for single acceleration of the electromagnetic device armature in longitudinal magnetic field has been analytically established. Mathematical formulation of kinetic energy and mechanical work and the Maxwell equation for...
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Dynamical Model of Synchronous Impact Electromagnetic Drive

V.Yu. Neyman, L.A Neyman
Mechanisms and units with reciprocated impulse electromagnetic drives are widely used in many industrial technological processes for material plastic deformation and disruption. With respect to modern energy saving requirements, low-frequency impact synchronous electromagnetic machines attract attention...
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Approximate design of cyclic electromagnetic drive with respect to permissible heating condition

V.Yu. Neyman, А. V. Markov
Impulse technologies application in cyclic electromagnetic machines demands improvement of thermal design procedures for the short-time mode. When such machines are developed, the thermal design procedures allow optimizing their operation with respect to the given working procedure. New design relations...
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Electromechanical vibratory impact systems with kinetic energy losses

V.Yu. Neyman, А. V. Markov
The paper considers the processes of interaction between electrical, magnetic and mechanical parts of electromechanical vibratory impact systems. The impact energy exchange accompanied by kinetic energy transfer into deformed medium is analyzed. It is shown that this process is related to the energy...
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Impulse electromagnetic drive for magnetic energy accumulation press

V.Yu. Neyman, А. V. Markov
Perspectives of preliminary magnetic energy accumulation in a linear electromagnetic drive inductances system have been considered. This magnetic energy accumulation mode provides the increase of final speed, striker impact energy and electric drive efficiency. The electromagnetic drive circuit variant...
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Geometrical Similarity Criterion for Electromagnetic Drives Magnetic Systems with respect to Permissible Heating Condition

V.Yu. Neyman, L.A Neyman, A.S. Shabanov
The paper presents the results of investigation of geometrically similar magnetic cores of electromagnetic drives magnetic systems with respect to heating conditions. As a result, the geometrical similarity criterion has been obtained. This criterion is a non-linear function of cooling surface and electromagnet...
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Modeling of thermal interaction between buried pipeline and icy soils

M.V. Nikolaeva, G.P. Struchkova, R.A. Atlasov
In the article, a predictive calculation of buried pipeline with ice-bearing and ice-rich soils thermal interaction was carried out. To describe the thermal interaction of the pipeline with permafrost soils, the enthalpy Kronik model was chosen. Calculations are made taking into account the oil temperature...
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Functional-oriented technological processes of electroerosive processing

S.Yu. Syanov, A.M. Papikyan
This article is a generalization of the results of theoretical studies of the effect of erosion control regimes on the operational properties complex profile parts. The stages of the development of functionally oriented technological processes of electroerosive processing from the separation of the surfaces...
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Design-ballistic analysis of a mission for active removal of space debris from geostationary orbit

V.G. Petukhov, A.A. Vnukov
The paper considers the service spacecraft (SSC) with electric propulsion system (EPS) to approach the objects of space debris (OSD) and its transportation into a disposal orbit. It suggests the SSC operation algorithm and different ways to ensure its implementation. The paper also provides the equations...
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Deep Electroosmosis Technology for Oil Fields

E.G. Porsev, B.V. Malozyomov
The problem of reclamation of waste pits in oil fields is still being solved by a costly method. The accelerated technology of sludge dewatering with electroosmotic effect is proposed. The concept of specific energy inputs for mass transfer is introduced. To eliminate the influence of relaxation of gradient...
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Innovative Technology of Seed Treatment by Electric Corona Discharge

E.G. Porsev, B.V. Malozyomov
The paper overviews directions for electrotechnology treatment of grain seeds before sowing. The hypothesis of the germination enhancement of seeds if treated with corona discharge is presented here. Besides, the description of electrotechnology installation and facilities for it, including manufacturing...
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Synthesis of Advanced Electrokinetic Technologies in Agroecosystems

E.G. Porsev, B.V. Malozyomov
It was proposed to use electrokinetic phenomena for the cultivation of agricultural products, taking into account the multifactority of technology and the presence of relaxation phenomena. It is forecasted to use new approaches to reduce energy costs for the process of moistening the root-layer of soil...
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Technological process of high-speed heat treatment of corrosion-resistant 36NKhTYu alloy used in production of precision elastic elements

A.V. Prokhorov, S.I. Dumanskij, I.O. Dumanskij
We have analyzed the changing in the alloy structure during different types of heat treatment. The authors have studied the modes of high speed heat treatment with an aim to improve the technological and operational conditions of corrosion-resistant elastic elements.
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Mathematical model of dust collection process in apparatus with counter-swirling flows in aspiration systems

I.V. Stefanenko, T.V. Solovyova, V.N. Azarov, T.A. Kislenko, A. M. Redhwan
The article substantiates the importance of environmental safety and labor protection in industrial enterprises; special attention is paid to the content of fine dust. The problems of trapping fine dust particles in a centrifugal field with the help of vortex dust collectors of CSF are considered. To...
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V.А. Pshenichkina, S.I. Strok, V.V. Drozdov, K.N. Suhina, M.H. Alkneume
It is often necessary to carry out an analysis of piles for horizontal loads in the process of designing buildings and constructions. There are various ways to perform such analysis. So, Professor B.N. Zhemochkin suggested calculating a pile as a rod in an elastic half-space. More details about the assumptions...
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Comprehensive mobile crane control and safety system

A.V. Red’kin, P.A. Sorokin, N.N. Trushin, N.G. Grinchar
The study deals with the integration of stability control systems for mobile cranes and hydraulic drives control systems when lifting operations include load-lifting path and crane position adjustments. The system’s general flowchart and algorithm are presented. Crane tip-over stability margin estimation...