Proceedings of the 2019 International Conference on Advanced Education Research and Modern Teaching (AERMT 2019)

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Ethical Challenges Faced by Students in the Educational Environment of Artificial Intelligence

Zhonghua Wang, Jing Zhai
With the development of new generation information technology, human society is entering the era of artificial intelligence, and the application of artificial intelligence has gradually entered the field of education. As the main body of teaching, information technology is applied to education to bring...
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A Study of English Smart Education Promoting the Development of Learners' Metacognitive Strategies

Jie Xiao, Weimin Qi, Qun Hou
By combining the offline traditional teaching with online teaching using different network learning resources, this article is aimed to explore the combination of smart education and College English teaching under the background of the continuous development of Internet information technology. Then it...
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A Practical Study of Smart Education in College English Teaching

Jie Xiao, Weimin Qi, Qun Hou
The study is aimed to apply the smart education concept to college English teaching. In the specific operation, the author recommends to students the use of online open classes, micro-classes, mobile APPs and other software tools to integrate online and offline teaching curriculum resources. By relying...
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Exploration on the Teaching Practice of Entrepreneurship Management Course in Business Universities

Yonghui Dai, Nianwen Du, Qianfeng Zhu, Peng Zuo
Innovative entrepreneurship education has attracted the attention of colleges and universities as a national strategy. The work explores the curriculum teaching practice of 320 entrepreneurial management students of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics. And the results show that...
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The Application of Hierarchical Teaching Method in College Football Selective Course

Wei Xu
Hierarchical teaching is a process that completes the individualization of students' learning and the synchronization of teachers' guidance and makes teaching become an efficient and unified process for teaching and learning activities. In the course of this research, students from the Jingdezhen Ceramic...
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Research on Online Learning How to Change the Higher Education

Yong Luo, Jianping Li, Xiao Xiao, Xiao Wang
With the development of network technology, the educational model has changed. Learners can access higher education resources and study courses online. This paper summarizes the trends in future education and assesses the impact of online learning on university education. We believe that university and...
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On the Reference and Enlightenment of Foreign College Examination Management System to Our Country

Zhixian Wu
Examination is an indispensable part of education. And it is an important way to examine students' learning effect and teachers' teaching level. Through presenting the disadvantages and shortcomings of examination management system in local institutions of high learning in the context of educational...
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A Case Study on Influential Factors of Group Activities in Middle School English Classes

Yafei Wang, Zhuyu Yuchi
Group activities could create a good language learning environment, while how the teachers design and practice them influences the results directly. This study is a case study to test whether the target high-school English teachers have been conducting effective classroom group activities. During the...
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Research on Discrete Mathematics Teaching Method Taking Intelligent Classroom

Xue Xing, Bingtao Jin
Discrete mathematics is not only a formal description language and logical reasoning tool of computer science and technology, but also an important professional foundation of computer science and technology. The traditional course teaching mostly adopts the mode of concentration, which can’t mobilize...
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Class Instructional Design of Advanced Mathematics Based on BOPPPS Model —Taking "Definite Integral Concept" as an Example

Lei Yan, Meng Wang
Higher Mathematics is a public compulsory course for college students. Traditional teaching methods only focus on teachers' teaching and neglect the problems of students' learning and use. In order to solve such problems and effectively improve class teaching efficiency, this paper proposes to integrate...
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Strategies to Improve Professional Qualities of College and University Counselors

Lan Wen, Shibang Long, Shaogang Yang
As the backbone of ideological and political education, college counselors play an indispensable role in personnel training. On the basis of the literature analysis and previous studies, the paper puts forward strategies for improving the professional quality of college counselors. The author proposes...
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The Teaching Implementation and Effect of “Scientific and Technological Innovation Practice Activities of Vehicle Engineering Specialty” under the Background of “New Engineering”

Tao Wu, Renyun Sun, Guoying Tian, Lei Li
The demand for "new economy" construction makes colleges and universities must speed up the promotion of "new engineering", training a large number of vehicle engineering technology innovation talents has become an urgent task for the development of the automobile industry. Taking the course of scientific...
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Enhance Practical Training of E-Commerce According to the National Standard Based on the Experiences of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Hongliang Wang
Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce), as a typical major facing internet employment service and internet entrepreneurship, emphasizes the integration of management economics and information. And it is involved in cross-discipline knowledge and practical application. Universities should clarify their goals...
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Research on the Construction of Mixed Teaching System from the Perspective of Multiple Subjects

Fang Liu, Huihui Xu
The three-helix theory provides a new theoretical basis for the breakthrough construction of the hybrid teaching system. This paper innovatively analyzes from the perspective of multiple subjects and attempts to provide a theoretical basis and practical suggestions for the construction of a hybrid teaching...
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Integrated Education: Internalizing Socialist Core Values and Cultivating Positive Psychological Quality

Lijuan Feng, Pingfan Zhang
Socialist core values are the spiritual guidance and value guidance of college students, and positive psychological quality is the main content for the construction of college students' harmonious mentality. Internalizing socialist core values is closely related to cultivating positive psychological...
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Exploration on the Construction Path of "Double-Position" Teaching Staff for Applied Undergraduate

Lingyan Meng
The construction of "double-position" teaching staff is an important support for personnel training in applied colleges and universities. Following literature review, field investigation, expert interview and other research methods, this work screened the restrictive factors of "double-position" teaching...
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Reflections on the Reform of Training and Teaching for New Employees

Haike Liu, Queba, Ying Zhang, Suolangciren, Lulu Wang
The training of new employees shoulders the responsibility of training qualified employees for enterprises and it also plays a critical role in career planning and professional ability improving. However, most of the training methods can’t meet the demands of the new employee’s development. Therefore,...
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Design of Virtual Simulation Experiment Project for Steam Turbine DEH System Oriented to Engineering Education

Yuliang Dong, Zhiping Yang, Chengbing He, Aijun Wu
Experimental teaching is an important part of engineering education. Aiming at the problem that the current DEH simulation experiment system cannot meet the experimental requirements in terms of experimental capacity, innovation, interaction, openness and sharing, a virtual simulation experiment project...
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Blending Participation Classroom Teaching to Improve Medical Students' Practical Innovation Ability

Jun Li, Wei Li, Ke Wang, Qianrong Liu, Lu Wang
Explore the role of blending participation classroom teaching in improving medical students' practical innovation ability by using blending participation classroom teaching. Take the courses of Preventive Medicine and Social Medicine learned by students majoring in clinical medicine and nursing in a...
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Application of Multiple Intelligence Theory in the Design of College Professional Training Target Matrix

Zhen Li
The development of professional teaching plans and training target matrix is an important part of the design professional curriculum system. However, the existing evaluation methods of the curriculum system through knowledge, ability and quality indicators are not intuitive enough to be applied to the...
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Research on Reform and Innovation for Application-oriented Advanced Mathematics Teaching

Zeyan Wang, Jing Yang, Xiao Han
The existing common problems in current Advanced Mathematics teaching were found through a questionnaire. In order to deal with these problems, the study is aimed to provide five teaching forms based on the reform idea of application-oriented teaching of mathematics. Firstly, this work analyzed the importance...
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Study on Cultural Identity and Cross-cultural Communication in Teaching of International Students in China under the Context of the Belt and Road

Wei Zhang
Since the launch of the major initiative to jointly build the 21st century maritime silk road, universities across China have become witnesses and direct participants in the initiative. In this process, the huge differences between Chinese and foreign cultures lead to many misunderstandings and frictions....
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Promoting Course Teaching Level of "Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation" Specialty Based on ABET Concepts

Liangwen Wang, Hongwei Li, Wenliao Du, Fannian Meng, Guizhong Xie
In order to build the characteristic specialty of “mechanical design, manufacturing and automation” in Zhengzhou University of Light Industry a Chinese first-class major, based on the valuable experience in some American universities, the ABET (American engineering and technology certification commission)...
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Research on College Class Style Evaluation Based on Big Data

Yanfei Chen, Chunying Huang, Xinhong Chen, Guitian Liu, Zhiwei Zheng, Ruijia Liu, Xiaohua Li
Class style is an important indicator affecting the quality of talent training in colleges and universities. How to establish an effective class style evaluation model is of great significance to promote the formation of excellent class style and provide decision support for university personnel training...
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Reinforcement of Teacher Team Construction in Colleges and Universities with Internet+Industrial Standards

Xiaohua Hao
In order to improve the practical teaching ability of the application-oriented university faculty, the teacher team construction level was studied based on the internet in this paper. Through the method of school-enterprise cooperation in education and the industrial standards, the teacher team construction...
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Exploring the Training Mode of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents for Logistics Engineering in the Field of Postal Express Delivery —Taking Logistics Engineering of BIGC as an Example

Yuan Zhang, Zhenqing Gao, Lei Zhu, Yanping Du, Xiaojing Yang
With the sustainable prosperity of E-commerce Industry, the postal express has become the fastest-growing area in the logistics industry in China, but it also faces a serious shortage of high-level specialized personnel. In order to better adapt to the current development of the postal express industry...
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Exploration on the Reform and Innovation of the Teaching Mode of Double Degrees in Normal Universities —A Case Study of Lingnan Normal University

Shuiqing Xiao, Caihong Ye, Yuan Gao, Songbo Wang
With the development of the times, the society has an increasing demand for compound and applied talents, thus promoting the in-depth development of double-degree mode. Taking Lingnan Normal University as case study, this work first utilized the online questionnaire survey method to comprehensively analyze...
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Construction and Practice of SPOC Teaching Mode

Shu-ying Chen, Lei Chen
With the deepening of the application of information technology, MOOC has been widely popularized, and the traditional teaching mode is no longer suitable for the current university teaching. It is urgent to create SPOC based on MOOC for different learning situations. This paper analyzed the principles...
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Cooperative Learning in the Teaching of “An Introduction to English-Speaking Countries”

Gan He, Xiaoli Huang
Recent years, the course “An Introduction to English-Speaking Countries” has become one of the three big obstacles in the examination for the English majors. Obviously, the traditional teaching method does not work well there. The work combined the methods of several educational psychologists, exploring...
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The Intermediary Role of English Teachers in Organizing Cooperative Learning

Gan He, Xiaoli Huang
Group cooperative learning breaks the traditional form of seating and brings unprecedented challenges to the organization of teaching. Teaching results are not as good as expected especially in terms of class organization. The paper aims to tackle the problem from the two parties involved in teaching:...
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Design of Virtual Reality Combined with Blended Experimental Teaching Mode

Jianming Liu, Qing Wang, Shujuan Liang, Zhennan Zhang
The development of education informatization has brought about major changes in the forms of education and learning methods. Blended learning will be the key technology to promote higher education in the next one or two years. In order to improve the effect and validity of experimental teaching, this...
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Research on the Open Learning Model of Construction Organization Based on Online Open Course

Qianfen Cai
In order to innovate traditional teaching methods of construction organization, this work researched on the expansion of teaching and learning methods in this course. Through the establishment of a new effective learning method that meets the requirements of educational reform and quality education,...
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Open Training Center and Implementation of School-Enterprise Cooperation Projects in Stages —A Case Study of E-commerce Major in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yifan Chen, Hui Suo
School-enterprise cooperation is a major feature for national higher vocational education. This work focused on the main problems existing in the current school-enterprise cooperation of higher vocational colleges, and proposed to actively open the training center and implement the school-enterprise...
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Construction of the Talent Training System of New Engineering Specialty in Engineering Education Certification

Jing Bai, Zhenxiong Zhou, Tiecheng Pu, Hongxi Wang
The purpose of the work is to propose a talent training system of new engineering specialty integrated with the engineering education certification standards. Firstly the talent training system is constructed according to the establishment of training objectives, graduation requirements, curriculum knowledge...
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Reform and Practice of the Cultivation of Engineering Quality and Creative Ability through the Specialty Experiment Teaching

Zaibo Li, Yongping Zhang
In order to meet the requirements for the chemical professional personnel, teaching reform and practice in the cultivation of engineering quality and creative ability was performed. The reform methods included presenting engineering views during the teaching course, opening laboratory for students, establishing...
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The Innovative Practice of Applied Talents Training Mode in Civil Engineering

Zaibo Li, Yongping Zhang
Lack of innovative applied talents is the bottleneck problem of the current scientific and technological innovation and enterprise development. In order to solve this problem, the innovation talents’ training mode scheme was designed and carried out. Applied undergraduate education of civil engineering...
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The Translation of Sci-Tech English Paper Abstracts from the Perspective of Eco-Translatology

Yongping Zhang, Zaibo Li
The translation of scientific paper abstracts is very important for international academic communication. Based on the eco-translatology and current existing problems in Chinese to English translation of scientific paper abstracts, this paper analyzed the translations of sci-tech abstracts in current...
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Construction of China’s Foreign Talent Governance System under the Context of New Era

Hanwen Zhang
As the process of internationalization deepens, foreign talents have become the target of fierce competition among countries all over the world. Similarly, China also has launched a series of policies with the intention to occupy talent highland and achieve the strategy of strengthening the country through...
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Cultivating Critical Thinking through an English Reading Contest

Lan He
It is of great significance for a college English teacher to cultivate critical thinking on campus, and by theoretical study, reading is found to be an effective way to do it. In this paper, based on the research findings, a series of English reading activities were organized and made part of the students’...
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Research on Practical Teaching System of Safety Engineering Major Based on “1+X” Model

Hui Huang, Dan Qiu, Chunji Zhuang, Fengshuang Han
The practical teaching of Safety Engineering major is facing the problems of short of practical teaching hardware, weak ability of practical teaching staff and rare opportunities for internships. The purpose of the work is to give references for practical teaching system construction of safety engineering...
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Research on Current Situation and Countermeasures of Sustainable Development Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in China

Jian Chen, Xuzhinan Chen, Jingchuan Lin, Jiaze Liu
In the past two decades, sustainable development has become a widely discussed theoretical concept. By comparing the concept and implementation of sustainable development education in different countries, this paper concludes that the Chinese sustainable development education, especially in primary and...
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Ideological and Political Education Mechanism in Colleges and Universities Based on School-enterprise Cooperation Talents Training

Wencheng Xue
As an important part of China's higher education talents training model, School-enterprise cooperation has received more and more attention and recognition from the society. The ideological and political education in colleges and universities emphasizes school-enterprise cooperation, which aims to strengthen...
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The Strategy of Carrying out Ideological and Political Education in Curriculum of Introduction to Software Engineering

Ronghai Wang, Yuzhu Zeng, Jingjing Yang
The integration of ideological and political elements into the curriculum is increasingly valued by schools. The study is aimed to present a strategy for implementing ideological and political education in curriculum of introduction to software engineering. Studying the implementation ideas of the ideological...
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Research of Case Teaching Practice in C# Programming Language

Benting Wan, Yue Liu
In order to improve students' ability to analyze and solve problems, this paper designs and implements the C# programming language case teaching practice course, which is aimed at senior undergraduate computer majors. The design of the basic case and the comprehensive case and the process of case implementation...
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Effects of Discourse Markers on EFL Reading: A Case Study

Shao-Yang Luo, Jiao Dong, Dong-Hong Han
Despite many studies on discourse markers (DMs), how DMs affect EFL learners' reading has been neglected as a research topic. This paper carries out an investigation into the influence of discourse markers on reading among the first-year non-English majors from the perspective of Relevance Theory, with...
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Research on Scientific Research Efficiency Evaluation and Countermeasures of Undergraduate Universities in Shanxi Province

Wen Zhao, Ya-hui Lu
As an important position for scientific research, it is of great significance to analyze the efficiency of scientific research in universities. After constructing the input and output evaluation index system, this paper adopts DEA model to evaluate the efficiency of 27 universities in Shanxi Province....
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Postmodern View of Knowledge and Reorientation of Teachers’ Role

Qingyu Zhang
The purpose of the work is to explore and construct the future teacher's role view from the perspective of post-modern knowledge view. Postmodernism is a philosophical and social trend of thought popular in Western society at the end of the 20th century. After Lyotard put forward postmodern view of knowledge,...
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Preliminary Study and Suggestions on Legal Education in Chinese Universities

Xiaowen Dong
This paper analyzed the concept, teaching model and level of legal education in Chinese universities, and then found the basic problems existing, finally put forward causes of them and specific measures for constructing the legal teaching in Chinese universities. It draws the conclusion that the legal...
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Cultivation of Fuzzy Cognitive Ability in Music Performance Courses

Yumeng He
Fuzzification is the essential attribute of music. Human beings create, perform and appreciate music through fuzzy perception. This paper first introduced the meaning of music fuzziness and the fuzzy features of music. And then, the fuzzy features of music were analyzed from the aspects of indirectness...
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Research on the Teaching Mode of Higher Mathematics in New Era —Taking Double Limit Calculation as an Example

Meng Wang, Lei Yan
In order to solve the problems existing in traditional Higher Mathematics classroom teaching in China, it is necessary to reform the current teaching mode. This paper mainly introduces a new teaching mode, and discusses how to reform traditional classroom teaching mode from the teaching thoughts, teaching...
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The Construction Thought of DNS System under the Background of Education Informatization

Liang Zhao
The degree of information construction in colleges and universities is an important criterion for educational reform and innovation. Under such an information background, how to build a safe and efficient DNS system has become a key point. From the technical point of view of the security and reliability...
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Cultivation Mode of Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability in Applied Undergraduate Colleges

Xiangrui Meng
Innovation and entrepreneurship education in applied undergraduate colleges in China has developed rapidly in recent years with the emergence of innovative and entrepreneurship education demonstration schools such as Xiamen University and Suzhou University. Based on the immature educational concept of...
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An Analysis of the Internal and External Factors of MOOC Learner Keeping Learning and Abandoning

Jingjing Chen, Juan Wu
With the development of MOOC teaching products platform, improving the teaching level of MOOC became a hot issue. In the deep integration of "Internet +", virtual simulation and artificial intelligence, the exploration and application of MOOC has become one of the important ways of teaching reform in...
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Exploration of BIM Video Diversification Teaching Based on the Theory of MOOC Research

Jingjing Chen, Juan Wu
The diversification of teaching videos will improve the enthusiasm and efficiency of learning. The main purpose of the paper is to get the training of BIM short video and considering the learner's psychological and environmental factors. Therefore, this paper firstly combined the willingness research...
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Application of Positive Psychology in Adaptive Education

Huimin Song, Fan Gao, Yanru Zhang, Kesui Deng
In order to promote the development of adaptive education, firstly, this work expounded a specific case, and then analyzed the importance and existing problems of adaptive education, finally discussed how to use the advantages of positive psychology in adaptive education. Promoting the development of...
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Application Situation and Countermeasure Study of Objective Structured Clinical Examination in Higher Nursing Education

Fan Gao, Yanru Zhang, Zhuofan Liu, Kesui Deng
To solve the problems in an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) in higher nursing education, this article discussed the problems in the application of OSCE and then further explored the countermeasures. Finally, five innovative measures for limitations were put forward. Higher nursing education...
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Discussion on the Necessity and Measures of Mental Health Education in Senior Chinese Teaching in Primary Schools

Yanru Zhang, Huimin Song, Zhuofan Liu, Kesui Deng
In order to promote the formation of pupils’ healthy psychology, this paper mainly discussed five measures of mental health education in Chinese teaching of senior grade in primary schools and explained how these measures can be skillfully integrated with Chinese teaching in primary schools. Attaching...
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The Solutions to Middle School Students' Psychological Health Education under the Background of Micro-Era

Zhuofan Liu, Huimin Song, Fan Gao, Kesui Deng
In order to promote the innovative development of mental health education and provide guidance for contemporary mental health educators, this paper analyzed and discussed the problems and opportunities faced by mental health education of middle school students, and then put forward some countermeasures....
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The practice of Mechanical CAD/CAM Course for Applied Undergraduates

Xiaohu Zheng, Yuwei Dong, Yannong Wu, Yonghua Yin
This paper analyses the function and development status of CAD/CAM course for the mechanical specialty of applied undergraduate, and puts forward the teaching reform and implementation method based on the cultivation of application ability. In practice, experimental links, curriculum design, numerical...
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Application of Blended Teaching in Hydraulic Pneumatic Transmission and Control Course Based on MOOC and FanYa Platform

Ruhe Zhao, Yongsheng Li, Hui Huang, Dongqin Jiang
The hydraulic pneumatic transmission and control course has the characteristics with difficult theory and complicated application in the teaching process. How to change the problems of traditional classroom teaching such as dull, monotonous, boring, relatively fixed teaching time and place, rigid learning...
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Construction of Higher Education Faculty Team Based on "Double 10-thousand Plan"

Jie Han, Lianjie Ma, Leizhen Wang
The strategy of "double 10-thousand plan" has opened up a new era for the construction of China's higher education faculty team. In order to cultivate high-quality faculty team based on the "double 10-thousand plan", this work first expounded the problems existing in the construction of faculty team...
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Research on Strategy of Strengthening the Integration of Industry and Education between Private Colleges and Enterprises

Guangliang Zhu
As an important part of cultivating socialist constructors and successors, private colleges play a more and more important role in higher education. In order to cultivate the first-class high-quality talents so as to meet the need for social and economic transformation and talents demand-side reform,...
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Thoughts on Carrying out Scientific Research Work in Private Colleges and Universities

Fengxia Zhu
With the popularization of higher education in China, private colleges and universities have played an increasingly important role in the cultivation of talents, and have become an important part of national education. It has become the consensus of the industry to promote the development of colleges...
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Teaching Research on the Experimental Methods of Calculating the Charge-to-Mass Ratio of Electron

Xiaojuan Niu, Li Wang, Yafang Tu, Yu Tian
The charge-to-mass ratio of the electron is an important parameter in physics. There are many methods to calculate it, such as the Thompson method, Filter method, Magnetic focusing method, Zeeman Effect method, etc. This paper concentrates on the comparison and analysis of magnetic focusing method and...
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Research on the Setting and Countermeasures of Interdisciplinary Electrical Platform Courses under the New Engineering System

Yuanyuan Li, Zhijun Fang, Bei Jiang, Yumei Jian
Shanghai University of Engineering Science (SUES) is the first batch of pilot universities for the ministry of education "excellent engineer education and training plan". SUES is also belong to the leading unit for the construction of new engineering projects in local universities and colleges. The education...
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An Investigation into College Students’ Motivation towards English Learning

Peiqiu Zhang
To investigate the self-determined motivation of non-English majors, 662 sophomores were measured using the adapted LLOS-IEA. The results prove the generalizability of a self-determination continuum in the Chinese context and indicate that compared with the students from the local college, students from...
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Impression on Participating in the Practice of College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

Shaoguang Li, Huajun Tang, Yuchen Song, Chenyue Li, Huanjing Cui, Kunlai Sun
In order to broaden the employment channels of college students, reduce employment pressure and enhance market vitality, they should strengthen their innovation and entrepreneurship education and cultivate a good entrepreneurial spirit. This paper mainly analyzes the main problems faced by innovation...
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Current Situation and Countermeasures of Education Reform in Application Oriented University in the New Period

Shuqin Liu, Zhenxing Luo
With the gradual deepening of China's education reform, the situation of college education reform has fallen into a very severe situation. Application oriented universities are supposed to follow the pace of the times based on education reform trends. For instance, they should strengthen education reform,...
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Study on the Status and Improvement Path of Entrepreneurship Practice Teaching in China’s Local Colleges

Junping Song, Yuxia Qiu, Qingfeng Duan, Liyuan Tan
Practical teaching of entrepreneurship has become a key part of entrepreneurship education. Due to various subjective and objective constraints, the status quo of entrepreneurship practice teaching in China’s local colleges is not ideal. This work analyzed the problem and necessity of entrepreneurial...
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Basic Research on Blended Teaching Mode in Colleges and Universities

Shui Jin, Yanran Shang
Modern information technologies, like the Internet, cloud computing and big data, have brought unprecedented changes in people's thinking, lifestyle and learning style, thus promoting educational reform and innovation. This work aimed to make good use of blended teaching mode, develop and improve the...
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Research on the Training of Language Service Professionals Based on the School-Enterprise Cooperation

Lihua Sun, Zhiyuan Li
The emergence of language service is the inevitable result of the development of science, technology, and economy in the new era. Compared with the traditional de-contextual language translation teaching, the training of language service professionals is socially oriented and focusing on the needs and...
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The Perfect Strategy of the Leader’s Character of College Education Teams

Weijiao Ye, Ziqiang Li, Jiangfan Yang
In order to improve the leadership of the leaders of college education teams, promote cooperation between the members of the education team, and enhance the team's comprehensive strength and cohesion, this paper, based on the classification of personality in psychology and the relevant theories of leaders,...
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Research on the Training of Innovative Talents in Cyber Security and Law Enforcement Specialty under the Background of New Engineering and Technical Discipline

Jinqiang Ma, Junjing Tian, Yan Bi
Cyber security is closely related to the long-term stability of the country, economic development and people's happiness. In order to adapt to the development of information technology, police universities have established a new specialty of cyber security and law enforcement. In the context of new engineering...
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Application Research on the Effectiveness Value of Cooperation and Diversification of Basketball Teaching Methods in Colleges

Chuan-hua Shi, Gui-qi Yang
In order to improve the effect of basketball learning, the state pays more attention to college sports, and the diversified basketball reform is also constantly pushing forward. The application of diversified teaching methods in college basketball teaching, combined with self-efficacy value theory, aims...
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Exploring the Role of Communication in Inclusive Education for Children with Learning Disabilities

Yi Chen
Teacher-parent or teacher-student communication is necessary for dealing with teaching issues. As for children with learning disabilities, it is even more self-evident. While the teacher-parent communication can promote parental involvement in education, which is being advocated nowadays, teacher-student...