2014 International Conference on Automatic Control Theory and Application

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OSN transmission equipment applies in the Metropolitan Area transmission network and the optimizing with the network

Shuyan Wang, Xiaohui Li
Along with the high speed development of contemporary correspondence industry , the development of the transmission network as partial strut communication network is progressively developped. The SDH transmission facility also unceasingly is weeding through the old to bring forth the new, equipment function...
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The Design and Development of General Interface Program for Embedded System

Qi Min, Cheng Gong, Xu Yue-lei, Li Ke
With the rapid development of embedded industry, embedded products emerge in endlessly, which brings great convenience for people's life. But there is no suitable development kit for interface design, the standardization and code reusability are poor. Therefore, based on the message-driven mechanism...
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The New Approach to the Detection of the Abrupt Change of Fast Fluctuating Random Processes in the Conditions of Parametric Prior Uncertainty

Oleg V. Chernoyarov, Boris I. Shakhtarin, Alexander P. Ermakov, Dmitry K. Proskurin
In this study work we introduce a technically simple way of the detection of an abrupt change in parameters of fast fluctuating Gaussian processes in the conditions of parametric prior uncertainty. For this purpose, we suggest new approximations of solving statistics under various hypotheses. As an example...
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The Development of a Surveillance System with Different Transmission Protocols

Chen Joy Iong-Zong, Ye Fu Chi
In this report we adopt different communication protocols to implement an uninterrupted green energy surveillance system. There are three major sub-systems includes charging sub-system, control sub-system and liquid display sub-system. On the basis of several transmission protocols, including Bluetooth,...
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The Research on EHA Based Aircraft Braking System and Its Nonlinear Control

Li Bingqiang, Xing Hualing
An Electro-hydrostatic actuator (EHA) structure with joint of pump control and valve control is proposed for more electric aircraft (MEA) braking system, the working principle of the system is analyzed, and on the basis of that, the mathematical models of the system components are established. To compromise...
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Adaptive MIMO Neural Network Model Optimized by Differential Evolution Algorithm for Manipulator Kinematic System Identification

Son Nguyen Ngoc, Anh Ho Pham Huy
In this paper, an adaptive MIMO neural network model is used for simultaneously modeling and identifying the forward kinematics of a 3-DOF robot manipulator. The nonlinear features of the robot manipulator kinematics system are modeled by an adaptive MIMO neural network model based on differential evolution...
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Optimal Rational Function Approximation for Fractional Integral and Differential Operators

Xuxiu Zhang, Xin Yao, Jiyou Fei
Bode diagram based rational function approximation method for fractional integral and differential operators are analyzed in detail. For the approximation rational function orders is the lowest under satisfying approximation accuracy in the approximation frequency interval, two steps are proposed: 1)...
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Application of Intellectual Control Treatment for Cement Grinding Process

Li Cong, Zhang Yaning, Ruifang Zhang, Zhugang Yuan
This paper introduces a control scheme for the load in the grinding process of the cement raw mill against its characters of nonlinearity and large time delay. An expert control decision is proposed for the control of the grinding process of the cement raw mill. According to the relationship curves between...
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Study on the most important function of evaporation duct Model A

Bin Tian, Shi Wang, Hao Cha, Ling Han, Yu-juan Cui
The non-dimensional gradient function and stability amendment function of evaporation duct models are very important in calculating atmospheric modified refractivity profiles. It is proved that stability amendment function of Model A used in unstable conditions is not the integrated form of non-dimensional...
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The Application of Multivariable Fuzzy Control Based on Multidimensional System to Hot Metal Desulphurization

Hua Cheng, Daoqing Sheng, Gengguo Cheng
Hot metal desulphurization is a very important step in the process of steel production. The production process can not be well controlled by use of traditional control methods. This paper introduced the application of multivariable fuzzy control technology to hot metal desulphurization. Using the features...
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PMSM Sliding Mode Control Based on a Reaching law

Jia Guixi, Zhang Hongda, Dong Hongchao, Guo Jinbo
The speed loop of the AC servo system used to apply PI control method, it makes the system vulnerable to the volatile motor parameters and load disturbances. Sliding mode control(SMC) has successfully overcome the above-mentioned defects of PI control method and is expected to be widely used in high-performance...
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Design of Fault Injection System Based on Hardware-In-the-Loop Simulation

Ren Jian, Wang Zheng
The Hardware and software system of fault injection based on the hardware in the loop simulation was designed, and it was used to testability verification of aircraft fuel control system; Based on the hardware in the loop simulation and testability analysis technology, the system design of fault injection...
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Optimization of the Control Strategy for a 4-Wheel-Drive PHEV

Qian Li-jun, Qiu Li-hong
In this paper, control strategy of a plug-in 4 wheel drive car is researched. According to torque request, SOC and velocity of the car, the steady work state is classified into 10 modes, which consists of 7 drive modes and 3 brake modes. The control strategy based on logic threshold realizes basic energy...
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Implementation of a Rehabilation Robot for Glenohumeral Joint Mobilization

Chang Chien Jia-Ren, Chang Chin-Fu, Shiu Jia-hau
In this study, we designed a robot with six degrees of freedom (six-DOF robot) to treat patients with glenohumeral joint (GHJ) disease by using data obtained from a strength sensor and the degree of displacement of the humerus. From a safety perspective, Grade III joint mobilization is conducted to realize...
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The Design of Intelligent Greenhouse Distributed Measurement and Control System Based on ARM

Li Dan
With the rapid development of agricultural modernization, intelligent greenhouse becomes more and more popular. This paper describes one kind of distributed measurement and control system for intelligent greenhouse environmental parameters. Every greenhouse measurement and control terminals based on...
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Full HD Real-time Depth Estimation Algorithm and Hardware Implementation

Li Hejian, An Ping, Teng Guowei, Zuo Yifan, Zhang Zhaoyang
This paper presents a novel implementation for real-time depth estimation which can support full HD resolution for 3D video stream. We propose a package of solution to address the major difficulties in depth estimation, such as expensive computation, depth accuracy, real-time implementation and high...
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Optimized Research of Energy-saving of the wind system in HVAC based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm

Li Shujiang, Wei Jingliang, Wang Xiangdong
According to the nonlinear, time-varying variable, large lag and other properties of air handle system, the improved ant colony algorithm is adopted to optimize the air handle system energy consumption. First, mathematical model of wind system of central air conditioning energy consumption is established...
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Stability Analysis for Uncertain Delayed T-S Fuzzy Systems

Jiali Yu, Yong Liao
This paper studies the global exponential stability for a Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy system with bounded uncertain delays. Most existing T-S method represent global nonlinear sys-tems by connecting local linear systems with linguistic description. However, many complex systems cannot be represented by...
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About Extension of Differential Realization of the Countable Beam of Nonlinear Processes Input-Output in a Hilbert Space

V.A. Rusanov, A.V. Lakeyev, Yu.È. Linke
The study of algebraic extension of a countable family of controlled nonlinear dynamic processes having differential realization in the class of ordinary quasi-linear differential equations (with software-positional control and without) in a separable Hilbert space was conducted.
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Aware of Life-Time in Lighting Applications by Applying PWM

Chen Joy Iong-Zong, Fang Jia hao
A contactless way to prolong the life-time of lighting applications by PWM (pulse width modulation) device power system is developed in this article. The system can match most sustainable energy, such as solar energy or wind power generator. It can automatically switch with the best way to control sustainable...
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Integration of Joint Multilateral Filter and Projective Transformation For Depth Map Enhancement

Zuo Yifan, Li Hejian, You Zhixiang, An Ping, Shen Liquan
Although many depth map enhancement algorithms based on joint multilateral filter have been developed, they still have some drawbacks. Firstly, the edges of video and depth can be similar but not the same. Some texture of video will appear in where should not be in depth when the joint multilateral filter...
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Novel Robust Walking for Biped Robot Using Adaptive Neural PID Controller

Anh Ho Pham Huy, Huan Tran Thien, Nam Nguyen Thanh
This paper presents the design, development and implementation of a novel adaptive neural PID (AN-PID) controller suitable for real-time robust walking biped robot control application. The unique feature of the proposed AN-PID controller is that it has highly simple and dynamic self-organizing structure,...
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Study on the Distributed Parameter Model of the Billet Induction Heating Process Based on the Finite Difference Method

Xu Zhe, Fang Dong, Che Xulong, Kong Yaguang
In this paper a distributed parameter model of the continuous casting billet induction heating process is established. It uses the finite difference method to solve the two-dimensional temperature field of the billet cross-section, predicts the variation of the billet temperature distribution during...
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Design and Experimental Study of Three-level Inverters

Wang Xu, Zhang Shangwei, Ma Rujian, Du Qindi
Three- level inverters has small harmonic component, torque ripple, high utilization rate of DC side voltage which is widely applied in active power filter system, middle, high voltage high power drive, flexible AC power supply system and becomes the research hotspot. Based on the diode clamped Three-...
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Design Method Research on Autopilot of Rolling Missile

Yuan Bo, Yang Jun
The theory on autopilot design of non-rolling missile has been well developed, but the perfect theory on autopilot design of rolling missile has not come into being. Aiming at this problem, the coherence research on autopilot is carried out based on the analysis of scope and frequency area. And the primary...
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A Novel Virtual View Distortion Estimation for Depth Maps Coding

Chun-hua Li, Ping An, Yi-fan Zuo, Chao Yang, Zhao-yang Zhang
an efficient virtual view distortion estimation algorithm for depth maps coding is proposed in this paper, in which the virtual view distortion is calculated based on the analysis of occlusion relationship change. It is judged whether the depth coding errors alter the occlusion relationship. If true,...
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Mild Solution and Exact Controllability of Semilinear Singular Distributed Parameter Systems

Ge Zhaoqiang
Mild solution and exact controllability of semilinear singular distributed parameter system are discussed in Hilbert space, some results are obtained by functional analysis and generalized operator semigroup. First, we study the classical solution concerning the homogeneous linear singular distributed...
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Design of Mine Safety Detection Alarm Based on Single-chip

Mingtao Ma
The design is based STC89C52 single-chip, using MQ-4 ammonia sensor and MQ-7 carbon monoxide sensor, while testing the ammonia and carbon monoxide, when the discovery of the detected gas concentration exceeds a certain concentration, the sensor voltage has changed. Through the LM393 comparator issue...
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Blind Source Separation Based on Multiple Algorithm Fusion Using FSS-kernel and FastICA

He Pengju, Chou Xingxing, Chen Xiaomeng, Zeng Huazhi
This paper presents a multiple algorithm fusion using FSS-kernel and FastICA to improve the accuracy of blind source separation. FastICA algorithm has a faster and more robust convergence speed than the traditional ICA algorithm. But its recovery results are not satisfied. Inspired by various successful...
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Multi-agent system with information fusion for intelligent lighting control

Wang Liangzhou, Yu Weihong, Hock Jony
Intelligent lighting system is the core component of the smart home. In order to achieve user-centric intelligent control, improve indoor visual comfort level and saving energy at the same time, we have designed a multi-agent intelligent lighting system based on multi-source information fusion. Multi-agent...
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A Smart Home Remote Control System Based on ARM and ZigBee

Ni Yepeng, Shuai Qianjun, Chai Jianping, Liu Jianbo
for making life more comfortable, safer and more intelligent, a system for remote monitoring of smart home is proposed based on ARM and ZigBee. This system not only can centralize and monitor family affairs by gathering computer technology, embedded technology, sensor technology, and network communication...
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Adaptive Motion/Force Tracking Control for a Class of Nonholonomic Mechanical Systems

Sun Wei, Wu Yu-qiang
The motion/force tracking control of nonholonomic mechanical systems with affine constraints is investigated in this paper. By flexibly using the algebra processing technique, con-straint forces are successfully canceled in the dynamic equations, and then an integral feedback compensation strategy and...
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The Exploration of training mode of applied IT talents based on Team-Based Learning model

Yanxin Xie, Yongjiang Wang
With the development of computer talents in the increasingly fierce market competition,new industrial core competitiveness and modern service industry rising in recent years,high-tech modern agriculture base constantly emerging,therefore IT talents who have rich practical experience [1],occupation ability...
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EMD-Based Short-term load forecasting

Shuqin Guo, Lin Ruan, Haihong Dong, Zhenguo Li, Feihui Liu, Rui Cao
Based on the characteristics of power load series such as periodic randomness and instability, A new method for short-term load forecasting was presented in this paper. Firstly, the power load series was decomposed into intrinsic mode functions (IMF). Then, according to the traits of each IMF, System...
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The Impact of Conduction Angle on Short Circuit Calculations in Case of Three Phase Fault for a FACTS Controlled Transmission Line in the Algerian Network

Mohamed Zellagui, Heba Hassan, Abdelaziz Chaghi
This paper presents the impact study of using series Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) devices, Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC), GTO Controlled Series Capacitor (GCSC) and Thyristor Controlled Series Reactor (TCSR), on the short circuit parameters of a 400 kV single electrical transmission...