Proceedings of the 5th ASEAN Conference on Psychology, Counselling, and Humanities (ACPCH 2019)

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Social Skill Interventions on Children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Parents and Peers Involvement

Andita Faradilla
This article aims to review a number of studies on interventions towards children involving parents and/or peers to improve social skills among children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, including reviews of the type of interventions, participants, materials, and setting of interventions...
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Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0 with Sufistic Transpersonal Psychology

This article is a literature review that contains a perspective of Sufistic transpersonal psychology in dealing with industrial revolution 4.0. It consists of an explanation of the 4.0 industrial revolution and its impact on the education field. Transpersonal psychology is presented as an approach that...
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Combining Problem-Solving Therapy with Other Treatments to Improve Well-Being of Society

Intan Novantin Citra Ady, Wa Ode Nursanaa
This article provides information about how problem-solving therapy can reduce depressive symptoms in terms of reducing depression when combined with other interventions that have the same purpose of decreasing depressive symptoms. This article analyzes how each intervention, combined with problem-solving...
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Adolescent Problem in Psychology: A Review of Adolescent Mental Health Studies

Niken Refanthira, Umilatul Hasanah
The stage of development is the stage where a child begins to grow up from childhood to a more mature stage. The figures in psychology have explained various theories about the importance of adolescent development. Teenagers will go through certain stages to reach maturity. Adolescent development is...
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Literature Review: The Family Therapy and Non-Family Therapy in Schizophrenia Patients

Quwwatun Azimah Mustajab
Family therapy is a type of therapy used to treat schizophrenia patients and proven to help many patients. Family therapy can ease the burden of families who have family members with mental disorders. The mental health world requires more therapeutic methods to deal with individuals with mental disorders....
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The Comparison Between Physical Therapy and Psychosocial Therapy to Control Stress Among Hypertensive Patients

Purwo Erina Wahyuriko
This study aims to determine the comparison between physical therapy and psychosocial therapy to control stress among hypertensive patients. Hypertension develops rapidly in developing countries with one of the most considered factors is chronic stress. Most hypertensive patients use drugs to lower their...
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Does Brief Psychoeducation Works in Enhancing Street Children Knowledge to Prevent Sexual Abuse?

Hanum Nindialoka, Latipun
Streetlife is an unhealthy environment for children. However, in reality, social conflict, economical and low educational levels forced children to be involved in the rigors of street life. The involvement of children in street life carries a great deal of vulnerability for them, one of which is child...
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Human Problems: Sick Role Behavior Among Chronic Disease Sufferers and Various Treatment Models to Increase It

Annisa Ariani, Lintang Aulia Utami
This article is aimed to conduct a review of research related to therapy or treatment used to enhance sick role behavior. This study uses a literature review on subjects with chronic disease to assess therapies in improving sick role behavior. The research used mostly uses single experiments and group...
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Personal Experience Among Women Who Had Experienced Violence in Premarital Relationships

Lintang Aulia Utami, Rullita Aristya Mintarsih
This study aims to explore the experiences and reasons behind the survival of women who experienced violence in premarital relationships. Four female subjects were ranging in age from 20–25 years who experienced violence in premarital relationships and still survived until the time the data was collected....
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Resistance to Change: Causes and Strategies as an Organizational Challenge

Ahmad Hafizh Darmawan, Siti Azizah
This literature review is structured to examine more closely what factors can cause resistance to change and what strategies can overcome resistance to change, through the research results of several journals that have been collected. There are twenty international journals sourced from several websites...
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Job-Hopping and the Determinant Factors

Ajeng Larasati, Dian Bagus Aryanto
Job-hopping is an activity of changing jobs or moving jobs from one company to another company frequently to find the best job to meet certain criteria. Someone who performs job-hopping known as a job-hopper. The job-hopping phenomenon is usually performed by the Millennial generations influenced by...
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The Importance of Information Literacy to Face the Challenges of the Industrial Revolution 4.0: Study of Indonesian, Malaysian, and Thai Students

Tutut Chusniyah, Ari Firmanto, Dedi Kuswandi, Jas Laile Suzana Binti Jaafar, Apitchaya Chaiwutikornwanich, Arif Mustapa
This study examines and discusses information literacy skills (IL) among students in dealing with the Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0 in three countries; Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. More specifically, the researcher discusses information search and management strategies undertaken by students in...
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The Impact of Parenting on Anxiety: Social Phobia in Adult Women

Hanif Kartika Indrasari, Norhafizha Rinanda
The purpose of this study is to see the effect of social support from the parent on anxiety in adult women. This is experimental research with one subject of 25-year-old single woman with initial N, who comes to a therapist with complaints of feeling uncomfortable and worried. The client always thinks...
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People’s View on Communication Behavior of Koplo Pills Users in Socializing with Others

Zumrotul Sholihah, Erik Hendro Putra Tewal
Everyone has a different point of view of the phenomena that occur in his surrounding environment. In this study, the phenomena being studied are the interaction between pill koplo users. The result of the study shows that there was a difference in the communication between the pills users when they...
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Cultural Study: The Feeling of Love of Buginese Men

Wistita Winaudri, Miftah Ellyan Anggi Djabbar
Love, in general, can be described as a meaningful thing and a basic need of every human being. Love can make someone feel safe or depressed if they do not have it. There is a correlation between loving, to be loved, and happiness. In Buginese culture for men, one of their ways to prove their love is...
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Self-Efficacy in Terms of Work Engagement and Affective Commitment Among Teachers

Betta Fitriasari, Rohmatul Ummah
One of the ways to improve human resources is through education. An important factor in the education process is a teacher as a teacher has a big influence on the achievement of a student. Teachers have job demands that always increase every year, and the increasing demands for work on the teaching profession...
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The Factors Influencing Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Bhimo Surya Putra
The purpose of this literature review is to investigate factors that influence Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) by conducting a review of research journals published in the last ten years. Journals are obtained through Google Scholar, EBSCO, and academia. The results show that not all personality...
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Play Therapy for Children with Anxiety Disorders

Wa Ode Nursanaa, Intan Novantin Citra Ady
This study uses a literature review to study the effects of play therapy used as an intervention in children with anxiety disorders. The literature consists of 15 international journals published from 2015–2018. The review covers the subject, the design, and the setting of the therapy, as well as the...
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What Happened on Instagram: Instagram Usage Activities and Body Image in Adolescent

Dewi Sri Mustikasari, Esti Widya Rahayu
Everyone has a diverse evaluation of body image. Positive body image makes adolescents have good self-confidence and appreciate their strengths. Adolescents use social media to form an ideal image of their bodies. Activities in using Instagram are used by adolescents to build their presentations. This...
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Self-Regulation Toward Entrepreneurship Intention: Mediated by Self-Efficacy in the Digital Age

Erik Hendro Putra Tewal, Zumrotul Sholihah
This study aims to determine the effect of self-regulation on entrepreneurial intentions mediated by self-efficacy on students. The subjects of this study were 180 students of the Muhammadiyah University of Malang. The characteristics of research subjects are students who have attended entrepreneurship...
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The Differences in Emotional Competence Between Local Students and Migrant Students

Fitria Erma Megawati, Ika Wulandari
The relation between local students and migrant students often results in prejudice and segregation caused by a lack of understanding of each other’s emotions. This study aims to compare the emotional competence of adolescents with the status of local and migrants’ students in the city of Malang, Indonesia....
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The Role of Forgiveness on Psychological Well-Being in Adolescents: A Review

Ika Wulandari, Fitria Erma Megawati
Psychological well-being is a multidimensional concept to which individuals carry out their psychological functions positively. One of the factors that influence psychological well-being is forgiveness. Teenagers who have the ability to forgive things that hurt their feeling can have a prosperous psychological...
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The Use of Instagram and Psychological Well-Being in the Digital Era

Ivan Jati Kusuma, M. Salis Yuniardi
In this digital era, human life has been dominated by technological advances and social media. Instagram is one of the social media that almost everyone knows and uses. However, most people do not become aware that the use of Instagram can affect their psychological well-being. Here, the author conducted...
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The Role of Self-Efficacy in Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Muh. Aqso Anfajaya, Arini Rahayu
The writing purpose of this article is to review research journals about the role of self-efficacy in Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB). The review was carried out in 6 international scientific research journals in 2014–2018. The findings of the research journal found that self-efficacy is one...
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Social Interaction Among Adolescents Who Use Social Media

Nabila Rizki Amanda
This study examines and discusses how social interactions of adolescents who use social media that carried out directly and indirectly, social interaction motives, and the impact on their psychological aspects. This research uses a qualitative approach. The research analysis used is the Interpretative...
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Promoting Social Competence with Classical and Contemporary Treatment: Teaching Communication for Children with Autism

Norhafizha Rinanda, Hanif Kartika Indrasari
This article aims to summarize and find out the different outcomes of classical and contemporary treatments in psychology that are designed to improve social competence in children with autism. Researchers conducted a literature review using 25 articles on social competence in children with autism who...
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Parent Attachment and Adolescent’s Problematic Internet Use: A Literature Review

Rizka Asyriati
Problematic Internet Use (PIU) is a disorder that involves Internet use and has the potential to happen to adolescents in the current digital age. As PIU predictors, parent attachment is one of the variables often studied by many researchers. However, in the development of technology where attachment...
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Is it Different (?): The Socio-Emotional Competence of the Javanese Children Based on Gender

Rohmatul Ummah, Betta Fitriasari
The socio-emotional competence is the ability to understand, manage, and express the social and emotional aspects. This ability gives a chance for individual achieving a good result through learning, relationship building, problem solving, and adapting to the environment. It is influenced by some main...
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Mirroring Exercise: Dance/Movement Therapy for Individuals with Trauma

Rullita Aristya Mintarsih, Baiq Sopia Iswari Azizah
This literature review assesses dance/movement therapy techniques that could be an effective treatment for the victim who is experiencing and witnessing a traumatic event. Traumatic events can hold significant physical, psychological, and neurobiological outcomes for an individual. Since the consequences...
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Effective Comparison of Interventions by Involving Parents or Peers in Improving Social Competence of Autism Children

Ulwiyatul Hidayat, Aisyah Putri Rawe Mahardika, Musdalifa
This article presents a literature review related to therapies or interventions used to improve social competence of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Children with autism disorder have problems in their social environment where children cannot communicate or interact socially. This study...
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Human Problems: Competitive Anxiety in Sport Performer and Various Treatments to Reduce It

Umilatul Hasanah, Niken Refanthira
In the field of sports, one of the psychological factors that hinder the athlete’s optimal performance is excessive anxiety. Anxiety associated with a competitive or competition situation is called competitive anxiety. Treatment is important so that athletes can reduce competition anxiety and optimize...
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Spiritual Well-Being and Mental Health of Students in Indonesia

Hamka, Ni’matuzahroh, Suen Mein-Woei
Mental health is very important in human life, especially for students studying at university. This is because problems with mental health can lead to mental disorder or emotional distress, such as depression or anxiety or psychological disfunction. Spiritual well-being can affect mental health in students....
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An Analysis of a Scaffolding Collaborative Contextual Method of Inclusive Teacher Toward the Students with Special Needs in Elementary School

Ni’matuzahroh, Uun Zulfiana, Mein-Woei Suen
Scaffolding collaborative contextual method is a method aimed at providing assistance and collaboration of inclusive teachers to the students with special needs in accordance with the situation of students and schools so that students can exceed their potential. The purpose of this research is to study...
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High School Students Engagement in Malang Raya: What Can the Rasch Model Explain?

Navy Tri Indah Sari, Rizky Putra Santosa, Silfiasari
Students’ engagement is aimed at understanding the students’ willingness to participate in developing a learning environment and school environment. The students’ willingness is shown routinely and strategically. The students’ attitude toward school can be known from the quantity of their engagement....
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An Analysis of MMPI-2 on Ego Strength, Positive Malingering, and Anxiety

Ego Strength (ES), Malingering (Mp), and Anxiety (Anx) are psychiatric signs that the severity of each individual is different, especially the condition of a person in a particular activity group, so it is interesting to study. The purpose of this study was to determine the ego strength (ES), positive...
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Parent-Adolescent Sexual Communication and Adolescent Sexual Behavior: A Meta-Analysis Review

Siti Maimunah, Tina Afiatin, Avin Fadilla Helmi
Parent-adolescent sexual communication is a crucial subject in terms of knowledge transferring for an adolescent to spare from the dangers of sexual behavior. This is due to the notable role of parents in conveying sexual information and exerting a significant influence on adolescent sexual behaviors,...
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Is Modified Cognitive Behavior Therapy More Effective Than Traditional Cognitive Behavior Therapy? (A Review on Social Anxiety Disorder)

Cahyaning Suryaningrum
In line with the increasing complexity of psychological problems today, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) has been developed from the original. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of traditional CBT and its modification to overcome social anxiety. The method used is a systematic literature...
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The Fear of Missing Out and Usage Intensity of Social Media

Zainul Anwar, Erlin Dias Fury, Santhia Roya Fauziah
Social media make adolescents easy to connect with others; thus, it can change the way of communication in this modern era. Adolescents often observe and compare their lives with others’ lives through social media, which could lead to decreasing level of life satisfaction. Fear of Missing Out (FoMO)...
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Factors Influencing Employee Attitudes Toward Organizational Change: Literature Review

Kamarul Arifin
In the industrial era 4.0, change is inevitable. Therefore, companies must be able to adapt in order to survive and continue to exist. Employee attitudes towards organizational change are a psychological tendency of employees based on evaluative assessments of changes, both positive and negative assessments....
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The Effect of Peer Group and Religiosity on Early Marriage Motivation

Ranti Sagita
The motivation of early marriage is an encouragement arising from adolescents to tend and behave towards early marriage. Internal and external factors can increase marital motivation. The former includes peer attachment, and the later is related to religiosity. The purpose of this study is to determine...
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The Impact of Bad Experience, Disappointment, and Shopping Intensity on Digital Shoppers’ Anxiety

Widayat, Alfina Diana Irfani
This article aims to examine the effect of buyer bad experience in online shopping, and the disappointment that has been experienced with the anxiety of consumers who buy goods through the online store platform. The study used a quantitative survey to a sample of 100 respondents selected by convenience...
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Antecedent and Consequence of Aggressive Behavior: The Empirical Framework and Future Implication

Defani Ismiriam Rakhmi
This article is designed to describe the building of a conceptual model of the factors that determine aggressive behavior. The model was compiled based on articles published in the 2009–2019 scientific journal that was downloaded from the website using a search engine with the keyword aggression. 52...
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The Development of Anxiety Sensitivity Interventions from Manual to Computerized

Aisyah Putri Rawe Mahardika, Ulwiyatul Hidayat
Excessive anxiety is something that could affect an individual’s behavior if it is not treated well. Excessive anxiety could develop into more serious anxiety disorders that affect attitudes and behavior in the social environment. The purpose of this literature study is to examine the effectiveness of...
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Entrepreneurial Interest Among Students in Palembang and Malang in the Digital Era

Arini Rahayu, Muh. Aqso Anfajaya
This research aims to determine the differences in entrepreneurial interest between Palembang and Malang students in the digital era to create employment and reduce unemployment, especially unemployment from college or university graduates. This research is a quantitative study using comparative research....
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Group Play Therapy for Behavioral Problems in Students

Baiq Sopia Iswari Azizah, Annisa Ariani
This literature review aims to map play therapy used in a group of students with behavioral problems. School-age children show behavioral problems that can cause families, schools, and communities to face some problems. Play therapy is one of the methods that use games to carry out therapy. There are...
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Stigmatization Model: Strategies for Changing Stigma on Mental Disorders in the Community

Binar Alkautsar
One of the important problems faced by people with mental disorders today is when they have to deal with people in their social environment. The stereotypes attached to people with mental disorders lead to discrimination from the social environment they occupy. Many of them get unfair treatment, are...
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A Preliminary Study of the Relationship Among Critical Thinking, Religious Motivation, Religious Devotion, and Homosexual Attitude in Taiwan

Bo-Shen Chen, Mein-Woei Suen, Zih-Rong Chen, Fu-An Shieh
With the advancement of generations, the issue of homosexual equality has not been neglected. As far as the researcher knows, the attitude adopted by Christians on this issue is also quite polarized, which also causes stigmatization, or the struggle within. In the past, the research pointed out that...
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The Use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Improve the Self-Esteem of Person with Schizophrenia: A Case Report

Diana Zumrotus Sa’adah
This case report aims to demonstrate one therapy which improves self-esteem someone with schizophrenia by using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Schizophrenia is one of the main disorders that distract someone to function normally. From the results of the assessment by using interviews, observations, TAT,...
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The Significant Role of Culture to Value Differences: Socio-Emotional Challenge in Digital Era

Esti Widya Rahayu, Dewi Sri Mustikasari
People in each region have different values in the social and emotional aspects of life. Culture has an important role in value differences. Children’s attitudes and behaviors during his growth and development also differ in accordance with the culture in which they are growing. This particular culture...
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The Impact of Organizational Culture and Perceived Organizational Support on Employee Engagement

Gartinia Nurcholis, Widjajaning Budi
This research aims to explain the impact of organizational culture and perceived organizational support on employee engagement. This research uses a quantitative approach. Data collection is conducted through a survey of 131 employees of PT. Terminal Petikemas Surabaya. Sampling techniues in this study...
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Literature Review: Cognitive Behavior Therapy for People with Alcohol Abuse

Jainal Ilmi
Scientifically, many studies confirmed the effectiveness of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, especially for people with alcohol abuse. This study presents a literature review that examines 10 international journals published between 2000 and 2018. The purpose of this study is to examine more deeply the research...
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Interventions Using Individual and Social Approaches (Non-Medication) in Improving the Self-Regulation of Children with Special Needs and Self-Regulatory Problems

Trie Nurfadillah Hanapi, Latipun
The number of children with developmental disorders experiences an increase. This indicates that more children need special attention, so the role of the community, especially professionals in handling this issue, is becoming more critical. This study uses a literature review to identify the positive...
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Schizophrenia Self-Development and Self-Adjustment in the Community

Tri Wiganti Andayani, Uun Zulfiana
This study aims to determine the client’s personal development and adjustment in the community after being diagnosed with schizophrenia. The method used in this research is qualitative, single-case experiment. The assessment techniques used in this study are interviews, observations, and psychological...
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Improving Friendship Quality Through Forgiveness Among Adolescents with Conflict

Sururun Marfuah, Latipun
Adolescents need a good quality of friendship because it can build a positive effect on them. However, conflict or problem will always appear; thus, forgiveness is necessary to cope with the conflicts. With forgiveness, someone will see conflict differently, as forgiveness can increase the quality of...
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Job Stress, Self-Efficacy, and Job Satisfaction in Police

Rizka Kurniawati
Human resources (HR) is the most decisive to the success of an organization. Organizations must have a higher value than other organizations. A successful organization attracts more attention with its strengths compared to other organizations. This study aims to determine the effect of self-efficacy...
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A Perspective of Husband and Wife Roles in Long-Distance Marriage

Riski Januar Tri Harsari
Marriage aims not only to obtain social acceptance but also to have a long-lasting companionship. Long-distance marriage is a relationship between husband and wife that is both legally and religiously bound. In this research, three samples are used: one sample is an employee, one sample is a lecturer,...
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The Influence of the Religious Authority on Individuals in Taiwan

Zih-Rong Chen, Mein-Woei Suen, Bo-Shen Chen, Fu-An Shieh
Both Christian and Chinese societies value obedience to authority. Among them, Christianity regards God, religious norms, and religious leaders as models to be followed by adherents. In Chinese society, parents are regarded as extensions of the authoritative relationship, which emphasizes hierarchical...
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The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Adolescent Development

Z.A Nusaibah Nur Furqani
This review presents accurate research results in complex adolescent literature and further clarifies that emotional intelligence is fundamental in adolescent development and has an essential role in developmental stages. 15 journals are used to review national and international publications from 2004–2018....
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Hardiness Personality in Young Adults with Divorced Parents

Nur Indah Agustini
The reactions of children experiencing parental divorce are diverse. Not all children who become victim of divorce are negatively affected by the separation of their parents. However, the divorce of parents must have consequences and effects on the condition of children or young adults in living their...
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The Role of Positive Psychology in English Foreign Language Classroom

Naf’an Tarihoran, Bayi Syafuri, Atika Rahmania Elbarusi
Positive psychology (PP) has developed rapidly in psychology, which has important implications for the field of English foreign language (EFL) classroom. The high prevalence of depression among students throughout the world and the synergy between learning and educating suggest that the skills for happiness...
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Locus of Control and Self-Efficacy on Entrepreneurial Intentions in the Digital Age

Moh. Sarifudin S. Auna
The high rate of unemployment caused by the imbalance between population density and limited employment opportunity is a serious problem faced by developing countries like Indonesia. Currently, university graduates are dominating the highest unemployment rates in Indonesia. One of the alternative solutions...
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The Relationship Between Gratitude and Meaning of Life in Honorary Teacher

This study aims to determine the relationship between gratitude and life meaning of honorary teachers. The hypothesis proposed in this study was that there is a correlation between gratitude and their meaning of life. Subjects in this study involved honorary teachers categorized adults at the age of...
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Buginese Women’s Attitude Toward Uang Panai’ as One of the Wedding Cultures in Buginese

Miftah Ellyan Anggi Djabbar, Wistita Winaudri
Each tribe has a unique culture regarding the process of marriage; one of those is the Buginese in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. This tribe has a tradition by giving uang panai’ (money from the man (the groom) to the woman (the bride) as one of the main requirements before running the marriage’s...
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The Meaning of Parent’s Death for Children and Adolescents

Novie Triana Wijayanti, Wiwik Suatin
The purpose of this research is to know the meaning of death for children and adolescents. The study used a qualitative method with a phenomenological approach. The participants were eight children and adolescents at the age of 9–15 years, who were left by their father or mother. Data were collected...
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Factors Affecting Children’s Language Development

Nur Ida Fitria
This article aims to review research journals about the factors that influence children’s language development. This review was carried out on 30 international journals published between 2000–2018. The results of the review indicate that there are several external and internal factors that influence...
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Factors Influencing Mental Toughness

Dian Bagus Aryanto, Ajeng Larasati
In the life of exercise, there is one factor that can have a significant impact on the success of achieving targets, namely mental toughness. Mentally resilient athletes will be able to maintain their level of performance in difficult times and can view pressure as a challenge to overcome. The purpose...
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Family-Based Intervention to Manage Anxiety and Depression in Chronic Illness Patients

Dino Rizadman Rahia
Family is a small unit in a society that has its own system. Family members interact and help each other in their daily lives. When one of its family members suffers from a chronic illness, it is susceptible to get psychological problems such as anxiety and depression. The purpose of this study is to...
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Peer Attachment and Child’s Social Competence

Wiwik Suatin, Novie Triana Wijayanti
Peer attachment has a big influence on children’s social competence; thus, it needs to be improved, especially their attachment to the surrounding environment. To achieve social competencies as expected, it is important to develop social abilities in children. The role of peers is a supporting factor...
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BERLIAN (Bermain-ExpeRiential-LearnIng-ANak) Community to Support Character Education for Children

Iswinarti, Nida Hasanati, Rinikso Kartono, Retno Firdiyanti
The purpose of character education for children is basically to educate children to have the best performance) and moral. Traditional games are games that are inherited and contain noble values. In traditional games there are values that can be used as media to build children’s character. The fact shows...