Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 9, Issue 3, October 2019
Research Article

1. Re-examining Political Risk Assessments in Volatile Regions

Ghaidaa Hetou
Pages: 123 - 127
Conventional country risk and political risk indexes, to formalize the process, have attempted to standardize and generalize assessment models for factors that are highly context specific. Hence, the value derived from traditional political risk indexes lack precision and are therefore less reliable....
Research Article

2. A Critique of Pandemic Catastrophe Modeling

Daniel J. Rozell
Pages: 128 - 133
Catastrophe modeling is a popular risk assessment tool for the insurance industry and has been applied to a variety of natural disaster events. More recently, catastrophe modeling techniques have been extended to events, such as pandemics, where the range of possible scenarios is less understood due...
Research Article

3. A Game Theory Approach for Multi-agent System Resources Allocation against Outside Threats

Cheng-Kuang Wu, Xingwei Hu
Pages: 134 - 144
This study proposes an integrated model for the deployment of multiagent resources for resisting outside threats. The proposed two-stage model applies the divide-and-conquer strategy to solve the resources allocation problem. First, the interactive actions between an external attack and a response agent...
Research Article

4. Evaluation on Technology Innovation Efficiency of Big Data Enterprises Based on DEA

Xinpu Wang, Mu Zang
Pages: 145 - 148
Discussing the technological innovation efficiency of big data enterprises and carrying out in-depth research on big data enterprises will help to accurately evaluate the development status of big data industry and guide the development of big data industry. This paper uses DEA-BCC model to evaluate...
Research Article

5. Exploration of Risk Oriented Fund Performance Audit—Take Rural Endowment Insurance as an Example

Ronggang Zhang, Lanzhihao Liu
Pages: 149 - 154
The performance audit risk of rural pension fund is worth studying deeply. Based on the cost-benefit principle and the public fiduciary economic responsibility theory, this paper analyzes the current situation and causes of the performance audit of rural pension fund and finds that the audit demand degree...
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Chongfu Huang, Gordon Huang
Pages: 155 - 155
Research Article

7. Dynamic Comprehensive Evaluation of Ecological Environment of 12 Provinces and Cities in Western China

Hongmei Zhang, Li Teng, Chen Yazhong
Pages: 156 - 161
The problem of ecological environment is a global problem. It is a basic material condition for human beings to survive and engage in various production practices, and has a tremendous impact on our economic and social life and development. In recent years, the overall situation of the ecological environment...