Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics

Volume 28, Issue 3, September 2021
Research Article

1. Affine Ricci Solitons of Three-Dimensional Lorentzian Lie Groups

Yong Wang
Pages: 277 - 291
In this paper, we classify affine Ricci solitons associated to canonical connections and Kobayashi-Nomizu connections and perturbed canonical connections and perturbed Kobayashi-Nomizu connections on three-dimensional Lorentzian Lie groups with some product structure.
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2. The Orthogonal and Symplectic Schur Functions, Vertex Operators and Integrable Hierarchies

Linjie Shi, Na Wang, Minru Chen
Pages: 292 - 302
In this paper, we first construct an integrable system whose solutions include the orthogonal Schur functions and the symplectic Schur functions. We find that the orthogonal Schur functions and the symplectic Schur functions can be obtained by one kind of Boson-Fermion correspondence which is slightly...
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3. A New Case of Separability in a Quartic Hénon-Heiles System

Nicola Sottocornola
Pages: 303 - 308
There are four quartic integrable Hénon-Heiles systems. Only one of them has been separated in the generic form while the other three have been solved only for particular values of the constants. We consider two of them, related by a canonical transformation, and we give their separation coordinates...
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4. A Local Equivariant Index Theorem for Sub-Signature Operators

Kaihua Bao, Jian Wang, Yong Wang
Pages: 309 - 320
In this paper, we prove a local equivariant index theorem for sub-signature operators which generalizes Weiping Zhang’s index theorem for sub-signature operators.
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5. Analytical Properties for the Fifth Order Camassa-Holm (FOCH) Model

Mingxuan Zhu, Lu Cao, Zaihong Jiang, Zhijun Qiao
Pages: 321 - 336
This paper devotes to present analysis work on the fifth order Camassa-Holm (FOCH) model which recently proposed by Liu and Qiao. Firstly, we establish the local and global existence of the solution to the FOCH model. Secondly, we study the property of the infinite propagation speed. Finally, we discuss...
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6. On the Generalized KdV Hierarchy and Boussinesq Hierarchy with Lax Triple

Xiaoli Wang, Jian-Qin Mei
Pages: 337 - 343
Based on the Nambu 3-bracket and the operators of the KP hierarchy, we propose the generalized Lax equation of the Lax triple. Under the operator constraints, we construct the generalized KdV hierarchy and Boussinesq hierarchy. Moreover, we present the exact solutions of some nonlinear evolution equations.